UNCLE Credit Union Mobile

4.8 (3.1K)
73.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
UNCLE Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for UNCLE Credit Union Mobile

4.84 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
7 months ago, My name is not Dan!
unmeasurable amount of STARS for review
Been doing all my banking needs here at UNCLE. Since I moved here in 1987. Never had a negative experience in all that time, if I had I had taken my banking business elsewhere. I have always been welcome with a heartfelt hello and then offered “How my I help “ ! Can,t ask for anything else, we are off to a great start! You can clearly see from your records I,m no big gates type of money, but what money I make now that I retired is bill gates money to me! Since I have submitted to your review, I,ll assign who ever readsTHIS,some home work , look up the definition of UNMEASURABLE. That is how many stars given to your bank. Everyone of your bank representatives I would give 5 stars but every once in awhile there is one that shines brighter. You had one here first name is ‘MAY’ . I don,t know her last name ,it was not my place to ask. Back home, home being the GREAT STATE OF VIRGINIA, WE WOULD CALL HER ‘Smile maker’ , she had that special quality. The few moments time spent with her , well it just brighten your whole day. Never ask an ole man to do a review,I,ll just go on and on,bell went off on the stove time for dinner. As Elvis would say Thank you, thank you very much! Appreciate,You All. Michael
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4 years ago, IvyLovely
EDeposit not working
What has happened to this app? It’s the second month in a row that I can’t do an eDeposit. It takes a nice photo of my check and then a wheel turns for like 2 minutes before giving an error. It used to work perfectly, but. It anymore. I also tried sending a message via the app and when the window opens, it gives a message error and then it allows you to type a message, but when you hit the Send button, it doesn’t do anything, so writing a message is a waste of time. I really hope you can fix this soon. It’s a pain to have to deposit to another bank and then transfer over money to this accounts. Makes me wonder if it’s even worth keeping this account. Hope you can help. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Myownfreakingname
Best credit union app!
This app is so easy to use and thorough that I’ve stuck with UNCLE even though I live an hour from the closest branch. I’ve joined two other credit unions in my city but their apps aren’t intuitive at all and I hate using them. UNCLE’s app allows me to check my balances, transfer within my accounts, deposit checks, etc. The only thing I can’t do is set up autopay but I can do that easily on their website.
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3 years ago, tinathe barista
Log in
I would give this app a five star rating however every time I go to check my account I’m always logged out and I have to login every time I check it. The snapshot feature does not work because you’re constantly being logged out needs fixing!
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2 years ago, GameEngine_3
Worst banking app
This app is horrible, it’s seems easy to use but it’s so complicated. When I try to pay my car loan and chose pay when I try to go back it sends me to an other page no longer my loan account. It takes me to a place where there is an ad that says Clean Up Your Credit, I have to close the app to go back to my loan account. On top of that this Uncles Credit Union is not the best, costumer service is bad and you have to go to a process to use your own bank account to pay for your loan. I never refinance a car loan, but once I get the chance I’ll do it in a heartbeat.
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10 months ago, TamiMrs
So easy to navigate
My whole family has this app. My college kids accounts are connected to mine on this app so I can transfer monies when needed. I'm not very good at online things but this app is super user-friendly for me.
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3 years ago, Team Cairel
Need filters hide/reorder
New app would be great if you have one account. I was surprised to see all the details for all the accounts I’m linked to. Makes it very difficult to see what I need and I Have to remember all the account numbers now. Suggest you provide ability toreorder and or hide accounts you don need or want to look at every day. I know there is a quick view but as soon as you click for more detail it goes to all and in random order.
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3 years ago, Boxer roxer453
Annoying bugs
The app forgets quite often, actually almost every time I log in, that I have set up Face ID and snapshot with it and then I sign in with my password to get prompted with the syncing that it’s done a million times. I would then turn on Face ID and snapshot and it would work for maybe an hour or two to then see that it forgot again. Please fix this stupid bug
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1 year ago, nuthinButRoz
What was bad, just got worse
I use the app all the time, then the last update came out and it was a terrible user interface — but I could get to the old accounts and transfer sections albeit with many more “clicks” than a user should suffer. And now with the latest update, not even that. Using the transfer to pay a bill, it didn’t pre-fill the amount due, so now I have to remember the amount before doing a transfer? Oh, found another path where the amount is pre-filled. Ugh. Awful app.
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1 year ago, Susur
Was good but broke after updating
I liked this app a lot as far as banking apps, go… I especially liked it when we were able to see the images of checks we had written. However, an upgrade or two ago this seems to have been broken and not fixed. Really wish that it would get resolved.
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10 months ago, 1shirlb
Exceptional site! easy to use, a very secure site!
I find this site to be very user-friendly, information is always current & easy to locate information, so easy to use it!
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5 years ago, bisha30
One of the best!
I have used a lot of different bank apps and this one happens to be one of the best. I do almost all of my banking needs through the app and hardly ever need to go into the bank. Only thing I can’t do is get cash to come out of my phone. Lol 🤔
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2 years ago, HaleySissy
Easy to use
I enjoy the ease in which I can do my banking on the app. I use it everyday to check activities and balance.
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3 years ago, Silent Felix
Absolutely the worst banking app
I don’t know if it can actually be called upgraded. The previous app worked perfectly fine for me for years. In only a month I’ve had more errors and issues with this app then any I’ve ever had. It stores my password one day and 2 days later nothing. It uses Face ID fine for 3 days then nothing. It times out and crashes. This app is pure trash.
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1 year ago, Kenon Willis
Great bank. App great and updated!
App works well! Easy to use. Easy to transfer money and deposit checks.
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3 years ago, hazeJim
Uncle Credit Union
I like knowing all my info is very handy and at my convenience. Knowing my info is safe .
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3 years ago, Vel in Cali
What the heck?
May 1,2021 The app is useless now. Couldn’t log in, app no longer does facial recognition...no explanation why. Then you enter all the info to be able to use the app. Nope. Nada. Zip. App still won’t work. Called the CU and found out we were supposed to either update the app or download the new app. What new app???????????? There is only one UCU app at the App Store. And there are no updates.
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2 years ago, Guy Winslow
Login issues
Face recognition login only works part of the time. Other than that software works good
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2 years ago, Yo Blue!
Update Dies Not Support Zelle
Zelle simply disappeared from my app and without warning payments to me are stopped. Time and again these “upgrades” have been nothing but a headache, making online banking more difficult. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, katia and Mery
Uncle Credit Union always!
The best ever Bank experience all these years! Thanks!
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2 years ago, PhaDiva
I love how easy this app is. I can navigate through it with no issues. There is minimal downtimes.
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3 years ago, bobceglio
Kind and respectful
Thank you for being so courteous and helpful
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3 years ago, GKBeer
Dislike new color scheme
Deposit values are now in a subdued green. They do not stand out from debits when rapidly scrolling.
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3 years ago, Lalajelley
Customer service
Navi with Livermore call center was terrific. Very helpful and professional
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2 years ago, Ronica Vee
Best Bank Account
Customer Service is great. Fees are reasonable. Direct deposit lands on Thursday. I love Uncle Credit Union
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12 months ago, hauhau50chi
UNCLE is the Best
App is very clear and very easy to use and is certainly helpful.
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3 years ago, AnnetteM 1990
Annette Martinez
Uncle is helping in my tuff situation right now. Very supportive, I recommend Uncle Credit Union to anyone.
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1 year ago, Clee Clee The Madd Felon
Uncle App
Awesome easy to use informative as well
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2 years ago, kdc300z
The Uncle Credit Union App will NEVER REMEMBER YOU and you will need to sign back in all the time. IT WILL CONSTANTLY ASK YOU TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD AND WILL FORGET THAT YOU SET UP FACE ID. Then to add insult to injury it will keep asking you to set it up for Face ID, and quick access. It hinders you and I find it basically I useable. FIX THIS GARBAGE, UNCLE.
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1 year ago, Timmydds
Easy to Navigate
II am impressed with the Uncle Credit Union AP.
Show more
11 months ago, Grandma Brenda L
42 year member
I have had great experiences with Uncle
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2 years ago, Fidelay2k2
Awesome app
Looks like the big banks. Love it
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2 years ago, Kyle cairel
The app does not work for all I see is a white screen and I can’t deposit my checks
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12 years ago, Hewcat
Easy to use and user friendly! It looks like some serious research went into this app with its simplicity and color scheme. Great job!!! Maybe switching back all my accounts to UNCLE soon!
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9 years ago, neveraskalexandria
Great BUT...
This app is amazing. Use it all the time to check my balance, transfer funds and even Edeposit. But recently the Edeposit has gone haywire. I'll take what seems like a perfectly centered photo and the picture comes out sideways, too close, angled to the left/right. Don't now what happened but pleaseee fix. Edeposit went from take 5 minutes to now taking 30 just to get a good picture of the front and back of the check.
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12 years ago, Chele102
User friendly. I could not ask for anything more.
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6 years ago, geost
Needs an update badly
It’s been over a year since the iPhone X came out and still no full support for the rounded screen on this phone (or the new ones!) Everything in this app is outdated. Talk about slow or lazy app development sheesh. Navy Fed’s app is 1000 times better than this. Come on Uncle, get with the times...
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12 years ago, EDIMAR
Great job
It's about time - been waiting for this App to come out -I like it and easy to use
Show more
12 years ago, Placeres1
Great app! Easy and fast! Makes banking so much more efficient! Thank you, thank you! (great job Aimee!)
Show more
12 years ago, Calisf
Its a good start
It will only get better. Thanks for the app!
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9 years ago, JKleist
It's fine I guess
No Touch ID to sign into the app and the UI needs an overhaul. When are you guys going to use apple pay? You announced that it was "coming soon" over a year ago.
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12 years ago, Vernizia
Great app. So easy to use.. Can't wait to see what's next for UNCLE!!
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7 years ago, Livcali
Good, but...
It’s good but it doesn’t support the iPhone X facial recognition so you have to enter your password. Please fix this!
Show more
12 years ago, LynnH80
Uncle has come a long way :)
Awesome app! <3 it!! Big thumbs up to Aimee :)
Show more
12 years ago, Ujpesti
Really nice app.
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3 months ago, Mr dan c.
Colored font
Hi, this is Dan Castro. A member since 1987. I love your app. However, there seems to have been a recent change on my balance listings. Prior months it would show Green when I made a deposit. This was very helpful and showing incoming money. Now the font is all black. Why did this change? The color was very effective in making things more clear. Kind regards, Dan Castro. 925/980/6923.
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3 months ago, bnrbnsn20
Excellent technology similar to AI
I’ve used a couple of credit unions in the past neither which had advanced technology banking and safeguards like credit union. My first week with credit Union mobile banking knocked my eyes out. I’ve also used Bank of America and Wells Fargo. I’m sorry to say, but not either of those banks compare to the quality and ease of views of uncle Union’s mobile banking. The bank in Tracy, Ca. has a Security door that will only allow someone to enter via the personnel scrutiny. Phone calls to uncle credit Union for support our entirely thorough and get to the bottom of things quickly. They have never failed to ask for my secret code only to me before proceeding to my banking inquiries. thank you uncle Union you are second to none.
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3 years ago, Cordula Johnson
Uncle Credit Union new sign on?
It made me change my pass word and that’s ok, but it’s not taking it with my username and want all new info to completed. The first app was already bad—didn’t even add individually use of accounts balance—only given on the top—to read, the rest I had to balanced myself. If I hade multiple + and – (+deposits and -items paid) shows up in a consecutive row without a balance in between the numbers to see how the money has been balanced an of correctly don—account by account. So I had to reply on pin and paper to double check ea. balances in between ea account when checked later that evening or next day... No other bank accounts made it ever so complicated! I may want to close my account and may get a different credit union—less complicated, where I can see ea balance not just on top of app but in between ea individual accounts used. It looked like that BAL.$... sample + $100 -$50 -$25 }no balances in between to see -$10 +$200 👇🏽 +50 - 35 Once I check my account at night!
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