Unblock My Car - Park Move Out

4.5 (2.1K)
43.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Huiying YIN
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unblock My Car - Park Move Out

4.5 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
5 years ago, exp(pi*sqrt(163))
GREAT, CHALLENGING GAME - I have a suggestion
This is a super fun game with many levels and thousands of challenges. It is the perfect difficulty for me so that I don’t get bored but at the same time don’t get frustrated. Yes, it does have ads, but you can exit them which is good and they’re mostly on the side. The reason that this app is 4+ as it is confusing for some people is that it’s not really about age, but rather brain power. A very smart 4 year old could do it using the hints that are always available for no cost and with no ad, but this is probably for intellectual 7-11 year olds and then youth and adult. Because of the different levels, nearly anyone can do it. My suggestion is that the move counter, which is great because it adds even more to the game (trying to do the least possible moves which gives new levels of difficulty), instead of counting like 1 move = a vehicle moves as far as it wants without stopping, it would be great if it counted like 1 move = every square that the vehicle moves. This way, you wouldn’t feel cheated if you move your vehicle one square, pause, and move another, getting twice the moves. I don’t think this is supposed to be the goal or strategy of this game. I hope that you will reply to me, even if you do not wish to do this, because I love when app designers poor their hearts into their apps and listen to their users. Thank you. I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME
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7 years ago, Camhunt123
Great app, but...
This game is very challenging, but also, you get a great feeling of accomplishment once you finish a level. When I first loaded up the app, however, the "beginner" mode seemed pretty hard to grasp. It could just be me not being intellectually capable enough for this app, but what I would suggest is maybe lowering the difficulty a bit on the "beginner" levels so the players have time to grasp the mechanics of the game, create an entirely new difficulty that even kids can play, or, you could market it more towards teens/adults instead of for all ages. I just can't picture a nine-year-old or lower being able to play this game. But overall, once you get the gist of it, it's pretty addicting. 10/10 would recommend!
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4 years ago, Arrrf
Sorry to have to change my ratings on so many really enjoyable games lately, but when they update to become more endless intrusive advertisements than actual game time what are we supposed to do? I would gladly pay an ad-free upgrade fee to support the game & get back to playing it, but i guess that option isnt as profitable as its not even offered now? Some ppl are complaining about loud/invasive & even vile porn ads popping up w/no way to stop it, why on earth would anyone keep that when there are SO many other games & developers vying for their attention?? Y’all had a nicely designed little game that tons of ppl used to relax, but having the invasive ads between every level interrupting any music or phone call & lasting 3x as long as the game level itself is the opposite of relaxing. Offer a “clean” upgrade version please, even with a fee, i’ll already have moved on to competitors apps but no one new could enjoy even a minute of your game in the current state.
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7 years ago, DMBFOhio
Great problem solving puzzle for all ages
We had a real version of this years ago and loved it! The virtual version is so much better since you don't have to worry about losing those little cars! While this can be challenging at first, you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Fun and challenging! My only complaint is that it is really hard to see the white checkmarks on the gray background for levels you have completed. It would be nice if the app would open directly onto your next puzzle and if the contrast for the completed levels and checkmarks was better.
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3 years ago, NevahAgainer
Nice implementation marred by ads
This is a nice implementation of the Rush Hour puzzle by Think Fun. The only draw back here is with the ads. I would rate it at 4.5/5, but can only give it 3/5 in this review. The ads really spoil the flow of play. You get served up an ad after. Every. Stinking. Level. If the ads were limited to every 4-5 levels it would not be so bad. And the ads are full screen, most not giving you the option of an early out. And some even pop up a full screen Get button that will open the App Store if you click before the X appears to close the ad…. I understand the devs need to make some kind of money, but, really? After. Every. Stinking. Level?
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7 years ago, CSDiego
Absolute Fan
Very good game, can spend hours of fun doing these puzzles. Much better than sliding brown blocks around, these cars make it more real somehow, they change colours each go, and the puzzles are of a better quality. They do get harder as you go through them, but you get better at doing them also. There are dozens of puzzles on each level and many levels. Great way to relax and exercise your mind. Love it!
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3 years ago, Hip Shot needs 2 improvements
Needs improvement to smooth game play
1. I’d gladly pay a small amount to get rid of the ads. And must they play between EVERY level? On other games, you only have to sit through an ad if you want something special, like adding time or something. 2. You should be able to turn on help for only one move. It’s dumb that it stays on for the rest of the level. 3. Within the level you should be able to restart the level without tapping undo all the way back to 0 moves. 4. The level selector at the beginning is hard to read. Why not use reverse colors for completed levels?
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2 years ago, acmeow
Love it but the ads :/
I love this game I played the real version when I was in middle school and this really lets me experience that’s again. However the amount of ads is just irritating. Literally after every puzzle you pass there’s an ad. I don’t mind them trying to monetize their game and all that but jeez the amount they have coming at you after EVERY puzzle is ridiculous. Regardless it’s as close as I’ll get to playing Traffic Jam so I’ll deal with it.
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3 years ago, The explanations
Great, only a few requests:
1) Option to pay to get rid of ads. They are incredibly long and take place after every puzzle. They also pause whatever I’m listening to which is a no go. Please fix that. 2) Make the check marks for completed levels more visible. 3) This is pretty subjective but I find the very hard and expert puzzles to be easier then the hard. Would like something even more challenging
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3 years ago, asdfghjkl{}###
Just Like the Table Top Game
Years ago we got the table top game Rush Hour. We still get it out and play it. When we saw this, we thought it would be great to have that game in a portable version. Although you don’t get the same physical experience, we do like that the game sets itself up and our moves are automatically counted. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Dorretta1123
Exactly What I’ve Been Searching For, Minus The Ads
I wanna give 5 stars but I hate that ads play after every single level. You get the car out and it’s immediately an ad in your face. It’s so annoying that I’m contemplating not playing anymore, which is sad because this is my favorite puzzle game. It’s basic but that’s what I love about it. No unnecessary bells and whistles. No micro transactions or pay to win system. Just the game and the crazy amount of advertisements.
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6 years ago, Tm3308
Love it! Brings back fond memories
I used to have a teacher who had a physical version of this game. I spent countless hours after my work was done trying to solve the puzzles, and this app has a ton of them that are pleasantly challenging. Few mobile games give me the same sense of satisfaction as this one when I solve an expert puzzle in the minimum number of moves.
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3 years ago, DarlingD59
Too many ads makes playing not enjoyable
I really liked playing the original game with plastic pieces called “Rush Hour”, so I was really pleased to find that it was made into an app. I enjoy the game itself, but I am so tired of having to watch boring ads before I can play the next level. I would be willing to pay for the app so that it is ad free, but that does not appear to be an option. So, I guess that I will stop playing because the ads are more annoying than the game is enjoyable.
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5 years ago, melbarre
Great except no login to save progress
After several months I almost made it out of Beginner level... I get a new phone, load the game and lost ALL of that progress. THAT is ridiculous. I would start over if there was a login. However, purchasing a new phone again is inevitable...which means I will lose all progress yet again. PLEASE add a way for me to not lose my progress then the five star rating is all yours.
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2 years ago, 23229
Very Enjoyable
I’ve never written a game review before. This game is so very addicting and fun. And to be honest the ad amount is not that bad. One add for every level you beat, and it’s not like other games where the levels go super quick. Some you need to think about making the ad pacing very good! Would recommend!!
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7 years ago, OogieBoogoe
Fun, addicting and time consuming
This game is a great way to kill time. It gives your brain some challenge while doing nothing more then sliding your finger across the phone. Never really was into this type of game till I found this one. Now I find my self addicted and wanting to find out what the next puzzle is.
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3 years ago, jenns 31
Very interesting game
This game makes you think a little and that’s what I like about it. You have to figure out how to move the cars around in order to get the yellow car out. It might seem easy on the adds but it’s not. I’m always up for a challenge that is why I like this game.
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3 years ago, Ramsey2000
Still love this game
Updating review: we need to be able to pay for no advertisements. The advertisements are more than usual and lengthy and by the time the advertisements are done I don’t wanna play the game anymore. So therefore I dropped my rating down to three stars. I hardly play this game anymore due to so many advertisements. Please let us pay money to stop them so we can enjoy the game more :-)
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4 years ago, PJFIV
Unblock Car Review
I found the game “Rush Hour” to be most entertaining. And this online version of it; “Unblock Car” to be entertaining as well. I find it a good way to pass the time when I’m bored. That’s what I thought with the original game; “Rush Hour”. My only issue with this app is the name. Maybe you could have called it “Online Rush Hour”. The name is why I rated this app with 4/5 stars.
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5 years ago, Fishpond55
Great way to build brain memory!
Love this app, but I can’t figure out why the sound don’t work on my iPhone or tablet, even when I turn on ‘sound’ in settings & have my ‘do not disturb’ turned off, it will not work. But I still love playing this with or without sound. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Julie becerra Vargas
I like this game because you get stuck on some parts but then you figure it out once you get the hang of what you are doing and I recommend this game to all my friends because we like to share games that we think that we will like to play
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3 years ago, Patrick W. M.
Inconsistent difficulty
As many point out, the ads after each short level are very frustrating. On top of that, the expert level puzzles don’t offer much of a challenge. Many are completed with just a few moves and are altogether super easy to figure out. In the original Rush Hour game, the hardest puzzles required tons of moves.
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7 years ago, Karen2941
When I just have a minute
When I just have a minute, this is a great puzzle! Each puzzle just takes a minute and makes you think in a different way. Good for problem solving and keeping your brain active.
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4 years ago, CMM602
The Ads Ruin The Game
I’m really enjoying the game, but the only reason I’m putting it down for now is the ads are the worst. Not all ads have the cancel option right away and continually closing the app out and reopening to get past ads is a bummer. If it weren’t for that, I’d still be playing this second, but as it is, I’m off to something else. It’s a shame.
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7 years ago, evening clouds
Ads snarl traffic
A Rush Hour clone? Puzzles are not so easy to solve perfectly, even the beginner level. But there are hundreds of them. Quick clean interface. Fun but wow, aggressive hard sell ads all the time, with many using 5-second no-escape formats. Most of the ads look like crap too or are just other clone games. I deleted the app because the ads kept breaking my rhythm.
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8 years ago, KrazieMel
Simple, yes complex and challenging
I respect and like the game because of its simplicity and easy graphics. It can be mindless on the easy or when you want to work your brain and challenge yourself and your strategy, you can do that on the hard levels.
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6 years ago, longdong93
Awesome game and haven’t seen an ad since I’ve started playing. Great for when you’re bored or you just need to kill time. Plus I don’t have to pay money for the same thing but with a brand name. Highly recommend downloading this.
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3 years ago, drbob2e
Always challenging & fun at every level
This game presents challenges at every level It will surprise you at how it constantly requires thoughtful effort until it becomes near impossible at highest levels.
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7 years ago, Burgigirl
Great game. I could play this game for hours. But you don't have to. Each game is short enough that you aren't committed to a large amount of time. The levels are challenging yet doable. Enough so, that it gives you confidence to keep playing.
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4 years ago, 808HaYn023
Fun game for your mind
My son and I enjoy playing this game. Each one challenges our minds in solving them. We are so glad we found this one and so many variety of difficulty also the help function is nice too.
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5 years ago, DiRosie61
Started off good but....
I’m editing my review cuz at the beginning it was awesome and ad interruptions were minimal. However, once you get past level 20 or so the ad interruptions are RIDICULOUS!!! You get an ad interruption after EVERY puzzle, even if you complete the puzzle in 10secs!! I understand ads are necessary, so I get it. It’s just a bit much when an ad comes after EVERY puzzle. So it’s now deleted off my phone.
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7 years ago, Nona Rae
Fun fun fun
I love this game. Especially since it only takes a few minutes for a round. Don't forget you sometimes have to move backwards to go forward.
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7 years ago, Mongo Johnson
Ads make it a 4 star
If it weren't for the ads, this would be a five star game. This game is a real time killer. I keep telling myself to stop playing, because there are only so many minutes in a lifetime. But it's so addictive, that I find myself using up my minutes on this game.
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1 year ago, Rnyberg
Great. Just like I played as a kid.
I used to have this in a puzzle form as a child. Loved it then and love it now. But thus version doesn’t have the set up and the mess as my childhood puzzle game version did.
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3 years ago, Smorris70
Don’t waste your time
I started out with a beginner game and these so called beginner games are impossible. I tried another one and it was the same way. I deleted the game. I’m not a dumb person, I enjoy a challenge, but there’s no way to move your vehicles sideways or turn them in any way. They only move forwards and backwards. There was no way to get any of the vehicles out even in the beginner puzzles.
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2 years ago, The Dawnly One
Brain Injury Rehab
I love this game! I'm not a game person but after my head injury I'm constantly looking for some activities to help get my memory back. This game is awesome for this purpose... Plus it's just plain fun!!!
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7 years ago, PissedAndDisappointed
Put The Phone Down!
My wife is gonna leave me if I don't stop playing this addictive game constantly. Just downloaded a few days ago and it's crazy addicting. So many levels left to go.
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5 years ago, NanandDiddy
Simple and enjoyable
I don’t play many lengthy games, but I like having a few to pass the time while I am waiting to pick someone up or ignoring TV commercials. This fits that bill perfectly.
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3 years ago, HeckingBeckBro
Just like Rush Hour!
I love this game because it’s just like the tabletop game Rush Hour I had as a kid, which is exactly what I was looking for! Lots of levels and, for me at least, even the easiest levels are difficult to finish “perfectly “.
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7 years ago, Tortugas
Great to pass time
Starts off easy then gives you a real good challenge. I definitely recommend this if you were into other puzzling games and like figuring out how to get out of a jam.
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8 years ago, 1GoodStuff
Such a fantastic game!
I really enjoy this game! I have spent over 10,921 hours playing it. I am certain that you will enjoy it also! Even if it cost $75 to download this app, I would be willing to do that.
Show more
6 years ago, Lindsey and Carol
Just Ike the board game!
I got the app after playing the board game, and it is played in the same way. I especially like being able to go back to try for a better, lower, score.
Show more
1 year ago, patsypresley
Great game!
This game is a lot of fun. It requires some strategy and maneuvering, and just when you’re about ready to give up, the solution becomes clear to you! Great job!!
Show more
5 years ago, line. A
I love this game!!it is a fun challenging game for all ages, and I wouldn’t complain about any thing that has happed to me in the game so far it’s also great if your bored and need something to do or on a long car ride
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6 years ago, kray6869
I really like this game. It keeps me thinking and takes me away from my sometimes stressful day. Get this app you won’t be disappointed. I wish the help tab would just suggest a single move instead of finishing the game for you.
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7 months ago, mltillman96
Difficult at all levels
This game starts out difficult and gets worse from there. Unlike most games, it does not allow a choice in levels of difficulty. It has no levels that allow someone the chance to progress, it just dumps everyone in at the level it describes as “easy.” A frustrated game player
Show more
7 years ago, joythegreat
👍🏽👍🏽 Can't stop parking
I love parking the yellow car. I play to pass time, to chill out, to ignore people! It's worth the download. I'm glad there is NO timer! That would add to my addiction to marking my card with a star and not a check mark.
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4 years ago, SLGrice
Exactly what I was looking for
This game is exactly what I wanted to find when I was looking on the App Store. It is basic and it has ads after every time you complete a puzzle. Great game!
Show more
3 years ago, wazamanpie
Too many ads
You know great game just a bit annoying when you get an ad after every level when there’s like 3k levels
Show more
5 years ago, starkme2019
If you’re one for patience
The game is nice, I have the physical version and having it on my phone makes it so much easier. But fair warning, there’s an ad between literally every level you complete so the waiting time is longer than actually solving the levels.
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