Upper Room Daily Devotional

2.7 (143)
55.1 MB
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Current version
Upper Room Ministries
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.1 or later
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User Reviews for Upper Room Daily Devotional

2.73 out of 5
143 Ratings
7 years ago, WLS_1017
Needs Work
The latest version works great for today’s devotional and previous devotionals. I love the ability to let my iPad read the devotional to me. What needs to be improved: 1. Like the previous app you should be able to read any content in the current bi-monthly magazine including questions in the back and any upcoming devotionals. I lead a Wednesday group using the Upper Room and need to look ahead to prepare my lesson before Wednesday each week. I also use the questions in the back for group discussion. This version of the app does not allow me to look ahead or see other content in the magazine. Please update to include these features and this will be a 5 star app.
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7 years ago, RAM682
The redesign of the App has greatly improved the user experience. The initial release had issues but it now seems stable. I have long enjoyed the Upper Room and with the redesigned app I now truly enjoy the mobile version. Version 6.4 has serious issues on the iPhone 5. The article list does not show the date for each article. After selecting an article from the list the forward and back navigation arrows don't work properly. In page view mode the links to the Scriptures and the author information do not work properly. Landscape viewing also does not work on the page mode. I hope these issues can be resolved in the next version I really love reading the upper room on my iPhone.
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7 years ago, blueflier
New version is awful. Would give 0 stars if I could.
This “update” is horrible. I have now lost all previously downloaded issues, including favorite bookmarks, it does not allow me to download an issue of devotionals, and requires online access for the day, which doesn’t work for me—I travel to places where Wi-Fi and cell service is pretty dodgy and it has been those times I’ve loved my Upper Room app the most. I can’t think of one nice thing about the new version. I’ve been a subscriber for my iPhone for many years, but I’ll be canceling my subscription and requesting a refund and looking for a devotional magazine app that is more user friendly for those of us who travel and aren’t always online. I don’t want social engagement of pretty picturesI want an everyday view from another Christian that I can reflect on. It looks pretty but all real functionality and fundamentals of what make The Upper Room so special are now gone.
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3 days ago, Phigment1
Content great, app so so
Little things could be better. Open the Bible verse (great) but the x to close it and view the daily devotional is put on top of the iPhone system so you cannot get it to close without clicking dozens of times. Also, it never seems to get the date right without closing the app and reopening.
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7 years ago, embjr
I’m done
I have been reading the Upper Room for years starting when it was in print. With the current updates I cannot get into the daily devotional like I used too. I went to the site and it told me my subscription expired. I paid for a yearly, it went through, and I can’t get in. I went back and tried a monthly, it too went through and still cannot get in. I spent over 15 dollars trying to get my subscription renewed (didn’t know it expired in the middle of the month instead of the end of the month). and all I get is the screen showing me the monthly and yearly prices. I downloaded another devotional and I’m done with this one. I lost all my back issues, and I’m done trying to mess with it. The old format was wonderful, sorry to see it go.
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6 years ago, rainboltmrv
New Version is worse than old
Several complaints that have forced me to switch to another devotional app. In the new app they maintained the inability to switch view from vertical to horizontal yet changed so many things that kept me using the app. When you open up the app it will not go to today’s devotional unless you close the app. The information about the author is minimal unless they want to link you to their blog. The new app allows social comments at the bottom which I find very distracting. If I want that type of interaction I will use Facebook. I’m sad because this has been a daily tradition for my husband and I for many years but won’t be using it in the future. Too many other great resources that are far superior in user friendliness.
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6 months ago, Ro8o dog
Bug Fix Not Working
My Apple app renewed in December. Since then I have been unable to access the app and its contents. When I try to login it doesn’t recognise me and says I need to allow my email address to be shared. When I use just my email to login it pulls up the purchase subscription screen. When I tap on the subscription I get the message that I am already subscribed. Really frustrating. Even worse, I’m a chaplain and discovered this while I was with a patient I was preparing to read to. I don’t know what to do because Upper Room says they can’t help because it’s on the Apple Store.
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6 years ago, luv_my_mac
App is fine but one issue
I enjoy the Upper Room app for daily devotions. However there is one issue. Purchasing the app via iTunes did not ever synch after 30 day trial and wasn’t recognized as a subscription. I had to get a refund via iTunes and then purchase the subscription directly from the Upper Room website. Now it works as expected. There is work needed by both the digital team of both Apple & the Upper Room to ensure synchronization occurs whether purchased in iTunes or via the Upper Room website.
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6 years ago, Sparrow_Hawk
Not working
I had a membership from month to month until I decided to purchase the full yearly subscription. Once I purchased it, the app was stuck on the subscription page and would not let me access the material. I’ve logged in through Facebook and both my email addresses, delegated and reinstalled the app, and the problem continues. The “support” at Upper Room has been less than helpful with all this. I want a full refund for my yearly subscription as this has been an issue for over a month and I have yet to be able to utilize any of the subscription.
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7 years ago, theferf
Amazing update!
I’ve downloaded the recent update, and it’s so much better than the last version. The interactive features make this a powerful devotional companion. I listen to the audio version every morning now after receiving my push notification. And I can bookmark or share content with my friends and family.
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5 years ago, Gruzdavich
Great content, OK app
I find this to be a convenient way to stay connected to a daily devotional and especially like the links to the biblical passages. However, the app itself could use some work as I often have to reload the devotionals section to display the current content. Also, would really like to be able to read in LANDSCAPE view, and I’m guessing others would as well.
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7 years ago, SRZweigart
OK...until you register
I was delighted to find this app so that I could easily read the Upper Room without my glasses and in the dark on my iPad. I was disappointed,however, to find that once I attempted to register /sign in to the service, it would no longer run. Starting the app would result in a white screen for about 15 seconds followed by the app simply disappearing from the screen. I Uninstaller and reinstalled, and now can continue to read the daily devotional, but nothing more. Serves my purpose, but needs work.
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6 years ago, LateAgain!
Customer Support is terrible
My iTunes auto renewal happened in Nov. which I think is when the app changed and I have not had access since. Upper Room said they could not access my subscription. iTunes directed me to a company that no longer does the digital support for upper room and gave me a phone number to call but they only handle print subscriptions for Upper Room. I used to love the app. Now I am very disappointed and afraid to resubscribe for fear I will pay twice and still not have access. I would love to talk to a person.
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8 years ago, Patton1904
Not user friendly
I'm very disappointed over paying a yearly subscription of $10. This app is not user friendly. You cannot access the devotional of the day by use of dates. You have to scroll up and down and hope you get near the date you need to read. In addition, you cannot access the daily verse that is part of the daily devotional. There is no link for it. All of this for a $10 yearly subscription? Accessing the " lite " version was easier not to mention free! Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, RitMax
Just use the UpperRoom website
I’ve purchased yearly subscriptions twice before and each time the UpperRoom app says I didn’t purchase a subscription. After sending multiple emails to support, just for them to go ignored, I figured I’d leave a review for others. If you’re a fan of upper room content, you’re better off going online to their webpage to read it for free - DO NOT PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION TO THIS APP!!! Just read the other reviews as well.
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2 years ago, SanBeanCounter
Bible Version
I have been reading The Upper Room for more than 50 years. I now enjoy using The Upper Room app but wish you would consider allowing the user to select their preferred Bible translation. The Common English Bible translation just does not work for me sometimes.
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6 months ago, Robert Hayden
Great When It Wants To Work
Why do you have a Facebook and Apple log-in option? I’ve been using this app for a year and they’ve never worked. Logs me out of my account all the time so I have to delete and re-download and login again. Just seems like a really easy basic thing to fix on an app if someone would just do their job correctly. Sad since I’m paying $20 to read the Bible yearly on this app. Get with it, yo
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5 years ago, OCDditto
Terrible app
I paid for the subscription for this app and read the devotional daily. They recently ungraded the app and I was unable to log in. After about 8 emails back and forth with The Upper Room and trying numerous things to access my account on the app I still could not log in my subscription even though it continued to say I had an active subscription. Due to lack of help and frustration, I terminated this subscription. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, jbragg396
Does not work.
I have not been able to read any devotionals since Nov 2018 when my subscription renewed. I have not had any help with online support. My iTunes subscriptions says I am still current. I wish I knew how to get back my money for a years subscription. Update 4/2/19. Upperroom contacted me and told me to canceled my subscription from iTunes and subscribe online from their web site. If that the case why do they not delete the app
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4 years ago, cjcares
Wonderful App
This is an awesome app! I love it ! I especially like that everything you need is available on this app for the Devotional. Also it is nice to be able to listen to the Devotional if you want to instead of reading it! CandyG
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7 years ago, Racomarley
Big disappointment
I have read and used the Upper room for years. For two years have used this app each day. It has always had some bugs and my subscription did not always renew even after it was paid but it did work. This new app is useless it has not worked since October does not allow me to use it. Please tell me why I cannot open the app. I have paid for the year via Apple.
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7 years ago, Lawrence Runner
Works great after new update!
When I first downloaded this, I could not open to the current daily devotion. Since updating yesterday though, the app works great! Just what I need to start my day right
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6 years ago, Urtickingmeofflol
Please update
Don’t know when you’re last upgrade was but November is what I’m getting in reviews. Not giving the yr. would like to download this app but reviews give me pause. When I start reading positive reviews, will consider paying for the app. Trying to do my part in the green department. So can you let me know what “ Year” your last upgrade was. And can anybody out there in cyberspace tell me if it’s finally working again?? Thanks
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7 years ago, 4thefamily
Was my Favorite devotional
For years, I have picked up hard copies at church. I decided to go green and try the electronic version. I love it. There are links to the extra bible verses and to information associated to the text. Each daily devotional is written by a different person from all over the world. It makes each devotional unique. Yesterday I downloaded the update. Now I am unable to open on my IPad please fix:( I can no longer download the devotional. It says there is no longer an email account associated with my account. I have sent a message, but have had no response. Please advise. I will probably go back to the paper copy. Thank you for the years of enjoyment
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5 years ago, dfghhiiooohdefg:'i
Negative 0 Stars! 👎🏻👎🏻
Please do not waste your money! This app does NOT work. Please read the reviews! I didn’t do that until after I paid for the subscription. They took me, don’t let them take you also! These people have desecrated Christ’s Upper Room, with greed. What a shame! I’m very sorry to the people who are a part of The Upper Room family. They have allowed greed to destroy us. I will miss you. Take care Miss Sarah. 😢
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8 years ago, Cindi2u
Definitely Needs Improvement
It would be nice to have the ability to access the daily devotional without having to scroll through the pages. Not user friendly at all. Probably won't renew my subscription if this doesn't change.
Show more
7 years ago, RickK4
Latest update (11/8) fixed issue with inability to see full text to the devotions. Everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Mighty Morphin
Love it
I love the app. I read it just about every day. The only thing I wish was on it was the ability to like or agree with other’s comments.
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8 months ago, uponone713
Major Apple ID sign in issue
Dear developers, The latest iOS version has a flaw in Apple ID sign in. App will not give choice to hide or allow email, foxing error. Sign in with same email / Apple ID when pushed to website when restore purchase is chosen and no way to restore app purchase on site. Or misdirect in app / issue with page.
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7 years ago, Magque
Please fix the app!
This has been one of my favorite devotional books. I’m so very disappointed it no longer works. Was very excited to hear the update would open to the current day, but it doesn’t. In fact I can’t open any day! PLEASE FIX IT! I miss hearing from God through this little, but once-powerful devotional. Praying for the techies who are working on it!
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7 years ago, Lisa (a mom)
Update ripped me off
I’ve already bought a subscription and now the update wants to charge me again. No thanks. Can’t even open the devotional anyhow. Awful and really disappointed because I used that devotional almost every day. But I’m not paying twice
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7 years ago, Rae Reviews
Need entire issue to read without wi-fi
This app is not going to work for my needs. I need to be able to access the subscription as if it were in print. The Upper Room is a bi-monthly publication and very disappointed that I can not access reading when away. This is the reason for paying for e subscription. Sad to say I feel ripped off.
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7 years ago, plee49
Doesn’t work
I’ve had this app for several years & loved it. However, the past month or so it quit working. I’ve re-installed it & received all the updates—but still no luck. I’ve even contacted the developer, but nothing has helped. I’m very frustrated.
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5 years ago, not a good waytodo business
Unable to view page
My app is missing a lot of time and catches up a few days later. However today I have a blank page. I probably will cancel my subscription if I don’t get each day of scripture and story.
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5 years ago, Bob Nickell
Reader view
I love the new reader view. It makes it so much easier to read on a tablet.
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7 years ago, Beachgirl5835
The app got an upgrade this week. Can’t access the publication. Screen goes white no matter what you are trying to find. Too bad. The previous version was fine. Now I’m thinking of going back to print, but want my money back first. Missed the first half of November already.
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8 years ago, CrxHike
Good Idea, Bad Delivery
If this product would just be delivered in Kindle format that would cure pretty much everything wrong with this app. Looks pretty but not functional. Won't save your place where you left off. Tried it won't renew.
Show more
7 years ago, Wormrider
Ruined a perfectly good app
Crashes on attempts to log in. Doesn’t go past today’s reading and crashes if one tries to go back a few days to review or catch up. I’ll be cancelling this subscription. They gave up substance for glitz and now it just plain doesn’t work.
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7 years ago, jmar227
Please fix
Ops, I don’t have my new issue for November. I have received The Upper Room electronically since 2012 on my iPad. Since it’s not time to renew I am still owed several issues. I think I received an email awhile back about a new updated version coming with this issue. What is going on???
Show more
5 years ago, Mathis427
Worked for the 1st Year
Purchased the app via GooglePlay, worked for the first year, then when renewed via GooglePlay, the app stopped working. Neither side will help, GooglePlay says contact the app support, the app support would say they can’t help as it was purchased through GooglePlay. Catch 22, guess I’ll go back to print version.
Show more
7 years ago, NCTats
Content excellent-app clunky, awkward
Needs work! Does not remember last place read, no date on article listing, must scroll or flip many pages to find correct place.
Show more
5 years ago, kjjohn1234
Version 38.7 works on iPad
Thank you for correcting the problem that was preventing the app from opening on iPad.
Show more
6 years ago, Pappy shorthair
All is well!
E-version daily devotion is convenient. Thank you!
Show more
7 years ago, Nelsole
Not working
Whatever they did, didn’t work. I can’t even get on my subscription now. It thinks I don’t have one but when I click on it, it shows when I bought it. This needs to be fixed quickly.
Show more
7 years ago, Spm2307&$@
Can’t Access
I love the new format, but now after the last update I can’t access my daily devotions. Please fix as soon as possible.
Show more
5 months ago, Riby214
Doesn’t work
I am very disappointed in the app. It has not worked for over two months. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled and still doesn’t work. Very sad!
Show more
7 years ago, BM iPad 3
Doesn’t work
I have done 2 uninstall reinstalls with no change . This app is useless. I am 53 and have had the upper room since I was 5. I will keep my hard copy subscription I am calling for a refund on the e version . Totally worthless
Show more
4 years ago, jambo629
Extremely slow loading on iPhone X
Extremely slow loading and very small print. Not worth loading. I will use the print version.
Show more
8 months ago, Not updating!
Not working
My app hasn’t worked since the update. No point in letting subscribers know you’re making changes. It’s very frustrating.
Show more
8 years ago, Testyteri
When you press the icons nothing happens. Use the devotional on iPhone
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