USF FCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (4.4K)
108.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
USF Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for USF FCU Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
6 years ago, aberschnoodle
Not ready for distribution
USF should consider reverting to the old app until the new one is tested. Problems include. 1 mobile deposit account options include accounts not supported by the app. Eg. only deposits to ck acts are permitted but savings and MM acts are included as deposit options. 2. There is no mention of a $5000 deposit limit even though there is a note that daily maximum deposits cannot exceed $100,000. 3. The error messages are useless stating only that the deposit was not successful. There really should be more specific error messages. Instead of time savings, I spent over an hour talking to associates, the concierge, an finally a VP who was able to convince the erstwhile IT department that my plight was indeed worth considering. It was only because of his executive intervention that the rouge IT department allowed my mobile deposit. Many thanks to a caring VP for his help in using the USF mobile app.
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4 years ago, tcharstar
Current Outage
8/3/20 USF FCU’s online banking system is currently having an outage. There should be a notification that says this somewhere, but the only error that pops up is one that states that my account is “restricted”. In order to learn about the outage, I had to call a customer service representative to learn that an outage was taking place and there was nothing wrong with my account. In the past two months I’ve had a lot of issues with this bank. I know that the pandemic does not make anything easier, but in times of crisis, people need to have access to their account. Due to this issue and others, I will closing my account and moving to another bank.
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6 years ago, vijay4
Good App With Rough Edges
I’m a long-time account holder and app user. I liked the older version and felt it did need a sleeker look. I like the newer version but it does have its issues. I’m whelmed but not overwhelmed with the new design. Pros: - The UI is sleek and simple - The navigation is nice. I like being able to swipe between accounts - the option to Transfer, Mobile Deposit, or Pay Now under each account balance is nice to have and makes it quick and easy to pay the credit card or transfer money to my kids account Cons: - It’s slow, I mean what sever did you guys switch too? Good grief - I get an annoying notification that I was auto logged out EVEN when I swipe to close the app. What’s up with that? Is the app still running even after I swipe to close through the app switcher? - The TouchID login doesn’t always work. I’ve experienced times where it just hangs. - You have to log into the desktop version to add and make available someone you want to transfer money to. I use this the transfer function to send money to my kids account. In the older version I just needed their name and account. I see that USF FCU is trying to give its members similar tech features the big banks do and I’m happy for it. This app can be greater with some simple updates.
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6 years ago, Mattstate
Love the interface but some features missing
I actually liked the old app a little better than the new one now. I do like the way transactions are listed in the new one but for people that have loans the due date is no longer visible on the account. Even when inside the loan account the due date is not visible which is not reassuring for people who would like to keep up to date. Also changes to the account are shown way slower than other app!! Light years slower on this new one, too long of a wait.
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6 years ago, ElectricTeaKettle
Needs polishing
As it’s a new I hope they have some more updates as it loads a lot slower then the previous app. The mobile deposit feature with the auto snap is cool but I get an error message each time and since can’t deposit anything. The previous login feature where half of your saved login name is hidden isn’t on this one which I do hope they bring back. Additionally, there is no option to say a permanent or standing no for finger touch security so each time I open the app it asks me. Everything else is nice, and the additional things like budgeting and saving plans are cool, but I’d recommend having some tutorials on them unless they are on the website then there you go. Nevertheless, the mobile deposit and ridiculous load time between pages are issues which may be resolved in future patches.
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6 years ago, Jayy.Tee
Changed online banking for the worse
I have a credit card with them but use an external bank to pay it off. It used to be as simple as scheduling the payment and forgetting about it. Now I have to *transfer* the money from the external bank into the USF checking or savings (which takes 3 business days) and then transfer the money from the USF account into the credit card (which also doesn’t show up automatically). So instead of remaining as one step, now it’s two steps AND a longer wait period. Other banks and credit card companies keep it simple so I will be moving my bills to a different company now. The credit card payment system wasn’t broken so there was absolutely no need to “fix” it. 👎🏽 If I could give 0 stars, I would.
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1 year ago, Fm8708
Best FinTech Available
The USF FCU mobile banking app is the best financial technology app I have. I can open accounts, apply for loans, transfer money, send money to other financial institutions (with Zelle, too), setup recurring payments or transfers, search transactions, send and receive messages, chat (during business hours), deposit checks … other financial apps require you to login to the full site or visit a branch to do most of that activity. The interface is fast, seamless and intuitive, 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Adp2xoxo
this is usually great and easy to use but...
I’ve been using this for about a year and a half now and it’s been great. But recently, I don’t know if I’m the only one but it has been taking FOREVER to open. *UPDATE* I realized that it wasn’t opening because I had an app shortcut. Once I went to the App Library and opened it up it was fine. great app!
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4 years ago, Shines1359
Excellent service!!!
I just opened an account recently and the bank tellers were extremely nice. I had trouble setting up the mobile app and I went to the bank and they helped me solve the problem. Great service!!
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5 years ago, JoleneMarieAm
Can’t sign in
I’ve had this app for quite some time now. There have been a couple bugs here and there but nothing I saw as a nuisance... until now. The update that occurred recently, I am not even able to log in to the app. I open the app type my credentials in and press login and nothing happens. No it’s not my signal or connection as I am always connected to WiFi while trying to access the app. No it’s not that I’m not using the proper credentials because when I access the mobile site I have zero issues... it’s only the app that is causing problems.
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6 years ago, massillontig27
I never write reviews
But I had to with this app. The older version was so much better just needed an update on how it looks. It doesn’t give an accurate look at what’s in my bank account. I’ll have charges appear 5 days after but won’t come out of my account till 7. I’m having to balance my account on my own when the prior app showed me the available balance immediately. Please fix this because I love the bank but this app is a poor way for me to track my charges.
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2 years ago, Plumgirly
They’ve been talking about zelle coming to the app for over a month. Now that we physically cannot use zelle anymore because zelle assumes our bank offers us the function, they’re completely quiet. No zelle feature and you can’t get on the app either because of them. People’s lives depend on being able to send money and now we can’t because they didn’t plan their feature access accordingly. Thanks
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6 years ago, Pstolemy
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
I’ve tried with 2 different checks and no luck. For one, it tells me the amount is incorrect and won’t let me submit it. What am I supposed to do with the check? I can’t help the handwriting isn’t readable by the app. Let me force submit it or something. I’m otherwise happy with the app but since I live out of state now, without this feature, I have few options to deposit.
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4 years ago, 00cho
Finally better than the previous app.
Works better after initial problems with the new app. Notifications still do not provide full details, (IP address, browser name & version, operating system) which would allow users to more readily identify hacks. Login delay can be tediously long. Error messages could be more descriptive and helpful.
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6 years ago, Pablosaysyes
Great improvements. Easy to navigate, bill pay looks very sleek. Love the pay a person options and adding an external account to bring money into my USF account from other places I bank.
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2 years ago, Infamous_T
App can be frustrating
Constantly logs me off to enter credentials although I have Face ID set up. If you hit reset password, you should have option of entering social or member ID. Shouldn’t require both. Add security questions. It’s a pain when you have to contact member services to unlock the account because many people don’t memorize their member number.
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6 years ago, tayhan422
Please Fix
With the update, the "Available Balance" (the balance that actually matters) is in small font and the "Balance" (the one that doesn't include pending transactions) is in big font and prominently displayed. I can't stand this because I want to know how much I have available and I find this very misleading. In the old version, the Available Balance was the prominent number.
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4 years ago, Neek_9213
Great app no problems
I love the app but I love this credit union. I switched here from a big bank and everything’s going amazing. With they would get Zelle but other than that no complaints
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4 years ago, asanta10
USF app
Easy to transfer money and pay bills/mobile deposit. App is nice, wish the bank didn’t hold checks deposited for the amount more than $200, not sure if it’s just through the app or in person too.
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2 years ago, SyncDeezNuts
No Zelle
I should of kept them as just as savings account. Probably the worst bank ever. Had issues with them with an auto loan back in 2013 and here it is 2022 and my phone number is disabled from Zelle because they can’t keep there promise date of joining the Zelle app within there own bank app. Just Terrible!
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5 years ago, titlecade
Fairly good
Works with Face ID. I don’t have much trouble transferring money between accounts. The UI has improved a lot.
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2 years ago, JoshGarciaJJ
Trying to pay my bill by adding an external checking account. I input all my info and it constnty gives errors. I try to add an account via signing in and it still gives errors. Yes I know my account info, I’m pulling directly from my banking app (the app the actually works…). Pretty annoying.
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5 years ago, Sillys0ph
Glitchy-mobile deposit broken
It’s always been a bit glitchy but functional. Recently when you use mobile deposit on an iPhone it will log you out as soon as you take a picture of the front of the check. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, Jewel1023
Improvements needed
Since installing the latest upgrade, there is a significant lag time between logging in and being able to view my account information and often times, it just times out. Hoping this will be resolved. In the meantime, I am going back to using the desktop version.
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6 years ago, Jada Jo
User UNfriendly
This app change has made it so difficult to make a credit card payment from an external bank that I just transferred my balance to another card. Not worth getting late charges and late pay dings on my credit report because of all the hoops you have to go through due to this crummy app.
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3 years ago, rwmbjr
The app works great. This is very important to me because because theUSF FCU
To me because there are not many locations. 😅
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4 years ago, Nikki McLean
Love at First Swipe
I have enjoyed using the app and it is very reliable. Works anywhere I am in the planet as long as there’s internet.
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11 months ago, LaidBackQueen
Thank you
I want to say thank you for all your help
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4 years ago, Nelda25
Widget Doesn’t Work
The old design was better. The widget no longer works I liked being able to quickly see my available funds. Now you have to go in the app and hope that it’s working to get a snapshot.
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5 years ago, tjafa
I don’t live near one of these credit unions anymore which wasn’t a problem until this new app doesn’t let me mobile deposit checks anymore. I only kept this account for the convenience but now it’s just a hassle. Guess I better start looking for a new bank...
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6 years ago, SteelTalons211
Would have been a good update if...
The app hadn’t deleted my account info in the update, now I have to call the office when they open to retrieve my membership number since I haven’t to use it in so long and can’t access my account to look up the number in the first place!
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7 months ago, CanonBob
App is only as good as the company behind it
If you’re only doing minimal financial tasks then the app is fine. Unfortunately this financial institution lives in the stone ages and makes doing anything like paying loans off early impossible. Find something better.
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4 years ago, Paul from Clearwater
USF Credit Union App is AWESOME!!!
I find that USF credit union to beAwesome. It is very convenient and very user-friendly.
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6 years ago, Sierra Songz
This is one of the slowest apps i have literally takes forever and I hope your not online waiting on money to be transfer to you your going to be waiting 15 minutes to 20 minutes beyond ridiculous
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5 years ago, Kai18839372919428
Update broke everything
Put off updating for a long time, finally got around to it and can’t even login anymore. I see the login ‘button’ depress each click but nothing happens. Cool. Not like it’s an important app I need for everyday life.... oh... wait... yeah it is.
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5 years ago, Megbutle
I never had a problem with this version until recently. I log in and it tells me that I’ve been logged out for inactivity. Please fix this. I cannot even log on!!!
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6 years ago, MisterCeltic
Still awfully antiquated
Latest app update deletes login / history etc. still way behind in functionality. Bill pay is awful. Welcome to a 2010 app…
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5 years ago, DrPhosphite
Bug ridden and unusable
Every time I try to do a mobile deposit I get kicked out and can sign back in. Completely broken in the way it matters most for mobile/smartphone banking. Don’t bother until it’s fixed.
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4 years ago, Paulie10im
Super convenient
I really like the app
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2 months ago, Navarro1967
Love it
Love how easy it is to navigate
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5 years ago, 340387
Memo glitch is inconvenient for student orgs
Memo comments do not save, very important for student organization records and every inconvenient to not be able to do on mobile.
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6 years ago, Gorilla5624
Garbage App
Installed the app, opened it once and now all it does is crash. Every time I try to log on I get "something went wrong". How about bringing back the old app, at least it worked
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6 years ago, jenncat13
Changes are not good
Thought the previous version was much better
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4 years ago, borichic
Excelent service
The service I get is excellent
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6 years ago, lawdgawdd
Face ID
For whatever reason, the Face ID for X phones has been removed...
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4 years ago, King Brel
Never write reviews.
Great Credit Union. Honestly.
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6 years ago, USF Bobby
New app
This is great new app that is super easy to use.
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6 years ago, thattgyrl
Awful app
It’s ridiculous to even try to log on. I waste more time logging onto this app then booting up my computer. So many snags in this app, never again.
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5 years ago, Mansip0211
Not a great app at all
I use it because I have to but overall the app is extremely slow and not very user friendly.
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4 years ago, alyh46
amazing app
seriously the best banking apps o easy to make transfers and track your purchases
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