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User Reviews for USAA Mobile

4.81 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
2 years ago, 1966 Rolla engineer
USAA app
Constantly improving & very customer friendly! I recently bought a different car and borrowed part of the cost from my USAA life insurance policy with every intent of paying off the loan at the rate of several hundred $ a month, and made several payments. Then I received a notice on my USAA website that this was temporarily not possible. I called and learned it is a computer problem which was expected to be resolved in 1 week. This has been 2 or 3 weeks ago. The small amount of extra 5% interest that will accumulate is not the problem. Although most of my life insurance is not with USAA, many members may have most of their life insurance with you. Please check to be sure that the computer glitch is not delaying payment of death Benefit payments. If a delay for death benefits is in effect, it may cost USAA another large government fine such as the $130 million one of a few years ago. It would be customer friendly to send msgs to your life insurance customers to advise them about the loan glitch and to reassure them there is no delay in payments of death benefits. You should also consider suspending interest charges on life insurance loans until you fix your computer. Surely you do not intend to earn millions of extra $ because of your own computer problem!
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1 year ago, saucy no 1
Maybe this will finally get some help
I have been with this institution since 2008. I have tried their insurance and heard all good things if you need to file anything, from a broken windsheild to a car accident. It’s just a little more expensive than if you go elsewhere. Used the insurance for about 3 years. I have since 2008 had a checking account. This account has had its’ ups and downs. Right now it is at a down and they have been ignoring me. I am deployed and to call would cost me $0.25 a minute. I messaged them 2 days ago. Nothing since. I tried using their “help” feature on the app and on the website. I can’t get it to transfer me to a human. I will be pulling any money from this account and using a different institution again for a while. This is the second time this has been an issue where I put just a little money in and they lock it out. My account information was taken and this is how they treat it. I will be reviewing it too. I can’t believe any business operates this way. Ignoring many requests and doesn’t have any email to contact them. I guess putting this out for the public is the only way to get any attention from them. They are great when nothing is a problem and I have walked through the great updates USAA has and ideas other institutions could use because USAA has a great app and this app has great features. I just hope they figure out a way for us to email someone. The help feature is a joke and there is no email…
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5 years ago, vanishing features
Where did add a transaction feature go???? Well there it is.
Update: I am changing my rating to 4 stars. The “add a transaction” feature magically reappeared today. Which means it was either a massive glitch or a design whoops. Why am I so passionate about this feature? Because it is the best feature of any banking app. Being able to add transactions that have not cleared yet to see where you are quickly is really nice for budgeting. So I changed my rating to 4 because either there was a massive glitch. (I updated the app and uninstalled and reinstalled before writing previous review. I even checked my husbands USAA app and his features were not there leading me to believe the USAA design team had removed it.) So yeah! The latest update has completely done away with “add a transaction” under banking. I loved this because I added automatic deductions and checks. This kept me so organized and on top of my finances. Now it has seemed to vanish. With out warning???!!!! Seriously why???? That was the best feature of any banking app I have ever used. I am so frustrated right now. I had information in there that I need and can’t get back easily. I could cry right now. Did I say I am so frustrated right now? Because, I am really really frustrated. Why? Can you PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY, restore that and all my information PLEASE. And thank you.
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3 years ago, Kymwill
Mobile Deposits
I’ve been with USAA for well over fifteen years if not twenty . I’ve been completely satisfied up until this year . In May 2020 I was fortunate to still be working while many across the world were home quarantining . As an essential worker I had an on the job injury caring for my patient . My workers Comp check started coming in . I live in MS so the nearest USAA branch is at Kessler Air Force Base which is an hour and thirty minutes away so I chose to deposit my checks via mobile banking out of convenience. Well after six months of depositing the checks on a weekly basis they decided to withhold over sixty percent of my check until the following week . That’s making only forty percent available. In the midst of a pandemic my funds are being held up. It’s crazy and it’s a disgrace . Six months that’s four checks a month, twenty four Workers Comp checks that have cleared with no issues yet my funds are being with held. It’s bad enough I’m off work but what little I receive my bank holds over sixty percent for an entire week . I’m closing all accounts . They aren’t serving me any purpose and I’m having surgery next week .
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2 years ago, RGEarley
App works well, if only the communications weren’t so hidden
I can’t say enough good things about USAA. Been using them for decades, and have always been pleased. Although I don’t use the app often, it is responsive and reasonably easy to find most things. The security verification is very easy and quick (I seem to recall it wasn’t always that way, seemed to always want me to re-authorize TouchID, but now I can get right in). The only reason for four stars instead of five is that the communications information from USAA seems quite hidden I got an email from USAA telling me there was a new document, and it included a link to open to read it. There are so many phishing scams out there, I avoid clicking links in emails, especially for access to financial accounts. So I opened the app. I thought surely the fact that I had a new document would be fairly prominent on the app, but not so. I had to click on the little icon in the corner with my initials (I only tried it after checking literally everything else that might get there); it was a total of 5 clicks from there to get to the new document. I post this in the hopes that someone connected with the app will see it and provide some sort of button on the home screen with a badge showing how many new documents are available.
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9 months ago, texas frowns
App changes balance unexpectedly
I have been using the app regularly for the last 8 years as my main way of keeping track of our finances. I have been disciplined using it, checking it every morning and night to ensure the accounts are as they should be and there are no surprises. Need to make a bigger purchase? I check it to make sure there’s enough there. Pay a bill? I put it in the “scheduled” transactions to keep tabs on it and delete it when it hits the account. I have noticed sometimes the balance fluctuates and shows there is more in the account than there actually is. Most times I am able to recognize it and account for it. Unfortunately, it has begun to fluctuate this month in a way that has escaped me, to the point my car insurance didn’t get drawn not my car payment because there were not enough funds. Now, when I pay bills I make sure there is enough to cover and like I said, I put the transaction in the “scheduled” until it hits the account. There are no surprise transactions that pop up yet the balance drops significantly enough to bounce a payment. Because the app cannot be trusted I will be forced to go back to a physical register to ensure I don’t miss payments and will not be relying on the app to account for my money. Technology is supposed to make our lives better, but when you can’t trust the technology it’s useless.
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11 months ago, Toohotmama
App Feedback link is not working!
Ha! I was hoping to let them know that removing information from the Account Transaction screen in the app was a terrible idea but the link to their App Feedback is not working. Must be overloaded with comments on how their user interface is becoming less and less user friendly. For years I would tell everyone how user friendly the USAA app was and how great everything functioned and just overall how much better they were than any other banks I had used. Unfortunately instead of maintaining that level of efficiency, with their app in particular, they have slowly declined in the overall performance of the app. I really like being able to link accounts so I can manage all from one screen. But duplicate accounts show from the linked banks which make managing all my accounts impossible. And others do not auto update, forcing me to reauthenticate. On top of all that, the order that I arrange the accounts in is frequently rearranged. For many years I have used USAA as my primary bank and I have highly recommended them to others due to the excellent user interface of the website and app. However they have been becoming less user friendly. Also, how do I turn off notifications that my statement is available? No one in customer service is aware.
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3 years ago, Jim8596
Terrible IT Support
Utilizing USAA’s website support resulted in my being locked out of all of my banking for four days now and counting. I have been told that the earliest resolution will be in 3-7 business days. No bill pay, no account access, no nothing. Website support has told me multiple times that they have never had the issue they are seeing with me before, but they also tell me there is nothing they can do to correct the problem and that they are unable to contact their IT support directly to check progress or get more data on the troubleshooting of the problem. USAA has simply gotten too big. I have been a member for 22 years and at this point I am moving my banking to a smaller credit union so I have access to actual in-person customer service. I am incredibly disappointed I have to take this action and extremely irritated I have been forced into this by poor management. Everyone I have spoken to at USAA has been as nice as possible, but they are utterly unable to resolve my IT problems due to no fault of their own, but simply by the ridiculous divisions of departments and their utter inability to resolve issues without submitting “trouble tickets” with no ability to get updates on the process and estimates of “3-7 business days” at best. Being locked out of your banking for over a week at a bank that is ENTIRELY online is unacceptable. After decades of membership, I am moving on.
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3 years ago, JayLacDaddy
USAA is horrible.
I have been a loyal customer for 19 years. Well BAM! that ends today. My 2020 Nissan was damaged when I hit a animal a few weeks ago. The car has been in the shop for 3 weeks and USAA gave me a rental(I pay extra for this in my policy). Today, 1 hour before I was to report for duty, I had on my uniform, getting ready to walk out the door and I get a call that my car is ready for pick up. I call USAA and let them know and the female agent tells me that I can not keep the rental car and have to return it before the end of the day. The agent literally tells me to call in sick and I had no choice but to return the rental or I would be charged for the car. So I call my Lieutenant and call in sick, drop off the rental, pick up my 2020 Nissan, get 1/4 mile down the road and BAM, the car is not working. I get the car back to the dealer and they tell me they will have to keep the car. I call USAA and they tell me they can not help, refuses to get me a rental and tells me the auto claim is closed! HELLO my car is still in the shop, it is not drivable and USAA tells me that I am out of luck! The dealer also says to me that it’s not their responsibility to get me a rental car! So now I am at home, no car, uniform, duty belt, vest and boots next to my front door, no way to get to work and have to either call an Uber or see if another fellow law enforcement employee can give me a ride to work! USAA has let me down!
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4 years ago, A Highly Satisfied Member
USAA - The Best Insurance Company You Can Find!
I have been a USAA member for 60+ years and have experienced over the life of my membership that you can’t beat USAA for service and dependability. You might find a slightly lower homeowner insurance rate, for example, but I assure you that in the long run, USAA will provide a better product and a higher quality of service for your money. Several homeowners in my neighborhood recently suffered severe hail damage to their roofs, gutters, and downspouts (many homes had the roof rated as a total loss). One neighbor was told by his insurance company that they would not cover the hail damage to his downspouts because they were still capable of removing water in spite large dents. The fact that the appearance of his home was diminished made no difference to his company. USAA covered my loss completely! That is just one small example that established in my mind that USAA is there to serve its members while some other companies try to find a way to avoid paying a claim. The USAA Subscriber Savings Account is another way USAA serves its members by reducing the cost of insurance. I believe you will not find a better company than USAA to meet your insurance needs.
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3 years ago, hathvrks
Changes for the worse.
I’ve been a USAA customer for over 10 years now and up until this last couple of years it’s been a good experience. But now, for some reason, things have changed and not for the better. First off, we had to order new checks. And for some reason when we got them my wife’s name was changed to her name before we were married. Her previous name was never linked to USAA so how they got that mixed up is anyone’s guess. So after over an hour on the phone with multiple people we got that fixed. Or so we thought. We got the checks with the correct names on them but all other correspondence still shows her previous name. So, after over an hour on the phone again, we got it changed. But now she’s not on our savings account. So once again another phone call at over an hour again and multiple people talked to they changed the account. All we need to do is sign the signature card that they would send us in the mail and email. And guess what, no email and no snail mail. So I guess when I have the time to sit on the phone for over an hour I will call them again. USAA used to be a great company to do business with. They took pride in taking care of their customers. Now it seems like they couldn’t care less about the people who trust them with their money. I guess I will be looking for a new bank in the near future. Sad. Just plain sad.
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2 years ago, rajsky187
USAA is very bad !!!
First off, I have been USAA for 15 years. They have changed a lot over that time. I used to Brag about how great they are. Not any more!!! My debit card has been declined 5 times in the last 4 months ( twice in one day) because they say it’s fraud protection. The problem is it’s just normal everyday use, not crazy purchases. I have to spend 20 minutes on hold to get it reactivated. Even more importantly, I can’t use my money when I really need to. I used to be able to call and speak with someone in a reasonable amount of time, not anymore!!! I have not navigate an automated system for 10 minutes, then I finally get a real person who every time puts me back on hold for another 10 minutes or longer. In my opinion, USAA has gotten too big. They have traded true customer support for more cost effective automated systems, lower paid people that don’t know what they’re doing. I will be switching to a local credit Union today. I suggest you do the same! In closing, they aren’t for vets and active duty personnel anymore. They are exactly the same as any other giant bank!!!! Sad
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2 years ago, lani's husband.
Why I’m a new member
I made the change because my former bank couldn’t complete with the almost limitless options USAA offers. The customer service exceeds my expectations every single time I’ve needed it. The customer service representative who helped sign me up and get my app started was so knowledgeable I didn’t have to ask a single question. Her name was Heidi and her confidence and professional attention was mixed with a friendliness that made the experience closer to a friend walking you though it. My wife has been a member for years, I stubbornly stuck with my old bank. But after a series of disasters including locking my account because of a clerical error during the lockdown, deposits into my parents account although they aren’t tied together in any way, my card was hacked, had to go the bank for resolution and they destroyed my card promised a new one by weeks end… it took five weeks and the final straw, the app locked me out of my card because of an incorrect password. Yup, all done with them now. I honestly couldn’t be happier I switched. And just so it’s in writing… My wife was right.
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6 months ago, Beggarscoin
Request to update contact info broke the app
I would have simply submitted feedback if there was a tool with which to do so. Unfortunately there isn’t one provided. I am a longtime USAA member and happy with the services provided. The app had been fine as well until this week. When I opened the app it took me to an in-app screen labeled “Detour” asking me to confirm my contact info. It shows briefly shows a screen with a “confirm” button for a fraction of a second and then the screen goes blank. You cannot click confirm in that moment. You cannot progress. Re-launching the app gives an error after that point until you wait awhile and the your back to the original issue. When in noticed this I went to the App Store and saw there was an update. I updated the app and re-launched it afterward. The problem persisted despite being up to date. I had to log on to the website via my safari browser and confirm my contact info there and go through the extra security steps I have set up when not using the app before being able to use the app again. This was troubling as I’d needed to transfer funds for an emergency medical situation two days ago and could not forcing me to use a different form of payment from another financial institution.
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4 years ago, Colt1550
I have been with USAA for some, well, let’s just say it is more than 40 But not 50!!!! Throughout, I have found that in hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or even day to day grocery store or mall trips, no matter the personal or public tragedy, USAA has ALWAYS been there with a shoulder to lean or cry on and have through their sensitivity supported all of its members in a calming, caring and comforting way. When you have to call with a problem, they stand up and are counted and go the extra yards to help its members get up and back on their feet and back to as normal and fast and efficiently as possible. I have not enough praise and kudos for them. I salute them and thank them from the bottom my heart and hope to pass the word that companies, made up of people like you and me, can continually excel in their endeavors on all levels. It is so refreshing and gives me hope for our stress filled fast paced life that we are struggling through. Thank you to each employee from the very top to the bottom of the entire and complete organizational chart and ALL of the personnel therein. Keep up the great job!!!!!
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4 years ago, A.Blanco
Credit Card Customer Service
I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer care service, provided for regarding my USAA credit card. On Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, between the hours of 11:40pm and 12:00am Feb 2, 2020, I notified customer service department of my USAA credit card to inform them, I will using my credit card in NJ, throughout the night and to allow the transactions and not block the card, assuming that it wasn’t used by the authorized user. The customer representative acknowledged my instructions. Later, that night, I received numerous notifications to verify said transactions. I acknowledged and consented. However, my card was declined and blocked. I made numerous calls to USAA to unblock the card or determine the nature of the decline but I still have not been connected with a representative!!!!! I called THREE times. Each attempted, I was put on hold and notified, my wait time was not expected to longer than 5 minutes. That attempted, I was on hold for 25 minutes!!! The second attempted, was to be expected 10 minutes and it was another 20 minutes. I am calling, again. The expected wait time was to be 10 minutes and I am STILL WAITING!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!!!!
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4 years ago, Strzebala
Great until you have a claim.
I’ve used USAA for years without incident, loved their payment options and service and only had one problem in that time with them not pulling money for an auto loan out of my account on time. Now I wouldn’t even give USAA one star if I didn’t have to! A couple months ago one of my vehicles had the park brake fail and it rolled down my driveway and into a tree. USAA pretty much wrote that vehicle off as a total loss without even seeing any pictures first! The body shop here in the small town I live in said it would be $6,000 to fix, yet USAA ended up totaling it out and paying out $17,800 instead. Ever since that claim their service has been total GARBAGE! I’m continually locked out of using their app to make payments, I’m given a 2 hour runaround when I call being transferred from one person to the next, and they still have yet to contact me or drop coverage on a vehicle I told them to remove the policy from. I’m done giving USAA my money, the way I view them now is like that one friend who is great until you have an actual problem, then they turn against you. I do not recommend USAA to ANYONE!
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3 years ago, most greatful
Best Bank and Banking App Ever
I have been with USAA for at least 10 years now. Best thing I ever did was sign up with USAA. They have helped me through bank insurance disasters with my home and autos and bank fraud, not to mention having the best banking app ever. I can easily handle all my bill payments with ease, set up reminders or pay automatically and without worry. I can see and understand all my insurance documents with a click and add, delete or store my vehicles. When my son was overseas and someone got into his account leaving his wife upset they stepped up and helped figure it all out. When my mom needed a loan they were there with no problem. My sis home and autos were totaled due to golf ball sized hail they were there. When my house was hit by major storm they were there. Car financing they were there. Best bank for customer service ever and no nickel and dime charges like other banks. Thank you USAA I have helped both of my children, my daughter in law, my mother, my ex-in-laws and some of their relatives that had former military experience all switch over to USAA.
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1 year ago, pClark16
App went from 5 Stars to 0 Stars
I’ve been a USAA member for over 10 years using their online banking and mobile app and I recommend it to everyone with the simplicity and ease of use especially with the app. However a new app was recently rolled out ( May 2022 ) that is complete garbage. I have no idea what kind of feedback USAA got from their “users” as they say, but they clearly were listening to the wrong people with designing the updated/new app. The app should be concise, easy to use, simplistic and accessible. Yet with the updated version that just rolled out I would say it’s now 1 out of 10 in all those categories. The reason I am a member is because of the ease of use with banking with USAA they have now complicated my used which now makes me think I need to find another bank. The app is so non-user-friendly it is easier for me to log into Safari and login with two verification processes to get back to the classic view to do my online/mobile banking. USAA updated their app thinking they had a problem with it and they just threw away a bunch of money at something that didn’t need to be fixed. I used to recommend USAA to people all the time now I wouldn’t even recommend it to anybody with such a poor user interface with their mobile app. Zero out of Ten in My Book.
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4 years ago, Richard Anthony Ross
Lousy interface with trying to talk to a human
I logged on yesterday to transfer some money and that was accomplished. However I couldn’t log off. So my account appears to be open. I am in a loop where I push to log off and it ask for my pin. I enter it and am taken back to the accounts page and try to log off and it asks for my pin and it takes me back to the same page. I called today and got the computer interface, since she wouldn’t initially give me to a representative, she put me on hold saying wait time was 9 minutes. I waited longer and then the phone was disconnected. I called back and tried to get a rep after arguing with the computer interface. Finally I got a person and the lady said I was using the quick logon. I told her I wanted to log off not logon. She said she would disable the shortcut and I then should be able to log off. I tried it and it didn’t work because it brought me back to the same loop. I then called back in to the two numbers I have for USAA, and the same computer interface said no one was available and then I called back, the computer interface said the last time I called you were closed and now you are open. Then I was told no one was available and I would have to call back when they are open. I have and would have expected more of USAA. Please have someone solve my problem. The options on directing my call and others who may have the same problem, should expanded to include talking to a human. You have my number.
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11 months ago, Love the paper
Back to the drawing board
Not sure where they get their User Experience (USE) architects from but they need to reevaluate their relationship. What used to take 2 steps now takes 4. USE should simplify the app, not make it difficult. Previously I would select the check then select what it was for. 2 simple steps. Now I have to select the check, select it a second time, click on categories and the select the category. 4 steps. Oh, and all my previous categorizations are gone. In the case of charity, they have combined it with gifts and donations, removing the charity category all together. Previously I was able to see my cleared transactions and scheduled transactions by selecting the account. Now scheduled transactions are hidden and you must select the category if you want to see scheduled transactions, more added steps. After looking all over the my documents links is now found under explore USSA at the bottom of the menu. To their credit you no longer have to click 8 items to get to an actual document. It only took a decade but the finally fixed that pain point. Please go back to you old format for cataloging transactions and viewing scheduled transactions. Stop change for change sake.
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6 years ago, Timbofosho
I love USAA
With that said, I’ll also declare that I’ve had several banking services providers over the years and none come CLOSE to USAA in any conceivable way. They are ALWAYS at the forefront of technology-even while others are just figuring out how to make “online banking work”, USAA has long ago integrated facial recognition, digital deposit, and more. This review reflects ONLY on how the iPhone app and the Apple Watch app interact (or rather, refuse to work together!) with each other. When I got the watch, no USAA info would pull up on the watch. After speaking with tech support, I was able to uninstall and reinstall the app and then get my accounts to pull up on the watch. However, one day later, I’m trying to log into my phone app and it has me recertifying Touch ID and accepting the legal jargon. Once that logs in, I go to the watch app and it’s back to how it was-the logo comes up and the circle spins around saying “loading accounts”, but nothing happens. I did some Google research and found others asking about the same problem through the USAA forums. Something about the Touch ID and login on the iPhone prevents the Apple Watch from displaying account data...can we get a technical expert to look into this please?
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7 months ago, Zilla52
App used to work, but recent updates made it worse and broke key functionality
The USAA app used to work fine, then they decided to re-engineer it for whatever reason and basic functionality is now broken on the iPad. You can’t open the account settings panel, it just immediately closes on its own with no user input. They replaced the ability to search transactions with a transactions filter, but instead of the search/filter function being available right at the top of an account transaction list, you have to scroll to the bottom, select “view all transactions” then select the magnifying glass in the top right corner (not the one at the bottom of the screen that searches other stuff—really poor UI design), and then tap the unlabeled icon to the left of the search bar. But it doesn’t work on iPad because the on screen keyboard won’t pop up due to a bug. There are probably other bugs related to insurance and other functions in the app, but I haven’t noticed them yet. There’s no apparent way to report bugs from within the app, so I’m leaving this review. These basic functions have been broken for months.
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10 months ago, nicknameshouldbe
Auto Insurance
I have been a member for over 20 years. I really never made much attention to my bills to much, I just always paid them, never really put to much thought on why my bill may be that price. Then one day talking to a friend and they say they only pay a fraction of what I pay for car insurance. I was shocked, I started digging. In my mind, there was no reason why I was paying close to $200 a month for one car full coverage, when my blue book value was only $4000. I was like no, it can’t be age, being 40, male, no tickets, no accident reports. I was like I can almost purchase another version of my car with what I pay in annual insurance, and I have done this for years. Why have I done this. I called and asked, “ why my rates were so outrageously high,” the representative couldn’t even give me a legitimate reason, they just said they have no idea. I even told them I could buy another car just like mine with what I pay annually, they still could come up with a reason. They automatically referred me to just change rates, from full coverage to liability. I was like ok, I haven’t had any weeks, I have a clean record. I changed it. About 15 days later I hit a deer, I called, they said no, I am no covered. I was so mad. So no, I would not recommend USAA to anyone.
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10 months ago, nick hurd
Insurance cancelled
I was in and out on TDY’s for the better part of the last 4 months, my wife was out visiting family in Texas and Oklahoma since I was going to be away a lot. I had automatic payments set up, one payment apparently declined(no reason I can imagine) and payments weren’t made for 2 months, I never received an email, nor a text, but last night was in a car accident, and received a ticket from the police officer for not having current insurance, so I was obviously pretty confused. Called them this morning and they told me since the insurance cancelled on November 11th due to lack of payments, and today is November 28th, there is nothing they can do since 10 days is the limit. I was not home to check the mail, neither was my wife, and I did not receive a single email, phone call, or text at any point throughout the last 2 months with missed payments. I was under the assumption I had automatic payments set up so haven’t been checking the bank account like I guess I should have. So now I may be on the hook for someone running a stop sign doing 45 miles an hour into the side of my wife’s minivan, because USAA is apparently not very helpful and just tells me there is nothing that can be done “since they have record of emails and texts being sent”
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5 months ago, DasBoot4884
All about numbers, not members.
I’ve been using USAAs insurance and banking services since 2003. Within the last 5 years this company has turned to garbage. Customer service is terrible and everything is automated making it impossible to get anything resolved. I came home from work and parked my company car in my apartment complex parking lot. As I’m walking to my building I watch another resident back his truck into my personal car I have insured with USAA. He parks and I approach him about hitting my bumper and taking a large chip out of the paint. He gives me his insurance information and he is also insured by USAA. He goes inside and I file the claim online (again, everything is automated now). It takes weeks to hear anything back and I have to keep calling. Finally they tell me to get an estimate to have it repaired and the estimate is only $138. Several more weeks of me trying to contact them and then I get a phone call saying they will not reimburse the claim. Stating the driver that hit my cars says he didn’t do it. Also, say they sent someone to measure the cars (without me knowing) and said the damage didn’t match. After being insured with them for 17 years they called me a liar and told me to kick rocks over $138. Horrible company that has outgrown their capabilities.
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1 year ago, stefanie 'gaslight' miladinova
They bypassed hazing, str8 to water boarding & tar feathered
My complaint is against how they treated me and my rental claims all three of them denied. They sent out an investigator right off the bat not an appraiser, and you know what mentality the investigator has “everyone is a criminal I must find whatever I can to find a reason to deny claim or break this clients spirit so they screw up”. They outright lied about the laws about filing a claim and what evidence you need to provide. Most of my stuff were online purchases of which I saved all digital receipts and when turned in, which takes forever to upload due to the way the programs they use, and once turned in they said digital receipts didn’t count.. I was already dealing with some very serious problems that required a lot of time researching and filing so there treating me like a criminal over a loss that I spent a large part of my life to build, triggered symptoms of my ptsd. When I brought this up and how this has had serious almost fatal effect on my life, they showed no compassion or understanding of what ptsd is. That is disturbing coming from an insurance company that targets vets, enlisted, retired service members and there families.. ad it got worse… all the above is true, I would stand in front of any judge take a polygraph etc..
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11 months ago, Andrew579
Update spam
In their quest to make the app easier to use, USAA keeps adding more options and more white space that gets in the way of what I need to see while using the app. For example, on the checking account screen, instead of showing the transactions in my checking account, there are now two rows of buttons, some of which I have never once clicked on (why would you need a “debit card” button at the top of your screen?!). Then, there are several links some of which are redundant, like the account summary, and the actual transactions in the account are relegated to something like 25% of the screen. It’s a banking app, it’s really frustrating that they keep devoting less and less space to showing me the BANK ACCOUNT. UPDATE: I’ve removed additional stars from this app, because the more I use it the more annoying it is. USAA is also devoting a huge amount of space to trying to sell me more stuff, by running a lot of ads for their products on the app. It is incredibly annoying and the detracts from the usability significantly! I am so annoyed at companies like USAA that claim they’re making the app experience better, and it’s only getting worse and worse and worse!
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1 year ago, lwofwgod
Credit Card Unavailable
I love banking with USAA. It has always been fast, secure and easy all around. One issue for me at least: when trying to view credit card to see rates or when trying to apply for one, the error, "The request cannot be completed. This product is unavailable." Always comes up for me. It's been like this for years and it didn't bother me until recently once wanting to build credit became a priority for me. Not sure what's going on here. I spoke with many reps including tech support. I was told it should pop up for me as I am eligible for credit cards and I was told its a known issue and they've put in the work order to get it fixed for me. However, with me not getting any younger and now knowing how important credit is, I might have to go elsewhere to build credit unfortunately. I would have loved to build a more detailed track record with USAA via credit card, but as of late it seems the issue won't be fixed within years to come(for me at least). It's been about 3 weeks since I contacted representatives about my issue and was told it should be fixed within 72 hours.
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6 years ago, CalSnoHound
Wish I could go back in time..
I giving one star for all the good service the USAA app has given me over the years. USAA was an leader in digital banking with early Mobil deposit and good simple layout with lots of options. Sadly those days appear to be done. The late 2017 update was a massive step backwards, in features and stability. Multiple check deposit is gone, why? One used to be able to take several check pictures in a row, assign them to separate accounts and deposit at once, done. With that option removed putting in 5 checks can take over 20 min, endlessly cycling through the repetitive menus over and over again. The camera used to work well and now it's very jumpy and difficult to focus, and is auto photo taking gone too? Seems like I have to try to dance around with the moving blue box and then push the shutter my self at just the right second. This process used to be automated. I wish I could have to old version back, it was better all around. Maybe USAA hired an new developer? Maybe they had to build from the ground up to incorporate new security? Maybe they just lost their minds. But they certainly bungled this update. Many recent reviews all follow this tone more or less. Let's hope there are open ears and and changes in the works at USAA.
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11 months ago, camelotlab
Recent APP update
Overall I love the APP however, this latest update destroyed the checking portion. Now with “view Scheduled Transactions” they’ve changed the “add” to be a “reminder” that you have to go in and delete once the check, auto payment, etc. clears. This defeats the entire purpose as folks like me won’t use the feature as I don’t want to have to return to the APP constantly checking to see if something has cleared. The previous versions allowed you to enter (add) checks written, auto payments, etc. the APP would match these transactions when they processed through and if something didn’t match exactly you were able to match it manually. This is more like what you do in your check register and allows for a more accurate depiction of your checking account balance. My hope is that with the next update they revert back to this type of process method because this new checking account version is terrible. As for the rest of the changes I’ve no issues with them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THE CHECKING PORTION BACK!!!
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1 year ago, Sherwood Forrest
USAA Goes Downhill
USAA support has gone downhill, and their mobile app has gone downhill. Their support is inconsistent, there are people who don’t know the proper channels or how to route you in the best way and so you run into roadblocks. Your solutions are to call back again get someone else on the phone who knows better. Mobile app update as of spring 2022 is a complete mess on my Apple iPhone SE second generation. USAA puts out a email campaign with an image of the new app design and it looks nothing like that on my MobilePhone. It looks more like the CSS is broken and that the web development team did not give proper attention to this viewport size, and who knows what other phones they didn’t give attention to for the app to look correctly. We’re talking amateurish web design with words breaking onto another line am just basically looking like a novice or beginner did it because the cascading style sheets are broken, at least that’s my best guess as to why it looks like it’s broken. It functions, but it’s visually unappealing. I want to go to alert them it’s like having a Mc through mud you can’t get the proper channel to give the proper feedback and nobody follows up and nobody gets back to you it’s just absolutely horrible support.
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3 years ago, Froogalmom
Hate the new version. Useless and NOT customer friendly
I agree with the previous reviewer who said the app is designed to look “pretty” but is not aimed to help customers. Same goes with the redesign of the website. I need to see my transactions for specific periods, in the order in which they were deducted, with a corresponding remaining balance. Neither the new app design nor the website redesign allow us to do this. We are stuck having to view the transactions with the newest coming first. The website itself allows you to upload “older transactions” but then you have to wait until a few upload and then hit “upload others” a few more time to get the whole picture. What a waste of MY precious time to accomplish something that I could accomplish in a flash with the previous iteration. There was NOTHING wrong with giving us access to more data and letting us sort it the way WE wanted. Now we have access to LESS data (no longer can view the balance associated with EACH transaction, can only see a few transactions in the order that USAA wants us to see it). WHY?! And good thing that I’m not a first adopter and haven’t updated my iOS to iOS 14 since it seems your app isn’t even compatible with it from all the other reviews.
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12 months ago, tunepong
Usability issues and bugs
Zelle bugs. Only allows add or remove recipient, not edit. Add recipient finds the person by phone, but will not form-fill even though it shows the first name. The name is case sensitive - if the person used uppercase and you save it as title case every time you send prompts “Are you sure?” If that recipient is already in the list the app gives an error and locks up. Searching in this app is a mess. Simple search only searches the description field. Advanced search keeps asking for more input as you enter each field until it’s just right and runs the search, then if you need to adjust the criteria you have to start entering fields all over again because it does not retain your entries. Do that a few times and the app crashes. At this point I gave up and used Safari to search on the website, hit Checking, and the page looks like a child did it in a couple hours - a list dump of transactions, and guess what, no search! Do these guys know about responsive web design? No. Usability? No. Please start by getting rip of the product owner that approved this mess.
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5 years ago, Victoryordefeat
Investments/brokerage terrible
Update: Redesigned brokerage and accounts. This has been the final nail in the coffin as the new one is worse than the old. Not user friendly, extremly slow (not data's fault) loading, crashes, doesn't load at times, extra steps to get to the same place as before, and more. I have a few brokerage accounts and this one; after the update, will be closed. Application crashes often when trying to sell. Most times I have to buy or sell from laptop because the app crashes every time I try to make a sale above 100,000 shares. Limitations on what companies you can buy also makes both USAA and its app more of a novice investment tool as trying to actually buy and sell on large income transactions is far too advance for USAA brokerage platform. Often times the stocks will hit your limit price but USAA will not sell or buy. They claim the price doesn't reach that level but according to the market and every other market tracking tool they are wrong. Bottom line, I am always on the go and the USAA brokerage section of the app is inferior and impractical for real traders. I find myself on the line with their brokers/technical support trying to get them to wave transaction fees due to USAA IT errors etc. than anything else.
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2 years ago, pdgacke
Review of ALL USAA services.
Convenient, courteous and customer oriented all top notch. One complaint about your current commercial where Rob Gronkowsi pretends to want a special insurance rate but is basically told he hasn’t served nor has anyone in his family served in the military so he isn’t special enough. I’ve been with the military all my life and have seen days we were hated and days we are honored. This commercial appears to set us up as special and while I believe ALL who serve our country in this manner are special, it is condescending to flaunt that. I fear that backlash will promote a negative feeling toward the military as a bunch of elitists. This is an off putting message. I understand this distinction is good for the USAA membership but promote the bank, describe who it is applicable to (all military past and present or members of a military family) join and just leave it at that. USAA is a great place to bank. You already excel far above local banks. Stay on that topic.
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4 years ago, arodj123NoHelp
Credit card Fraud Process
Filed a disclaimer regarding some credit card transaction that happened while my credit card was away from my possession. Was reached by the fraud investigator to speak about the situation. After I explained the entire situation once again (which I had previously wrote as part of the disclaimer process) I was declined due to the card not being used to the max. Because of my situation, I completely disagree with the process. Now I have to pay for an individuals who decided to use my card for there own personal enjoyment. Also if the decision to decline the claim has already been made, I don’t see the point of making the account holder go through the entire process of re-explaining the situation when the investigator should already have all paperwork from the filed disclaimer. The claim process was initiated early January and the decision is finally made two month later. The process is redundant and a waist of my valuable time. No help what’s so ever.
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4 years ago, DAC zero
Simple, Efficient, and User Friendly
I have found this app to be very simple and easy to use. Although they have had issues in the past they have been very good at fixing said issues in an expedient manner. Perhaps what I like most about the app is my ability to control my accounts no matter where I am in the world. The travel alerts were particularly helpful in two events where my card number was compromised. My account was monitored for suspicious spending activity and within minutes of a compromise the card was shut down and I was notified. The professionals at USAA asked me about a charge in the states while I was working in Europe. Needlessly to say I was impressed because had I not turn in my travel advisory I would have never known my card number was compromised. I was able to get a new card within 10 days to my location. The USAA app allows me to take more control of my accounts. Thanks USAA for making it easier to monitor my accounts anywhere in the world.
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2 years ago, USNR-2 Vets
What has happened to USAA?
I am sorely disappointed in the poor service I have received from USAA. We submitted a claim that took nearly two weeks for the Adjuster to respond and he did so with excuses about days off and etc. I had to call and request change before I got that response, then I had a related estimate and experienced the same delay. Each time an on-call Adjuster handled my case. I even learned my first claim had been rejected and we were never notified. Then when I have contact, I have required things to do like provide add’l details or documents like pics and then silence. I even left a message with Mgr today and I hope to hear from her. We are in a hotel and have no idea when our repairs will be completed. USAA is not a low cost insurance. Other companies are now competitive. However once you a claim, you get stuck until they price you out or dump you. This is not the USAA I originally signed up with! They were top notch, friendly and ran a quality customer service that matches that jingle. To add insult to injury, I receive one to two advertisements from USAA every day soliciting ways I can spend more money or promoting a false narrative about how we, as customers are HAPPY!
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2 years ago, silentfreedom101st
First off, thank you, USAA for being there always, especially in times when we needed you most. To me, attitude is everything and you exemplify that every single day. You are truly the backbone of courtesy and professionalism. You are epic in helping others with their insurance claims, banking needs, etc. You are always ready to refer someone and you have excellent partners on car repairs. Although our expenses was below the deductible, referring us to a most reliable car repairer is simply great for us. You are dependable and reliable. You practice Golden Rule, and that’s what I like the best. You treat others just exactly how you want to be treated. Everybody tries to beat USAA but nobody can. I won’t be surprised if others transfer over to you for their banking, investment, insurance needs, etc. Way to go, USAA!! Keep up the great work and again, thank you for being there for me and my family, always. You are Awesome at what you do!! HOOAH! !!!
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10 months ago, Not a wannabe
Little to no international assistance
First: the new update is much more confusing to read than the previous version and makes transactions and payments blend in more than they used to. Not an ideal design. Additionally, making payments may have seemed simpler to the designer but I find it easier to go to my card to make payments, view and utilize my points balance etc. that feature was far more user friendly. I use my cards every day, I don’t need use my insurance every day.. We don’t need a blended payment area to cover all of them at once. Second: I have lived overseas the last few years and USAA’s service when abroad is total garbage. I cannot use my foreign cell phone number to receive notifications since there isn’t an option unless it’s a “home phone number” which I still won’t receive texts or notifications for despite it being the primary number. The support hours are shut down during the middle of the day/evening over here. Overall, little to no support which is surprising for a company whose main customers travel the world
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1 year ago, amandaivysmith
Worst with cards
Disabled vet here, USAA itself needs to adjust how quickly they send off a persons card replacements, ie. snail mail should NEVER be an option for cards. Says 7-10 business days, I’ve patiently waited for card and it’s past that and I call to make these adjustments before tomorrows auto payments come from my account and so I can eat (tried to cash advance or movement of my funds from card waiting on STILL to other usaa card) but I’m unable to do so because the card itself isn’t activated (clearly since it’s still working the snail mail line and when you call USAA cannot even confirm where the card is in movement). So now I wait even longer than your site claims, —my accounts will overdraft phone turned off AND I have no funds to SIMPLY EAT until this said card arrives. Thanks for disadvantaging a VET today and starving one for days to come. Also thanks to the representative earlier that literally hung up on me and when I called back after going through the menu, aggggain, the second rep confirmed I was hung up on so what happens to the one that hung up on me? This is just allowed in the company? Thanks USAA this disabled vet really appreciates the disadvantage you’ve bestowed on me.
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4 years ago, Nateusna
Disappointed after 12 yrs of membership
Lates call I had with USAA regarding my checkings account, I asked to speak with a manager to help with a fee and the manager disregarded it. After I told her I was going to transfer my banking elsewhere as a result, she never asked how can USAA help with my situation but instead mentioned that she can most definitely help me with that, instead of first trying to problem solve the issue with me. I found it careless and made me feel unimportant, and gave me another reason why I need to go elsewhere. On a separate note, USAA doesn’t care about its customers or to support the American veterans. Maybe years ago, but now they only focus on the numbers of customers they have (which are not accurate as they also count inactive accounts and people that are deceased). If they cared about the military and American people they would hire more from the US. in fact they fill many of their roles from overseas because it’s cheaper. Should tell you they now focus more on the bottom line then their Mission, which is the foundation of the organization.
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4 years ago, Kiogalia
Not impressed yet
When my husband created the account the representative he spoke with spelled my name wrong. It was ridiculous how difficult it was just to correct that. Of course I didn’t find out immediately. It was when I tried to login to the app about 10 minutes later. I could not set up my account until I called them. It took 45 minutes to fix my name and get the account set up to use. Then they mailed my debit card with the name spelled wrong. That took another 30 minutes to fix. The app is less than impressive and the new fingerprint login doesn’t work at all. I have signed the permission form to use it multiple times only to have it tell me it has been activated and then immediately take me to the screen that shows me it is not activated. You can’t use the slider bar to activate because it doesn’t remember that you have already signed permission to use it. It takes you back in to sign permission every time. And I tried to use the chat feature to ask about it which was a joke. The chat was a bot not an actual person and it told me it could not understand my question. So I gave up. Maybe one of the future updates will fix it. Maybe not. I just hope the bank is better than the app.
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2 years ago, abbycolbyy
What good is a banking app that can’t deposit checks?
The USAA app almost never allows me to deposit checks. I currently have a check I have been unsuccessfully trying to deposit for a week and a half. I have attempted to deposit it, easily dozens, if not hundreds of times by now. Every time I try, the app simply tells me to retake the photo of the back of the check. It does not matter how clear the image is, how well lit the room is, or whether the background is solid black. I get the same message every time. I called USAA about this a week and a half ago. After being put on hold multiple times and transferred between multiple departments, all I was told was “Sometimes iPhones can’t deposit checks.” The person on the phone didn’t do anything to offer to rectify the problem, they just gave me a ticket number and said they would call me back (they didn’t). I have not heard anything from USAA since. Not sure this financial institution realizes that if they want me to continue giving them my money, and spending my money using my USAA card, they have to actually let me deposit said money into my own account. From the bottom of my heart, USAA, thank you for nothing.
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7 months ago, Redcatlmf
Please give back the old account register
Update 3-5. I was trying to balance. Now there are no pending at all. Not from day before. But I added to the upcoming transactions. But nothing would balance. I couldn’t figure out until I noticed the starting balance used when you switched to the upcoming transactions did not match the actual balance in the account given on the cleared transaction page. No wonder it was off and it took me forever to figure this out. Total waste of time. I have always like this app but the new updates since the redo are horrible and break things. Would totally give -100 stars if possible. Update 2-22 There was an update 4 days ago and now every transaction since is showing pending. Even a deposited check that usually is instant is pending. Please fix. And when you view all transactions they are out of order or missing dates. It jumps from Jan 3 to Jan 12. There are days missing, they show up in the iPad app but not the phone app There are chunks that are duplicated. It went from Jan 13 to Jan 23. When it was suppose to be descending. It should have shown the 12 Completely useless for going back and reviewing transactions.
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3 years ago, ArmyMommax3
Changed Star Rating from a 5 to a 1
Since February 2020 , my USAA MOBILE APP won’t open up. It just brings up to the app and sticks! It won’t let me pop up the sign in. Sooo very frustrating! Especially when I have used this app on this IPhone forever! I am paying for it and it’s not working. Glitch error on USAA TECH SUPPORT ! I have uninstalled app.. reinstalled app and even rebooted my iPhone , which in turn took me hours to restore everything accordingly to how it was before and STILL THE APP DOES THE EXACT SAME THING AND FREEZES ON THE BLUE FACE AND WON’T OPEN UP TO THE SIGN IN LOG! GRRR!! App is compatible with my iPhone. I’ve done everything on my end, so I KNOW it’s an issue with the app/ USAA TECH SUPPORT. PLEASE.. PLEASE FIX IT! It’s the only way I do my banking is with this app! Plus it’s a secured way of me banking and doing business with USAA. If this doesn’t get fixed ASAP, after almost 15yrs of banking with them.. I will be forced to conduct my banking/loans/investments, etc to another bank that is local.
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2 years ago, Hey Folks,
I dont like the changes to the app. To recent months in a row the app caused errors that then caused my checking account to be overdrawn.!! In the first instance month before last the app said unable to process payments at this time come back later and enter your payment. I need to make my payment and so I used a different method and made my payment and did not return later to make a payment as the app suggested however the naughty app put through a payment anyway later onAnd that caused me to be overdrawn because two payments were taken out of my checking account then. In the second instance the next month I made a $507 payment out of a different checking account in a different state and guess what after I clicked that Bank not seeing on the page at all and no, no confirmation number USAA took my payment out of the first bank again and $507 may be overdrawn in that bank again your app has no right to put a payment through that they say they can’t and tells me to try again later, and no right to pay themselves out of a different checking account that I did not click. Big problems with your App!!
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1 year ago, abbyo_14
I’ve been a USAA customer for years, and I’m never the person to give a business a 1 star review, but I’m super disappointed with USAA. I deposited my paycheck via mobile deposit and everything seemed good. I use this account to pay for gas, rent, and other bills so after I deposited my check I paid those bills. I then check my account balance, and I find out that there is a 7 BUSINESS DAY hold on my paycheck, and my account is now in the negative because I’d been spending MY money. I called customer service to see what was going on and to explain that I will now have to pay late fees for my bills, as well as an overdraft fee because I didn’t realize that there’s a 7 DAY HOLD ON MY PAYCHECK. I asked, begged for them to take the hold off my account and they all said they couldn’t. I live paycheck to paycheck I can’t just not have any money for 7 business days, this is absolutely ridiculous, I’ve never heard of something like this happening. I’m extremely disappointed by the service I’ve received, and I want to warn everyone who deposits their paycheck make sure you don’t need your money for an entire week after!
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2 years ago, Mozenraft
Slow, unresponsive, always crashing, and generally awful to use app
USAA has one of the worst apps I’ve ever had the displeasure of being forced to use, because somehow their desktop site is even worse functionally. The app is so bad that it actually prompted me to rate it while using it, but when I selected 1 star and submitted my rating the app proceeded to freeze before it could send. Real slick move there, USAA. I would’ve thought the prices you gouge consumers on would’ve actually gone to paying for the development of a half decent app, but that’s too much to expect for an insurance company that scams veterans and their families. It also refuses to let me establish automatic payments, and glitches out when trying to add new payment methods. These problems had to be rectified by calling USAA numerous times, but it seems to really defeat the purpose of even having an app, doesn’t it? USAA, we pay too much money already to your company, the least you can do is get off your lazy butts and actually do something of value to your customers. Your ad budget certainly seems quite healthy these days. Use some of that cash instead.
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