Unblock Me Premium

4.9 (1.1K)
142.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kiragames Co., Ltd.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unblock Me Premium

4.89 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Debiko
It's just a neat game! After all this time...
I've played this "game" since it was first released. Somehow my head just seems to like it as a simple, stressless, diversion. When you first start "playing" the puzzles you have to kind of work at it to figure things out. But as you play it more and more you get faster and faster at seeing what needs to be done. After a while your brain and eyes seem to just take over and find the solution "on their own" and you feel like your just watching what happens! I know, it sounds peculiar, but it is a fun puzzle game and the developer keeps adding more and more puzzles and themes. Try it! Don't just do one or two before judging the game. Do 100 and THEN decide if you want to keep the game. 5 stars from me! May the force be with you!
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2 months ago, sexyscar
Best Puzzle Game
I have been playing Unblock Me since my early high school days and it's still my go-to puzzle game. I've gotten to the point where I barely need to think for the majority of the puzzles. I just seem to know where to move the blocks. But, there are the occasional puzzles where I have to spend a little bit of extra time on because I get stumped, making the game fairly rounded out, I feel. I've restarted a number of times and enjoyed the challenge of progressing through the levels all over again. If you're looking for a game that's stood the test of time and offers a great mental workout, I highly recommend giving Unblock Me a try. A dollar is well worth it for this game!
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3 months ago, Cgyx1
No ad FREE daily hints! Big graphics—great for eyes
I paid for the ad-free version years ago and it’s been my best investment ever! I get free daily hints (don’t have to watch an ad to get it!) and depending on the day, I can take all the time and moves I need in RELAX mode to free my peg, or I can challenge myself with counted moves or time limit (honestly, which I don’t use because I want to relax!) This game does exactly what it’s supposed to do—takes my mind away from daily trials and sharpens my brain while doing so. The graphics are simple so won’t hog phone memory, but more importantly, the graphics are bigger so you can easily see pieces on your phone or iPad. Wish more apps were so perfect!
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5 months ago, Phantom Howler Black Wolf
Top number one game when you go on airplanes.
I played Unblock Me Premium when I first got it. It doesn’t require WiFi and doesn’t have any annoying ads. This game is the top number one game to play if you want to challenge yourself and if you go on an airplane. Like I said before, it doesn’t need any WiFi so it’s free to play. This game is not like Royal Match (it’s a rip off). This game is challenging yet relaxing.
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6 years ago, Frank545
Classic game that is reliable
Simple idea, easy to learn, yet hard to master. And the best thing is that the developers have been keeping up the game throughout all the iOS updates. So many good games lost by updates. And this little game that does NOT need Internet (thank you, developers) is still here. Had for a few years.
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6 years ago, Often in Chicago
Not all modes work
I expect a free version to have problems, but when I pay for an app it's annoying for it to have serious bugs in some modes. When playing in Daily Puzzle mode, I can move 4 times before all the pieces lock up and nothing moves except the last piece moved. Half the time, after moving 4 times I'm kicked out to the menu. Why add new features if they don't function? Also, developers claim the game syncs across your devices. I sign in on the same account, but have different records on different devices. Puzzles solved on my phone never show up as solved on my iPad.
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7 years ago, Owlmelon
Hours of fun for the puzzle-minded
A simple concept in puzzle games, unblock me asks you to move blocks out of the way so that you can get the red block out of the square. Of course, whenever you move something, it gets in the way of something else!
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2 months ago, Bess55
I love Relax mode
It amazes me that such a simple concept can be so absorbing. Really good game. I like that some puzzles are easier and some harder, rather than building in difficulty until they are no fun anymore like most games do.
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3 years ago, Zolmarchus
Inspired Me to Write a Solver
Great game! I’m clearly not as smart as many of the other people here because I got stumped pretty early into the expert puzzles, so I wrote a solver in Python. I’d say I’ve definitely been entertained enough for my humble purchase! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Queenie145
Ten Stars1!
This is such a great game five stars aren’t enough. I’ve played it from the beginning and am so grateful the developers keep it updated. It’s got me through arguments with my husband, the death of my beloved dog and several surgeries. And the themes just keep getting better.
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3 months ago, Dump the nickmame
Challenging yet successful
I enjoy the relax version which still allows me to be challenged. The game is such that I can feel successful after working the problem out.
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2 years ago, Larry1186
What happened to “undo” animations?
Somewhere some update removed the sliding undo animation, and it feels way too jerky now. Same with the game reset, looks harsh and abrupt. A super fun game to kill the time with!!
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2 years ago, namelesstwo
Sync Data is ON in both my iPad and iPhone, and it was syncing fine before. Now since the recent update, my Data won’t sync anymore. Please FIX. Adding this: After reading the recent reviews I’m glad I didn’t update this app. Developers in general are now trying to harvest personal info from users then sell it to other companies with deep pockets that pay developers for all that info. Now I won’t update ANY app, particularly those which have the usual “bug fixes and general improvements” message, which really means “we didn’t know who you were but now we will and we’re gonna make money on your info” message. It’s all a scam.
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7 years ago, T0pher32
Brings you back again and again!
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6 years ago, G Fones
Very sad :( doesn’t work
I have the free version but the do’s are just too much, so I bought this version only to discover that it is not reliable. Most of the time I cannot move the blocks because they are no responsive. If that gets fixed, then this could be worth while. Very sad because it has potential.
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6 years ago, { بو عبدالله }
It was perfect
After the last update for this game the menu become very slow and the play in IPhoneX is so bad I like the old one, And The box is very high so i can't play with a single hand also the drownings was better and give you the feeling that it's lil bit real but now it's sooo baaad I prefer to play the oldest version ☹️☹️☹️☹️
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6 years ago, Jimmybones!
Great game but...
Played in the beginning. Some upgrade found me without. Years later I remembered and decided to download again. Still a great game but the developer has sold out to the ad world and you now suffer ads with tiny ‘X’s’ that have you opening a site when you try to close. Just another “give me money and screw the customer” app. Deleted!
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6 years ago, Ppattow
This is my favorite way to sit, think about something other than politics and relax.
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7 years ago, aisleseat
I got this app years ago for my iPhone and most of the time it didn't bother me that it would not rotate. Now, I have a nice large iPad that sits in a cover with keyboard. Why can't this app rotate to landscape view? The developers have certainly had enough years to figure out how to do that.
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7 years ago, Hairsoul
Unblock me
I find this game to be so relaxing, when I'm stressed and need a distraction from life situations, I unblock me! Hairsoul
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2 years ago, origami668
Can’t challenge a friend
I used to be able to play with a friend. Is this no longer a feature?
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3 years ago, yet another sad user
Non-privacy policies
Suddenly I can’t play a game that I paid for unless I agree to have my privacy violated and monetized. I’m deleting this game from my device.
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6 years ago, cnb111bea
Best game ever
Y’all are the best you should make a new version of this like block #2 and #3
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7 years ago, Meveng
I use it whenever I want to give my brain a workout.
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7 years ago, Athesian
Plenty of puzzles
Great way to relax and keep your mind busy!
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2 years ago, DonAndoff
Shameless Data Harvester
There is no reason whatsoever why a game like this needs my purchase history, location, and personal identifiers. Location!? So I can slide some blocks around!? Utter ridiculous nonsense. Uninstalled.
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4 years ago, Brenda625
A good puzzle game.
This game is quite fun! I love the puzzles! My only complaint is about Multiplayer mode, I don’t pair up with anyone... but that’s all. Great game!
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6 years ago, ZzMASDOGGzZ
Unblock me
This is a awesome game and I think everyone should play it.
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6 years ago, Laiza567
Relaxing and engaging at the same time!
A great way to unwind at the end of the day!
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7 years ago, Jawknee9
Best game ever!!!
Been my favorite game since my first iPad. Never gets old
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6 years ago, Dr. Vous
Mind Training
This is a great way to maintain problem solving skills.
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3 years ago, rebretz000
Doesn’t fit iPhone 12 Pro screen
For some reason the game doesn’t fit the phone screen anymore. Top of the game goes over the top of the screen.
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7 years ago, Christoff777
Great mind relaxing App
I love it. It relaxes the brain during your work day.
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6 years ago, 4102jon
My favorite game
I love puzzles and I’m addicted to this game.
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7 years ago, JAR264
Love it
Love it. Gives brain a work out
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6 years ago, AlorieLouise
Turn tv off!
Great brain exercise!!!!
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6 years ago, edex760
I bought the game and each time I do a puzzle it kicks me to the menu worst dollar wasted
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3 months ago, notbuyingthis crap
Love how this game challenges me. It’s so addicted.
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7 years ago, joes neighboor
Fun brain game
Favorite game since 6th grade, and I'm now 24 👍🏼.
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6 years ago, jawsfanrick
I love this game 😀 keeps the mind sharp.
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7 years ago, xfff
Very challenging
Deserves 5 stars
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6 years ago, MelPS001
Never out of rotation
A relaxing classic! Love this game!
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7 years ago, Imlaysan
Good way to wake up the thinker.
Love it.
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7 years ago, MrsBaz93
Love this puzzle
I love puzzles and this games is awesome!!
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6 years ago, Amg1986
Fun game to pass the time.
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3 months ago, bob the wad
Unblock me !!
Great game!! Exercises the brain !!
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6 years ago, digusted xxv
Was great before last update. Now the game freezes up and unable to move the tiles!!!!
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6 years ago, Charmonar
I like it
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6 years ago, AFBrown2
Pieces don’t slide as easily after latest update
Not fun since last update. Hmmm.
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10 months ago, Hangandsteve
Don’t like Game Center,
and cannot plat this without logging into GC. Forget it!
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