4.7 (534.9K)
496.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mattel163 Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for UNO!™

4.69 out of 5
534.9K Ratings
5 months ago, gshahhahahabhahahav
dont listen to reviews
honestly, i love this game and no i'm not being paid to write this or anything. i was waiting for it to update and began to read through the reviews and they all said the same thing -- rigged and bots. for one, it's not rigged. just how uno is in real life, the cards are either in your favor or they're not. some people win in just a few turns because they get lucky with their cards, i have been that person. i have also been the person to get completed f--d in a game because my cards sucked and i was draw 4-ed into oblivion. second, there's no bots. yes, sometimes in 2v2 you get horrible players, that's just how it is. some people don't know how to play their cards effiecently and it's usually the newer players. just because you get a crap teammate doesn't mean it's rigged. the comments are full of sore losers who probably lost all their coins in one game and decided to blame uno instead of realizing that's literally just how the game works. don't gamble away all your coins in one match, play modes that have a lower loss and you won't run into these issues. as for the ads, well this game has to make a profit, and for the constant coin offers there's this cool thing called a 'no thanks' aka an 'X' at the right hand of your screen. anyways, the game is great, i love it, and don't listen to the reviews.
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1 year ago, Gamer of Peace
Just started
UPDATE: The game is still fun. So I figured out I am still able to throw eggs. You have to click on the player to do so. I love throwing them it’s so funny to me and I like playing with other players that do it too. Makes the game more competitive. Also the avatars that aren’t available I wish they would unlock them for use to everyone or remove them altogether. They have some really cool avatars that could be used but for the new players that come through some of them aren’t available I’m guessing because they are old and those events don’t exist anymore. I also think they should allow you to create your own chatter phrases along with the ones they give you cause I have a few I’d like to use 😏 and I’m sure other players do too. Or if we could have an option to turn on a chat feature with a microphone during the game with other players to talk to them that would be dope. Otherwise it’s a pretty entertaining game. I’m a new player and it’s fun so far. I noticed that after the first day of playing I wasn’t able to throw eggs at people anymore why? I find that funny and entertaining. Then I like using the emojis to laugh at people during the game play and I got a notice saying I was using the chat too much. Huh? Again why? That’s the purpose! You can’t do much else so why take away the other fun stuff 🙄. Are most of the people playing bots? Cause sometimes they take forever to throw out a card. I’ll update in a week or two if I remember.
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3 months ago, ✝️☮️💟♓️
Great game but…. And.
This game is great and is for competitive people, but there was some problems with this game. The first problem I have noticed is that there are so many ads to get more coins that it has become a very annoying thing to see. Second, when you lose your coins after not winning around, you will lose more than what you got and when you win a round, you get way way less, and it’s kinda hard keeping your coins at a decent level and it’s become a problem for me and might be for others. Third of all, I can’t change my name and every time I try it doesn’t work and now I’m stuck with donkey pie and that is not a good name lol and I also hate that if you leave the game and it’s like in the middle of the round and you don’t know who’s winning but when you leave it takes coins from you even though you left the game before knowing what even happened! And that has happened to me so many times that I end up with zero coins but happily you guys give a chance to get coins by watching a ad! this game is great for competitive people, and so on and if you could fix these problems, then I think the game would be at the rate of perfect. I love this game so much that it is what I play half the day and I hope that this game can get the problems fixed! Loving your game!
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4 years ago, #FunnyWorkingGirl
HUGE Problem.
I only do games I don’t pay to beat. I earn my way as best I can do it on my own. This Uno game I LOVED. And I’m not the mean spirited that boos or throws eggs at people for giving me draw twos or draw fours. I realize it’s in there hand to play to try and win. Reasonable. However, all of the sudden I noticed the game was doing EVIL glitches. Example, I’d already have a duck hand to start with, hang in there, play my hand WELL, put my only draw 2 and it would GIVE ME BACK MY DRAW TWO TO MYSELF. It would happen with various plays to get ahead. Then, I started getting a player say KARMA!!! And I’m thinking, what the heck I rescue animals, nurse, and I will have players give me back draw 2’s etc that I FAIRLY played. I feel like even though I absolutely love uno and it keeps me from being lonely or occupied after working long hours at work and stuff...I have NO CHOICE but to DELETE it. It’s my only guess that it’s either TWO opinions: Your game has hackers on it that manipulate the games or it’s your own staff wanting people to purchase crap. Or both. I don’t know. But one player I had on the teams...even they said “Why???” After we have our opposing team draw 2 and skip and it gave it to US....then they WON. Makes no sense. But major hackville or staffville.”
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5 years ago, Dirty30Hill
Simple fun time waster
This game is a fun time waster but its completely random in terms of winning or loosing. You'll have a day where you'll win 9/10 games then you'll have a day where you'll loose 9/10 games and often time all your coins, this is my 2nd day in a row where my loose ratio well exceeds my wins ( like 15 losses and 5 wins) and now I'm loosing interest in playing. There really isn't much strategy involved, you play what ever cards are given so you’re pretty much bound to completely win or loose (i guess thats “cards” though lol..). I often times play with a teammate because i feel that you would have more chances of winning (50/50) but that doesn't seem to be the case as iv been loosing consecutive games..I will also add as I've seen in someone else’s comments, I feel that the +4 card is a scam because 9 times out of 10 you'll loose the guess..Don't hate the game for it, idk im sure its legit but it just seems odd to loose so many guesses. However, I will say that the +4 card seems to be the most strategic card to use as in you can either set you or your teammate up for a good play or call a bluff color to throw your opponents off. My biggest dislike is how you get skipped when you get hit with the +2 or +4 card! Thats insult to injury! As if getting multiple cards isn't bad enough, then you dont even get to play your hand. Not cool. Overall 3 out of 5 stars, its fun but gets stale on those days where you cant break out of a loose streak.
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2 years ago, Sncoop1
Awesome game! But the coins and chatter
I love the game so much! But there are a few suggestions I have and some problems. (1) you win a game and get coins, you lose- you don’t get any. Maybe you should give 20-50 coins to players who tried their best. (2) hard to get coins, I keep losing (A lot) and I keep getting 0 coins, when I win, I get almost about the same amount of coins I started with. (3) you need more chat texts, it’s hard to tell your teammate in 2x2 to do something. (4) THERE ARE ADS, I’m fine with them though because they are just pictures and you can click the ‘X’ but (maybe) for some people, they have full length ads. It’s not a concern for me but maybe for others. (5) cant change nickname? I know some people have a 1 free change name thing but I don’t, now I’m stuck with ‘Apple Pie’. Honestly I love changing and customizing stuff but it’s hard for me to not get concerned that I can’t. (6) like in no. 5 I couldn’t change my name, but why can’t I just type a name? I have to roll a dice to get a name. (7) can you add more characters? I only have one and the others cost coins like I said in no. 2. I don’t have much and I lose a lot. My club people are never on and I don’t have much friends for coins. Anyways I hope you can fix some things! This is a great game to pass time and if your competitive l, this is a game for you.
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3 years ago, miaBrownkid
To much problem’s
Yeah so I read a couple of reviews before I download the game I went to the most critical reviews but I just thought they were fake. I download the game then played a couple of rounds but the thing is it has way to many adds and I won like a couple of rounds then lost a lot more rounds I lost all of my coins to I did not buy more but why you have you have to wait a day in order to play again ? And also I played this a couple years ago but I forgot how to play so it did not use to be like this I fell like they changed a lot like I don’t understand why they did this you have to watch one thousand adds to freaking play the game like.. also it takes a long time to load the game but my internet is fine I have 2 bars as far as I can get but when I play other games it’s fine so it’s just making you go crazy about your internet when it’s fine this game has problems also in some events of the game this new event you have a clue so it cost 2 diamonds in order for you to get the clue mind you I have 0 diamonds so it’s hard to get those unless you have a lot of money I don’t so I just think that they are ripping you off cuz they want you to buy coins or diamonds I hate that I wish they would make at least 10 diamonds free like it’s not that hard they want money that’s all they want plz don’t download cuz they will rip you off with all the money they have they rip you off so yeah don’t recommend also I think all the 5 star reviews are them so yeah bye ✌🏽
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2 years ago, typ ekelepwkwnwn
Is great but major issues with challenge
I am a very much a person who’s has always loved uno but as the most claims to me many versions of uno non has ever had such a annoying problem with challenge with the 4+ it’s breaks all rules of uno most people who don’t know(if u get a 4+ u can’t get 4 cards if u have the color or number) but the challenge mechanic ruins that premise and just makes u lose and makes u just very much annoyed if they change that it would be better bc many people who I know are amazing players at uno lose so much money due to that of anything it’s ruins the against teams or players bc it doesn’t even work right I have never see someone use this so called challenge mechanic ever since I play uno (I have played many versions such as stacks but never experience such a mechanic that ruins the original 4+ rule) but other than that it’s a good game but I might recommend for those who like and fun game without this just do regular cards ima still play this but it’s super irritating when ur just about to win and this person plays making u lose more than 500 up to 1200 coins you will be forced to grind those back this my review as Someone’s who’s enjoy uno for many years and this thing kinda makes me lose that passion there’s a lot of things to improve but that’s my complaint
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2 years ago, Constance K
Entertaining but definitely rigged
The app is definitely entertaining but also very obviously designed to incentivise in-app purchases, especially for players with compulsive gambling issues. First, the match fees cause match losses to have a much greater impact than match wins over the long-run. For example, in a Classic 2v2 match where the base probability of winning is 50% and the match fee is 30 coins, the minimum possible gain for a winning player is 30 coins (i.e., minimum net gain of ZERO after the match fee) and the minimum possible loss for a losing player is also 30 coins (i.e., minimum net loss of 60 coins after the match fee). Second, the Ranked mode’s scoring system is designed such that in-app purchases are almost required to proceed beyond a certain level. Finally, it seems very unlikely that the game actually draws cards at random. I’ve seen an improbable number of matches where one player draws two or even three Wild Draw 4 cards or where multiple players draw only number cards. I don’t actually have major objections to the issues described above, since they’re obviously intentional and not really unexpected for a freemium app. HOWEVER, I do have two actual complaints (1) there is no straightforward way to block other players, which can be very annoying in 2v2 mode, and (2) the game sometimes glitches and automatically plays your turn before the timer actually runs out.
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3 years ago, Plumgirly
Fix glitches
It’s a card game. Obviously card games are based on the luck of your hand, just like in real life. And like in real life, you can get bad hands or lose to a luckier hand many times in a row. I can’t speak on if the games rigged or not but losing doesn’t make a luck based game rigged lol. My issue with the game is there are too many little glitches that add up to be annoying over time. I was just in a game where I had to close and re enter the app because the loading bar wouldn’t move when I entered the game. Then when I was in the game I was trying to use a wildcard and it glitched and wouldn’t let me change the color and I had to wait for my turn to time out, resulting in the wrong color being picked and someone else winning the game. Other times ads will turn black after playing and I have to restart the app to be able to do anything. Or a game will just not move after “reconnecting” and yes I have to restart the app meanwhile the game is playing for others. It’s things like this that add up over time, especially if I’m losing coins just because your game is running bumpily. Also, you should have a basic unranked mode that doesn’t require coins. I’m sure some people don’t want to sit around waiting for imaginary money to just play regular uno.
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2 years ago, E_diaz80
Not worth it!
I stopped playing this game a while back cause i got bored of it. I reinstalled it a couple of days ago and OMG how things have changed for the worse. First, the greediness of this game is beyond my comprehension. You have to use gold coins to play, and if you lose the match, you get penalized and lose more gold. This shouldn’t be done and its not fair because many times its not your fault when you lose. Sometimes your partner mess up the game and you lose, why should i get penalized? They want you to pay for everything. Its not enjoyable like this. I understand you have to make a profit. I don’t mind paying for games, i do it all the time, but not when you can clearly see the developers of this game want you to pay for everything. They should stop this and find other ways to make money out of the game, maybe stop penalizing people that lose a match by taking their gold away, its simply not fair. Also, the game needs a really good update. It looks and feels outdated. I can’t even log in the game with my Facebook. There are like 6 different options within the game that you can play, all of them require you to pay real money because they take all your gold with when you lose. Using gold to play it’s understandable, taking gold from you when you lose when you already use gold to start the match it’s simple very unfair. Good bye Uno.
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4 years ago, DasRindfleisch
UNO gameplay is fun but rigged
Edit: While I have a good amount of coins (~5000), I’m fairly certain the game is rigged to incentivize spending real money on in-game currency. I ran a statistical analysis over a 150 game sample and the win-loss rate in 2v2 style of play did not come remotely close to approaching 50%. Additionally, the win-loss rate gets even worse after spending more time in ranked matches. I’m all for freemium games, but your algorithm should not force predetermined outcomes. It’s dishonest and extortionist behavior. As is the standard for mobile games today, there are coins, there are gems, and there are “lives”. While the UNO gameplay is indeed fun, it costs coins to play any of the game modes. When you lose your coins and can no longer obtain free coins, you have the option to buy gems to purchase coins or win your coins back. There is also a ranked mode to further stoke the fires of “I just need a few more coins” or “I’ll just buy one more shield to protect my coins”. If you’re the kind of person who falls into the pay-to-win traps of mobile games, be aware that this game uses all kinds of tricks to incentivize spending real money on imaginary currencies. The game also has a way of shifting your luck to ensure you’re never quite safe with your virtual earnings. Other than these faults, which are pretty standard in today’s mobile gaming market anyways, the UNO gameplay is fun and exciting — as long as you have the coins necessary to play.
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5 years ago, Social Media Lover💜
This version of UNO is the best out there; however, the +4 mechanic where you have to guess is terrible! Sure, I understand that it is meant to add to the unpredictability of the game, and that would be fine, if it was not for the fact that you guessing ALWAYS results in you receiving a penalty. Let me explain this: let’s say the player who goes before you has two cards—a +4 and a yellow card (for the sake of the example). Then say that the player who goes before you puts down the said +4 card and changes it to yellow, the color corresponding to their last card. Now it asks me if I think that the player before me has some other random color, so I say no. Obviously the player who goes before me has a yellow card, that is why they changed the color. So I press “no” and I have to draw four cards for guessing wrong. Most of the times I think that they really did not have a yellow card until the person who goes before me puts down a yellow and wins the game. I have lost MANY games because of this. Why do I have to draw four cards when I correctly guessed that the player before me had no cards of a certain color. Now I have to say that this is not always the case, although, it has happened plenty of times for me to have to write a review about this game. Please fix the way the +4 cards work in the game of just remove the mechanic all together.
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6 months ago, B33333zzz
Rigged rigged rigged.
Truly i hate this rigged game, but it’s the best time-killer out of them all. I mean seriously, there’s a lot of apps to play to kill time but they all get extremely boring. This one doesn’t get boring, you can take breaks but it doesn’t get boring. It’s just UNFORTUNATELY rigged in the worse way. Not to mention there’s a feature where when some people forget to press uno they get a “SNEAKY” break & they don’t get 2 cards added like they’re supposed to, whereas others get the 2 cards. Why is that “SNEAKY” thing even apart of the uno app? Everybody should equally get their 2 cards drawn when they forget to press uno!! Then, you cannot use your own photos, must be logged into facebook (not everyone wants to use their facebook account) also, you cannot go back and modify anything if it’s pertaining to an event that you missed (i.e a holiday deck of cards, or emoticons) if you weren’t on the app when they had those choices available, you’d NEVER be able to get it. Instead of making it where you can at least PAY coins or gems for it, they’ll say it’s unavailable. The Gowild is HORRIBLE (ESPECIALLY) on weekends. The algorithm of this game is forsaken. If you’re playing 2v2 you better hope this app decided for your team to win, because otherwise if it didn’t decide for you to win, you have NO hope..It will make sure the opponent wins no matter how smooth you are during the gameplay. Good luck on this rigged app.
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2 years ago, Chromatic Cascade
Like poker, but UNO
If that title sounds stupid, that’s because it is! I really wanted to give this game a fair shot, I love UNO the actual card game, but this is, for all intents and purposes, just UNO but poker. It requires a certain amount of coins to start ANY sort of match (I believe the only exception being that World Tour mode, but that requires a surprising chunk of progress in the game), and without at least 800 coins you are not able to play the game. So not only do you have the buy-in (it doesn’t actually take the coins from you, this is just part of the analogy), if you lose then you lose up to half of your initial buy-in! It’s better than an energy system most other mobile games employ, sure, but on UNO???? That’s like putting essentially a betting system onto Go Fish. Of course you can also buy coins, but at that point why not just buy the physical game? This game has so many better ways to monetise itself through cosmetic themes for the decks and cards and effects, but instead they choose to monetise being able to play the game. Get challenged (and lose by pure chance) after putting down a +4 card, costing you the entire game? Hope you didn’t like UNO in the first place, cus you sure as heck aren’t gonna be playing again for another AT LEAST a few hours. Oh yeah, and there’s ads. A lot of ads. With audio. And even if you disable game audio it’ll play the ad audio anyway for some infernal reason. Have fun!
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3 years ago, breedkdkdkdk
Addicted but hate a lot of things about this game
I am addicted to this game like nothing else. I have given so many suggestions and none are ever taken into consideration… here they are again.. There should be an option to either be shown as invisible or not invisible that way people aren’t inviting you to games that you don’t wanna play. There should also be a drop-down menu for rejecting an invitation so that way you can give them a reason whether it be out of coins, I’m done playing, another time. Since the update, you have to either accept or reject an invitation … no more exiting out unless you close out the entire app. Also, why is there a limit on how many friends you have? If there wasn’t a limit, you would play more because you would play with other people more often. There shouldn’t be a fee to play a game. You should also be able to watch as many ads as you want for coins instead of six a day. Every other game does not limit you on how many ads you can watch. This game is 100% rigged. They throw you a bone after losing soooooo many coins but in the long run, they win every time. No matter who you are, you will go bankrupt and you will be buying coins. I love this game but so many things need to change.
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3 years ago, Doggo48207
Love this app but could be better
I have always loved playing the uno card game but sometimes there is no one else to play with but this game fixes that by making matches short and pairing you with three other people. I love this game and I think it is a lot of fun to play. There are a few things that really bug me though. The first one being is that I will buy a lucky clover that is meant to save your coins if you lose, but if I lose and have applied this lucky clover I still lose the same amount of coins as if I didn’t use the clover at all. This is the same if my partner shares a clover I lose coins also and that is super annoying. If this is not meant to happen then it needs to be fixed because you waste two-hundred coins on a clover and it does practically nothing. I also do not think it is fair that if your teammate runs out of coins that you are charged with them. I think that seems very unfair but I can live with that annoying feature. Overall those are my biggest complaints. Otherwise I love the game, I’m level twenty-six and have been playing for a few months. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, a huge uno fan!
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4 years ago, Cozy burger
Fun game ruined by cheaters
DO NOT SPEND A PENNY ON THIS GAME! This is fun to kill some time but lots of people are cheating/hacking and ruining the game and stealing your money/coins. I recently played and the player directly before me had 7 (yes all 7 cards that were delt) draw 4 wild cards in their hand. Obviously they hacked the game, but since I had to draw the 28 cards and never once got to play I ended up losing a lot of my coins to this hacker, therefore I repeat DO NOT USE ANY REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! Thankfully I only use coins that I win and earn from the game so I didn’t lose any of my actual money and ended just frustrated. Because of this I do not think this is appropriate for children to play, my daughter is 6 and loves uno. She has no problem with losing in a fair game, but losing all her coins to a hacker, that would be devastating at that age. I’m currently looking for a more child friendly uno game, that won’t cost any money and can’t be hacked by cheaters. In the meantime, I’ll occasionally play this game when I’m looking to kill time while waiting around, but I won’t play regularly or very seriously since I know it’s more about hacking skills than game play.
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5 years ago, Just some Guy1
+4 Mechanic is the worst!
This version of UNO is the best out there; however, the +4 mechanic where you have to guess is terrible! Sure, I understand that it is meant to add to the unpredictability of the game, and that would be fine, if it was not for the fact that you guessing ALWAYS results in you receiving a penalty. Let me explain this: let’s say the player who goes before you has two cards—a +4 and a yellow card (for the sake of the example). Then say that the player who goes before you puts down the said +4 card and changes it to yellow, the color corresponding to their last card. Now it asks me if I think that the player before me has some other random color, so I say no. Obviously the player who goes before me has a yellow card, that is why they changed the color. So I press “no” and I have to draw four cards for guessing wrong. Most of the times I think that they really did not have a yellow card until the person who goes before me puts down a yellow and wins the game. I have lost MANY games because of this. Why do I have to draw four cards when I correctly guessed that the player before me had no cards of a certain color. Now I have to say that this is not always the case, although, it has happened plenty of times for me to have to write a review about this game. Please fix the way the +4 cards work in the game of just remove the mechanic all together.
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3 years ago, Imagesspeak
This game is rigged. You will have loosing streaks. It doesn’t matter how “smartly” you play your cards if you’re meant to loose you will LOOSE. They will do everything to get you to purchase something from the app🙄 The scratchers are rigged as well you can confirm this; pick your scratcher let’s say the gold one then pick one of the 3 options, let’s say you pick scratcher number 1, scratch just a small part enough for you to see what you will get (make sure you don’t scratch all of it!) then press the arrow to go back to your “bag” then pick that same gold scratcher again but this time scratch number 2 and you’ll see that it’s going to be the same “reward” as number 1 they just make you think you have 3 options but you don’t! It’s not random, it’s all rigged! Every single thing! They’re just trying to take your money. My advice is that once you see you’re losing just take a break for that day bc you will keep loosing! You might win one game or two but they will make you loose your coins on the next games. Also the drawing are rigged! It’s not possible for one player to get 3 +4 cards while you and your team mate have all number cards. Once you see that you aren’t getting any good cards just quit the game and come back another day before you end up yelling at your phone 😂 please do NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP. It’s a SCAM!! They will make it to where you will keep spending your money by making you loose.
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4 years ago, Anti-Uno Advocate
Game is rigged!!!
This game is so much fun to play and offers a lot of options for ways to play it, but it is rigged, and it is only made to make money off of forcing users to purchase coins. Whenever I win a game and collect a certain amount of coins, for example, 70 coins, I check my amount afterward and it only went up by 10 coins. The game purposefully does not allow me to collect the amount I actually earned from winning a game so that I run out of coins more easily, trying to tempt me into making in-app purchases to gather more. Additionally, the draw 4 card is ridiculous. If Player A places a draw 4 card, then Player B, the one who has the card placed against them, has to guess if Player A has a certain color card in their deck by selecting “yes” or “no”. This is supposed to make the game more interesting as it creates the possibility of making Player A have to draw the cards instead if Player B guesses correctly. However, this is flawed because there have been times where it was proven that I (being Player B) had guessed correctly and it still said that I was wrong and then I still had to draw the cards. The algorithm is screwed to make the receivers of the draw 4 card be “incorrect” about 75% of the time, even if they actually weren’t, to increase the chances of players losing the game and hence, losing coins. All I’m saying is this game would actually be more enjoyable if every player had an equal chance.
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4 years ago, Jemdaem
Unfair game!
1st off the +4 card is just ridiculous, if someone gives me the +4 card just give me 4 cards🤦🏽‍♀️ the challenge & guessing the color is just not fair, regardless you still get 4 or more cards so what’s the point? While this is a bit annoying I wouldn’t mind it IF there wasn’t other issues which I will get into right now. I feel it’s rigged or maybe I just don’t understand the coin system when you win/lose? Match fee says 30 coins but then it also says we have to pay in 100?? Also I could have 3 cards and someone else can have 5 and will still beat me, how is that fair? Or I could have 1 card while someone has 2 or 3 and still come in last place, doesn’t seem fair. I’m not sure why that’s possible, and when u win u don’t win a lot of coins and when u lose you lose a lot of coins or sometimes all your coins too. I think the coin system should be straight forward, you should lose what u put in and if u win you should win the losers buy in plain and simple. You guys should at least give us a page in settings that’s explains the coin system because it seems I’m not the only one with this complaint regarding coins. Also if you lose all your coins or don’t have enough you either have to wait for the daily earnings or hope the gum ball machine is available to TRY and win free coins. The game is fun but all these issues makes me want to delete it, listen to your users!!!
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4 years ago, drummerboi15
Coins Ratio/Communication with Friends
I love this game! I’ve been playing it everyday since I downloaded it, some time last year. I’ve been playing this classic card game since I were a child, so when I saw it in the App Store, I jumped on it. However, I do have two issues for me. 1) I think the coin ratio needs to be fixed. It’s already bad enough that it seems like you lose more games than you win, but when you lose games, it seems like you lose A LOT more coins than when you win a game. For example, today, I was playing 2-on-2 in Wild Weekend(x2), I lost my first six games before I finally won about three. In each lost game, I lost no less than 500 coins, and I, nor my teammate, had a bunch of power cards, but in the games I won, I’d only win about 200 coins, and the other team would have an abundance of cards. It’s very hard to continue playing, if you’re constantly losing coins faster than you’re keeping them. 2) I feel like there should be a better way to communicate with your teammates and people on your friends list, other than the little programmed phrases. What’s the point of having teammates and friends, if you can’t communicate with them. I think that would make the gaming experience better.
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2 years ago, King_Flopps
Luck and coin system fix
I agree with many others that the luck and coin system is bad. I had more than 50K coins and kept losing rounds consecutively. I got mad from losing x4s and x8s over and over again so I did a x20 and lost. I kept doing greater ones each time and lost all of them. I bankrupted and had no money left to do anything. Now I really want it back. I do not have the money to spend 167 diamonds to get it back. Also, I find that I get way less money when I lose compared to how much I lose my when I lose. I’ve also noticed through the developer feedback that the responses are just a few of the same copy and pasted messages that they repeatedly sent to peoples’ reviews. I don’t believe they actually take time to address these people’s problems, rather scan through it and choose one of their few options to paste. I would really be pleased if at least a few of the reviews were addressed and taken into action. I have spent so much time and money on this game already, so I hope I can keep playing it. I went from 50,000 coins to bankruptcy in a matter of minutes. Now I cannot do many of my season tasks, collect more cat cards, make more money, get more trophies, upgrade my rank, and even play. The mild daily rewards are not enough to make me happy when playing.
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4 years ago, A Russian ;)
I like it but...
As many have said, the game is rigged. One sure way to check are the scratch cards. You always get 3 choices, so 1 out of 3 odds. But statistics do not add up when I get coins over items 90% of the time. I think I got an item once and I scratched probably 50 of those. I no longer see them as anything but a spare few coins. Because even if the options are 20, 100, and 500 coins, I would still get 20. It’s almost always the least favorable one. Other part I don’t like: universe. The universe games are a lot of fun. Every game you get 3 things to fulfill. You pass a round if you fulfill one or more. The prizes it what make you want to get the perfect score. Problem is, uno is a high chance game. You have skills you can use but you have no control over what cards you get or what your opponent does. This make fulfilling all 3 items on the list almost impossible. Some rounds have easier tasks. But other rounds would take you hours of game play to luck out to and get the task required. Hardest task include: discard 9 red cards with discard all card, finish with 50 seconds on the clock, play 3 “0” cards. Those might not sound to bad until you start playing and realize on is hard to accomplish, let alone 3 of these in one game!!! This is killing the universe games for me :(
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4 years ago, leliea
One of the best games ever
I love UNO so much I love how you can add friends invite friends get rewards just by playing rounds send gifts and bunch more but I have a few suggestion/complaints first I am really confused whenever I get to 100 friends I says you have reached the maximum number of friends in this game but in social and then spectate I people have more then 100 friends second how do I get VIP points I read it on settings but it doesn’t make sense and I should know cause I am in 4th grade third avatars should not cost coins or diamonds it should be free and could you put so more avatars fourth could you please not of a limited of friends in room mode it is annoying fifth I would be fun if you could send emails to your friend if there was a mistake or I you would like to say I like you as a partner or if your friend made a club and you applied to their club or you will invite them to a game or send a picture sixth this a complaint can you please whenever somebody runs out of coins can you give them 300 coins instead of twice a day that is it I love a game and remember these are just suggestions and I love the game thank you P.S please stop giving me oppenents that are stupid
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5 years ago, Sweet10131121
This game has more than a few issues that all equate to the extortion of your actual money to buy virtual coins that you end up losing faster than you win. An example: You need 100 coins to play a single player UNO Classic game, yet the match fee is only 30 coins. This means that if you have 99 coins, you can’t play. The math for winning and losing coins is clearly suspect. As an example: A first win in a UNO Classic game gives you 70 coins, but part of that 70 coins is the 30 coins that you were charged as a match fee. Your actual winnings equal only 40 coins. I have only been able to win 3 times in a row giving me a maximum of 112 coins (actually 82 coins plus the 30 coin match fee.) If you lose, the amount of coins you lose is equal to your point total plus your 30 coin match fee. An example: You had a point total of 50 when you lost the game. In actuality, you lost 80 coins. One loss can actually set you back more in coins than the coins you would win in one game. Multiple loses eat away significantly at your coin supply very quickly. Add in that the game only allows you 600 coins a day (300 2x) and win up to 200 coins on a gold scratch card or up to 100 coins if you are lucky enough (most cards give 20 to 50 coin each) with really no other way to get coins other than to purchase them with actual money. It’s extortion, especially when the developers purposefully made the game this way.
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2 years ago, The Heimster
All this game is is RIGGED! RIGGED! RIGGED!
All it does is choose who the artificial intelligence wants to win. The moderators have demonstrated that they are vindictive in nature because every time I write a review pointing this fact out I magically start loosing constantly. The behavior of the tech industry is a joke that demonstrates the childish behavior of spoiled children. Unfortunately this mentality is the result of things like section 230 which makes it nearly impossible to sue any technology company without going through an extremely expensive arbitration process first which they will always win because they have all the money! Screw the tech industry! Ask your congressmen to repeal section 230. We do not want any additional bills to supposedly protect consumers as the repeal alone does this and allows the legal process which is designed in its originality to protect the consumers first! As with all law, it's always best for the consumers to keep laws as simple and in original form as possible. Congress was only supposed to keep section 230 in place for 10 years while the industry grew. As usual with crooked stuff like this they were bribed to keep protecting an already corrupt industry who employs childish minded people. This is the travesty that happens when you spoil people. RIGGED!!! Look at the privacy disclosure! These criminals just sell EVERYTHING they can possibly use from your account!
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3 months ago, unicorn1su
I love Uno. And it my favorite game to play
"UNO is a game that has been enjoyed by generations, and it's not hard to see why. The game's simplicity is part of its charm, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. Each round of UNO is filled with suspense, strategy, and laughter, as players race to get rid of their cards and be the first to call out "UNO!" One of the best things about UNO is its versatility. It can be played with just two people or with a large group, making it a great option for family gatherings, parties, and game nights. The game can also be customized to add more excitement, with special action cards like Draw Two, Skip, and Reverse UNO is a game that encourages social interaction and bonding. As players strategize, they engage in friendly banter and playful competition, creating memories that last a lifetime. The game is also great for improving cognitive skills like attention, memory, and decision-making. Overall, UNO is a timeless classic that never gets old. It's a game that is easy to learn, fun to play, and always brings people together. So gather your friends and family, shuffle the deck, and let the games begin!"
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2 months ago, Sunshinezallday
Entertaining but expensive
The gameplay is designed just like a slot machine in Vegas. You will win 500 coins but lose 8000. You will get a great hand once in awhile then lose 15 games in a row until you are bankrupt because every other person will have a great hand and just the right kind of cards for you to end up with 30 cards of all +4’s. Even if you pay $25 for more coins they will be gone in 5 games or less. If they offered coin refills for less than minimum wage, maybe it wouldn’t feel so much like a ripoff. Or maybe they could lower the cost for a game refill to that of a Pinball Machine. However they charge $20, $25, $50, $100, $300, $600, and $1000 for a refill of coins. It’s entertaining when bored out of my mind. But when I am out of coins, I can only get 300 coins for one refill with watching an ad, and that will be gone with one cheap game play that even if you win you only get another couple hundred coins. Then I can’t play again unless I pay hard earned cash. So when I really want to just waste time I have to find other games to play. When you see that there are others winning 7 million or more, all I can think is wow, that must be someone who is really rich getting to enjoy the game.
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3 weeks ago, lauriednewhouse
You’re excluded
I never write reviews, but I’m writing this one because I feel really excluded from the game. I’ve lost so many coins to bots or bad players. It takes a full 24 hours before I can play again. I’ve spent real money in the game but I just can’t every time. I enjoy playing it so much but I get so sad when I get excluded. I’ve watched every ad for the free coins, send coins to my friends, bought coins on the app on occasion. I might not finish my candy set before time is up. I really really just want to play mostly. I get a bad partner or a bad hand almost every time and then I can’t play anymore. Ads for coins generate ever 24 hours so you have no choice but to wait. I got to play for 5 minutes before I lost everything because of my poor team mate or bot and now I can’t play till this time tomorrow. I hate how this game excludes you for not spending enough money. I know their must be an algorithm that tells the game to make you lose in some way when you’ve not spent enough money. Makes me sad because I love playing.
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2 months ago, TilTokforever
UNO app is rigged
This app is so rigged that it seems like you play with bots or you purposely get bad cards while the other players/teammates get better cards like +4 wild +2 or wild cards every game. The game makes you purchase UNO coins this way cause you just lose every time. Hi, this is my second response to the UNO developers of this app. I read the email sent by Mattel163 Limited “Hello! We understand the frustrations from losing often. We can relate and we're sorry to hear this happened. It is never by design or intention and we value such feedback as it helps us understand player frustrations better. Due to the card shuffling, results can be unpredictable however, we also hope to better improve on your frustrations in the future,” however, I believe it’s both by intention and design to make players lose game after game so that when a player loses: they buy more coins. The card shuffling doesn’t feel realistic enough please fix that. I love playing on the UNO app, especially with friends, but it’s unfair. For example, I won up to 10k playing games 2v2 and single receiving great cards after that, I played and lost game after game receiving unfair cards: now are you telling me that “it’s not by intention or design?”
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1 month ago, Arny O’ Hera
Not worth the time
The game is rigged for you to constantly lose all your winnings to keep you tied into the game. If you develop a win streak, you’ll be tracked, and the bots will screw you over. You have 2 big wins, you WILL have 3 bigger losses that depletes your winnings, and even takes away from your reserves. You’ll be granted an occasion where you have a night of big wins. Then the program will track and deplete you, until there’s barely anything left. Your best bet is to download the app, play a game or two. Delete the app. Do NOT return for months, so the algorithm will be triggered to reward you to get you to stay. After that, please get your reward, play another game, then delete app again. This app isn’t about skill or luck. It’s about getting you happy and flattering you with early wins, then stripping you of your winnings, to get you to rage play…. Which only causes you to lose more. If you want to play game where you’re consistently getting tracked and disciplined for a win streak, enjoy this app. Otherwise, just download, play a game, and be sure to delete… So the system is more prone to reward you than discipline upon your arrival. This will help you keep the coins… But I doubt I’m coming back after this time. Highly recommend you choose another game, or play the real uno card game in real life. Its much more fun anyway.
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6 months ago, Rocky rocky123455
I know why my Bestie deleted this game...
It’s too hard effort to get coins I mean it’s just coins especially diamonds I saved up really hard for this game and then I deleted it on purpose especially when you’re playing with someone else and it takes too long to create a room I don’t have enough time for that it’s not fun especially when you’re spending all your money on this game.... just to get coins and diamonds never download this game.... it got rid of my Bestie and now got rid of me yes I deleted this game for a reason... it was fun at the start... and now it’s just boring... you will get bored of it really quickly... I do not recommend downloading this game... and plus it’s so much money lost when you lose... please read this comment... and every time when I logged on my Besty was like hypnotized she was too busy playing with other people instead with me... I had so much coins and then I had 0 coins... and I knew that this game is trash... everything in this game is for money and diamonds... and Plus when you miss your daily login you have to pay diamonds to get your other stuff that you missed... so bye I’m never coming back to this game... and if I do come back to this game it will probably be never... even the card game of Uno it’s funner than this game... it was even thundering and raining when deleting this game...
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2 months ago, Itz_kennedy08 (kennedy)
It’s cool but the coins ruin the fun
This game is amazing and I really love playing it, especially as someone with a family who doesn’t like to play the actual card game with me. Everything is fun and good just other than the coin system. I will play a round for 200 coins and if I win, I get about 150 coins but, if I lose, then I’ll will have to pay about 500. Which is ridiculous because then I can’t play until 24 hours later when I get 100 coins from the daily log in and can get me to play one game but I’m going to have to try so hard so that I don’t loose my coins and become broke again. Also, SO MANY POP-UPS!!! They aren’t even ads, they’re just these random pop ups for a game version that I’ve already played many time before. They say stuff like “Don’t miss out on this epic event!” Then I can’t even join the event because I need to be buy VIP. Another thing to take note of is that let’s say a have 2,000 UNO coins and play a game for 1,000. I lost the game and had to give up 1,100 coins. Then it said I had 0 coins and couldn’t play anything but I was supposed to have 900. One more thing: why can’t we change our name? I’ve had the same name since I downloaded UNO and it’s “Cash” and I find that more of a “boys” name and I’m a female. Other than that, it’s pretty fun.
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4 years ago, lPhilthy
Stop being stingy
First let me start this by saying I LOVE this game. I play every day even for a few minutes at a time but it’s super fun! It’s the same uno we all know, with both rule sets everyone plays (no stacks, and stacking allowed) with nice graphics and a smoothly functioning app. It has ads but most are avoidable if you don’t want to watch them purposely for the little gym ball machine (it gives you little bonus coins, gems, etc). But that brings me to my problem. Coins can be very scarce to the point where the game feels like it’s directing you to BUY coins and gems. Every log in? Pop up for the newest store sale with 2-3 more to follow, coins run dry and the only way to get more is to buy them, seeing as how the amount of coins you can send to friends is TEN per day, and the gumball machine will usually give you a chance to gain another 600 coins but if you play classic thats a maximum of 3 games if you don’t win. Gave it 3 stars but would be an EASY 5 star from me if: - Raised the amount of coins sent/received to 100. - either lower coin cost for games, raise winnings from games without increasing losses to players purse (make multiplayers bonus coins instead of taking from opponents so that they only lose the required coin ante for playing whichever game mode)
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4 years ago, anomelie
Don’t spend money
I’ll be honest, I actually like this game and I play it almost every day. But don’t waste your money doing things like upgrading to “VIP” or buying materials to craft “effects.” The VIP passes only get you things like extra emojis, and I bought supplies to craft an effect only to find that it’s not available in my list (so they basically cheated me). The Card Carnival is also a waste of time— there’s no way to win it, no strategy and you’ll ALWAYS hit the bomb before you get to the top. Also the chat feature is the worst chat I’ve seen in any game. It glitches and shows you a notification over and over, even when you’ve seen all the messages, and it censors certain words (like “stupid”). All that said, I really enjoy playing the classic version of the game and the new versions they’ve created, which include the ability to discard all of a specific color. I like playing by myself against three opponents or in 2 v 2 partnered matches. If they’d make the Card Carnival more logical and/or fix the errors that prevent you from crafting an effect you have enough materials for, then I’d give it 4 stars. (5 stars are reserved for amazing games that don’t need to profit on in-app purchases.)
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4 years ago, Abosolute
I have several problems.....First of all I LOVE this game, I played it in my childhood and adulthood. I have UNO cards in my game closet right now. One is I have spent too much money on this game and it is like a yo-yo effect! I live on a fixed income and think I am buying things to help but in the long run! I end up losing everything, sometimes makes you think..well I’m gonna win big then you fizzle money (coins) left. You can not talk to the people on your friends list, other than what Mattel has set up for you to say. There are times when people feel used, feelings hurt, I can’t explain I am not snubbing you again I have no coins or money to spend. Also believe it or not people form friend ships and may want to be able to give their e-mails to each other. The prices you have to play some games is unreasonable......The UNO Challenges sometimes a little much. Trying to get your medals another issue....... I understand pay to play but not take and take to play. In my opinion Mattel is getting rich off our backs............. I also think people should have the right to get some pictures and their names off the game. Some are offensive and disgusting! I know everyone gripes...SORRY! It is just my thoughts. Do not mean to offend anyone. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, Crow jewels
Fun Until...
This game is really fun and designed well. However I personally think it’s set up to cause you to begin loosing games regularly if you don’t spend cash money frequently enough. You earn coins by winning games. You have to pay coins in order to play. The game is so fun you want to keep playing. So this game seems to put you in positions where you lose large sums of your coins in a quick amount of time in order to get you to buy coins. Otherwise after a couple of games you may not be able to play within the app until the next day when you get free coins again. Free coins are given twice daily. However you can lose those coins in no time at all or in a game or two. Although this game allows you to win sometimes. I noticed if you won’t pay cash you end up winning small amounts that won’t sustain a long playing time or you flat out lose continuously. I’m all for paying for games that you love but this game is set up kind of scary because it reminds me of a gambling scenario. You can easily spend $4-$10 and lose it all within an hour or hours by losing a few random uno games and this is daily. I think the game needs more ways to obtain free coins regularly and offer other perks that can be bought.
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4 months ago, Punknhead
UPDATE: Tried this one more time and it was great…until the foam middle fingers reappeared. Deleting for the last time😑 Who doesn’t love Uno? This version is just like IRL Uno but with good graphics and many fun modes and options. This was a fav game which I played obsessively for many, many months… Until a recent update that allows players to send avatars of themselves flipping the foam finger at opponents. (Previously, players could only “hit” each other with game-generated items or comments such as teddy bears, sad faces, bombs, and “Oh no!”) So the playing experience instantly changed from a cut-throat, but civil competition with some (PG) smack”talk,” to something like Trump’s America…where people with no apparent self control hurl the profanest of profanities at the slightest annoyance. So PARENTS: AVOID THIS ONE—unless you don’t mind your children being assaulted by foul images…or you want them to grow up to be aggressive, thoughtless creeps. If you’re an adult like me who isn’t a creep, ask yourself if you want to spend your precious leisure time getting flipped off again and again? Note: It doesn’t appear Mattel gives a rip; I reported it twice and got back generic, form emails that neither addressed nor solved the problem. I miss this one. SUCH a bummer.
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2 years ago, Ashfalts
Still needs improvement.
I know uno responded to my last review. I still don’t get why when someone else plays a 4+ as the timer runs out, it will force the other player to draw cards and lose their 1st place. But when I do it, it didn’t force cards to be drawn and the player still kept their 1st place. The timer rules are finicky. Sometimes it doesn’t count the last card, and sometimes it does. It makes no sense, there was a good 2 seconds left on the clock it should register. I know you can’t add time to my turn but I don’t think that’s exactly what I am asking. Why doesn’t the turn end after I play the card. It seems to only happen to me when some plays draw 4 and I have to take 4 more cards as the timer ends. Also when me and another player both have the exact same number card, why do I lose and end up in 3rd place? Or vice versa. It has happened multiple times. How is it decided who gets 2nd place? Is it who calls uno first? It’s not clear. Also please make the chat hold more than 12 things. And it would help if there wasn’t a timer. What if I want to apologize more than once? I’ll add an extra star since they responded last time. Overall, I still play bc I like UNO. I just don’t like these small inconsistencies.
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2 years ago, hanna loves roblox
I am a great uno player just this app made my day I would play this game for about all day even at my bedtime and there are so many events happen and when you win the other players you were playing give you coins and also you needs coins for a match if you don’t you can’t just one thing I don’t like is ads well they aren’t that much ads but it ok we’ll I don’t like that but there are so many things I wanted but the one telling you is one of favorite there is a like something that give you prizes everyday and now I gonna tell you how to play this game so you will get 7 cards and the game will put a card down like green and whoever is player one will have put down a green card if you don’t have it you have to pick up and there are cards like pick the color or +4 +2 and the goal is to finish your cards before anyone else finish there cards and like you change the color by if you have the same nu mber so I have no green but the card that they place has 2 and I have red 2 card down sorry for writing a really long review it just because I love reviews I wrote one for other games but like all of them I play anytime have time I wrote a review for Roblox go download uno and Roblox I wrote for it so you can see mines bye
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5 years ago, Avh5famly
VIP? Waste of $!
This game used to be great. Sometimes you like to unwind with a good game. This used to be a good one. Then is became apparent that unless you became a VIP member, you would be punished for not paying actual money, meaning: If you lost all your coins, you simply couldn’t play the game for a few days because there is no way to replenish them unless you pay actual money. Don’t give in! For those of us who paid money to be a “vip” member so that we could have a small amount of coins replenished so we could still play games with people if our coins ran out were shocked to find out that the latest update took those privileges away. So here I am, after having paid real money to a “free game”, unable to play it. Now they are saying I have to pay MORE money in order to get enough coins to play again or wait 24 ours and hope there are enough “free gift” coins to play. On top of that, I spent weeks trying to get enough coins to where I could safely play for awhile without worrying about losing and not being able to play the game again. Over 40,000 coins lost IN ONE GAME. And as a VIP member I cannot play again unless I pay more money OR wait until the “free spin” resets itself in 24 or 48 hours and then hope the prize is enough coins to play one game. So beware. Total headache for a free game you pay money to for bogus special features.
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5 years ago, IdannyM
Addicting game but?
I love the original game so I enjoy playing this but you just have to be patient and figure out how you can gain free rewards. Rewards are given out daily so there is always a game to play. If you want to compete with the top players then you need to study all parts of this app and choose wisely. I have played for about a year now and reached level 72 with an average balance of 40k coins and never spent a penny. I play daily just picking the games and levels that will win me some coins so I’m staying ahead of the game. At first it was annoying when you play against robot players or just plain stupid players who sabotage you. I now stay away from those players. If you’re lucky and score big on the upper level multiplayer game then you get the itch to try again and lose big time. Again play wisely, take less risks and you too can play daily for free. I must point out that the scratch offs are frustrating, at first every fourth or fifth one you would score a big reward, now I scratch fifty in a row and get the lowest reward every time. That proves it’s not random at all! This game is free with the options to buy coins, I choose to play for free since it’s free. Be patient and you too can play daily for free. Enjoy!!!! OIIIIIIIO
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1 year ago, PJP1991
Great but a few problems
(Long) This is a great game if you want to play uno with your friends without having to be together or in person. There is even a friends mode where you can just play with your friends. The only problem is with the friend mode the maximum number players is only 4. Also with that mode you only get 10 free games then you have to pay diamonds. My friends and I love to play uno and we will play it for up to 2 hours but we only get 20 to 40 rounds which seems like a lot but it feels like 5 rounds. So if there could be more room and more free games that would be super great. If your friends are busy you can play by your self or with someone else. I love to do that but whenever I lose I get dropped down to 0 coins and then I can’t play anymore without getting coins which is hard. I’m not saying change the coins but I wish there was a mini game or easier way to get coins so you can get back to playing. I would love if you could make some of these changes or consider making some of them that would be amazing. Thank you for taking time to read this. Have a good day.
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4 years ago, relyt_312
Classic free play mode that cost no coins
There should be a classic mode where it costs no coins to play but you can win a small amount each time until you have enough to play other modes. My fiancé and I have put a lot of money in the game to become vip members only to lose all coins and not be able to play for almost 24 hours until the “free gifts” reset which is barely enough for one game. I feel that the game coding needs work to where you don’t lose as many coins because the amount you lose compared to how much you use to start is way off and unfair. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still going to play and I as a gamer and consumer understand the whole pay to play perspective but don’t have it to where once you are all out of coins that literally the only way to keep going is “PAY TO PLAY”. Hope this gets worked out soon. Also for some reason whenever I play universe mode the app will always crash after a game or when loading into one which will cause me to lose. I have checked for updates and there are none. Could it be because I am playing on an iPhone 6 Plus Also it’s hard to play Grand Prix when you don’t have diamonds and would be easier if there was a way to use coins. I cannot finish my build up challenge due to this
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6 months ago, 12eviewer122
TL;DR — DO NOT SPEND $$$ on this app or you will be bankrupt within the next 2-5 games with all of your opponents getting stacked hands with all kinds of wilds where you get crap hands. If you love UNO, do yourself a favor and just play with the free coins you get everyday. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP. Keep reading for details. For 3 months now, I’ve spent an average of $200 a month on this game. I bought both monthly passes, custom decks, effects, and of course coins and diamonds. I have no issue with spending money on apps I enjoy. HOWEVER I saw through all of this that they rig the game so that when they see you can afford it aka spend money on extras that they bankrupt you within a couple of games after purchase. Why? To tap into that “gambler’s high” and keep you buying more. And the offer packages that pop up to buy are all priced at least $30 - $99 or more. If you don’t purchase and just play with the free coins, your game success goes back to being a 50-50 shot where you lose and win about equal amounts depending on your skill and luck. But as soon as you spend money, you bankrupt extremely fast. If I wasn’t so disgusted with these shady tactics, I would probably just keep buying the monthly passes since that gives you more daily coins. But I’m deleting the app now.
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4 years ago, FatedScythe777
It would be a great game if it weren’t for three simple things.
1. Connectivity Issues - It doesn’t matter if I’m using cellular data will full bars or WiFi and I’m in the same room as my router, I’m always having connectivity issues. Either there is lag and my turn times out, there is lag and I have to wait to be reconnected to the match, or there is lag and I get disconnected. Every match I have problems. 2. Invasive ads - This is pretty self explanatory, ease up on the ads. I get it, free game, gotta make that revenue somehow. But being bombarded with ads after every match is ridiculous. It’s one thing when it’s the lucky spins and gum ball machine where people are getting free coins and power ups and stuff. But if we have to suffer through that many ads, at least give us something for our time being wasted. Which leads into my final point. 3. Explain how winning and losing coins actually works. This game’s mechanics are rigged hard to make players buy more coins. You’ll play a match and win a couple hundred coins and in the very next match lose thousands. I’m not wasting money for coins on this game and with as hard as this game tries to shove you to buy them, I’m about ready to uninstall the game.
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3 years ago, K8DK
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME! I’ve always played UNO growing up so this is a fun outlet for me. Almost everything is perfect in my eyes with this game, other than one thing. When a player leaves the game and misses their chance, the “computer” that takes over should just make them draw cards instead of playing for them. I’ve watched a player win a game & they “timed out” the whole time. Not fair at all honestly. Instead of playing the game for them and allowing them to win, their cards should just get piled on so the computer doesn’t give them a better chance of winning. Other than that, i’d suggest being a little less stingy on the coins LOL, i know money is to be made from players that buy coins but GEEZ it wouldn’t hurt to give a little more. I’m always winning about 50 coins on the mini games & that barely helps when i’m down to nothing after losing. Yes i lose a lot but i also win too so i never really get tired of this game! I love the +4 card concept idk what everyone else is talking about ? Also, WILD is where it’s at!!! Love it !
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4 years ago, PandaLover363
Honest Review
I’ve played on this app for about a year and it’s a great way to kill time, but given the amount of time I’ve spent playing it’s become more than obvious that there is a hand in the gameplay that is not based off of luck or skill. There will be about a week straight where I’ll get the best cards, and win fairly effortlessly, but then get a sudden change in “luck” where I’ll immediately get awful cards and the opponents will have/repeatedly draw a ton of + 4’s in a row. Despite the occasional clear wins that appear predetermined in my favor from the start of the game, it doesn’t surpass the periods where I repeatedly lose from other people being dealt extraordinarily good hands of cards. Over time you start right back at 0 coins, I believe this is to incentivize you to pay actual money on the game which is pretty sneaky, yet a bit blatantly obvious in just how rhythmic the series of wins and losses are. I can also back this up in another example where sometimes the game will gift you a pass to play on a x8 mode, and EVERY time I get that pass I’m given the best cards, but when I play using my own coins it’s usually a definite loss. TLDR: You’re going to lose more than you’ll win.
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