Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

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Ultimate Guitar
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

4.78 out of 5
400.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Manof4
I love this app!
I’ve improved my bass playing more in the last 6 months with this app than I did the previous 15 years without. I’m going from a “dad band” plunker just playing what sounded good to me, to being a serious music student striving to play the right notes in the correct time. And I’m having loads of fun doing it because I can actually see my progress! I wish I would have had this app when I was a teenager in the 80’s. Maybe I would have been on stage with Def Leppard. Ok, maybe not, but a man can dream, can’t he? There hasn’t been a single song I wanted to play that wasn’t in their library, and even searched some pretty obscure songs. Initially, I liked the idea of having to pay for a subscription because I thought it would make me want to use it often to get my money’s worth. Truthfully, I was hooked the first day and didn’t need much motivation after that. For what you get, I feel the subscription price is pretty fair. They seem to be doing a good job of working out any bugs that might pop up, which is rarely. I can’t find a bad thing to say about Ultimate Guitar. One of my neighbors is in Bon Jovi. I might have to hit him up for an audition. You never know. Ok, sorry, I was in dreamland again for a minute there. One of my neighbors really is in Bon Jovi, but I’m pretty sure they’re not even remotely interested in asking Hugh Macdonald to step aside so I can have a crack at it. But hey, it’s my life!
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3 years ago, jdon232000
About 20 years late.
In 1975 my Dad got a guitar for Christmas. I was 10 and I was under strict instructions not to touch it. But you know us little boys I touched it as often as I could and never got caught. I got my own when I was 16 and earned my own money. It wasn’t that my parents wouldn’t get me one. I was too embarrassed to ask for something I might not be able to pick up. I’d fooled around with my dads and had no idea what to do with it. I met a guy at my first job who was also learning to play as well and he told me about Tab’s. But as you know in 1980 the only place you could find tabs were in music books at the music store and you were lucky to find a song you liked to work on. And they were $15 to $25 a pop. It was insane. So I picked up what I could until I got married had a kid etc and so on until my divorce in 1997. I’d sold off all my guitars, music, chords and amps etc. over the years so I had to start from scratch. I’d bought my first computer in 1990 and got on the internet around 1992ish. Then I heard about harmony Central and WOW. I STILL HAVE TABS THAT I PRINTED OFF THAT SITE. Anyway when that site was shut down I was depressed but at the time I was in a working band playing every weekend. That and broke up around 2003 when I got my first iPhone this App was available and off we went. I LOVE YOUR APP AND I CANNOT OVER STATE THAT. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. IT HAS EVERYTHING A NEW GUITARIST COULD WANT.
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2 years ago, ksears222
I learned so quickly because of this app!
I must say this app has done wonders for me. I never played a guitar my life I’ve seen my man playing the guitar and I just admire the instrument and respect it so much because it is an instrument of infinite sound bc of all the different chords/ notes. This app has helped me learn how to play guitar and learn the notes of different types of G chords, the different ways to play a B minor, different ways to play any chord. It’s literally taught me how to play entire songs with ease. Of course practicing but bc of this app, I was able to learn an entire song within a week and yeah it comes with a lot of practice and repetition but this app is incredible. I don’t think I could’ve done it without this app. I wish I could afford to pay for the pro version so I can have the auto scroll and all the other amazing perks that come with it but this is an amazing app regardless and the free version is incredible. I love it and I recommend it to anybody who is Learning to play the guitar, who wants to learn how to play or even experts that want to learn new songs. My man and I use it all the time— he uses it to learn new songs as well as I do. I couldn’t be more grateful for this to happen the free trial the seven day trial that was when I learned how to play the guitar and entire song in that seven day period. 10 stars across the board
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1 year ago, bassemier
Awesome guitar app!!!!!
I'm a beginner with no skills whatsoever and I just had to have this app. It's great to have so many tabs to choose from and easy to understand. Just get the app if you own a guitar. You won't be disappointed. I have even subscribed to the online classes. Those have really helped. I have moved my focus from learning guitar to learning to play the bass due to arthritis. Plus, it’s 2 less strings that I don’t have to worry about. My only suggestion for the staff at Ultimate Guitar would be if there was a little more structure in the courses. I would like for it to be “Start here” and then this should be the “Next Course” I found one instructor that I really liked and it was my ah ha moment but I didn’t know where to go next. I feel like an idiot bc I can’t comprehend some things or remember, but then I’ll stumble across a lesson that now it all makes sense. Trying to self teach is very difficult for me and I’m too embarrassed to go take lessons. I do have a very good friend that helps me from time to time and he says he can tell a difference that I’m getting better. I’m not going to say how long I’ve been playing because I know by now I should be able to play. The important thing is I guess is that I’m still playing and having fun. If that counts for something?
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3 years ago, JonathonGee
What a Journey It’s Been..
My coworkers surprised me with a bass guitar for my birthday and I got so excited I went home and paid for the subscription to learn how to play bass. One year subscription is way too cheap and I’m not being paid or endorsed in any way to write that, anyways, Long story short, it’s more geared towards 6 string guitars, but it does cater to the whole orchestra section in a bunch of ways. It doesn’t neglect them; in the public music library you can find, virtually, any sheet or tablature music for your respective instrument. And you can post your own sheet music or tabs, recordings of yourself playing the piece to help other budding musicians (especially of stringed instruments because finger placements). I have to say as a raised brass musician (a prideful trumpet player at that), I’ve been humbled. With an active welcoming community going on into 2022 it was a breeze. This is like the Rosetta Stone of orchestra and it gave me the ability to actually self teach effectively to the point that I’ve learned several pieces on the acoustic and piano, too. I still have several months of the subscription left, so have fun to all still learning, and welcome to those just joining!
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2 months ago, Migi645
Weird Glitch/Bug and suggestions.
*** I HOPE THIS GETS READ, THANK YOU** I have an iPhone 15 and I keep getting stuck in a tab. The back button gets stuck on the top left part of my screen, where the time is. and every time I try to press it, it doesn’t register. My guess is that the time blocks the back button. There are sometimes where I can swipe from left to right to go back but that doesn’t always work. I end up getting stuck and the only way to get out is to refresh the app which is pretty annoying. Also, when adding a song to a playlist, can you guys add a vibration? Right now a little yellow checkmark appears when adding a song to a playlist but can you also add a vibration too? That would be amazing and it makes sense. Also, a good feature would be when I’m in a playlist instead of having to click the upper right corner to move around the order of the song list. It would be nice if I can just tap and hold the song for like 2 second then move it up and down in the order that I want rather than having to click the three dots in the corner. Then press and hold the little bars, then move it. Doing little things like this makes the experience more seamless and user friendly. also, thank you for making an app that makes it so easy for us to learn and keep track of all of our songs. You guys are amazing!!!!
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6 years ago, Drwho0204
They took everything I paid for away
About six months ago maybe longer I bought the premium package deal thing. I mainly used it for the interactive tabs. Loved all the new features. I don’t know if this is a bug or something y’all planned but everything I paid for is not available anymore. It says that I need to upgrade to the full version. I already own it and I’m not paying for it again. I don’t know if you thought you could take it away and give it back after I payed for it again, but I’m not buying it agains. I truly hope this is a bug because I loved the app, but after this I don’t think anyone should it if they are going to steal your money Alright disregard my last post. During the full version deal there was a timer. It wouldn’t let me use any of the features I purchased. The full version deal would show up every time I tried to do anything that required the full version. After the timer went away it still wouldn’t let me access it. I waited a day to see if anything would happen. Nothing happened. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It now lets me use everything that I bought. I am so thankful this was bug because I loved the app. Other than an actual guitar tutor this is the best place to learn. I would highly recommend the full version as it is very useful.
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1 year ago, Mattsvids4u
Really sad it’s gotten here
The app used to be flawless for my job - an alphabetical library of tabs I collected and could quickly switch between! As a live cover musician, this was crucial. Unfortunately it seems that giving you 65 notifications a day is more important to them than caring for one of the core functions of the app - the tab library is completely broken, and it’s literally started to become embarrassing on stage during gigs. It’s incredibly frustrating the way it glitches out and somehow takes forever to load my downloaded tabs even when I’m offline (???). I end up spending minutes between songs trying to get the library to function, or trying to select a song and getting no response. The alphabetical sorting selection doesn’t even work anymore so I have to either search the song directly or scroll down from the top of A (and that’s especially rough when I’m getting near 300 songs). Listen, the app is really a 5 star app when it’s working well. It’s everything I need, and I can even post covers to supplement my general audience. I’d be happy to remove this review and give 5 stars. But the way it is now brought me to write my first review on the App Store. I couldn’t even bring myself to give 1 star, because the app and even customer service has been great for years. But cmon y’all.
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3 months ago, WYMZFAE
So great!
I play here and there. I’m ok at best, and ok with that. I get enjoyment out of playing and singing, and, somethymes sharing with others. I love being able to keep my fav song chords/tabs/lyrics ready to see when I’m ready to play, appreciate the tuner options, like the playlist saving option, and honestly ignore the rest. I managed to get a deal a while back at the end of the year to pay for the app and I’m grateful it renews as such. I wouldn’t be able to afford more and I really like this app the handful of times I use it. I think the free version was ok, paid is definitely really convenient for those handful of times I do want to sing my little heart out. For those who use it more, I’d guess paying for the app and maybe even the other offerings would be well worth it. It seems like they are always expanding offerings for those looking to learn more or even be involved in a community of learners and musicians, which is great. I won’t speak to those things since I don’t use them. I just really like the basics of this app. Thanks, ultimate guitar! (: (and please keep the auto-renew affordable option going so I can keep your app!)
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1 year ago, Soupy-soup
I’ve loved this app so much but there are a few flaws
This app has been awesome for me, I love the community and the design of it, it’s super inspiring to me to create music and cover songs this way. I will never probably not use this app, but there are some bugs that have been going on for a long time. One of the bugs I notice is for me even after I’ve followed someone, it still has the follow option in my inbox when someone likes a video or even if I just go to their page, but I’m already following. Another bug is sometimes my videos just do not post or there’s an error uploading them, this has happened a lot for me although it has gotten better. The quality of the videos I post always seem to be bad and it’s not just me it’s a lot of people, the camera quality just does not translate well onto this app. Other than that I would love to request some cool things I think UGT could add to make things more interesting! I think a live feature could be added that way people could watch their favorite musicians on here play live and interact with them, this would also give them a chance to gain their following and meet other musicians more easily! I also would love to be able to post longer shots :) that’s all! Thanks for listening!
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3 years ago, Garcon's Mom
(Not) Disappointed
Two weeks ago I would’ve given this app five star review. And I think I may have already reviewed it before. Definitely worth the price. So that’s how I started this review earlier in the day and then went ahead to complain about the black screen and inability to access the music. It occurred to me that maybe it needed an update so I just deleted the app, powered off my iPad and then reloaded it and voila, an updated version which is cleaner and easier to access but still had all of the data I had previously loaded into song categories. I really love this app and I have definitely gotten my moneys worth. Sometimes the chords aren’t right as people have noted but folks, these are not professional versions offered by the artist but are interpretations by amateur players like myself. Sometimes I fooled around and changed some chords or eliminated some that made the song flow better. But that’s what it’s all about - playing. I have pretty much had success in finding a version of every song I have requested. Imagine what that would cost if you bought ALL that music! Great job. And I’m glad I was able to correct my earlier critical review!
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4 months ago, PBoyBass
Updates Ruined It, forced to answer multiple choice before using
I’m already a paid member for last few years, but doubtful I’ll continue if I can’t use the app immediately when opening. Last few times I’ve used the app, I’m prompted to respond to a number of multiple choice questions which ends up trying to upsell me to additional paid services. I was in an actual rush to get to a specific song because I’m with band mates in a group discussion. No option to bypass the questions. I set my profile up a while back as a bass player and was asked if guitar is still my primary instrument. When finished responding to the multiple choice questions, then I get a prompt to enroll in one of the paid services. The X button to close this prompt is kind of subdued and hard to find. Can trick a user into forced enrollment. Years ago, I didn’t realize I enrolled into two different services and noticed it when Apple sent me a reminder that I’ll automatically renew unless I opt out. At that time, I opted out and let it go that it was my error for enrolling into a service I didn’t want to enroll in. Now I feel like I have to warn others to be careful and read carefully what you enroll in. There are a few different services offered.
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4 years ago, IPhone-All-the-Way
Hands down best app on my phone!
Had it for years. Paid for it once years ago (not sure if thats still how it works..) but arguably the best money I’ve spent on anything musical. This is no advertisement btw, just a guy who has saved hours upon hours of time learning songs by reading tabs/chords entered by other people who have already put in the time and serious effort for the benefit of all those who learn the song later. You can transpose the song into any key higher or lower to comfortably sing it or make it you own, have the page auto scroll as you go, hear the song too if you like, touch any chord and see the various ways it can be played (now on a piano and ukele as well.. excellent update btw, THANK YOU!) You can give feedback messages to those who create the tabs to collaborate in effort to make the perfect tab, any song you can think of is there and for many of the most popular songs you can get the exact sound effect for your guitar with the integration of “Tonebridge”. Well done. I can’t say enough good things. Just thanks, thank you, and thanks again! —A long time fan and one happy customer—
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4 months ago, lido142001
I hate when they do this…
Well, I used to love this app. I used it all the time. But now they have this update so that you can sing and play instrument at the same time which is fine if you want to. And they are wanting to charge you for it. Which is fine if you choose to do that. However, you can't get past that to get to your normal stuff and get back to the regular screen. so every time you scroll through that's what you get. You can't go any farther. That makes this useless to me! Please change this! put a little X or close or no thank you so that we can actually get back to our normal songs and chords. UPDATE: Apparently there was an update available to the app which I ran and now it no longer does that. But I wish it wouldn’t give you this black hole until you actually run the update. So annoying! But now it works great again. I would give it five except for that hiccup. Also maybe it’s me but I have issues printing the cords out. The words go way to the very beginning of the page rather than having a decent margin and things kind of run into each other. Also, there’s no title so I have to write it in. Is that on purpose because of copyright?
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6 years ago, carriosity
One sweet app
I grew up in a family where making music was an everyday occurrence. My dad played guitar and banjo. I started playing rhythm guitar when I was about 13. But then life happened and when I was about 29 years old, I lost my guitar in a divorce and haven’t had one since. (Warning...don’t get into a bad marriage with a musician). That was more than 20 years ago. Just bought an Epiphone acoustic and I’m shocked at how quickly muscle memory and strumming patterns are coming back. Except my old lady brain can’t automatically find the right chords for songs the way it used to. This app has seriously helped with this issue. So far, I have not thought of one song that I want to play that this app doesn’t include. Add to that, the ability to listen to new songs, and play along if you want, right in the app...that’s just awesome. I can’t read tabs but I may learn since that’s included as well. Anyway, thanks to the developers for this unusually helpful and functional product. Thanks to Ultimate Guitar, my husband, who is a drummer and has never picked up a guitar before, is now learning as well. 👍🏼
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10 months ago, TyD9127
Love it!
I started out using UG 3 years ago and since then I’ve grown so much a guitar player. While I would recommend taking guitar lessons for actual technique on the side, UG is perfect for continuing to learn, play and sing at your own pace, anytime anywhere. The first year I had this app, I only had the regular version, which doesn’t allow you to have access to certain things like official tabs (which includes picking tab), but as a beginner, I found that I didn’t need or want to buy the pro version. Then, as I got more advanced and as I decided I wanted to learn picking and play official versions of the songs I play to perform for others, I got the pro UG for a very reasonable price and it was a great decision. Now, with the pro version, on the app I can listen to each song and slow it down to practice along to at my own pace, print out music so I can travel with paper copies of songs, and have the screen scroll for me at whatever pace so I can play without having to touch the screen at all. Highly recommend for beginner to intermediate guitar players! ;)
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2 weeks ago, Jib jan 11d1
What has this become?
This is a review I wrote two or so years ago and never posted “Two years ago I downloaded an app to search up and store guitar tabs and chords for songs. It worked great. Never had an issue. Then I left it alone for a few month and came back to some ungodly amalgamation of TikTok and a guitar chord app. I mean making the homepage full of videos of other people playing? Why? There are already many multiple apps and websites for sharing videos of you playing your instrument. Always remember K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. This is the first and only review I have ever written as this is the only time I’ve felt the need to leave such a negative review. If the app works for you and you like it that’s great.” I have redownload the app and I want to reiterate that this is an anti-consumer business model. You’re website is free and displays chords and tabs just fine on desktop, your app used to be much similar and would do the same without prompting any subscription, without a long survey on your musical tastes and skill, without short form video content. You took something that worked for just about everyone and places barrier in their way so you could make more money and I think that is awful. Yes I know that is how businesses tend to work but it doesn’t make it any less awful
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4 years ago, anomalous man with a mustache
🕊✌️🕊✌️🕊 I play the new Khalili and guitar I don’t find a lot of good tabs this is a very good app for tabs I don’t really know what to say this is it scripted and it’s good it’s very helpful I like a lot of times you can listen to the song as you’re playing it I like how it shows the courts see useful gives you tuner I like how you could play the songs for free don’t have to just use them we get a little membership pro thing but it’s very helpful I love tabs I suggest you use it and then I suggest you pay for the pro it’s only 20 bucks or 10 I don’t remember it’s cheap but you get all of that for like a year it’s worth it are use this other app called yousician I would not suggest using it it’s really only good for complete beginners I know there’s one for like if you’re good or moderate pro but it’s basically just for beginners and that’s what I got from it so I wouldn’t use it I would stick with the tabs tabs ultimate guitar whatever just you should use it I kind a hope no one reads this is getting stupid long I doubt anyone is right is fully and what am I saying OK bye-bye✌️🕊✌️🕊✌️🕊✌️✌️🕊🕊✌️🕊🕊☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️
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3 years ago, Kooabreen
Very helpful and convenient
I’ve been a long time user of this app, buying my membership in early 2017. It’s been extremely worth it and has helped with advancing my skill set immensely. I’ve tried a lot of other websites to get tabs, but none are as convenient as this when it comes to the handy tools provided, like the auto scroll and adjustable tab score. It’s very easy to contribute your own tab, which ensures that new songs are added into the database constantly. There have been very few songs I’ve not been able to find on here, usually because they’re extremely obscure or old. I’ve personally enjoyed the more recent addition of shots where you can see how other users interpreted songs or tabs. Also, one of the biggest pros to this app is their library of chords and various ways to produce them. I personally have really skinny fingers, so some traditional fingerings are hard to pull off. There are a lot of variations of chords they provide to help this issue. All in all, I’d definitely recommend this app to people who are seasoned players or are trying to learn a few skills.
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3 years ago, JamesWann
The best I’ve used!
First of all, I’m not a very good guitar player! This app offers a simplification option that has helped me graduate into more complex versions of same songs. One can slow down the tempo and follow along until their confidence is strong enough to play at the songs written tempo. If a player has the patience he/she can play just about any song they want. The library is huge! There have been only 2 songs that I wasn’t able to find. Please support this app by downloading and using it, especially, if ur a beginner to intermediate player like me. After just a few months I upgraded to expand my option to the full library. I would do it again without a second thought. Thanks to the folks that developed this app! It has been a great teacher. BTW…it also gives you the chord structure and when to change and allows u to play the chord digitally so u can hear what it sounds like so u can tell if u have it right. I could go on and on but half the fun is the discovery of all this app will do. Good luck and have loads of fun!
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1 year ago, DarkLink87
So so greedy. Unusable app.
This used to be one of the best apps, best sites, to get tabs. You are held captive by literally an interstitial ad in between every tab you look at unless you pay a recurring subscription fee. The fee isn’t terrible, but the flip side is too grave to even consider in my opinion. So say, you are just looking through a few tabs to find a decent one that isn’t “pro” (lol). Pick one, not good, back out, select another, interstitial ad, not good, back out, pick another, interstitial ad. This is what I have experienced at least. If I could give you people -5 stars I would. How holier than thou must you believe your content to be to think it is worth that kind of annoyance and total disrespect for the time and well-being of your potential customers? Tab sites with basically identical content are a dime a dozen. I would recommend anyone considering even downloading this app skip it. Don’t put a single penny in their pockets. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people today are so used to being abused by advertisements of this magnitude that they can seriously even consider supporting this kind of garbage. These kinds of scams will never die unless we say no without our wallets and time. Bankrupt them financially. It’s only fair, as they are already morally bankrupt.
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4 years ago, yeet_z
✨the best✨
this is the best guitar app!! I’ve been using it since early 2018, and used the previous app before that. I love how you can add shots, thats really cool. Also, there’s basically any song you want to learn the chords of on here, and that’s because people can submit chords for the songs (people who submit the chords are tab authors, but anyone who can find out the chords and tabs for a song can be a tab author too). I also like how you can write a bio too, and also how there’s options to transpose the tabs. Another thing that I totally recommend is getting the premium package. I bought the all-time premium in 2018 on the old app (basically it was a holiday sale and I bought premium for however long I have my account, which I still do) and I absolutely love it!! But I’m not sure if the new app has the option to buy an all-time premium, but if it does, you should totally invest in it. Trust me, it’s worth it!! Anyways, this app is awesome and if you’re looking for a guitar app with chords and tabs, get this one!!
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5 years ago, Roguepandabear
Not what I thought I was paying for.
I rarely ever write reviews on apps but this one made the acceptation. I’ve been using ultimate guitar on my laptop for years for free. I saw the app and it cost money but I thought it would be worth it to have it on my iPad, little did I know the charges didn’t stop there. Most of the content is only accessible if you pay for the monthly pro membership. If you don’t have the membership you can’t use the transpose function, every time you open a cord chart up you’ll have an advertisement pop up that you can’t close for at least thirty seconds and I’d say half of the content isn’t available unless you pay for the pro subscription. I’m really disappointed with their app and the fact that I payed for the app in the first place only to find out it’s set up like a free trial app that you have to pay that monthly subscription to have full use of it and to get rid of annoying advertisements. It’s probably all written out in the fine print what is available and I (like 99% of people) didn’t take the time to read the terms & conditions. I wouldn’t recommend this app to a friend, the website is still free but now covered in advertisements in the middle of the songs if you’re not a pro subscriber. Ultimate guitar used to be an amazing place for people to learn songs.
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4 years ago, D cytfth
Love this app! But there is one problem...
When I first started playing guitar, I was over the moon when I found this app! This app has helped me to learn so many chords and songs on my guitar but I have one problem with it. Whenever I want to play a song for a friend or a family member, I constantly have to pause in the middle of the song to scroll down so I can see the next part of the song. There is an autoscroll setting, but it’s only for premium users😕. This has become a problem for me because autoscroll -to me- seems like an essential requirement to play through a whole song for other people without having to memorize every single chord and when the chords come in, PLUS the lyrics! I think it’s good that there is a premium purchase because some of the premium stuff is VERY high quality. But autoscroll? I think that it should be available to all users so everyone can play the songs that they want and not have to stop the song every 10 seconds to scroll. That’s just my opinion, but it’s an opinion I feel very strongly about. Otherwise, this app is amazing for both beginners and experts!♥️♥️
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7 months ago, I'm very tired.
Can’t access profile page??? Please help!
I’ve been using your application for the last 4 years, maybe more, and have quite enjoyed how easy it is to use your system, and how many tabs I can easily access that will play in time together and actually sound pretty good with default sounds (miles better than MuseScore, anyway)! I have a couple of grievances, such as maybe making it easier to access differently labeled sections of a song rather than just scrolling through the thing, and being able to select the play bar more easily, but chief among my concerns is that I cannot access my profile tab! I’m not sure if this is a new glitch, I’ve no clue how long this has been going on, but I try to tap the profile button, and it fails to load and immediately takes me back to the home tab. If I try it again, black screen! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the profile is the way to access your own videos and create new tabs right? I wanted to add tablature of my own songs, as well as create more visual content, but seemingly I can’t do either! Anyone else run into this issue? I would love to hear some solutions!
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3 years ago, Jonathan Purple
So good you wonder if you’re just dreaming.
I have purchased amplitudes full rig 3 times because they they don’t actually have a way to restore your purchases. I’ve purchased orig 4 times for the same reason. Amplitube may have since come up with a restore. This is about guitar Tab’s pro and standard. I love them both for their different uses. I have been subscribing to ultimate guitar tabs for years. If you love guitar and you want to learn a particular song or even a classical theme; you can’t lose. Most importantly don’t be afraid to take advantage of the supporting instruments they come with their notation on your terms as well. For example you don’t want to use tabs to understand the piano but tabs can still be useful for banjos violins etc. so this software and the gazillions of songs included…….. like I said: YOU CAN’T LOSE!!! Did I mention you have looping and speed control to help you learn at your own pace???? Trust me on this slow down, repeat sections often, concentrate on accuracy. The speed will come.
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3 years ago, meghan555
So I’ve had this app for about a year, and I absolutely adore it. You can switch between multiple instruments(I mainly play guitar) and just about any song you can think of is available and it will show you the chords along with the lyrics. One of the great things about this app is that you can make a 60 second video of yourself playing the song and post it on the app, and other people will be able to see it and like it. This app doesn’t make you have a premium subscription or make you pay for anything to do stuff other than see the official tabs, but other people also like to create a tab, so you can see that and still be able to play the song you have in mind without being able to pay anything. This is by far the best guitar app Ive downloaded in the 14 months I’ve been playing guitar. Thank you to all the developers for creating such an amazing app that will allow the musical creativity of so may people just grow and shine. I love you guys!!
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2 months ago, eff and rob
Awful customer service !
For some reason I am no longer able to change the lyric font size to anything larger than 20 point. In the last three weeks I was able to go as high as a 35 point size. Why do I need such a huge font? Because I am severely visually handicapped. I’ve explained my handicap to someone by the name of Aydar and after a few back and forth emails he told me that my problem would be sent to the Developer Team. Sill waiting for someone to get back to me. I have researched the name of the company CEO but cannot go as far as that with no email contact for him. An many of you reading this know, this app is very nice to use with lots of bells and whistles under the hood but, the app has to be backed up with good customer service in case of problems that crop up. From my perspective, it does not seem that there is any service!!, By keeping communication channels open between “paying” customers who keep the app viable and the company the app will only get better. I’m giving this app two stars as I’m optimistic that my problem will be solved. I hope I’m not wrong because at this time I cannot!!! use it.
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5 years ago, DoM_76
Honest review
So let’s start of with the good things and then move on I like how this is unique considering the fact that there isn’t anything quite like it it has thousands of useful tabs all amazing to play and many ways to teach you how to play songs it’s truly amazing however not every tab is accessible because of how you have to pay to use certain features like chords and a tuner however there is many free tuners and places where u can find chords so I find this odd another thing is that I think that they should remove what you have to pay for and make it free but because I know you want money u can push the adds be different more different then you already are how about try things like amps and pedals or a tuner for guitars with more then 6 strings or just tubers for more stringed instruments the possibilities are endless I am sure you don’t need a unintelligent 12 year old to tell you to get money people care about the quality not about how much time they spend watching ads Spend a day of two just to look at different apps find the problems with them and make ur own
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5 years ago, AttendeeX
Revised Review - much better on second look
I struggled with my first try of the app at the free membership level (see old review below - probably was trying to use a "Pro" tab while at free membership tier). Given the overwhelming positive reviews I switched to the web version, thinking "it can't be this bad - has to be me". It was me. I had such better luck with the web version that I upgraded my subscription for use on the laptop. Now, with a little familiarity, life is way better in the app too. Plenty of novice-level tabs available. I'm using favorites, playlists, requesting new tabs from the community and authoring my own. Ultimate Guitar is my daily practice partner. Wouldn't want to live without it. Already well worth the annual subscription and will get more value as my playing improves. [OLD REVIEW]Sorry, unusable here. Every time I click on the song I want to see I get the video ad to upgrade to pro. Dismiss the ad and I'm back in the main menu. I can't tell that this is anything but spam. Not enticing me to upgrade.[/OLD REVIEW]
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3 years ago, Liam2930
Great app, many bugs.
I’ve been a long time user of ultimate guitar tab. I’ve had it since June 2014 and it has been hands-down the best purchase I’ve made. But this last year or two since the major redesign, there have been a lot of bugs, specifically for the pro version. My first issue is that you can’t have an option to hide the play/pause menu when you’re playing along. Have a play/pause in the corner and have arrows to toggle the rest of the menu on and off the screen. Secondly, anytime I try to change the size of the pro version it glitches out for a second and then gets way too big or way too small. Lastly, the arrow to control the loop feature doesn’t move around very easily, making it difficult to loop a part. I really, really hope you guys will fix these issues with the literal core feature of the app because this platform is incredible for learning how to play, learning new songs, and becoming a better guitarist. Please fix the bugs.
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1 year ago, TGAinCMH
Review from a keyboard player
Where has this app been all my life?! As a classically trained pianist, I have always learned much easier from reading sheet music than trying to play by ear. But finding decent sheet music for keyboard parts of pop music is next to impossible. Or at least it was until I found this app. As the keyboard player in a band I’m called on to do lots of parts…. Keyboards, synth, strings, horns, harmonica, you name it. And this app has it all! The ability to see every part in standard notation is incredible. Even more incredible is the ability to mute or solo specific instruments so I can practice along. My only cons are that sometimes the transcriptions are a bit wonky. Parts show up an octave higher than they actually should be. Or you get strange things like C flats and E sharps. But those downsides are far outweighed by having at least passable music. I’ll occasionally transcribe into other note editing software to get an arrangement more to my liking, using the music here as a roadmap.
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6 years ago, Meeklekinz
Lying to make a few bucks off of me
I have been a devout user of Ultimate Guitar since probably 2008. I have always appreciated them as they always have always been a dependable source for me. Even when they finally created a smartphone app. I was all on board to pay for it. Recently, I decided to try out the pro side of things. I liked the features, but I have to admit, I hit a pretty rough spot financially, so I needed to cut back on a lot of small things. Like a monthly $7.99 charge. Well, after I couldn’t figure out how to cancel (users fault, I admit) I contacted UG and asked them to help cancel my subscription. They swore up and down that it was apples subscription and I needed to take it up with them. So I tried to figure it out to no avail. A month went by and I admittedly forgot because a lot went on. Another charge. So I contacted UG. Same response swearing up and down it isn’t them. So I contact apple and they point out that it is UG making the charges. I finally figure out how and where to manage my subscription and cancel it. I know I am at fault for being an idiot and not knowing how to cancel it myself. But why in the world would you guys not just help me out?? Screw you and I hope that extra cash you got from me makes all the difference in your lives.
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7 years ago, MisterCap88
Need much improvement.
Many of the tabs I have used have been fairly decent. But many of them absolutely terrible. When you use the interactive tab, most of the music that goes along with the tabs aren’t matched with the tabs themselves. So the tabs being played on the interactive fretboard, aren’t going along with the music making it very difficult to play along or learn. There’s is also the brain and chromatic tuner problem. When using the brain tuner, I need to reset the app each time because it won’t make any sound for me to hear. With the chromatic tuner, I can play an E and it’s trying to tune a G. The tuner cannot pick up the string I’m trying to tune. Which isn’t a huge deal, it is a tuner on a phone. Lastly, I spent about $15 on this app with upgrades and I have nothing. Not sure what my money went towards, but the app keeps asking me to pay to get new features that I was under the impression I already had. When purchasing, it said I had all features, so still very confused. But what I have learned from this app has been good, lots of great tabs to choose from, just wish it functioned better, and wish I got my money’s worth.
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6 years ago, roadapple_gl
My favorite guitar site!
Thanks for this. I use this app more than any other. I can learn chord progressions, lyrics and most anything that I need for playing out, playing new songs in worship service, or just for fun. I invested in a pro account a few years ago and I highly recommend it! You can learn how to play a song in the same key as the original recording, or in a simpler progression to match your skill level; or to a key that is easier to sing with. There are a ton of great songs on this site, in just about every genre you can think of... for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass (electric and acoustic), piano, violin and even ukulele! Most people making comments on this site are trying to be helpful, although there are always some that are quick to criticize, but offer no correction or suggestions; but unfortunately, you will find that on just about any site on the net. Give the Ultimate Guitar app a fair try, and I am sure you will find something useful to help you get to your next evolution of your guitar journey.
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1 year ago, 0elijaHayes0
What’s with the shots?!
Basic features of this app don’t work correctly and there are numerous bugs, but instead of fixing those errors the developers have completely pushed aside that portion of the app to focus on the new shots section, making this app more of a social media app and distraction from its main function - finding and using guitar tabs. The home page, which used to show featured tabs and collections now is home to shots, with the featured tabs, collections, top 100 etc buried under another section. The search function could use a revamp - minor misspellings show no results, their system doesn’t allow for apostrophes so using those in song titles also yields no results. The quick scroll feature to navigate through your saved tabs when sorted by artist or song does not work, and frequently when scrolling through my saved tabs there is a bug where the page will jump around on its own. Occasionally clicking a tab won’t give any response until the tab suddenly opens a minute later. It is also difficult to create tabs on the mobile app. Stop putting so much into the shots section and spend a little time actually creating a finished product.
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4 years ago, smk725
Rendered useless by pop ups
Ultimate guitar, the website used to be a premium place to get accurate tabs and featured good adds that didn’t clutter the screen. Now the website pushes you onto the app which may actually be nice but since it constantly bombards you with pop ups to subscribe it’s useless. I can’t even have the opportunity to try the app to see if it’s worth subscribing too. I have no faith in paying for an app that the makers don’t have the confidence in letting you use it without starting a “free trial “ or grab your information. Ultimate guitar is now rendered useless by their aggressive add targeting. I will much easily find tabs elsewhere. It’s like this... sometimes you quickly need to fingertip a lick or song on the fly and ultimate guitar does not allow this due to aggressive pop ups. If they haven’t caught on to how a guitar players workflow is by now and simply cause frustration when you are working on the fly then I have no faith or trust that their app is any good. I will use one of the other free it less aggressive services. It’s shady. I rarely give poor reviews but the makers of this app would have something investing in if they would think like a guitarist and not waste our time. They may also be wasting our money.
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2 years ago, IndubitableGood
Best Tabs/Chords platform EVER
I’ve been using UG Tabs since 2013. I love being able to find a song and instantly play along using the chords or tabs. I recommend this to all my musical friends and will continue to point people in this direction forever. UG Tabs is hands down my first and only resource for tabs and chords. Every other service WISHES they were UG Tabs. Their employees WISH they worked for UG Tabs. It’s the best. Do yourself a favor and check it out. If you don’t like something about it, tell them. They’re people. If it’s reasonable, they might look into it and get back to you. If you don’t like it, then that just means you didn’t spend long enough on it. Play until your hands hurt. Then get upset that you can’t play some more. Well, that’s what I do. I’m a Lifetime Member. I just found out RIGHT NOW that they have merchandise. Guess what’s going in my stocking this year for Christmas? Seriously, if you’ve read this far, just get the app. Good luck and have fun making music!
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6 years ago, SarahIsABaker
Was once a great app, not anymore
I’ve been using this app for years, and loved it. I paid for the app when it was a flat fee, and once they started adding more features I paid for those too. I used to use it all the time to learn new tabs. It used to be a 5 star app, that I recommended to anyone who plays the guitar or ukulele. With this new update, it’s useless. Constantly crashes, seems to have a mind of its own opening and closing tabs, speeding up and down when auto scrolling (going from .5 speed to 1.5 for example, on its own half way through a song) This is extremely frustrating when you’re trying to learn a new song, especially when you’ve paid for the service. I’ve sent two emails to the developers via the app, and never heard back, which is why I’m finally posting a review, since it appears they don’t care. I have the iPhone X, so it shouldn’t be an issue of compatibility. The update seemed great at first until I discovered all the problems. It seems like they were too focused on getting the update live, and ignored the fact it obviously wasn’t ready. I kept hoping they would fix it, but I tried using it again just a couple minutes ago before writing a review and it’s still has all these issues.
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4 years ago, JayAr_Undead
Pretty Great Tabs!
I’ve been playing guitar for a few years and I always use this site to find my tabs. I used to watch Aturn3d’s videos before he stopped making them, and these tabs are accurate like his is. This is my advice for finding the best tabs and playing the songs most accurately Just because a tab is ‘Tab 1’ doesn’t mean it’s the most accurate, I usually go for the one with a combination of the highest rating based on stars, and the one that has been rated the most. Sometimes you’ll find these tabs aren’t perfect either, so go and look at the others until you find a combination of the tabs that makes sense, feels good to play, and sounds good to play. The pro charts are usually the most accurate, but can be off putting because it will divide guitar parts into 2-6 guitars making you go back and forth between the versions until you can memorize one and play it while playing along with the other. Great app for guitar players, and the added shots feature is pretty cool too.
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5 years ago, TheFlyingM
Crashes occasionally, but still provides a great service
Haven’t purchased a pro membership, but the free tabs they offer are great. Definitely my go-to source for guitar tab, and the app makes browsing on mobile much easier than in a web browser (though I gotta admit the way the website pushes you to download the app is pretty annoying). Occasionally the app freezes unexpectedly when looking at tabs. Only way I’ve been able to fix it is by killing the app and restarting, and even then I have to wait 5-10 seconds on restart before it reloads to the home page. Then have to find the tab I was on again, which sometimes isn’t the easiest if you’re like me and browse a lot of different tabs for the same song: then your search history is filled with links to every individual tab that you’ve viewed for that song. Ended up just signing in to my account so I could favorite tabs. It’s still pretty annoying to have the app crash in the middle of practicing though.
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4 years ago, Not Happy with GT
Gotta PAY UP if You Want to See Most Tabs
I have never before left a review for any app but this app inspired me. This app will annoy you to no end to pay for the monthly/ yearly subscription. If you don’t open the app in a week you’re forced to go though multiple pages that entice you to pay for the subscription before you can search. And 99% of the time the first few tab options require paying the subscription and the free tabs available are sometimes incorrect. It is without a doubt the worst app on my phone, which is a shame because their site was almost essential to learning guitar for me. Young guitar learners will be dissuaded from Guitar Tabs after using this app. I would much rather pay a one-time, upfront cost of $5 and still see 30 seconds ads in-app than pay the yearly subscription with no ads. The subscription choices are $6/month or $15/year, which is so obviously a scam because they’ll make you think “I’d be paying $72/year for monthly so I’ll save so much money buying the yearly subscription” but even $15/year is still not worth it. I’ve played guitar for 16 years and still play just about every day but I don’t use this app nearly enough to justify the cost. Their greediness will be their downfall.
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6 years ago, hellohellohello1209
The Best
Been using this site for my tab needs ever since I started playing. And saying that it has been an awesome experience would be an understatement. There are new tabs being posted constantly. There are almost always multiple renditions of the same song depending on your difficulty level (which really helped me progress). And such a personal company that I was able to send in a suggestion to improve the site, and within a few weeks the new feature was added. Whenever I go to any other tab platform, I end up feeling discouraged by the lack of interactivity and personalization ultimate guitar provides, especially if you spend the couple bucks for tab pro. Then wait around for Black Friday and pick up a lifetime subscription for like 60 bucks. The community is also an awesome point that must be touched on. All constructive feed back. And whenever you feel a tab is a little off, you can go to the feedback and usually someone has already posted the solution.
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3 years ago, Poogey Watson
money grubbing app
We get it. You need revenue. But the user experience on this app is terrible. This website has been the go-to for over a decade, but the more popular it gets the worse the experience has gotten. They are not a poor start up trying to make some $$, so their desperate ploys to get you to upgrade to pro are hard to swallow. The majority of the content here is user uploaded anyway, so you're essentially paying for a scrolling feature that wasn't been updated in years and a metronome & access to chord variations (which they tell you are accessible when you download the app, and then when you download they let you know it'll only be with pro). If you're invested in Tabs, pro is worth it because that feature is virtually unusable in the free version. Pop up ads at every turn, and cheesy early 2000's style too. Painful. Also opening links into the app almost never works for me, and is frustrating to say the least. If you search in the app, every time you open a link you have to watch an ad, so you google to avoid this or someone sends you a link and you want to open it? 8/10 you're going to have to search for it via the app....
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2 years ago, Kev dubs
Wonderful but needs improvement
I use this app nearly daily and I love what it’s turned out to be over the years. However, there are some UI problems that need to be addressed. The search feature is not as good as it could be. You have to be far too specific, apostrophes and etc need to be in the right place or else you will get completely wrong results that honestly do not make sense. It’s just not very smart. The auto play feature is spotty. It can be very annoying scroll to a new spot, click play, and have your spot go back down. Once the red line is off the screen, it shouldn’t be accounted for. In general, the app feels very square. Very rigid and face value. There doesn’t seem to be much programming focused on the user experience. It has features that would work wonderfully, but they don’t interact well with the user. This app has so much potential. A few bug fixes, and more done to make this a smoother experience would be fantastic.
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4 months ago, Kmoorect
Latest update is frustrating
The latest version of this app seems to have added new features of minimal value (e.g. album artwork for tabs) while breaking things that worked and are valuable (e.g. in the artist section tabs under the artist are now in a totally random order instead of alphabetical). This is very frustrating when you have more than a handful of tabs from one artist. Someone needs to do a better job of testing core functionality before releasing a new version. The response from the developer was about playlists not what I was referring to. I know how to change the order of tabs in a playlist. My issue is in the Artist section. If you select My Tabs on the bottom of the app you then get 3 choices across the top - My Tabs, Artists and Playlists. If you go to Artist section it does list artists in alphabetical order. Then if you select an artist the tabs within that artist are in a totally random order with no way to change it. In a previous version the tab’s within an artist automatically showed up in alphabetical order.
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4 years ago, MemerMan127
At first I did not like it
At first I hated this app because it was literally just giving you the beginning of the song unless you paid, but if you actually helped the community and submitted a tab, it pays for you for a month. Just for one tab. I really like how it connects with the community to help other people learn guitar. It’s apps like this that really connect the world and help bring people together and enjoy music together. I play acoustic guitar, ukulele, and I am in a choir, and this app rivals some of the things my choir did to bring people together. I’m very great full to the creators of this app for bringing me towards this app. Thank you. I’m also great full towards the website, which lead me to this app. Thank you. And most of all I’m great full to the community for creating and submitting tabs for everyone to enjoy. Thank you. Everyone seeing this, please download this app and submit a tab. It doesn’t have to sound good or even be original. Just submit a tab so that everyone can join together in harmony.
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2 years ago, Wookpoo
Almost Perfection
With ANY program/software there are just going to be some things that can’t be done….yet. Especially when it comes to music. Trying to take something as expansive as “sound” and boxing it into an app suited for musicians of ALL skill levels with a good UI is an ambitious goal. There is no such thing as the perfect music app, because “perfect” is both a relative and subjective term, and everyone has different definitions of “music” (sadly). Newsflash: “music” = “arranged noise”. Take it from a guy who grew up in a family where every single person (all but 2) on both sides is musically inclined, who had professional lessons in multiple instruments from a young age, who played in band and orchestra growing up, who plays in multiple bands today, and who has spent years being a music theory nerd: ⭐️This app is as close to perfect as it could be. If you have a creative mind, and have the ability to self teach using professional techniques, THIS APP IS FOR YOU ⭐️
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3 years ago, daveten
Best of the Bunch
After some years of taking a break from playing guitar, I have been excited by picking it up again and finding that my time off seems to have helped more than it hurt. Central to this joy is the improvement to TABs, which has gone from helpful to almost necessary. The app now features real people playing certain songs, greatly improved navigation, and what seems to be much more accurate TAB. And, best of all for an eclectic player like me, what also seems to be a tremendously expanded selection. In short, the people who keep improving this app also have an appreciation for the music. Put it all together, and you’ve got a mighty useful tool for actually learning music rather than merely mimicking an often incorrect transcription. (One star off for the tiny typeface. This is so picky, and so much a product of my bad eyesight, that I feel guilty even pointing it out. Younger players with eagle eyes won’t be bothered at all.)
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3 years ago, wsgirard
One LARGE issue
Normally I’d rate this app way higher; it’s got good tabs and there’s a really good community on here. The reason I’ve rated it poorly (and the only reason I’m writing this review in the first place) is there’s a large issue. The app allows you to rate tab. It’s one to five stars like you’d expect and this seems useful because then when you search a song you can look at the reviews to see if the tab is worth trying to play. Well it turns out if you rate a tab one or two stars the app asks why and then wants feedback. This is totally fine and I completely understand why. Here’s where the problem lies though. Once you type your feedback that has to be longer than ten words (so you can skip it) the submit button is inaccessible. On a mobile device the submit button is underneath where your keyboard pops up so that you can type the review. And there’s no way to tell it you’re done typing or make the keyboard go away. So pretty much the app won’t let you rate songs lower than three stars which is really frustrating because I rate tabs to try to help other people and if you can’t rate it poorly, there’s no point of a rating system.
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