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User Reviews for Unroll.Me - Email Cleanup

4.68 out of 5
106.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Clovpug
Helpful in control of email
I like this app a lot. I am able to roll up the emails from stores, sites, catalogs in which I shop from. This way I keep them for when I really need them to search deals/discounts however they do not clog up my email. They come every morning in my daily roll up email (one email includes all I wanted to roll up). The app allows me to unsubscribe from sites that I do not want emails from (spam/junk). They will go directly to my deleted box if they show up again. I did notice that these emails sometimes show up again in my inbox and am thinking they are now like robo calls in which they use a slightly different email to get through. I just go in and delete that one too. My only issue is I had accidentally unsubscribe to a couple of businesses I like and when I find they had gone directly to my deleted items folder I try to put in in my in box but it will just go back to the deleted folder and I can't figure out how to change my preference.
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4 years ago, SamiLynn26
So I downloaded this after reading some reviews first. Mostly good, a few not so good but decided to give it a try. Why not right? So at first it worked great. It was unsubscribing from emails I don’t read anymore and gave me a sense of organization when it came to my inbox. Now I’ve always been careful to not really give my email out too much so I don’t get a lot of spam. But I’ve realized that ever sense I downloaded this app, I have been getting NONSTOP SPAM emails from spamming accounts for stupid things and no matter how much I was “unsubscribing” it seemed to keep getting worse and worse to the point my phone would constantly be blowing up and I couldn’t keep track anymore. I did a little more digging and realized I’m not the only one experiencing this with this app and I did more research on the app itself and I found out it I cades your privacy by selling your information to other companies and possibly hackers. I have had two social media accounts hacked recently (could be unrelated as I can’t prove it is this app, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is). I just deleted the app and I’ve been blocking those spam emails. I’ll update this when I notice a stop in these emails. I don’t know if it does this to make you feel like you are cleaning out your mailbox and you’ll use it longer (which almost worked on me) or what but please stay safe and keep your information safe.
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1 year ago, Solson15
Don't do it!
I started using this app a couple years ago actually. And at first it was great because I would get all my important emails in one email. But then slowly overtime I would keep getting more and more junk in my inbox. So I go on the app and an unsubscribe. But then it seem to be more and more each time I unsubscribe. And then all my important emails would go in to my trash directly or my spam. My inbox was all junk email over and over. So then I was looking into it and I realized that when you click on that unsubscribe button in a spam email it's just confirming to the spammer that the email is active. So basically for the last few years I've dealt with the headache of all these spam emails because of this app. It's horrible!! I finally deleted my account, then deleted the app- and now I am getting my emails again to my inbox! Very little spam makes it to my inbox. Don't use this app. I thought this was a hotmail issue for so long, because my gmail isn't like this. Nope- it's the app!! They also get all the permissions to read and see all emails. Trust me here- save your time and don't do this. If you already have, make sure you delete your account then the app! Just deleting the app won't do it. Also remember if you use it, you give them permission to sell your info which is why so many spams keep coming as well.
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5 years ago, JS ._.
Very frustrating, users possibly beware
I downloaded this app and went through all the steps to sign up, and got to the point where they start going through the emails and finding subscriptions. The app claimed it should’ve only taken a few minutes, so I waited... and waited. I decided to use the notification option for when it finished, but noticed when I was clearing my open apps later it seemed to glitch. It took me back to the login screen, and I logged in, but it took me back to the login page again, and again, and again! I deleted the app after that. But THEN I decided to maybe give the app another shot (the next day) because I REALLY wanted it to work, and at first I thought it did. I logged in, and the app said it had 23 subscriptions found, then I put the notifications on again. I open the app again later, and another subscription was added to the list, but the next time I logged in, it did the exact same thing as before! I really don’t appreciate this, and if it is a bug and not something sketchy (that I have been seeing in the reviews) PLEASE fix it. If this app did work for me, it would be essential, but it doesn’t. Thank you for anyone who decided to take the time reading my review, I hope this helped
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5 years ago, Cmmgat
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Holy COW this is amazing! Seriously, I use to get SO many emails and would miss important emails due to the time and effort of trying to unsubscribe to promo emails. Worse yet, if it even worked, I had to force myself to unsubscribe to things I sometimes would want to hear about (I mean who doesn’t love a good sale?) but couldn’t handle to flood of emails I was getting so had to forgo the opportunity to learn about these good deals. I use to spend hours “unsubscribing” to promo emails and still would have 100+ emails a day. Thanks to Unroll Me, I know get 1 beautiful email all rolled up and can quickly see important emails. It’s also really easy to dig back through in the event you accidently roll something up that you want your inbox. And it’s great about what it suggests you roll up (i.e. unroll me doesn’t try to ID my obnoxious chain emails from same person everyday as an email i suggest as an email to roll up!). Seriously do it. It will change your life!
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2 years ago, Jessiemay0820
Don’t like recent updates
This app is pretty amazing. I’ve had it for over two years and have recommended it many times. One of the best features was a “roll up” email containing previews of emails from senders you designated. This is brilliant because you can have many emails rolled up in one. You could easily see from that one email if you needed to open any of these emails. However, I do not like the recent update. They removed the email previews in the roll up and instead have just a subject and one line. Before, I could scan my roll up email with previews and quickly determine what emails to open. Now, I have to open a lot more emails. Also, only 4 emails appear in the roll up email and they only show the subject an part of one line. You have to go to the app to see the rest and even there, you only get a limited Info for each email. All of this results in more clicks and more time. This app used to save me tons of time not doesn’t seem to save much time. Finally, the IU updates make it look old. I don’t understand why they made these updates. Product team: Please fix this.
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2 years ago, eld6176
Avoid This App Before You Regret It
I have been using this service for several years to put all of my retail emails into one place. Originally it was really helpful besides a glitch every now and then. However over the past year it’s continuously gotten worse, not to mention like other users have pointed out, the company sells your data. I could not figure out why my spam mail had gotten SO bad until reading the reviews on here. It’s not a coincidence this is happening to numerous users of this service. My junk mail has gotten to the point where I can’t even avoid it by blocking domains anymore and might have to change emails from the one I’ve been using for over a decade. To top it off, the user design of the daily roll-up has gradually declined over time and is now worse than ever. You can’t even view previews of the emails in your daily roll-up from your actual email anymore. When you click on your roll-up, it redirects you to the app, which would log itself out on my phone weekly and I’d end up having to log back in. I’ve finally deleted my account and wish I could have avoided ever using this service. So many regrets!
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6 years ago, Kit Kaplan
Spend half the day subscribing, the other half, unsubscribing.
I am a compulsive information gatherer. I love to know everything about anything because you just never know when it will come in handy. Every day I am bombarded by email and spam. it seems like every time I subscribe to something new, they sell my name to someone else. Suddenly i get tons of unrelated advertising. Everywhere I go online I feel pounded with ads. On Facebook now and every “free“ app is chock-full of advertising that pops up in your face so you can’t use the app until you read it. I’m just so sick of it. That’s why I love this app. One of the best tools I have found to manage ADHD and get things done is TIO, or turn it off. When I’m trying to get something done, I turn off notifications. I have an app on my phone to track time I spend on tasks and warn me when the time is over. And I can turn the phone off and still get that alert, but nothing else. Love it.
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5 years ago, rickyraab
This App actually works!
I have tried many things to combat spam mail. I used the iPhone’s built in “mark as spam” and “unsubscribe” feature which didn’t help much (perhaps it’s less effective for yahoo accounts?), I marked emails as spam through Yahoo’s website directly, I would click the unsubscribe link (which I then read is not something one should do). I still battled spam emails every day so I decided to give this app a shot and after having to mark over 2000 emails as spam I’m happy to report that I now barely get any spam. Maybe one email every three days or so. It takes some work at first but it’s well worth it. My only gripe (and the reason for one star short of perfect) is the effort it takes to mark this many emails as spam. You have to swipe every single one. I wish there was a feature to select all of many emails at once and just bulk-tag them. Once you’re at the point of being caught up, it’s super easy to stay on top of things. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, trickyyyts
Absolutely, positively amazing app!
This has changed the game. With all the legitimate things I receive, sale info from places I go to infrequently (but still want to know about) and then the random junk mail, my inbox stayed full. I used to have to spend so much time unsubscribing to the excess emails, and when I didn’t have the time to do so, it would quickly get out of control. As well, new junk mail quickly took the place of newly unsubscribed junk mail, and the cycle would repeat. Not anymore! I roll up the emails from the stores, unsubscribe from the junk and keep the rest. It’s as quick as swiping left, right or up, in one app. Then my inbox has one nicely rolled up email with all the store offers, no junk, and the rest is what I need to sift through. Even better, it’s constantly looking for NEW junk e-mail, and notifies me in my pretty little roll up! So quick, so easy, and so awesome! HIGHLY recommend!
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2 weeks ago, Looshykins
Worked perfectly then steadily declined
I’ve used this app for many years and it was always great until about a year ago. It started having problems all the time (mostly not showing current emails in the app and when it sent my daily rollup notification email it didn’t contain all of the emails it should have; occasionally it would stop rolling up emails for no apparent reason). I emailed them numerous times about these issues and sometimes they fixed it but after a little while the problem would return. Eventually they said that they didn’t know when the problems would be fixed. A few months ago I manually unsubscribed from tons of emails so when I began getting rollups containing emails from a small number of senders it made sense. Today it stopped rolling emails up again but I was shocked to see that there were emails from a number of other senders as well. Why had these been excluded for months? Where did they go because they were nowhere to be found in the app? I hope I haven’t missed any important emails. This was the last straw and I will no longer use the app.
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6 years ago, Unsubsribe Me-
Amazing! Unsubscribed to 63 Mass Emailers in 5 Minutes!
I recently started recieving 100+ unsolicited emails daily from online retailers, stores, airlines, every cruise line imaginable, surveys, vineyards, catalogs, coupon websites- just a ton of junk. They made it through spam and junk filters and made my inbox a nightmare. To go into each individual email and find the "unsubscribe" link, open in browser, then answer the customized questions for each site to "say goodbye" took at least five minutes. Some had multiple questions to ensure you wanted them to honestly leave you alone. I was breaking off an unsolicited email "relationship" with JC Penny, Windsor Vineyards, and OTAA neckties- stalkers are easier to get rid of. I got this, it downloaded quickly, then I simply entered the email account, granted permission with a click, and 80+ junk/mass accounts were isolated in seconds. 100% accuracy! I was able to quickly save those I actually need or want (school emails, retailers I actually frequent) and unsubscribe from 63 mailing lists in just a few minutes! Easy to use and loved the reporting! Have done this to three phones now- Miracle! A must-have once you have been targeted and had your email taken or gathered from browsing history, job affiliation from Linkedin, marketing lists and retailer affiliates.
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6 years ago, iindz6
Don’t fake your own death
Everybody my age; those of us who were thereto birth the internet and all the changes it has made in everyday life, were the guinea pigs for those who forged this new age. We made all the mistakes that those creators used to adjust and change that which they were making. One of those oft made mistakes was letting your e-mail address be written on every bathroom wall on the net. Us older models now have to clear 50 or more unwanted e-mails a day from a mailbox we just want to manage our personal lives with. Another reality is that changing your primary e-mail is like moving to another country. It’s like a relationship with a lover that you can’t live with, but cannot leave. Unroll me isn’t perfect (yet), but it will reduce the clutter pretty significantly. If you can’t afford a techie or are too old to be savvy about creating a new identity, try Unroll me!
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2 years ago, Zanezimmm
This app is intensely amazing, such a good idea, done so well. The GUI is easy, the concept is easy, the controls is amazingly easy, and extremely fast to clear and In turn fully clean a entirely bogged down email inbox in seriously just minutes. I had no clue it was going to be 45 seconds and I had cleared out all the junk out of a 20 year old email with over 18,000 unread emails that I was able to do Completely organized and delete every email but only like 25 in 45 seconds I thought it was going to take 2 hours at least. And not only delete the emails in your inbox that you don’t want, but also it is called “unsubscribing”, so these junk e-mails are never, ever, ever to return either. Awesome, awesome, awesome all you developers on this project are awesome. Good Job!! Good Day!
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5 years ago, missaren
Such a good app...but...
This app is lifestyle altering...or at least it used to be. It’s gotten very glitchy wherein all of a sudden have all of my emails that are supposed to be rolled up, now flooding my inbox, yet I will still receive a roll up email. Additionally, I have 3 accounts and the swapping between them doesn’t work. I will get an daily new subscription alert, but when I go to the app, I am only allowed to view the rollup on one account. When I try to select a different account, it says “this account already selected”, yet there is no roll up for that account. Please Please fix! I’ve uninstalled and re-installed this app more times than I can say. The annoyances of having so many emails in my inbox removed was a real dream. Now I spend more time trying to get the app to work.
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2 years ago, Time Traveling Sage
Easy to use/Easy Access
This is a wonderful app. In a digital mail world we all tend to have more than one email address we are using and just like anything else, you have to do email inbox ‘housekeeping’ from time to time being the inboxes can piled up with emails and other junk mail , and it can get frustrating when you are trying to juggle the inboxes. This app allows you to setup and access all your inboxes in one place and you can just switch from one to another with ease to do the cleanup. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make maintaining their email inboxes with ease . To the creators of this app- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You help to make it easy- please NEVER go away!!!
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3 years ago, BROOKiELiSE
Google on App doesn’t work
I am updating my review in 2021. With the interface change, I’m seeing spam in my inbox while the app is telling me that my inbox is spotless. It’s so frustrating. ———— I love UnRoll me. I love to delete emails and keep my inbox clean and the website and app have been really great. I recommend it to everyone. I’m not sure what changed in the last few months, but adding a gmail account crashes the app. It works fine on desktop, but it’s a no go from your phone. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still doesn’t work for gmail. I reached out to support and was told they are aware of the issue, but it’ll take some time to fix. I have two gmail accounts so This is super inconvenient.
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4 years ago, SchroederRock
It Works Well, But...
The short response here is that Unroll Me does a decent job of finding emails that are likely junk and helps either unsubscribe you from them or just auto-trash them. I love that. My only reason for not giving a 5-star rating is I do still have some emails coming from spam sources that the app hasn’t caught that come from the same sender. So it caught quite a bit just not everything. This sort of service has incredible value to a lot of ppl and it’s free which is amazing. But if there were a premium version that had a deeper look at my inboxes for like $2-$3 a year I’d be willing to pay that if it means I have a reliable service that’s chucking garbage out so I’m not thinking I have 11 unread emails every 3 hours. Good app - definitely try it, I just think it has opportunity to be a little better.
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6 years ago, Laurikeet
Practical App
It really is helpful. All you do is choose if you want an email source deleted, kept in their box or kept in your email. I found that I rarely look at the ones they “roll up” in their app, because it takes time for it to open. But it is fabulous for deleting. At first I signed up for their daily emails. It was a total drag, just another email, but I changed it to no emails and now check the app myself once or twice a week. Websites that hope for money from you change the names of the supposed senders constantly, and so do eventually return to your inbox, but it is still easier to unsubscribe to them through Unroll me, until they change the name again. But that is not Unroll Me’s fault and they really are terrific.
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2 years ago, RaeMum
Godsend for emails!
I’m inundated with emails daily! To the point that I’m missing important ones. In one day I will have over six hundred plus.. way too much! UnrollMe is a godsend, separating them and verifying if I want to keep, unsubscribe, or just roll up. I used this service years ago when the app first became available, and really forgot all about it. The newer app is way more user friendly, I get the daily updates with what I want to do with the repetitive emails, and I’m done! They sort them all out for me…no more scrolling through hundreds in a day. Very efficient, and a time saver. I highly recommend if you’re inundated with unnecessary emails daily!
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4 years ago, Keisala
Great in theory- not in technology
Ive had unroll me for a few years and at first glance it’s a great idea! Clean up my inbox #winning!! BUT- really all it’s doing is shoving those unwanted emails in to a folder titles “unrollme”.... so not really saving you any storage on your phone or device. It also has a major flaw where if you choose to keep an email, but add it to your “stack”... it hides ALL emails from that 1 deliverer. So for example, you want to hide airline spam emails, it will ALSO hide the emails if you have emailed that airlines support department, or been issued a refund, etc. Because of this- YOU HAVE TO READ YOUR UNROLL ME EMAIL EVERY DAY, to be sure you dont miss communications you WANT to receive, but without the junk emails. (Ive missed a lot of gift cards from friends this way- since I unsubscribed from say barnes and noble, but they sent me an egoftcard from barnes and noble) Finally their technology is ALWAYS going wonky. Recently the latest update does not allow for signing in to your gmail account via the app- because of ios and JavaScript.... and if you email support- it tells me that email is not longer valid! (YES- the one listed RIGHT HERE IN THE DESCRIPTION!! 😳) Ive had a slew of technological problems with this service and ios accessibility- so if you are an iphone user- id try something else. It’s not mobile friendly AT ALL, and #letsbehonest... most of us check email from our phones.
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2 years ago, ponylvlup
Cleared my email, but not my notifications
This app is great… if you don’t have notifications turned on. I don’t check my email a lot since I don’t get a lot of important emails, so I have notifications for my email turned on on my phone. Recently, I’ve been getting notifications of the spam emails that I’ve unenrolled from via this app. But when I go to manually unsubscribe from them, they emails are gone (because the app is doing its job). I don’t know what happened because this only recently started happening (could be a new update/bug or maybe user error). Either way I’ve resubscribed (which is a feature I’m grateful for) to all the emails so I can now manually unsubscribe from them. Obviously deleted the app as well since it’s now useless/too much of a hassle to me.
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3 years ago, Brainteez
What happened?!
Most of the time when an app updates their aesthetics, it takes a moment to get used to and things are back to feeling as they should. But holy cow did the 3.0 update fail on so many levels. (I’m on an iPhone 7) The view of the rollup is such a mess…distracting square photos with a button overlay that is easy to miss altogether as you scroll down. Once in a newsletter, you can’t hold down on a link to bring up share options. Once you let go, it just goes straight into the link as if you did a single tap/click. Once inside an article you can’t access the articles URL in any way, shape, or form. AND, you can’t navigate back to the newsletter! Instead, you have to back all the way out to that day’s roll-up. The basic functionalities that made this app so useful have all been wiped clean. Maybe it works better on desktop…
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6 years ago, GingerHammer
Potential Is There
I will google tonight if there’s another app that offers same services but with a ‘select all’ feature on grid format similar to an email inbox. Another possible suggestion to make this app more efficient, user friendly and increase overall appeal would be a filter option allowing user to unsubscribe by sender email address without the redundant action of swiping or touching for every individual email!! The senders email being more prominent would be helpful compared to the placement of the small text in lower left. Unrollme becomes mundane, inefficient, time consuming and BORING - unfortunately, it’s easier to just keep deleting emails from my inbox. The fact that there is an UNSUBSCRIBE link at the end of every email or the beloved BLOCK option, I always know if it becomes to bad that two steps and BOOM - DONE >> you get a confirmation of no longer receiving emails <<
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4 years ago, timothee91
If you download, pay attention to the emails...
Ugh, I downloaded this app months ago and initially it was wonderful, although I soon realized that all of my spam emails were multiplying because they were being unsubscribed to, so I stopped using it but left it on. Now, months later, I discover that it has been quietly moving thousands of emails that I didn’t know why I wasn’t getting anymore but needed over to a separate new folder and marking them read. Now I’m drowning in so many missed important emails from the past months that I’m in tears. Just realize what you are signing up for & stay on top of it even though it takes up so much time to go through all of the emails it presents... and often unsubscribes me from things I need but didn’t recognize which is just as bad. It can be good, just use caution. However, it does clean out my inbox... of everything I need...
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2 months ago, Meeeeeeershell
Actually works
I had over 10k unread emails and counting. I just couldn’t keep up with all the subscriptions and looking through my emails. This was a much easier solution than trying to go and unsubscribe to each one. There were a few subscriptions that were stubborn and didn’t unenroll with this app but this removed majority of them making it easier to just click unsubscribe for those few. Even though i still don’t enjoy reading through my emails it’s significantly easier and manageable. Anytime i start to feel like my emails out of control i just log back in and start the process again.
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2 years ago, Kia Katana
When I first downloaded this app I was excited. Finally I thought I had found a way to eliminate all of those unwanted emails. At first I thought this app was great, but the same emails kept on coming through. I have unsubscribed to some emails as much as 50 times or more and I still get them. Also it does not give you the opportunity to unsubscribe to emails that show up in your junk folder. You have to literally transfer all the junk files to your inbox and hope that some of them show up on the unroll me app, which they don’t. I transferred 122 unwanted emails and only five of them showed up on the app. Now I am back to manually unsubscribing each one individually, which 99% of the time does not work. If this app is supposed to be so great why then do I keep receiving the same emails day after day after I have unsubscribed. This app needs a lot of improvement! Gary
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1 year ago, LoisD77
Saved me so much time
I used to spend lots of time deleting unread emails then finally hitting “Unsubscribe”. But that process takes a few steps for each sender. Unroll Me went through all my emails (in two accounts) and over a few days helped me either Unsubscribe, Keep, or Roll Up each sender. Roll Up feature sends you an email each day with those emails bundled together. You can click any you want to open, or just delete that email. The app interface is easy to use and gives you a preview of the email to help decide how to handle it. It’s cleaned up my inbox! (And I’ve only used the free version.)
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2 years ago, JackPhil1212
I downloaded this about a month ago. Once you open the app you are prompted to log into your email. From your email the app and anyone behind the scenes has access to all of your information. A couple of days after all of my information was compromised. This app sells your information!!!! Since then I have still not got my identity back. I have had to close all of my accounts (cards, social media, etc) I will never get my instagram and twitter back. I had to open new accounts for all of my banking because money was stolen. And there were 45 people logged into my email all over the world. This means any account you have tied to your email they have access to. I would recommend to stay as far away from this app as possible. and to the app owners you owe me a lot of time and money back. Do something about this, and never use this service!!!!
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3 years ago, Guitar4life1185
Finally an app to do the hard work for me!
I’ve had the app for a year or so now, and it’s a huge help. It is simple, and as far as my experience goes, does exactly what it says. You can choose to completely unsubscribe, roll up, or keep emails. I tend to accidentally sign up for things, so it’s a huge help to know the app will do the heavy lifting for me in unsubscribing. My only issue is I may have rolled up some things at one point that I need again later. I’ve forgotten at times if they were rolled up or not and had to hunt a bit to find them again. But, for the most part it’s a simple, effective app that does what it claims. I accidentally signed up for a few of those survey and reward sites yesterday , and my inbox was bombarded with new emails and offers. The app has consistently been able to offer the unsubscribe option through the simple interface. The daily roll up email is good to review emails you may not need to keep, but still want to see occasionally. Definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, Southern Redhead
Unroll Me
This app is pretty much useless to me unless I want to “unroll” from unwanted emails one by one. The option of unrolling from multiple emails has NEVER been an option for me. If you click delete multiple emails, when it pops up at the bottom of my phone screen, you can barely see the top of the red unsubscribe button, and not enough to push it. And when I am unsubscribing from them one at a time it’s basically the same thing. You have to barely tap it with the edge of your finger and sometimes that takes you to a different screen and you have to start all over again. I’m not sure why I even keep this app on my phone taking up space. It’s awful. Zero stars. Please do better. Every time there is an update it says…”huge update” now you can delete multiple subscriptions at once”. NEVER happens. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Lolor2
Drowning in emails?! No more!
I used to miss emails coming to my yahoo all the time because it was so bogged down and overloaded w ads and offers. I’m not talking about spam- I’m talking about good email ads I want to look at - but only periodically when I need them. Otherwise, they’re just sitting in my inbox causing me to hv to scroll so far down to get to the important ones. Unrollme provides a quick and easy one-time method of moving these clogging types of emails without losing access completely. You can also choose to permanently “unsubscribe” easily to emails if you don’t want them to show up again. No more embarrassing “I must’ve missed your email.”
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3 years ago, Jilliantd
Not loving the new experience
The new release is visually appealing, but it lost some major functionality that makes this app pretty useless to me. When I tap on an email in my daily roll up from my device inbox, it brings me to a daily roll up in the app. I therefor have to search within the app to view the email I wanted to read. The old version brought me right to that email. With all the pretty images, it makes the list even longer to find the one email I want to actual read. Once I find the email if I click on any links within the email, it keeps me within the app, it used to let me open in my native browser. Until these two things are fixed I won’t be able to use this app any further than just keeping my inbox clean. Super frustrating. Happy to chat with your product people if they want videos of what I’m struggling with!
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3 years ago, Mjjjp
Terrible New Update
I have used this app for over a year and it did everything I wanted it to do. Cleared up my inbox and made it super easy to unsubscribe from junk. It caught every new email and asked me if I wanted to keep, unsubscribe, or roll up. Brilliant!! Post update: I haven’t gotten any new emails according to this app since the update . But I am getting constant spam emails in my inbox that was never there before. Why isn’t unroll me picking this up any more? Biggest Problem: I used to be able to open web links in my own browser. That feature is now non existent and I can only view links in the unroll me app. This makes my experience very unsatisfactory. For instance I’m not going to make a purchase in the app and I can’t print from the app which is the type of emails I was mostly utilizing unroll me for. Conclusion: the update makes the app almost worthless to me.
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3 years ago, Sarahluvtu04
New update = bad!
What used to be easy is becoming a pain! I don’t like several things about recent iPhone version updates… it doesn’t show a screen shot of every email in the rollup email anymore, only the subject line of five or six emails. You have to click through to see them all, and it only shows the subject line, not the image. And it takes like 5 clicks to actually get to the emails after getting redirected to the App Store no matter where you click. Wish there was a way to select the view you want and go directly to what you tap without pressing a bunch of buttons.
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5 years ago, KsNpet
Support is very helpful
I love this app! I have been using it for about a year. I downloaded it because I wanted to unsubscribe to emails, I had tried just clicking unsubscribe but that didn’t always work. This app works for that. Recently they had some issues with the app, I don’t know what the issue was all I know is I sent support an email and they answered right away. They were working on a fix. The fix came and I still couldn’t get in so I sent support another email. Again they answered right away! This time it was setting on my phone. I changed my settings and it works again! Support for this app is awesome! Thank You!
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1 year ago, Taghr33d
Am I missing something?
I’ve had the app for two weeks now, and while I think the concept is great… the overall execution is lacking. I find myself having to go into my actual account and still unsubscribe from spam accounts. Furthermore, all of the accounts I am currently subscribed to won’t fully load; some days the subscription names will show up and other days it won’t. I’ll see what happens toward the end of the month, but as of right now I’m still doing the work of decluttering my account. Update: I deleted the app. I went into my email account and manually deleted/unsubscribed to dozens upon dozens of sites. Furthermore, upon deleting unroll me… one of the options to choose from as to why I was deleted the app was “I don’t want my information sold.” This app just kinda defeats the purpose of having it.
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11 months ago, TomSeaG
Excellent unsubscribe option
UnrollMe has been an incredibly helpful tool for managing email subscriptions. Its user-friendly interface and efficient unsubscribe process make it easy to declutter my inbox. Moreover, I appreciate how it presents all my subscriptions in one place, allowing me to choose which ones to keep and which to unsubscribe from with just a few taps. It has definitely saved me time and reduced email overwhelm. One suggestion for further improvement would be to explore more personalized recommendations based on user preferences to enhance the overall user experience.
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5 years ago, Charmed824
This app used to be helpful. But then a few months ago my inbox started becoming flooded again. I emailed support and was told they were aware of the issue and were working on it. Received another email from support a few weeks after that, again telling me they were still working on it. Now with this recent iOS update, anytime I try to even open the app, it immediately crashes. I’m seeing other reviewers are having the exact same issue. The developer responds to each review, asking for more info. It’s obvious it’s a generic reply because there really is no more info needed! If they were truly reading our complaints through these reviews they’d realize the app is CRASHING upon attempting to open. How much more of an explanation can we all give? I’m about ready to uninstall/unsubscribe this useless app. and find a new one that works better.
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4 years ago, Joedubya
Targeted advertisement
While this app may initially block some junk email, I was quickly overwhelmed by a new wave of junk mail I have never received before. What tipped me off was I started receiving advertising about being approved for a loan... the approval amount just happened to be the exact amount I had recently taken out of a 401k loan, which was sent to the same account. This app reads your mail and delivers targeted advertising to you. Focused attention while you “unsubscribe” in their app is high dollar advertising space... and it even feels good because you think your blocking it. But it never stops. Always a fresh batch. Again, not only does this app not do what it says, but it floods you with additional spam for you to block as it advertises to you. All while taking your data and reading your personal email for its database to sell you more advertising.
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5 years ago, cbstrange
Catches 90% of my spam
This app is easy (and kinda fun) to use and is extremely effective. For some reason I got an influx of spam a month ago and couldn’t stop the hundreds of emails flooding my inbox during the night. I downloaded this app and diligently unsubscribed only using the app every day. My daily emails lowered immediately. Now I only get maybe one spam email every two days, and I handle it through the app. Make sure to select all the offending emails and mark them as spam, don’t open them or respond yourself. UPDATE The app has stopped sending junk mail on my inbox. I’m currently searching for another app or program that will continuously scan my inbox for junk. I’m also not entirely sure that I was being unsubscribed from these emails.
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2 years ago, TaayWowww
Makes My Morning Email Check Better
Like everyone, I wake up and check my phone’s notifications every morning. I used to always wake up to emails from companies or people that I didn’t recognize or wasn’t even interested in anymore but there were so many it wasn’t overwhelming to get rid of them all. This app takes it day by day and finds subscriptions in your email and lets you keep, unsubscribe or “roll up” which means you won’t see them as much. I’ve gotten rid of so many emails that I didn’t want to see anymore. I only wake up to emails that I need now.
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6 years ago, speedy’s iPhone
Inbox cleared 🤗
Unroll me has cleared out my email from over 300 emails a day I couldn’t keep up with the mall now I get 10 or so emails every day or so I kept my inbox clean and I’m not going crazy over it anymore I am so pleased with this app I was really getting frustrated every day I will get 80 to to 300 emails within a day Or two and I don’t get them anymore very easy to use just install the app and Unroll will let you know if there’s any new emailsYou can go into the app keep what you want to roll up what you want and delete what you want once you click unsubscribe it stays unsubscribe in your emails are limited to only what you really want
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6 years ago, Alas, earwax
Actually works
The very first time I used the app, I had so many junk email subscriptions that I didn't get through them all, so I didn't notice a big difference. HOWEVER, once I finally got through everything my inbox has been soooooo nice. I can't remember the last time my inbox was this clean, because it was probably too long ago to remember. The reminder to read my rollup every day is also surprisingly helpful. The app could use a little more polish (being able to open an email when your deciding whether to rollup or unsubscribe would be nice) but it's such a useful app that I'm giving 5 stars anyways.
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3 months ago, Man159
Clean Inbox
Fantastic app and very easy to use. I had over 4,000 pesky emails in which was crowding my inbox from subscriptions and things I have put my email on such as fast food apps, gaming accounts and much more. With 5 minutes of time I was able to stop all the unwanted spam from coming in. After another 15 minutes I have my mail box with only 45 emails I want to keep, nothing in spam. Have waited a week to write a review to see if it actually worked and to my surprise if has. Fantastic app, is free, and is 100% worth your time!
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2 years ago, taytaycain
So- I have a problem with mindlessly adding my email for a discount here, a freebie there… and I had gotten to the point that I was receiving ~200 emails a day. A DAY! If I didn’t delete daily, I would have 1,672 emails in no time. I didn’t realize just how much stress that brought me. Just knowing that I had that many! Also, I missed important emails scattered within all of the literal junk. I’m so thankful for an app that simplifies the process of weeding out what I don’t want anymore and simply unsubscribing for me. I would have paid generously for this service, and I’m so darn thankful it’s free.
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2 years ago, dvikimouse
Dream come true
I have grown to hate email! No matter how hard I try- it becomes a gathering place for junk - up to 300 emails a day and maybe 1-2 actually matter . I avoid it as much as possible because the time it takes to filter junk is ridiculous . I’ve tried shortwave and every imaginable app to help and gotten nowhere! Enter this program. I’ve dedicated barely 5 minutes on 2 different occasions and my email nightmare is OVER! Today my inbox had SIX items to designate! That’s it! The rest has been handled by my musclebound assistant Mr. UnrollMe 😉 it’s a dream come true!
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2 years ago, courtneymayo
Used to be helpful, now it’s just frustrating
I love the idea of this service and I’ve been using it for several years now. In the beginning it was well designed and pretty helpful - it would deliver a single email with all my subscriptions in thumbnail view each day, and I could click through and see the full version of each subscription email. The recent updates are horrible. When it even works, the email it I get shows about 8 single line subscription emails and a link to the unroll me app to view the rest of the email. When I click into the app, the rest of the email is still just a list of my subscriptions instead of the thumbnail previews it used to show. And apparently they sell your info? This app is way more trouble than it’s worth now.
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1 year ago, SniperKris83
It actually works!
I was skeptical of the validity of the claims that it would get rid of junk emails, but I was pleasantly surprised. There’s no subscription fees or anything to pay. Once you link it to your email address, it brings up all of your emails from mailing lists. You can then go in and unsubscribe from unwanted emails and you can also flag email addresses that you want to keep getting mail from. I went from getting 100 emails a day down to like maybe 10 emails a day. This app is definitely worth downloading and trying!
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1 month ago, Bandaidmyheart
I got enrollme about 2 months ago. Started up the application and followed all of the prompts. Seemed to be going well. Suddenly my email addresses completely stopped receiving emails all together. I checked my settings in unroll me and everything. Went to send and email and a prompt popped up that said “unable to send mailbox full” so I went onto a computer to logged into my emails and spent hours erasing and erasing and refreshing my email boxes until I had just a few important keep emails in each inbox. Still nothing. I deleted and tried to unsubscribe my account from unroll me. Still nothing. A few days later I at least started receiving emails again, but I have been unable to send an email from either account since using unroll me. Extremely frustrating.
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