UMCU Mobile Banking

2.5 (137)
107.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Michigan Credit Union
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for UMCU Mobile Banking

2.49 out of 5
137 Ratings
3 years ago, Sarailise
Was better before the update.
The app had some issue before the recent update but it was much better than it is now. You have to go through so many more steps than you did before. You spend more time in the app clicking than doing what you intended. You can no longer view what is due or when it is due on the app without going through another section in details. It’s really made everything so much more complicated than it needs to be. Transferring between accounts, paying on credit or loan accounts, navigating the app overall has all become harder or contains more steps than necessary. I wish they would bring back some of the older features the way they were.
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3 years ago, mariahbbc
Yikes, I hope this gets better!
UMCU is such a good credit union. Why don’t they have good tech like a place like BECU? I know there have got to be other credit unions that have good apps, but this app - which was at least decent before - is now way worse after they updated their underlying online banking system. As someone else says above, something about the authentication process is not working correctly now, so forget about using Mint or any other budgeting software you may have been relying on. What a bummer. I’ve been with UMCU for almost 2 decades, but I can’t imagine keeping them as my main bank in the long run if they can’t get this thing running better soon.
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3 years ago, AmeliaNotBedelia
small irritants in an otherwise useful app
A couple of suggestions from a user (who is also an iOS developer). 1. Please add some logic so that tapping backspace on the secure text password textfield doesn’t clear the entire field. I can generally tell when I’ve fat-fingered the wrong key instantly after I’ve done it, and it’s a small but persistent irritant every time it happens, because I have to re-enter my entire password. 2. Hide the Quick Balance button on the login screen if it doesn’t work with OTP functionality, please. I tried enabling it in settings, accepted when the alert said the app would need to store my encrypted password on my phone, and then when I went to test if the button actually worked, I got an error saying that OTP is required. Tapping the Quick Balance button a second time told me I’d need to go into settings and enable Quick Balance in settings. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 3. Hopefully OTP will soon offer an option for texting as well as email. Otherwise the app does what I need it to while I’m away from a computer.
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3 years ago, awinnie
Was an okay app, but now it won’t let me log in
Was fine for routine banking stuff. But then last week it didn’t let me log in and it hasn’t ever since. Just says “verifying login information” until it eventually says it timed out. Tried logging in on the desktop website and it said my credentials weren’t recognized. I reset the password and now the desktop site works but the app still doesn’t.
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3 years ago, d_merch
Perfect for me
I’ve never had any trouble with this app, and I’ve had it on all of my phones since they first released it. No troubles depositing checks or transferring money between my two accounts and credit card. I’m a big fan of UMCU and a really big fan of the app. The only reason I ever need to visit a branch is to dump my coin jar into their counting machine every year or so.
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3 years ago, Amit2hotgun
Terrible App
Have accounts with 3 banks currently and use their online apps, have used apps for 3 other banks briefly and though UMCU is my fav bank so far, their app is god awful! It is frustrating and for the 3+ years that I’ve been using it, it has only frustrated me more with every use. Had to change password so many times because of the app’s failure. I dread opening it, it’s strongly making me want to switch to another bank just because of the app since I do almost 100% of my banking online.
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1 year ago, klchiss
Lower interest rates are not worth using this app and/or bank
Unless you have an active checking account with them, it is virtually impossible to use the app to pay your car payment. I have been trying for two months to set up my online bill pay and I finally had to have them send me the form for them to set it up. I didn’t know this was an option until after my 4th call. Next time, I’m paying higher interest rates.
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4 weeks ago, Nkd11
Terrible app
It’s not that hard these days. Suppose to be good credit union but it doesn’t do much for you. Jesus enough with transfer stuff. Just make a payment button for car payment and let me select an account. App won’t eve change you recurring transfer. Just terrible overall product. Why eve offer it. Just tell peopl to go to website.
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3 years ago, bl1767
New update not working for me
The two factor needs to have the option of email or text. Even better if you use a third party app like Authy. It’s too cumbersome to wait for an email to go through, especially if you have a secured email server like I do. Good idea but the execution is off.
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3 years ago, belinia57
I really like this app- I rarely have difficulty with it - it’s easy to use ; I like the quick balance and being able to quickly transfer funds between accounts .
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11 months ago, Fifty two 1234
Don’t delete my entire password when I hit backspace
Fine banking app. When I mess up one character on my password, I have to retype the whole thing. This is silly and less secure than allowing a backspace as it means I have to type my entire password more often.
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3 years ago, marina in detroit
I can not log in or enroll!!!
Both app and computer tells me to enroll but when I try it says I already have. I do not live close and I need to deposit a check. The “high call volumes” tells you this update should NOT have been rolled out without further testing. I’m considering switching banks even though I have been with them for over 30 years.
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2 years ago, Vessco
Face ID not functioning on IOS.
The face ID never worked. It is annoying alway to type my password. Please fix this issue
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3 years ago, jsushsvgh
Buggy mobile deposit
The mobile deposit experience with this app is absolutely horrendous. It can never find the endorsement in the back of a check, even after 20+ tries with various endorsements. You have to take pictures instead of scanning like every other app, and you must retake the photo every time it fails (which it will, and often).
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6 months ago, Don Boogie1029
Cant use face recognition
I have to always put in my password to get into account. Even when u enable the biometric it does not work. This need to be updated takes more time to get into
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3 years ago, Rjmacadaeg
Why why why?
Making a product worse doesn’t seem like much of an update.
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3 years ago, MrBTab
Great Bank AWFUL App
This app is infuriating as to how much it does not work. Between random lockouts and as soon as you enter your password it auto closes. Not being able to use the mobile check cash part amongst checking my accounts without being near a computer, has made me feel like switching banks altogether.
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4 years ago, Felina D
Crashes all the time
I’ve used this app for years without problems, until suddenly it crashes immediately every time I sign in. I’m relying on mobile banking now more than ever due to Covid but this app is literally unusable now. (Yes, of course I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, rebooted my phone, etc. It makes no difference.)
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2 years ago, jamesoeeb
Face ID stopped working.
I use to use the Face ID all the time now it doesn’t work at all. Why have the feature if we can’t use it properly. Please fix the app.
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10 months ago, realbadgraphicsinc
Infrequent user support
The credit union has holds no responsibility when trying to fix their app or understand how their own app works. The techs who develop the app don’t seem to communicate with the complaint department but if they ever see this the deposit function needs a review
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2 years ago, whalezsn
Low usability, low accessibility
For one, app looks and feels like it’s from the MySpace era. You can’t turn off the unnecessary emailed PIN number every time you log in from the app. Can’t set up reoccurring payments on the app. All needs to be done via the website. The stuff you can do, none of it is intuitive. Leagues behind other banking apps and digital experiences. Hire a digital experience research company, learn why your app is bad, then hire a design firm to do right. You’re falling far behind.
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3 years ago, Gifticult
Terrible update
So many glitches. I can’t transfer money between accounts and designate where funds should go. It won’t connect to any outside apps. It’s functionality in my day to day life has decreased and I’m very dissatisfied with it and the support available to fix it.
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3 years ago, CoachCarter18
Have you all switched over to the Quantum Financial System? And if not, when are you going to?
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3 years ago, roseva99
New Online Banking isn’t Functional
App worked perfectly fine up until they switched to the new online banking system. Now it’s impossible to use.
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3 years ago, loyal_client_umcu1
Can’t login from time to time
Lagging a lot and for some reason now I can’t login.... a says session time out? Even though I was never able to login.. it’s very frustrating that there’s usually something either lagging or a bug.
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3 years ago, Wise feather
Not Friendly
I keep getting locked out. Doesn’t recognize my info. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, gdf23156
The app disappears immediately after I enter my password
Then I have to delete the app, download it again, enter my password, enter a pin, then it works. This is a new problem within the past two weeks.
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3 years ago, jacklegger
Went into old app and it said update to new app. Went to App Store and updated, opened new app and got same message telling me to go to App Store and update. In an infinite loop. I have the latest version but when I open it, it thinks I don’t.
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2 years ago, aec3311222
The update was a big step backwards
Can never get into my account, so confusing on my phone and computer.
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4 years ago, Odd_era47
Horrible app
This app is so inconsistent and incredibly inconvenient. I have to go through the most just to have basic functions like checking my account or transferring money.
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3 years ago, benito507049
App worked fine before the update ... now too many issues to list.
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3 years ago, about to close my acct
This rollout is a mess
Seriously, what is happening with this mobile banking rollout? The new app is a mess and UMCU isn’t answering ANY calls but also made it impossible to do anything without calling or going in person.
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7 months ago, EY0504
App won’t log me in.
App won’t log me in.
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2 years ago, Theophilusgates
App Awful, Login Never Works
Face ID, password, just never works. Can login online fine. Note how often they respond to comments (hint: it’s never.)
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3 years ago, JRaeTay
Currently not working at all! Not even their web page is loading. They seriously need to revamp their IT team and rebuild a useable app!!
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3 years ago, Devin Poole
Constant issues
There’s always issues with the app. Most frustrating thing ever. Not as bad as the online mobile banking but the app isn’t good.
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3 years ago, encrypt128bit
Userpass lockout
Userpass lockout every time I try to login now. I can login just fine using the web interface. Please fix your mobile app.
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4 years ago, Schemafic
Userpass Lockout
I can’t use the app, at all. From the day I downloaded it I couldn’t log in and got the same error message every time (“USERPASS LOCKOUT”). It’s unfortunate that this app is so underdeveloped.
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3 years ago, a2applegirl
Crashes on login constantly
Very unstable on login. Takes days to fix
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2 years ago, KMart0324
Can someone create a disable feature for the debit card cash for security purposes? Please & Thank you!
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3 years ago, jfjdjdjdhjsjdhdisjdbidkddbdj
genuinely considering switching banks
this app is so bad i'm seriously considering switching banks. every time i want to login the app crashes and i have to redownload it from the app store and have a pin # sent to my email. this has been going on since what feels like midway through last year
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10 months ago, BrendanMacie
Broken update
No option to add account for external transfers
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3 years ago, pizimping
Never works
Worst band app I’ve ever used. Is pretty much useless and only works sometimes
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3 years ago, Yogi34543
App Crashes When Signing In
This app crashes whenever I sign in...please fix!
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5 years ago, B Damm
Never Works
This app never seems to work. I’m just constantly locked out and need a new temporary PIN every-single-time I attempt to log in. I’ve called for help and even went into a physical location and they said they fixed it, and it still doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to use the app for months because I am continuously locked out and it super frustrating. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded multiple times. I use a password manager and can’t screw up typing in my password. I don’t know what else I can do at this point. And I’m sitting here with a check I really need to cash, I don’t have a car, and I can’t get my money because I can’t use the bank’s app. Not cool.
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11 years ago, Justine Miller
Just had 3 different error msgs.
First, external email verification feels a bit excessive. Also, not user friendly. Why wouldn't you have a one time entry field for PIN? Next, went to look at balance graphs because that seemed intelligent. Got "authentication error". Tried to look at expense graphs and got "Lockout passcode" error. What does that even mean?? You'd think password right? But then again, maybe not. I was still in the app without a problem yet all of a sudden my checking balance info completely disappears. This is what happens when IT launches a product WITHOUT end user testing. Not the best image when you're a financial institution associated with one of the most intellectual collegiate institutions in the country. All that local talent? Hm. Not trying to be harsh here, just realistic. App needs to go back to the drawing board. Give me a reason to believe UMCU deserves to belong with UM. Change the game. Don't deliver less than what's already out there.
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4 years ago, reviewer like none orher
Great Banking App!
I have been using this app since 2019 and really, really love it. It is very user friendly and has: 1) touch I.D., which allows you to enter your account within seconds, 2) make deposits to your account using your phones camera to take a quick photo of your check, 3) do member to member transfers within seconds and so... many other features. Though very infrequent I have experienced the app freeze up. This pretty much happens with most apps. It’s annoying but doesn’t happen often. The Pro’s far out way the Con’s thus the reason I am still giving this app a higher rating. It will make your banking life easier...
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6 years ago, JayTeeFr
App has always worked for me
I'm surprised at so many bad reviews and people saying the old version of the app wouldn't let them log in. REALLY? That's never happened to me, so it makes me wonder if people are incapable of using a password properly. I haven't used the new version yet but i plan to update my review when I have. Only thing I might change from the old version is make the search function work more like keyword instead of a left-anchored search, or better yet, give both options.
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8 years ago, Gnoma Chompsky
New update 👌👌
This app is remarkably easy to use and clearly displays everything that you could want to know about your accounts. With the latest update, the UMCU app has been optimized for the new iPhone screens allowing for the perfect in-app resolution. Whether you want to deposit checks via your phone, or transfer money from one account to another, or even check spending pattens in an easy to understand graphical format-- if you're part of the UMCU-- this app is a must.
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6 years ago, legendaryabel
This is the app we’ve been waiting for. Everything is streamlined and easy to use, TouchID has been finally added, the text is big and bold, the Quick View feature is great. This app actually looks like a banking app now. I’m not sure what pushed them to finally update from the 2010 layout but it looks good. Could use a couple tweaks on the logo, but now I’m just nitpicking.
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