Upgrade - Mobile Banking

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Upgrade, Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Upgrade - Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
42.2K Ratings
1 month ago, Deccomom
I’ve been an Upgrade customer for about a year and a half. I had been working on raising my credit score by paying down my credit cards for YEARS! But I finally needed to get serious as my retirement was anything but easy! I looked into Upgrade and they had a very attractive rate for a personal loan that would pay off the credit cards in 3 years with a much lower interest rate than I had expected! Paid off all my debt, but now needed a new car! Got a great hybrid that was just 3 yrs old and with low mileage and because of my good credit score, was able to get nearly the same rate on the car on a 5 year loan. Then, a big surprise… my credit rating went up again! And now I needed a short-term bridge loan to help me finish remodeling my house after a fire and was able to get another personal loan to help with that! I’m still paying all my bills on time and my credit rate keeps rising as I have not used my credit cards to solve my short-term cash crunches! And each month I can see my personal debt going down! And my credit score keeps rising! I recommend Upgrade to everyone!
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2 years ago, Martypants33
Incompetent customer service
I held a live chat with Stephanie on 9/13 through the app as I had added a new checking account for my auto pay but it wouldn’t let me select it as the default account and I’m in the process of closing the old account. She told me it was all set up with the new account and that my old account had been deactivated. She lied. On 9/17 I checked the app and it still looked like the payment was coming out of the old account. I live chatted again with Rachel who told me once you add a new account the old account is deactivated but since the payment had already started processing out of my old account this too was a lie. Finally I called and talked to a rep I did not catch his name and while he was nice and disabled my auto pay for me (so far the only rep to actually do anything). I was told that they would not reimburse me for any fees my old bank would charge me even though I would only be charged those fees because of their mistake. He double checked to see if he could get me reimbursement if I am charged NSF fees (hopefully I won’t because as soon as I found out about their screw up I started a transfer from my new account to my old account) and was told a firm no that they would not. This is egregious to admit they are the cause but then make no amends for their mistake is unbelievable to me. Customer service is dead.
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2 years ago, flnvaz
Was nice to work with
I used Upgrade from approximately 2017 to the end of 2021. Whenever I needed help I was typically able to get through to customer service, I appreciated that their customer service spoke very clear English without foreign accents. That is not intended to offend anybody, but some people struggle to clearly understand if accents are too thick. Anyways, during 2020 as a business owner we certainly felt the squeeze and Upgrade was there to offer us numerous options to reduce our payments to help us through tough times. Through all of it we were able to complete our loan with a 100% payment history as well as gain great credit benefits for the service we received. Ultimately, if you take a loan for the right reason and can make more money from it than the interest your paying your making a good decision, but life sometimes needs money for things that do not make any returns, but either way, if you run into trouble this lender may be able not work with you so it’s a good choice if you need a loan.
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6 months ago, LuxeLady777
Thank you UPGRADE!!
I was getting killed in interest charges because I had some pretty high balances on some of my credit cards, so every time I made a payment, my interest rate would be more than the payment sometimes and my balance’s would hardly go down at all, 😤😳so I needed to get a loan asap to help consolidate my debt and pay off those credit cards, but I had applied for several Loans and kept getting denied, despite my perfect payment history and a 700+ credit score- mostly because of my high balances, which is why I wanted the loan in the first place! UPGRADE was the only loan company that approved me for a $20,000 loan immediately, with No hassles and without having to send them a ton of paperwork either. It was so easy, it was almost too good to be true, but I got my money once approved within 48 hours! However, there was just one stipulation-I had to agree to let UPGRADE Pay $10,000 of my loan money directly to my creditors for me, and then the remaining balance was deposited into my checking account afterwards. I had no problem with that, because I had planned on using the loan for that purpose anyways, so I was finally able to pay off my highest card balances that were hurting my credit score. I just want to say Thank you again, UPGRADE for giving me a chance when no one else would!! You really are a lifesaver! Because of you, my score went up, and my annoying DEBT went down! 🥳😛
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3 years ago, Disturbing Factors
Terrible customer service
Interest rate on loan was ok, but the problem is accessing your account online. They have been emailed over 3 times, on hold on the phone for a total of over 5 hours trying to view account information. When logging in, the account still shows under review after 5 months and automatic withdrawals from checking. This makes it impossible to see payments posted, payoff balance, to make extra payments or to change automatic withdrawals. Everytime I call in, either the operator has no clue what is going on or I am told it is being worked on. After 5 months, the issue should have been resolved long by now. At one point I was told they couldn’t give me the payoff. Due to this issue, I am very dissatisfied with this company, they have no problem withdrawing your money for payments, they just have a problem showing on your account the payments have been posted. I like seeing where my money is going and I like knowing the payoff. This loan will be bought out by another one, even if it’s a higher interest rate. They have too many unresolved issues with their website interface t conduct business.
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5 months ago, lmrod1226
Horrible company
So my husband is a business owner and business started to slow down so we decided to do the responsible thing and consolidate our personal credit cards. We signed over all our credit card accounts over to a consolidation company so they could negotiate interest rates and balances for us. Due to the consolidation negotiations our credit has been up and down. We decided not to add upgrade to the consolidation so we had a “just in case of emergency” card available. We left our upgrade accounts on auto draft so they would always be in good standing. Well, we hadn’t used our upgrade accounts in probably about 6 months. I decided to check the balance on our upgrade accounts and found out our upgrade accounts were “ineligible for new draws”, Called the check what that meant, turns out our accounts were permanently suspended and the rep said it’s due to our up & down consolidation credit situation. So we tried to do the responsible thing and we were still penalized by a company we were in good standing with. Horrible company! They penalize you even if you pay them! **Not to mention they have the app listed for ages 4+. Why isn’t this app listed for age 18+!**
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2 months ago, Dizzygypsywitch
One of the most helpful online banking apps
I have used a few different online banking apps and upgrade is one of the best I have come across. I am very thankful that their fraud prevention is so on top of their game. They already caught two separate false charges to my account that I probably would have missed. I have suffered through massive identity theft already (the entire reason I am using online only banks now -those people did so much damage to me that I can no longer qualify for a traditional bank account. No amount of arguing will convince the big banks that those people who claimed they were me were fraudsters -different story.) Upgrade customer service is friendly and knowledge able about their products. Each time I had called they gave been quick to answer my calls and it was easy to get a human being on the phone, not an annoying bot. I don't usually write reviews but this was worth it to me.
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2 years ago, SRB/ Shoreline WA
Thank you so much Upgrade for your wonderful business
I would like to express my appreciation to upgrade, for their professionalism, wonderful service and for the quick processing my application. I’ve felt frustrated to read some bad reviews about Upgrade” Applicants should know that in this life there’s a winner and a loser. I’ve experienced before to get declined and it’s hurt , much more if you needed it so badly.. but try to figure it out what went wrong and then fix / improve the missing dots and move forward. Somehow a long the way you’ll find a company that will give you a chance… but try not to write too much negative reviews as if it is the end of the world.. Be positive … breath as tomorrow is another day” For me , my experience with Upgrade is very positive and professional and really thanked them for taking a chance with me. Thank you so much Upgrade! SRB
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1 year ago, Where's The Deals???
Sounded great, ended on first day…..
After reading all the fine print and details, I was all in for an Upgrade One card and Rewards Checking account. After getting approved and submitting my information, I logged into my account and realized I had to complete a couple “To-Do” lists. So I look at the lists and was blown away as to what all info they were requesting before they would activate my accounts! Not only did they want a copy of ID, which I did t have a problem with providing, they wanted a copy of my W2 and last two years of income tax returns!!! As a past victim of identity theft, there is absolutely no way I am willing to provide that info to any organization, no matter how good their info protection, security, and privacy practices are! Like I said, it sounds good, but this “bank” does not adhere to reasonable industry standards and places a very small value on your privacy, verification of identity, and safety of your personal information. Providing my employers contact info, copy of ID, and matching info from my credit file should suffice every financial and identity concern they should have. But not with Upgrade! Downgrade your personal info safety at Upgrade!
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3 years ago, adamsilve1
Doesn’t understand what Bitcoin is
I was excited to apply for this card, primarily cash back rewards in the form of Bitcoin. However after 2 months there was no indication of my rewards balance nor did the Support team have any idea when it would appear. After a 40 minute conversation I was told that Upgrade arbitrarily decides when to purchase Bitcoin and apply it to your account. If they have no liquidity there this is essentially a broken card- program. All this card serves as is a debit card and an interest payment in any purchase…so I’m going for gas and paying you in addition to the purchase?!?! It’s also misleading to have no clarity as to your balance versus the due date…..your balance, actually every purchase is to be paid off within 24-48 hours to avoid an interest fee but they can’t even divulge this on the app nor have any idea what the processing time is to pull it from your checking account. If you want a debit card bc you have trouble manages a couple hundred dollars apply…if you want to accrue bitcoin which actually has value look elsewhere because this is the moon to them.
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2 years ago, Akcaponte
Don’t Bother
Update: I decided to give the card another try. I again got the “declined card locked” response. I called and cancelled the card and was given no reference # or any other info to verify I had done so. Two days later I get an email claiming Upgrade “conducted a review and decided to terminate my card use privileges based on changes in my credit report.” There were no changes in my credit report, so again, sketchy company. I applied, was approved, got card, called and activated card. Was notified I needed to do a phone interview to use card. Weird, but okay. Did that. Tried to use card….declined. Call to ask why and advised I needed to do phone interview. Explained I did that, told “do it again”. Three calls later and 40 minutes on hold I’m told card will be unlocked but it will take 3-5 business days. Three business days later, card still locked. I am angry that I now have this card and inquiry that I can’t seem to use. I will be closing the account and filing complaints with every agency overseeing credit card companies. Stick with Capital One or your bank, this company is sketchy.
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6 months ago, DOGtheDisabledOrganicGrower
Man I like the simplicity
Upgrade has really outdone their self with this app. I really enjoyed being able to navigate through having all my different accessories. I guess you could say or amenities that most people use on a daily basis so just checking their credit reports looking for loans if different things like that that make it hard to navigate through other apps because they don’t offer things like this so then you have tostart another profile on another page and so on so forth this gives you the sleep design, navigating each page seamlessly. Most importantly, all your stuff is at your fingertips and navigating each one by yourself makes it very simple to understand.
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2 weeks ago, mopjnnnfcbhg
CONSUMER BEWARE: Not a real credit card!
First of all this card doesn’t even show up on your credit as a credit card but as a personal loan so if you are hoping that getting card will increase your available credit it won’t. Secondly, they will reduce the amount you can use without notice even if you have never been late on a payment. I have never missed a payment, been late on a payment or even paid just the minimum payment and they reduced my available loan amount just because I had a major hit on my credit score for something that was beyond my control. Then later suspended my card all together while I still had over $1700 in available credit and my balance was less than 25% of my available credit. There was no notification on the app, just an email that gets buried in a sea of emails that you get with offers you get from them trying to get you to apply for more loans. On top of all of that, their customer service is horrendous. Consumer Beware!
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2 months ago, rja0015
Wish The had Better Features, but Ok Overall
So, my other bank app, when you view the transaction history, will show you under each transaction how much money was in the account when the payment came out or deposit came, like right under the amount that was added/removed. Upgrade does not do that. I swear my account is short, but I have no way of proving that without having to go all the way back to when I opened the account and doing a blow by blow review of every transaction. Is not my primary account so I don’t monitor it like the other one, so adding this feature would give me some peace of mind. Otherwise, I’ve borrowed from them twice before and that is going well. They were efficient, and as long as you pay on time, they don’t give you any problems.
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2 years ago, Maximus Fortress
Total Disappointment Beware!
I have a Upgrade credit card account. A few months ago upgrade got my email confused with another account I have with upgrade. Unfortunately, for the past few months, I have not been able to do what a Upgrade says you’re supposed to be able to do on your app, which is: check your balance, available credit, and track your rewards. After many phone calls to Upgrade to resolve this issue nothing has been done. Do they not have an IT team to resolve this issue??? Maybe Upgrade should get a loan from Cross River Bank to hire an IT team to resolve these type of issues since they don’t have the people to do it themselves! If you use your app to to keep up with your credit card account be careful, that’s all the access to your account that you have they don’t do paper billing!! They want your payment over the phone but won’t send you a copy of your payment, you have to keep track of that.
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2 years ago, invester.broken
SCAM!! Please do not get this for reward
So I applied for this via credit karma to get the 400$ bonus. I called customer service before I do anything and followed the steps and made the minim payments. But today I called regarding my reward. First agent I talked to transferred me to customer service then she transferred me to a higher up. He specifically asked me to deposit 5$ to my checking account to get the reward and put me on hold till he sort it out. At this point this was a 40 min call. Marvin or someone. Then suddenly the phone was picked up by a completely different lady in “ upgrade reward checking account “ department. She had no clue what’s going on and asked why I called, this was after 45 mins. She said she cannot transfer me back to the previous agent and did not offer any solution rather argued for another 20 mins why she cannot trace back who I was talking to. So at the end no reward nothing, it just a scam. Please stay away from this company at all costs.
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1 year ago, Lovedacrops
Great debit card for checking account and like savings account
Really like the debit card. You get 2% back for just going to the pharmacy, picking up a coffee or getting gas. 1% for everything else. It's nice getting a few bucks back every month, no other debit card does that. The rate for savings is 3% right now, wonder if it's subject to change. Still higher than my usual savings account. Will probably transfer more $. So far so good. Only complaint is that it takes 3-4 business days to transfer $ from a different bank into the checking account. Otherwise, great savings and checking accounts. Don't understand why there are complaints regarding the checking and savings accounts.
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2 years ago, Blondifocks
Finally…the way banking should be…all about me
A good friend of mine mentioned Upgrade to me recently, and sold me on it in the first 3 minutes of her pitch. I have to admit, the $100 bonus for referrals was def a huge motivation. When she mentioned how simple the sign-up process is, and instructed me on the steps, and sent me her link, I got started signing up, and saw my first bonus in just a few days. I’d say the biggest and best thing of all is the earning cash back on all of your purchases. The only thing I would change about it is the app. Needs a little more development, but it’s on the right track. Seriously, whoever thought this one up is a genius, and I’m so grateful for it. Thank you Upgrade!
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2 years ago, Joelamos
So.....I changed my home/cell phone number, and figured that since I have an account with you folks, and that in "Most" Banking apps, you can adjust contact information, I'd just make the adjustment "in app". Then to my dismay, I need to "call in"??? Ok...so I called....they couldn't help me add my new number.😳😐 They said I had to "write a letter", or some other nonsense. Well if you're that unconcerned about a contact number...from a customer no less...use something else to get me🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Now...I'm not imputing wrong motives, and I do enjoy your app. But why...Why couldn't your app allow a simple, easy way to replace a phone number??? Frustrating.....at minumum...
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3 years ago, meursault68
Customer service needs an upgrade
This company was fine for me in the beginning: quick approval, nice card, and nice app. The loan itself wasn’t especially helpful, but at least everything seemed functional. However, when I decided it wasn’t worth it to have yet another debt, I tried to close the account after paying the balance off. That was six months ago, and it still isn’t closed. I’ve emailed them twice (useless) and called them several times (every time being put on hold and transferred for up to an hour). In comparison, I closed my Citi account in five minutes via an automated line. This customer service is either shady or really inept. If you want to get involved with a lifelong organization, I’d recommend the mafia over this one, as the benefits are better and when you decide to end things, they let you “go” quickly.
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1 week ago, cornflakes84
I highly would not recommend upgrade!
I cannot recommend Upgrade. I've been a loyal customer for almost two years, and this year they have lowered my credit limit twice due to an unreasonable policy related to their lending style. Despite always paying my bills on time and earning more now than when I signed up, they still made these changes. Recently, my credit score dropped because I purchased a brand-new GMC Acadia for my wife, a common occurrence with large purchases. Subsequently, Upgrade reduced my limit significantly, making it appear as though I had maxed out my credit, which negatively impacted my credit score. After working hard for years to maintain a good credit score, this was a major setback. I am financially stable and live on a golf course, yet this company treated me as if I were irresponsible with my bills. I do not recommend Upgrade and will not continue using their services.
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2 years ago, JJ Hyattsville, MD
Holding of Direct Deposits for up to four days
In speaking with Customer service I learned today that Upgrade is holding money which was sent via direct deposit by my workplace for up to four days. This is quite possibly the most absurd thing I’ve heard. It was not disclaimed to me that deposited money would take that long to clear. When every other financial institution gives you access to your money the moment it arrives into your account. Upgrade does not do such a thing! So from the time it arrived yesterday they can lend it to others whilst not even bothering to acknowledge that the money has arrived and giving you the right to bear interest. No they’ll pretend it arrives Friday. This is some shady practice. I’m closing my Upgrade account come Friday and moving back to Lili. Highly disappointed
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3 days ago, Tatatataat
Worst banking services EVER!
If you really value your money and time, please read this review. For the past 10 years, I’ve never really review anything on Appstore but this banking app literally so terrible that I have to write a review for it. I opened the account on May 28th, deposit a six figures amount into this App. It was smooth and everything UNTIL, I got the card and couldn’t use it at all. Of course I called the customer service, they told me to email them the phone bill which I did. The agent said it still cannot be verified and I have to wait 2 WEEKS for them to contact me back. 2 weeks past, they sent email on a Friday to verify more things. After confirm everything, I literally have to wait UNTIL Monday for their department to back to work to UNLOCK my account. With that almost 3 weeks time, I could have done SO MANY THINGS with my money. This is a joke. Literally not worth your time at all.
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1 year ago, Cmarrs619
Mobile deposits are a select privilege
Apparently the app only offers mobile check deposits to a select few people according to the call I had with the support line. This information was only shared via support line, there is no information in the app or website that states mobile deposits aren’t universally available. Not thinking that only the Elite will be allowed this feature I endorsed my check for CRB right away just like the app and website told me to, only to find out that it isn’t an option and now I am out half of a month of pay which includes my rent money. I chose this app because I had no access to some of my banks anymore since I moved, and one other bank was taking 2 weeks to process checks. Looks like I have no possibilities now, since I’m not part of the Inner Circle of Upgrade to be allowed the privilege of mobile deposits.
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1 year ago, Nicohg93
Hard To Work With
Getting anything to work with this credit card and Upgrade in general is so hard. I tried getting my card replaced which required updating my mailing address as well, after going through a verification process, the rep still wanted me to verify my last transaction with them which was months ago and not readily available through the app unless I downloaded every statement to go through, and found the last transaction. After finally getting my card mailed, I attempted two transactions that got declined lol, no reason whatsoever. I got a message saying that my card was now locked due to suspicious activity, but no instructions on how to unlock it. I don’t even want to bother calling again to unlock it since it’ll probably be another tenuous process, I’ll just stick to my Capital One for now unless I really need to use this.
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2 years ago, thnkful2God
Upgrade gave us a chance when others
Wouldn’t. We have had upgrade now for a couple of years. We struggled to get our credit in order and rebuild our credit after some medical issues and choices we had to make, either or and our credit score paid the price. Upgrade enabled us to begin that rebuilding with reasonable payments a generous credit line and no annual fees. You just have to remember it’s a credit line and each time you make a purchase (unless it’s on the same day) or have money transferred ( borrowing from the credit line) Each item will have its own payment schedule.
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2 years ago, jwhall640
The only fair survival tool!
Best place to seek some assistance during these unsettled times. Good people who work hard and have a past from which you’ve learned and healed, Upgrade is FOR YOU! Best service, amazing products, fair and generous terms. Upgrade is exactly what the name implies - a way to upgrade your current situation and quality of life without making the desperate decisions of the past and an eye toward a future of hope. Rarely can I say “this Finance Company/Credit Card/Bank REALLY helped ME!” In fact, it FEELS like that is their culture. People helping people. Thanks Upgrade! Jeff H.
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1 year ago, Lamont2012
Get a different card not worth it
I would advise everyone against getting an upgrade card. The system they have in place is very strange and could use a ton of work. I’ve had so many issues with them. Most of the people they have working seem very new, and even the supervisors and unsure of the answers they give you. So even on a structural level of the business they are very flawed. Two times they said I have a late payment of 60 cents which was an issue on their end and it happened 2 times. And also they will block your card randomly if your fico score goes lower for any reason. Their is no criteria that they give you. They just block it. I don’t use the card so i never noticed but it’s a very weird practice of them. I would just save myself the hassle and go with a different card or loan.
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10 months ago, UnclePenn
I’ve been using this app for about a year and I’ve had a couple of small issues. When I call support, all they seem to do is give me a verbal shrug of the shoulders. This past week my scheduled transfer from my main account didn’t go through-it still hasn’t gone through. This is the account that I use for personal spending. So the money that I transferred Tuesday which would normally be available on Friday morning isn’t there so I have no money to spend. While the money has not come out of my main account I can’t spend it from that account because I don’t know if it will suddenly be drafted, leaving a shortage in my main account. Transferring money is a basic function and it shouldn’t be this difficult.
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3 years ago, Crazymonkey107
App could be better
After the last update, I couldn’t get into my account. Changed password & got in once-now I can’t get in to view my account again (no surprise). Have not been able to reach customer support. This is not the first time. Can they not use facial recognition like everyone else? If I wanted to log in every time I would use my laptop & not need an app. Hire Capital One’s App developers. I will be paying this off quickly & will not use again. My tiny local credit union has a more intuitive easily accessible app. Highly frustrating app especially considering the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented here. Just make an app that is easily accessible & provides the information needed, plenty of other apps manage this.
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3 years ago, Duman obali
Discrimination on a high level
I hold a phone call about my brother application he submitted for a loan he got approved on credit karma, it was saying outstanding approval we submit his documents and wanted to check if everything is fine, we were talking to the approval agent he's name was Paul, as soon as he starts talking to my brother his voice changed I was on the phone to help my brother on his behalf, he told him you know what I'm going to decline his application when I asked the reason, he didn't let me talk and hang off the phone, I talk to their supervisor and wanted to find out why his loan got declined, no reason because their agent was racist, this is a free country, the upgrade is the company to provide loan or credit card, I would not recommend the company that their employees are ignorant and racist! I would leave 1 star...
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3 years ago, savedabuffalo
App could be better
This is more of a review of the app itself, rather than my actual loan through upgrade, so keep that in mind. For whatever reason it doesn’t save my info unlike pretty much 99% of apps out there, meaning I have to input my login info each and every time I want to use the app, which gets pretty tedious. Especially considering both my email and password are both longer than average. I looked around in the settings and saw that I had “login with Face ID” enabled (which obviously doesn’t work). So I turned it off with the intention of turning it back on immediately after to see if that would fix my issue but instead it got rid of that option completely from the list of settings? Ok…
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2 years ago, Nikki5321
I can’t say enough good things about them
I was drowning in credit card debt and got a loan from upgrade. They paid off all my credit card debt and now I have a monthly payment to pay them back that is hundreds less than what I was paying all my credit card companies. Its also so much less interest. I would have never been able to pay off all that debt without upgrade. My advice is to never get into credit card debt in the first place but if you do and need a way out this is the way to go.
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3 months ago, brie_abelle
Was good until it wasn’t
What started as a great lender for a personal credit line has left little to be desired. Other banks like Chase, Bank of America, etc. do not have the extremely complicated process of updating your account (having to send multiple emails and “include your full arm” while holding a note with your information like you’re being held for ransom) is ridiculous and an agent told me it’s because “there was so much fraud”, like other banks do not deal with the same thing. Then they encourage you to use the card, but as soon as you do, here comes a credit decrease, to increase it after the whole balance is paid off, and the cycle continues. Closing my account was also a WHOLE process. Beware in having this account long term.
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1 year ago, Randy3279
I’ve been with Upgrade about 3 months now and find their mobile app works seamlessly…very easy to navigate. The only thing to get use to is generally it takes the entire 4 business days for external account transfers to be credited. I believe/hope any transfers from the new savings I opened will credit the same day. The current savings account interest at 4.13/APR is the highest I’ve found on the internet and earning 1-2% on debit purchases is an added plus that I’m not aware of any other bank offering.
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2 years ago, ImAntonioD
Upgrade Card holder 1 1/2 years and 2nd account 10 months
Excellent line of credit as it gives you the option to cash out and deposit right to your bank. I was approved for $6k line 1 1/2 years ago and then a $3k Bitcoin line of credit 11 months ago. I have a 709 Trans and 767 Equifax with lates but over 2 years old. I couldn’t be happier with the service. I’m pretty self sufficient and the app is very easy to pay and see your balance. The few times I’ve called customer service it was simple & easy to work with.
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1 year ago, dfw-bklyn Ron
Upgrade Card
This an easy card to work with, and the App provides all of the features one might need to work with, in order to get the most out of the card. I especially like the fact that my rewards are posted directly to my bank, versus just applying a credit towards my account. The only thing I would like to change is that if is not possible to delete a payment account via the App. Other than that, this is one of my two “go-to” credit cards.
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10 months ago, None Bye
Low Score
I’ll never deal with this Upgrade ever in my life ! Did they disclose to you that if your credit score drop from one of the credit bureau for instance Transunion can have your Credit Score at a 595 but Eqifax etc can have your score at a 765 they use the lowest credit score and will lock your card to keep you from using it ! There’s nothing that you can do about it ! I’ve called several times to fix this ! I have my Transunion blocked & my other two as well to keep people like Upgrade from running my credit score without my permission I’ll never use them again nor will I ever refer anyone I mean absolutely not a soul ! Worst loan place I’ve ever encountered in my life!!!!!
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2 years ago, Mr v
Funding Upgrade Checking Account
Beware that Upgrade at this time does not have the capability to instantly fund your checking account. On initial funding, there is a debit transfer option that funds the account quickly, but afterwards if you are funding your account from your other bank there is a lag time of 2 to 3 days before the funds are listed as available. So the two options for on-going funding is direct deposit and bank transfer. Also, there is no Zelle services either.
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1 month ago, TimaTurtle
Mostly good? Bad update
The app treats my device as “new” about every 3rd time I try to login and makes me verify, no matter how many times I select “remember me”. And now half the time there’s an error & I can’t see my accounts, which is unacceptable for an actual checking account. My loan terms are fine, they can be flexible in rough times. The “Upgrade Card” line of credit on the other hand, less of a fan and I see I’m not alone. Never missed a payment & they locked me from new draws all of a sudden. The checking account is fine but I’d like the see my balance updates with each transaction like normal banks.
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3 years ago, Meillasdad
Simple & Easy to Use App
The app is straight forward and easy to use. I think the card is great for having to make a large purchase, because the debt is a loan with a fixed monthly payment over a set period of years. They said 2, but I got over 3 years instead. Interest rate was very competitive. If you’re looking for a way to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble with a credit card, then this is a good choice with a streamlined and efficient app.
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1 year ago, Kas247
Horrible company
This company is awful. When people need help they help but then when they help you, there are strings attached that you don’t realize. I ran into financial trouble but was never delinquent with my cc. They ran my credit report, and now, ‘cancelled’ my account. You have to call to cancel any automatic payment they manipulate you into agreeing to pay… They are fraudulently reporting the account as ‘active’ and/or ‘open’ to credit bureaus, but I’m not entitled to use the account. They are using the term ‘suspended.’ Such a load of crap. Such a waste. Customer service reps are not helpful. Because ‘It’s just the way things are.’ Do not go to them… for anything. They will just use a computer to judge you and not help you.
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5 months ago, BadCreditbutyolo
Things I do and don’t like
Changing a phone number is way harder than it needs to be. Rewards are cool, and I appreciate the loan, but I don’t care for their way of doing things when it comes to customer service. Been on hold for over 35 minutes collectively all just to say I still have more to do before my issue is addressed. Got forwarded to either a recording or someone that I wasn’t trying to reach and they wouldn’t stop talking long enough to direct me to the department I needed to be directed to. The people I did talk to were nice enough but yeah 3/5 altogether. Minus 2 for the lack of customer service.
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1 year ago, Unnovio
Still No Funds?
I just opened a checking/savings account last week and linked my bank account for a 1-2 day transfer of my paycheck to pay my bills this week. The funds showed up in the “Current” section after 3 days but day 6 and my “available “ funds are still $0 so I couldn’t use it to pay my car loan yesterday and the rest of my bills are in a couple days so now I have to move around more of my emergency fund to cover the rest of the bills until Upgrade decides I can have last weeks paycheck. I thought they were supposed to tell you if the transfer was going to take longer than usual but I was never notified and not sure how much longer it will take
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4 years ago, Chedsjjg3547
Simply awesome!
Upgrade is a very generous lender. Approved my loan with very low interest and paid off my credit cards debt at lightning speed. Literally two days from the time I submit my application. Upgrade app on my iPhone working flawlessly. I was paying sky high interest to credit cards for the past three years. Lesson learned never to touch credit cards again. Wish if I had known about Upgrade long ago. Their simplified lending practices all others should follow. Especially big banks. What a feeling ..Thank you!
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2 years ago, alan a 2610
Awesome company!
I got the upgrade credit card which works like a loan so it’s boosting my credit, not to mention they gave me a way higher limit than every other credit card I have, then they gave me 200 bucks to open an upgrade checking which gives you cash back rewards on your purchases along with the credit card! Then I opened up a savings that gives you something like 3.5 percent interest. Upgrade has been awesome!
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3 years ago, lourena g
Bait and switch worst company
So I have been with upgrade for like 3-4 months they are on auto pay have been paid on time each month. But because my credit score dipped they took away the ability for me to actually use the card. I have never seen that ever . And the fact that they have been paid on time each month never late is the worst part . They will take away your amount of credit then your credit all together. I would suggest using grain which is similar or self or a number of other apps but not this I still have those a accounts who were also on auto pay I have not been penalized as upgrade has I would never suggest them.
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2 months ago, bfjwnsbjens
Upgrade has helped
Silly loan offers on credit karma seem like a bad idea till you need it. Single dad of 3 racked up some credit card debt after being out of work due to being sick then missing work cause kids being sick. Holidays. Got super behind. Said screw it and applied for a loan to help. Got the month quick paid off the balances quick. App makes it easy to make payments and throw a few bucks extra on top whenever I can.
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7 months ago, dont trustwish
They good
They a good place only thing I believed they not real about is. And I believe they say it to get people attention is the 200 dollar welcome bonus , it’s says have checking account with direct deposit and other stuff just to get people attention, they hit good customer care but when you about the 200 dollars they got different things to say , thst and when I first got to them my direct deposit was at 2 Wednesday well with warning now it’s 730 on Wednesdays sometimes 8 , everything else is a good place they just need to cut false advertisement out about the 200
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3 weeks ago, Jaeya564
Horrible Customer Service
If I could leave 0 stars I would. They make it harder to get an account with them than it is getting a mortgage. I submitted so many documents to them just for them to say they needed to do a identity verification with a bank that I already get my direct deposits to. So first off what if this what the first bank I was applying to? I just wouldn't be allowed to have a bank account. I didn’t get any other options. NONE. Just a Im sorry about that would you like to withdraw your application. I wouldnt wish this 2 month struggle on my worse enemy. Thank you Upgrade for wasting my time, energy and money to get all of my documents just to be denied.
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