Unolingo: Crosswords Without Clues

4.8 (390)
7.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Equazi Enterprises, LLC
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unolingo: Crosswords Without Clues

4.82 out of 5
390 Ratings
3 years ago, CephEsteem
Brain Candy for Word Game Fans
This fan of Scrabble and crosswords first discovered Unolingo on the Shockwave game site, and was instantly hooked. So when Shockwave set up a paywall, I was happy to discover this dedicated Unolingo app. The concept is original, the user interface is simple, and I especially love that it’s free from ads or subscription fees — instead, it provides a basic set of puzzles and offers the option of buying bigger sets of puzzles “a la carte” without requiring a subscription fee. As for the game itself, it’s addictive and smart, challenging your brain to mentally fill in words that mesh together without giving any clues — and using each letter of the alphabet only once! It’s like a hybrid of Scrabble and crossword puzzles, and playing it can sharpen your skills in both types of word games. Great stuff!
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2 years ago, AlyssaMyJoy
Fun and challenging
The game is addictive. The price isn’t too expensive to purchase more games. I wouldn’t have purchased it if it had been. Even though the easy levels are easier, they are still challenging. It’s cool that you can challenge yourself by racing to get a lower time or by getting more points. What would make this even better is if you could compete against friends - like a Unolingo With Friends. Also, it would be better if you could just touch the spots to place letters instead of dragging them.
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9 years ago, Asdfqwerty1234
Great time killer
I love this app. I never make in-app purchases but I've bought 3 or 4 of the puzzle sets already, and I plan on buying all of them. I have 2 complaints: 1) the letter bank is too close to the bottom of the phone so that when I drag letters up, sometimes I pull up the control center on my iPhone, and 2) after a while some of the same words keep reappearing. Although this may be because it's difficult to keep coming up with new words due to the nature of the set up of the game.
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3 days ago, MandaBear16
The BEST word puzzlegme I've come across thus far
I LOVE this app! I've been playing for nearly 10 years and still find myself coming back! Every time I run out of puzzles, I delete and redownload so I can do them all again! Its never boring, and consistently keeps my brain both exercised and entertained!! I really do wish the developer would come back and give us some new puzzles, though!
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1 year ago, JustLetMeBe11
Fun game but where is level 4?
The game is fun. You get 20 puzzles (levels 1-3 only). You get 10 level 1 puzzles and 5 each of level 2 and 3. After that you can purchase 160 puzzles for $4.99 (assuming the level 4’s are in the purchase). It’s a fun game but I blew through the free 20 in a day Also if you have an iPhone you will see the control screen often due to having to drag the letters to the boxes instead of being able to just tap the box and then the letter you want.
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6 years ago, Quatschster
Great Game
Now, this is a word game. No dippy music, no insultingly easy puzzles, and no sappy pop up “Congratulations!” messages. Solving the puzzles actually requires you to think, and not to go for the easiest or most apparent letter placement. When you get down to the last few letters needed to solve the puzzle, it gets interesting. You have to be able to determine which letters you can swap to get to the final answer. Excellent game.
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1 year ago, PeanutatSchool
My favorite word game!
I’m amazed that this game hasn’t become more of a sensation, like Wordle. It’s fantastic- a sort of sudoku with letters! The puzzles come in a range of difficulty, and some of the four-star ones are really challenging. I’ve purchased all the sets, and am almost out of puzzles. I hope the creators will consider making more, to the same excellent standard!
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5 years ago, Corrine in FL
Best word game ever!
Now this is a fun game. Not too hard, not too easy, keeps you thinking, and just all around fun to play. It seems like all the word games now are just drawing lines between letters to make four and five letter words. I’m so bored with that. I never get enough of this game. And no ads interrupting every few seconds. Makes you think about word structure too. Great game for any age!
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6 years ago, cookieleen
Keeps one sharp
Great game. Challenging and fun. 1 request for support... Could you make it so that game rotates to be played when when one turns their phone upside down??? This would eliminate the frustration of the letter bank being so close to the bottom control area that gets dragged up when trying to drag a letter from the bottom row of the alphabet. Would be most helpful.
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8 years ago, pem218
Great, Challenging Entertainment
I am a senior citizen always on the lookout for games to keep me thinking. On a recent flight cross country the young man seated next to me was engaged in playing game after game. I had to ask him what it was. And as soon as I had access to my tablet, I downloaded it and have been playing ever since. Try it!
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8 years ago, familiesr
Fun & Educational
In this modern day of electronics, it's a refreshing thing to know that there are wonderful, fun & educational games out there for adult and child alike. Unolingo is most definitely that game! Crossword puzzles with a twist that makes them a very enjoyable and fabulous way to pass away a study hall, lunch break or to challenge your family at home!💞
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8 years ago, J.fergalicious1
Entertaining and challenging
Love the puzzles. Very entertaining and a variety of levels to keep you challenged. Customer support is awesome. The first time I have actually had the developer call to help resolve an issue. Turns out it was a problem with the most recent upgrade to Apple.
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7 years ago, Sweetwilliam1849
Ads are not intrusive
Seems crazy to start a review with a comment about ads but they have become so intrusive in games that the absence is notable. This is a really fun game that takes some thought and strategy. I am really enjoying it.
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4 years ago, la grand-mère
Love the game....addicting...
... but the app ate all 160 puzzles I purchased and thus my $4.99. Didn’t get to play even one game. I don’t want to buy more at the risk making purchases and then losing them. I’m sure I did something wrong but it was too easy for my $5 bucks to disappear. Also I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that the keyboard is too close to the bottom of the screen. When I need a bottom letter I keep pulling up my control menu on the iPhone. Otherwise life is good. Thanks.
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7 years ago, R somebody
Good word game
I like unolingo and play it daily. The star ratings are a pretty good indication of difficulty. In this implantation of the game dragging the letters into place makes is clumsy. It would be nice if there were a pause control for when interrupted. The number of games is quite few. In a day or two I'll have used up the games that come with it and I suspect then they will want money.
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5 years ago, Rich Pe
I am a big fan of this game. It is in the form of a crossword puzzle but uses logic. No verbal clues. They partially fill in each word and you complete the puzzle bot can only use each letter once. Helpful tools if you have difficulty ithout additional help. .
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8 years ago, AncientAu
Great relaxing and brain exercise
I'm Very frugal with in-app purchases but as long as you keep giving me the option of turning off the timer display, it's also a very healthy distraction for me when needed. Keep developing it.
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2 years ago, BellaGreenBean
Great for Word-Game lovers
Perfect if you need something quick to do when you’re bored! I play all of the time. Like a mix of crossword + scrabbled + Wordle
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2 years ago, SophieVictoire
More games?
When are more games going to be available? I’m on last set!
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2 years ago, Ers2013
Fun but awful UI
The game is fun. You have to drag the letters to their spots instead of two taps. The bottom row of letters sits at the very very bottom of your screen so if you have an iPhone prepare to see your control center constantly.
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5 years ago, VALVNY
Absolutely LOVE Unolingo!!!
This is my favorite word game app: better than any crossword puzzle. Highly recommend it: Hope they come out with more series!
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3 years ago, Mark in 43560
Part of morning puzzle routine!
One or two players. As of July 2021 the first twenty (20) puzzles are free. A series of one- hundred sixty (160) puzzles is a reasonable $4.99 in cost.
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2 years ago, SundayRun
Perfect way to wake the brain up each day. It’s part of morning routine!
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6 years ago, Hershey103
Only small complaint
Good game and keeps me coming back but too Many words are slang or almost made up words. You really have to stretch your imagination. Seriously, “cam”? “Ha”?
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7 years ago, Scoutie88
A nice way to start my day.
This game is a nice way to start my day. It gets my mind moving and I enjoy the challenge.
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9 years ago, Hocahanim
If you've ever felt discouraged by attempting crossword puzzles, meet your new friend. What a great game to motivate and teach you how without frustration!
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6 years ago, Wood John
Great brain game
I love this game! Makes you think and the various challenge levels are perfect.
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9 years ago, Wawa queen
Best ten minutes I spent today
I like the puzzle. What a different way to go!!
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8 years ago, bkwmn
Love this game! Am eating through my puzzles like crazy! Forget email! Lol. Better than pinning.
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4 years ago, Edeegee
Love it
A good word. Helps to keep my mind sharp. Good variety. Definitely worth trying.
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8 years ago, sarahwww
Lots of fun
Great play! One of those "ohhhhh, now I get it!" Feelings in almost every puzzle!
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8 years ago, Jbelsom
Love this game!
This app is great. I can't stop playing!
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8 months ago, ohrubytue
Love this game, but the app has been crashing nonstop on my iPhone 15.
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8 years ago, T-Cric
Different. More challenging than most crosswords. I enjoy.
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8 years ago, Jinglebuck
This is a great app. Fun to play and quite challenging. One of my favorites.
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9 years ago, tacksamycket
Great game!
Thoroughly enjoyable. This was recommended to help me rehabilitate following brain surgery.
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8 years ago, SCspirit
Love it
I like it more than I could have imagined.
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4 years ago, Deelace
I love this game
It is truly challenging!
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7 years ago, Tom Postlewaite
I love words
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9 years ago, Annoyed lady...
Cooler than I thought!
Fun game! Nice and challenging, but no pressure :)
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8 years ago, Only Snicketts
Great brain exercise
Really enjoy this. A great brain teaser.
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8 years ago, Puppy's are awsome
Very fun
Quite addictive
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7 years ago, Prudence Penelope
Great game. Keeps the mind sharp!
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9 years ago, Unolingolvr
Love this game. It is a real brain challenge!
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7 years ago, Ninaandbren
Challenging and Fun
Very entertaining
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7 years ago, Jan-714
Love this play on crosswords. It is really fun.
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8 years ago, Haidith
Great game!!!
Excellent word puzzle!!
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2 years ago, dansinema
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13 years ago, Logicnut
Amazing Puzzle
For those of you who have been waiting for the next great puzzle, I think Unolingo has hit the mark. Solving this puzzle requires word knowledge, logic, and intuitive thinking. Not since Sudoku, have I seen anything so simple and yet so challenging. The variety of difficulties make it possible for everyone to find a level at which they can succeed and a level that can really stretch the mind. This app is very easy to play and navigate, and has really clever hint features and statistics. This is likely to be a big hit.
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7 years ago, Bravegiant
Great Game
Enjoying this game. A keeper
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