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User Reviews for Unsplash

4.84 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
3 years ago, reviewsssessesse
Unsplash > Everything else
My personal experience with Unsplash has been an interesting story. 3 years ago I posted a couple of pictures out of curiosity, at the time it was funny to me because it seemed like any other similar service where they sell you a dream and I thought I would’ve gain much but it was worth the shot. Some time passes by and I get a letter from Unsplash with a sticker gifted to me and I LOVE STICKERS. But what I loved more was their intention behind sending the stickers, they never asked for money or a premium version etc.. They also did not promise anything and that pushed me to post a couple more pictures later on, every month afterwards I’d get the monthly stats on my email. I remember seeing 40K views on my picture and I thought it was too good to be true. Months go by and the views and downloads kept growing. That’s when I realized the potential, as a photographer, I have thousands of random pictures laying around on my hard drives. And while most professional photographers tend to be protective of their work, understandably so, have tons of unused pics that will never benefit them. My rationale is that 1. Lose nothing, 2. Nothing matters, so what if they took it, 3. Opportunities
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3 years ago, Jonathinadams
Great platform for photography!
As a photographer I see a lot of the same trends or advertising on Instagram and on here it’s refreshing to not only big see adds bug to also not see “influencers” as well. It’s real photographer with amazing work sharing their passion with the world. The app doesn’t have some features the site has like the notifications settings although that’s not a huge deal. I also like that although my photos I share get likes and I can see when people follow me(both not supported on the app) there’s not a number next to my photos or my name. This is huge on social media and can have many negative effects on people. I think that this site is doing the right thing with not allowing for a number to dictate how, when and what you share. As the team and community of unsplash grows, I hope it stays on the path it’s on and doesn’t turn into another social media app that strays away from its roots.
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6 months ago, Jess269_
Love Unsplash, app could use some major quality of life updates
Love Unsplash, such great photography and i love scrolling through the app for cool art references. The only issue is some UI problems with the app. for example, you can’t click on the photos themselves, or zoom in on them. You can’t reach the photographer or follow them from the home screen, the only way is to search the name. You can download an image easily, but it sends it directly to your photo library without an option to send them to your file app or anything. Besides that, i like that in the website you can choose the quality/size of your image when downloaded, but the app doesn’t give you that choice. The last thing is a way to share images/users. There may be specific ways that you can do these things, but they are so un-user-friendly that i couldn’t find them when i was specifically looking for them. I suggest fixing these so that sharing and following photographers is easier
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4 years ago, ghosttrooper127
Great Site, App could use some features
Let me start off by saying I LOVE Unsplash. It’s by far the greatest space to share and get inspiration. It’s honestly amazing. Because the site is so amazing though, it has me missing features that are not in the app yet. Things like the section that shows posts from people I follow, having the collections in the app match the current featured ones on the site (wallpapers is one that’s always featured, but rarely matches the wallpapers collection on the site), and notifications for when people like your photos (which is often how I find out I’ve been featured on the homepage). Again I love Unsplash and highly recommend it to everyone, I just wish the iPad app was a little more feature matched to the web page.
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4 years ago, Fyrfytrs wife
Just thought you should know......
I really LOVE UNSPLASH!! It truly is way better than any other site in its same category and it literally has ANYTHING you might be looking. As a content creator and digital artist I use the app everyday. It has brought so much inspiration to my work and has allowed me to go much further than I ever anticipated. So thank you for that!!! I would recommend this app to anyone and I’ll never stop using it!! That being said, in the past couple of weeks I have had trouble with the app crashing and there seems to be a lot of lag when scrolling. I’ve never had any problems with it before now which is why I am confident that it is only a temporary problem. In fact I wasn’t even sure you were aware of it so that’s the only reason I am saying anything about it. Just thought you should know. Again, this doesn’t keep me from using the app. It’s just a little annoying when I find something I’ve been looking for and the app crashes right before I can save it. Thank you again for making such a great app and I know these concerns will be cleared up in no time!
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2 years ago, CoachCait
Wish I had more Controls
Because I hate all social media platforms, and most people’s opinions - I love Unsplash. Just beautiful photos uploaded by artists - no comments or captions. ALMOST perfect! I do wish I had the capability to favorite certain photographers or styles to see more of the work that I enjoy more regularly (nature, athletics, spirituality, 3D renders), and to hide certain photographers and works to show less of the work that I do not prefer to see daily (violence, darkness, sexuality, political activism). Some artists upload pieces that are a little borderline for my liking; and though I do wish them their freedom of expression, I also wish I had to ability to shield my own eyes from works that I do not appreciate in the least. Give me some control/privacy/user settings, and then I would consider this app perfect.
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4 years ago, pkeane1982
OMG! This app is bomb!!!
Ok, sorry about the title, I normally don’t talk like that. But it’s true this app is the reason I’m not bored! ( since I’m getting my floors done). It’s a little unclear how to make collections and add photos, and it’s very hard to find a help button if you wonderful people at Unsplash could fix that I will totally write a five star review! But for a free app with no prime and no advertisements it’s amazing. And has helped me make lots of collages! Um I’m not sure if I am allowed to do this but PicCollage is an ok app for someone who need a wallpaper a story a portrait but PicCollage unlike Unsplash bugs you constantly about going vip which costs money! So yeah (Harry Potter reference coming up!) PicCollage and Unsplash go as nicely and Sirius Black and James Potter!! My final rate of Unsplash is: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ add a help button and bam you’d be getting ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
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2 years ago, fundotcom
What not to like about Unsplash?
Photos are high quality, of a wide variety, and all free for anyone in the world to use. No need to worry about violating some obscure copyright law. Please attribute, though: it’s not required, but is the best way to pay back if you can’t donate. Overall, the Unsplash app works great. I love the Download feature, which saves images right to my gallery. I can add photos to collections. And I can even upload new photos from the app without resorting to my computer. The Unsplash team has done a resounding job. Please keep up the great work. Your site is empowering a creative community.
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5 years ago, Eloquent_Nincompoop
Love this app!!!
There are so many apps out there that say that they have “free pictures”, but in my personal experience they have some type of subscription. Not with this app! The simplicity is simply breathtaking, and all of the pictures are wonderfully shot. And, of course, everything is truly free. If you do use these pictures, please credit the photographer and Unsplash because this app is amazing. There are no obnoxious ads asking you to buy this or subscribe to that. The only thing I would want is to be able to like people’s pictures. Definitely an 11/10.
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4 years ago, BAR112
Unsplash app
2020 review: Don’t really understand about this “brand” nonsense—just a sneaky form of advertising. I will tell you I hate all forms of ads and brands and ignore them completely. Such a complete waste of my time to have to view this junk. I still like the quality selection of free photos though—it’s easy to view, Like, and add to my collections. It’s also nice for getting ideas for my own digital photography. Unsplash on the web: Ads interspersed with photos are super-annoying (hate ads [“brands” or whatever you call them])—the price we have to pay for “free” photos. However, these are user-submitted and I really resent being forced to see stupid ads when I’m browsing. Please don’t go the Pinterest route!
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2 years ago, TokineYukimora
Love this app BUT
There has been a problem for a while now where I can only download one photo at a time. If I download one picture, I have to close the whole app if I want to download another. It’s much more difficult to stay on the app longer because of the constant opening and closing. I’ve tried everything, deleting and reinstalling, I’ve even gotten a new phone and it still does it. I don’t know where to submit actual app issues with Unsplash so I shall put it on here and hope the developers see it.
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2 years ago, B, JW
Just joined!
I have been writing on a website for over a year now and have seen Unsplash credited to photos. Great photos! Thought I’d look you up and find out how much the other writers were spending. FREE! Holy filmstrips Batman! So I just perused the work and realized that it is fantastic. And, you invited all types of cameras to submit. So I will be submitting my iPhone 11 photos with additional editing work from Photoleap and Lightroom, and perhaps Insta Toon, as even they have a couple of image enhancers that can bring an original image to life I’ll enjoy using this app!
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5 months ago, Thatguy1346
This app is the best one I’ve found so far for getting wallpapers for your device. I wasn’t a fan of the default wallpapers in my devices settings so I asked around and someone mentioned this app. Instantly after downloading it I realized this app is exactly what I was looking for, no ads, no paying for a subscription, none of that other junk like the other apps I’ve tried before. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking to get wallpapers for their device. 10/10 for me.
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6 years ago, Belko Picasso
Bugs bugs bugs!!!
When you swipe down on a picture the screen becomes white and you can’t see anything unless you click on another picture then press the arrow to go back. Also if your screen rotates it takes you back to the 1st pictures whereas you’re at the 100th and the arrow disappears. Lastly when you’re scrolling past like 30 pictures you will scroll back to the 1st and at the 30th you will continue to scroll but it takes you back to the 1st again. This needs to be fixed
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2 years ago, The_Glow_Cloud
Great for widgets, but…
I use the app for its widget feature and it’s great! But, I have a few suggestions for better usability: Sometimes I want to change the image and for that, I have to either change the theme or frequency back and forth. Just a “Refresh” or “Change Image” option would be nice. Another thing is I can’t have two same-size widgets open with the same frequency AND theme. Because then the same photo is displayed on both widgets. I want them to be different, so I’m forced to change the frequency or theme of one of them. I’d like it if each one was different, no matter the settings.
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6 years ago, twentybitsdeep
*chef kiss*
This app is so simple but so good. Everything about it is enjoyable and the pictures are exactly what I am looking for even if I didn’t think I was originally. Upon my initial opening the sleekness of the design shocked me, and then I realized it was the one I needed in my life..forever. All the pictures are very hd and you can simply save it with no hassle. Will be using this for all my future wallpaper needs. I never write reviews but this one...she was different. Truly a TEN/TEN. I would have done that in numbers but this app deserved the capital letters of endearment.
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4 years ago, Cole Wyland
This site it an excellent means for anyone looking for free photos that are high quality. One thing that I really appreciate about Unsplash is that they have very professional, high quality photos that come from many different photographers. As a photographer myself, I find it very fun to post my work to Unsplash because the stats just explode. This site will help you get a great portfolio started and will also help you decipher what is commonly wanted by the public when it comes to styles and composition. Great site for both the consumer and the producer.
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2 years ago, wow to fantasic
Amazing (artist review)
I’m a beginner artist and finding references are hard that’s what makes Unsplash amazing, you can search up literally anything and find it, eyes, faces, clouds, you name it you can probably find it. Amazing app and the best part is if you install it on your phone you can download the images and put them in your camera roll and you could edit them it’s way better then downloading on windows and using that editor. Highly recommend 10/10.
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5 years ago, ChrisE1G
Great photo app!
There’s an endless amount of photos on Unsplash. You can do whatever you want with all the photos on there, they’re free. You can also just enjoy the app and the photos, taking virtual journeys around the globe. There’s much to love about this app, and all the photographers that are contributing to it. Current version (1.6.2) got a nasty bug, when you’re browsing someone’s “portfolio”, and you touch around the lower left area of a thumbnail to enlarge it, the app will _always_ crash. iPad Pro 10.5”, iOS 12.4.
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2 years ago, onemost
App Improvements
Hey Unsplash, i love your site. Its very welcoming for me to let my pictures live. I do have just two notes though one my tags are not coming up when i search them up in the browse tab, and two i think the search space can be updated a bit so people can start filling up the search tabs with proper images they describe, not something else when you go to search up for something. Nonetheless, im going to continue uploading and participating. Its the best place to have images on an application.
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3 weeks ago, GhostBox00
First Contact
I’m always looking for inspiration for my Photography. The Masters, old and modern, inspire me to be all I can be. So, when I stumbled on the Unsplash App , I was beyond curious. I knew that I would find a treasure trove of ideas, visions, and inspiration. I wasn’t disappointed. If that find wasn’t enough, the app invites photographers to contribute to the many areas of Photography. Inspiration. Motivation. Blessings to the Women and Men behind this beautiful , extraordinary app. Thank you and Bless you. Xavier
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5 years ago, reviews r great
Best app ever!
Unsplash has so many great pics to choose from and is a very organized app.(But I do think that there should be an arrow to get out of a collection one you are in it without having to scroll all the way back up) It is so hard to find an app without ads or stuff like that and in unsplash everything is accessible in the app without signing in except u can’t post pics but that is okay. This app is so great and I recommend it!! Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, IsaB6724
Really cool app
This app is kinda epic haha. It’s really awesome because of the beautiful pictures it has on its platform and most of them I’ve never seen before. The only thing I don’t like is that there’s only one way to view photos and that’s very big in a vertical carousel. I don’t love it. I hope soon there’s an option to change it so we can zoom out. I understand it’s modern and also helps us focus on one picture at a time, but I do need the pictures to be a bit smaller (although it is a cool way to check them out one by one.)
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1 year ago, 0801cull
Photography necessity
I’ve been using this app as an inspirational tool for years now and might I just say it’s everything Instagram has failed at. It allows you to see amazing photos, get insight, and dive deep into other niches unlike any other platform. The only thing I wish was available was the ability to interact more with other users. Giving props or feedback to other photographers posting or reviving comments would be an amazing feature!
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2 years ago, Tom-tom from CO
My favorite app
This is my favorite app. It a great place to look at other photographers work or get a new wallpaper and even submit your own work. Seeing my photos get downloaded really makes me want to go shoot more and looking at others work is also very inspiring. A must have app for every photographer. Also every photo is copyright free and can be used anywhere on the web! Just a perfect system.
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1 year ago, Nazmul Rizvi
A little feedback for you guys. I am using your app & app widgets recently from few days. The app is awesome. And I am using wallpaper widgets. The little thing is I am using dark mode in my iPhone and the background is also dark something. But sometimes the widgets are showing very light pictures which are not matching with the Home Screen. So I suggest if there was an option to display pictures according to the appearance mode (Light/Dark), it will be very great.
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5 years ago, kazammm
Only thing that’s missing
Only thing I can find that’s missing is being able to view the photos metadata. This can be super useful when trying to learn from other photographers. Maybe when you’re viewing a photo you could swipe up to view more information about it, this would be in line with other design patterns, and swiping up isn’t currently used for anything else.
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5 years ago, V0406
Missing Something ?
Look, I like this app/site but I have noticed that on this app; when you’re logged in you can still access your likes and collections yet it is NOT possible to actually like/add photos to your collections? However on the website you can most definitely “like” photos yet for some bizarre reason it appears to only be possible to download images and not “like” them. I was hoping it would be addressed in the latest update, but alas it was not.
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6 years ago, hannaheallen
Good app; would like to see a sign-in/save photos option
I love the unsplash platform and use it frequently. I was excited to download this app and have better access to beautiful images. It’s easy to navigate and downloading images is a breeze. The only thing that is lacking is a way to sign-in to our unsplash account and save photos for later use (like we can on the website) instead of immediately downloading them. Other than that, though, I’m excited about this app!
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4 years ago, josh_hill
Invasive access to personal photos
When I’m trying to “save” photos from the app into my phone, the app requires me to give it access to “read” and see all of my existing personal photos as well, instead of asking only for permission for “adding” or saving new photos. Any app like this, with internet access and also with access to read all existing personal photos, can easily upload in the background all our personal photos to its developers, without the user knowing anything about it. An app like this, which is designed for finding and saving images, should not ask to be given “read“ access to all our personal photos.
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3 years ago, Andrew.bray
App is spectacular
This app is not known by many, but it should be! It’s spectacular! The layout and design is great and thought out, and I absolutely love when you click into a picture and tap the info button, you get a short little paragraph from the photographer saying the location of photo, the size and much more!!! I love it, and to the designers of that app, GREAT JOB! I’m proud of you guys!!!
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1 year ago, Lo-on-the-pole
Such a beautiful window..
To the world, as other people are privileged to see! You need not be a “professional” to take photos that can truly touch another’s heart. I’m seeing patience, wonder, sensitivity, curiosity, FEELINGS that we all share, but often cannot be fully iterated in words. Thank you for allowing me to download these and connect with people on such a profound level!!
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4 years ago, jstjs23
I cant even say how I found you but holy cow!!!! Who takes these amazing photos and lets me love them for free??? I’d. Love to know more about the artist that shot these.....I must say I surprised myself at how many pictures I knew just what they were and instantly knew what it was that made the photo worth it. I’m a 70 year old gramma and other than my kids and 5 granddaughters .....not many things stir me like these. Thank You......Linda🌟
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6 years ago, Frappucino_
Almost perfect.
I really love this app. The only problem with this app is that it’s too simple. Don’t get me wrong I love how simple and easy to use this app is. However there are times when I see an amazing photo and wish to view other photos with the same tags or visit the artists account to find more photos. Sadly this app doesn’t allow it yet like how the original website does.
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4 years ago, Mr. C Hunt
Diamond in the rough
Amazing! This app has all the simplicity you could ask for when searching for wallpapers that match your personality. What more could you ask for? Even if you’re not looking for something to use for your phone, the photography alone is beautiful enough to let the mind wander through the various natural landscapes. Props to the fine people running this app. You nailed it.
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1 year ago, Lovelysvalentine
Art references
Have been using this Pinterest for art references and started to get annoyed with the amount of ads that they have now. It can be hard to find good angles, I also love that I don’t run into duplicates! Only option I would like is to be able to refresh the page instead of endlessly scrolling.
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5 months ago, taub44
Absolutely beautiful professional photography‼️
I love this app, I just worry it won’t stick around unless enough people find out about it! Real art is difficult to fund but of such higher quality than what social media platforms offer. Please share this absolutely beautiful professional photography app with everyone you love‼️
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4 years ago, Gianna2014
Clean & simple, but missing some features
I love the app’s clean, slick design. It’s simple and intuitive to use. For a free app it’s such a breath of fresh air to find there’s no adds. But it does have some room for improvement: I’d like to be able to follow people, edit/write my own profile blurb, and edit my collections to add a short description for them via the app which as of writing this, are all features only available on the web version.
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1 year ago, DASHINGartist
Best photo app
I’m not a photographer, but I am a coder. Finding free images was such a hassle, until I found Unsplash. They have all different types of photos, all for free! Whether you’re a photographer looking to get your work out there or just somebody like me who needs a place to get quality free images, Unsplash is the way to go! 100% recommend!
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6 years ago, DallasHenley
My favorite wallpaper App
Found this app over a month ago and have been in love. Love having fresh new awesome pictures to look at everyday. I like being able to view a users profile in the latest update. A feature I would love to see added is a social version of the app. I like a lot of different photographers on the app but I am unable to follow any of them on the app.
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3 years ago, glitterymomma
Good app but...
Great app! I loved it when I had my iPhone XR. But, whenever I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 12 Pro, the wallpaper from Unsplash made my phone have a weird ripple effect when I would close my app folders. I contacted Apple’s customer care about it, seeing as how this happened on the very first day I had the phone. The Apple customer care technician said to change my wallpaper — & the ripple effect went away immediately & hasn’t came back since I changed my wallpaper. Not sure what’s going on here, since how I used to use Unsplash wallpapers all the time in my XR.
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3 years ago, varadpathak20
It’s a great app but I am finding it difficult to use these days…
The app and the community is lit. We are thankful to the unsplash team for the great work they are doing out there. But the app does not load picture thumbnails or the picture itself when tapped. I cannot share the screenshot here. But it has been happening since past few updates. However, despite not being able to see the picture, I can directly download it. I would want to request the developers to look into this particular bug or issue and would love to see that fixed in future updates. Once again thanks team unsplash for bringing this amazing community to our mobile as well… Cheers! 👍
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1 year ago, Swagger gangsta
Superb! Needs more features.
Great app, fantastic layout. I want to see some more functions though. Firstly, I want to be able to follow people. Why can I only follow people on the website? Also, it would be nice to see descriptions of images right below them. Besides that, no complaints, probably my favorite media app.
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3 years ago, Tokapi_Tea
This app was amazing...
Ok this app truly was my favorite wallpaper app of all time, with unlimited access to Unsplash photos and the ability to organize them into collections. However, as of a few months ago, the app just... stopped working. I can’t sign in or sign up (internal error) and I can’t download more than one photo at a time without completely restarting the app. I am very sad to lose one of my staple and most favorite apps... if these bugs could be fixed in an update this would undoubtedly go back to 5 stars, but being in its current state I cannot give more than 1 star.
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3 weeks ago, Kandgamer79
This is one of the greatest apps out there! Any image involving any theme, I am able to find on here. Incredible photos, a masterpiece with every swipe! And to be able to download them is an added bonus! I never review apps, but this one my friends is pure perfection, and I don’t see how it can be made better!
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4 years ago, Ben Cozine
AppleTV App Feedback:
Hi Unsplash team! I’m an avid user + contributor on the platform and I have two functionality recommendations for the AppleTV application. 1. Make the Unsplash logo rotate around to each corner of the display when the image changes to reduce burn in risk on OLED TVs! Right now I don’t feel comfortable having it open for more than an hour or two at a time. 2. Sign in on AppleTV so we can select our own collections to play! Thank you for all that you do!
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4 years ago, Juhsten
No following page, or related pictures
The Unsplash website seems very fleshed out and thought through, however the app lacks many things like completing your profile and even having a following page, which would be something that could make Unsplash even more like a social media for photographers on iPhone, something that would revolutionize the photography industry as we know it. Also please add a related pictures page. Thanks
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7 months ago, TD456_]
Best app
My personal experience with Unsplash is really good. The app has no lags or any trouble putting it in your photos. All you have to do is click the arrow and all the pictures are clear and it will give you anything you search up or anything that you’re trying to look for.
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3 years ago, Appl3Guy
Fix this one issue please!
Love the app, I have been using it for a while now. The only issue I’ve found has been with the most recent update I can no longer download more than 1 photo without having to close the app and go back in it and scroll, scroll, scroll until I find the other image I wanted to download and continue this process for each photo.
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4 months ago, Rise15255
Every other update brings a new bug
For awhile, downloads didn’t work. Then there were various other issues. The latest one is you can’t open, favorite, or collect from the find similar photos list. Please stop breaking things that used to work just fine! As far as the content goes, I use unsplash regularly and love it, so the comment is purely for the app.
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