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Ubiquiti Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for UniFi

4.55 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
2 years ago, tkman69
Cloud key gen2 plus and Network app
Migrated from Windows 11 laptop hosting the Network App, to using Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. Installed the Cloud key accessory rackmount. Took just a couple minutes to update the cloud key, apps, firmware. Installed UniFi Network App on my iPhone. Then made sure I had the latest versions of firmwares and softwares installed on laptop, access point, switch, everything. Saved a backup of settings only, using my laptop UniFi Network App. Then Migrate Wizard on the Network App on laptop. But at end, Skip forget devices. Logged into cloud key at its ip address. Made sure it restored the settings correctly using the backup. Waited until restore was completely finished running. Once all devices adopted and completed, went back into Windows Network App and then you can "forget" the devices. Perfect addition to my AmpliFi Alien Router, Ubiquity Pro Access Point, and Ubiquity PoE 24 Pro managed switch. It sees ALL devices, ip addresses, traffic, and all from my phone. LOVE IT!
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4 years ago, MusicManReview
Pretty good app, but please improve.
Generally this app has a large degree of functionally regarding setup and control of your UniFi hardware. However, the appeal has exceeded the actual usefulness for me. Things that should be easy like searching for new access points or switches worked zero percent of the time. I had to go back to the desktop PC and web interface to made the new hardware adding process work. Likewise, something simple like adding your DNS servers (say openDNS) is not easy or intuitive. Much of the functionality is hidden under layers and layers of options, which is a undesirable thing when you have a mobile device as your user interface. I also feel like the screenshots for the app tend to appear very useful, for example monitoring specific traffic to social media sites, but in truth there is very limited access to this type of information through the app. In all fairness, I am not a network professional, which appears to be the demographic ubiquiti is catering to, but there is an expectation when you put some thing out on the Apple store, that it will be easy for your typical consumer to use. Networking is black magic and someways, so this is a very difficult task for the developer. My advice would be to consider less technical users when you develop your smart phone applications becauseI think these are the folks that will use these applications, unlike the IT professionals who prefer the desktop web based interface.
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6 years ago, ben.berding
One step forward, two back
I am really happy to see an update and it all seems to work really well! It’s still miss several features, but I know they’re coming! The problem I actually have are the colors. They are very bright and hard on the eyes, and I’m young. Maybe it’s the OLED screen on the X, but I think they are too bold in general. They just need to be a little softer. I do like the definition between the colors though. I love the new icons/tabs at the bottom of the screen. They look really slick. I know this is also very nitpicky, but I really, really, dislike the new app icon; of a UniFi AP. UniFi is so much more that Access Points at this point, it’s an entire ecosystem and network. I really don’t think having an Access Point as the icon is appropriate and I just don’t want to click on it. It makes me cringe. Maybe it’s because it looks too much like a weird button? I’m fine if you want to update the icon (it needed it), but I really wish it would be reflective of the whole product line. The old icon was great. Maybe just some fresh colors and make it flatter. Less is more now a days, which I feel is how the app is headed, which I like, aside from that icon. Please, please, change it. Maybe a picture of a network jack? I don’t know, but not an access point that is so nondescript, that it looks like somebody’s poor implementation of a button.
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7 years ago, PDX-1
App is a nice companion but not a browser replacement
As is the case with every networking vendor I work with, supplemental mobile app support is treated as a secondary effort to their main management thick client or browser based interface. I’ve always believed this is an area where a vendor could really set themselves apart from the average crowd. Evidently it is not embraced as a strong enough competitive differentiator to warrant a rise above mediocrity. Meaning, no one in Ubiquiti sales management, or product management, believes a purchase decision will be swayed based on the merits of equal iOS app support to that of the browser. Having said that, Ubiquiti has done a very nice job including the necessary essentials in their Unify iOS app support. I’ve found the interface intuitive, well secured w/ 2FA, and an extremely convenient alternative to my laptop for many things. When I can ditch my laptop completely, that will be a 5 star day. Not holding my breath but I remain optimistic. My last comment that hopefully someone at Ubiquiti will read.... “Thank you a million times over for finally adding upnp configuration support to the web client interface!” Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, SDCustombuilder
After a little research I recently installed a cloud key, 16 port POE switch, a UniFi security gateway and 4 access points. I’m an amateur and know just enough to get myself into trouble. This system rocks! It was Super easy to get going. It gives you a ton of information via the app (90% I have no idea what it is! But I’m learning) With a little Google search I can easily manage the system. Just this morning I got a STP alert and was able to easily (once I figured out what STP meant) find the issue and resolve it. It turns out that a SONOS player that was wired directly to the network was also communicating via wireless to another SONOS, wired to the network, creating a loop which was slowing the network. The system had already stopped the loop on its own. I simply unplugged one SONOS from the network and problem solved. The whole family is super happy with the new network and it’s speed (only limited by our ISP). I’m a Ubiquiti fan now!
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2 years ago, A.RoodAwakening
Still buggy
12/27 update: To developers: They ARE set correctly in the Protect app and I’ve told you that. It’s the UniFi Network app that’s buggy. UniFi Network has a mind of its own. This app has so much potential but it’s been woefully buggy for almost a year. I’ve reported the bugs numerous times but the idiots who handle bug reports repeatedly ask for information I’ve already sent. Biggest issue: UniFi cameras. UniFi Network will NOT allow me to rename cameras. If I attempt to rename a camera I get a “Something went wrong…” pop-up and have to back out. Worse, it renders camera with parentheses or apostrophes as Xs. I used to have a cameras called “Front Porch (N)” and “Front Porch (S)” but those turned to Front-Porch-XNX” and “Front-Porch-XSX” about 8 months ago and those names no longer can be changed. I’m stuck with those names. I reported it back when it first happened and numerous updates later, Ubiquiti Network STILL can’t control any of the 11 UniFi cameras I have connected. I can’t adjust the IP addresses, either. Yep. If I try that I get that stupid “”Something went wrong” pop-up. Fix this!!
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6 years ago, Nicholas1836
1st review getting better 2nd- Now it is very good! 3rd - this APP ROCKS !
I started with a few unifi AP's about 4 years ago. This app at first was more of a poor monitor of your network lacking any features. It has now become an indispensable tool. It is feature rich and allows for not only monitoring but setup of AP's and unifi switches. No longer do you have to configure a device then carry it to a location. With this app you can do it on the spot. This is very helpful when configuring a switch as you can label the ports at the on the spot. We have also started using the cloud key and its integration is very good. Plus - now you can also use the app to configure AP's without a controller. This app alone is a good reason to get Unifi access points. Very very pleased with this app and its amazing progress. On top of all that they just keep adding more feature but keep it simple to use. These guys rock !!!
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5 years ago, Phaldor
Mere hours later
I had been hearing a lot about Ubiquiti’s gear from my work peers. Now that I finally gave in and purchased the gear necessary to replace my Cisco gear for my home network, I can see immediately why. The setup was the smoothest experience I’ve ever had and this app is the cherry on top. I wish I would have found it near the start of the setup, but as it is, I’m now sitting down after dinner watching TV and doing the final setting changes within mere hours of receiving all the gear from UPS this morning. Had this been for an enterprise network, this utility has many more features that I would turn on. Simply amazing the difference from my old network. The best feature of all is managing devices and clients from a single pane of glass from power up. UI is intuitive, simple, and feature rich. I’m never going back to Cisco!
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4 years ago, Cjones0822
Has its quirks, but I’m still a fan
So I’ve been using the UniFi mobile app for quite some time now and I find it quite useful when I can’t get to my laptop (or simply just too lazy to). More often than not, I’ve been getting all these device disconnected notifications from the app. Now I’ve noticed these for a while now but never really paid much attention to them to see what they do when you tap them...until now. So typically when I saw the notification I would simply open the app on my phone and just check all my client sites to see if everything was ok, and each time I do this, I see that each site is just fine. Then I decided, ok when it notifies me again, I’ll just tap the notification instead...only to realize it opens a random client site, but as you guessed it, nothing is wrong - all the devices are online and fine. The notifications only display the MAC address of the device (as well as the type of device), but not the actual site. So my questions are: 1. does anyone fine these notifications helpful/useful? 2. is it possible have it display the actual site that has the issue? 3. are these notifications delayed or false/positives? Mind you when I look at each client site, I check the actual uptime of each device and never is there one that seems like it rebooted and the time has started over. Just curious. Thanks team! 🤟🏾
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5 years ago, Deltacharles
A nice enhancement to our Wi-Fi tools
We recently installed the Ubiquity Unifi family of AP’s, Cloud Keys, Controllers, Switches and Routers to our Hotel, Construction office, Home and Museum environment. It makes a world of a difference to now be able to do a granular monitoring of our Wi-Fi services and be able to offer quality service over an enhanced bandwidth. From a distance, I personally can see how many clients are connected at all times, where they are connected, monitor how much bandwidth they are each pulling and react accordingly from a central location right at my hand tip, on a cell phone portal. This is power. It was a bit difficult initially to fully grasp and understand the concept, but now its life made simpler for our IT’s who know exactly what’s going on in all of our remote sites.
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3 years ago, Starcraz33
Please be mindful of us Rural folk
Recently updated this most useful app on my iOS device. I am fairly new to the Ubiquiti World but, I’ve been diving in with both feet (and my wallet). I have been so pleased with how much better service that I’ve been able squeeze out of my low-bandwidth DSL circuit with the UDM. That being said - out here where we measure throughput success in the hundredths of a Mb/s (0.00 Mb/s) - the latest update which rounds the SpeedTest to the nearest Mb/s integer is less than appreciated. My upload speeds now report a big fat zero (which is accurate given the rounding and the contracted rate of <.5 Mb/s (~3 Mb/s Down)). I know the update is well intentioned by making the contracted service throughput rate more visible to set within the SpeedTest. I need a little more granularity than what the current version allows for. Please.
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3 years ago, WordKing79
Great App - Great Updates
I want to start off by saying I almost never review apps, but people looking at this deserve to understand how well this app is supported. This app has always had regular updates that both introduce new features and fix issues encountered. I’ve always felt this is one of the apps that has most definitely always had co start attention from the developer unlike most. They listen, they fix, they tweak, they modify the look and feel base on modern changing ways, I really can’t say enough good about it. Are there bugs and issues every once in a while sure, but that’s a sign of evolution and they are always quick to address and provide future updates that address these and other concerns.
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6 years ago, Spunkotronic
Management App is very useful once network is up and configured
The Unifi management app for iOS is very helpful and useful once the network is up and running. My particular use case for install - replacing an existing wifi network with a MAC-keyed cable modem - meant that the app was unable to handle the configuration workflow at install (to be fair the web app couldn’t either - its a limitation of the Unifi controller software in general, which doesn’t support MAC aliasing on the USG). The app however is well behaved on iOS and the deep packet inspection stats are quite useful. One star deducted for inability of the app to perform initial setup (had to SSH into the Security Gateway and reconfigure it via CLI as well as well as set up the network using a hardline Ethernet from a laptop). Day to day management tasks and the addition of NEW hardware to a running network is smooth.
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2 years ago, dannyincolor
Fooled me twice
Unifi has somehow kept a reputation for being “prosumer” equipment, but for the second time in 7 years I’ve shelled out $2000+ for a full Ubiquiti Unifi setup, and for the second time I’ve been massively underwhelmed. For background, I’m a hardware and network engineer. There’s no shot that I’m missing knowledge here, and when I am, there is a massive community online to troubleshoot even the simplest setups (which is hard to not see as anything but a result of the near constant bugs, glitchiness, firmware updates bricking components, etc. associated with Unifi products). I was dismayed to find that even this app is subpar. Sure, there’s more to fiddle with and tune, but the app crashes spontaneously, and I’d rather not have to fiddle with/tune things after I’ve set them up. Worse, Unifi seems to be going the “forced obsolescence” route with hardware. I am sitting directly beneath a UAP-AC-PRO connected to my brand new UDM Pro SE and have worse dBi levels than my cheapo, ISP-provided router that is 3 rooms away with 6 walls between us. Either Unifi hardware is garbage, they’re nerfing the defaults, or I’m just the worst network engineer ever. It’s high time Unifi becomes synonymous with the subpar, headache-filled experience that it is. If you want good performance for a tenth of the cost and 20th of the headaches, use anything else. TP-Link, Whatever
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6 years ago, Sterofuse
Great App, Great Products, Great Software!
I set up a USG, Cloud Key, and UAP-AC-LR at my house over the weekend, without calling technical support from Ubiquiti or my ISP. I have no formal networking education. Your 12 year old could set this up by following the instructions, it really is THAT simple. And the amount of data and insight you get from the USG is simply stunning. This gives the average consumer, enterprise grade control over their networks. If you have a cloud key or a UniFi Controller running on your network at home, the app has access to everything I would be able to configure at home. Truly amazing remote capabilities and the app seems flawless so far. Will update as I get more time with it! Overall so far, 5/5 stars. Extremely satisfied!
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4 years ago, scpotter
Perfect for 90% of what I need
Great way to easily check and troubleshoot devices, make adjustments to AP or port settings, reconnect an IoT device and power cycle a port. The design changes between iPhone and iPad make sense, overall a great app. Searching for clients (by label, partial IP, etc) is really helpful. I’d love the app to do everything, and that seems to be getting better over time, especially in supporting UDMP config. The display of switch ports can use some polish. Port aggregation displays only the first port as active and the connected device only shows on the last port, a visual cue they’re aggregated together and showing the client on all ports makes more sense. Nice to see where PoE is in use, would be good to see which ports are/aren’t PoE capable. For UDMP the WAN icon makes sense but no need to highlight LAN ports.
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4 years ago, tbitson
Excellent Utility for Excellent Hardware
After switching to Unifi access points, our network reliability improved almost an order of magnitude. With a combination of the Unifi Pro and Unifi LR (long range) user complaints have dropped to near zero. A good portion is due to this excellent app and a cloud key to manage the system. The app provides good detail on status, multiple log options, load statistics, and much more. One example of the many tools is the 'RF Environment' feature, which pointed out a significant outside interference on certain channels. By selecting RF channels away from the interference, dropouts and unexpected dead zones where eliminated. This one of the best apps for wireless networking professionals, and Unifi continues to improve it.
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4 years ago, Hardworkingme
Difficult to Navigate Constantly Changing Menus
I’ve used the UniFi system for a number of years now, and have been impressed with how development has continued to focus on integration of all features into the app. However, with this most recent update, I have three major problems: - All text labels have been removed in favor of an “icon only” theme in central app areas. This is really silly for those of us who have multiple systems to manage and don’t have time to keep re-learning icon sets as UI changes them. Bring back the labels, please! - “Sites” button in upper right is now in a three dot menu alongside the primary site info. This is absolutely ridiculous. Again, as a managed service provider with multiple sites to manage, this is just an extra unnecessary step, and is not intuitive at all. Please make “Sites” a primary menu option available at ALL times from the main site overview screen. - Can’t access alerts. There appears to no longer be a menu option to access the alerts generated in a site, so we have no idea what the alert is about and can’t silence it without going to a desktop computer. For reals??!? Needed to have someone who uses the app on a regular basis review before pushing this out... please bring back this functionality.
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3 years ago, wleuschner
Nice app, mostly
I’m really surprised by how much effort Ubiquiti puts into making their iOS apps look and work like iOS apps. Usually, network-related apps are cross-platform garbage fires, but this one is a welcome change! I can do just about all the administrative stuff I need from my phone, no browser required. That said, the latest update makes the statistics screen useless. I do not, and will never, enable DPI for any reason. There are other statistics about my network that can be displayed without needing to deeply inspect each packet. In fact, Ubiquiti knows this, because they displayed some of those statistics on the statistics tab before the most recent update! Please don’t require DPI to show me the wireless client counts, graphs, etc.
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4 years ago, Bo67268
Well done UniFi!
This app has nearly all features and functionality of the web-based Controller site (which there are many). I find that impressive, but more importantly, if I am in the field or any from my PC and need an answer on something quickly, this app comes through every time. My only suggestion for those of us who host our controllers on third-party cloud servers (if this is even possible), is to provide an app version of the web-based SSH function (the Controller’s per site settings require that “Advanced Features” box be checked for this), that does not require authentication to access the CLI for an AP or switch. Thank you and keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, trisweb1
One of the best utility apps I have
Obviously Ubiquiti is the cream of the crop when it comes to hardware: great performance, reliability, style, and value all at once. Their app shows the same level of quality and attention to users and details. I love how well designed it is and how it uses standard components and iOS patterns very well, with only a few unique UIs where needed. It feels Pro. But most importantly, it lets you do what you need to do with your network on the go, with the right functions you need on mobile but nothing you don’t. Clearly they’ve done their homework (user research) on what this should actually be, and worked hard to make it great. Awesome company.
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4 years ago, The REAL Andrew Reeves
Custom dashboards gone! 👎
I spent a lot of time customizing dashboards for myself and my customers. The latest update removes these customizations and replaces it with what Ubiquiti thinks is best for all. Problem is this new dashboard isn’t helpful at all and provides maybe one metric that’s worth looking at? The app has enough other problems that I was content to silently use it in a pinch when I don’t have a full browser available, but this is ridiculous. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but to me it’s deserved. We pay a lot of money to buy into an ecosystem that promises flexibility and control over our environments, and this is so far from that expectation that I felt I had to speak up. Happy to change my review but not without putting some control back in our hands or at least a very good explanation as to why the change is necessary (I’ve searched forums for a reason and they seem to be quiet on the subject).
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4 years ago, ParadiseComputerServices
Ubiquiti always pulls through.
I’ve been installing Ubiquiti networks for about 5 years now. At first I was just handed a bunch of equipment the first group of installers couldn’t figure out. It took a little research, and a lot of reading at first. I have now installed WiFi networks and point to point links all over our little island here in Port Aransas, TX. The network we installed at The Tarpon Inn & Roosevelt’s survived CAT4 Hurricane Harvey. It was probably the first network on the entire island to be restored after the storm (thanks to System 7 ISP being well prepared for Hurricane Season). As soon as power services were restored, we flipped the breaker switch, and all units came online within 5 minutes. 👍🤙
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5 years ago, mag780
Just works! As all my Ubiquiti products do!
The app lets me do everything you would typically need to do while on a mobile device when it comes to monitoring and managing your network. I frequently use it to check the status of my APs, force reconnects on unruly devices (eg my WiFi-Thermostats), and get voucher codes for guests so they can log into my guest WiFi. I recommend downloading their other apps, most importantly the latest release: WiFiman (yes, that’s the name...). I’m using Ubiquiti products for a 1-family house with a detached stable and lots of land. Business users might have other requirements but I’m sure the app meets or exceeds those as well.
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4 years ago, G34owner
Good application but could be better
I enjoy using this application as it allows me to login and check if all is working. I am only disappointed on not able to have the chat representative work on my cpu (remote login) instead of having me take screenshots. Please help those of us who are still learning to make your application and our job more efficient. I also wished that our new products would be found without issue. At times it is just too slow for the process to be done and your jobs would be much easier with remote login on your part. Thanks and once again and it’s so much fun just checking who is online.
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4 years ago, Jwlange
Still no fix for UDM Pro “new device” issue
I’ve been hoping the last two updates would have fixed the issue where the app sees a new UDM Pro and wants to configure it. It’s been running since February. The UniFi Protect app does the same thing. I just have to keep closing the pop up every time I open the app. Really annoying for the Protect app. Update: I’ve been communicating with Ubiquiti support regarding the issue of the UDM Pro appearing with a pop-up wanting to set up even though it’s already configured and working. They will work on the fix for the next update but it only appears if you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone. So until a fix is complete, just ignore the pop-up.
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6 years ago, mxDaemon
Awesome hardware, awesome app
We run many UniFi AP’s and switches throughout our clients’ networks and control them all on our own UniFi controller. This app makes it extremely easy to manage and view what’s going on with our clients networks. Can’t do everything you can do via a web browser but still full of of features. I had one particular client’s partner thought we were just selling him snake oil when I was replacing his Apple Airport device with a UniFi AP. I showed him all the stats and the device interference info in the app and was immediately impressed. The performance was also a plus. Anyway, awesome hardware, awesome app. Keep it up Ubiquiti!
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5 years ago, Rockpiles
I invested in the complete Unify ecosystem for my home and couldn’t be happier with the equipment or the app. Just ordered and received (5) G3 cameras and hope to have these up and running soon. Great job Ubiquiti! By using the app I was able to fine tune the power levels of the access points to attain the maximum throughput performance. My wireless download speeds are typically greater than 250 Mps. Power level is only one factor though. All I can say is buy the complete system and play around with the channels and settings. You will not be disappointed. Equipment I have include: Cloud Key Gen 2 plus, USG, Switch 8 POE 150 watt, (3) AC AP Pro, (5) G3 Cameras, and US-8-60W Switch.
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6 years ago, bdnchr
Our Future Is Wonderful
Thats a Ray Bradbury quote, and I find myself saying it less and less, what with You Know Who up to You Know What. But my experience with Ubiquity, UniFi, and this UniFi app is the sort that 1986-me was expecting 2018-me to be enjoying. Setup reads like stereo instructions, and anyone at all interested in even lightly managing their own home network should bin their current router, drive the huge truck they purchased to compensate for it down to the store, and drop their credit score on the counter like a rock if that's what it takes to enjoy the sweet sweet melliferous embrace of the 1s and 0s wending their way to you through the UniFi app.
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6 years ago, OldGoalie35
Best WiFi hardware I’ve ever set up.
My company moved into a new larger building and we attempted to repurpose our older Cisco WiFi hardware. Big mistake, I did some research and found a lot of good things said about Ubiquiti. I convinced ownership to allow the purchase of Ubiquiti POE switch, cloud key and (5) AC Pro AP’s, so far best decision we’ve made. This was the easiest IT install I’ve ever done. Software works, App works it’s just plain simple and awesome. Took me 15 mins to get everything online and working well. (1) SSID for employees and (1) for guests. The system manages everything. It’s so great I can’t stop logging into the app to check it out!
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6 years ago, Paradisemint
I’ve been using the Unifi cloud key and this app now for a couple months. Started out with 3 access points and the cloud Key. We have a 13,000sf home. We ended up with 6 access points and now have our entire 10 acres covered with internet. Each new access point once connect appeared within 60 seconds on the App. We clicked the adopt button and we were done. We can do all our equipment upgrades thru the app. We can see every device connected. Custom name the device. We can also reboot any device thru the app. Last week we added a unify switch with this app. Same thing. We adopted it to the network and it was up and going in 60 seconds. On Monday we have a new Unifi router coming that we will fully configure thru the app. If you have all unifi switches, routers and access points the amount of data you can see is amazing, we also set up a guest network thru the app so we no longer have to give out a password every time we have company.
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4 years ago, iPhoneCzar
Outstanding Pro-sumer feature and function.
This app communicates through your existing controller whether that be a cloud key or the controller software running on a local workstation. I like the built-in hints. For example, when you are accessing a feature that is not available in the mobile app it lists the feature as available in the web app specifically so that you know where to go to find it. It is very handy when you are tweaking things throughout your home to be able to carry around most of the controller in your iPhone.
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4 years ago, mtrussell07
AR needs updated
UniFi Network AR function that I would like to see. The AR function is awesome and will be a great tool for IT administrators. One thing I would like to see is I would like to use the AR and see my port names that I have assigned instead of what you see plugged into the port. Reasons for this is the ports where my Access points are plugged into show not the APs themselves but it randomly changes what is shows and it is a different wireless device all the time. Another issue is a port I have my hyper V server plugged into changes the device it shows as well since I have multiple VMs going out that port. Port names needs to be a function that we can enable and disable! 5 stars when that is fixed! Thank you
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6 years ago, coachbb94
I really like this app!!! I had originally wrote, “A few more features and it would be perfect for monitoring my site when remote. It would be great if it would allow changing the settings of each device. That way if there were a problem while away the necessary change could be made.” What I needed was already there and because Ubiquiti monitors reviews they made me aware of where I could find the feature. That is an example of why I like Ubiquiti's products and services. As a result I changed my rating from 4 to 5 Stars.
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4 years ago, brue11
Not user friendly
Have two houses that i use ubiquity gear in, the 8 port controller and acpro access points used at both locations. When i log into the unifi app i see a cloud key from one house-A and an acpro from the other house-B, but nothing else. I use these devices all the time so they are operational but not shown ? The 8-port switch works for the POE devices but not for non-POE, so the wifi network via acpro is up but all other ethernet devices down. This is the second time this switch has failed. How come u can’t discover, log in and upgrade controller the way u can for a device. The general comment is that the equipment is shaky and user interface is weak making it difficult to debug
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5 years ago, mrapplegate
An amazing app
I thought 1Password was a good app. This app is ranked #1 in my opinion. To make it simple you need this app if you own any Ubiquiti products. You can literally control your network as if you were logged in from home/work. Throw in a cloud key and you can control things from anywhere. What’s really impressive is the more section of the app. It’s like the settings button on the web interface. Think of it as bonus control functions. Take your time and press every button. You will be amazed what you can do with this app.
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4 years ago, iDuel4Fun
Missing 1 important feature.
It’s good product. However it’s missing 1 very important feature. I owned 2 other routers. Both allows me to choose different SSID for 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. However, UDM locks part of the name from 2.4 GHz from 5GHz by adding “_xxx”. This makes transition more difficult because I have to go thru every signal device to enter a new 2.4 GHz SSID and password. I have no option to use same ID and password for 2.4 GHz band. It’s kinda draw back in my opinion. They could suggest adding “_xxx”. But should allow unique 2.4 GHz SSID regardless what the 5 GHz name is. There is really no point in sharing the name when I have a small network.
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4 years ago, Carmine2559
UniFi Network iPhone app
Price is steep, however since the day I left the store with 4 switches 2 AP’s a USG and my pockets were a couple of grand lighter... I don’t regret it cause this app allows me to see and use all the features as well as reminds me the difference in speed of network equipment that does everything in hardware (super fast and is what UniFi does, with a few exceptions) Vs. most other routers and switches that run all their intelligence in software running on the router (google it.. as a network engineer, Im saying big difference) So splurge you will be happy you did!
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4 years ago, ihavenonicknametaken
Super Handy
You can create and admin a fairly complete UniFi setup with this app and error reporting to your mobile device is a nice touch, say when a controller or switch gets knocked offline. I still need to login to the web interface for a few tricks such as disabling 2Ghz radios on APs in a straightforward manner, and of course downloading config backups, though this app has helped me solve a lot of setup and network tweaking issues with really great convenience. Definitely recommended for the UniFi ecosystem admin and even home user getting into nice AP deployment.
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3 years ago, T99321
The app is as good as their hardware
I have been very disappointed in ubiquity. They advertise clear and easy to use and monitor networking equipment; however, that’s just their marketing. In actuality, there equipment and software is not production ready and doesn’t provide information regarding error it experiences. I have been working to two weeks to get their nanohd working. It lead me to download this app. After removing all their equipment from my network and attaching only the nanohd. I went to connect to it using this app. The progress circle completed to about 95% then stopped and wouldn’t continue. This is common user experience with Ubiquity’s products. They never work and most the time don’t tell you what the issue is. Save your money stay away from this company.
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4 years ago, Sickntired07
Enterprise experience at home!
Who would have thought it would be this simplified, yet have all the goodies and network nerd like myself would want! Only downside was it was almost to simplified! I could only skip past the speed test via this app! It was a life saver! On the desktop set up of UDM pro, it was timing out on speed test and gave me no option to skip past to continue setting up my internet. Thank god for this app, but jeez, who would have thought the iOS app would work better than hard wired via pc!!!
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6 years ago, fordracerguy
Moved from a MikroTik router to a USG. This with a UniFi AC Pro completes the package. While the RouterBoard line offers more features, I would spend hours configuring it while worrying about security. I run my controller on my Synology NAS. Would be cool to see this built into the router itself, but I guess it helps keep the router resources dedicated. May spring for a cloud key at some point. I like this app because it is native (doesn’t appear to be a web wrapper) and works while being sexy. As a developer myself, I know the amount of work that goes into it. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, mikegfromma
Works great with own controller
I had nothing but problems with this app when I used the Cloud Key. Constant connection issues, needed restarts, etc. At one point I got so frustrated with the CK that I literally just threw it out and ran it from my laptop. I’ve since switched to using a dedicated small-footprint computer to run the UniFi controller and PiHole, and things have been fantastic. The app layout is great, is consistent with the full-size browser layout, and gives access to all the settings I’ve needed so far.
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3 years ago, sixfingatoes
Needs local account access
Great equipment and UX however, if you disable remote access there is no way to sign into the mobile app using local credentials. This is a deal breaker!!! Update: I followed the guidance suggested by the reply and local access works great! Changed my review to 4 stars. 5 if given the option to update the controller IP w/o having to add a new manual connection. Feedback: the manual option is hard to see as the “connecting…” overlay blocks it. When Try again button appears it’s visible enough to tap.
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3 years ago, Wrfair
Works good
This app continues to work well. There is a bug in the latest release when switching between login/accounts - I have to do it twice to actually switch otherwise it still shows the other account. Update: Developer provided information on a feature that is bit hidden now but detailed client information can be viewed on the Client list page > “...” (top right corner) and under Display option, toggle the option at the bottom.
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5 years ago, Bobbyd1963
Totally outstanding
This app is very useful in understanding the status of your network, what clients are connected and how they are connected. Very useful to have when setting the network up. At first I thought it required cloud key, but it doesn’t. You can just connect to the controller running on your PC. Also, I just spend 2 hours trying to get my Sonos Sub hooked up to the system. I would never have figured it out without this app. It’s excellent. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Kuro.Houou
Need ability to set date range for stats
This is a major issue, what’s the purpose of showing statistics if you can set a time frame. I have no idea what the stats mean because their is no time to compare it with. I should be able to say show stats for 1day, 3day, 7day or 30 or 60 etc. or even better a slider I can adjust to whatever I want. Other then that more an issue with the AP’s but devices should switch to 5G faster, I have adjusted my setting for the APs in multiple ways but you would think it could be smarter about this process.
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5 years ago, netizen2018
Ubiquiti and unifi products always deliver
It seems like every networking and wireless AP maker out there now is going the same software defined networking / cloud management route, but no matter how the rest try they don’t even compare to the quality hardware and management platform that Ubiquiti has been providing at incredible prices for years. For home and business applications the unifi line of products is the best option out there, hands down.
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5 years ago, chooseymomschoose
It’s pretty, and dumb
I’m not sure what qualifies as a “controller” in this app’s mind. It refuses to see the one on the Windows machine running on the same bloody LAN. It finally found my access point (but not my EdgeRouter X, because that’s apparently a Totally Different Thing than UniFi). But it won’t let me manage it ... because it’s being managed by the Windows controller the app can’t see. WHY DOES THAT MATTER!? WHY CAN’T TWO DIFFERENT CREDENTIALED CLIENT DEVICES JUST QUERY AND DISPLAY ACCESS POINT DATA, GENIUSES? Oh, but maybe we know why. Maybe this has something to do with me not letting the copy of Java on my Windows box talk to outside networks, cutting the UniFi controller off from the WAN. Maybe Ubiquiti’s app can’t do diddly on the local network without phoning home to momma for the data goods......
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4 years ago, Nathan K2009
New dashboard is awful and useless!
Bring back the old dashboard. It had switch and port utilization stats, live switch traffic, and more. Idgaf about the row of top clients and apps. The Utilization bar is meaningless without any key or frame of reference. Moving the list of sites to the ... is bad meanwhile top left and top right buttons basically take you to the main list of controllers. Fix it, or at least make it customizable with the same widgets that were in previous app versions. Seriously, stop the needless design changes, settle on one Pantone number for the blue logo color and stick with it, and stop oversimplifying the interface when you’re trying to impress SMB and “enterprise” folks.
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