UVA Community CU Mobile App

4.5 (1.3K)
43.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Virginia Community Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UVA Community CU Mobile App

4.48 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Khahtt
Could use a little tweaking
Overall the app is pretty good. It would be nice if the helper minders actually turned off and stayed off when you clicked on the ‘x’, seeing the same suggestion every time you login gets rather annoying after a while. My biggest suggestion would be integrating the information on credit union issued credit cards a little bit better. It would be nice to actually be able to see when your next payment date is, and when your last payment was made as opposed to the current blanks that you see. I understand not being able to display all of your past transactions, but at least the transactions to happen within your own app should be accessible
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2 years ago, anonymous patron/reviewer
Love this banking app
The UVACCU mobile app has been a great way for me to keep track of my financials on the go. Its super user friendly and has proven quite useful for depositing checks, paying credit card bills, transferring money (internally and externally which has been really handy for me) and I can do it all from my phone instead of having to sit down at my desk or go in person to the bank. Its shows all my accounts, cards, lines of credits and loans in a convenient, easily accessible manner to help me stay on top of things. Only minor complaint (if you could even call it that) is that the “details” on certain transaction titles (such as a grocery payment made on my card) are somewhat limited from the mobile app (though they might be the same as from a desktop). Its not a huge deal but once or twice I had a question about a payment and had to call the bank because I couldn't tell based on the details on the app- super minor thing though.
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3 years ago, angecjones
Fair technology
It’s very basic for the activities you need to make. Sometimes it forgets my Login ID, although I’ve set it up to remember it. To pay your credit card, you have to access another site, which is kind of annoying because it takes longer to process. Theres definitely a lot of opportunity for improvement to be more competitive with bigger banks user friendly technology.
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2 years ago, StrafeCoopLam
App is almost unusable
I have no issues with the bank itself. They’re very friendly and helpful abs I have never had any issues. However, the app logs itself out every time I attempt to use the mobile check deposit. Use to only do this once or twice then let me finish the deposit but now I’ve tried about ten times. And when it finally doesn’t log out, it says the check has already been submitted but nothing shows up in deposit history and it never shows up in my account. I have turned my phone off and on again, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and waited over 24 hours and still the same thing. I’ll just have to take my checks over in person but it would be nice to have the convenience of mobile deposit if it would actually work.
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3 years ago, DY Miller
Love my CU!!
UVA Community Credit Union is THE BEST bank ever! Easy to work with member services, loan officers, and representatives to service all your banking needs from personal loans, car loans, or mortgages, they can do it all and at great rates. With locations all over Charlottesville and surrounding areas, branches are available wherever you are, and mobile banking is just a touch away with your phone, computer or tablet - 24 hours a day. Have been banking with the CU for over 20 years and don’t plan on ever leaving! Not a member yet? You should be! Join the family and start enjoying the benefits!
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4 years ago, momtotravis
You all are the best
Love having the assist line available during the day. It is always helpful and the associates ready to help, no matter how involved your question may be. I always know I can count on you for whatever my need. Also, I would like to give a special acknowledgement to Ms Conway at your Pantops site for all of her guidance and support after my husband died last year. She helped me through a horrible mess involving Social Security and the Credit Union. God bless her!
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6 years ago, Jeulez
Not keeping up with technology
There are a lot of things that the Credit Union does well. This app is NOT one of them. The mobile deposit feature works infrequently. I often have to retake photos of a check several times before it gets accepted. Many times I find that the check gets rejected later and I have to contact support. The support person seldom offers a resolution and I end up going to a branch to resolve it. I noticed that the five star reviews are all from five or so years ago. The Credit Union must keep up with technology if it wants to continue to meet the needs of its customers. We need credit unions. We need local financial institutions. Please, don’t fail us.
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5 years ago, Mtncook
App has greatly improved.
One item needs some work. Not all of the weekend debits are deducted from the account balance, these carry over to the Monday balance and sometimes Tuesday am is still incorrect until after banking hours start. A quick glance can cause trouble if you don’t do the math and check that all is there. This puts your app way behind other institutions.
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3 years ago, Banjounchained
Worst finance app ever in history
It’s hard to even describe how bad the UI is for this app. You can’t make payments to your loan within the app. They send you to an outside site ONLY if you try to pay on the exact due date. The UI is clunky and hard to navigate. If you call them they have some of the rudest customer service I have ever experienced. This horrible institution has my auto loan I’m honestly thinking of refinancing to get away from this predatory institution who charges late fees when the payment is lte bc their horrible app and website doesn’t work. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY IF YOU USE ONLINE BANKING OF AMY TYPE!!!
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6 years ago, Mohawk (what do you mean it's taken?)
Functional but feels outdated
Feels outdated compared to other bank apps I use. Features go to external websites for bill pay and credit card. Would feel smoother if those felt like they were contained in the app. Not being able to track credit card purchases without having to go to a sub menu and then external would be nice. Bill pay within the app would be nice. Currently is a choice of 2 external bill pay options. Everything works but feels like it was made 20 years ago.
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5 years ago, xyzlifting
Needs improvements.
This app is fine to occasionally look at your account balances except for when they make you change your password every couple weeks to something you have never used before and you get locked out trying to figure out which password you made. And then it takes weeks to get back into the account and a lot of hassle. This bank app is unoptimized, slow, has few useful features, and has had multiple security threats recently. I wish this app was better because I need to access my money actively but cannot with the current problems.
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5 years ago, jgw5k
Has improved notably.
If I had reviewed this app a while ago it would have lost a couple stars, but the improvements to the look, feel, and accessibility of the app are much better and it seems to be overall more stable. Yeah, a bit of a review for just a banking app but it does help you feel more secure when the app appears to be done competently.
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3 years ago, Bentley$$$
Great site
Easy to navigate. Helpful. The only issue with UVA CU is that there is no after hours customer service which I have need twice in my 35 years as a customer. I am sure others have needed it at times as well. Otherwise great people, great financial institution. I will always remain loyal to banking there.
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3 years ago, str8_70s
Was good, got better!
I don’t use all the functions of any app, but this app does everything I need it to, quickly and smoothly. That’s better than I can say for Apple’s native apps, honestly. Also, the developers apparently do a decent job of addressing bugs, since the only issues I had noticed early on are no longer problems.
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3 years ago, FLFlamingo
Home Town Service
No matter where you live or travel, the Credit Union is always as helpful and friendly as if you are still in Charlottesville. It still takes me back when I call and get to speak to a warm, friendly and helpful associate!
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5 years ago, Gryffthhg
Ridiculously difficult to do a mobile deposit
The mobile deposit feature is extremely buggy. It usually takes me 5-6 tries, with “Unknown error”, “RDC unavailable”, random logging me out, and completely hanging up the app so I have to reset it to log back in. I complain about once a year and they keep saying it’s going to be fixed and it never is.
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5 years ago, Stacy CVille
I constantly have to “x” out of the reminders/notifications messages to see my screen. I’ve already addressed the issue or the reminder topic and I’d like to be able to hit “complete” and for it to not keep popping up every time I open my app/page/tab.
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3 years ago, teamsalva
Best bank app
It amazes me that my credit Union has the easiest app to navigate, search transactions, find spending trends, categorize spending, open sub-savings accounts, and more. It impresses me each time I use it. I’ve worked with National banks snd credit card apps that not nearly this good.
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3 years ago, Love UVA
I have had an account at UVA credit Union for approximately 30 years now. I have nothing but good things to say, we have always received excellent service and I would highly recommend them. I rarely fill out these reviews but I feel so strongly about this I felt like I needed to.
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6 years ago, Deeda0914
No longer scrolls
I am a long time credit union customer who has used this app for years. I’m not sure what is going on, but for some reason, the app no longer allows you to scroll down. I can’t see any farther down in my account then the screen when it opens, and the only way I can do a mobile transfer is to make sure to X out the message at the top so that the very top of the submit button will appear on the screen and then, if I angle it just right, I can hit submit. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Jacncville
Easy to use
I enjoy online banking because there’s options for bill paying and it’s so easy to check balances and transactions. Also enjoy the ability to categorize spending to monitor budget.
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3 years ago, nicknameishannah
Great app!
This app is very functional. Private enough I don’t have to worry about someone getting into my account and simple to understand. Highly recommend. It would, however, be better if there was a more distinct budgeting/financial planning section. That would be amazing.
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6 years ago, Frozen funds
Exceptional in products and services
I’ve been banking with UVACCU since 2003 and love them! They provide excellent customer service when you need to call, the online services and app are spot on. I’ve done all my vehicle loans and my only credit card is through them also. Love them!
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3 years ago, looking promising
Works well
I transfer on a monthly basis from my phone. No issues. I do wish more of my account info was available. I have to look at my checks or google a routing number. Overall very useful
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3 years ago, L.4health
Great Convenience
First editions of this app were buggy, but they listened to reviews and really fixed things. I can do all my banking online now, faster easier than ever. Updating my review...this app only continues to improve!
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3 years ago, Dralzna
Well Crafted, Convenient
The app functions well and rarely has any issues. UVACCU also does a great job of showing pending balances quickly after they’ve been posted. Overall very satisfied, thanks!
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3 years ago, five4zer0
Great app but need some adjustments
The app needs to notify the account holder via text message every time there’s a transaction and give the cardholder the option to decline the transaction. that would cut down on fraud
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4 years ago, tap.in.for.eagle
Convenient and feature rich
The app works well and incorporates face recognition for logon purposes, which is handy. My only gripe is that when using the deposit check feature, the window into which you are supposed to frame your check is way bigger than the image of the check which is captured. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
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5 years ago, Tehnjletmeout
Pretty good overall but
The app works very well, except for being able to print account statements. The page that comes up on my iOS devices has no link to print, I have to go to the website to do that. Would give 5 stars if the developers fixed this.
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3 years ago, EnglandinVa
Works well
I really like the convenience of this app. That said, it takes a minute to figure out where everything is. I also find that it doesn’t consistently accept my password.
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3 years ago, Raman Pfaff
Works well
Early versions used to crash when doing mobile deposits, but latest versions are working with no problems. Supports FaceID for logging in.
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4 years ago, Ebitt24
Very versatile and intuitive.
The app works flawlessly overall. The check deposit when taking pictures takes some finagling but overall not a bad experience.
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5 years ago, musical hack
Good features with online deposit. Viewing all accounts isn’t consistent. I can see details of everything on the mobile app except VISA activity. Still don’t understand the limitations on number of transfers between accounts within the month online yet I can come into a branch and accomplish them without any hassle.
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5 years ago, 1-Mickyrat
Love it.
Very easy and convenient site. Love the way I’m able to access from wherever I’m located. I’m able to pay my bills and transfer money from my account to other account as well as other members account .
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3 years ago, titmiuse
Love it
The changes that have been made over time, have definitely improved the app. I keep thinking there is sometimes would like to see improved, but can’t think what it is.
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3 years ago, Shamama25
Great Banking
UVA Federal Credit Union is among the most efficient apps I use. I’ve never had a problem and I like that it urges you to update your password once in while. No complaints, only praises.
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3 years ago, BlueWineaux
Functional app
Works well except for the several months that the member to member feature did not work. Hopefully it has been fixed now. I stopped trying after a while. All other features work great. Very convenient.
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6 years ago, ctwardy
Gets the job done
this is a useful app and much easier than using the website from a mobile phone. However, it does have a few glitches here and there or menu operations are not as smooth as they might be.
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4 years ago, Tanta-Trist
So so
Some parts like checking balances and deposits works well. But I have given up trying to get the mobile deposit to work.
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5 years ago, Sally Consumer
Nice app but doesn’t recognize check deposit photo most of the time
I’d like to be able to deposit checks worth more than $5000. Called bank for permission which I think VNB gives but no exceptions. More often than not lately my photo of a check is rejected for deposit even though I hold camera steady, use good lighting.
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5 years ago, J. Tetras
Sleek and Easy
It’s everything you could need in a banking app. Mobile deposits are easy and are processed quickly. Even after moving states, I have continued to use UVACCU as my primary bank because of this app.
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5 years ago, Irritate momma
Member to member transfer
For whatever reason member to member transfer is no longer available to me and it is a pain to call in because there's not always a signal available where I live to make phone calls.. I've asked several times about this and I'm reassured everytime it should be working.. It isn't..
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5 years ago, JenineKaz
Easy access when I’m far from a branch
The nearest credit union is 50 miles away (near my office but not my home). The app grants me easy access when I’m unable to visit in person. Thanks!
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1 year ago, HolmeBass
Terrible UX
He latest app only supports iOS 13 and later, but my phone maxes out at v12. The mandatory download pop up says I can update to an earlier version that supports iOS 12 BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO DO THAT!!! So I am stuck unable to access UVA CCU with my mobile phone. I think this is the last straw in UVA CCU’s ham-handed digital platform for me. Sadly I will have to take my money to Wells Fargo, who at least continues to support my phone.
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5 years ago, Thanks 12345678910
Pretty darn good
Everything works well and I enjoy the home screen a lot. Only thing I wish there was an easier way to see your bank account number
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3 years ago, Lindadedo
Excellent app
This credit union app is easy to use and well-organized. It has a wide variety of features and I have never had any problems using it.
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5 years ago, GreenMotherDuck
Everything you need
Using the app means I can transfer funds, deposit checks, and check balances without leaving home or while I’m on the go.
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4 years ago, Chicka wow wow
So convenient
It’s “ so convenient to pay your bills online and to receive alerts when something is suspicious about your account!
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4 years ago, Blur-on-wheels
New checking statement too sensitive
Try scrolling down through statement without every touch opening up some link you aren’t interested in. What a pain .
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3 years ago, benn l.
Great app
Banking easy and quick. I usually can do all I need from my phone. App is smooth, never have had problems.
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