Unzip - zip file opener

4.6 (45K)
118.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
书勇 贾
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unzip - zip file opener

4.61 out of 5
45K Ratings
2 months ago, Leahy02116
Essential app for iPhone w/ active updates
Very few apps are worth paying for let alone spending the time to actually write a review, however this is one of them. This app is packed with features & has pretty much all functionality you’d expect to find in a similar desktop program—like you can even do split archives. The UI might not be as aesthetically pleasing as it could be but the app more than makes up for that with how functional & easy to use it is. A lifetime subscription is priced at a very reasonable $4.99 and I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase—especially considering the app is still being actively updated with new features & bug fixes. I highly recommend this app and believe me I wouldn’t be here writing a review if I didn’t sincerely mean it. If anyone knows of a better archiving app for iOS you’ll have to prove it to me because I don’t believe it.
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10 months ago, Melon gamer9282828
Good for melon playground mods
I got so many mods on here for free no nothing all you have to do is go to safari and then search melmod and then press the picture of the mod then scroll down till you see the download button then press it now you have to press it again now act like your deleting the app but hold the app till you see delete and then you will see the melon playground mod so press it now unzip it and download all the items one by one now you press the folder button and import it to melon playground now you in melon playground you will see the mod saying cancel and add press add now you will have the mod sometimes it will lag but if it lags that means it worked but you have to wait for the lag sometimes it would be in the other tabs your welcome
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1 year ago, tekknokat
Unpacks Archives & Plays Media As Well - Timesaver
I needed an iOS capable app that could open zip, rar, and 7zip archives with media files inside. I had no idea how I was going to find a media player to play the high bitrate FLAC audio music files, and video containers like MKV I use for my HD video files on Windows over a decade and a half before finding iPhone and other Apple products. I was pleasantly surprised that Unzip could play several media files without needing to open an additional app. This is great both for unpacking archives, and listening to and viewing audio and video media files. It is useful for moving files within your data storage folders so they are organized where you want them, in folders named so you know where to find them also.
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2 months ago, Mantis-Toboggan
Hands down best file archive app, well worth the price
This is easily one of my favorite apps on the App Store—it has all the features you need to work with the most common archive file types like ZIP/RAR/7z/TAR/BIN/ISO and most others you could think of; you can even browse & open a bunch of other file types that like documents/pictures/audio—AND you can transfer these files to your PC or upload them to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. For $5 you can get a *lifetime* subscription with extra features like creating encrypted archives, split archives, etc. The subscription also gets you access to future new features/functionality. This is for sure one of my top 10 must-have apps and I highly highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, CharliesWorld
Great App... but could use an updated UI
I love the app. I used the free app for couple of days and upgraded to the premium version. Does everything it advertises. It’s able to unzip all different kinds of files and it’s easy to transfer them out of the iOS from iTunes. I just wish whoever is responsible for the maintenance can realize the UI, the app itself looks like it belongs in the prehistory iPhone 1 days. We’re in 2021, give it a new design!
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4 years ago, A fellow 9yr old
Definitely a great way to unzip files
As the name suggests this app is used to unzip files on your portable device. As far as I am concerned the process is very simple and easy, although keep in mind that I am pretty new to these processes so my opinions may be skewed in comparison to more experienced programmers. The app comes with a helpful guide to unzipping files which I found very easy to understand, this definitely helped me as an inexperienced file manager and is a definite plus. While the occasional ad may pop up usually it acts as a brief reminder that the process that you are doing could be improved with a little more moolah. Overall a pretty decent app, definitely worth getting if you need to unzip files on the go.
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5 years ago, Garden of Heathen
Love this unzipping app!
I use the free version, but will be purchasing the Pro as these devs deserve it. This app takes my iPad Pro and iPhone XR even closer to being the only things I need to do everything on the go. Being in the design field, I work with heavy CAD files and zipped STL files used in my 3D printing. Great app! Needs one thing... ability to save files in bulk to a folder elsewhere on my devices. (Although it may actually do that... lol but haven’t figured it out yet) Try it out!
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5 years ago, jbfygh
Rated well and so that’s it.
Yes, about the app purchases? Thanks because having reviewed the how, and what were and when and also for my needs: how much? We must however, part the ways because of the necessary tools cannot seem to have been included in the first place. 1) typing For user of iPhone6: Yes, isn’t it possibly more of an immediate solution to be able to activate some means to enable faster input? (seeing, here are dictations available for notes) Is a function of ZIP: transfer of NZP from newsgroups’ readers to find personal encryption compression? Also where is there some-sort of explanation of the rudiments for the understanding of what it is that you are providing and if you are trustworthy(for those of us who have paid for a level playing field)? Thanks
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1 year ago, Jean DeJardon
Ehh, it works great, but too many ads
So many ads it makes it so you don’t enjoy using it. Every time you exit out of the app and go back in to UnZip you get a full screen ad for DropBox. I use DropBox religiously and don’t need to be reminded to install the app. Also moving files to a cloud storage doesn’t work. It imports a random file it you have a zipped file that you unzipped and let’s say you want to move that folder to Google Drive. You get a random folder that is 2KB in size and I don’t know what is in this folder because it’s zipped again. I’ll be looking for a better app to unzip files on my iPad Pro for sure now. One that works.
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4 years ago, Tooty1981
Worth more than what they charge
I’m a singer and producer Google drive gives me issues and I’m rarely able to open zip files. This app not only “unzip” but I can open my music files in my other apps for music production, collaboration and selling from all my social networks. Thank you for making this awesome essential app so cheap. Even if it costed more, I’d definitely buy. You guys are so awesome and generous. Love and prosperity to all
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5 years ago, allymcshoots
I love love this app. Paid for it and everything. The only knock i have towards it is when you're looking at gifs or videos it will auto play at the end and go to the next thing and i wish it would just loop back or at least have an option for it. Regardless love it and everything else about it. Super useful.
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4 months ago, Jared V.
Great app but crashes constantly and is very slow if you have lots of files and folders in the app
This is a great app but crashes constantly if you have lots of files and folders in the app. The performance is also very slow if you have lots of files and folders in the app. I am using it on a 1 year old iPad Pro with tons of storage space available on my iPad so that’s not the issue. I hope the developer fixes the problem.
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4 years ago, Scormaz
Find the company to get the application to be done.
This is conceptually implying the user to be able for the day to come in this week. In another words devoted by a good job to be able to make it work. With my volition in stifled clause this guideline has been the most important thing that you can be doing with your own business.
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4 years ago, Cardplayer24
What I needed
Went through many zip apps and this is the only one that lets me change the order of files( name, date order, other folders). Would recommend because of easy to use. Really simple and I like the controls that can be done when watching a video.
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5 years ago, ArtisanJosh
It works!
Great app to share apple movies and pictures to a Windows device. The free version was a little bit glitchy. Strictly on blind faith, I went ahead and bought the pro version, and so far- so good. I haven’t had any problems. Zip and unzips files with relatively no issues. Would like it better, and give it the last star, if i could send files directly to online storage.
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4 years ago, Dominic Caywood
Used it for one thing, worked well for that.
I love the interface, minimal ads, and the option to passcode lock. I’m wondering, though, is there a way to play a movie on here? I have one downloaded and i can’t seem to be able to play it.
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7 months ago, rhirhi954
Did the job
Downloaded a few apps claiming to be able unzip an exe file on apple IOS updated system and none worked except this one and it doesn’t automatically download my files unless I upload or share them. It has many adds but it’s free and easy unzip save and done
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2 years ago, 7289435
Works Wonderfully
It’s not often you find a free app that offers a service not native to Apple devices that actually does it’s job. Not a word of complaint from me-even purchased no ads (not that they were very in-your-face to begin with). 11/10
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2 years ago, phaz55
Excellent application for Zip files
This is one of the very best apps I have used to store all my long teacher files in. It has saved me so much time and money. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to store files that are used repeatedly.
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5 years ago, 3DcakeArtist
Crash after crash
Downloaded and was operationable the first day with no issue. On the second day when I begun I uploaded content unzip app began crashing. A day later it completely will not load and open. I paid for the charges $1.99 for all upgrades but it continues to crash and I can’t even get in it to delete files or I am at a point now where it’s not even opening. This app needs a reboot. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this app. Save your money; this app may be a scam. If the developer updated this issue I will update my review to reflect that.
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3 years ago, TJ sjb
Could be great but….
This program opened a zip file that I couldn’t open with any other program. There are, however, some problems. 1. There are no instructions on how to delete a zip folder once you open it, and the general instructions provided were poor. 2. The zip file was in my files Cloud on an iPad Pro. The only way that I could see to transfer the photos was to do them one at a time. All 283 of them. I hope the developer addresses these problems.
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4 years ago, Coldhearted Ghoust
My go to file storage app
It’s great and if it has a storage limit I haven’t reached it yet. My only (slight) complaints are that it sometimes doesn’t let me rename it exactly what I want and the search function is somewhat clumsy to use. But other than that it is basically perfect.
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2 years ago, Darkshard10
Please Fix Video Player
When the video I watch ends, it either exits out the video player or it automatically plays the next video. The video doesn’t pause once it ends, which in turn makes me unable to exit the video player MANUALLY. The app is good but it would be so much better if this part of the app was fixed.
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11 months ago, Jose or HoesB
Highly recommended this app!
The developers of this app made it user friendly, fast and dependable. Don’t waste your time or money trying to find the right app. This is it right here!! Thank you developers for this.
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6 years ago, nothinnice
Does the job
It’s a really good app to have on your phone. I love the convenience of being able to unzip files from my phone without having to use my computer. The only issue I have are the constant ads, but I understand it’s necessary bcuz I’m using the free version.
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4 years ago, The Man Above and Beyond
Excellent App
Dont wanna sound like a bot, so; bla bla bla. This Unzip app is awesome. I've tried many AppStore apps that involve file managing and unpacking and this is one of the best out there. Dont take my word for it, try it out yourself. It could be a little neater though. Just to make recognizing the files more easier.
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8 months ago, ThomasCleveland
Gets the job done
I was looking for a way to deal with zipped MP3 files. This does a great job and then it’ll play and keep them in order for you so it’s a cool app it’s $2.99 didn’t get any better than that.
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5 years ago, Sammy7319
It took me over two weeks to realize this app was growing in size and and attached to my operating system. My iPhone was telling me I was out of storage and saw this app was 2.5GB in size. Crazy large but what was the kicker was the operating system size kept growing by the minute. Please address and resolve this issue. My iPad had the same issue tho I’m rarely on it to have noticed. I deleted this app and freed up 50GB on my iPhone and 28 on my iPad. Other than the worm the ease and usage of the free app was great.
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3 years ago, Genyfur
All in One
I absolutely love this app for IOS. It’s incredibly easy to store files privately, directly from the iPhone share screen. It’s also easy to modify, rename, and categorize. This app is well worth the money!
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6 years ago, thepoppyqueen
Great app!
I haven’t had any problems using this app so far. Runs smoothly, only complaint is the adds. They don’t bother me that much though. It’s fast and I’ve never had any issue unzipping the files I’ve attempted this far.
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3 years ago, quedas ni
Worth the buy
Simple to use and can unzip the files I need quick and easy. Haven’t had any problems with it at all. 10/10
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12 months ago, bassfsce
Not worth it.
I grabbed this to convert pkg files meant for a Mac so I could install them on my iPad. Not only are the “instructions” useless, if you don’t pay for it after trying it first, you get nailed with a full page advertisement with the sound blasting your ears, and you don’t know when it’ll happen. Seems to be random. Doesn’t work anyway, I’m deleting this junk. Don’t waste your lunch money.
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6 years ago, Jim in SDCA
Not made for iPhone X no English support
If I'm wrong I'll change number of starts. I was trying to import pictures and the buttons are at very top and create a mess overlapping buttons. You can't read your options or select one and are stuck there unless you close app. I was going to tell support first but their website is Chinese type characters with no option for English.
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2 years ago, caseyishappy
Most useful app ever
I don’t know what I’d do without this app. It comes in handy to zip up, encrypt, and unzip files. The most important and useful app I have and worth downloading and buying the ad free version 100%.
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3 years ago, CProductions07
This is absolutely ridiculous…This is one of the best ZIP apps that I have gotten and one of the other ones I was trying to charge me $3.99. There is nothing wrong with this app at all! 6/10 Stars lol
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2 years ago, KMcCl3
Zip file on the phone
I downloaded the app and was able to immediately open the file in the first try.
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5 years ago, Tony's Touch yay
Good, but couldn’t do what I needed it to
This is a good app, in unzips easily, and can be easily understood. The only thing is, I can find no way to transport my unzipped files into other files in my phone on the app, I would request a way to do that, it would make this app a lot more useful.
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3 years ago, Attack Crow
I LOVE this app!
This app has helped me a lot with being able to read the documents that have been zip filed without any problems. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Anon171653382
Works but the ads could be less intrusive
Works great but the full screen ads whenever you go back to the program if you go to something else and back, or if the phone sleeps, are pretty annoying.
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4 years ago, TetraDSerket
Works fine. When you stop playing an mp4 file, the sound repeats over and over again, but if you remove your headphones and reconnect them it goes away.
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2 years ago, msad912
I have a problem
I purchased an no ad for 0.99 $ but now I don’t have it on I tried to restore my purchase but it didn’t work what do I do
Show more
5 years ago, 5cr1pt
Almost perfect
Great app and extremely useful and I highly recommend it. My one and only problem is not being able to swipe to go back to the previous window. This app would be perfect if it had it.
Show more
12 months ago, Joeyyyyy848583
Works great ... but
Please allow us to select more than 30 items!!! Other apps allow it and they're free. I even bought pro version and still couldn't. Not having that feature wasted hours of my time.
Show more
1 year ago, lmkendall
It opened files my first tries, so I bought it. It cost $2.99. It is what I needed. I can’t complain. If something comes up, then I will complain.
Show more
4 years ago, Texguy75
Actually Works!
This is the only free extractor app that has consistently and reliably worked for me. It’s fairly straightforward and simple to use. Thanks for making an app that actually does what it’s supposed to.
Show more
3 years ago, lockwoodND
Excellent app
Finally I can create and open archive compressed files on my iPhone. It is easy to use and I’m happy to have purchased the pro features to support this developer
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4 years ago, Cassy12164865424578
A waste of time
I don’t know who’s giving this app five stars when there’s no option to actually EXTRACT ZIP FILES, which is what it says it does. Wasted my time trying to click on everything, created a new folder, and the only options are Import Photos, Import Musics (not a real word people), and some other stupid crap about creating a text. Again not the purpose that it states in its first line of the description—EXTRACT ZIP FILES. Ugh!!!
Show more
1 year ago, AdoptedHeir
Great App
I can now listen to books and music that have been downloaded to my iPad. Fantastic, some of the commands are still tricky but I am sure that I will learn. The downside is trying to get the items unzipped and sent the database that I prefer to use.
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7 months ago, Barebone2
Broken downloads
This app hijacks your safari downloads, doesn’t download them and breaks them with 0kb. No warnings. All my files saved from safari during this app being installed had saved everything as 0kb. Broke all my downloads. Uninstalled this and everything is fine now except all the prior lost data.
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5 years ago, K-Sw@g
Best and easiest unzipping app
So easy to extract zipped files. Tried other apps and they do not compare to the ease of use of this one! Would recommend 10/10 times.
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