UNSCRIPTED Photography Poses

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OMJ Holdings Pty Ltd
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for UNSCRIPTED Photography Poses

4.73 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 years ago, lis sanford
Best Possible App Available For Photographers!!
I just wanted to say I am blown away by all of the features loaded into this app. Like it is absolutely amazing! From the questionnaires, to the invoice, timeline, accepting the payments through stripe, and the prompts I don’t think I’ve e ever seen an app for photographers that is absolutely so simple to use and includes everything you can think of. I’ve had the App for at least a year maybe longer and I purchased the lifetime access and am so glad that I did. You’re amazing and have created something to simplify the entire process not only on the photographers end but the client too. Oh and I could go on with these features lol everytime I see another one I’m like WHAT!!! They have truly thought of everything. Don’t even get me started on the amazing Prompts, I’m serious. If you’re thinking about purchasing the full version of the app stop thinking and do it. Absolutely no thinking about it. If you need literally an All In One App for Photographers you’ve found it! Thank you so so much!!
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2 months ago, Timeless Photography
IN LOVE but some changes are needed.
I would give 5 starts but there are a few things that wouldnt allow me to do so. Usually people start with the PROs but I'll start with the CONs since it isnt much. [CONs] Alot of 'coming soon' but i've had the app for 6 months and nothing has been done for the 'coming soon'. Some things could be made easier on both the app and the online site. I could go into detail but a review may not be the best place for it. [PROs] OMG, it overall has organized me electronically. I had never found an app I really liked for me, a photography. Prior to this I used to write everything down. Yes, I know. I had my planner and notebook with me like another limb! Don't get me wrong, I will still write in them but this app has been it easy and effortless to book and have access at all times. I love the way it is set up with the client portal. My clients LOVEEE it! I also cannot stress enough how beautiful my galleries look as I share with my client and how easy it is for them to see and download. Literally this app became my website, planner, notepad, and work gallery! I would love to help the designers of the app with some of my ideas. Cant wait till the app and website are at its full potential.
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4 years ago, Ohheyitsshae
Great App but not worth the price
This is a great app but it is not worth the price. I received an email shortly after signing up letting me know that the lifetime subscription of $99 would be removed in 2020. The yearly subscription is $60 (these are all not including taxes), and the three month subscription is $30. I understand that many companies like adobe and other apps are switching to the yearly plans and removing unlimited access because it is the most profitable, but this app just does not provide enough to be worth the cost. I can create a Pinterest board to organize all of my poses and use my scheduling software to keep up with dates. The golden hour/sunset is a useful feature but it’s very underwhelming and that information can be found from other apps offering a subscription for $5 a year. The app also glitches frequently and most of the content says coming soon. I say all of this not to bash the app, but I think the creator has chosen to go with aesthetics and the appeal to young women who will purchase anything that’s cute and consolidates their life. I would lower the price to make the app of value, otherwise it’s just another niche app that will not make it far in the App Store.
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4 years ago, katemarie18765
It’s Alright
I paid for a lifetime and it’s a cute app but also doesn't really show much difference than making Pinterest albums and doing the same thing. I’ve also noticed if you submit your photos to be shown in their browse poses section you better hope you edit like all the other photos and have matching style because they all look the exact same. The prompts are nice and pre saved messages but would prefer a few more pre saved messages for other things. A lot of the poses all look the same just with different people and different pose names. I wish they had a actual app website where you can use their services on the app as well as computer as it does get tiring to see everything on a small screen. Their Facebook group is alright but as I was searching the group they clearly don’t care to talk about mental health and many photographers suffer from it. Which is truly upsetting to see. And for boudoir they should have a section for plus size due to they can be more tricky to pose and a lot of skinny girl poses do not work for women with that type of body. So could use some more upgrades. Try before you buy!
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5 years ago, kateclearyphoto
This app is a GAME CHANGER!
I have always loved photographing people and connecting with them through my camera. Especially couples. I always strive for my shoots to be an awesome experience rather than a big, posed production. There was a time when I found it more difficult to think outside the box, but Unscripted has changed the game for me. It wasn’t until I found the app that I really started to use the unique prompts and conversation to evoke real emotions and experiences with my clients! I can tell they truly have the BEST time, especially with the some of the silly prompts! What I love most about the app is that there are SO many ideas to match any client personality. No two sessions are alike, so having the ability to adapt prompts/poses to my clients vibe is so important. It’s always the best compliment when they tell me how much fun they had or how they loved not feeling so “posed” throughout the shoot. The Unscripted app has allowed me to loosen up, think more creatively, and be more confident as a photographer. I’m forever grateful!
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3 years ago, AnnonymousPrivacy
Necessary for any photographer!
This app is so helpful it keeps me inspired and confident at my photo sessions because even though I have been a photographer for many years and know lots of poses it helps to remind me to keep things fresh with posing my clients. Before a session I will always reference this app for posing inspiration and also lighting conditions- love that it has a sun tracker/best lighting times built in. I also really appreciate the resources and templates- please keep those coming! One improvement suggestion would be to have more categories of poses because there are so many types of photography. Especially more branding and even studio product photography ideas catagory would be nice. Also calender syncing with ical/google calender would be nice. I am happy that I got the lifetime membership - lots of value and I know that this app will continue to evole. I use it for every shoot!
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4 years ago, CHuey2212
This app changed everything!
Before this app I cannot describe just how discouraged I felt as a new photographer. I was frightened and so self conscious about posing and felt really awkward meeting people at first. Mind you, I’m an extrovert and have no trouble meeting people person. My full time job is a head coach at a gym so talking with people is totally in my wheel house. Picking up a camera and telling people how to be is a different ball game for me though. I would freeze and black out and the poses I had in mind would disappear. This app is helpful in so many ways. My favorite part is the community they’ve built. I’ve met so many wonderful people through the group and they’re all eager to help, share, and collaborate on ideas and experiences that help to make you a better photographer in every way. Whether you have questions about editing, business management, client relationships, and more, they’re one click away.
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4 years ago, KortCarlile10
Amazing Investment!
I’m a newbie photographer and Unscripted was one of the first investments I made! I got it right before they closed down lifetime access the first time (it’s back up currently!! Get it why you can!!) It’s been amazing in helping me! I love all the poses and prompts! It is continually growing and has so many great resources not just for the newbie but for a the well established photographer! It’s helped me to organize my shoots and have on had proses and prompts at the ready! The light tracker has been awesome! It is continually growing its resources on education, as well as ways to help you with your clients experiences! I love this app so much and can’t wait to see what else is added to it! It is so worth the investment! Also the Facebook group that goes along with this app is the bomb! It’s my favorite photography group I’m apart of so definitely join that as well!
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5 years ago, kindnessmattersphotog
Treats Photographers Horribly
I originally had this app before they decided to start charging for it. No issue there, I get that people need to make money. The issue is that the creator of the app contacted me (I didn’t contact them) on several occasions asking to use my photos for the new family section of the app. I agreed without knowing they would be changing to an app that they charged for. So, basically, they are taking FREE content from kind photographers and then using that FREELY obtained content to charge others. The best part??? They want to charge those same photographers who gave their content to them for FREE to use the app. That’s not exactly how this should work. When I pointed this out to them and how ridiculous and unfair it was, they just told me that they will never use my work again and will delete my photos they were previously using. No apologies or willingness to allow those photographers to receive access to the app in exchange for using their photographs. This is not something I think any photographer should support. The way I was spoken to via email is appalling. Kindness matters.
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5 years ago, Addison Marie Photography
This App Changed my business!
When I started into my photography journey I didn’t find a lot of support in my local area. So I reached out for something different something magical something that would spark a fire in me every day. One day I ran across an app called Unscripted and my entire business changed. My entire outlook on how I did my sessions changed instead of boring posing. I now had a way to make things fun and had amazing prompts and games to get the laughter and fun that was missing from my sessions it’s not only an app it’s a complete game changer, a complete career changer. I am proud to be a part of Unscripted and will shout it to the rooftops. Thank you for making this app to inspire us photographers everyday! This app has helped my business in more ways than I can even explain.
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4 months ago, pzzd_off_user2018
Stop Begging For Money!
I think I could really like this app. I understand, as with every thing else in America, nothing is free. However, bombarding the user with constant pop-ups to get them to pay for the premium service is not only distasteful, it begs of desperation and greediness. Be Elon Musk! If your product is good enough, you don’t have to beg for money or try and trick people into purchasing it. Just build a good app and people will elect to pay for it if it provides a usable service. While I am inclined to pay for the service when I need it, I think I might be so annoyed by the begging for money that I may just move on to find something else to pay for. The UI in this app is beautiful. It is user-friendly. And there seems to be really good access to free content for ideas and creativity. Let that speak for itself and stop bombarding people with ads every time they touch the screen!
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4 years ago, profotog
Seriously, this app is EVERYTHING! From contracts, to posing and even camera settings for every tine of day! I mean who does that?? This app does! That’s who lol! I absolutely LOVE this and cannot recommend it enough! I have literally told every single photog and up and comer I know that they NEED this app in their life. It’s a one stop shop for all your business & client needs. Stuck on posing ideas? Click “browse” and BAM! Need contracts to fit your specific session? Need to document your sessions? Bam! It’s ALL there! OH! And to me the best part is knowing that there’s not only a community to help when you need it, but their customer service is on point! If you’re in the US, keep in mind the time difference between us and Australia. But they get back to you in quick time! I just LOVE this app!
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2 years ago, Em_G89
Unscripted is a career changer!
Serriously a GAME CHANGER!! I don't even know where to start because this App has helped me in so many ways. So I'll start at the beginning- I downloaded this app for the posing/prompts and booking capabilities. The posing and prompts alone are worth every penny! I absolutley love how easy and simple the sun tracker is and that it's specific to the shoot dae and location when used for bookings. II lvoe the ease of use for My Bookings and all that I can build into it. I first started using it for mini sessions and families- now I've built up my Unscripted App contracts, emails and questionnaires where I seemlessly use Usncripted for weddings and large events. It truly does everything. Loyal customer for life!!!!
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2 years ago, Assskkdmndkekennggfdd
Where has this Been All My LIFE?!
I have been a part-time photographer for about seven years, and one of the things that I’ve struggled with is client management. Now who am I kidding, there are small things we struggle with to that you don’t think about when you first start out. The app creators have thought it all…and more! I mean, having a sun tracker to tell you the weather and the perfect golden hour times?! Not to mention the endless poses for clients, updates, questioners, guides to send to clients and contracts! They even ask US what WE would want for new features in the updates. That should change your mind right there! Run not walk to get this app! THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, EsoTericZeph
Everything is great, except a few things I wish were better!
I love this app. I love being able to run my business through it. It’s honestly the best tool I have on my phone for my business. There are three things I wish could be improved after using it for a few months: 1. Auto capitalization is a MUST with professionally designed apps. It’s a huge pet peeve for me that auto capitalization isn’t a thing when entering client information into the app. 2. The map sometimes can’t find certain locations when you search them up. Having the ability to be able to pin the location myself would be fantastic when I can’t find what I’m looking for, or being able to paste in latitude/longitude coordinates. 3. Integration with my iCalendar would be wonderful!
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3 years ago, linnylove
Good but needs some adjustments.
It’s a really good app it has definitely helped me out with my business so much! But there are some glitches. For example : I made my own contract to save & send to clients but 99% of the time it sends as the original contract the app provides which i then have to do double check + save go back into the contract. It can be very messy when accidentally sending the wrong contract to the client. & it looks unprofessional from my end when technically it wasn’t me it was the app. Also - if you guys can create a search bar in the clients list that would be so helpful because someone like myself with over 200 clients on there it can be time consuming to scroll and find specific names. 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Mai Stuart
Amazing must have app
Thank you so much for making this app. As a full time registered nurse, photography is an outlet, hobby, and way for me to bond with my friends and family. I use to use Pinterest pictures and type of prompts and read them to my clients now, I get to show them the pose that I’d like for them to do. They usually like to pick the poses themselves and the last two sessions I’ve done using this app has been terrific. My clients love it and they get to be very creative. Directions, prompts, and pictures help guide me and my clients. It has saved me so much time. Thank you so much for creating this app! I will be a forever customer!
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4 years ago, MoulineRouge84
It’s really here to take your money
Don’t get me wrong I think it’s handy to have an app specifically for posing, as a photographer it’s a challenge sometimes being inspired or maybe you need some guidance, however, it will show you a few pose examples and then you have to “unlock” for 119$ one time purchase or monthly subscription, some people that’s nothing, but I mean in my opinion, it would make more sense to create a Pinterest board for “poses” and go to that for reference, not only do you have the opportunity to see the same pose in different styles of photography, which this app seems to really vibe to one style, you get to discover new and FREE poses.. All in all, the concept is great, but I wouldn’t pay for a subscription to something that has limited options to learn from. That’s a no for me.
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3 years ago, Jose Yustiz
Unscrippted really changed my game with my client experience for my photography business!! If you are truly invested in your business and are planning this a full time career I HIGHLY recoomend getting the lifetime purchase so you don't have to worry about any yearly or monthly fees! You can look up sooooooooo many poses from different categories and styles, send contracts (which can be signed electronically), invoices and so much more all from the convenience of the app! And what I love even more is that you can access the app through your desktop and other devices like your iPad which makes things so much more convenient!!!
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4 years ago, shutupholli
Best purchase I’ve made for my business hands-down.
You’ve read the reviews already but I’m here to say that this app really is a game changer. It keeps me organized and professional. If you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level unscripted is the tool that will get you there. On top of beautiful app design, smart photographer tools, and beautiful posing ideas all in one place they have phenomenal customer service. I purchased the one-month trial and immediately upgraded to the lifetime membership because I cannot imagine going to a client without this app.
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12 months ago, Ghostyxspirit
Theives. I want a refund and I want it NOW.
I signed up for this app reccomended from a friend just to try out for a seven day free trial okay “fine” I get into the app’s services and it’s literally all things I already know or can obtain information wise ON YOUR OWN. Nothing about this service is any more special other than it’s all in one. You can manage all the same stuff normally using your phone calendar. I honestly said “eh this isn’t worth it” and forgot about it. Then all of a sudden yesterday evening I get charged $170?!!!!! apparently if you forget about the subscription they charge you at the yearly rate. NOT OK. I am furious that this is allowed none the less a way of making money. It’s a scam. I want my refund and I want to be reached out to IMMEDIATELY. I want my money back in my account NOW. or I WILL do something about it.
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7 months ago, Ludjjy
My account was charged without my authorization
This app seems great. However I didn’t want to pay the annual fee after the trial so I canceled within 3-5 days of downloading the app exactly on November 3rd. 12 days later the yearly subscription STILL comes out of my account on November 15th. Apple then denies my refund request that I sent the second I was charged without my consent. I contacted customer service yesterday and they were absolutely no help; just very passive and unaccountable for this error without even an apology for the error happening. Such a terrible experience for what seemed like a great app. If I could rate this app zero stars I absolutely would. Save your time and energy and do not download it. Your bank account will get charged without your authorization even after you cancel the trial.
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2 years ago, mdickinson0619
Doesn't work
Wanted to try the Pro version to see if it would work for my business. I need something that has a nice email scheduling feature. But the app is impossible to navigate, doesn't load and when I tried to send a test questionnaire, was told I needed to make sure I selected an option . . . which I did . . . several times. And still it wouldn't send. Then it told me that I can't send a questionnaire without a logo??? All I wanted to do was test the emailing feature but it can't even do that. So then I tried to add my logo, but the page was just white and no button to upload my logo??? So I still can't test the email feature. Too many bugs. Need something easy to use and reliable and within 20 minutes of trying to navitage this app this is not it.
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8 months ago, kejfnr
Mixed feelings
The app is good for tracking light, posing, and camera setting. However, what I noticed is they only share or publish photographers who have 10k plus followers. I personally feel like the rarely share a smaller photographers work even if it’s really good, and I don’t understand that. So to me I feel they don’t really help with any type of growth. So if you know your camera settings and how to naturally pose people then idk how much use you will get from this app. However, if you struggle to pose people, or you’re newer and need help with camera settings then it will help you..but don’t ever get your hopes up on getting published unless you have over 10k on following.
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2 years ago, Linkie Lueville
Really useful tool!
This is a fantastic app for photographers with a ton of tool to keep you organized on your shoots while you're on the go. I really like the new session request feature and am adding it to every page of my website! I really like how it is an app on my phone and i can check in to see my schedule any time/any where. While I have been a portrait photographer for 15 years, I find the posing guide even helps me to get out and try new things! I see myself using this app for years to come.
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5 years ago, mrich9221
Great concept.
I love the poses and prompts. It’s great to have. My only issue. I need to be able to check these quickly. Instead of seeing all of my favorites in one spot, I have to click on the category and see the favorites only for that category and go to the next to see other favorites. Additionally, id love the option to arrange my favorites for a session I have that day. As I’m still new, I don’t remember everything. So before every session I sit down and type out prompts and poses in a way that flow together for a great fluent session. Being able to arrange the favorites would save time. For some reason I was under the impression that was an option and was the main reason I paid for the app.
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4 years ago, aprilbeal
Great Value! Great product!
Lifetime access is an incredible value! I always thought unscripted was just about posing prompts. I was so wrong! Unscripted does give you poses and suggested prompts to initiate client engagement, but it also has a schedule and client check list so that you’re actually accomplishing your entire workflow! I also love the library of vendors! I can’t believe how much time I spent trying to find vendors and it’s all here at my finger tips! Did you say contracts? Done! Email templates? Also done and so much more! Thank you unscripted for an affordable product!
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3 years ago, Marie1231992
It’s okay.
There are so many things that need to be worked on though. A few examples: It’s so annoying that you always have to click “save”. Lets say you’ve added a bunch of poses to your photoshoot by clicking the “+”. Once you’re finished with your selection you click “add”, which would make you believe they’re now added to the shoot. They’re not. You then have to save them. Why the extra step? Same for adding an address to your photoshoot. You put in the address and then you think you have to hit the save button. Ha! You have to click select near the pin first, then it get saved. It’s just so counter intuitive. Also, it never remembers my changes to the contract. Maybe there’s a third save I have to press somewhere? No idea. It’s just frustrating sometimes. This could be such a great app. The poses also get somewhat repetitive and seem more like some happy little accidents that someone else than gave a weird “name” and thought of a prompt for later…
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3 years ago, Work From Home Mama
You Won't Regret This
I had the free version of the app on my phone for a while before taking advantage of a Black Friday deal and purchasing the full version. It was still an investment, but it was 100% worth it and I'll never regret a single penny put towards this app. Yes, you could be using Pinterest for posing insperation, but it will not provide you with the same expereince you get with Unscripted. Also having the ability to manage your shoots and clients in one place is SO nice. I'm so thankful for the creators of this - Seriously upped my photography game.
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3 years ago, OmgItsShannon
A lot more than just a posing guide!
While the poses of course are highlighted in this app, I’m loving the management that’s gone into this. Contracts, emails, timelines, everything I didn’t consider doing is in this app. For a photographer that’s just now stepping into the wedding realm it’s a HUGE helper and makes me look more professional. Super thankful for it. My only complaint is the pricing. While I don’t agree with how much is being charged yearly, we pay more for creative apps from adobe. $20 a month to make the potential of $6,000+ a month really isn’t that bad after all.
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5 years ago, D.E.P.
The perfect photography assistant
I’m an original Unscripted app downloader, back when it was new, free, and on its way to being great. When they changed it to a paid app, I bought the lifetime membership because I BELIEVE in it. No matter how prepared I think I am for a photoshoot, I always seem to blank on what pose to do next aside from the ‘look at me and smile’ pose. This app keeps my photoshoot moving and keeps the posing fresh and new for every client. I enjoy the prompts, the examples and the photo references. I can’t wait to see new updates to this already amazing app!
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4 years ago, Rylee Burnette
Learn something new every session!
This app is incredible, guiding your couples (sorry - no matter how amazing you are) can feel awkward at times, especially when you feel like your giving clear directions and it’s just not working. The directions and prompts throughout every section of the app are so easy to remember during your sessions and easy for your clients to understand. Also the unscripted app is so much more, they’re constantly updating their app and adding resources for your photography business.
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2 years ago, HollyCordovaR
I love this app so much but I neeeeed to be able to have more customization with the contracts WITHIN the app. I cant import the customizable template app from canva into the app. I also need to be able to add in fillable options like check boxes on the contract for my clients. It would also be nice to be able to send more than one "contract" or form, but it only allows me to do one. Very frusterating. :( otherwise I stil give the app 4 stars because everything else is amazing! hopefully you guys can intergrate square for payment options as well!
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4 years ago, abby15clark
This App helped get me from beginner to PRO!
I struggle with posing. That’s what most photographers will say, and I think Unscripted does a FANTASTIC job at helping creators with this. With my lifetime membership, I get SO many poses and prompts for any type of shoot I could dream of. Not only do I love the poses and inspiration it gives me (like a ‘Pinterest’ specifically for posing!) but the features that I am able to get through the app are unmatched. From using Unscripted, my organization, professionalism, and efficiency as a creator have skyrocketed. I am able to keep track of all my shoots in the app, as well as send my clients questionnaires, contracts, and invoices directly through the app. It’s so nice, because everything is right there in the same place! Unscripted, you have genuinely made my job so much easier, and I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without your app. Keep it up! I LOVE all that you do!
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5 years ago, Dathaninotown
I changed my review from 1 to 5 all because of the support I received
I was having issues with the app, although I had paid for the yearly membership I wasn’t receiving access to all of the prompts & poses. I submitted a request for support to the developers & got a response immediately! They were so proactive & resolved the issue within hours. I’ve never had the kind of support with an app, due to the incredible features & insane support this app offers, I am a lifer!!! Thank you so much, this app is crucial for my business!
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5 months ago, Shelby k94
Great tool for beginners
I have used this app since starting my journey around 8 months ago and have been able to produce great results with all the tools and education provided.! I am now booking clients. One feature I would love to see in the poses, is a lens filter. Photos taken by specified gear to help people see how much the lens is capable of capturing. I know people are always asking what lenses were used for photos posted in the group and across many other platforms!
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12 months ago, Abarnes0902
Amazing App for Photographers
If your a beginner (or any level of photography) and your looking to spice up your poses & prompts? This is the app for you! It’s absolutely amazing. It offers so much. You want an app that you can deliver galleries, send contracts, send questionnaires, and invoices? This is the app for you! I highly highly suggest this app for all photographers no matter your level in photography. I use it on a daily basis and it connects so well to my iPhone so I can easily add my photo shoots into my calendar!
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4 years ago, hashtagPreaching4921
Beneficial to have
I started using this a couple months ago, I haven’t really gotten into it until recently but it has helped me SO much! There’s a ton of helpful guides and resources for photographers. One thing that helped me the most was the “Camera settings guide,” because I was having the hardest time figuring out my camera settings when the sun is super bright. I’d recommend this to anyone, it’s a great tool to have in your pocket and they have “lifetime access” subscriptions so you pay once and it’s yours forever!
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3 years ago, Ashleyfaye7
Amazing App, Outstanding customer service
I’ve been on this app for almost 6 months now and it’s seriously changed my life as far as booking clients, and making the whole process go smoothly! I feel so put together because I have this app to count on! I would like to add that they have outstanding customer service! I had a blip happen with my subscription, and they fixed it immediately! If your unsure and looking for a sign to get this app, look no further, THIS IS YOUR SIGN!
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5 years ago, carolinesilveus
When I first heard about the app I was fully convinced it was one of those “free” apps that made you purchase everything once you downloaded it. But was I DEAD WRONG. This app is full of insane FREE info and prompts that work wonders for every style of couples session. I used this app for the first time at a session this morning and I know my business will be changed forever. My couple couldn’t stop saying how much fun they were having (mind you, it was 30 degrees and the wind was STRONG). Forever sharing this app with everyone!
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2 years ago, Carissaaaaaa;armywife
Best app for photographers and getting better!
I bought lifetime access to Unscripted when they were somewhat new. I’ve never regretted it and was looking forward to all the additions they planned on making to the app. Now that the desktop version is here, I am SO impressed! Soon I won’t need Pixieset or Honeybook, it will all be in Unscripted! Everything is beautifully designed. I can’t wait to see what other improvements they make
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3 years ago, Aleisa R.
As a new photographer, Unscripted is simply amazing! At first, I was mainly using it for all of the posing that's offered in the app. As I've grown my business, I started using contracts, questionairres and invoices. They make it so easy for you. Even better now that they offer an app for you iMac/MacBook. I bought the lifetime version and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. Do yourself a favor and dowwnload LIFETIME now! I've referred so many friends already. Thanks Unscripted XO
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6 months ago, Car2nr
Best app for photographers who want to take it to the next level
If you’re a photographer or someone who wants to do photography as a career or even freelance, this app will help you skip all the headaches of staying organized. Seriously, this app has helped me look very professional to all my clients which then allows me to continue to do more work and make more money. I’d recommend this app over and over to every photographer I meet.
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5 years ago, Lex Take Pics
This app is a game changer!
This app is a game changer! There are posing cards, and you can find inspiration on social media, but I ended up feeling all over the place when I went into a session. I needed something that was going to tell me not only how to pose my clients but also what to say to get the emotion to blossom out and make you feel when you look at the photo. Now when I go into sessions I feel confident in knowing exactly how to post my families and couples while making it fun and easy!
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5 years ago, Kristen702
Not for individuals
If you’re looking for ideas for individuals or friends, this isn’t the app for you. There’s multiple couples categories but only one category for individual poses, and you only get to see a few basic ones before you’re prompted to pay to see the rest (which appears to only be a handful more). Too bad this app isn’t more inclusive with different categories like modeling, travel photos, etc that help non-couples get good poses in different situations. I might revisit this app in the future if it becomes more creative for individual posing and offers a full access free trial for a few days before committing to $30 or more.
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2 years ago, Overflow Imagery
Best Photographer App!
Wowow. I truly couldn't say enough about this app. I've been using for for 2-ish years now, and I literally use it for every session. The free resources it offers also blows my mind. I love how collaborative it is. I only wish it worked a little better on my computer, so I could plan things on my computer and then have access to it through my phone as well during the session. But truly, I love using this app.
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3 years ago, CecilaIvylee
Love it!
I bought the lifetime subscription because it has almost everything I need and use daily. My only suggestion is that is integrates self scheduling for clients some how. Instead of having to use a different program, I would happily pay a little more for it to be all in one! But, that’s definitely not a draw back even if it never does. Everything it currently offers is great!
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7 months ago, ggj2012
New to app and very impressed
Recently I downloaded the app and I have to admit I was skeptical a bit. I started exploring and checking all the features. I am very impressed with the amount of available features and great content and mostly how simple is to navigate this CRM app. It truly one “stop shop.” For managing a photography business. Thank you to the tram who created this app and platform. Its excellent and very useful.
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8 months ago, 1slkss
Just a money grab
Just a money grab, completely unusable without pop ups appearing forcing payment to access even the most basic of features. When they say in app purchases what they are really saying is you may as well pay upfront because this app won’t work without you paying to use it. Thought I’d give it a try to see what it was about but I’m a) not paying for basic usage of posing inspiration that is easily gathered for free elsewhere b) you should have just been upfront and only offered a paid version, now I can guarantee I’ll be spammed to all get out for the next year by giving these decepticons my email.
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2 years ago, Monkey137482836
Life Saver
This has been a great app for me to have in my business. I have had it almost since they launched it, so I have seen all of their platform changes and every change just gets better and better. So helpful to not only help with posing and prompts, but to utilize guides, contracts, and scheduling. It is user firnedly not only for you but for your clients. They also have great education links available.
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