Unique Daily Affirmations

4.8 (19.1K)
167.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gopher Apps LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unique Daily Affirmations

4.77 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
5 years ago, CE3.
Quick and Easy Daily Positive Affirmations
Do you ever need a daily boost? This app is sure fire way to guide you towards realignment! Interactive for those kinesthetic learners, just tap “The Button” and let the positive statement flow into your life. Almost, each morning, I “tap and go” - a fresh way to start my day a great way to realign throughout my day and a perfect way to always find appreciation. Is someone coming to you in search of appreciation? Let them “tap”! The option to record your voice reading your powerful words of appreciation is available too - there’s fees associated with this; otherwise, I’d give this 5 stars but don’t let anything stand in the way of you and alignment. This is great resource for mindfulness and reflection. I recommend it for personal use, use in the workplace and any place where making one feel empowered, supported and loved is needed. Thank you, Developers! Great job!
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7 years ago, elenaaguilarc
Great App!!!
It's got a very simple way of functioning but I think that's one of my favorite things about because it is so easy to use/access. You simple touch the screen and a wonderful affirmation appears; the aesthetic is nice as well since it is pretty minimalistic. I absolutely love it. It has been great help during tough times and the daily affirmation always seems to be perfect for the day I'm having. I recommend it to just about anyone who needs an extra boost in their everyday life.
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4 years ago, Jacqui N
Just downloaded....
Ok I have to say I like the easy set up of this app but I am having a problem with being able to record myself saying the affirmations but not being able to just play the recording on command. I thought that setting a reminder for the affirmation to pop up would also give the option to play my own voice recording but it doesn’t and when you go into the app to play the recording it’s not easy either. Part of affirmations working is being able to hear your own voice saying it. I love the ability to create my own affirmations but I think that I should be able to swipe through and view more than one affirmation at a time also. I like the potential of the app but there are some problems.
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5 years ago, dah-NEES
Two stars because of a .99 monthly subscription fee!
UPDATE: I am so sick of this app and the greedy developers. I purchased this app years ago and gradually they are deleting and making it a paid subscription for everything I previously paid to have. I am not going to pay for subscription when I already paid for the app. Therefore, I’m deleting this app. — I have been using an iPhone since I had a 3G. I also had a 4S, a 6 and now I have the 7 Plus and I am waiting for the X. I have noticed in all these years that the cost of apps are getting more expensive. I really like this Affirmation app but $.99 a month for notifications, get real. I have noticed that many apps are now going to a monthly subscription. It gives one the desire to build their own apps. In the long run it may be cheaper.
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5 years ago, A.Lappos
I downloaded this app two years ago and have used it every single day since. I’ve saved favorites, added my own and set the background to what brings me peace. It’s an awesome way to start my day and check in on when I’m ehh. I especially love that it reminds you with a zing to come back to the apparition- I’m amazed at how many times my mind wanders even now. This is by far my favorite app and a cornerstone to my sanity 🥰
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5 years ago, dshucha
Love app except this
Love this app however, i know with affirmations you have to repeat daily to change your subconscious mind into believing. Instead of constantly checking the app (which is harder to do) there should be a way that affirmations pop up on your phone as a notification say every 30 minutes or as often as you want them too so your constantly seeing the affirmation and constantly repeating. Also I think there should be tranquil music when your reading your affirmation. :)
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4 years ago, LoveOfSilk
A nudge towards the positive every day
I check my affirmation every morning and it helps set the tone for the day. It's an entertaining app and the photos are pretty to look at. I've uploaded a few of my own photos. I only gave 4 stars just because sometimes the text is hard to read against the background image. Usually happens with my uploaded photos and I haven't found a way to change the color of the text.
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7 years ago, Mrs KRC
A wonderfully inspirational app!
Love checking this each morning to see what the day's message holds. I also love that you can change the background and font color (either black or white), depending on your mood at the moment. I will often times save the message to one of my Pinterest boards so that I can read again. I would love for the developer to please keep adding new background options going forward as it makes for an even richer experience!
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7 years ago, TonyaHC
A Great Start to My Day!
I've had the Affirmations app for a few years now and whenever I press the button to see what the daily affirmation is, it's like a little touch of inspiration fills my day. I've watched the app evolve over the few years. There have been positive changes. I would like to see more backgrounds and fonts. But overall, it's simple goodness to my day. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Instapray
Instagram story showing blank screen
When I click on Instagram then story it’s coming up a blank screen on my end Instagram updated last week when I click on share to Facebook and X known as Twitter are fine but when I click on the Instagram story icon just showing a blank black screen
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5 years ago, Spendiff01
Great start to my morning!
Spending time with myself is one of my new favorite things to do this year! The second thing I do after giving thanks for all my blessings is to check my affirmations app. The affirmation I get each morning sets the tone for my day and helps me center. It’s an amazing way to take care of me before I give of myself to the world. 💗
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10 months ago, Nayanabanana
My most ultimate favorite app AAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Out of all the paid quote apps this one trumps them all. I can add in my own quotes n pictures. Then there’s endless supply of beautifully curated photos to choose from. I wish I can get them all. I love thé ones with animals, water, rain drops n mixture of colors. Kudos to all the wonderful peeps that made this app so awesome.
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7 years ago, Kim55622
Incredible effects over time. I thought it was a little silly at first, but after just opening it everyday and seriously trying to believe the messages, it's completely changed the way I think. I am a lot more confident now, and and when I go to open my daily affirmation, I feel a lightness and confidence.
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4 years ago, Jabangers
Good Morning
I have a hard time Not picking up my phone first thing in the morning - this is a happy compromise by opening this app first. It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds but the affirmations are always nice and positive reminders to myself for the day. I love how it buzzes when I hold down the button in the app long enough. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Real Nigg
Just get it!
If you’re looking for a great free daily affirmation app, this one will do! The ads are so small I barely notice them but of course you can pay to go ad-free. I rarely skip even the simple ones because they each carry much truth if you truly reflect on them. And I have yet to see the same affirmation twice!
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3 years ago, Anon.321
Simple and functional
Does exactly what it is designed to do. Free version provides a free daily affirmation, ability to save favorites and add your own, and a widget that will show an affirmation from your favorites (different from the daily affirmation). Ads are unobtrusive and a fair trade off for free app use.
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7 years ago, Teach Strong
Great Daily App/Don't like the ads on the affirmations
I am a teacher and use this app with my students at the end of class. They love it! I like that you can skip ones that you don't like. I wish the ads would disappear when the affirmation appears so that it does not take away from the affirmation itself and the concept of wholly focusing on a positive thought.
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4 years ago, mSaurabh291
Good App Bad Widget
I use this app for my daily affirmations but the widget app just keeps stuck on the single affirmation. I was hoping this would change everyday but I stays on the same affirmation forever. Can you guys please fix this and I’ll be happy to update my rating. Thanks
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11 months ago, gamer6ix9
Great app
This app has been very useful and helpful. Thank you for making such a handy app, one of my favorite features is how it is so easy to create my own, and all the different ways I can change all the settings. Thank you again
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7 years ago, Ssouthwell
I have tried many different positive affirmation and inspirational quote apps over the years and this is one of the best!!! I love that I record the positive affirmation in my own voice and it plays it back to me several times so that it sinks in and becomes part of my subconscious throughout the day.
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7 years ago, EddieAJ
An app to use on the daily
Find myself opening this app periodically throughout each day and repeating each information out loud. It brought a lot of joy and clarity to my life. I often send different affirmations to people I think will enjoy them. It works if you work it.
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1 year ago, Gidget0013
A few years ago I downloaded this app. I am so glad I did. It really helped me stay positive. In a world no one knew what was going to happen next. I also like the function you can put in your personal messages of encouragement.
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4 years ago, sayhappy
This is my Morning addiction. I wake up to my affirmation every morning and I look forward to it k owing it’s an answer for me for that particular day. I’m usually grumpy when I don’t look at it. It’s like an exercise, you feel like crap without it.
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7 years ago, Jlrip123
This is a great tool to start your day with
I use this app every morning to provide a positive start to my day. I love the Affirmations! that they provide for me and I also love the ability to create my own. I am very please with the updates they have recently added.
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6 years ago, MissSeeSaw
Great basic functionality but not enough affirmations, maybe a bug
I subscribe to this app and I have “skipped” enough of the affirmations that I now see one of about 10 every day—sometimes the same one several days in a row. It no longer feels like the “new affirmation a day” service that it purports to be. (Maybe it’s just bugged, but I do have it set to show new affirmations every day, not just my favorites.) I really like the general gist of this app but for what it is, it’s probably not worth the 99 cents monthly. I prefer the ThinkUp affirmations app for many more affirmations and better recording & playback options. It’s really a shame, as this one is so pretty and ThinkUp is ugly as sin.
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5 years ago, Tony253
High quality quotes, low visual value
The daily affirmations are great with not too much repetition...however, spending $12/year should provide the developer with enough cash to provide more backgrounds. Yes, I know you can insert your own but most people don’t have the software to create backgrounds that are not pictures.
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6 years ago, Lovatar2018
Affirmations could be more inspirational
I enjoy the daily affirmations, but I think some are a little ego-centric. I would like more inspiration. Another note, it would be nice if I could see more than 1 per day. Maybe every hour or every few hours. I’d also like a library access if past affirmations.
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4 years ago, Peaceful365
The affirmations are encouraging. I downloaded this app first on my phone awhile ago, when the functionalities you’re now charging for, through a subscription, were free. Therefore, the reason for the 4 star rating.
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3 years ago, gerkayla
Keeps me aware
I’ve been using this app for well over a year and it definitely has changed my state of mind. You can even add your own affirmations. Helped boost my self esteem a lot ❤️
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7 years ago, C Zancanelli
Good app
Good app for a daily positive affirmation. You can add your own also. I wish it gave a daily reminder to open it though - I only remember when I see the red push notification! Also wish there was an option to add ONLY my own affirmations- currently it adds yours to the pre-determined list.
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7 years ago, Enchantress T
Inspire Yourself
If you use this app the right way, you can empower yourself to achieve you dreams use what applies to you get rid of what doesn't stay focus use your Affirmations daily and watch where your life can go!
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6 years ago, msteach02
A morning start
I love this app ! It helps me start my morning every morning I share it with my friend and family on Facebook and some of them have so many comments and like!! Thanks
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4 years ago, To:EmilyJune
I want to share this!
I’ll admit I’m new to this app and still on the learning curve. When I realized I could share my affirmations I was elated! Alas, disappointed moments later when I couldn’t share the voice clip on social media. It’s all about the voice clip guys. Help me share your brilliance!
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7 years ago, melizg
Great way to start your day!
I enjoy reading a new affirmation every day. I also like that you can save your favorite and they will cycle through so you can see them again.
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5 years ago, BeccaG250
Daily Dose of Inspiration
I appreciate having a resource first thing in the morning. I can share those words with others. I’m very happy with the customize feature this allows me to remember and to share with other friends.
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3 years ago, ksingh12345
Exactly what I needed
I love the notifications first thing in the morning. The affirmations themselves remind me to live life as the best version of myself. I love the backgrounds. It sets the tone for my whole day!
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6 years ago, tonyits
How to improve
I would love to be able to record more than three times for free and I would actually to save the recordings so I could listen throughout the day !!
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2 years ago, SJP6119
Great way to start your day
The first thing I do each morning is read my affirmation. I refer to it throughout the day! I love that I can add my own affirmations as well. Thank you!!
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6 years ago, pampvamp
Awesome little Affirmation App
Very easy to use. I really like that I can record myself reading any affirmation and then save it in my faves, as well as adding my own. I looked at some other Apps, but this is the one!
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7 years ago, nj kim
Just what you Need !
It's simple it's just what you need to remind yourself everyday you can get thru whatever life throws your way!!! Touch the button read record it and believe it!!
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7 years ago, 5T3seagal
Awesome app!
Love this app! Easy to use and the affirmations really apply to what I am trying to accomplish. Plus, I like that I can come up with my own affirmations that are for specific goals!! Highly recommend this app!
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7 years ago, AKA:TINK
Great way to start my day!
As I look for more positive ways to change my life, this is one more way to influence my daily start. Great reminders and love the share feature too!
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2 years ago, cutiepieeee
I look forward to reading them each morning!
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7 years ago, Annagirlwonder
Great app
I love this app. I've been focusing on affirmations, and this not only lets you make your own, it offers great ones as well. I like that you can record yourself saying the affirmation.
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6 years ago, Psych Pilot
I’m a bit new to this, so bear with me. Aren’t affirmations intended to put positive thoughts into actions on a more ethereal level? A few times too many the message drifting into my screen is “Im going to get what I want” rather than gratuity and reflection. Not exactly what I was looking for.
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6 years ago, Avs234
Thank you
Thank you so much for this app . It’s amazing how it feel when we heard those affirmations in our own voice and is like food for the soul every day
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7 years ago, CharsWhimsy
Simply Wonderful!
The affirmations in this app have inspired me to reconnect with Spirit and begin my daily journaling. So easy to receive the support of Spirit through this daily affirmation. Also nice to share.
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8 months ago, Buttermilktoast
Cool new topics feature
Nice new feature! Helps me zero in on the affirmations I need without having me to think of them myself
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6 years ago, RoscoMaximus
Awesome App
Love the ability to record affirmations in my own voice - not only because I like to hear myself talk but it also helps reinforce the message!
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2 years ago, Hater of nickname creations
Extremely limited control
I wanted to simply add a list of custom affirmations that pop up on my phone and watch at preset intervals with the ability to silence during sleep times. I can create my own affirmations but I can’t set them to cycle through my preset list at chosen intervals or even the preset intervals. It is not an intuitive design at all.
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