USC Credit Union Mobile

4.9 (4.6K)
59.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
USC Credit Union
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for USC Credit Union Mobile

4.88 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
2 years ago, はらきん
Cannot live without this app!
This app has become so crucial for my daily life and everything can be done here without going to a branch. I am loving all the functions and it is really convenient. The interface change was kind of drastic, but once you are used to it, it feels even better. Great app!
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2 years ago, scboog
Staff Help
I was having problems logging into my account, and one of the staff was very patient and walked me thru all the steps to assign a new password and made sure I was getting the online access I wanted. Thank You!
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2 years ago, DCG555
Way better…
This is such a better app than what we used before. I like that it can display your account balance without logging in.
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1 year ago, Elral
Got better
It’s gotten a lot better than it was . The upgrade to the new system was bumpy and I almost gave up on USCCU but now everything works as it should
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2 years ago, Mr James Kelly Trojan 4 Life
When loading the App I had assistance from employees within the credit union I spoke to two young ladies very professional knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to and the app looks GREAT!!! Gary Perez You should very be proud of your staff!!!
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2 years ago, GG19792015
Slow app
App is slow and they could use many improvements
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1 year ago, Joseph De Jesus
Great services and care
I am beyond grateful in God with your services and care that you give me. Thank you and God bless your families, all of our families, our great nation the United States of America, and our Earth🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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2 years ago, MyCarousel
A long wait for this app About time we got such a smooth clear clean app I’m so happy with the quick view of my money in my checking account. Go Trojan!!
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8 months ago, JrTrojan
Branch Manger German Jeronimo Flower location is Amazing. His wisdom, guidance & expertise represent this fine institution well. Honored to be part of the USC community. The security guard welcomed us into the environment with loving kindness. The teller was thoughtful and compassionate. BEST TEAM! & The online app is Fantastic! ❤️💛
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6 months ago, USCKT
Easier to use than major banks
It’s honestly easier to use than most major banks apps. Fight on!
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2 years ago, Starragirl
Works well, but…
It would be great if notifications were pushed at the time of the transaction. I don’t get the notifications unless I’m opening the app, which defeats the purpose of transaction notifications!
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9 months ago, -----Anthony
Ease of use is amazing. Navigating the different accounts is a process that is clear to the point and informative. Great app build
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5 months ago, Jeffrey Dahmer is Daddy
App issue.
I usually never have an issue with the app but they need to update it. App is saying my account is restricted - when I called support they said my account is open and fine and they’re not sure why it’s saying that. So we’re assuming it needs an update.
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1 year ago, Alejandro nazarrett
No login
This app does not work. I’ve never been able to login
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1 month ago, Ann.E.X
I really like the updated features
Its design and usability is waayyyy over other banks!
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2 weeks ago, QueenNese'
On point!
My balance’s are on point all the time thanks!
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2 years ago, inconel
Life line
This is a lifeline they always have the right tools for my financial needs
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1 year ago, chit chi
Love my USC
The staff are always nice no matter if I visit on-site or call in to speak to someone. It’s a pleasure to deal with USC Credit Union.
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2 years ago, the poor chemist
Is amazing now
The update made in 2021 is AMAZING!!! 1000x better than other big bank app interfaces
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2 years ago, Prof. Cash
Best Banking App Ever
The UI is so good and I’m able to manage all of my money easily! Credit Union’s rock!!
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2 years ago, rickbev
USC Credit Union
The USC Credit Union is a great credit union. Wonderful staff and customer service.
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2 years ago, JoE_Ho3
Grateful for accessibility
However the app is no longer submitting transfers between my personal accounts Thank you
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2 years ago, Lesadri✨
Awful update.
The new version of this app is awful. It takes 5 minutes to load and then glitches itself out over and over. I can’t even log in.
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2 weeks ago, LizzieJr.
We love our USC credit union!
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9 months ago, Al Jolson's Boogie Monsta
Criminal Organization
Do not supply them with any information. There is a criminal investigation at the moment, I recommend people look into before giving information to this credit union.
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2 years ago, ImAtCSULA
Does the job
Not perfect but good enough. Can be buggy at times.
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3 weeks ago, llmine
Very helpful staff that cares. So happy to be a member.
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7 months ago, sandanbre
Love credit union
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2 years ago, 42leesahg
The wonderful banks of all
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3 weeks ago, Alicen 30
Great Bank
Great banking institution .
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12 years ago, LITAPITA1
Finally actual mobile access. I usually access the site from my IPHONE, but this is a little but quicker. The only complaint that I have is that it's quite annoying when I'm viewing say transactions and I receive a text message and I dismiss the message without opening, when dismissing the text, I'm asked for my password again. Also, for the transaction history in share history, I would like to see what the balances are/were per transaction as when I'm viewing on the full website. Hope the mobile check deposit function will follow soon.
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2 years ago, smilefox1
Needs work
Very buggie and/or confusing.
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2 years ago, do not hame a nickname
Terrible app
Now “login disabled”???!!! What happened?
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2 years ago, emslybekbek
its alright
miss when u could blocl cards on the aite
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7 years ago, AJ 2573
BillPay doesn't work and customer suppost is worse!
I've tried to use BillPay on both the iPhone & iPad and its doesn't work. When you select BillPay and then Payees it says you haven't added any yet. Use and normal web browser on a computer and the payees do show up under BillPay. Where is the QA testing before pushing out apps? Called customer support and they say if BillPay doesn't work you have to call BillPay customer service. Seems odd BillPay would be responsible for the credit unions app feature. Called BillPay and they say it's an issue with the app and this is the credit unions responsibilty. You shouldn't have to run around in circles here for a solution. This is a below average mobile banking solution if you need to check balances or deposit a check. If you need anything more than that from an App use a tradtional bank that has a more robust App and better customer support if you run into issues. The only reason it even gets one star is because you can use touch-id to login.
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5 years ago, Nowordscanexplainhowhappyiam
Mobile deposit and purchases
I really love USC credit union for not having extra fees on everything than the big bank does however It’s 2018 I wonder why this app is so horrible. The mobile deposit has been down for almost over a week. I just hope it gets fix soon. Another issue is when you make purchase using your debit, the item does not show on your account the same day. Hope this gets fix asap because I know that this app has potential to do more. Good thing I did not close my account at the big bank.
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11 years ago, Last minute man
Very functional!
Allows for mobile check deposit, bill pay, transfer between personal accounts, and trending of income and expenses by month (in graphical form too). What more could you need from a bank app?! Really great job on this one... But then again what would you expect from the Trojan family!
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3 years ago, theSuperAsian
Disappointed, especially as a student
Decided to open an account with USCCU since I will be a student there in the fall. Was hoping that it would replace my current Schools First CU account, but boy was I wrong. Sure, the rates and fees may be good, but the honestly terrible app makes it not even worth it. It is slow, hard to use, and most of the time doesn’t even work. It’s missing a lot of key features and information that big banks and other credit unions have, which make it very difficult to want to use/enjoy online/mobile banking with USCCU. As a USC student, I expected more. Please invest in a redesigned and actually functional app! Lord knows there’s enough talent at USC to do it!!!
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5 years ago, Halfape
What happened??
Up till about two weeks ago this app worked wonderfully for doing deposits, checking transactions, etc. Now, the logins are sketchy, maybe it’s an issue with credentials being saved or transferred, or something else but it has you login several times, give you the same windows for passcodes over and over, require you to log back in at random intervals, without any exclamation. Until this issue is fixed with the login credentials not requiring multiple logins per session, they get 2 stars.
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5 years ago, ruhresvbj
Crashing App
I used to like this app When it worked properly. However in the last week I have not been able to sign in, make transactions, view transactions, or do anything without the app crashing. I would appreciate it if USC fanfic the app or bug causing the crashes.
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5 years ago, ST3ALTH323
Great bank. Okay app
I have no problems with this bank whatsoever but the app needs some work. It was working well but for some reason it keeps restarting itself on some features so I have to continue to constantly log in. It’s a little frustrating.
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4 years ago, The Sports Guy 1
Great Credit Union but...
The app and even the online webpage need a major overhaul. It has the most basic functions and nothing else. Wish they can update it to a more modern look. Please, let’s make it happen!!
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8 years ago, USCgirl.Meg
Please fix.
I don't understand the reasoning behind not being able to see your credit card purchases. Its frustrating not being able to even pay for the credit card on the app, but not even being able to see recent purchases? It's inconvenient to have to go on a PC to check the credit card info.
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11 years ago, Rachael4444
USC Business Student
Great app. It takes my current location and tells me where the nearest ATM and branch is wherever I am in the country, which is awesome! Love the spending pattern feature, I go on there and look at how much I've been spending over the past months.
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3 years ago, stackladder
Extremely slow
This app used to work well. But gradually it has become almost unusable. The app has gone to become sluggish everytime I try any transactions. You click on any button and the wheel keeps spinning for a long time. When trying transfer, the Next button simply doesn’t let me proceed. It makes you guess if it is processing or just waiting idle. Hope this get fixed.
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8 years ago, Genuineguy
Please fix mobile deposit
Mobile deposit does not work - the app keeps rejecting all the images even when the images are taken as pet specifications. Also every time it rejects the deposit the app loses all the entered data such as amount and account selected so you have to enter it again - why such a terrible user interface? Has the app been tested by anyone before publishing?
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2 years ago, mxtt2104
This app crashes soooooo muchhhh it’s so frustrating like I’m trying to transfer and the stupid app doesn’t even let me log in! Don’t use this app or have an account with them
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3 years ago, Magni Bronzebeard
PLEASE PLEASE LORD PLEASE update this apps interface! There is no reason for this app interface to still look like this...too much talent at USC for this apps interface to like this—you can make this into a student project—something! Don't get me started on y’all website 😒, I don’t like transferring money to my mom because of it. This apps interface should be comparable to Chase/Citi/BoA— heck, DWPs app...anything...
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5 years ago, That girl britt
The app keeps crashing especially when trying to confirm the amount in my account or to verify if a transaction went through
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5 years ago, negritachulita562
Needs an update!
This app ALWAYS crashes, its ridiculous. You gotta sign it atleast 5 times. When you are signed it, boom it kicks you off. I have reinstalled it 3 times, same crap. I’m at the point, where I’m willing to just walk away from this bank. If I can’t check my funds when I’m on the go, then what’s the point ?
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