Unblock Me

4.8 (12.8K)
105.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kiragames Co., Ltd.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unblock Me

4.78 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Rookie the Rose
Been playing this game for years!!
I have played this game since I was a kid I always was amazed by this release of stress every-time I complete a level I have downloaded this game many times I was very patient I am surprised how amazing this game is! I love it it helps with puzzle solving skills and also teaches problem solving you have to be patient and persistent I have so much hope for this game it is SUPER UNDERRATED It is also addicting I have never had so much love for a game I love playing with friends and family who also are addicted!It all started when I was a kid and my sister showed this game to me and ever since then I couldn’t stop I had to keep downloading this amazing game!People complain about a few ads making it seem like it’s a horrible thing but they just don’t understand that the can’t be only relying on people playing it there has to be another way of making money or the game would be gone!I will always stay loyal to this game no matter what keep up the good work!Also here is a suggestion please add a leaderboard that is world wide Thank you for your time!!❤️
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12 months ago, Jace's Mommy1222
Best game ever on iOS!
I downloaded this game back in 2009 on my iPod touch & honestly I have never NOT had it on my phone and/or iPads ever since. I have anxiety, so when I'm feeling like a need a healthy distraction I just open Unblock Me! It's so calming and satisfying, yet stimulating for the brain. My 7 year old son is also obsessed with the game since he discovered it 2-3 years ago. If he's on Unblock Me I'll always give him the extra screen time as I feel it is a mind healthy game. He calmly problem solves & what parent doesn't like to see that in their kid? I enjoy the game so much that as I was reading other reviews about there being ads I'm thinking to myself "I never noticed the ads". I'm going to go ahead and claim Unblock Me as the best game iOS has had. 🏆
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4 years ago, Mountairy
Beware of the advertising!
I completely understand the need for ads as a revenue stream for an app developer, do not like it but I get it. However, this game has ads that are inappropriate for the marketing age (4+). The Unblock Me game itself it fun and my grandchildren loved it, so it gets a one rating for the actual game itself. The ads shown are another issue. An ad for the game “Sniper” showed up, complete with a man headlocking a woman while putting a gun to her head; while other characters were shooting others. What a horrible game concept! When this game developer was notified, their response was “there is nothing we can do, since we have no control over what ads an advertiser uses.” Wrong response! It is their game and they should have total control over the type of ads shown under their name. I deleted this game. I used to have this game and loved playing it. I had recently downloaded it again and the ads are excessive...a couple of screens of the unblock game and up pops an ad which plays for a rather long time....no way to stop it until the time runs out; then you also have a second screen to close to return to game. Like I said, I deleted it. Ads have ruined an otherwise fun game.
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1 month ago, Hdysitdugxigxxgxic
Enjoyable game but too simple
This game would really benefit from variance in level size/shape. Once I got the hang of it the levels started feeling too easy so I started playing from the advanced levels. They felt marginally harder, so I went to expert, but those weren’t much harder either. There are a couple of movement patterns that countless levels share in common, which after a certain point make the levels feel too quick and repetitive. Levels in expert 1-50 didn’t feel any different from levels in expert 400+, and after a few days of having the game it’s already pretty stale. One thing to note was that the ads on this game are significantly less frustrating than ads found in a lot of other games. You are able to close out of them relatively quickly and they aren’t extremely loud. I wouldn’t have played for as long as I did if not for that, so very nice.
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6 years ago, Luch the red head
Unblock me, the greatest game ever
Unblock me is a fun, do when you’re bored game. It has no violence and no uncomfortable things. It has different settings like relax mode, multiplayer mode, and challenge mode, if you like challenges. I play it for about five hours a day and it never gets old. When I was little I had Unblock me and I figured out fifteen problems on my own, since then I’ve played this game a lot. I gave this game five stars because it brings back memories of my three year old sister Eve, who was sitting on the floor ripping up a book. I sat down next to her and shows her the game. I helped her figure out how to play and eventually she got the puzzle all figured out. Me and my momma clapped and Eve did to.
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5 years ago, Prince Zordar
Thanks for ruining what was once a great game
I’ve played this game for years and was always happy to see more levels being added. Unfortunately the developer has decided to go the route of ads every other level - some of which you can’t even get out of. I get it. It’s a free game. The developer has to make money somehow and that usually means ads in the game. But when it showed me an ad for Angry Birds 2 that insisted I actually demo the game and gave me no way to get out of the advertisement and back to the block puzzle, that’s when I said enough. Sadly, I deleted the game. I have no trouble supporting developers but it seems like the advertisements are becoming more and more annoying which makes the game less enjoyable. If the game wants to play a video that is not of interest to me, fine I’ll put the iPad down and come back when the video is over. But when the video ends and there’s no way to get back to the game, how is that fun?
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7 years ago, JJ8134
Great way for a busy mind to tune out
When my mind is overloaded with too many things to figure out, this game is the perfect way to get some simple, structured problem-solving "down time." It's just challenging enough to keep me stimulated, but so far always solvable. The mind calms down, and I can gear up for bigger problem-solving. This is the only game that I haven't got bored of after playing many times, and there seem to be endless combinations. It's also my go-to distraction for long waits. Much better than a fidget spinner!
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2 years ago, Jdismbehs
Used to be a 5 Star Game
This game used to be a relaxing/challenging game to take your mind off things. After re-downloading this game I noticed a large difference. The game is the same but now the devs are throwing forced ads down your throat after every third level. You can skip after about five seconds and you can remove ads for $1. Which I am not so fond of. I am glad it’s not like some games where they charge $3+ but if they want to make money, why not use their brain instead of greed and make it so people can pay to have different themes and to encourage that, add gems or whatever to unlock a level or two. I don’t know. It’s a fun game that has change into a fun game with forced ads hence the 3 stars.
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5 years ago, Bob poker
Advertising is frustrating/sounds cant be turned off
The game itself is decent, but the developer has decided to irritate and antagonize users by inserting a link screen to other games that appears just before you click "next game" after solving a puzzle. The screen advertising the other games will appear randomly, so even if you wait a few moments to see if it appears, it still might show. The game designer has also added a new ad for a car taxi company beginning with "u" that is unbearably intrusive; it cannot be cleared and tries to force you to download an app for that taxi company. I might delete this app; this is not acceptable an apple should take action to stop this - very, very annoying. This used to be a simple fun app, but it looks like the developer's greed has driven them to take some stupid actions. I recommend d/l a different puzzle app.
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4 years ago, wishing BYU's Bynum John
I just downloaded this game and I wanted to play it as I’ve played it in the past and it was a great way to kill tim and relieve stress. But I find myself getting more irritated due to the fact the game keeps freezing. It has happened several times. One if I’m playing the game and an ad pops up and I close it when I go back to the game it’s frozen. I can’t do anything. And two this also happens when I switch between apps or messages and then back to the game again it’s frozen. Each time this happens I have to clear my apps and then start over again. It’s very frustrating. If this part would be fixed I would be happy to update and change my review but at this point I don’t even want to play the game if I have to continuously go in and out of the app... please fix! This is a great game! Btw I have an iPhone XS Max
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3 years ago, Angiepanda0417
I love this game!
I’ve been playing this game since before I even had a phone (I played on my grandpa’s phone). Of course, now there are ads, but I play this often enough (and complete the puzzles too quickly) that I payed the small fee of $0.99 to get rid of them. Totally worth the money. This is the only game I ever need and I get bored of games easily, but I’ve not gotten bored from this. I can usually complete each puzzle in about ten seconds but there are always more!
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6 months ago, Urtinyfriend
Don’t believe bad reviews
Yes the add takes 1 min. But it’s every 5 levels. Yes you can zoom through the easier levels fast but not all of them. And you can just pick a harder difficulty. I started on ‘starter’ which is the easiest and yeah most are easy but some make me think. And there are 2 THOUSAND levels! I assume per difficulty. I like that there are check makes next to the completed levels. Just for fun I tried one of the hardest ones. Omg I tried and tried and TRIED.. finally got it. Very hard. The only real neg thing I see in reviews is the ads and every 5 levels is way better than some games where it’s every level! Plus ads are how they get paid. So either you pay for the game or you watch ads. That’s how it works. I recommend this app :)
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2 months ago, wont allow any bad reviews?
The game I had been playing was very good, sometime easy, and challenging. I told you numerous times that I did not want to change to what you said was new. However as it turned out, I really did not have a choice. You went ahead deleting the game I wanted and stuck me with another “new” game. Doing this my almost 2,000 games were lost and the count of games on the front page was reduced to “1”. Not happy.
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7 years ago, Abeilskiler
Unblock me free
This was the first game I put on my iPad quite a few years ago, transferred to my recent iPad and if I up grade in the future it will go with me again. I enjoy it without feeling pressured, and I like not constantly being made to pay so I can move to the next level. All together a well developed game that has remained easy to use and enjoy. I wrote this ears ago and it still stands the test of time. This is the only game I've never deleted from my iPad.
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6 years ago, Solange Dancer
Makes You Think
This is a game that makes you think. I enjoy playing unblocked and have enjoyed playing it for several years. You can play this game for a couple of minutes or a couple hours. It’s not one where if you have to stop in the middle of a Quest or episode you lose everything that you’ve done. I like the different themed blocks that they give you. It’s a fun game so give it a try, you’ll enjoy it.
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7 years ago, IndyTrickyRicky
Used to be ok.
Has gotten steadily worse and it is because of the advertisements they choose to allow. I am never opposed to ads. The game developer has every right to make money and I have an option to pay for the upgraded version BUT. No app should ever allow scam ads that ask for personal info or “free iphones” or allow ads that cannot be closed even after 2 minutes without crashing the app. I am deleting this app. I’d consider the paid version but will not give the company money just because they will hold my phone for ransom if I do not buy the full version. Have some standards.
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3 years ago, Pomme Parisienne
Data Used to Track Users
I have enjoyed this app for years. It has worked well. However, over the past year or so, I have been weeding out apps that collect data not needed for the app to function and, particularly, apps that use data to track users. (Note: I would even be willing to pay a little in exchange for not having my data collected and used to track me.) Because of this app’s disappointing privacy practices, sadly, I am removing this otherwise nice, enjoyable game from my device.
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2 years ago, Feminomena
Love this game!
It reminds me of a game I used to play on my old mac. It was on Hoyle board. games. Instead of wood blocks, it was also a match with Majong tiles. The goal was to clear the board. You could only remove tiles by matching them and moving them around a very tight grid. It was great and this game is really great too. Unfortuntely, a lot of the games you see now seem to be made for infants!!! LOL! Many thanks to the creators.
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6 years ago, Scott XD
Friendly support
I recently ran into a weird bug or glitch that made the game think I didn’t have an internet connection and support has been very responsive and friendly. I somehow managed to get rid of it by deleting, reinstalling, and toggling the cellular data connection in iPhone’s Settings on and off several times. 5 stars for making an awesome game and being very helpful.
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1 year ago, Damariobros
Having Trouble with Achievements
Having a bit of difficulty unlocking the Fast Thinking achievement and I'm a bit confused as to why it's not unlocking. I've solved plenty of puzzles pretty much instantly, so why isn't the achievement unlocked? Do I have to solve a puzzle in a specific category within 10 seconds, or is the achievement bugged? Wonderful game, just a bit confused
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4 years ago, dash5star
Please Read 😁
I love this app, I find it very entertaining and addictive. It’s super fun, but anyone who is looking for a challenge, this is not the app for you. I have only been playing this game a few weeks and I am already on level 300 never using a hint. None of the levels get harder or easier. They pretty much stay the same amount of challenging. However, no hate, this is a great game! Thanks for reading. 🙂
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5 years ago, nick123456654
I love this game
My mom and I have been playing this game for years and years. Every time I get a new phone I download this game. I don’t really mind the ads because I just shut off WiFi. I think this game is one of the best and most relaxing games I’ve ever played. Like the other person said, keep up the good work. Also, the other person said the game is so addicting. I agree with that
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9 months ago, Silver_Discrete
I love this game so much but a bug made me mad
I usually play an hour worth of this game in the morning before I get to studying and even before my breakfast. This game puts me in a great mood I love the aesthetics to it the sounds too. This morning I was on my last level and felt like saving it for the end of the day. However I felt like playing it now and just saw that it erased more than half my game data. What can I do about that? I was really looking forward to finishing the level…
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10 months ago, benny184
WAY too many ads
Like every game out there now, this is no exception! Complete a level, watch an ad and repeat. We download these games to fill a little spare time and have fun in the process, not be subjected to a stream of completely useless and pointless ads! If ads weren’t so annoying, then why is there always an option to play the game “ad free”. If you’re an advertiser, you have the opposite effect on me, because you now become a product/service that I will NEVER use, because I’m staggered how many ads are actually scams, or stealthily “enrol” you in an unwanted membership! GAME DELETED FOREVER.
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6 years ago, doofnoodman
Love this game!!
This app is my favorite!! it is so engaging! I was skeptical of the free version but has so many puzzles and levels of difficulty so you can challenge yourself. It doesn't require access to wifi which means i can play anywhere. The ads are minimal. I've complete nearly 2000 puzzles and have so many left to complete! love this game! i would definitely reccomend!
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4 years ago, Dev plz notice me
Love this game and fun stress reliever
To people reading this (and possibly the developer 🍪🙃) this game is heavily underrated because it looks so basic but when you play it, you can actually have fun! This is honestly the best kind of puzzle game that I have ever played. To dev: can you please add harder levels? I completed the whole thing and I’m excited to see if you got an update up your sleeve 😏
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6 years ago, Blkwolf14
Love love love this game RELAX
Can’t say enough good things about this game. I use it to calming drift to sleep HOWEVER every 3 rounds I get an obnoxious blast for a new game I don’t want then hav to wait until I can X it out oh now I can go back to relaxing unblock me game u till once again my serenity is ripped from me and now I don’t want to play anymore GIVE A PAIN FREE AD FREE VERSION for the love of god I’d pay money to be able to enjoy this ALONE
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6 years ago, Jdjisbmdidb
Get rid of pop up ads
I love this game because it was so addicting at first but now that I want to get back to playing it . It had this update with ads which get annoying while you were playing . This game is one of the few without the ads popping out but now they have them which can get annoying , please help in fixing it . While playing it then an ad pops out of nowhere .
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2 weeks ago, Highway Bubba
Addictive but too many long ads
I love this game and would probably give 5 stars except for all the ads. An add after every puzzle and they are getting longer. I hit the x to stop the ad and it just opens another ad screen. Wait for the x again and it does the same. On one as I went to 4 screens with about 30 seconds each before the game started again. Thinking of deleting this game but I love the puzzles.
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2 years ago, Ebsolas
Forever great
I’ve been playing this game since high school, which was between 09 and 13. Don’t remember when exactly it was, but every time I drift apart from it I find myself playing it again when life gets hectic again. It’s an amazing game for relaxing and winding down. The #1 top game on the iPhone. Though if it’s not too much to ask can you please fix the bug that forces me to click “restore purchases” every time I load the app? I’d pay the $.99 again if I was certain it’d fix the ads thing, but I’m worried I’d get salty and begin to hate it if it doesn’t and it still makes me restore my purchases every time I enter the game.
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4 months ago, andr3wandr0id
Childhood classic
This game is really well-constructed. Personally I don’t mind the ads. Usually for most games turning off Wi-Fi works anyway. Reviews that blame the developers for ads not fit for 4+ ages should be taken down. They have no idea what it is like to develop a well made classic. This game is stress relieving and has a nice concept. Props to the developers!
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2 years ago, BigPlays RBLX
This game is extremely soothing and calming. During my anxious times, playing this game is one way to cope with my anxiety. It soothes my mind, and serves as a calming system. Theres even a relax mode on the game! Heck yeah! Plus, there’s a challenge mode for those of you who are up for a challenge 🏆. If you’re like me, I would highly suggest playing this game!
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1 year ago, Jairzinho98
Good but last update …
Great game that I have enjoyed for many years, but since the last update I have now to “Restore purchases” every time I launch the app to prevent the ads from playing between levels and the little ads showing constantly at the bottom of the screen. Edit: It happens in iOS 16.4.1 iPhone SE 2000 and iOS 15.7.5 iPhone SE 1stGen, for same iCloud account.
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5 years ago, Big little Bloecher
Get this game
This game is awesome! It’s educational and fun. For example, this game makes you think, while your having fun. Like when your trying to figure out the puzzle and once you do it makes you so happy and then, from that it makes you push to do the next one. So if your parents won’t let you get this app, use the reasonings!
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7 years ago, Caseyjonesmom
Passes the time
I like it cuz it's quick enough to pass the time waiting for an appointment and I don't have to leave myself hanging to continue later. I DO wish, when I do opt for a hint, it doesn't finish the game for me. One hint is all I'd ask for. But the directions keep coming till I complete the game. Otherwise, no complaints.
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4 years ago, KingofsunnyD
Loved this app in 2012 still love it 8 years later but...
A note for the devs, I know there are different themes for backgrounds, but the original themes have seem to have aged rather poorly. To me they look a little smudged, like petroleum jelly is wiped over it. Is there anyway you could make a 2020 HD theme? I do like the newer themes past the 5th anniversary, as they look amazing! Fyi to the buyers of this, buy the ad free version for 99¢ you will not regret it!
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1 year ago, Zacker001
Good game / way too many ads! Must read
I love this game, but the amount of ads you’re forced to watch is intolerable and for that reason…. I am deleting it and suggesting no one else download it. This game is old it’s been on here for years, it doesn’t need all these ads to support it. One ad every 10 levels would be about all it should need not an add every two levels! Seriously, this is out of control!
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2 years ago, PürplęWhítēCãt
Good Game
I enjoy this game; it’s fun and easy to play one the go or when you’re stuck in the car. Unblock helps me relieve my stress during school and road-trips with the family. I would recommend this to some of my friends. (Random Note: This game brings me back to when I was starting to learn how to use a touch-screen [2010 era] and helped me learn how to strategize)
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6 years ago, fairlind
how quickly your brain learns how to solve these puzzles, even if at first you don't know how you did it, or if you can do it again. Eventually you catch on to the strategies. This is a simple but fun, addictive game, perfect for when you only have a few minutes here and there.
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12 months ago, G4Geoffrey
Reset statistics bug
Resetting the statistics does not actually work as intended. They may appear to be reset at first, but then when you go back to the game, although it would take you back to the first puzzle, the saved results would still be there, and when you go to the statistics again, it would appear as if nothing had been reset at all.
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2 years ago, FoxMan101🦊
Too Many Ads!
When I first downloaded this game, I was exited to get a game that even my grandmother plays… But only 30 seconds after I downloaded it, an ad interrupted my game. I can barely finish 5 levels before another ad comes up. I know this is the way that mobile developers have to have ads to make money, but it should not be as frequent as 30 seconds. My review… just don’t bother playing unless you have premium.
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7 years ago, User7384629
Great for keeping busy
I use this once in a rare while to keep busy when bored. They add levels and little additions like themes that I appreciate. I never run out of levels, which is perfect for me, and I don't remember having any technical problems or issues with ads
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5 months ago, laurenlmitchell
Simple and great
Very basic app version of one of my favorite brain teaser games, and I don’t want or need it to be anything more. I play it with no timer (enough of my life is on a timer), and there’s a short ad every 3-4 levels to pay the bills. That’s it. No notes.
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4 years ago, Supermonkeyboy
Please get rid of Post-Screen!
LOVE THE GAME, but the screen that comes up after you solve the puzzle is so annoying. Many times the post-screen saying “Puzzle Solved - Cleared” takes longer to get past than solving the puzzle itself. Can you please add an option to turn it off. Thx!
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6 years ago, Ain't got no name
Call me blockhead
This is an excellent game. It's very cleverly designed. I keep going back to play another series of rounds because I enjoy this game as much as when I started many months ago. (Update...I have been playing this game for a few years, and I am still enjoying it a lot).
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3 years ago, uhtip
Not impressed. Puzzles have no difficulty.
Just started playing this game. I’m 50 puzzles in and still waiting for them to get harder. They haven’t. They are simple enough to look at them and beat them in under 3 seconds. Under 3 seconds. At least make them hard enough that you have to untangle several different pieces before winning. But no, each puzzle is basic.
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2 years ago, Cs1026
App excessively tracks your data
Beware, this app will constantly attempt to contact outside websites for tracking purposes as you use it. Within 15 minutes, it made over 20,000 attempts to connect to Google tracking. So many, that my phone began overheating. I understand that it’s a free app and they need to make their money somehow, but this is excessive in comparison to other apps, especially since they show ads as well. I had to uninstall, despite enjoying the game.
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6 years ago, mikestir17
Great app!!!
Not only does it help when you’re waiting in the most boarding place ever this will keep you entertained. I also love it because my kids will play the easy mode and it’s better than watching movies because they are using their brain.
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5 years ago, TrailmasterMike
Paying for dumb hints
Well, this game seemed OK for a while. But then I got to level 127 and I can’t clear it in 11 moves but I can get it in 12. So when I thought I would try a hint it showed me a piece that I could move left and right, and that cost me two hints, And that piece isnt necessary to solve the game! To top that off, I had already made 11 moves!!! I hope this is not a sign of things to come in other games.
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4 years ago, Aditya Sivakumar
One of the Best Mathematical Logic Games
I have always loved logic puzzles. This game is both fun and challenges one’s aptitude in mathematical logical reasoning. There is a lot of mathematical group theory at play in this game (whether one realizes it or not). I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves logic puzzles or mathematics.
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