UW Credit Union

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UW Credit Union
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for UW Credit Union

2.5 out of 5
412 Ratings
4 years ago, Jfisher73234
Mobile deposit no longer works, ruins app experience
This app was great for years, but now mobile deposit does not work 95% of the time. Either it won’t load, it says there is an error, or the entire app just crashes. It’s especially inconvenient now that we have to write “For mobile deposit at UW Credit Union” only on the check. I’m afraid to write it because once I do, I have no other options for depositing the check. My primary use for banking apps is mobile deposit. Not having that features puts UWCU miles behind every other major bank. I remember when I first joined UWCU over four years ago they were the only ones in town with mobile deposit and it was great. Now I unfortunately am considering moving my main checking account to another bank, though I really don’t want to. Everything else is great. But I frequently need to deposit checks and mobile deposit not working is a major inconvenience.
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4 weeks ago, rlee704
So frustrating!
We joined UWCU a few weeks ago because we relocated and needed a new bank. I love credit unions and knew I wanted to go with UWCU. I’m so frustrated with the app that I’m about ready to switch to a new bank. This app is terrible and I can almost never getting into it. Out of the dozens of times I’ve tried to access it, I’ve maybe gotten in three times. Every other time, it either sits on the loading screen or goes to a blank screen. I’ve tried updating the app, deleting the app and redownloading, and I’ve updated my phone software. None of this has helped. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just log in from my phone browser, but it forces me to the app. I consider myself a pretty patient person, but I’m so frustrated. If I can’t access info about my funds, what’s the point of banking here?
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2 weeks ago, elderbreezy12
App still not working after recent update
I’ve been unable to open the UW Credit Union app for weeks, as it seems many others have experienced as well. I tried deleting the app and installing the newest version (updated three days ago to ostensibly fix bugs), and I am still getting stuck on the opening screen with just the UWCU logo. This is a pretty absurd problem for a financial institution to have in 2023 that is obviously impacting many people. I will definitely be looking into other credit union or bank options and consider transferring my accounts if this continues for much longer.
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4 weeks ago, H_M_R_23
Newer Version Horrible
I’ve been using UWCU’s app for years, possibly even since it came out. It has always worked great until about 3 months ago when the facial recognition stopped working. Now I have to log in with my password every time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many different times and nothing has fixed this issue. Within the last month, the app has continued to freeze after I log in. This morning I was trying to make a simple account transfer and that froze the app. Tired of this not working well to manage my funds.
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1 month ago, NW1515
Doesn’t even load.
Works for me occasionally. My wife can’t even get past the load screen. Reading the reviews, it appears many people are having the same problem, but the developer response is consistently blaming the device and not the app. How can that be the case for so many people? If this many people all on different devices are having the same problem, it’s not the device, it’s the app. This has been going on for months, and it’s time for you to finally accept responsibility and fix the issue.
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3 days ago, Noodle456
Unreliable app- worst ever!
This app only works when it wants too. When I go to access it I’m often lead to a blank screen that never loads. I don’t have any other problems like this with other apps on my phone. When we’re talking about banking, this is absolutely not the problem you want. I’ve been in situations where I have to transfer money over and I literally can’t because the app won’t work, and it sounds like I’m not the only one with this problem. Good luck.
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3 weeks ago, fibonocci8
Pretty awful
Unreliable app works when it wants to. Not the type of problems you want to have with your financial services app. I cant deal with the stress of this poor working app while traveling abroad and needing access to funds so I had to open a completely different account with another bank just so I can have access to my accounts reliably. It’s 2023 and you can’t get a simple app to work well? Come on!
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1 month ago, Vaudette
Constantly not working
Everything online says it’s NEVER the app, “it’s your device” or “update the app” Obviously it’s up to date & my phone is often the newest model. This app constantly crashes, simply does not load, or says there’s an error logging in. This all changes from one hour to the next. If my login worked an hour ago, why not now? Very frustrating. Trying to login on a web browser just send me back to a broken app.
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2 weeks ago, Bobloblaw99999999
Why even have an app?
This app works 30% of the time, Maybe. It is more frustrating having it than not, as even if you try logging in on a mobile browser it re-routes you through the app if it’s installed. So if the app is installed you can’t access your accounts. So…. To get access you have to delete the app so it cant reroute you through it. It is beyond frustrating. 0 of 5 stars. Would expect better from UWCU.
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4 weeks ago, Stephanie223
App Rarely Loads
The app usually stalls at the log-in screen. I can’t even get in to my accounts. I contacted customer support and they told me this is not a known issue (looking at the reviews I see now that is false) and that the app doesn’t work well with lots of background apps running. This is not an issue for any other app I have. It’s very frustrating because I like to check my accounts daily from my phone.
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2 weeks ago, Safari.girl.101
New update horrible
I’ve been with UWCU for over a year now and never had any problems until the last update. I wouldn’t even call it that because my app can’t even sign in. I open the app to a completely gray screen and it stays that way til my phone shuts off. Ive tried refreshing, I've tried uninstalling and redownloading. The app just simply doesn’t do what it’s supposed to
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4 weeks ago, kat why
Stopped Loading
Unlike others, I just started having issues win the app loading. I’ve done every method of troubleshooting minus buying a new device. After multiple times reinstalling, I’m out of ideas. As stated by others, this is an issue with this app as everything else on my phone works. Developers need to address or UWCU needs to find a new partner. Get it together.
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4 weeks ago, Caroline591985
I love UW Credit Union but I am so frustrated by their app. It worked consistently for years, but over the last several months I get a blank screen and can’t even get to the log in screen. The inability to transfer money or make payments when I need to is so annoying and I wish UWCU took ownership for their app problems.
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1 month ago, Raffsstuff
Never loads
I love the layout of the app and everything is easy to find however the app never loads. I constantly get errors that say no internet connection when I’m connected. None of my other apps do this. Every time I open this app it just sits on the logo screen. I have to close and relaunch several times before I can maybe get into it. Super annoying.
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1 week ago, ddfghytffbjud
It doesn’t load. That’s bad.
I’m on iOS and the app simply doesn’t load half the time. I was told to delete it and reinstall it (I did that already), restart my phone (did that already too), or that it’s my phone’s problem (no). The app is simply unstable. Use the web application instead.
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2 days ago, upsetZodiacs
App was fine until..
I just switched to uwcu and when I first downloaded the app it worked perfectly, not even a day later it stops working, can even open the app! I click the app it stalls for a bit then puts me on a blank white screen. Fox your app.
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1 month ago, Brienne-Voice
Used to work decently, now intermittently
I really love the ease of my primary bank having an app. Yet lately, it’s been less reliable. The app doesn’t even open fully now at least half the attempts. I have to wait and come back just to hope it loads. Not sure what updates changed but hopefully they resolve it soon.
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2 weeks ago, Betherina88
So buggy
This app is so bad for a credit union! I love UWCU but this app has got to go- it works randomly (maybe 2-3 days a week) and then will just go white screen blank. If you try to log in from a browser it kicks you back to the white screen app. I just want to pay bills and keep track of my mortgage. Good luck with that.
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4 weeks ago, doilyparton
App no longer loading past the login screen
No sure why but the app will no longer load. Having this issue consistently and I know it's not my internet or my device--other apps are working perfectly fine.
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3 weeks ago, xonatalieexo
Ever since I joined UWCU the app has been such a pain!!! PLEASE UPDATE THE APP!!! I can’t access my bank account! I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling the app but NO LUCK 😭😭 It takes forever to load…. Always stays in the login in screen..
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4 weeks ago, Reeskiee77
Doesn’t even load
Super frustrating that the app doesn’t load 99% of the time. Has been happening for months without it being fixed.
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1 month ago, Av939393
App won’t even open
Had this account for about 4 months and only able to use the app ONCE! Won’t even load the landing page. Just a blank screen
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3 weeks ago, Janae Deli
App won’t open
I’ve deleted and restarted my phone and reinstalled the app 10 times the past two days. It just sits on the UWCU homepage when I try to open it. Is everyone in IT on vacation?? This is so dumb.
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1 month ago, SamanthaK84
Works well
Always good luck with the app, happy with it.
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1 month ago, Easy to use banking app
Great app
I really like how easy to use this app is!
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1 week ago, Liz be Liz been
Mobile app
The mobile app does not work and has really questionable security. Cant login, who do I talk to at customer service asap without being pushed around
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2 weeks ago, AnonEN22
Doesn’t Work
This app genuinely does not work at all. If you click the icon it will either show the logo or a blank screen indefinitely. So frustrating - considering switching banks
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4 weeks ago, mike tee bo
Doesn’t load
Extremely frustrating. Won’t load. I have written and talked to UWCU reps who insist all is good. “Must be an issue with your internet”. ALL OTHER applications on my iPhone work fine.
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1 month ago, soccergeezer
Terrible app - non-functional on iOS
I have been unable to logon using the app for over a month. This is utterly inexcusable for a financial institution - we are seriously considering going to a different CU.
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1 month ago, UXRrrrr
Great app
Simple and easy to use.
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3 weeks ago, Ashley Lesko
app doesn’t load :/
whenever i try to access my account, it doesn’t seem to load. i always have to pull out my computer and go onto the website, which works when i’m at home but is impossible if i am anywhere and need to transfer funds. kinda defeats the purpose of the app tbh….
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4 weeks ago, ilobebigsoulja
barely works
face id on here hasn’t worked for me in about 6 months , even tho it is fine on every other app i have. i log in with my pin , and it takes maybe 5 minutes to load in. sometimes it will just say this page does not exist or keep loading indefinitely
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3 weeks ago, Turns uncontrollably
App hardly ever works
As everyone else has been saying, the app loads indefinitely 99% of the time I open it.
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2 days ago, Na8!
Horrible app
Very inconvenient, I can’t ever seem to get in the app when i need to.
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1 month ago, Carmel1111
Love the app and love UWCU
Super happy with everything UWCU!
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3 days ago, Abgsrillb
Great agent! Donald
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5 years ago, Drsam575
Functionality: 5 stars. New look: meh
For many years UWCU has had by far the best online and mobile functionality. I’ve had the opportunity to use several banks’ systems and even in the early days of online banking, UWCU has been way ahead of everyone, in my opinion. So far the new update seems to be functionally the same- a good thing. The new look? Uninspiring comes to mind, but really, who needs inspiration for an online banking app? I’ll get used to the look, but thank you for not making silly changes in capabilities just for the sake of change. By the way, I think the menu button is- and has been- in a great location. Perfect for a thumb tap.
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1 year ago, Matthewsob
App crashes resets itself
I have been having issues where I have to constantly reload to the login screen because it says app load fails for the iPhone 13 software version 15.5 for the iPhone 15 been having issues since 2 or 3 software updates prior, I am wondering if it's just a logic error with the programming. Only one device is logged in for my portion of the account. So I don't think it's that unless it is cause it is a joint account. The recommendation would be maybe an update to the GUI appearance because the root files may be causing the systems not to mix well. You could streamline functionality if you switched up the program and increase security and allow more integration with other services like dave, plaid truebill etc while allowing security to be beeffed up to allow better over all functionality of the app. Just a programmer and security system student/ developer advice/ bringing up a a problem!
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4 years ago, High standards
Good except can’t use concurrently on iPhone/iPad without resetting the other one
Updated review: It appears the app can’t be used for the same account on both iPhone AND iPad. It turns out this was what was causing the app to reset itself in my situation. Getting set up on one of my devices boots me from the other one, such that I have to go through initial setup again on it, which then boots me from the original device. This also happens when following the “reset all settings” suggestion. It would be great to be able to use on both my devices but I will just use it on my iPhone for now. The app otherwise works well. Original: Latest version of app resets itself every single time I use it, which is a pain, because when the app resets there are a number of steps that need to be gone through, vs being able to just log in. But it otherwise works well. Will give a higher rating when this issue is fixed.
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3 months ago, Jayne-Norah
Dysfunctional and unreliable.
UWCU should be embarrassed by how frequently this app crashes. How many days has it been since the app worked? More than a week? Unheard of with nearly all other Apple apps. I’ve had this app for more than 10 years. This app has had a multitude of functional issues. For example, the app crashes, when you attempt to login or it takes several minutes to load that most people would just give up. After all these years, you would think UW Credit Union would do better; the purpose of applications is to make doing things that you would typically do on a website, faster, more convenient, and overall more efficient. UW Credit Union, please invest more in this application. It makes the bank appear less professional. Investing in app developers would benefit the credit union and more importantly their clients. I am interested in seeing if anyone will reply to this review.
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5 years ago, LizGross144
Mostly great; mobile deposit frustrating
I mostly use the app to check balances, transfer money, and deposit checks. I like that it supports Face ID, and it’s easy to find the information I want. Mobile deposit is pretty buggy, though. I’d say I have maybe a 60% success rate with check deposits. Often in the middle of the process I’ll get an error saying something went wrong and I should try again or contact someone. Clicking “contact” just brings me to the main contact page of the website, in a web browser. Would be nice to be able to submit an error report in the app. Currently I’ve been trying for two days to deposit a check and I still haven’t made it all the way through the process without erroring out.
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1 year ago, Mischapippa
Seemed pretty good for the few minutes that it worked
I opened a checking account and moved my banking from Park Bank to UWCU. I was able to get into the app originally but after logging out and trying to log back in I was forever put on a loop of verifications that claimed to work but wouldn’t let me into my account. I finally gave up and just deleted the app and now I just use the online banking in Google chrome to view my accounts. Mobile and online banking are super important to me so I honestly considered closing my new account, regretting that I had even switched to UWCU and not chosen another bank, but I’m thankful that at least the online banking works so I can remain and have some access. But you know the app is problematic when Park Bank’s works better.
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11 months ago, Auntie Carrie
Not a fan of the updates
I’ve used this app for years without any problems, until a couple of months ago. I started having logon issues and now it just keeps timing out, telling me there’s no internet (whether I have WiFi on or off doesn’t seem to matter). I’m not sure what they changed, but either fix it or change it back please. Clearly I’m not the only one having this issue. UPDATE: after updating to iOS 16 and making sure I’m logged into my browser first I finally got it to work. Users shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to use an app though. I’m concerned because so many others have also said they have constant crashes. Hopefully UWCU will resolve this.
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1 year ago, Robert kussmann
Good overall. Missing widget support
The app itself is good, and provides everything I need feature-wise to manage my account and more. App is easy to use and not hard to navigate. I do feel that this service has an opportunity to improve in a couple different areas: 1. I feel that widget support would increase utility for users like myself who like to have visibility of their accounts on their home-screens, similar to how Capital One does. 2. I like how the accounts home screen is accessible anywhere via the 3 bar button on the bottom left. I feel though that there is room to increase the reach that this button has beyond the Home Screen and the log off button. I also think that the ability to navigate with a swipe between “activity”, “details” and “debit card” (for applicable accts.) would feel more simple and require less effort from users.
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4 years ago, RySauce
Love it!
Very nice app, easy to use and I have never experienced a problem. The only thing I would suggest is to have a different screen when you first open the app. I have the iPhone 11 and when I open the app it shows my bank accounts and the amount in them. With my iPhone 7 I was always prompted with a log in button that would then use my fingerprint to get in and then I could see my balances. Have the login screen that scans the face then we can see our balances and all that. Just a little more privacy! Love the app though!
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9 months ago, daulyp
Works nearly perfectly
Does what it’s supposed to. Finally has dark mode. One complaint: User created recurring transactions don’t clear unless the amount is exact, which it rarely is. My paychecks differ by a few dollars or cents every week so I have to keep manually clearing the recurring items. You should change it so we can set an estimated amount for future balance predictions but then clear it for any amount that actually posts, or an amount within a given range.
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8 years ago, Jescher1
Good but mobile deposit needs some fixes
This is a good app. Straight forward, user friendly. However, for mobile deposits it would be better if I could deposit checks that are a little different. For example I received a refund check in the mail from my internet provider and I could not deposit it because it was not an average looking check that someone would order from the bank. It was legitimate, but I needed to go into the bank to deposit it. Only a slight hassle but I get nervous walking around with a signed check that's not deposited.
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3 months ago, Alex Yoes
Black screen upon opening, excessive load times.
For the last few weeks, I’ve started having serious issues with getting the app to load properly. Behavior: upon normally opening the app, I am displayed nothing but a black screen. After a while, sometimes it will load into a “failed to connect” page while I have internet access. Sometimes I will wait for up to 5-10 mins while doing something else and the app still won’t load. I usually try closing all of my apps, restarting my phone, and then trying again. This works about 70% of the time. It is ridiculous that I have to spend 10 minutes trying to get into my banking app just to do something as simple as checking my balance. This should really not be an issue and I’m sure there’s just an API getting hung up somewhere. I’d also highly suggest more thoroughly testing your app across a broader (or at least newer) range of phone models, as it seems others reviewers have run into somewhat similar issues. iPhone 14 Pro on iOS 16.5. App is up to date, and always is.
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2 years ago, Kelington
Great app, great support. One obnoxious feature.
Developer was able to fix an issue I had previously mentioned in a review. Very happy with how quickly it was resolved and the functionality of the app as a whole. One gripe: why do I need three different notifications for a money link transfer? I get an email, then within the app I have a notification and a message, both of which I have to look at to clear. Please give an option to select the type of notifications we get for each.
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11 months ago, Suckthatyoyosbalss
Horrible App
Idk whether they let a bunch of university students make this app but this is a trainwreck. I don’t know if this bank understands that this is actual money that belongs to actual people. Why is it impossible to create a fluid app that lets you access your funds without 20 different kinds of errors. As of writing this review im using the latest update and it keeps telling me there isnt any internet connection. My LTE and wifi are both working fine yet the app still crashes. It’s stuff like this that makes me want to switch banks. Idc what it takes, you guys are dealing with funds from the population take the time to hire a proper development team for this app so people have easy access to their funds.
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