Unicycle Hero

4.6 (1.2K)
62.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Unicycle Hero

4.59 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, angrypersoningeneral
App plays advertisements that it cannot support
This app works in landscape view, but it frequently plays advertisements in portrait view. When ads (which are shown mid-game) end, they leave the landscape-intended game in portrait mode, making it unplayable. Edit: for your response and courtesy, dev, I’m gonna change review to 4 stars just because I think you deserve better. Edit 2: Good for you, you fixed the problem! 5 stars.
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6 years ago, IcheBinWolf
Simple and Addicting
This is a great concept, timely due to the winter olympics. This game is simple, yet makes you incredibly addicted because you keep believe you’ll beat your personal best score. Two suggestions for a future update. First we need more games, maybe a Winter Olympics, or simply other Olympic type games. Second, it would be cool if we could see the top scores for other players so that we not only compete with ourselves but others.
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2 years ago, annamarie_003
My scores!!!!!
Been playing this game a lot recently and I got a bunch of new high scores (personal bests?) but after the update they’re gone. This happened for a few individual events and my overall score which is 1000 points lower than what is was before the update. Still a fantastic game that everyone should have. Also the game only shows your highest score now and personally, I liked when it showed your top three.
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6 years ago, Fatcat 222
Amazing game
I very much enjoy playing this game. Sadly though I quickly maxed out all the upgrades available which leaves me really with nothing else to do. I wish there were more events to enjoy. I do hope that sometime in the future you add different characters maybe with special powers to enhance your throw distance or speed? I also hope that you add more stuff for me to level up. Great game though keep at it!
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5 years ago, VandelayNJ
Silly and challenging
It’s just a fun game that can get fairly frustrating. Not “smash your phone to bits” level - but pretty frustrating at times. But it doesn’t take itself seriously and so you never really get mad - you just keep trying. And that’s great. But after you’ve enhanced yourself to the top levels, it gets stale. And that can happen after just a couple of days. So I can’t give 5 stars for that reason but it’s absolutely worth having on your phone.
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6 years ago, ColtonK2000
I personally love this game. It is made with the perfect mix of silliness and competitiveness. I often play this with my friends, by handing off my phone, but what about an online multiplayer? And please add this game to the google play store. But multiplayer would be a great addition. Tournaments with random people online right when you are, a ghost to show your best throw, friend grudge matches... just a though. Thank you for the good game tho
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5 years ago, Wasson8r
Never knew I wanted this
This game is my knew addiction. I’ve completed all enhancements and broken the coveted 10k barrier that separates the amateurs from the table-flipping masters, so now that I’ve maxed out my potential I hope I come back for more. If I could spend my coins on avatars/outfits/bling that would definitely give me reason to com back and get you some ad revenue. Update with swag please!
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4 months ago, LeyGR1
Fun but needs more
I have been playing this game for a while now and have everything maxed out so i have a ton of coins, i think something that could be added is possible upgrades for the unicycle or styles for the character that give you different boosts.
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6 years ago, Superdog4103699
Fix the controls
After the last update, I’ve noticed the controls are much more sensitive which gets frustrating. I tap the left arrow at the start and suddenly I’m all the way on the left side of the screen but still sitting straight up. I’ve also noticed that I can’t get high scores as often anymore since I’m now messing up more often. I enjoy the game and have all the upgrades but I wish the controls would go back to how they were. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Wooordie
I need MORE
I’ve been playing this game for TOO LONG. some may say a CONCERNING amount of time, I’m climbing leaderboard, I’VE ALREADY GOTTEN CLOSE TO THE *HIGHEST* LEGITIMATE SCORES FOR MULTIPLE GAME-MODES. I FROTH at the mouth for MORE CONTENT. Oh and some might say, “why don’t you try unicycle legend?~” I HAVE, ALL THE LEVELS, TWICE. I DID THE FIRST 8 BLIND-FUNKIN-FOLDED, ON MY SECOND RUN I DID IT IN. ONE. DAY. I DON’T care if it’s a third game some cosmetics to buy, I just need MOREEE.
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6 years ago, olympic apper
I love this game and I’ve shown it to a lot of friends and they can’t stop playing it either! I’ve played it so much I’ve already maxed out my enhancements. Is there a way you guys could add something to spice up the game after you reach the max distance in everything. Thanks😁
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6 years ago, Smaksaw
Answer this.
I loved this game at first, and even mentioned it on my Podcast to get listeners to send their high scores. I’ve never heard of a game that you don’t get better at the more you play it. I can’t come close to ANY of my personal individual records. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I think this game is rigged to get you excited about it, then keep you trying to break your own records, which becomes impossible. Meanwhile, you’re watching ad after ad. Very cleverly done developers.
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6 years ago, seamus7980
Ton of fun
I’ve had a blast playing this game. I’m completely maxed out on all stats and I still play on occasion even though all I can really do is try to beat my high score. It’s that freaking fun. Only wish the stats could go higher so you could throw stuff further and whatnot.
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3 months ago, Pandimandi07
Truly a Hidden Gem
Found this game under the Hidden Gems section on App Store— so good! Super cute style, love the humor, and it’s fun to just mess around on when you’re bored. Creative and simple, but also not simple at all. Truly love it!!
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6 years ago, Mulishamam187
Fun game but low life span
This game desperately needs more content. I’m have all my stats at their max, my high score has been 9833 for weeks and I’m at the point now where it’s not going higher unless I have a perfect toss on each event, which I’m bored trying for. Different game modes, higher stat unlocks, more events, just give us anything...soon.
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6 years ago, Toast Hat🎩
Pretty fun, some more features would be neat
I love this game, but I feel like it could use more.. like maybe costumes? Some could be purely cosmetic but others could be useful like better balance. Maybe there could be a sort of competitive mode for local or online, and some more events would be pretty cool Thanks
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6 years ago, NSF5075
Really fun!
Download this! Great fun! A couple of suggestions to the developers -- I would love to see per-event leader boards. The career high scores seem impossible so I am curious what people are getting in individual events. I hope you will add more events and other stuff.
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2 years ago, Lkjhbngtrdftyubvcnnjui
Only five stars because more people can see it but my real rating is one star
I like the game but it keeps crashing when I open the app
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2 years ago, abc123 Jax
Overall good game
It’s a good game overall but every time I get an ad and go back to play, my game control don’t work so basically every time after I get an ad my game is frozen but the sound still plays, it’s not my phone cause it does that on other devices too
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3 months ago, Mr kicker 14
Really fun
It’s a really fun game, it could be a little longer to fully upgrade and get stronger, or even not have a limit on strength and stuff but still a blast!
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3 years ago, z5Fcppx900
More sports and modes
I love the game but it really needs more sports and modes Winter Olympics and something that is not just throwing or anything like that in a straight line. You should add skiing so you don’t throw something or something
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6 years ago, SOADstar759
Simple, and best game on the App Store
I’m glad they’re adding new events, it was getting a little boring with all the same events and maxed out enhancements. Still fun though and time consuming. Love this game.
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6 years ago, Drumsandstuff
Awesome! Can’t wait for update!
The game is so much fun! One of my favorites. I’m really excited for an update because I’ve maxed out everything and need to keep getting higher scores!
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6 years ago, Mgjbkah
Google Play?
Amazing game, 10/10, just add to google play please because I have to steal my friends phone just to play this amazing game because I have a Samsung please add to google play...
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2 years ago, pacy many
Pretty good game
Great game only thing is that the ads can be a little annoying but that has nothing to do with the game, so overall really good game, I can see myself loosing hours to this game.
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2 years ago, Vucking Aye
I’m trying to start the game but it will just flash and turn off. I’ve got an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I hope this gets fixed?
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5 years ago, Big_Dub1
Amazing Game! Fantastic concept!
The game is absolutely fantastic and really competitive amongst friends. The developers should add more events based on real track events or fake ones.
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5 years ago, coolapples123
Simple and Fun
If you actually read this comment it might help you. First, get the game it really is fun. Then, you’ll get the hang of it. But, you should focus on the javelin throws they make you the most money and are the easiest. I deleted this game and got it back, but don’t, it’s not worth it, you should keep playing and you can get overpowered. BYE
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6 years ago, Nahun1206
Great game, more fun then i expected. I do wish that there were more levels to come, and more upgrades available too. I would continue to play it more if that happens.
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5 years ago, ThatGuyWhoDidThatThingThatTime
Solid game
It’s a solid game. Eventually the events get a little repetitive and I’d like to see a few more events added. Perhaps a random selection of events to comprise the ones chosen for a competitive event.
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6 years ago, Phia229
Good at first
This game has a great concept and is very fun. However, the coins lose their point after awhile and the game loses some of the competitive aspects. I have 5000 coins and nothing to use them for...
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4 years ago, Wes1136
Needs Improvement
What is the gray marker and why does it keep moving? Sometimes it is passed my record? Also adding a world record steak for the top scorer ever of a certain event would be cool. Also, my coins keep deleting back to 10,000 once I go over which is frustrating.
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2 years ago, B Nelly
Needs more frequent updates
The game is fun and is my go-to game on airplane trips. It is sadly not updated very often and now it just crashes when I try to open it.
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6 years ago, thetrutHurts83
Fun game but....
Fun game but poorly timed ads. I was having the best round ever and started the log throw and had just started pedaling when it broke into ad....when the ad stopped and I closed it, the log was on the ground and I received a 1. Thanks a lot. I don’t mind the ads for a free game as fun as this...but regulate when the ads take place and how they affect the overall game play.
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5 years ago, Happybookreader
Addicting... but
Super fund and easy game to play. Hard to master which isn’t a bad thing. Only thing is like to see are more events and further upgrades.
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2 years ago, mistery667496
Fun and entertaining
Super fun I’ve been playing for a long time got all enhancements maxed out it’s really fun😄
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6 years ago, California's finest
Addictive Game
The game is fun and the announcers in the game are funny. Hope the developers add new features. I suggest adding levels, characters, and stadiums or locations.
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5 years ago, nikehikebike
I think that the game should have
The game should have the clouds move just something little but I would like that great game love it but I would like the clouds to move.
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6 years ago, dnicks2525
Great game
Very fun game! The last update with the change in button placement really improved the flow of the game.
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5 years ago, generic350
Great idea, bad performance
I got this game during math class today, andI was having fun until it crashed. And then it crashed again. And again. Please fix(i’m on iPhone 8 ios 12)
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6 years ago, Rsmooth21
Movement Arrows Issues
When you push the movement arrows it doesn’t always register that you are pushing on it. Even if you are holding down the button, it sometimes registers as a tap and the character falls over.
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5 years ago, krueges
Not sure why...
Not sure why, but I cannot stop playing this game. It’s oddly addictive and satisfying.
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1 month ago, Monkeys tilled
Too many ads and gets stale quickly.
Every 2 events I have to watch an ad
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6 years ago, Blinkless
Laugh out loud fun!
I can't get enough! Someone give me tips on croquet! Leaning back before javelin release helps a ton.
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2 years ago, Jsjsjasjdj
Very annoying bug
I can’t even start the game. I tap the app then it shows the blue logo that pops up in the beginning, but then it immediately goes dark and kicks me out of the app so I can’t even play it, so please fix this.
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6 years ago, Codydude11
5 stars for moving the buttons, so much better
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5 years ago, Mike Yockey
I want more
Simple and so much fun. I would pay for expansions to this game.
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2 years ago, jack sapp094
It’s would be better if there was no adds
Show more
6 years ago, oh:(
Oh :(
I love the game every thing is great but the only thing is the mean comments from the anoucers just change that
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2 years ago, Tawd2k
Game won't open - just crashes anytime I try
App crashes as soon as I open it from the home screen and I can't play. Love the game but doesn't do much good when you can't open it to play.
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