Unit Converter - Best Unit App

4.8 (143.5K)
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Alan Mrvica
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3 years ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unit Converter - Best Unit App

4.82 out of 5
143.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Bertorama
It does EXACTLY what it says, and that’s AWESOME!
Like most people in the US, the metric system, to me, is a mystery. I used to work in international sales and can’t overstate how important it is to get an understanding of the metric system. This is especially true when taking custom-made product orders which require precise measurements of size, weight & length. International customers almost exclusively use and provide measurements in metric. This app makes those conversions from Imperial to Metric and vice versa, quickly and efficiently. On another note, for culinary situations, I personally use metric. It’s much more precise, which is essential dealing with liquids and especially for baking. It is infinitely easier to convert baking recipes from cups, ounces and pounds entirely to metric units with this app. My baking results went through the roof once I started metric units. This app even does temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I use this app every day, get it.
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4 years ago, KJ Decided
Allergies or Covid 19?
Seven months ago, after 29 years of living abroad, I retired and moved back to the United States. Oregon to be exact. I still have not unpacked all my household goods. But in digging through drawers that contain hastily unpacked items, I found three priceless objects that are unavailable at stores now during the first weeks of the Corona Virus outbreak. These items were two unopened packages of a hand wipes that kill %99.9 of all bacteria, a thermometer, and bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Do now the peroxide is used to clean the thermometer. But the thermometer measures in Celsius. So is a temperature of 37 degrees C with head congestion and a cough an indication of something more than seasonal allergies or not? I don’t know yet, but I am so grateful that I still have my Units Plus app on my cell phone. And I will continue to monitor, record and use the app Units Plus app to make informed decisions about my health. Thank you Units Plus.
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6 years ago, Mozartsmusic
Awesome App, I can’t thank you enough! 👍🤠
Since the very first iPhone came out on the very first day! I’ve been using the iPhone and one of the Apps I wanted was a App that converted all the many different Units, an App that didn’t require a PHD to use! I’m sure over the years I’ve tried hundreds of different ones! And I keep returning to this App! It’s easy enough that I have no problem using it! I have yet to try the “Pro” Version and may one day if for no other reason than to thank the people behind this App for their great work! Without any question this is a “Five Star App” !!!! 👍🤠👍🤗
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3 years ago, kjdkjd
It ought to convert in both directions
Like most unit conversion apps out there, it’s just “ok.” It’s still inferior to the conversion app I had way back in the early iPhone skeuomorphic days. That app was superior because: 1. It was nicer looking 2. Everything was a friendly, well-animated scroll wheel (nicer looking than the apps that came after, including this one) 3. I could input my unit to convert on either side of the equation. To my knowledge, no apps do this now. That’s strange, because it’s quite common for me to say, “Ok how many inches is 40cm?” and immediately after, “Well then how many cm is 15 inches?” Having to continuously scroll back and forth between units to do this swap, is super annoying. Pressing the “swap” button to scroll both sides automatically is less annoying, but still not as good because it shifts the number inputted on one side of the equation to the other, where it isn’t relevant. Also guys, $6 is way too much for the pro version. I’d pay $1 or maybe $2 as-is. Make this app as good as its cousin from years ago, then maybe $5 because that app was perfect.
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4 years ago, Quick235
I love this app great easy to use
I have used this converter all around the world. It I love this app great easy to use has to use has everything you need to convert to and from. I travel a lot I would be lost without this appis my most valuable app. It is very easy to use especially with currency. You can switch back and forth between yours and others easily so you know exactly why you are paying or exchanging. The others temp, weight etc all equally easy to use. I bought the Pro for a one time fee well worth the little I paid
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5 years ago, WinkingBuddha
Metric-English Conversions To Go
This is my almost daily go-to app to get conversions from all types of metric to English, English to metric conversions...or even to get info on how much is in a English conversion. This app includes currency, length, distance, volume, mileage, temperature and so much more. I love how this app easily converts miles into kilometers or vice versa as well as how many yards in a mile, ounces in a gallon, etc. Very simple, easy and fast to use. Use it daily. Best of all, it is FREE and never nags me with update pushes or ads. A perfect app for info you really can use all the time. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Unicorn Hippo
Great for sewing conversation
I like to sew but patterns can come in metric or standard, I prefer metric. I can put in the inches and see the centimeters or vice versa. It’s so easy to use for any age, I would highly recommend anyone to get this app it does more. I also use it for recipes that are in metric and switch it over to standard since that is what most measuring utensils are in standard versions. If you have children in school this app will help tremendously and save a lot of time. I hope y’all like it as much as I do.
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6 years ago, Keith theisen
Great App for Everything... EVERYWHERE!!!
We have travelled to 26 countries and this app has been our “best friend” for quickly figuring out all kinds of conversions for all kinds of currency. Icelandic Kronos, Chinese Yuan (RMB), Japanese Yen, Euros, you name it... We also like to stay at Air BnBs.... so this app has also been very helpful for doing metric conversions for making dishes and figuring out what we need to buy. Lastly... temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit has been a lifesaver when setting the thermostat to a comfortable level and dressing appropriately for the outside weather. One quick tip I learned that has been a great “manual” converter for temperature... Multiply the Celsius number x 2 Then add 32 So 20 degrees Celsius becomes 20*2=40 40+32=72 degrees Fahrenheit Other than that trick we always stick to the app and are very happy and confident wherever we go. Hope this makes your life and your travels easier.
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5 years ago, twp66
Easy to switch back/forth
I’ve read several complaints stating it’s not easy to switch back/forth between your two selections. Some say you have to buy +version. YOU DON’T. I’m an iPhone user, and unless it is specific to iOS devices, and I doubt it is, you have that feature. Hit the the key in the bottom left corner-the one that has one arrow above the other but they are pointing opposite ways. Ah Ha moment, eh? This is in the the top 3 apps on my phone that I would never want to be without, PERIOD
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5 years ago, Videogamejunkie77
Read this, if you want an honest review!
Let start out with that I am not paid by google, I wish, I am a normal guy. I don’t say this lightly, this is a must have app! For the home owner, chef, carpenter, etc, this will be probably one of the best apps you ever get. It does exactly what it claims to do. Converts just about everything. Now having it, and knowing how good it is, I would even pay for this one. This app will be the benchmark to all other apps I ever get as far as usability, ease of use, and navigation. Google should be very proud of making a masterpiece. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this does get a $.99 charge. For the DIYers, get this app, quit trying to figure it out. For anyone traveling overseas, get this app for money conversion and sizing. For students, get this app. It puts all the resources you could ever need in your hands.
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7 years ago, Wnksy
Best app 3rd time a charm
My son downloaded this upon arrival in Europe. I already had downloaded two other apps previous. After watching my son use it I quickly downloaded this to my phone. I use this time and time again in three different countries in Europe. Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. This worked every time I opened it. Thus making budget choices and saving money where I needed to and spending money where I wanted. You can't go wrong with this app.
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7 years ago, Drumming Taco
Great but wish there was an easy way to switch
This app works. It converts many different ways. The only thing I would wish for is an easy way to switch back and forth. For example if I am in kg to lbs and I want to switch to lbs to kg, I have to change each one individually. Then if I want to go back, I need to switch individually again. It would be nice if there was a "switch" button that switches it back and forth more easily. UPDATE: Oh I see. You have to buy the "Pro" version for that feature. :/ Switching to Converter+
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7 years ago, Wiseask
A Dream App For Travelers!
This App does it all. It converts currency and units of measurement with ease. I don't understand the reviewers who complained that you can't move back and forth between currencies (e.g, dollars to euros and euros to dollars) because you can, with the push of a button. I saw another reviewer complain that you can't save your favorites, but BFD. It only takes a moment to scroll to your favorite anyway. In short, this is an indispensable App for travelers -- and it's free (my favorite price)!
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3 years ago, LastGun
Many years!
This app has served me and my family for over 10 years now and has never failed us! Old school US citizens learned the imperial system and then we got snafooed by the metric mania. It has dislodged me to some extent but I am 73. It isn't that I couldn't learn something new... (if I actually wanted to) I simply don't. So as long as I have my app box pro, I have the confidence to say "bring it on"‼️ Way to go app box pro 👍
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3 years ago, brom3
Rescue tool
I have been using this app for 2 1/2 years and it has saved me so many times. I use it for cooking in the kitchen I use it for gardening working in the shop just about anything you can imagine. I have also managed to share this with quite a few people and they are as well impressed as I am. Don’t just think about it go ahead and get it because it’s worth it.
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2 years ago, Fillmore 13
Easy to use. Comprehensive.
I have used several conversion tools over the years. None has been as visually attractive or as easy to use or as comprehensive. As a world traveler, who also watches news and sports from around the world, I find this tool a great aid to my understanding. It is so convenient and easy that I use it when I otherwise would just try to survive without understanding.
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3 years ago, PegNAtl96
Great App
I find this app very helpful, especially when shopping online and trying to convert metric dimensions into our inches or feet, so that I can picture how big an item is, particularly, if I am purchasing clothing from other countries. It’s also helpful when shopping for jewelry, since I have small wrists and fingers, and needed to know bracelet sizes in centimeters as opposed to inches in the U.S.
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8 years ago, DPauls
Unit Plus
It is good; however, I would move between pesos and US currency. I have to change back in forth depending if I have to determine pesos to dollars and vise versa. I would recommend a way to make it easier to move between the two. The current way I have to page all the way down to dollars if I want to know how many pesos to dollars. And then when I need to know how many dollars to pesos, I have to move back again. Please fix it where using just two common currencies, it is easier to move between the two.
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4 years ago, AHGenious
One day I went to the doctor. After the checkup she told me to stay on a diet to weigh less. Since nowhere in our house had a weight that weighed in pounds I knew I was in trouble. Then I found this app. It worked the EXACT way I wanted it to! It had no bugs, no glitches, and best of all, all of its results are 100% accurate! This is the best app I have ever seen. I shared this app to my sister, and she LOVED it! This app was like it was made by god.
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3 years ago, Intheswamp
Great converter
We're getting ready for a mission trip to Uganda and wanted something to convert from miles and dollars to kilometers and schillings. This app does that very, very well...and lots more!!! It does have an advertising bar at the bottom of the screen but being a free app that's ok with me!!! Follow up: The converter worked great for us on the trip. I highly recommend it!!! A 5+STAR rating!!!
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4 years ago, jaw443
I like it, best I could find
This puts a lot of info at my fingertips, I like the visual appearance, colors. I would give 5 stars but the one I had for years before I got this one had more info & was better organized, easier to find category needed. It was not compatible with an iOS update so I didn’t update the iOS for as long as humanly possible to not lose that app & a GPS app. It took a while to find this one and is the best I can find, glad to have it.
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3 years ago, 2 into 1
My Stats Go-To
Units plus is on my first page for apps because I go to it all the time and I know I can always rely on it for a quick answer when I’m looking for a conversion of almost anything be it temperature, money, length or distance or even comparables I have not even discovered I need yet. It is awesome to get immediate answers when I need them and this app has never let me down. Thomas Hughes
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7 years ago, You went kaboom whoa
Nice that it does many things, but no reversal is major flaw
It's nice that it converts between many things, but you often need to reverse what to convert and there's no quick way to do that. For example, if you're set to convert US dollars to New Zealand dollars, you can't quickly switch to converting New Zealand dollars to US dollars. This is something you need to do often and not being able to do so quickly makes the app far less usable. In fact, I'm switching to another app because of this.
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5 years ago, IslandFeedback
I tried others, this is the best one !
I am in constant need of converting measurements, currency, etc. This app is the cleanest looking, most friendly and easiest conversion tool I have ever used. I use it so much that once I accidentally deleted :( , it was worst than loosing my kids (kidding), no sweat, looked it up and re installed it, no charge since I already had it...plus I remember the pretty color symbol.
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3 years ago, m2bma
Simply the Best
There are so many great things I want to say about this app but I don’t want to bore anyone to death. So I will just make it short, sweet and to the point. This is by far the best unit converter app ever. It’s easy to use and it gives me the answer I need. I’ve even used it to fact check things because I want to make sure I’m not being fooled. Love this app.
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7 years ago, Joe Muhammad
Definitely worth downloading!
This app has many conversion units, most importantly including currency among the standard weight, time, length, etc. The one drawback is the user interface for unit conversion, which can be rather annoying to scroll through for currency (which has a LONG list of possible values). Overall certainly worth downloading, especially given it's free!
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3 years ago, The Sky Marshal
Excellent Free App‼️
I simply love this reference application ..... especially its price. It is responsive and exacting to any conversion need I have encountered for a multitude of varying types of calculations. A wonderful application for that I would have paid. Said is likely not the most appropriate remark eh,? Well, the application is that good and not a single time have I ever encountered any type of difficulty with its operation.
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3 years ago, Hoping4Better2020
Multifunctional tool
This app has many varied and useful functions. It makes international traveling a breeze because it can be used without Internet connectivity. You can use it discretely, which is a major plus. I highly recommend it, and once you use it you will immediately know its value.
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7 years ago, FRivera9
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ or 🎯
GLAD TO 5-⭐️ UNIT PLUS APP... ...but wish to rank UNIT PLUS with 1-🎯 to say, "BULLSEYE, I FOUND IT!" This app has everything and all conversion data a person, as I, need for every day use and/or operations. STOP downloading other apps or you are wasting your time. I have tried other apps (8 apps), which had some of what I was needed nor do I rate a lot of apps, but after using all sections under or contained in this app, GLAD TO 5-⭐️ UNIT PLUS APP and WRITE THIS REVIEW but wish to rank UNIT PLUS with 1-🎯 to say, "BULLSEYE, I FOUND IT!" Some may say this has more then needed; MORE IS BEST THEN LESS, like always! PS: Thanks for reading now go download UNIT PLUS app. Oh, haven't tried or downloaded the PRO version, but I will soon! Freddi Rivera
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8 years ago, Detective captain
Great app, I use it every day!
This app is very useful, I mostly use it to convert money. I have used a conversion apps before and had function errors with it, this is good, but I would love if they would allow you to create a custom list of the currencies (or whatever) that would allow you to use just like four of the types because I find it difficult to quickly find the desired item.
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3 months ago, Necca O.
Awesome App for Traveling and Educational Activities
I’m am really glad that this app was invented because it will help me understand how to Exchange currency with another country without issues so I am really grateful for it and this will help out students who would be interested in traveling abroad and with other educational activities.
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8 years ago, Left Coasting
Would like "independent" temperature
Good quality easy-to-use app, but one improvement that would help me is a secondary temperature function that is not dependent on the temperature scale. That is, there is no way to say x.x degrees Celsius = y.y degrees Fahrenheit, without the app assuming that you want ambient air temperature. I often want just the degree conversion. This would require a different function and app button.
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2 years ago, globetrotter 2022
Perfect for the international set
As someone who travels a fair amount internationally, even in the pandemic, for both business and personal reasons, I find this to be my most frequently used app, as it covers all of the everyday conversions I need to make, whether currency, temperature, or units of measurement. I recommend it highly!
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6 years ago, Bluedot0649
Units Plus: Best Conversion APP, Free or Buy
A conversion tool was one of the first tools I looked for way back when I first used Windows 95. I use them extensively in my work (Technical Writer for pharmaceutical and health industries). Units Plus is hands down the most comprehensive and intuitive conversion tool I have used. Ever. And amazingly it is FREE! This may be the best APP I have ever used. Certainly in the top 5.
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3 months ago, Boots MN
I’m no Whiz…
I’m no whiz at this stuff, which is why I need an app. That said, I have no idea how accurate it all is, but it hasn’t failed me yet! I use it for cooking, shopping, crafts around the house, traveling, etc. I’ve probably used it once a week for over 3 years. No complaints. Thank you!
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7 years ago, bobnloueh
May trip
Wow , this app made our trip in Europe this past May so much easier and helpful. From converting daily weather temps to how fast our cars and trains were traveling. But most of all it was the speed of converting money to our currency for shopping !!! And we shopped plenty. Good job and I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, mtbross
One of the best apps
I’ve been using this app for years in it’s free version. It is extremely reliable and endlessly useful for me so I decided to go ahead and get the paid version because you know people should get paid for their excellent work. Thanks so much for a great app.
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5 years ago, Biribogo
Wonderful app
This is a terrific app. We have found so many ways to use it and take advantage of if do many if it’s features. From reading foreign recipes to converting the units to calculating distances in our trips, to understanding temperature measurements and everything else in between. The app is so extremely helpful we just love it.
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5 years ago, rchaseley
One of the best tools on my phone!
This is by far the most useful tool I have ever downloaded. The only thing they could do to make it better would be to add a feature to convert motor power ratings and so forth! But the features it does have are incredibly useful and have saved my bacon numerous times!
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5 years ago, skipmorgan
Perfect app
I am a US citizen and travel and do business in foreign countries. The currency, weight and measurement are all used daily. I especially appreciate the fact that the exchange rate for foreign currencies are constantly updated. So far I haven’t found a glitch or issue. Well done and handy and useful in so many ways.
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3 years ago, I Can't Understand Eddie Vedder
Simple, elegant, pay for it
It’s worth noting that the paid version gives you the ability to save up to four favorites, which makes it worth the $4.99. I’d like more than four but it’s a good start and product is super simple to use.
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4 years ago, Maplejojo
Most often used of my utility type apps.
I use this app more than almost any other app besides social media and game apps. As far as actual useful knowledge, this wins hands down. I use the temperature conversion and imperial to metric quite often. The volume conversion comes up a lot when cooking too. Great app.
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3 years ago, oldwitchannie
Love this app
I’ve been using it since I got my first iPad and it’s been very helpful. I often have to convert temperatures and measurements as well as currency. I deleted it for a short while to free up some space but found I couldn’t manage without it.
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2 years ago, Mac since 512k
What about below freezing temperatures?
I have been using Units Plus for years as the easiest converter app for most measurements — weight, currency, length, etc. Now that it’s winter, however, I find it very frustrating to have to switch to a different app to convert below freezing temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The +/- symbols don’t work.
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6 years ago, NanaSadie
A lot of thought went into the creation of this app. I have used it for a couple of years and it does an excellent job! It’s not fancy, but it does exactly what you need it to do. So easy that my grandson, now 9 years old, has been using it longer than I have...he referred it to me!!!
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5 years ago, ComPadre Can
Units Plus
Very versatile and informative and user friendly. Covers many factors that are not commonly known. Don’t have to worry about converting anything, flexible in including whatever needs converting. I would highly recommend to one and all. Can’t wait to exercise it against any challenge I may encounter.
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7 years ago, Cochise231
Good app but
I find this app to work very well especially for free I am in the same boat as these other reviewers with wishing for a quick reversal for converting other than that it does the job it sets out to do very well I can say I never have verified that the conversions were correct I am just taking it for granted that this app is doing conversions correctly lol
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8 years ago, Fifty Gal
Love It!
I recently assumed responsibility for employees in other countries and found this app to be very helpful in translating currency and measurements. The only reason I did not give it five stars is that you cannot save favorites of currencies. So I have to search through many countries that I don't use to find the ones I need. If they could fix that I would give it FIVE stars!!
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5 years ago, Rockville123456
Love this
I really like the ease of using Units Plus. I’ve had the app for six months or so and the times I go to use it, it has always performed perfectly. I like the fact that it’s easy to use, to jump from measurement to measurement, and that the base app has so many options to it. Big fan.
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5 years ago, Nejra Ajnyw
So Easy And Interesting
I got this to convert currency and distance from metric and English. I was so impressed. You can convert area, currency, data, fuel mileage, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, and weight. There are more units than you have ever heard of. I learned a lot and it’s really easy to use.
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