UMassFive Mobile Banking

4.8 (2.1K)
168.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
UMass Five College Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for UMassFive Mobile Banking

4.76 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Andreiuta
Horrible at login in
This app is terrible for logging in (it doesn’t work 75% of time) and, worst of all, every time when I try to explain this to the bank representatives they tell me I don’t know how to use it. I’m a software developer, for crying out loud. To make things worse, it doesn’t accept passwords bigger than 13 characters with only a very limited set of special characters. Really?! in this age of super hacking all my other bank passwords are 25-characters long and running through as many special characters as possible.
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2 years ago, Loveleemommy
Fantastic App!
UMass Five was one of the first apps to offer check deposits by phone and has always been on top of being the best at nearly everything! I wish the credit cards were attached to the app so you can see transactions though!
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6 months ago, Paichlo
Used to be great
UMass and the app were amazing. Now it seems like the app and online banking are always down. Using my debit card always takes days to process on my account making it incredibly difficult to track if you do many small purchases. At this point, using and old fashioned check book log would be more accurate and reliable than their mobile and online system which is pretty lame. I had been with them for almost a decade but my family and I will be leaving the bank because of how often we can’t even look at our accounts
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4 years ago, citydog
Fingerprint log-in doesn’t work.
Log-in frequently doesn’t work. It will recognize fingerprint for a short period and then stop. Sometimes deleting the app and re-installing will fix it, too often it doesn’t. Sometimes it insists the typed password is incorrect. And then it’ll lock you out of your account until you can call during business hours. This app makes access to my account inconvenient and unreliable and I have thus stopped using the credit union as my primary bank account. Fix it, UMass. It shouldn’t be this difficult.
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4 years ago, kerrilynnt
5 stars for sure
I loooooooooove UMASS FIVE FCU!!! They have been ONE my financial institution for 20 years but my favorite and they handle majority of accounts & loans. I just refinanced my mortgage with them and my original was with them as well!!! I am beyond pleased with all of their services!!
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2 years ago, sillylily2021
Please make purchase notifications!!
I don’t understand why it’s not possible for this app to send a push notification every time a transaction goes through on any given account. I have other banking apps and it’s so useful when I can get an immediate notification when something gets charged to my account. Please add this feature!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, disappointed minuteman
FaceID not working
All of a sudden, the app has stopped working with Face ID. Every time I log in now, I have to use my typed password. I’ve tried to reset the Face ID multiple times with no luck. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, ThisCityOnFire
Works as needed
This app is easy to use and very helpful for online banking. I can use it to transfer money, review debit card purchase history, and pay loans I have with UMass. If I could review my credit card purchase history I would give it 5 stars. The app works and is free of bugs in my experience.
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5 years ago, mobibob
Smooth and predictable
The transitions are smooth and responsive and the buttons are all meaningful. Almost like this better than the website :). Definitely better than a big-name bank that I have to use and will go nameless.
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6 years ago, LGamache
Needs a new login configuration.
The log-in is absolutely horrific... the Touch ID is non responsive half the time. At first I thought it was my phone so I tried others apps. But just this one! Once you get into the app, it’s much better. The interface of the accounts is displayed nicely as well as the bill pay system. Needs to be fixed ASAP. I might have to find another institution who has a better log in.
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4 years ago, JackieAnneBoivin13
What a great app for banking!
I’m impressed by the speed and sleekness of this app. I appreciate how easy it is to navigate. I’ve never had an issue and wish other apps were as great as this!
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4 years ago, Mrs & Mrs Bickerson
Functions poorly
Frequently gets hung up. I almost always have to clear the app and try again. Doesn’t play well with face reader. Doesn’t show a pending deposit in the balance. You have to go into the pending balance tab. Just generally functions poorly, kinda like the actual bank.
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3 years ago, GillyCruz
Great app
Easy to use and straight forward. Makes banking online super easy and kind of fun.
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5 years ago, MissBytchy
It’s 2019 apps have been out for over 10 years!!
On a regular basis this app will forget all your Info!! Then it will tell you that you have to call a number to get into your account... but truth is, if you wait an hour or so it will fix itself..... 🤷‍♂️ the app is crap... call the bank they’ll give you the runaround until it magically fixes itself.
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9 months ago, Finn Robert McCool
Many thanks...
To Matt & the entire UMFCFCU team...thank you for your brilliance, kindness, compassion, patience, and downright constant smiling make this here (sometime confused) old Irishman feel like the most important person in your day... God Bless you "make my day" every time I visit your wonderful banking institution... Carry on "team"... Sláinte! ☮️✌️🍀🇮🇪😃🦅🌹🦉😇🎵😎❤️🎱🇺🇸
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6 months ago, dc_rf
Doesn’t always work
This app works sometimes, but goes through months long periods of not accepting fingerprint login. It is really frustrating.
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5 years ago, Yayofrank413
Great easy access love it.
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4 years ago, Caylin
Worst update
My app was working perfectly until I decided to update. Now it doesn’t even let me log in. Gives me a small box that says my phone doesn’t have enough room....... which is crap. Now I can’t even use the app. I even deleted it and reloaded it. Update is the worst! I wish I never updated it
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6 days ago, MobileDepositUser
Mobile Deposit Not Good
I’m often having to drive to deposit my checks because the mobile deposit function can’t read the checks. Never had this problem with other banks.
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3 years ago, luiscajamarca
Not a great app
The app needs to be reinstalled every so often in order for faceid to work properly. After every update the authentication system fails and the app needs to be downloaded again.
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4 years ago, JeffDe116
What happened to Face ID?
What happened to Face ID, it stopped working months and months ago and it still hasn't been fixed? It's a real pain having to enter my password everytime I log in. PLEASE fix this! PLEASE!
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3 years ago, ID- salau
This is the worst Banking application that I have ever used. It was designed with dubious intent. When you owe OD, it makes it almost impossible to pay off. You guys should learn from DCU!
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6 years ago, 14 year customer
Why can’t I see or do things I can on the normal web site. Also telling me “you session has timed out” every time I go to log in is pointless. Credit card shows you nothing.
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4 years ago, FabulousOne34
Touch ID no longer works!
Once I updated a couple of weeks ago, the Touch ID function no longer works! Is there a fix for this?
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1 year ago, Ccdddeeeff
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5 years ago, ghxYhgjnd
Why can’t they get it right?
They recover Touch ID so now I again need to type in my complex unmemorable number. How has UMASS Five managed to again screw up the app they been screwing up for years.
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5 years ago, grom751
Terrible app
It works when it works, but most of the time it doesn't work, just terrible.
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4 years ago, Shanonagirl
Doesnt work at all
This app does not work. I log in, it asks me for my phone number, and then it returns me to the login screen
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4 years ago, Teavt
THE LOG IN NEVER WORKS!!! They need to fix this ASAP. When it actually lets you login the app crashes!!!!
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4 years ago, stotchington
Works only about 50% of the time
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5 years ago, Techie4everever
Face ID not working
Great now Face ID login is not working and not an update in sight
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11 years ago, Crosshairs Jones
Confusing and limited.
I have waited a long time for UMass five college federal credit union to catch up with the times and open up its own app for banking. However after downloading this app and using it a couple times I've come to realize that it's really not as user-friendly as it could be. They don't list whether or not it's a checking or a savings account or even a credit card card to which your transferring money to or from making banking with it virtually impossible to do unless you know the last four numbers of your credit card account or your banking account number. (And it's coded so they are not the numbers of your actual accounts) I really wish I could give it more than just one star but it's not even worth that one star. I love their bank, and what they have done for us but it's just not usable as a app. Not to mention it doesn't list any CDs you have there making you worry that your money has disappeared. So I will continue to use the full site from my smart phone just because of the ease of it all.
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10 years ago, JCoppercorn
An OK start
It doesn't say if it's your checking or savings account, so if you don't know your balances you don't know which account you're transferring from or to. If you have more than one account you have to uninstall and then reinstall the app to switch between the two. It should have the option to completely log you out. Right now it's easier to use my phone's browser and access my account that way. I don't see any benefits from using the app.
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11 years ago, Athene Numphe
Simple, could use more features
The app is better than having to use the website for mobile banking. Let's you see your account balances, recent transactions, and make transfers. But it doesn't go beyond to what mobile could really do. I'd love to see a way to do check deposits through this app as other banking apps let you do.
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3 years ago, ma01760
FaceID is not working lately
I have this app installed for about year and last version 20.2.50 has Face ID not working at all. When you turn this feature on it says “ the app will ask you occasionally login with password” - it NEVER let you login with faceID. The same app wrapped as SalemFIVE (same version) works just fine.
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9 years ago, Acrophobiac
Can't Pay Credit Card On App
I downloaded this app because I thought "now I won't have to go to my computer or deal with tiny print on my phone to sign in and pay my card." My other banks not only can you pay online but you can sign in via fingerprint. Honestly, you'd think a Podunk little town bank like the one I use in NY wouldn't have an app that's better than a college credit union in MA. Not worth downloading.
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8 years ago, marymealittle
Doesn't work. Call line useless.
Although I am able to log in to my online banking on my desktop, the app simply will not log me in on the mobile app. I called the help line and they told me that all I needed to do was "clear the cache" on my phone. Yeah. That didn't work either.
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7 years ago, Luzan2005
Horrible service
I always have a problem when I need to make a transfer. They gave me a tremendous headache. I ended go in person so they can process my transfer. Should open an account with Td bank instead...
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9 years ago, ☎️alex
Stuck on endless questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never experienced such a brainless app which asked endless questions I don't know. What a waste of time! Poorly designed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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