Ulster Savings Bank

4.7 (1.9K)
25.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ulster Savings Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ulster Savings Bank

4.7 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Mylove4eva
Love Ulster Savings Bank
I’ve been a customer of Ulster savings bank since they built one in my town. I love the tellers, bank manager (Missy- Red Hook branch) friendly service.. as far as the app goes, I have no issues est. anm i e ever had. with the way the app is set up, yeah a little more space for the account balance after a transaction would be nice, but other then that I don’t use the other features on the app except to check transactions and the quick balance feature. Thanks
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1 year ago, un!que NickName
Love the bank, not the update
The rating is reflective of my frustration with the new app changes, NOT Ulster Savings Bank or its employees, which I hold in high regard. The app was pretty much perfect for me with only one issue regarding not seeing check images prior to the new update, which is why despite my current upset, it still has two stars. So I live in a semi-remote location, we do not have cellphone service, and our internet is wired, and I have a flip phone. This means that when the new iPad app update took away my mobile deposit ability, which is the primary reason I have the app, it, and my ability to use my bank account, became a lot more fraught. (The app is the primary way I handle banking.) I have found the app a godsend, the hours I work make visits to the bank during open hours significantly more challenging, and an extra expense in gas, and time. To deposit my checks every week I was relying on it, it is what works best for me. I want to keep this bank, I love it and it’s people, but I want the ability to do mobile deposits, and for those on an iPad, not an iPhone, that is no longer available at this bank. (I tried to download the iPhone app, which supposedly still has the mobile deposits, but that doesn’t seem possible?) I cannot underscore this enough: the mobile deposit makes my life MUCH easier, please bring it back for the iPad!
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5 years ago, Aisie8
So confusing.
The new app is NOT user friendly. There is not enough space between rows in the account running tally for the transactions to make sense. The old app was great. Also more info on the Mortgage page would be helpful. Way more time consuming. ☹️
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4 years ago, JennyT206
Inconsistent and ineffective!
It was so exciting to have a local bank have their own banking app. It updated recently and it’s been HORRIBLE! The text/e-mail alerts you can setup for a low balance reminders DO NOT WORK. They haven’t worked in several months. I have called the call center at USB many times and they just say “It’s a third party service, they’re working on it. There’s nothing we can do.” This is not acceptable. If it was down for a few days, I could understand but months?? Also, if you do a mobile deposit and for some reason, the check isn’t deposited... you receive NO ALERTS! I thankfully double check all deposits however I could have easily thrown out a check for several hundred dollars. Maybe the bank and app developers should take a look at some other banking apps and features that USB customers would like. And figure out how to make it work consistently. I’ll be switching banks soon if this isn’t resolved.
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5 years ago, Aurroron
New version is confusing...
The new version of your app is more cluttered and confusing than the old one. I see that it offers more functionality, but I don’t need to be able to do all of these things on a mobile app. The things I want to do on a mobile app are: -Check my account balances and transactions (this is my main use for the app by far) -Mobile deposit checks -Make occasional transfers between accounts and to outside accounts The old app gave a very clear view of my account balances and, more importantly, each transaction and a running account balance. The transaction history and running balance in the new app is really confusing to read. Please make the transaction simple and clear again. Also, you should be aware that the featured review for your app is by a user with an inappropriate display name. You may want to request that review to be removed...
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3 years ago, glider12345
Another failed “update”
Can’t pay bills using my iPad. Can’t pay bills using Mac Air. Doesn’t matter what browser I use. What app developer in this day and age puts an app in the App Store that doesn’t work with an Apple device? What customer, I.e., bank, uses such an app? Thinking about taking my money and going to another bank. Edited Nov. 9, 2021: I’ve been checking the app periodically since my initial review. The app seems to have been fixed so that I can once again pay bills using my iPad! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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7 months ago, michele steiner
My banking journey
I used to not know how to use money then back of America helped me through ULSTER SAVINGSSSSS it’s amazing what a little savings can do if u apply it correctly in others favor. In honor of others. So beautiful to watch my heart grow alongside my savings
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5 years ago, TaniaLC
Switching banks bc this app is that bad
Lost all benefits and functionality of the old (perfectly fine) online banking app with this “upgrade” in June 2019. It was like taking a step 5 years back into a bad beta version. Have had 12 accounts with Ulster Savings for over 20 years. This “upgrade” is so bad that I will be closing all of my personal and business accounts and moving all of them to another local bank. Whoever was the brainchild of this app in the marketing/IT department needs to be fired. Looks like the work of a college freshman intern.
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4 weeks ago, Get a life guys....
I love these folks!
I do everything with Ulster banking and always have since moving to Saugerties from New York City 17 years ago. Banking… Insurance… Advice. I’ve lived all over the country in my 71 years and this is the first time I’ve ever loved a bank!
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1 year ago, dododdoddodod
Love the new design but I wish to see dark mode added into the app and transaction notifications via the app rather getting text messages or emails Overall 👍👍
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6 days ago, awfully ran
Super great bank
Ulster savings has the nicest people working for them …no matter your needs they try to help to the fullest!!
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5 years ago, 221Katie
The new website and app
Are a nightmare. They are very difficult to navigate and not at all user friendly. The old one was so clear and easy to understand, this is confusing the hell out of me, and it seems I’m overdrawn but I have no idea how that can be. And I certainly can’t figure it out through the app. It’s drivng me to tears- I’m frustrated enough after one day to consider switching banks!
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2 months ago, Ellenorr
Great bank!
Exceptionally helpful staff that go out of their way to assist me with my financial concerns, and their mobile banking app is so easy to use!
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12 months ago, ACaysh
App fully functions and does everything I need
I love this app and this bank
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1 year ago, ExerciseGal1
Home town bank
Very friendly and very efficient.
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1 year ago, Marine 54
As usual with any up dates, how do you get out of the app. .also no update on I store, and loses your sign in information every log in even when you say save with toggle switch
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5 years ago, mrsafrb
Where is the Mobil deposit function? That was the best feature.
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2 years ago, bobbrass
iPhone 13 pro max not supported
I find it a bit pathetic, that 11 months after the release of a phone, they haven’t updated the app to support it, it took me three days to hear back from my bank why it wasn’t working. Maybe they are using windows 96 and compuserve Or aol
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5 years ago, Kiki19841580
I was already having problems with my check I put in on Thursdays not clearing till Monday . And almost nothing processed over the weekend ! But the new system is even worse!!! My account balance is NEVER accurate and I never know how much money I actually have . Looking into switching banks at this point .
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1 year ago, pirish47
depositing by phone
This is incredible! It’s so easy and reliable!
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1 year ago, GiGiTech
Mobile deposits are the best!
Easy to use too.
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1 year ago, RFG Penn Valley
Streamlining my online banking!
Love the updates. Thank you
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3 months ago, whiteyblack
Very simple and straight forward.😉
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6 years ago, Stere0snaK
Cannot transfer
This app was working great and is worthy of a 5 star rating but recently I have been getting an “application error” when trying to transfer money between accounts...please fix
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1 year ago, Chadww21
For whatever reason i can no longer sign into the app for the last couple years and its very not convenient to have to keep using the actual website…
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2 years ago, jekdkdkdkvkdkkdd
not working
I try to login and i stay on the loading screen for 15 minutes straight and then it says that it’s unable to login, I’ve tired everything to fix it.
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3 months ago, Peace to you
Easy to use, great time saver.
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1 year ago, fordylan
Very nice work
Thank you
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1 month ago, Your Average Comrade
*Still* can’t use…
This is the third time I’ve downloaded the bank app. It stopped working for me one day and hasn’t since. No matter what I do, I cannot log in to my account.
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3 years ago, Trudy Harper
Not impressed
Just opened an account and so far I’m not impressed the app. I can’t even get into it. I go through put all information in and then it stops saying the app is having issues. 😡
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12 months ago, KISS ROCKS123
Stopped working
All of a sudden the app on my iPad stopped working. My internet is fine all other apps work
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3 years ago, sophi182
Not the wave at all
Bruh. Won’t even let me log in. This is so dumb because I’ve been trying for days and the app just says “error” I typed everything in correctly too.
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1 year ago, Yayhooray!
You guys rock! Thanks for your services!
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3 weeks ago, Purple1059
Great bank
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3 years ago, Sammyo7777776
Poor support
Very little updates & haven’t been able to sign into the app for months. Reinstalled countless times.
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4 years ago, Forever real
Keeps kicking me off site, sometimes doesn't recognize pw though I recheck it before entering, iphone has a “deposit check” option, ipad does not
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1 year ago, elgueriyo
Poor way
It’s confusing supposed to be better and to write a review takes to long not a good combining to do it
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4 years ago, idhhhhhhhh
App crashes all the time when doing mobile deposits. Fix this!!
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3 months ago, Fhdydffgfhcg
The app needs a update and a overhaul it looks to old school needs a modern look and is very laggy.
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5 years ago, lizzykbd
I hate the new app
The new app is so confusing and cluttered. The bill pay area is a nightmare and I can’t find anything. The old app was much better.
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2 years ago, caleb99999964444;
This bank is horrible I pay nearly $260 in late fees a month with no forgiveness. Just do Chime and save yourself allot of frustration.
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5 years ago, Andrew hhhhhhhhhhh
The new app update slowed it down.
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2 years ago, chaz8586
App not working
App is not working possible bug
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12 months ago, Nathanal.b
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5 years ago, heyzen
like it but...
liking it so far but can’t get the biometric sign in to work instructions are incomplete or it just isn’t functional for iphone hmmm...🤔😳
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5 years ago, Review on meetme
The update is really bad prefer the old version
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5 years ago, guitamasta
Worst everDoesn’t work
Looks like retro app-clunky and clunkier. It sat iPad but appears to only have an iPhone app. How frustrating.
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5 years ago, altobelli86
Ugh, they changed the app and now it's terrible! So ugly - who designed this app?!
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5 years ago, nosir911
No Zelle option
There is no Zelle option
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5 years ago, yung zord
can’t even open the app
crashes upon opening, fix your app bruh
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