Universal Paperclips™

4.5 (192)
186 MB
Age rating
Current version
Everybody House Games, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Universal Paperclips™

4.47 out of 5
192 Ratings
2 years ago, CrimsonClawsTheCat
Great game, but bugs can very much ruin the experience
(Some spoilers ahead) As far as bugs go my main issue is with how some things just lose you a bunch of progress, like returning to a world. Every time I’ve tried returning to a previous world to reach an artifact easier I end up losing the world I just reached including the artifact even though I already got to it. Another one is with the final Drone/Factory upgrades just not working properly, making phase 2 drag out for a while at the end. I really REALLY hope these bugs get fixed sometime because they’ve caused a lot of inconveniences
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2 years ago, Usylesses
Superb game. Extremely engaging.
I absolutely love this game. A friend of mine who’s a senior developer at Google‘s AI team recommended it to me. There’s always something to do and Real depth to the games mechanics. As a math guy, I’ve had to put genuine thought into the best times to deploy certain resources (I can’t think of another game where I’ve had to use logarithms to optimize my strategy). I am experiencing a bug though. I’ve played through the game maybe 30 or 40 times And on the app I’ve beat it in A little over 45 minutes . I know what I’m doing. In my last play through in stage three, space exploration, I’ve hit a place where I have maybe 20 billion drones and a ton of wire and matter, but when I set my probes to build factories nothing happens. I think this is a bug related to the entertain the swarm bug that you guys said you fixedA little while ago. If youCould have a look at this, I’d really appreciate it.
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9 months ago, Iphone_spacer
Fun, but eats battery
The game is fun. It’s definitely worth a play through and has lots of clever details. One of the best incremental games I’ve seen. It eats battery life more than almost any other app I’ve used before. And this is from a game that is almost entirely text-based. The programming is probably not very optimized, and the developers haven’t bothered fixing it I guess.
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1 year ago, Hsjdndjdhdnfdjznsnx
Immensely frustrating and buggy
I do not usually write reviews on games. This game is fine and good and pretty fun. Except for the massive input lag on every button. In addition, there are sections that continuously crush you down because of how the base game engine runs, making it impossible to continue forward if you make even the smallest error, and even if you don’t it may still get you stuck in an impossible loop of frustration and false hope. I am usually savvy with troubleshooting games like this and I know my way around many a wiki forum, this is an unreasonably difficult game, as even with immense amounts of reading and searching for answers I still got stuck in an endless cycle.
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3 years ago, Yubbie
Poor developer communication
I loved this game on the web. The app version was great, but there’s no offline play which is annoying. But I’m particularly irked at the devs not warning in the release notes for the upgrade that it would requires full reset, which has cost me over a year of play. This game also darts battery power like mad sine you have to have it running and awake to make any progress. I’d have held off on the upgrade (which so far I see no difference) until I finished the game I was on, since I was pretty near the end. 4 stars with more player consideration. 5 with off line play.
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2 years ago, octomistic
Addicting. Gets me off twitter!
Would recommend the game. Some small bugs - Clicking “activate” on an already activated artifact (possible if you have just opened the app sometimes) gives you a bunch of red error text over the screen. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the app. - There’s a button to turn on and off sound. There is no sound. Not sure why that button is there.
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3 months ago, Kquayy
Still the best idle game ever and the mobile ver is a big upgrade
No ads, no wifi needed. No major bugs. No spyware. I encourage you to pay the tiny price now and play through with no spoilers. The bugs others mention are all either fixed, not bugs, or are easy to ignore and don’t prevent gameplay. This is a work of art. Pay attention as you advance. I will replay all of this many times
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2 years ago, Iarvos
Fun Gam But Bugs Annoy
This game is quite engaging, and the addition of artifacts has significantly increased the replayability . That said, there appears to be a significant bug after the first play through in that some upgrades that are supposed to give exponential growth are instead only giving linear growth. For instance with the final factory upgrade in the second phase, I have 200 factories making 2.75 septillion clips a second. Using 5 octillion inches of wire is going to take 1500 seconds. This is a long time to spend in the very end of phase 2 and kinda ruins the pacing.
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2 years ago, WRS15743
The best incremental game
This is by far the best incremental game out there. I had heard of it but not played it until iOS. It’s not mindless, you have to think about your choices, but it’s not stressful either. I love that it saves progress at all times and is easy to play a few minutes here and there when you have time. You can always make some progress. I’ve seen that some people would like offline progress, but I think I prefer it the way it is now. So if they add offline progress, I hope it’s as an option only. I also appreciate the fair price with no ads or IAP, and I love the minimalistic design of the game too. This is the way games should be done. Thank you developers!
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12 months ago, Piepooegg
No offline play or dark mode
Two features that seem like the bare minimum for an idle game are just completely missing. A developer response indicated work on an offline mode to be released “in the next few weeks” as of.. a year ago. It’s a very fun and engaging game on browser, and this is just the browser version kinda fit to a phone screen. If you really want it mobile, this is it, but there are better mobile idle games.
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3 years ago, FrozenHoHos
Very good mobile port
Played the web version a few times and decided to pull the trigger on this once I saw the recent positive reviews. It works great on my phone, but I’d love to see a couple of improvements. 1) Cloud save or sync to other iOS devices. Would love to carry progress to my iPad. Which brings me to… 2) Allow the iPad to show more on the screen than what you normally get on the phone. Everything is just bigger and you still have to scroll back and forth. Such a waste of real estate. The font is absolutely huge on a 12.9” iPad. Love the artifact additions. Definitely adds to the experience.
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1 year ago, Alexwiwa
Good game, needs polish
The game is good but it's not optimized for mobile at all. I'm rather enjoy the spartan aesthetic, but the UX needs updated for mobile. 1. Buttons need to be bigger. The look is fine but make them at least the size of a finger 2. Make it so we can scroll the event log and also make it larger. Due to the iPhone notch, I could only read one line at a time and missed a lot of the story 3. Maybe allow us to hold down a button to have it auto click at a rate that a human could realistically click a mouse. The gameplay itself is fantastic though. I made the whole universe into clip
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2 months ago, Mugg28
Great game, but can’t progress any further
I do love the game, but I got to a point where I was impossible to move on. I ran out of materials to make the wire, and now I’m stuck and forced to reset
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2 years ago, phantasm111
Probably best incremental game ever made
I’ve never written a review for an app before, but if any game deserved one it’d probably be this one. The UI is poor but the gameplay is the most addictive I’ve ever played. I hope this game gets more recognition and this developer make more games like this.
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3 years ago, MusicLover250
Love the update!
This game is super entertaining and the update makes it much more fun to play over and over. One suggestion: it would be nice to have a way to sync progress over multiple devices or even the web version.
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2 years ago, JustThatGuy1121
One of my favorites but an odd issue
I love this game a lot but I’ve noticed I seem to be unable to get any universe exploration now that I’ve moved to world 2, is this a known bug or does it take longer and longer as you prestige?
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3 years ago, k2tronic
Update Fixed Everything
Recent updates fixed saving issue, new artifact system makes replayability possible and engaging
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5 months ago, [insert clever nickname]
Only gripe is that it needs a dark mode
It's a fun game, I haven't seen any bugs, and the pacing and story are just enough. The white screen is a bit bright to play at night though.
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3 years ago, Arch141234
I would love to see
An option that allows the game to run in the background so I can read the news while I collect yomi. Keep up the good work. Very impressed.
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3 months ago, Trombone man 2000
I Feel Complete
Even though this simple idle game took me my entire afternoon and evening to finish, I feel as if I achieved purity in an imperfect world. If you’re looking for control, look no further.
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3 years ago, Yekob
I believe the ability to get gifts bugged out due to the synchronize event and bored event happening at the same time. I think. Cool to see it can still be beaten with a huge nurf like that though.
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1 year ago, 53938164510104735629
Great from start to finish
Really engrossing game, takes a number of hours to work through it all. Well worth the price
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2 years ago, Greg Blackwell
Great port, except …
Auto tourney never appears for me. I have played through twice to be sure, but it’s simply not working for me. Makes collecting Yomi *very* time consuming.
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1 year ago, Lyn9.J
I used to think an octillion was a lot…
This game changed my sense of scale about everything. Literally everything.
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2 years ago, CPHaynes
Love this game.
Great iOS edition. Wish it had iCloud saves and a better iPad version but it’s super fun to play. Thanks for the port!
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3 months ago, Xelnagatul
Deserves 5/5 stars.
Honestly a really great game. Wish they’d add even more content!! What am I gonna do when I conquer the multiverse? Restart everything? Nah
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1 year ago, BugsTheEvilBunny
Not worth paying
While I appreciate games without ads. I don’t think this can be called a game. It just consumes your phone battery. There is no skill involved. you just sit with the game open on your phone till you get enough items for the next target. I would like my $2 back
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2 years ago, Gvllvgher1
My favorite mobile game
By far the best game to play on a phone. I would love to see offline play!
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3 years ago, sarkxs
Update completely reset my game
I had just uninstalled and reinstalled a few days ago to reset my game as my progress was as stuck due to a game breaking bug, and played intensely to get back to phase 3. Now I get to start over again. Wish the update notes had a warning
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2 years ago, Jack Scanio
Game Stops Working
I got to the end of world 5 and discovered 100% of the universe but the game doesn’t give me an option to go to the next level. I don’t want to restart and lose all of my progress but I also can’t do anything else. It’s a waste to put any time into this game.
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3 years ago, stank knuckle
makes my brain go burr. numbers go up, am happy, numbers go down, am not happy
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3 years ago, Pandora12p
Fun, but broken
I have loved this game for a while, and I'm glad it got an update, but this update broke accessibility, bunching everything together. (Thankfully, I can click things more than once per time I open the app!)
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4 months ago, Anthony Stanford
Love the game but…
Can you add a dark mode? I’d love to play this more at night.
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12 months ago, shkl96
Unplayable due to bugs.
Was excited but the app is unplayable due to bugs. I am maybe 10% through the game and cannot progress because the strategy engine gets stuck. Unacceptable for a paid app.
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1 year ago, avsvdvxus
No offline progress. Worthless
What’s the point an idle game that has no offline progress? I’m supposed to leave this open on my phone all day? Absolutely worthless and a scam to charge for
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2 years ago, austencasselkoepke69420
Love this game forever
This game allows me to tune everything out and PRODUCE CLIPS
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2 months ago, Dygear
Dark Mode
Great game, really wished it had a dark mode.
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2 years ago, player_520
Unplayable after release the drone
The screen of playing stock and other stuff disappeared after drone releases make the game unplayable
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8 months ago, cheamcreems
i mean it's one of the most popular incrementals for a reason. i prefer web but its easier to do my monthly restart on mobile so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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6 months ago, BradBaas3141
Memory leak slows down phone
Even when the app is closed, the memory leak problem slows my whole phone to a halt.
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1 year ago, 1nat3
How is a game about making and selling paperclips so fun? Simple and addictive. I WILL BUILD MY PAPERCLIP EMPIRE!
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2 years ago, robthewinner
Such a great game
A mixture of nerdy, retro videogames and futuristic. A great game to play through!
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2 years ago, brashus conicus
gotta support landscape mode for ipad pro
Holding ipad pro in portrait mode for extended periods is painful, so before sekling the game on ipad pro take the time to fix the layout...
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3 years ago, Beockliy
bug wasnt a bug, im dumb ty for fixing the game devs
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3 years ago, hiimsup
Randomly reset
Horrible game payed two dollars just reset after a week or so don't buy.
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1 year ago, logan strickland
I can’t play this
This game isn’t accessible with voiceover. I can’t use it. Please fix it
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5 days ago, SirFifolo
Huge font
can't resize window, can't scroll. So can't see anythign below 'buy wire'
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3 years ago, Shodan_
Best incremental ever!
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2 years ago, -![Fred 23]!-
good game thanks cody
cody ko sent me
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3 years ago, BTTFFan121
Basic and addicting!!
Something that I love in general is barebones, not fancy, basic stuff. This game has that. There's no fancy hud or theme. I mean, it's just black and white. There are no in-app purchases to distract you and take your money. The game is about making progress, not a fancy town or something. It's a fun game to play with your favorite show in a window (iOS 14, woohoo!) and chill. BE WARNED: if you have OCD, you are going to want to have multiples of five or something when you buy paperclip clippers and stuff. Also, some stuff is a little confusing, but you'll figure out how it works (if you don't, try Google).
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