Unitus Community Credit Union

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Unitus Community Credit Union
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Unitus Community Credit Union

4.83 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
5 years ago, CumulusHumilus
Actually an Upgrade!
Great work on the new app. I find it a lot more intuitive than previous version. I also like the greater consistency between the desktop and the app. I do miss Total Finance a little, but there are other apps out there like Mint that can do similar things for me, and I’ll be sure to utilize your budgeting options. A lot of times, well-advertised upgrades are a huge disappointment and often a step backward. This one is actually an upgrade. One suggestion: On bill pay, please give us the option to choose the date the payment is withdrawn, rather than the “deliver by” date. Or show both prominently. I almost accidentally overdrew my account by not noticing this change, because the delay can be different for different payees. Thanks!
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5 days ago, MY REVIEWS…!!!!
Security is their PRIORITY!!!
This is definitely a bank you can trust to protect your money. As of recent, this is a fact that was proven under unfortunate circumstances. Suddenly, I was receiving notifications and security alerts from my bank as well as every other account of mine, emails, social media etc…that someone was trying to change my passwords. Now, just like many of us my very first concern, was my money. Unitus showed nothing but care and had my back COMPLETELY!!! And I found out how much, because in the midst of all the craziness, I had just submitted an online order from a place I do not normally use my bank card and Unitus left the charge pending until I approved the transaction. I LOVE MY BANK!! Thank you, Unitus!!!
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5 years ago, 8ipods
Terrible update
The new update is absolutely awful. It looks and feels terribly unprofessional, as it has a thick black bar on the top and the bottom as if it was not intended to be formatted on an iPhone. Additionally it will not let me confirm my information, thus I am essentially locked out of my bank accounts and can not see their balances. I have tried calling their service phone number, but the bank has very particular hours and because it is closed I can not receive any help. The new app has essentially cut off my ability to access my bank account and I am extremely unhappy with the poor update.
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2 years ago, Er.glck
Great function, but design….
I love the apps functionality. It gives you a “snapshot” of your accounts when you open the app so you don’t have to sign in every time which is great. I love how easy mobile deposit is as well. I’ve been with Unitus for years and me and my family love the app. My complaints are appearance based. The app is not dark mode compatible nor does it have any feature that can make it dark themed. It also recently was updated and the app is now pretty cold looking. The app before had a great orange theme going on and while it was a little blocky, I much preferred it over this cold and sterile appearance now. It feels like im entering an examiners room or something. Please bring some personality back to the app.
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4 years ago, SavvySam23
Menu & Backend Processing
Mobile navigation and menus needs improvement especially your bill pay menu and backend processing is horrible. Every time I make a mortgage payment through the mobile app I get a rejection notification and then after a few days later we find out that the transaction got processed. This has been going on over the past four months. You need to improve your mobile service and the menus navigation is not that intuitive. The front end menus lack simplicity and clarity.
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1 year ago, C. McKee
Mobile check deposit crashes
Plenty of this app works fine The current version of the app crashes very consistently when I take photos of checks for deposit. Last night I had two checks to deposit, and the app crashed three times in the process. In addition, when choosing “mobile deposit” from one specific account page the deposit page consistently targets a different account. The frustration of resetting this is compounded when I have to reopen and relogin to the app multiple times for a single transactions. Besides these issues I don’t need to be marketed to inside the app, I’m already a customer - you could drop the ads, please.
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2 years ago, jessevanatta
Credentials randomly erased all the time.
The rest of the app is fine. For those of us with complex passwords that don’t commit to memory very easily (and don’t log into their bank through a web browser, ever), the app clearing the login token and account randomly is a huge nuisance and defeats the purpose of even using it to begin with. This is especially bad when FaceID is your primary login method. I cannot find any common denominator between these several instances (10+ over years of using the app and over multiple updates that don’t fix the issue). I’d love to see an update specifically mentioning fixing this issue.
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5 years ago, Starting0ver
User experience is important!
On the old app when I used Bill Pay, the payment was set for the next nearest date and I could just tap a button and the payment was set. Now, the app forces me to use a date picker before I can schedule a payment. Thanks for adding extra work to my paying bills! 🤨🤔 Suggestion: Don’t disable the confirm payment button if the user doesn’t select a date. Just schedule for the next available date. And the new app is very busy visually, feels clunkier to use than the old one. (user and professional software tester customer—I know guys who design much better interfaces so was really disappointed after all the hype)
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4 years ago, Meggie2007
Facial recognition and logging in issues
Constantly having issues with the login. Have been locked out of my account twice now and I am putting in the correct password. Went into the bank and they even put in the password as written and it locked them out. App says my facial recognition “haven’t logged in awhile” when I literally just logged in that morning. Long waits for the app to load, tried unloading and reloaded, per the bank and have the issue and will time out a lot.
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4 years ago, Kirli-Oregon
Bill pay headaches
I’m a big fan of credit unions and Unitus, but the app and online bill pay needs an overhaul. Bill pay dates can’t be edited, they must be erased and started anew....which would be fine if the deleting feature worked. It is not worth the aggravation of continuing to use Bill Pay. The app and online doesn’t delete payments, without any indication of why. Even a call to customer service this week requesting a cancelled bill payment didn’t delete the payment. I’ve called customer service and eventually requested to talk to managers and IT about this problem a dozen times since October. It is so frustrating. They keep asking for screen shots of error messages or what is going on, but it all looks like a normal transaction.
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4 years ago, E45dodge
Changes 2019
I love the new changes implemented this year. Being able to see a quick balance check without having to log in. Means that I can make purchases with more piece of mind. I can also check more frequently if my balance is as it should be. #safetycheck The app is way easier to navigate and I was able to find/set auto savings to multiple savings accounts 🙌💛💛💛🙏💛💛💛 thank you for all your hard work software engineers, product team, creatives, 🙏🙏🙏
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5 years ago, HarrisonBlack
The home screen is literally an error.
What on Earth? How is this considered an upgrade? I’m astounded at how unbelievably poor this new app is. I, like many users who have left a review, can’t even see my account balances unless I pretend like I’m trying to transfer money. The home screen/account balances has been an error/perpetually spinning loading wheel since the day of the update. I too am considering switching banks in hope for an app that isn’t absolutely unusable. I’ve waiting a few months for an update that will fix this error and and absolutely nothing has changed. “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel - ESPECIALLY after receiving an incessant amount of marketing communication and hype prior to the update launch.
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2 years ago, FightingSiouxForever
Mobile Deposit
I’ve never had a problem using mobile deposit until the latest change. I had to retake the photo of the front of my check 5 times before it said no errors, even though it appeared fine every time. Hoping this isn’t how it will always be.
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5 years ago, TyMatRy
Not a fan!
I have been using the old app for years. This new app is awful! I have to log in with full account info even if I hit the box that says “remember me”. The snap check is a pain cause I will deposit a check and it will confirm with a confirmation number, but my balance will still show as the previous balance before the deposit. The old app would show the new balance right away. I find the new app too time consuming and not as reliable as what my funds actually are. For being a loyal customer since 2005 and living 1 1/2 from the closest branch, I might consider closing my account and bank with a CU more local. Without a convenient app which is my only source of banking with Unitus, what is the point??
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5 years ago, foozmeat
Buggiest looking app I’ve seen in awhile
Is this app fake? It looks so broken that I don’t feel like I should trust it. The very first screen is an unstyled web page! The security question screens have unreadable cropped text blocks. Now I’m logged in and the app looks better but it’s showing me all of my linked accounts in one list which would be cool if the accounts were labeled with the owners name or something useful. After using the app for a few minutes it’s clear this will be slower to use than the old one. Get rid of the animations!
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5 years ago, Kenzie014
Good to meh
This app used to be perfect and still works well. However recently when I tried using snap check it said I needed to update, yet there are no updates available... very inconvenient and irritating as it used to work and that feature is the main reason I got the app. I’m not that close to a bank and now have to wait to deposit the check. Also, sometimes the picture taking feature glitches.
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4 years ago, RyJo311
Easy to use
I’m glad they got the Face ID which makes it easier to open. Previously they had only the thumb print which didn’t work with newer iPhones. Viewing accounts and transferring money is super simple. I not longer ask for a receipt when I visit the bank because the app shows me everything, including my balance.
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10 months ago, Peppercorn bing bing
Inaccurate Information.
The app never shows the actual amount of $ you have. Sometimes it’ll show you the amount before your pending withdrawals are taken out, sometimes it’ll refresh when I open the app and I’ll suddenly get 3 emails letting me know I’ve gone below my low balance alert. What’s the point of an app if you can’t get an accurate idea of how much $ yoh have without closing and opening it twice, then subtracting the pending w/d in your head. I’m strongly considering switching credit unions because of how poorly this app works.
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5 years ago, CoffeeChickPDX
Elated User
So excited to see all of the news bells and whistles introduced with this conversion! I love the snapshot feature as it’s nice to check my balance without having to log in. I also love the new sleek look. The budgets and Savings goal features are a great add as well. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this update, just another reason why I love being a member of Unitus!
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5 years ago, 3k Mylz
A step backwards
I’m not sure what they were thinking, but in exchange for some smoother fonts and other eye candy there is now a convoluted bill pay menu, a propensity to freeze entirely and a loss of fluidity in account info. The flatness of some of the main menus is nice, but there’s not a dashboard feel, and I’d much rather have the old app back. It was far more functional.
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4 years ago, xixta
Doesn’t update like the old app
The old app used to be instantaneously updates as soon as funds were transferred from Uber or Venmo or even PayPal. With the update there’s a delay of up to 15 minutes and it’s honestly kind of confusing. Other than that the new features are awesome. If the issue were addressed I would definitely give it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Aug2468
AWFUL Update!!!!!
Ever since the update, I can’t see my account balances. Every time I login, it states that they’re unable to retrieve my accounts and the 3 dots just keep loading and loading and loading. It’s so frustrating since this is my money that I need to be able to have access to and monitor. Bring back the old version please! Update: I deleted the app, waited a bit, re-downloaded it and am STILL not being able to see my account information!! This is so frustrating. Honestly thinking about transferring banks because of this awful download.
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3 years ago, amwoodsy
Will not load
This app worked for only one day, now when I try to open I get “Something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again”. Deleted and reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work. Please fix!
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1 year ago, AustinStover
Positioning hold dates
I like the app and everything about it, until recently though they had an update for this app and now you can't see the dates for the positioning hold times. I had been able to before for a long time but not after that update. If they could change that it'd be even more awesome.
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1 year ago, VW80
App does not show updated amounts when you transfer money
I have 3 Unitus accounts that display when I open my app. When I transfer money from one account to another, the new amount does not reflect in the balance. I can see that it was transferred and deposited, but I have to log out and then log back in to see the new balances reflected. Please fix that issue so it shows up without having to log out and back in.
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4 years ago, UMemebr4evr
Good, but one thing
Minus one star because I want to be able to hide an account from my main page, but be able to transfer to that account without having to unhide it from settings.
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4 years ago, frostyplasm
Hey Unitus
I think it would be rad if I could make my credit card payments from external non-Unitus accounts. Not having that convenience creates an extra step and wait time for myself and others. I’m not sure why I’m able to link accounts, but not directly transfer from said account to my Unitus credit card. If you could set up your app to allow me to pay my credit card payments directly from an external account rather than transferring money to my Unitus checking account and waiting for that to clear so I can then pay my credit card payment would be way cooler. If you change it to be a more convenient process I’ll be your best friend! Thanks for listening! Have a great day😎 Brian Frost
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5 years ago, ExplorinLife
Snapcheck has changed for the worse
This has been one of the most frustrating experiences with banking that I’ve had in a while... One can no longer deposit a snap checked to any account they want. It only goes to your originating account (your first account with unitus), and then you have to transfer the funds— very frustrating that they added another step for us customers, and that it makes tracking our money for tax purposes that much more complicated. On top of that, the app keeps logging me out “due to inactivity“ when I am literally typing in that very moment. It took me 7 tries (with various random logouts and system errors showing up) to finally be able to deposit a check via snap check in an account that I did not want to deposit it into in the first place... not impressed :(
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3 years ago, breathes-art
Multiple snap check deposit doesn’t work
After last change, App no longer lets you continue to add next snap check deposit after you completed 1st one. There is the option to add another but it never connects. I now always have to go to back to the account and add the next check from inside the account. It would be nice if this was fixed.
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3 years ago, Surhae
Comparison between Unitus and Banks
Credit Unions have been far and above better than many banks I have tried. Unitus has financed our homes, cars while assisting with investments and banking. Banks charge fir checking accounts Unitus does not charge me fur checking. my only suggestion for improvement for Unitus at mall 205.... lobby management is poorly done. Rethink the wait in line for service reps.
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4 years ago, PDXSpyder
Most annoying banking app I’ve ever experienced. Daily issues, such as: 1) Frozen screen once you’re logged in - can’t move between accounts. 2) Logging in to a blank screen!? 3) App suddenly don’t recognize you and you have to reset via manual login (it’s ok if that happens every now and then - but almost daily, that’s annoying) 4) Having to delete and download the app multiple times just to see your account balances
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5 years ago, cattletownusa
SnapCheck is completely broken.
The feature I used to use a lot is SnapCheck. In the new version of this version, it is completely broken. When I tap on SnapCheck, it just pops up a screen that says “No results” and it completely breaks the app. I have to quit out of it entirely to get out of that screen. So...until this is fixed, this app isn’t much use to me, hence the one star. Hopefully they’ll fix it in the next update. I’m grateful for the convenience of not having to go to a branch when it works!
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6 months ago, LJMazzle
Good until…
I haven’t had a problem with this app at all until the last few months. I’ve made a payment to my loan account for my car and it charges me on consecutive days the full amount. This then causes my bank to email me telling me i don’t have enough funds in said account. Please fix!
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5 years ago, fivestarsallday
This upgraded app is rad. I love the look and, most importantly, the functionality! I can customize it to exactly what I want and I’m totally loving the budgeting feature. Thanks Unitus - this upgrade shows me that you listened to the needs of your members and took actions to improve. Much appreciated!
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5 years ago, Mtrapper
Hate the update.
I don’t like the new app design at all. It went from being easy and clean, to feeling like a whole website got stuffed into an app. It’s too noisy. Too many details. I hope they make some changes again soon.
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3 years ago, IRT(internetradiotommy)
I love the app, the only problem i have is that it logs me out every time i close it even though i check the box in login to keep my login info. I have also enabled Face ID . Any suggestions?
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4 years ago, GoOutdoors!!!
Works great
I really enjoy being able to keep tabs on my finances so easily. I especially like the fact that I can deposit checks from my phone. Saves time and is really simple.
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12 months ago, GusterTheGusBus
Give dates back!
Absolutely hate the updates where they took away the dates of pending deposits and withdrawals. I often have plenty of money to cover but I like to know when my pending amounts are coming out- without a doubt they took the dates away to increase their overdraft rates for their customers. I’m about done with Unitus and will be switching my checking, savings, credit card, and car loan to a different credit union. On top of that their back to back commercials are the most annoying thing I have ever had to deal with on tv.
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3 years ago, RLRPDX
Crashes Frequently
At least bimonthly the app crashes and forces you to reset your password, which doesn’t work. Your accounts freeze forcing you to call in to reset your password, which doesn’t work, forcing you to call in again and maybe if you’re lucky that finally works. You end up spending an hour or more on the hold with customer service, then card member services then tech support.
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4 years ago, JeneralDisarray
Does all the things
Inter-institutional transfers? No problem. Tons of options to do all the things you need to do with your money? Yep. I use it multiple times per week, and it works every time. Thanks for the upgrade, Unitus!
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5 years ago, RWWessels
Crashes every time I try to snap a check for mobile deposit. Fix your mobile app issues or I’ll be going with a bank who does.
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4 years ago, CPA PNW
Love the new online/mobile tool!
The new upgrade is a huge improvement. I really like the customization features and having visibility to my balances without logging in!
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4 years ago, Hcard56
Unitus mobile
Before Covid 19, I was doing all my banking without leaving my house. Easy to use and understand. The only thing I would change is make the log out brighter, bigger, more noticeable.
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5 years ago, LisaRoseStar
Horrible update change it back to the old.
New update is horrible. The old app style was much better and easier to use. Even my mom hates how all of our joined accounts show up on hers and that it show what's in the accounts. When the update happened it took me forever to get the stupid app to work because it made me have to go on my computer to register my already existing account and password.
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10 months ago, Nolan's Favs
Save the amount
Easier way 2 save cash & secure the other money on my 1st card & very trustful Unitus. And easy way 2 add more money 2 my card account in case I’m low. 😁
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4 years ago, SusieR3
Easy to use
The Unitus app is easy to use, let’s me see my accounts and my joint accounts and does everything I need for deposits of Che is to to Bill pay. I use it all the time.
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4 years ago, Xunderworldx
Much easier
So this app is a lot easier to use and look much better. A little work is needed on the mobile deposit, older one used to look for mistakes in data entered and we could cancel a deposit and redo it.
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2 years ago, Mcsqueezy32
Love the online platform
I have been banking at Unitus for a minute now, and I love the fact they listen to their members on ways to improve the app.
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5 years ago, Thugpanda
Logging in with face recognition
The new update has made it so if you don’t log in frequently with your face, you randomly have to put in your password. So I forget my password and have to reset it, but after answering the 6 questions it still doesn’t know who I am. So I have to call. It’s very very annoying. Please fix this
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2 years ago, AhCrap03
The app isn’t intuitive. The links to services look like ads. If today’s date is no longer available, you have to manually enter the new date. Which is an incredibly stupid way of designing an app. It’s functional, but needs a lot of improvements.
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