UrbanSitter: Local Caregiver

4.8 (13.6K)
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Current version
UrbanSitter, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for UrbanSitter: Local Caregiver

4.8 out of 5
13.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Rhaydon47
Lifesaver when I was in college
When I was in college I used UrbanSitter a lot to pick up date night jobs during the weekend and even got a regular mother’s helper job during the week after classes. It was a great way to make extra money completely on my own schedule. You can set your availability for certain days and parents can book you, or you can look at posted jobs and apply for them. I met so many nice families and explored different parts of the city I may have never visited! When you set up your profile, definitely add a video and get reviews from past employers and other parents so you can start off with 5-Star reviews. I’ve seen other sitters complain but honestly if you do a great job babysitting and are professional and reliable (don’t no-show!) you shouldn’t have a problem and you’ll find so much benefit in UrbanSitter. Everyone at support has been helpful too with jobs and payments. I highly recommend you give it a try!!!
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2 months ago, Shoshiety
Waste of time and money!
I purchased a one month membership to start for $40-something and posted my part-time job for a babysitter at an average rate. I got a few bites from various people who didn’t read the post and didn’t meet the qualifications m, and many people just couldn’t hold a text conversation or simply never replied to basic interview questions. I sorta wonder if they didn’t get notifications? But also, several people replied 2-3 weeks later saying that they’re not looking for work right now at all. Why am I paying for a matching service that allows inactive users profiles to be shown? Another few people kept on trying to give me their phone numbers so I’d text/call them directly instead of using the app. However, the app automatically deletes those messages that contain phone numbers. It’s kinda unprofessional for a potential job candidate to try and cheat the system of the app their using to get work, but also, it was just annoying because these folks weren’t answering some basic questions about their qualifications and thus I didn’t get to the point for a while. Honestly, it just seems like this app is better for backup babysitters or if you’re in a pinch and need a one-time random person. Rather than looking for a solid commitment, I’d only recommend using this app if you’re out of other options.
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5 years ago, dee davidson
Best Sitter App out there, one major flaw for sitters
I've been babysitting for several years now, and been an US member for about 3 years. I tried 6 different sitting sites and fell in love with this one. My tech friend also confirmed that UrbanSitter has the best security out of the several sites his hiring company has used (data protection is important!!) Sitters read to the end why this review is 4 stars, and not 5... Pros • Very easy/functional app (love this) • Sitters - autonomy with setting your availability, creating your bio, setting your rate, and accepting/declining job requests (most, but not all sites allow all of these options!) • Parents - from what I've heard, responsive customer service for families Cons: • Parents - Some families have struggled to book interview requests; however, this can be easily navigated by booking a $0/hr job request or using the website messaging system to message a sitter and arrange a chat or in-person meet • Sitters - POOR customer service. Had a terrible experience where it took me 2 months to get a non-automated response and additional 1.5 months past that to get follow up emails and my problem resolved. Thankfully, I have only needed to use customer service once, but it was incredibly stressful and disappointing. The other 5 sitting sites I worked with was readily available the same-day to talk with me. This or 2 business days should be the standard like it is for other jobs.
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5 years ago, bhecka
Changed the game!
Urban Sitter is truly an amazing app! It has helped me (a college student) to meet many new families around the bay area while gaining more experience in the child care field. It is very easy to navigate, I just have a couple of suggestions. 1) Make a feature where you can block a specific family (or sitter) so you don’t even have to view them in your search. If a certain family is not adequately compensating for their number of children or have included services in their posts that you don’t offer, you should be able to block them so you won’t see them each time you’re on the job board. Likewise, if a sitter does not fit your criteria (i.e. aren’t CPR certified) you should be able to block them, too. This will help save time for everyone involved during their searches for the perfect candidate/family. I know you can hide your availability from specific families, but it would be nice if you could completely hide them from view forever. 2) For sitters, only show jobs that match the availability posted to your calendar. This will save time during the job search so you won’t have to waste time hiding all the jobs you can’t even take. Again, I love this app so much and can’t recommend it enough! I seriously talk about it to anyone who will listen. I hope you at least consider adding these features, as I know many other sitters and families who agree.
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5 years ago, Lilia Vereyko
Great App
As a parent of two kids, flexibility in my job is very important. At some point I was thinking of babysitting while my kids will grow up an go to school. But I didn’t have much success until 4 months ago I downloaded the app. I did my best to follow the instructions and advises the Support Center provides and in couple weeks I got my first job. Since than I do mostly occasional jobs and I’ve met great families. I like the ability to confirm the hours right after the job is completed and process the payment right away. Also I want to mention that the Support Center team is doing a great job. When I just started, I had many questions. Every time I would email them, they answer promptly and clearly. Thank you Urban Sitters Team.
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4 weeks ago, theWhaleandtheBagpipe
New system ruins the experience
I have used UrbanSitter for over three years now and have enjoyed the app, but the new update that allows “Rate depends on experience” with no option for entering a pay range really chaps my hide. I have more than 15 years of experience and a bachelors degree in the field. My services do not come cheap, but this system obscures information in a way that wastes the time of sitters. I refuse to apply to any job with “rate depends on experience” listed with no information on pay rate and encourage everyone I’ve referred to the app to do the same. It is a legal requirement in my state that salary information be included in the job listing and this system violates that egregiously. The system should have a specific option for parents to enter a possible pay range as a part of their listing but this new system hides higher paying jobs among low paying ones and is a waste of time for many quality sitters with higher rates.
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7 years ago, audielou
My Main Source of Income
As an actor/singer primarily, flexibility in my day job is important. I’ve been using this app as a sitter for my main source of income when I am home for about 3 years now and it has been wonderful. I’ve met great families and the ability to do payment via credit through the app is so handy (plus it gives me a little control without having to awkwardly bring up payment in person.) If you are a sitter who has some experience, just know that it may take a little time for the amount of work you get to be consistent. It’s always a little slow for me when I am just back in town, but with more reviews and such, it picks up fairly quickly.
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5 years ago, mixmax mom
Unresponsive sitters
I’m pretty annoyed with this app. Not sure if it’s the app itself or the sitters i chose to reach out to... At first, I liked the app a lot! User friendly, useful filters to find the right sitter in my area etc.. however... I found a few sitters I was quite interested in so I requested phone interviews through the app. Less than half of the sitters I contacted even acknowledged my interview requests so I decided to send polite follow up messages to the ones that didn’t respond. But — I received no reply from them on the messages either — and you can even see when they were last active so either the app does not work well on the sitters’ end in giving them notifications of messages, or the sitters on the app are rude and don’t even have the time to politely decline or respond to your well thought out message. Overall it has been a waste of my time and money.
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1 year ago, akfli
Initially I did love the app, it is very convenient and I was quickly able to build a consistent clientele. It’s organized in an easily accessible way, but there are a few things I believe could be fixed. In my case I had a sudden family emergency and I was unable to contact the family in time, which led to my account being suspended although this had been my only real issue with a gig. I’ve contacted support numerous times to explain, and the lack of urgency is a bit disappointing since I am a college student and this is my main source of income. I am not sure how I can show further proof. Besides this, the app is great and all the families I have worked for have been super great people. Would definitely recommend the app to others, but be VERY careful with mistakes!
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11 months ago, Ayah29
No refund policy after you have been billed
I was charged today for the $40 membership fee and I completely forgot about this app. I signed up last year to get some side hustle but due to lack of experience in babysitting, i wasn’t able to book even one job. I am a mom of 2 and can say that I handle kids well. But since I’ve gotten a new job, I obviously don’t need this anymore. Very disappointing that the membership fee can’t be refunded after you are charged. It might be the first time that I’ve heard about a non-refundable membership fee here in the US. It’s even less than 12 hours since they charged my credi card and it’s frustrating that you can’t have your money back. I didn’t realize that it was going to be renewed today and I asked for a refund. The chat support said that it’s non-refundable even though I mentioned that they can cancel my account asap.
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5 years ago, stehnascimento
Great app
I’ve been working as a sitter for the past two years while I’m in college, and when my friend told me about urban sitter I decided to give it a try, because as a sitter sometimes it’s a bit hard to find babysitting gigs. Anyway, I have been using UrbanSitter for about one year now and so far I have had only great experiences. All the families I met there were reliable and nice people. I would say that the best babysitter jobs I’ve had were through UrbanSitter. In fact, the job I have now I got through the platform. I always recommend UrbanSitter to my friends who also babysit or for other people I know that need sitters sometimes.
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2 years ago, Patricia PDX
Provides a much needed service connecting families and Caregivers
I have been doing care for families as their nanny with UrbanSitter for over two years. The app is easy to navigate. And I have met some wonderful families with many return appointments. The fact that you can contact families or they can contact you is extremely helpful. no personal information is exchanged to you except a job. I am thankful to UrbanSitter for the wonderful support they give if customer services ever needed. I strongly recommend this app
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5 years ago, iamles2000_
Unresponsive to people that have issues with the app
I really don’t recommend this app for new users they have taken forever to reply to a simple message or email it’s as if the app has no one to manage it and that’s really unfortunate. My profile was hidden after I asked a question and that was really suspicious. I sent them an email and they haven’t replied. The new users have to wait 7 to 14 days for they’re profile to be approved and honestly if they take that long to reply to a simple question I don’t think they’re going to be approving profiles any time soon. I really wanted to use the app I’ve seen many like UrbanSitters it caught my attention but after seeing how they manage the app I’d rather go with another thats more responsive. Urban sitters please take the time to respond to emails and messages and stop hiding profiles and start approving profiles.
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5 years ago, ssangyi
Not feeling good
I’ve been on the app for about 3 weeks browsing to see the jobs before I pay money for a membership.. I’ve been focused on two families who fit my schedule but when I come back today their profile and the babysitting dates are completely different. First she needed overnight sitter, now she needs someone to watch the kids while the husband sleeps? With a totally different city now..Another posting (different family) is a duplicate with two different needs, days and times as well. There is no consistency which leads me to believe these are scams. Yes positions fill, but how can families have multiple postings & suddenly change where they live...? Without proper verification I’m not feeling confident that these are real needs
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6 years ago, Jingfun
One change to make it great
I have been a regular customer urban sitter for three years. It’s been great for finding high quality sitters available but there is one change to make. When I use your mobile app it is so difficult to find Post a new job. I sometimes have to go to your website on my computer to use it. Please make it easier to use us moms who do not have a lot of time to go from tab to tab button to button up looking everywhere to find Post a new job. I frankly do not find it useful to sift through sitters I would rather just post a job and see what qualified individuals respond. Thank you for listening to this feedback. Once this Change is made I will consider changing this review 5 stars.
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4 years ago, MegamiMoon
Booking multiple dates is a nightmare
I tried booking a sitter for multiple dates through the iOS app and I wasn’t even able to do it. Despite filling out the times and days, the “confirm dates” button to proceed remained disabled. So I went to the web app and found the process to be tedious and clunky. As soon as I entered the start date, I got an error message informing me that “start date must be before end date” even before I got the chance to enter an end date. That just gave me hostile feelings. Next, the time selectors were really inefficient. I entered 7pm for a start time and expected the selector for my end time to take me to 7pm or later so I can easily choose 10pm. Nope! I was taken back to 12am and had to scroll down to 10pm or enter manually. This interaction could be so much better than it is. Get your act together, UrbanSitter!
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3 years ago, OrangeSky87
A lot of UX issues
1- Whenever I need to interview the applicants on my job opening it says that the applicant is not available at this time, even though I try different variations. When I look at their calendar, they’re availability is wide open. I have to text them privately every time only to find out that they’re available during all the times I was proposing. 2- I cannot post a rate range, when I mark it per the suggestion, I get inexperienced applicants, when I mark it higher, I get applicants who normally charge a lower rate saying that their rate is what I’ve posted. I tried using UrbanSitter 2 years ago and I’m still finding a lot of issues unfixed. Which is frustrating. Hire a UX researcher!
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3 years ago, asj127
App full of bugs that they call features
This app has been around for atleast a few years and if they can’t bother fixing something so basic I have no hopes from them. I tried booking a sitter for ~ 3 weeks and sent requests to multiple sitters for interviews. Every time a sitter declines they send an individual email for EVERY DAY of the 3 weeks. So with 3 sitters declining I have 70 emails in my Inbox just spamming me with declines. I reported this to customer service and they responded with the “it’s not a bug it’s a feature” and we don’t have a feature to club multiple days together. In so many years, you should be able to build a simple feature like this and even if you didn’t atleast be apologetic about it and don’t call it expected behavior! Absolute garbage!
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6 years ago, loveearny
Not fair
I have been with unban sitter for the past 6 months as an all five star review sitter, but now my profile is hidden because there are two cancellations within less than 24 hours notice. 1st cancellation I guess was because when I was taking a 3 hour domestic flight, I did not respond to the parent sooner. Parent withdrew the request, and I got the 1st cancellation on record. 2nd cancellation was because parent sent me a job request for a job that was needed in 3 minutes. I did kindly reject the parent that I could not make it for the requested job since I was still working for then current family. I should say no human being can fly to any family within 3 minute for the requested job. So the job went expired, my profile has been hidden for 5 days. Where is the support team after numerous attempts?
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5 years ago, urbansitter Yay
Thank you UrbanSitter
We’ve all been there as parents, you need a sitter because your “plan A” ended up falling through. UrbanSitter helped greatly. We posted our job request. Before we knew it, we ha several interested sitters which grew to ~10 people to choose from/ I never realized we would have so many sitters with such quality experience to draw from. Our experience with UrbanSitter erased any doubts we had about using an online service rather than word of mouth. UrbanSitter is our go-to for finding qualified childcare for our son.
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3 years ago, JbabyyyX
Charged my card when I’m not even subscribed to app and haven’t used it in over a year.
Urban Sitter charged me an annual membership fee when I haven’t used the app in over a year. I bought the membership and then unsubscribed and uninstalled the app once there there were no jobs in my area. Apparently they charged my card that was left on file. My bank declined it so many times that they called me to see what was going on. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because it had been so long since I used the app that it didn’t sound familiar until I received an emails about it. Make sure you remove your card information from the app because they will try over and over until it goes through, even after you’re unsubscribe, ect.
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5 years ago, Ren543
THE best
I absolutely love this app! I’ve been a sitter on it for about 6 months and it’s amazing. I’ve been able to meet so many kind families, as well as make a decent amount of money. After downloading so many other sitter apps, this one is definitely the best. Other apps require you to pay to be a sitter, something I feel shouldn’t be the case. UrbanSitter is also super easy as the sitters apply to jobs that work for them. Overall, the app is wonderful and super easy to use. I love the app so much I felt I should leave a rating. GET THIS APP IF YOU ARE A SITTER !!
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9 months ago, Schoffend
Great App
I gave this app a 4 star because when you look at jobs and it shows less than 10 applicants, you assume that you have a few competitors. The truth is, it can also mean no one has applied to a posted job and I feel that if this is the case, it should not show less than 10 applicants. It’s deceitful this way. I also feel it should be more transparent like 1,2,3,4,5 applied. Etc. 10 applicants and more than 10 etc. I also noticed some families will make a post and does not log back in for days or weeks at a time.
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6 months ago, kcolang
UrbanSitter is AMAZING
I used UrbanSitter for the first time this week when I had a childcare emergency and I couldn’t be more impressed. It connected me with numerous potential sitters in my area and allowed me to search quickly to see who was available when I needed them and narrow down those sitters who had great reviews and may have been hired and rehired by people in my community! The app is so intuitive and useful. I’m so thrilled I discovered it and my only regret is not finding it sooner! A parent’s dream!!
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6 years ago, cori.har333
Such a convenient app
This app is my life saver! As I’m creating my own business it’s so nice to be able to pick up occasional and last minute nannying/babysitting jobs while I’m in transition. This app makes it super easy to apply, get paid, update your schedule, and see and apply to new jobs. Plus I love how parents can leave reviews so you have credibility for future families. I have met so many amazing families through this app and have had great experiences. I have yet to find any other babysitting/nanny app that compares to UrbanSitter.
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4 years ago, MOMMYOF244
All is great but.....
This app is great but as far as the parents go, a lot of them put jobs out and don’t respond back to you. Then when they do respond, the communication is so slow. I’ll text and won’t hear from them until almost a whole day later. Be careful of some parents. It’s a couple on here who doesn’t pay you what you work. One lady wants me to work 12 hours a day and only pay me $8 but instead of $112 for the 12 hours she wants to pay me $85. Trying to scam me out of my hard earned money. Just look out for that Betsy consistent and keep communicating.
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3 years ago, Latzoumpette
Love it but could be better
I love Urbansitter and I have used the app to secure childcare soon after becoming a mother. I just moved to the tri valley in CA and it’s been extremely difficult to find a nanny. The filter options allows for 10 mi and the next option is 25 mi. What about 15 mi? What about 20 mi? I am finding out nannies between 20 mi and 25 mi in the East Bay won’t bother driving for a part time or full time job. Maybe for an occasional gig. But within 10 mi the choice is very very limited.
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4 years ago, Esmeralda er
Would not recommend this app- they only want your money
I subscribed to this service in hopes that it would get me a job but it was not helpful. I tried to cancel my subscription and thought I had through the apple store, but I was still unrightfully charged and my account was over drafted. They have a “no refund policy” because they don’t want to give money back to people who genuinely didn’t find the service they promised helpful. This app is completely based on trying to get you to pay the most amount of money and they are not actually trying to help you. I am extremely disappointed with my experience and would not recommend this app to anyone. Had I not caught this, they would have continued to charge me.
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5 years ago, Kim.sprinkles
I don’t recommend it
I opened my account maybe two months ago , hoping to find jobs. First thing is add all the information required with the exemption of the video. I get this notification to wait till my profile picture could be approved but nothing happened. I waited for more than 3 weeks and I sent an email , expressing that it’s been to long. I received this email requesting for my Social Security number and other information. In any moment meanwhile I was filling my information in the app , I never got any notification saying that I was missing add my SSN . I just got this notification in the main menu saying that “ It would take up to 7 -14 days for my profile to be approved, and it would be approved more quickly if I added the video and my direct deposit information (which I did). The notification in the main menu still remains even when I added the rest of my information and even when it has been more than 14 days. This was so upsetting and a totally wasted of my time. I don’t even know if provide my information such a my SSN was even safe.
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3 months ago, Lee.Harvey
Best caregiving app
I use three other apps for part time work and this is the best one. I think it’s well thought out from the details I am able to add to my profile, I information provided by families, and the application process. I would like to be able to search by dates and times in more detail on my phone but the browser version has those capabilities.
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7 years ago, basscakes
Excellent service, horrible app
UrbanSitter has consistently allowed me to find high quality sitters, often on short notice. It has been essential to my survival and we have been satisfied with the babysitters - we have even found some sitters we really like and use regularly. The app itself is designed horribly and has no workflows that make any sense. As a technology professional, I find the app very frustrating to use, but it is worth figuring out as the service itself is valuable. The website is just as bad so it is not unique to the app.
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4 years ago, holkatka
Awful for the sitter
I liked the app at first because it was easy to use. Then, they started to charge subscription fees. Then COVID hit and they added $70 fee, so you could fill out daily symptoms checklist which would ultimately provide you with false security and no protection while they made profit. On top of that, they provide very low support to sitters. They don’t inform families about the federal law that requires them to make nannies household employees and provide them with W2. Sitters end up being independent contractors, paying higher self-employment taxes, and they are not eligible to get unemployment benefits when they lose a job. Please, use other service that provides support for both families and sitters and treats everyone fairly.
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4 years ago, Storm9767
Be careful subscribing.
I made several attempts to cancel my service as I lost my job and couldn’t afford it any longer. I let support know the day of renewal that I wanted to cancel but they took so long to get back with me that it went through and they won’t refund anything. Support really didn’t even try to assist but rather just pasted links to their policy. Locking me out of cancelling until I have to jump through all sorts of issues is the equivalent of stealing and I’ll just have to file a report with the BBB if that even still does anything. Just be wary of giving them money and always use a card that has a disposable number. UrbanSitter doesn’t really care about its users at all.
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10 months ago, Zoey Smith S
The worst place to find a reliable babysitter
This app is the worst place to find a reliable babysitter. Whenever I posted a job, sitters would apply but never bother to respond. On top of that, they constantly urge you to book outside of the app, which is highly unprofessional. For some reason the app don't respect your preference to choose a specific sitter and try to push other profiles on you. And if you somehow manage to book a sitter, be prepared for last-minute cancellations, leaving you with no alternatives. This app has been a frustrating and unreliable experience, and I strongly advise against using it for finding trustworthy babysitters.
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7 years ago, armhanson
Great App for finding a sitter in a pinch
This app is great for finding a trustworthy babysitting candidate last minute. It's very useful when something unexpected comes up and no one is available to watch the child(s). It's also nice for finding a full-time caretaker if that's what you're looking for. It's very secure and offers the option to interview the babysitter prior to having them come over. Highly recommended app for any parent.
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5 years ago, Ellie7416
Hate it
I am very disappointed in this app I have heard so many good things about it but the fact that you have to pay so much a month to find a baby sitter is ridiculous you can post a job but then even if someone responds you cant even say anything to them because you have to pay for that for an app that has such great rating that’s really bad for instance someone like me who has to find a permanent babysitter on short notice and is very stressed out about it this app was my first thought and now I’m even more stressed out about it because I can’t use it without paying for it when baby sitting is already expensive enough
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4 years ago, MsRose22
Great, but Suggestions
It would be nice for sitters if job postings disappear once they have been filled...I cannot stress this enough that parents need to be required to have a profile photo of themselves NOT only of their children. Sitters want to know who they are meeting at the door just as much as parents do. Please protect your sitters to the extent you do the parents. Great app otherwise.
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6 years ago, gaby19_15
Sad person lol
I’ve downloaded this app ,about I wanna say a couple months ago ,and still I did everything they said and I’m not able to start working or book anybody , it just keeps saying to email them ,and I keep emailing them they just keep saying that they’re going to fix it but I don’t really know how there system works and I get they have alot of people applying for the app but still they should at lest be able to fix the problem with like 1 or so it’s literally been like 3 months I wanna say ... please fix my profile or help me book the people because I’m not able to ..
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6 months ago, Rankinhd
Still Waiting…
I’ve applied to be a sitter for a month now, and have been stuck in limbo waiting on my background check. I keep getting notifications about potential nanny and babysitting jobs, however I’m unable to pick them up due to my background not being cleared. I’m losing out on potential clientele as well as money. It’s supposed to clear within 7 days and it’s been a month. I’ve called customer support and have gotten nowhere. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this issue. Please fix this issue.
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1 year ago, hlingasin
Did nothing about sexual assult/harassment report.
I reported someone I nannied for on the app. They did nothing. Told me I can quit communicating with them and then “encouraged” me to talk to them about it if they try to hire me again. The email was most likely an automated message. I receive a background check to babysit. What about the families? Do they get one? Is there policies to be followed for parents to keep the sitters safe? The app will respond to your review and apologize, tell you to email them. I already have. Left feedback on the support team. Also messaged them again asking the same questions as above. This disgusts me.
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6 years ago, saraht0908
Good app but support team is lacking
I’ve really enjoyed using UrbanSitter while on a brief unemployed break before my new job started, especially having over 10 paid years of being a sitter. However, my account was paused/hidden because I made two cancelations in one weekend (stomach flu) and I replied immediately explaining and it’s been about 8 days and no word back from support team! I’ve emailed twice since and still no word. As a sitter who gets booked a lot and has all 5 star reviews this is frustrating to me.
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5 years ago, bugg_12
Having more families offer jobs?
I absolutely love this app! I have found so many families that I work for and i care for so deeply. The only bad side is there isn’t enough parents entering jobs for the nannies or sitters. I hope that many moms and dads register to find a perfect person to look after their loved ones. I feel like it is so easy to navigate compared to any other babysitting app.
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5 years ago, c_323
Babysitter membership fee
I have used UrbanSitter for the past year and have enjoyed it, but am disappointed with the required membership for babysitters. I was planning on using this app for occasional babysitting this year, and the $25 dollar membership fee isn’t worth it. It’s one thing to make a background check required, it’s another to charge sitters year after year. I also personally shared background checks from my job with families, and they have been happy with that. I’m disappointed that my profile will be blocked, which means that my reviews that show I am a dependable and responsible babysitter don’t mean anything.
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6 years ago, Zara Hairston
Worst App Ever! Missed Husband’s Birthday Dinner!
Doesn’t work correctly. Leaves pending jobs but acts as active jobs, so you don’t know who’s coming, accepted, etc. Emailed support, took days. Then, when they finally replied, they confirmed an active acceptance, but only showed pending reply on my end. Since support confirmed someone was coming, we waited...and waited...and waited, only for no one to come and miss my husband’s birthday dinner night out. I told them it said pending. Now, won’t let me cancel membership or deactivate account. I’m utterly furious with this experience. Total waste of time and missed birthday night with husband. Needs major technical improvements.
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7 years ago, 5 star sitter
Love the app but ...
I have gotten many many jobs every week, it is now my main source of income. I have one issue, I cannot cancel a job if something comes up without getting negative remarks. Meanwhile I went all the way to a job at 8am only to be ignored as I rang the bell and have the job cancelled as I stand outside waiting. No consequence for parents I think there should be some % owed when a parent cancels the job within at least 5 hours of the job.
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6 years ago, S12k3hj
Filter settings
I personally love the app! It’s very convenient and it even allows 17 years old to sign up which is hard to accommodate often times. However, I think it would be convenient to add “cash” or “credit” filter settings when it comes to preferring a certain payment method just to make job searching easier. Other than that, great work!
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6 years ago, Don't update it ruins it!
Error messages when you try updating available time
This app has become very glitchy it prompts you to update your availability. But when you try to save your changes it gives you an error no matter what you do. I was trying to update my availability and choose specific times but it won’t let me do that. And then when you try to email from this App review the link will just take you to a general information site. They need to provide better support specially if they want us to Sitters to provide accurate hours.
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6 years ago, deedré
Membership fee
The concept of this app is great! However, the developers are not forthcoming. The description says it’s free to use but in reality it is not. You set up your account, you look for sitters, you post a job, you get inquiries, you GIVE your personal information for them to verify your identity but as soon as you want to contact the sitter to set up an interview, they hit you with a membership fee!!! WHAT?? Why not make that clear from the beginning? Now these sitters are going to think I’m flaky for not getting in contact with them due to this foolishness. Don’t advertise that your service is free when in reality it’s not! NOT COOL!!
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5 years ago, secondmr
Not what was promised
I thought I am getting a good product after reading the reviews. First of all they messed up my first charge and after many back and forth they fixed it. Then when I stopped using the app they still charged me.l after a few months. Even though they advertised a three month product they claim it is a repeated three month. And they charged the whole amount for another three months. And they did not return any money even though they knew I am not using their app anymore and told them. It is a place to just squeeze more money out of you.
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6 years ago, kcanson
Former “employee”
I used to babysit for Urbansitter, I believed it was a great asset to finding families to sit for, but after finding out how much this company charges families I couldn’t believe it. They are definitely a money driven company and do not care for their “employees” or the families that use them. They care solely about getting their money. Trust me from first hand experience working with them and feedback from families who have used them. There is definitely more efficient, reliable, honest, and trustworthy companies who can do a better job than Urbansitter can. Don’t waste your time and money on this awful company.
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