Ultimate Golf!

4.6 (128.6K)
548.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ultimate Golf!

4.64 out of 5
128.6K Ratings
4 years ago, yort96
This game is really awesome, just one problem
This game is so fun, it is so accurate , and it totally got me interested in golf!!!☺️ Like I used to think the Masters tournament was super boring, but this game made me think it’s the best thing ever. There really is just one problem though, and that problem is that out of all randomness during the game, it will black me out and bring me out do my home screen. I don’t if it’s just me, and even though I have an iPod touch (embarrassing) no game I have does this even 3 times as much less as this game. It really is annoying if I am going for a putt or a drive and it blacks out and brings me back to the home screen. I was playing my first time in screaming aces, and it happened and I lost the game 😞 😔 😢. Despite that, this is still one of the best games I have ever played, let alone sports games, in fact as of right now it probably is the best game I have ever played, so thank you so much for this very fun game miniclip!!! And thanks for 8 ball pool too 😉. Keep making these great games Miniclip. 🏌️‍♀️ 🏌️ ⛳️🎱
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3 years ago, MangoBar2015
Could be so much better
Some rave about this game…and in some ways they should. But sadly, the developers either don’t play golf or just don’t get the concept. They’re so close to a perfect golf game. But the small details they have left out are causing the biggest issues for me. I have worked pretty hard to scratch up some reward cash to upgrade my clubs. That helps me drive a little further and maybe hit a little more accurately. But if I can’t select a different club based on where I am and what I’m trying to accomplish, what’s the point? I’d also like to be able to buy upgrade points to get me to an upgrade faster…but I can’t. Don’t trust putter lines. They’re garbage way too often. I’ve lost THOUSANDS because I can’t get a solid read. And if you’re playing the wind, GOOD LUCK!!! The movement on one shot with a sidewind at 7mph will not be the same next time. Even with perfect shots. Tiebreaker games…. Lol. Ridiculous hole placement and, again, not able to select the club I want, has cost me plenty of games. It’s so frustrating. I’ve stopped playing as much as I used to because they take the fun out if it. Who wants to play golf blindfolded??? That’s what it feels like when you can’t read the slope or know the green speed. If you’re into golf and want to experience disappointment and frustration, you have 2 options. You can play this game… or go to an actual course and play with 4 clubs and a bottomless bucket of range balls.
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4 years ago, Catawba Claw
Solid game, but will get expensive!
Good game but it would help if you had more shot/club information and though not unique to this golf game it’s expensive. All golf games seem to be at least slightly more expensive then other games as a whole. In the real world it’s expensive so it being a game of affluence in life it makes sense that it has a higher amount of real cash in the gaming world. It’s pretty easy game to understand even without out practical knowledge of the game of golf itself but most likely won’t be of much interest to those without at least a passing interest to the real game. Compared to other golf games hitting the ball the right way, at least to me, is easier but more detailed shot distance and club distance would be helpful. I really have no actual complaints about the game just slight issues that you see in any game where you need to hit or shoot something with a certain amount of accuracy. It’s easier to play than other golf games, the issues with distance and accuracy will probably lessen with repeated play and it has above average replay ability. And the key issues with most free to play games is in app purchases which are slightly more expensive then other non golf games and competitive with most golf games.
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2 years ago, Realto619
Great game with one HUGE PROBLEM
the graphics on this game are absolutely stunning. They’re the most realistic of any golf game available for mobile devices. I love that u don’t have to wait for other players and you’re not under a severe time restriction so u have to rush shots. However, the HUGE problem I’m referring to is probably going to end up being a deal breaker and will force me to stop playing soon unless there is a solution. The problem? Putting is an absolute travesty. There are only 2 outcomes WAY to often: 1) Either I wind up leaving the ball on the lip of the cup or I blow past it and wind up with an even longer putt than I started with. That elusive zone where you putt and leave it a few inches from the hole if u miss does not appear to be a repeatable option 75% of the time. That’s not a haphazard conclusion on my part either. I take my time and try to leave it as close to the hole as possible if it doesn’t drop, but that happy medium does not appear to exist. I’m hoping that a new putter will resolve this issue, just like other clubs I’ve received as I’ve advanced thru the game. However, there are no other putters listed like there are with all the other clubs, so this may not even be possible. Either way, unless something changes here shortly, I don’t see investing any more time or money into it.
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10 months ago, Junobat
Complicated fun!!!
I loved this game so much!!! I could just cry. I totally got promoted right out of the joy of playing to the point that I deleted it. (even still having premium crap I’d purchased in my arsenal!) Not only could I not compete I couldn’t make a shot to save my life suddenly! I guess I lost my groove. I even went as far as starting a brand new account on another device, but having played like rookie and veteran all through that, I enjoyed it so much that I just couldn’t get into the lower tier stuff. I didn’t even keep that account. I really wish they would stop doing the automatic Monday promotion thing- there’s got to be a more fair system than what they’re using because you go from doing well to not even being able to get on the green and unfortunately, some of us are so mathematically challenged we will never be able to figure out the ring wind thing! Lord knows I tried. I watched videos I read all the Reddit comments I sat there with a notebook even & then I remembered I couldn’t pass algebra either. Lol. I swear if I didn’t know better, I would wonder if they just mess with you to get you to spend even more money when you’re already it’s like it’s not enough but I’m not gonna go there. I just lost my groove. Oh well, I found a new game to play but I will miss this one.
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3 years ago, Indy Texan
Great game at first but loses it as you keep playing
I loved this game first few weeks I played it. But as many said you need to pay money to be able to compete against many of the opponents once you get to the 300 level. It’s not a fair playing field when opponent can out drive you due to their club upgrades. Some holes can’t reach par 5 and they can easily to it. Still can compete but best to put all your game cash into short irons so you can beat them in tie breaker. My biggest issue is that the game is starting to crash when playing. Somehow it only crashed during higher level matches and you lose your entry $$$. So this 5* game gets a 3* from me. Hopefully they fix the bugs or time to find new one. Update to 1 star: After writing above review this morning. Game crashed on me again. The bad time is it only crashes when I am playing higher $$ games. Played 4 $1000 games and no issue. Build up to play $4K and it crashes. It game the countdown and I shot and opponent didn’t. Went to end game screen thinking I won and gave the match to them. I am so done with this game. Update: I finally get an email from the developer after who knows how long. I completely forgot about it cus I deleted the game after issue. Asked if I updated new version and “we have resolved some of the issues.” What a joke. Too bad I can’t lower a star
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3 years ago, A di$gusted customer
If you don’t pay, they make you pay…..
Good game, I have, and never will spend a dime on it. Too expensive. IF you choose to play it like I am, just be prepared for the games developers to make life hard. On head to head matches you will run 10 or more games where you can not win short of a hole in one. You will also be matched with opponents WAAAAY above your level, sometimes double or more where you are. On some tourneys they make it next to impossible to hit the green in regulation, ensuring you score poorly. Back to those H2H matches….On the playoff hole is where they get you. I hit 20 feet away my opponent hits 18. I hit four feet away, opponent hits two. You will see when it’s happening because the opponent does not hit until AFTER you have hit. Some issues with ball not reacting to how it should in wind, but I’m tired of typing. Just know, you can play without spending cash, but be prepared for the game to cheat you out of some wins etc…..just deleted the game/app. Got tired of the cheating SOB. I never spent a single dime on it and I guess they track that cause it started making play very inconsistent, a shot that stopped short of the green on one shot flies and runs over it in similar conditions. The wind also is assbackwards, affecting the short shots waaaay more than the driver etc…so long jerks….”let’s go ultimate golf”
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3 years ago, cfr1959
The game definitely has issues that need to be corrected. I noticed what happens quite often on the green when you’re lined up to make your putt, you are lined up perfectly centered to the hole , (according to the putting aid showing you a green glow and the arrow is dead center of the cup ). you stop the swing meter perfectly center on the arrow and the ball does not even come close to the hole. Especially frustrating when the game is on the line. What is the point of having the putting aid if it’s not accurate. Update! Did not play this game for a while, gave it a rest. Tried again, and the same crap happens. You hit the ball perfectly straight you get this banner that says “ultimate shot”. But your ball misses the green completely. so how is that an ultimate shot? you hit it perfect and a ball goes wherever it wants. And as far as the putting aid goes, green light lights up and you’re lined up perfectly over the cup and you miss the cup by several inches somethings wrong . And also what’s funny, I noticed when you post a review you get this generic response exact wording for every issue that someone complains about. They want to know what they can do to make it better. Well there they’re experts supposedly they should be able to figure it out and make it more accurate. Time to delete!!!
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2 years ago, StevieJay369
Fun game, but has its quirks
If you’ve played other similar golf games like Golf Clash, you’ll find this fun. It had its pluses, like daily tournaments, and other features and play modes that allow you to win prizes, and level up your equipment more quickly than other games like this. My one big problem with this game, is that game play is wildly inconsistent. Same shots can have very different outcomes. I’ll keep playing because it is fun, and you don’t have to spend crazy money to move up. I have yet to spend a dime. Just know going in that there will be times you say to yourself, “How the **** did that happen??” After another week of play, I’m downgrading a star. Gameplay is just so quirky that I question whether I’ll even continue playing. Moving the screen to get a better look at adjusting your shots for wind is very difficult, not smooth at all, and buttons are in bad places, and very sensitive. Have “accidentally” hit shots more than a couple times. Game has some really good qualities, but gameplay is so erratic as to be frustrating. Much better games of similar ilk on the market. Glad I haven’t spent a penny on it. Probably won’t be at it much longer.
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4 years ago, Jychers 89
I want to think about Servers when I’m eating
At least a couple of times per session of playing, during Head to Head match ups, I will get an in game, non pop-upmessage across the screen saying “Waiting for Server”. Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes I can fix it by closing the app and re opening, although that’s not full proof, and sometimes it just sits there while you watch your opponent on your screen finish the hole. The following happens many times on the earlier matchups as well.... I just saved up enough coin to go for the $1000 match ups and the above happens. My opponent is finishing the hole and it’s been about 30 secs of that message so I close the app and reopen. It connects, says putt for birdie, I putt and we draw. We go to the shoot off and all is well, I line up and I shoot... as my ball is coming to a stop a message pops up saying that “we are unable to connect to the servers etc.” with an okay button. The whole game stops moving, so I press play and takes me to the home screen. Okay, there was an issue, it’s just some time lost but no big dea-... Wait what?! With a big ol middle finger, it TAKES YOUR MONEY from the wager. This issue needs to be fixed immediately. It’s so frustrating and something that we have ZER0 control of on our end.
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2 years ago, Randle21
It’s great but odd in the spendings
I love the app it’s honestly one of the most addicting games to play. you have many options to play a variety of different courses, royales, and the big shot. my only complaint is that when buying balls and the what’s available. there is such a weak inventory of them and also the types of them. definitely need more variety when it comes to that department. while being on the notes for balls. I HATE ONLY BEING ABLE TO USE CASH TO GET THEM. cash isn’t easily accumulated through a day of play. balls that (i would say are average) are 75 and the best are 220 and to make it better with a quantity of 10. i know a lot of users don’t like paying a lot just to play. i just personally would only spend like $5-$8 a month on this only because it cost so much to get not that much in return. overall i just would evaluate the cost of things and how they can be paid for. that would make a lot of this easier for other users or younger user that can’t spend a lot of games. it would keep things more competitive as well so everyone has a chance at getting similar balls/clubs also leveling up would be easier
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2 years ago, fuqrmom
Same as all the rest. Programmed to make money
I just deleted this game because The last whole I played proved to me this is pay to play platform with matrix designed to penalize non- big spenders. It Is a great experience initially until your “level” miraculously generates hurricane force winds unless you have purchased the expensive balls. I made a couple purchases as the “simulator” is a fun experience, but once you pass “pro” the fun stops unless you have the God Ball and God pins at a God Price. And for what? How about this programmers? Keep your 20+ mph winds that move a ball like its a F1 tornado but have tournaments that dont allow anything but the basic ball. Let the skill begin. They will never do that because that would make too great an experience. Which is short sighted on their part because people like me would make more purchases because of the game play. Then to heighten the experience with purchases on the other tournaments. So prepare thyself to buy “stuff” to make it better after the first couple ranks. The way it is now you have to buy “stuff” to keep it from sucking once you hit pro. Since there is no dinner, no kiss and no oral gratification with the buying of “stuff” on this game, Im out. But, Find out for yourself if you don’t believe me.
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4 years ago, Jmansuy
Great golf game!
First, ignore those who are complaining about pay to play. I haven’t spent a nickel and I got to level 5 in a matter of days. You just have to be smart with your coins. Hint: don’t bet coins you can’t afford to lose! My rule of thumb is to only play a level when I have at least 3x the entry fee, and this rule has served me well in this game as well as Golf Clash. Speaking of Golf Clash, this game is very similar in gameplay but I **LOVE** that it is way more realistic. I have actually played Wolf Creek and Harbor Town in RL, so it’s really neat to play in this game. I also love the simultaneous play since it makes the game move along faster. The thing that gets me is that in this game, like in Golf Clash, it’s way too much of a penalty to hit it in the rough and it’s way too easy to sink putts. This is essentially a game of greens in regulation, and then closest to pin tiebreakers. Some have commented about heating up the phone: YES! This needs to be fixed. My iPhone 11 gets HOT after just a little bit of play. I would also love to see a mode where you could play multiple hole duels... like choose between 1 hole, 3 hole, 9 hole, and 18 hole. It would also be cool if somehow you could play a course in sequence. I’d love to play Harbor Town 1-18 for example. I still give the game 5 stars because it has blended the elements of what I like about Golf Clash with WGT. I’m excited to see how it evolves over time with updates and improvements.
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3 years ago, King McFatty
Not worth the time
Your typical mobile game where after they make you like the game then they make it unplayable unless you drop some cash. From consistency problems to having next to no friction between the ball and grass this game is a massive hunk of... Not to mention half the time the “9mph” wind can carry your ball from one end of the fairway to the other and usually it will continuously roll until the rough because the green and fairway has no friction it’s like a sheet of ice (even with full backspin on the ball). I’m honestly not even mad about it after the fact half the time tho because the people who play this game are just not good I’ll end a tournament at like -4 or -5 and be upset only to find out I came in like the top 5. I don’t hate this game but some things are just bad, honestly I think a bunch of people who don’t play golf decided to make this game which is fine just don’t expect this to be a very good virtual representation of golf because it’s not. The only thing I really hate about this game is the wind and I’m only playing with it at like 10mph like the game will literally be unplayable if the winds are any stronger
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3 years ago, Jrtrio
Nope, not accurate
No matter who makes the golf game they never get it right. A wedge, even in the hands of a beginner, will NOT roll 60 feet past the hole if it is hit anywhere near normal. Courses are built with the normal winds FOR THE SEASON you are playing in. No hole will have a 10mph wind in your face off the yee and at your back on the very next shot. You also don’t let the player choose their clubs. I’d NEVER use a wedge in the fringe. Or a wedge in the rough. Especially in short rough from 170yds out. Maybe talk with the PGA Pro that runs these famous courses and LEARN what even a beginner player knows: physics are in play. Hitting out of a bunker is different than rough. So, the balls will act differently when struck perfect and another way when hit thin or fat. If your player nails it perfectly then give them the spin it deserves. Hit it incorrectly then let it run or shanked. Have your coders actually go out with the Pro who runs their local course. You’d be AMAZED at how much these guys love to talk about golf and love to teach. Try it. THEN you’ll see more “wish i could give it more than 5 stars. As it is, three is all i can honestly give.
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2 years ago, GlenOak
I started the game a couple days ago and started to enjoy it. I quickly realized however that unless you are going to pay you aren’t going to succeed. The game doesn’t give you any indication that your ball is going to bounce hard or soft. I hit two shots equally as well…one ended up not bouncing at all so it was short of the green and the other one bounced over the green. I even used a ball that I could get under more for more spin and it did nothing. Both were hit from the fairway, both had the wind about 7.1 into me and both were hit perfectly without extra power. Yet each one reacted completely different. Not to mention the fact that if you’re even a foot off the green you have to chip. This game is a ripoff and makes you feel like you will play well up until the point where you starting playing well. Then it gives you results that you shouldn’t have gotten. The ball rolling a foot into the rough after you hit a great drive and then not being able to move it forward basically at all shows that whomever created this game knows nothing about golf. I’m really disappointed. Every game in the App Store is a ripoff. Can’t there be one game that is legit!?
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4 years ago, Jfizzle3434
$0 spent, maxed out trophies
So, I have had the game since July (4 months now) and I have reached Tour Pro III and 2940 trophies without spending a dime on the game. So it is possible but it’s a very challenging feat. That a good thing in my book. There have been issues with bots and there is also a major advantage for people who are willing to shell out real money for better attributes in golf balls and upgraded clubs but I am proof it is possible to beat the pay to win strategies lol. The upgrade bags and balls are a bit pricey in my opinion but I am stubborn about spending money on mobile games. Just me. Over all, it is a fun and very addicting game. If they can get rid of bots some how that would be great. The most recent update seemed to help. I got my last 300 trophies in tour 8 over the weekend and had a pretty good win percentage as well. I was getting winnable games more often then I had before. I didn’t know they were bots, I just thought there were some hardcore pros playing at that level haha. For those of you complaining about P2W, get good scrubs it’s possible lol, jk. Good game over all.
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3 years ago, Kevsims
Fun but frustrating
I always play games for awhile before I do in app purchases. I probably won’t pay to play this game. In a tie breaker situation your opponent can put his ball in while your lands on the green. If his ball went in the water closer to the pin then he wins. Many many times I have been equally matched with an opponent same ball same club same club upgrades just to have them outdrive me by a long ways. Even though I have hit perfectly according to the meter. I believe that the wind speed and direction is not applied equally to each player on the same tee box at the same time. Finally I have noticed that you can play for a couple of days and everything seems to be equal. You win some and lose some based on your ability. Then you will enter a period of you can’t win no matter how well you play. This will be followed by a period of you can’t lose even if you play very poorly. I have had opponents miss puts that are mere inches from the cup and mine will go in from 55 feet away. A fun game but for me not worth spending money on.
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3 years ago, Bob Hinnant
Game set up to force you to buy upgrades
There are a few frustrating aspects of the game. It was fun at first, even dealing with the growing pains of learning. First, there are no instructions or place to go for information as to how to play or to explain ratings or anything about the game. You are on your own. 2nd, it will not allow the player to select a club. For instance, you can’t select a putter on the green fringe or a loftier iron around the green. 3rd, you start to get left behind as players that buy upgrades, have superior equipment. The cost of playing head to head or to enter tournaments rises very quickly and early, before you can earn enough money or coins in the game. Lastly, it feels like things are designed to “sabotage” players at times to drain away in game assets. All of a sudden, putts are missed regardless of accuracy using guides and meters, balls take unnaturally large bounces and the wind effects the ball flight well beyond reality. In frustration, I’ll not play for a few days and when I come back, things are reasonable for just awhile. I might be wrong but the pattern seems pretty consistent.
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2 years ago, basketvase
Make The Game Fair
The game can be fun , but their are weird quirky holes that are difficult to navigate. Those holes are not fun . Some holes are difficult, because the hole doesn’t make sense . Not a real golf experience. Not sure why someone isn’t penalized for hitting a ball out of bounce. Somehow these players have the same amount shots as a person who hasn’t missed a shot on the same hole . Also there is shot timer when trying to set-up a shot on a hole. This can cause you to forfeit the hole . Not fair at all . Ridiculous nonsense. People just want to play the game, and use their skill to win holes. No one wants to have the game turn on them while playing the game. It would be more fun if the game was about golf and skill . Just fix those items and people will stay with the app . Otherwise this game app is a loser . The game is not about playing skillfully. It has these trick shot holes that are just ridiculous. The game is more about taking big risks to make a good shot . The ball does not roll true either. Impact Golf is a much better game . It’s all about real courses and making true golf shots . Plus the game is generous about giving free stuff and the cost is less .
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1 year ago, TravisldE
PLEASE PLEASE help your fans help you, I beg of you!!
Okay this is what I got. It’s simple and will help you with more people than you can imagine wanting this app and to spend cash on it. I would and I will if only we were able to pick our own clubs when we are up to hit. Like if I wanted a 7iron instead of a 6 or 5 ( aka a long iron). If we wanted to use a sand wedge to Tee off then we oughta be able to. Cause if I’m in a spot where I hit it way in the rough on tee off I have to go accross and and start back on first part of the hole. But if I could use my bigger driver instead of my wood again, then I might be able to make it over the lake or sand. It would just be nice to have control over which clubs we want to bring out and use. Please think about it and if so I will do whatever you need of me. I can get at least 15 people to download and buy subscription. But only if it was the real and Actual ultimate Golfing app would it be to uuggh your die for app
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9 months ago, DMan2k
Great Game and App
I’ve been playing this game for more than a year and it’s really fun and a bit addictive. It reminds me of and is the closest golf app to the arcade game I used to play in various establishments, minus the effects of the rolling ball. The gameplay is awesome and there’s multiple ways to build your game tokens, cash, and golf equipment with daily challenges and free golf bags. The heads-up play and competitions keep you engaged. I don’t generally buy games or in game offers, and I probably don’t need to, but I’ll likely purchase just to get a leg up. I’ve had very few problems with the app and it works well 99% of the time. You do have to be online, so it doesn’t work offline. Every once in a while it has some issue connecting or downloading assets, but reconnecting to cell or WiFi service fixes it. Overall, this is my favorite iPhone game so far.
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2 years ago, bspisstree
Almost but not quite..
The game in itself, graphics and overall gameplay, is great but where it’s really lacking is in the details. Not being able to switch clubs during H2H matches and the royales is really frustrating. I get the idea that you play golf with a single bag of clubs but then why allow you to change them in tournament play? Either allow it across all play modes or not at all. Getting your best clubs upgraded completely will take you a very, very, very long time, I’ve been playing a year and have none of them upgraded to max and I’m playing in the top level bracket on a diamond level team in the top 10 so I’m getting that level perks and still can’t get enough points to max out even one club. The games algorithm seems to screw you over as well in the worst way when you don’t pay for some of the items such as balls or ultimate pass. You will miss shots a beginner could make at the worst possible times,last hole, need one put to qualify and it’s 3 ft and you miss... yeah it pisses you off but doesn’t matter you don’t qualify and so to bad.
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2 years ago, gopherdog
Almost a great game
There is a lot to like about this game when compared to its major competitor, Golf Clash. The biggest thing I like best about Ultimate Golf is the ability to play holes at the same time as your competitors. I also love that there are more tournaments that you can play in almost daily. I have three issues however. The first is that it isn’t as user friendly trying to figure out how to play and earn badges. I still don’t understand it after a week. Second issue is all of the repeated pop up’s when you go back to the Home Screen. Very annoying. The final issue is the worst, and the single factor that might force me back to Golf Clash. It is WAY TOO HARD to make putts from even medium distance. Forget about longer ones. You can have it in the green and hit it dead center and it misses the hole completely. This game is harder than Golf Clash, which I actually like, but when you reach the green, it would be nice to have puts go in when you line them up right and him them dead center.
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3 years ago, nic mohr
Great game but needs massive improvements
This is the best golf game hands down on the App Store. But within the game there could be a lot of improvements. The shop, you shouldn’t not have to use “cash” to buy clubs or balls. You should be able use coins. Nobody is going to waste real Money for overpriced fake money to spend on overpriced clubs and balls. In between shots could be 4x faster. Everybody knows what an eagle and birdie and par and bogey are we don’t need a 1 minute pause to explain us that. The putting game could be a tweaked to be a tad more accurate because it feels rigged sometimes but it’s still a great game. So now it’s been a few days since I last left a review but this game is fr a joke when it comes to hitting out of the sand or the rough and the way the wind works and how you can’t choose which club you want to use. Gets annoying because I play golf and I could easily hit a wood from the rough to the green but In the game you can only chip it out of it out of the rough and they make it extremely hard to get a perfect shot unless it’s in the fairway. It’s too rigged
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3 years ago, crappazappa
It’s ok…
While no game Is ever going to capture the realism of any sport, there are a few things that are not anywhere near realistic. Club choices are limited. You can be one freaking inch on the fringe of the green. Guess what club you have to use. Hint. It’s not a putter. The most annoying aspect of this game is the extremely unrealistic effect that wind has on your ball and the 180 degree shifting winds on each hole. Wind doesn’t shift 180 degrees between shots on the same hole anywhere in the world. Also, the wind has a very very unrealistic effect on the ball. A 9-10 mph wind blowing right to left or left to right will move your shot 30-40 yards right or left from the direction it was hit 😂. Not only that, it will change the actual direction that you hit your shot. Up to 90 degrees 😂. A shot hit at the green in a direct line to the green can end up heading 60-90 degrees off to the right or left depending on the wind. That’s some special wind that can actually, at 10 mph, redirect the course of your shot that much 😂
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1 year ago, Plimps
Ultimately, a Money Grab
This is a good game until you reach Pro Level. At that point, you simply cannot advance in multi-round qualifying tournaments without spending money for the premium limited edition balls and pins. The only balls you can legitimately earn that can really get you through this level of play are Pro D1, Veteran Gold, and Rookie Silver and these are hard to come by. The other bag reward balls such as Hi-Flight, Mojave, Loop-R (definitely not Spider or Cruzer), are insufficient to get the scores you’ll need against cash-rich players. I used Hi-Flight and Mojave balls for a multi-round qualifier 9-hole and scored -10. Even with all birdies and an eagle (and sticking greens for very good tie-break scores), that wasn’t enough to advance beyond the first round of three! The developers have engineered the game mechanics to ensure failure without spending money on the premium options. Since I don’t care enough to advance (and most won’t), it’s time to quit this and save money for actual greens fees, and get some exercise in the process.
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3 years ago, thavv163
Cash player or not, game is a great time passer!
Definitely a fun game. I put a lot of time into it already and am as interested in it as I was when I first started. They have a free pass and a premium pass that you can pay $20 for. If you only play free pass, the rewards are pretty decent. If you can spare the money, it is DEFINITELY worth it. You get so many bags to open, in game currency, and different balls to collect to use in a head to head game or a tournament. There are multiple tournaments daily. Some cost coins, some in game currency, some actual money. Only real negatives I have to the game, is sometimes the matchmaking is kinda nuts. You could be sitting at around 500 and end up playing someone with 1,000+ who has better clubs and more balls to use. Also, some of the cash tournament rewards are kinda lackluster for spending real money on it. Whether you play free or you play with cash, I’m sure you’ll get some enjoyment out of it!
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4 years ago, Zac9876
Simple and solid play, but a touch TOO simple and too much pay to play
The good: Gameplay is intuitive and simple. I like the layout and the ability to upgrade clubs. The bad: Unable to choose between clubs when hitting from the fringe or rough. There are times I would rather take my chances putting from the fringe, especially in a head to head if I need a tie to go to tiebreaker, but it simply isn’t an option. There are times I would rather hit a different iron form the rough, but again, I get zero choice in picking my club. The ugly: there is no solo pay option, no practice to learn how a new club handles, and no way to earn coins without risking the ones I already have. And if I have the misfortune of playing someone better than me a couple times in a row, then I have to wait hours for a free bag or pay to keep playing. This makes taking a risk to learn how well a club will slice/fade/backspin too much to try out in a match. And this makes the game far less fun than it should.
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3 years ago, FebAprJulOct
Was fun
Game is fun when you start but the higher you get the less fun it becomes. The matches are “randomly selected “ and are so unfair it’s ridiculous. Beginners who are still dealing with the first clubs are pitted against people who have increased club strength all kinds of special balls that you can’t get. You have to take 2 swings to their 1. So of course you loose more than win. I am on stage 10 and was just pitted against someone who should be in stage 13. How is that fair? Then there is the amount of points needed to move on. Too many compared to amounts won and lost. I have a friend who use to play but gave up after spending a month to get from stage 12 to 13 only to loose once and end up being put back to 12. Game gets more frustrating than fun. Unless you are willing to pay real money to get the special balls that everyone you play has. That’s why I don’t believe the matches are random or fair and I won’t be playing anymore ☺️ plus developer responses are NEVER helpful.
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3 years ago, DoneBuyinStuff
A hole to throw money into
At first I loved this game. The graphics are stunning. Use of a variety of venues and interesting balls is nice. Yet some venues are ridiculous. Golf on ice? It was fun and exciting at first, but then just frustrating. Once you progress beyond a certain level, if you are less than perfect like I am, you have to spend money and lots of it to compete. There are annoying bugs but you have that in any game and I feel like they try to address them. What irks me is the lack of being able to know whether or not a shot into a green is going to go where I am aimed it or is it going to bounce like on a trampoline when it lands. At the pro tour level tournaments are like this: 1-5 place tie at say 22 under, 6-75 tie at like 21 under. What?! There is no way to just practice. No way to know where out of bounds is. And it seems the winners always win and the rest of us pick up what’s left. You sucked me in. I loved the game and now I feel betrayed. Like gambling I get to win just enough to keep coming back. Well no more. I’m out. This is my opinion and no doubt many others disagree. Fair enough.
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3 years ago, Rock N Soul
Very fun. Great graphics. One major gripe.
The level of detail is definitely matched by the entertainment. This game is easy to play, offers wonderful opportunities for competition, and, if played wisely does not require any real money. Patience and practice, much like real golf, will yield fantastic results. Tournament play is exciting, but only once you’ve accrued enough coins and good clubs. Eager to try playing with friends which could be even more fun. While you can’t use/change clubs in certain situations is frustrating, it forces one to really decide whether to take chances, so, again, like real golf, there’s a lot of risk vs reward. My gripe....developers, please.... while playing a particular course (Banff Springs, Chateau Whistler) the controls are consistently wonky and it is extremely hard to hit an “Ultimate Shot” and if that weren’t bad enough, shots are released consistently late. Putting on these courses also seems to release very differently. Seems very much like a glitch is happening on these courses only. If not, there should be a way to tell that certain controls or courses are going to be harder to use. Please update to fix inconsistencies in swinging, ie : glitches in Canada courses I love the addition of Hallowed Hills, Jasper, and London GC. Keep adding cool course like that. It breaks up the monotony of having to play the same 8 or so holes per level. Love the playful puns for tourneys, too. London Golfing was a classic!
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2 years ago, v for vivacious
Great game but....
Please fix the putting, this is an awesome game with mostly great mechanics but the putting is awful, sometime you can sink a 60 ft with ease and other times you will choke on an easy 15 because 1.) the green ball path is the same color as the hole lighting up so it’s hard to tell what your distance is with changing your angle away from the hole and 2.) it’s just too overly sensitive. When you go to change your angle it’s too easy to pull back or forward and throw everything off, then when you go to release if your finger is even slightly sweaty or stick you will not release on time and watch your beautiful birdie turn to par or worse. I know I sound like I’m whining but I’ve played golf games before and never had such a hard time with the putting. Please fix this one issue so I can give you 5 stars
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1 year ago, Braehole
I want to love this game…
Up to 250 trophies and I’m having fun. Two biggest problems is the putting view is super low and horrible to see the pin to make a good shot. When the game is the problem not being able to make a shot, and not the players skill, it’s very frustrating knowing you just needed a better angle to see what’s going on to hard the middle of the hole. Let us move the camera around? Super frustrating, and the other thing is the 10 mph wind that blows your ball 30 feet one way or the other is ridiculous… I understand you guys want us to use the special equipment I get it. Up the wind to 20-30 mph to make it more realistic. For the guys that actually play the game these two things are a big turnoff. Everything else is setup very well and fun. I can see later on it will be pay to win but I never got that far because of the two problems above. I also wish there was a grid view of the course and green to see the angles better.
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12 months ago, stormy5272
The best golf game going, but….
We all know the formula, you play the game , may or may not like it, decide to spend a little on it for entertainment etc. This is the most fun I’ve had on a cellphone game. I’ve played many and it usually quickly tries to get you to pay and then gets completely ridiculous. This game ….waits. It’s draws out your spending curve and brings you to high levels, in my case Tour Pro II, and then decides you are gonna play one on one with bots WAYYYY over your level that you will never win against. It’s more than challenging, it’s not even beatable. Also, you will only be able to earn balls that are AWFUL!!!. Want nicely unhandicapped balls you will pay dearly for them. I think there just needs to be a better balance. I’m tired of one on ones with ‘people’ 1000+ trophy points than me. Makes me want to quit the game which I would assume is what no app owner wants. Just my two cents 🙂
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1 year ago, AlphaAlgorithm
Lose if you purchase
Was a great game and a lot of fun when I began but I made the mistake of making two purchases. I went from an excellent win % in the 70’s, hundreds of eagles, par a hole once every hundred games to losing to everyone I play 9 out of 10 games. People who’s numbers are a 1/5 of mine, who’s clubs are garbage because they’ve just started playing, suddenly are Tiger Woods in his prime. Those eagles I nail with putt and birdie like clockwork suddenly come up 1” short 9-10x and the rookie who’s on his 10th game ever? He just made a ridiculous sand shot from somewhere on Mars of course! And why is this? I made 2 purchases and never did again so it’s lose until you buy algorithm gonna keep hitting the pole instead of an eagle when you hit it perfect but nope ball bounces off and stops an inch short baby just an inch so close! So don’t ever ruin it for yourself learn from my experience never, ever, make a purchase because of you do not continue to keep making purchases you’ll hate this game in no time! I’m deleting it because I’ve had more than enough of the buy or lose b#%€!*#%
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2 years ago, Tim Hamlett
Great Game, but…
I’m really enjoying this game. Great graphics and game play but some improvements could be made. The wind direction seems to be random after each shot. Wind should be based on the original speed and direction and remain relative to the ball position for the duration of the hole being played. I’ve seen wind direction move 180° between shots. I also think that there should be a practice mode so players can become accustomed to the courses available. Players should be able to choose any club in the bag for each shot. The auto-selection of clubs is fine, (caddy selection), but players should be able to choose another club. Especially on the fringe of the green where I would choose a putter over an iron. Hopefully the developers will agree to some of these improvements. I’m sure other players will agree.
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3 years ago, Unkle-Fester
Flawless Execution!
This the most well developed, tested and deployed app/game I have ever used. So many apps today are riddled with bugs, memory leaks and crashes but not Ultimate Golf!! The network connectivity forgiveness is absolutely amazing. I have never before seen a game that can refresh its online connection so fast that it is almost like it never happened. The graphics are fantastic with physics that are realistic but forgiving at the same time. Although there are in app purchases, this is not a “pay to play” game. You can earn more than enough prizes and upgrades to stay competitive. My gratitude and appreciation goes our to the developers who coded this game! It’s clear that you care about your product and have actually tried and tested what you have created. Cheers! Adding...would love to see the other golfer badges semi transparent on greens. Obstructing visibility at pin.
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2 months ago, Mikecole533
Sell Off Unwanted Balls
This game would be much better if there was an option to sell off some of the balls I don’t use and could help fund the purchase of the balls I pay real money for. I have 461 Pro D1 balls, 692 Cruizer balls, 576 Hi Flight balls, 548 Spyder balls, 466 Mojave balls, 204 Loop R balls. I am constantly buying better balls and paying for season passes, I’m not the best player by far and need all the help I can get and it would help if you offered some kind of an incentive to people like myself, and a way to justify our spending, like being able to sell back the balls we don’t use, like make a place in our accounts and to give us the option to get rid of some of the unused equipment to put it toward future purchases. Hopefully you developers will take this in consideration and start giving back something other than a new golf course that only cost the players money. I know that’s the name of your game, but cut me some slack here, would ya?
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1 year ago, JOD 101
Fun, but . . .
A lot of fun, but think it would be better if you were rewarded by how you played rather than how much money you’re willing to spend. Also, played 1000s of rounds and never hit my tee shot with a 15 mph wind at my back only to have that same wind in my face on my next shot. Played in many golf Royales where my last shot showed, say, 850 points, only to watch it add say 75 to my score. Played an 18-hole tournament, shot 21 under only to finish in 59th place. Winner by the way, double-eagled two par fives, eagled six par fours and had two holes in one. 30 under, pretty unrealistic, wouldn’t you say. Just played another golf royale and was rewarded 0 points on my last two shots which actually added up to over 1600 points. Should’ve been in 1st entering final round, but finished 22nd and missed the cut. Huh? Just played an 18 hole tournament the second it became available, and after one hole over half of the field of 200 players was already finished. Huh?
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10 months ago, Springfield dreamer
One major, obvious flaw
This game is pretty fun and addictive. Great graphic quality, very laid back attitude towards the game play (not super competitive), awesome daily giveaways (with basic things as to be expected) and overall good entertainment. One major, obvious flaw though. So much so that I’m actually writing a review, which I have NEVER done before. There is an obvious biased towards the people who play the game for fun and those who pay money to play the game. I guess that’s to be expected, however in features like “mini game”( which they give you two a day for free) when you use your free games it is OBVIOUS that the developers have a built in biased. Shots that you would originally crush with in the normal game play act completely different in the mini games. I would rather you not give me free games than to have them rigged against me. That one aspect is quite offensive to the player who just wants to enjoy some entertainment in their spare time. That’s why the score is so low. Otherwise, great game.
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1 year ago, Mxriderbp
Frustrating Gameplay Inconsistencies
This game can be frustrating at times due to the inconsistencies in game play. You can play a hole with the same wind speed as the prior hole and end up with different results in how the ball is impacted in flight. Putts lip out even when properly lined up and the release is within the marker. You often end up with different results when using the same club with the same strength (ex: wedge may come up short one hole and fly the green the next). The wind speed and direction also changes each time you restart or replay the same tournament. It seems the only way to win a tournament, or finish top 10, is based on whether you have luck on your side with the wind (ex: wind behind you to hit a par 5 green in two vs. another round where wind works against you and hitting the green in two shots is impossible). If the developers can figure out how to correct these, the game play would be more fun.
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3 years ago, BigDaddyRed
Better than Golf Clash
I played Golf Clash for more than 3 years and put in around 20K matches. Ultimate Golf is definitely a better product for several reasons: head to head marches take 1/2 as long because both competitors play at the same time, there are multiple tournaments each day and an 18 hole tournament takes less than an hour to complete, every 1/2 hour there is a Royale event which is like a rapid fire closest to pin contest, a new hot shot (UG version of golden shot) takes place every day, every level of the season pass has things you can actually use like coins cash premium balls etc., the game plays more like golf - miss a down hill putt and it might roll off the green and back down the fairway, and the there are multiple pin positions for each hole. I made the switch from GC to UG and I couldn’t be happier.
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4 years ago, plaintiger
Sink one for commerce!
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately playing a beautiful and lovingly crafted game that never tries to get me to spend a single penny (Genshin Impact). When I play that for days or hours and then launch Ultimate Golf, I’m struck hard by the overwhelming greed of UG. This game was fun to play for some time - it’s well-designed - but that contrast between a game designed for the love of the game and the enjoyment of the players, and this game designed with financial gain uppermost in the designers’ minds, makes this game feel harsh and cold. It feels like what it is: a moneymaking machine disguised as a game. And as I’ve observed the game’s behavior I’ve become convinced that it - like other moneymaking machines designed as games - uses deception to try to get you to spend. It puts you up against bots disguised as players which then beat you consistently until your “coins” are gone, at which point you have to either spend money on more “coins” or collect paltry rewards over a period of days in order to be able to play again. No thank you. Deletey time!
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2 years ago, Twlldinchwechnaw
Tournaments are fixed
I really enjoy the game but when I’m in a tournament doing well, see the leaderboard and how I’m doing compared to others, play another hole, see the leaderboard and it’s a complete set of other players who now how better scores than I do. That, takes away all the fun. It’s manipulating players to play again to better the score, to use better balls, run out of them and buy some more. STOP IT, you cheaters. You must be making so much money as you keep manipulating, but you will only make profit in the short term instead of having customers who really enjoy playing and stay still playing. I’m at the point where the manipulation to expend balls to make you buy more or you can’t compete is pushing me away. And why does the game allow computer based players to usurp the integrity of the competition with programs that allow them to manipulate dialing in their shots artificially. It’s like we’re all playing the ‘great leader’ who once scored 18 playing a round a golf! Good grief. Stop it and let your customers have fun and ban the cheats.
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2 years ago, PESTPRO
Potential ruined by greed
Lets just be real. You have a 10’ put. The line is straight, the bright green indicator light is lit up to the max that your on target..you draw back your speed perfect to roll past the cup 6”..you strike the put perfectly and MISS!?!?!? Ive been playing a month and it gets worse as you get ranked higher. Then you see the expensive “premium”ball u can buy have a 4% increase in put accuracy and it all becomes clear. You simply cant compete unless you spend big amounts of money. A premium ball costs a weeks worth of earned gold and can only be used for ONE HOLE!?!?!?!?. Also you have a left to right wind on the tee shot, so need to land the ball on the left side of the fairway for a better approach shot into the green with that left to right wind only to learn the game switched the wind 180 degrees for the approach shot, eliminating any advantage you got from proper ball placement in the fairway with your driver. Ridiculous. Im a 6 handicap golfer and find this game to be a waste of time learning it to only learn u cant compete without spending big money.
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4 years ago, Sharker32
Has the bones for greatness but not there yet.
I love golf games. Literally the only app games I play are golf related. when I found this one, I was blown away by the graphics and mechanics. Definitely an upgrade from competitors out there. THESE PROBLEMS NEED TO BE FIXED THOUGH: 1) when I chip the ball, and it rolls and hits the pin; true pins are forgiving. If the ball gently hits it, the ball will always find its way to the cup in real life. In this game, the ball comes off the stick so hard! I can’t ever make a chip no matter how gently it hits the stick. This is a real problem that has lost me countless matches. 2) when I hit a shot at full strength, only sometimes; but the ball will just go way off the mark out of bounds or way short of the target. This is most likely a glitch but it has also lost me several matches. don’t get me wrong; all games has its problems, but make sure the problems are equal for everyone. This is something that needs to be fixed because I hit most of my shots at full maxed tension, and I have pretty good accuracy with it. Losing a stroke because of a glitch and the money from the match makes me stop playing out of fury. The rest of the game is pretty darn good. Don’t get me wrong, there’s other mechanics that need to be softened up. Some things are to robot or to precise. Everything needs to be loosed up a bit and refined. I’ll change the review to 5 if these 2 big fixes are made though!
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1 year ago, Asstickler
Great, but…..
Obviously it’s a rip off of golf clash but I really like the actual courses and realism over GC. However the game is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes a 7 mph wind barely changes my shots path, sometimes it moves it from one side of the green to the other. And the putting? Nightmare. I hit a perfect accuracy putt aimed at the center of the cup and the ball misses the entire hole. Other times I hit a bad putt by a significant margin and it goes in. Kind of takes the fun out of it. Oh, and the usual complaints about the only way to compete at a high level is to spend money. You’d think a company with a bunch of money could make groups or tournaments you could enter for people who don’t spend 100$ a week on golf balls. Shrugs. Update: putting seems better. Also would suggest an option to trade lower level balls for higher level ones. Once you get high up enough you win plenty of good balls so I’ve just been sitting on hundreds of beginner balls for ages. If this is already an option disregard
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2 years ago, Internet is not local
Rigged if you do t pay
Like others have said, if you don’t pay for stuff, it is rigged against you. Drop to a level below course and the opposite player is a “guest” with twice your rating. You get 2 feet from pin in a tiebreaker, the “guest” get 1 foot. The ball rolls along just enough to be in the fringe so you can’t putt. I like to play, but hate being blackmailed. I don’t buy stuff in games, I play for entertainment. I get you want to make money, but either require pay for play, or let players play, but don’t use the computer to cheat for you. Update: I sent an email to them complaining, and have lost every game since! They say they have no influence, but the last two games the guest couldn’t get on the green in 2 shots, but both magically chipped from well off the green into the cup. And then both were less than a foot in the tiebreaker. I went from 50,000 coins to under a 1000 and never shot less than a birdie, and always within 10 feet in tiebreaker most of the time much closer but still lose every time. THEY CHEAT IF YOU DON’T PAY.
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2 years ago, Glider34
SCAM ALERT! Final putts may be prevented when playing against higher ranked players.
Played for a while but started to have the game prevent me from putting on many rounds when I was one stroke from winning. Not being allowed to swing the club particularly during your final put is not golf and any excuse about “working on fixing that” is a lie. I re-installed the game after three months to see if this “glitch” was fixed and it was not. I believe there is a scam to allow higher ranked players or those who have payed money to rank up to gain the advantage over lower ranked players or those who don’t pay to play. And this “glitch” of preventing lower ranked players from swinging their club just when they may beat the higher rank player is how they keep scamming higher ranked players into playing and buying more balls, clubs or however else this horrible company is stealing peoples money! If you like being suckered into spending your money on cheap gimmicks and feeling like a winner even though the game is rigged, then keep on playing!
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