UMB Mobile

4.3 (2.9K)
37.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
UMB Financial Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UMB Mobile

4.3 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Ryzim13
Huge Improvement to New App!
It’s a perfectly functional more modern banking app now. Looks great and I can do mostly anything I would need to do in online banking. I love having FaceId integration finally! No major complaints and definitely helps UMB customers feel more up to current standards. My only reason for 4 instead of 5 star is that as UMB Credit Card holder as well, it would be really great to see what point multiplier (or cash back%) you earn at different vendors and just generally be a bit more interactive with your credit card perks with in the app. May not be realistic for UMB at this time but that’s my 2 cents. Thanks for making a huge improvement to the old app!
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4 years ago, TM ucMoenst
Don’t do not like the new replacement App
I am older but I have been using apps to do mobile banking for more than 15 years and I do not like the current app. The app could use a default account payment, like the prior app had. In the prior app when I went to make a payment the payee account knew which checking account to take the funds. After selecting an account, a page is display, I would like the description and the dollar amount space to be less. There are times when I take photos of the screen and would like less space used between the description and the dollar amount. This causes the photo to have very small text because there’s a lot of empty space between the left side description and the right side dollar amount. I don’t like the method to review payments. In the confirm page it would be nice if you could also put a column for the process date. It would be nice on the payment successful page to also list the process date. When making a payment there’s an option to make a memo. I cannot use special characters I would like to be able to use the character like the #, $,‘ for when I make abbreviations, possibly the back slash and more. This would allow me to make abbreviations to enable clarity for myself to possibly put more information in the field.
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3 years ago, Fitzone
Better than last version
I have several banking apps in the UMB app isn’t my favorite. It may be a banking issue but the pending and available balance is at best confusing. I do prefer the first screen to be an account overview. The design is not pretty but the function is adequate. For some reason transfer between my credit card and bank account is non-functioning in the transfer screen. It would be a huge leap forward if you could integrate money transfer through texting such as Apple Pay or cash app. USAA use Zell but I’m quite sure you could make available cash transactions. With Apple Pay I can request a new card in the app with the touch of a button. When I need a new UMB card I have to invest 25 minute phone call during working hours this is unacceptable and today’s technological society
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2 years ago, jkwembe
Justin Kwembe
The app is amazing and somehow satisfying. However, some important information/choices are excluded from online self services (which will be very handy to have access to) in my opinion. Such as, I’m unable to change my beneficiaries unless I visit a branch, I can’t pull banking statement whenever I need it and lastly the app freezes once in a while (the only app among all the apps I have in my phone) and to get it to work again. I have to switch off my phone and turn it back on, this annoys me every time I have to switch the phone off just for a single app.🤦🏾‍♂️ But maybe those options are available and I’m the one who can’t find it, then please just list them on the menu bar to make them easily accessible for people like me. Otherwise I’m very satisfied being a UMB customer.
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1 year ago, Grandma. b
I’m happy to have such a convenient accessible app for banking. One thing I wish was available was being able to check yearly payments at the time I bill pay for each vendor each month. I also find it difficult to edit vendor information such as, insurance policy numbers and still retain the history of my account. To edit address or policy number I have to start a new vendor account. Thank you UMB.
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4 years ago, kelsidenney
New 2020 version!
I’m a long time customer of UMB. They have always been so very helpful when something happens with my accounts, like fraudulent charges or sudden overdrafts. Their app is the one thing that made me want to change banks. I was so happy to open up a new, completely updated app this morning! Face ID, a smoother interface, a search feature, and an all around updated look! I transferred some money from one account to another, and it was done in seconds, rather than a few minutes in the old version. I’m so happy they finally updated!!!
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2 years ago, Bekahgrace96
It’s okay, not great, but I can check my balance and transfer funds
I like the Face ID finally being an option. The app is very slow and seems very outdated. I think UMB hasn’t been as focused on mobile banking. I’ve had good experiences with their physical locations and their employees have always been kind and extremely knowledgeable. I just want to be able to quickly transfer money, which has improved a bit recently. I know many other banks have mobile banking with a lot more options, I just haven’t used them and am unfamiliar. I would like for UMB to have some of this in the future.
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3 years ago, Littlelulu71
101 bug on transactions
UMB is plugging the app now, but its buggy and hasn't been updated since last July 2019. If you want to promote a feature please make sure it works well first. I’ve been getting a 101 error with no detail when I try to view transactions on my credit card under accounts for a month or better. Overall not an impressive app and frustrating that they are plugging it when it’s not functioning properly!
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2 years ago, veryveryvery great app
Update your service
It is totally ridiculous that I can not make deposits because I have a new IPhone. I have had multiple accounts for over twenty years at this bank. But can not make a simple deposit because if a new IPhone due to the app not being up to date! How hard can it be to update the app? This will be the reason I move banks. In the day we live in there are to many convenient options. Come on UMB get it right!
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12 months ago, Stupidnicknameruineditall
New Customer
New account and I haven’t yet saved my login info in my book. I am thankful it was easy to reset and feel safe knowing their are numerous emails when I tried to access my account with the wrong info. Feel safe knowing if someone else tried it I would be immediately notified. Thank you for making it safe and easy enough to make this OG to understand.
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1 year ago, Dirocks2
Clear view
I like the ease of being able to view quickly what bills I’ve paid and kept on time, I liked a previous version where I could see payments from past month to same creditors without having to go to past month to look up on the fly…why did that go away? Otherwise, I like the app. Thanks
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5 years ago, rustycall
Very dated
Just switched to UMB and this app makes me nervous about that decision. It looks like it was developed in the 90s and never touched again. It mostly works for showing my balance, so that’s important, but it doesn’t work with Face ID on my iPhone, the toggle buttons to remember my user ID and remember my device don’t actually remember anything - I have to re-sign-in and answer security questions every single time. Attempt at mobile deposit took about 10 minutes to get pictures that it would accept. UMB, do not expect to have any millennial customers if you don’t improve this and keep app improvements and user experience a priority. This app makes me sad.
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4 years ago, KsJayhawksfan
Much improved but needs some tweaks.
Much better layout for the app. However, the Good Morning or Good Afternoon message takes up too much space. Why do I need to see a generic picture of a road? I just want to quickly see all my accounts without scrolling. My only other concern is the Money Manager has very few categories. For example, there is no category for automotive expenses. Please re-evaluate the categories. I hope that UMB continues to develop and add to this app like other banks and not let it sit like they have in the past.
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2 years ago, EZ watcher
Easy to use
I like using this app. My payments can be viewed whenever I need. I can make new payments and keep a running account on the amount and date sent. I am pleased with the accuracy and also the built in security. I was a little uncomfortable when you made the changes but now I am happy to say that I appreciate the ease of using it.
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5 years ago, Yamz1
Legitimately the worst finance app I have
I use mobile apps for credit cards, bank accounts etc. Hands-down this is the most worthless one I have. Logs you out as soon as you switch to another app, doesn’t use facial recognition, continues to forget my login details meaning I have to answer security questions regularly, and only allowed me to see one account at a time (though I have several with UMB). Despite a months-old e-mail promising an enthusiastic upgrade in very short order, it’s been crickets ever since. For a bank with the capital that UMB has, I struggle to understand how this has been so difficult to overcome for them.
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1 year ago, j70bh
Rating app
I like having this app convenient and it provides many services. I do wish I was able to see in Pay Bills all my most resent passed payment and check the full address of each current bill. All in all you seem to update helpful improvements often & may add the above improvements.
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2 years ago, mamna j
I could never see what is actually due on my line of credit. It’s often in accurate and even if a payment shows paid it shows a different amount that’s owed then what is actually owed for the next payment and it doesn’t show the next payment date. I’ve been asking them to fix this for ever because it’s hard to know what I’m going to have to come up with until right before it’s due they don’t update until the statement generates. In this day and age that’s unacceptable.
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2 years ago, Nightowl194
Great app
Plenty of easy to use features. Straight forward layout. Flexible but not complicated. I like that I can see the account balances at a glance and drill down if needed. The ability to move the order of the accounts is a feature that is a plus. Transfers from one account to another is simple and quick.
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1 year ago, dlb grandview
UMB site
It’s ok, but when i asked the team to fix the Type report on check account they came back almost a week latter and said the site provided the info, it does not. I am looking for a report list and separates the transactions, checks, deposits, and debits. One month is sufficient. I am very disappointed in the banks response
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1 year ago, Stonedware
Great app!
App works perfectly for tracking multiple UMB accounts and all activity on each. It’s also very useful to be able to set text and/or email alerts for credit and debit transactions. And it manages deposits online - saving trips to the bank! Has worked flawlessly from the start!
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4 years ago, DDHprof
Banking far from home
Because of Covid-19 I have had to spend extended time away from home. This app allows me to check my balance, yes, but more importantly I was able to use this app to transfer needed funds to an external account. The ability to deposit checks has also been quite helpful, although I wish I could deposit larger checks.
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4 years ago, Sjoy99
Update is so much better!
This updated app fixed a ton of major problems. When I accidentally close out of the app, I don’t have to keep signing in every time. You can also use Touch ID now, which is great. The overall look and feel of the app is much more smooth and user-friendly.
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1 year ago, Twink108
App is very user friendly
The app is very user friendly. Very easy to transfer money from one account to another, and very easy to deposit a check virtually. With face recognition active, it’s very fast to check my balance so I know exactly how much is in y account. Thank you UMB for making this so easy!
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4 years ago, LaToya "T.T." Wells
It’s about time!
I’m 32 and I have been with UMB since I was 17. This is well overdue. I kept my faith hoping one day they would release an update. The app was terrible. It seemed to be running the original app from iOS 5 ish lol Now it’s much better, easier, smoother, fits the full screen, and looks like it’s keeping up with the time. Haven’t tried out all the features but I’m soo happy to see at least a rebuild of the app ❤️❤️
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2 years ago, CACOCHRAN1
Ms Cochran
For the most part I think the app does well. There are a few problems that I have with making copies of checks. It seems more difficult to make a copy of just the check front and back. I don’t want any other information showing just the copy of the check.
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4 years ago, RuthieBinLove
My Bank Made Banking Easier
The UMB online banking service and mobile phone app have been a Godsend in general but especially during this time of shut downs and working from home. I’m able to do everything except withdraw money that I would normally do at an ATM or in the bank in person. Easy, intuitive and improved.
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3 years ago, vfv123
Liking the new features
Very easy to make mobile deposits. Easy to transfer money and pay bills. Happy to finally be able to pay multiple bills at once. So much better and does everything I need. Really like the face recognition to login.
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3 years ago, Charlene Kerosene
Love the app
I’ve been with UMB since I was 15 years old and I have come to love and appreciate the service and convenience UMB has offered me over the years. The app being one of the most easy to navigate. The convenience of doing my business from the app and seeing my funds immediately is fabulous. Thanks UMB!
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4 years ago, Alex's Productions
Come a long way but still needs improvement
The app started off not too great but has since become a usable platform. It still needs to have a better flow and a more modern look as well as understand certain payments better instead of them putting it in the “other” category.
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4 years ago, Baleez
So basic, not user friendly
This is an awful app. The only reason I don’t give it a 1 Star is because I can actually (usually) check my balance and pay my bills. It often has glitches, needs the numeric keyboard to pop-up, should allow greater history search, and generally just be more intuitive and user friendly. The app can’t decide whether I need to fully log in, use my thumbprint, or allow recognition of my device. Come in can do MUCH better than this!
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3 years ago, SCSpence
Bad customer service and Outdated banking service
This bank and the app is trash. They can never show the correct amount in your account. I have been nickeled and dimed by this company more times than I care to count. My mother has even worked at this bank more than 30 years and I’m over it. I’m dropping them and moving on to a new bank that actually cares for their clients. Do yourself a favor and NEVER open an account with UMB. They live in the past and banks like current are going to be the breadwinner.
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4 years ago, agn042
Update glitch
Since the app updated, it's much easier to navigate and is generally more user friendly. However, the update has caused my payment account number to be erased from my payment methods. It will not let me re-add it to the account. So now I am forced to call to make my payments and provide my routing and account number every time. It's incredibly inconvenient. I've reported the issue several months ago and was told they entered a work order but have had no resolve.
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4 years ago, BabyGiraffeGracie
App won’t open
I’ve been with UMB bank for 25 years and have had no issues depositing checks with the old app. Since downloading the new app to my iPhone, it has never opened. It crashes every time (before opening) and I have all updated software on my iPhone and the latest version of the app. UMB said it must be a problem with my phone, but all my other apps work fine. Apple has indicated that it’s an app issue. I don’t have time to drive checks to the bank for my business, so it looks like I’ll need to find a new bank. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, danielcho1229
Worst app ever
Was working very good for old app but it doesn’t working any new app for now! I tried to delete so many new app and reinstalled it but still same ! Called customer service too but they didn’t get my questions! So I have to move to other bank! 👎
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7 years ago, JamesDolly
UMB Mobile Is...
...the WORST credit card, alleged mobile banking app I’ve EVER used. I’ve had my Arbor Bank CC since 2001 & once I can speak to someone at UMB tomorrow & get into my repeatedly locked out account I’m cancelling the CC. This is the 3rd time in a row that I’ve been unable to access my account even with correct answers to the security questions; not once, but 4 times today alone. Angry now, but I’ll still make sure everyone I communicate with knows the hassle when all I’m trying to do is make my payment. My CC has never been the same since UMB took it over!
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7 years ago, LB9245
It’s almost 2018, get your app figured out.
Probably going to have to switch banks. Held out for as long as I could because I’ve been with UMB for over 10 years, and was so excited when I could deposit checks through the app since there are only 2 actual UMB locations in my town that are 20-40 min away from my home. But now the app won’t let me deposit checks and I don’t have time to do all that driving. Surprised this app has had as many issues as it has. Disappointed in UMB, you guys could do better if you wanted.
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8 months ago, CoKaMi
Convenient and easy to use.
I seem to use my iPhone more often than my computer. This app allows me to make a quick check of my accounts. I like being able to deposit a check, too.
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4 years ago, BusybeeinKC
So easy to use!
One huge reason I love banking with UMB is how easy it is to navigate and use the web banking. I have three accounts with two different people. I can easily see and access all of them. I never have a problem logging in or it lagging. I absolutely recommend UMB and their web banking.
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2 years ago, El' prince
The hero of my finances.
One thing I love about UBM is the piece of mind knowing that there’s a caring system having your back and ready to help you anytime, any place. I sure can’t wait to see this bank spread throughout the USA and still holding to its standard of customer services.
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1 year ago, Plazaliz
Better than most to navigate
Have never had an issue and can access whatever info needed very quickly. Love the ease of paying bills and with UMB, one of the most diligent of all banking institutions, I have never been concerned with security.
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4 years ago, maspenlieder
New and Improved UMB App
The app is so-o-o much better than before. Works in landscape mode on my tablet, doesn’t keep asking for me to verify my identity or say I didn’t log off properly. That was annoying. I haven’t had any issues with this update. Very user friendly interface. Fast and easy to use. Thanks! Mike
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6 years ago, JeenReen
Customer for many years. This app is horrible and UMB should be embarrassed. My latest disappointment came when I went to the app to deposit checks. It asked me to take a picture of the front and back of the check, then told me the app was denied access to the camera and told me to go to settings to allow that. Sounds normal, except the app has no provision for this, nor is there a camera option for UMB in the iPhone camera settings. I’m closing my account and moving to a bank that isn’t stuck in 1998
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2 years ago, MWC Shopper
Works but crashes
App seems to d what I need, but I always have problems with mobile deposits. When I click on submit it goes back to the website login screen and I have to keep repeating the deposit until I can get it to go through. Sometimes I have to just wait until the next day and try again.
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3 years ago, Gdlawre61
Terrible app
New rewards center is terrible. Could not access rewards center from desktop computer. Multiple calls to tech support were no help. We finally discovered that we could access reward points on cell phone app but app crashes randomly while using. Finally was able to cashed out reward points and switched to different credit card and probably will not use the UMB card anymore. Very disappointed since this has been our main credit card since the mid 90’s.
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3 years ago, Clay 59
I love that the app allows me to keep track of my balances, and allows me to take care of banking needs on the go instead of having to drive to a branch. I have not used some of the options available on the app, yet, but I plan to. Thanks
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4 years ago, Hanker tanker
Better finally but still buggy/ Apple Watch part doesn’t work
I’ve almost quit this bank several times because their website and mobile apps have been awful. This seems better so far but they have gone a little overboard on security alerts compared to previously where there were none. In any case it’s still buggy. To use the Apple Watch feature you enable it in the app. But the Apple Watch piece just spins and spins.
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3 years ago, Mbrwfy
Works Great
I love this app. It’s easy to use and I can see all my accounts on one screen. I especially love the mobile check deposit feature. No more having to run to the bank to deposit a paper check.
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2 years ago, bill pay changes wont save
Bill pay changes won’t save
I called several times and the agent has never been able to get save to work on bill pay changes They were able to fix it I’m so happy
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3 years ago, Hero_Andy34
I changed to UMB to have access to a mobile banking. I am very happy with all the services they provide. I am just starting to use the budget to and find it handy to keep track of my spending. Overall I would recommend the app.
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11 months ago, Ken Sorensen
Great App, Always Works! (At least until I push Send😏)
I’ve been using this App for close to a year. Works well and is dependable unlike many Apps which always seem to go down just when you need them.
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