UW Credit Union

2.5 (412)
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UW Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for UW Credit Union

2.5 out of 5
412 Ratings
1 month ago, Y.shan
Best bank
I have been with UWCU for years and I haven’t had a issue with them since the beginning. Anything I need answered is they will answer if something doesn’t look right they work on fixing it. I truly appreciate you guys
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2 months ago, algoma920osh
Great app, but need prior features back
I have minimal issues with this app that other users have reported (slow loading time, frozen screen, etc.). App has been consistently reliable throughout upgrades for me. However, the recent upgrade has taken away the ability to customize the number of days that you can see pending/upcoming transactions. Before, I could enter a custom amount of days (4 days, 14 days, 20 days, etc.). But now, it only lets you select the number of days available in the list (30, 60, 90, 100, 200 days) with no option to customize. I have been using this feature to forecast my checking account and budget for ~5+ years and it is incredibly important to me to be able to keep track of my spending. Please bring back the feature to enter a customizable number of days for displaying pending/upcoming transactions.
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7 months ago, Deespeas123
Frustrating and Baffling
I’ve been having the same problems with this app that others have mentioned- frozen logon screen every time and nothing I do to try to fix makes any difference because it’s an app issue. If it’s not fixed within the next week or so, I plan to switch to a different bank or credit union. UWCU has been my primary bank for 20 years so I’d rather not go through the hassle of changing all my autopay and direct deposit accounts, but it’s ridiculously below standard and inconvenient in this day and age to be denied mobile access to one’s bank accounts. I assume that, like me, most people conduct the most of their banking on their iPhone or other phone on the go. It used to be a very convenient and functional app, so it’s just baffling that a known serious issue hasn’t been resolved in over a month. I’ve sadly lost trust in UW credit union.
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2 months ago, Mershinarie
Incredibly slow and unreliable
I have been having this problem for many months already and I wanted to check the reviews to see if anyone else was having this same problem. Seems like most people who have this app experience the absolutely horrendous loading times. Most of the time the app doesn’t even work anymore. There was a review from September about this problem and its February 2024. How is this still unresolved. It’s unbelievable a bank of this stature allows this issue to go on for so long without any updates to the app solving these issues. Last update was 2 months ago. Are you serious? You would think your app development team would be working around the clock to make this app as smooth as possible for all users. I don’t understand how all these reviews say the same thing and threaten to switch banks and the issue is still not fixed. Do you even care about the state of the app or how your users feel about the app? In its current state it is nearly unusable for me. I can rarely even get the app to work no matter what I do. Please fix this issue asap. Otherwise I promise you so many people will switch banks because of this issue. I will be one of them if it continues for much longer.
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8 months ago, rlee704
So frustrating!
We joined UWCU a few weeks ago because we relocated and needed a new bank. I love credit unions and knew I wanted to go with UWCU. I’m so frustrated with the app that I’m about ready to switch to a new bank. This app is terrible and I can almost never getting into it. Out of the dozens of times I’ve tried to access it, I’ve maybe gotten in three times. Every other time, it either sits on the loading screen or goes to a blank screen. I’ve tried updating the app, deleting the app and redownloading, and I’ve updated my phone software. None of this has helped. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just log in from my phone browser, but it forces me to the app. I consider myself a pretty patient person, but I’m so frustrated. If I can’t access info about my funds, what’s the point of banking here?
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7 months ago, BAKAChouji
Worst mobile banking app
I bank with several credit unions and commercial banks and this has got to be the most unreliable, inconvenient banking app. 9/10 times when I want to access my banking information, it stays on the white logo screen and will not prompt thru to the next screen. I tried to pay someone with Zelle thru this app as well, and was embarrassed when I had to make the contractor I was paying wait for over 15 minutes for the stupid thing to move past the white screen. I have tried deleting and reinstalling and refreshing to no avail. This is where I keep a majority of my savings. I will be moving banks solely due to the app. For a $5 billion asset CU, you would think they would invest in better software for their members.
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7 months ago, elderbreezy12
App still not working after recent update
I’ve been unable to open the UW Credit Union app for weeks, as it seems many others have experienced as well. I tried deleting the app and installing the newest version (updated three days ago to ostensibly fix bugs), and I am still getting stuck on the opening screen with just the UWCU logo. This is a pretty absurd problem for a financial institution to have in 2023 that is obviously impacting many people. I will definitely be looking into other credit union or bank options and consider transferring my accounts if this continues for much longer.
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3 weeks ago, DripDrop27
Recent update bad
This app has always been simple, efficient, and quick to use. However, since it’s most recent update, this app continuously displays an “Ope, no internet!” screen when I try to log in, despite my phone being connected to my home wifi & mobile data. It also takes forever just to LOAD the log in page. If I’m lucky, after attempting my password and/or face ID multiple times, the app will display my banking info properly. Very frustrated.
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8 months ago, H_M_R_23
Newer Version Horrible
I’ve been using UWCU’s app for years, possibly even since it came out. It has always worked great until about 3 months ago when the facial recognition stopped working. Now I have to log in with my password every time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many different times and nothing has fixed this issue. Within the last month, the app has continued to freeze after I log in. This morning I was trying to make a simple account transfer and that froze the app. Tired of this not working well to manage my funds.
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4 months ago, Clobberrrrrrreerrrr
App never works
The app at this credit union used to work so well. And now it never does. I can never login into my app. This was a huge issue when I was traveling abroad too. I didn’t have access to any of my money because I asked them if I could give them the dates of which country I’ll be in, but they persisted on telling me to file it in the app. Well guess what, I could never get into the app, so my friend had to pay for everything while I was there. That could have gone so much worse if my friend didn’t have enough funds or if I was alone. Please fix the app.
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3 weeks ago, Kelington
Great app, great support. One obnoxious feature.
Every time I open the app, I get a white spinner for a few seconds then a message saying “You’re logged out. See you next time!” before having to tap the Face ID icon to get it to authenticate and log me in. Please remove this useless message and have the app automatically authenticate. Minor annoyance but time is the real currency and we shouldn’t have to waste it here.
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8 months ago, NW1515
Doesn’t even load.
Works for me occasionally. My wife can’t even get past the load screen. Reading the reviews, it appears many people are having the same problem, but the developer response is consistently blaming the device and not the app. How can that be the case for so many people? If this many people all on different devices are having the same problem, it’s not the device, it’s the app. This has been going on for months, and it’s time for you to finally accept responsibility and fix the issue.
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4 days ago, Katikaykkkkkkkkk
Login nightmares
Overall, I like the app - when I can get into it. I’m constantly getting an “Ope. No network connection.” error at login (despite my Internet being perfectly fine) and then “We’re sorry, there was a problem processing your request” more often than not once I get it to believe there’s internet. It’s flaky enough that I’m better off checking balances and most transactions through the credit karma app (formerly Mint, which was better). PLEASE, UWCU, fix this.
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5 months ago, lego elizabeth
App hasn’t worked in two months
This app has been stuck on the loading screen for two months. I have updated it and my phone multiple times to no avail. I have seen the ‘turn off wifi fix’, but don’t have cellphone service where I live. I understand a temporary issue here and there, but I will have to be finding a new bank now to do mobile deposit because they aren’t interested in fixing their once-great app. Really frustrating. I grew up using them and now will be needing to switch
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3 months ago, crashn2u2
I really love this app. Do you have any widgets I can install on my iPhone to quickly show my balances and open the app when I click on it? I have 3 other accounts that have those widgets and it’s really convenient to have them. I can see at just a glance how my financial situation is right on one page, but sadly, I haven’t found a widget for UWCU ☹️
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7 months ago, TheWildLlama
Like other reviews, this app has been absolutely terrible recently. It never used to be like this, now I can barely get the login screen to load. When it does, it doesn’t actually let you login. I have banked with UWCU for 20 years and this is so frustrating that I will start looking into other credit unions that have an app that actually works. Doesn’t seem like this should be that hard to fix, it worked perfectly for years and years and now is absolute garbage!
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5 months ago, Zinn31
New member
Excited to be a new member, but disappointed by the mobile banking experience. Every time I launch the app, I get the same “Ope! No internet!” error. Sometimes after repeated attempts, I can get it to work, sometimes not. The app also hangs for a really long time when logging in with fingerprint or face ID. Hope that these issues will be resolved in the the next update. It’s a shame, because when it works, it’s a fairly nice app.
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7 months ago, Noodle456
Unreliable app- worst ever!
This app only works when it wants too. When I go to access it I’m often lead to a blank screen that never loads. I don’t have any other problems like this with other apps on my phone. When we’re talking about banking, this is absolutely not the problem you want. I’ve been in situations where I have to transfer money over and I literally can’t because the app won’t work, and it sounds like I’m not the only one with this problem. Good luck.
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8 months ago, fibonocci8
Pretty awful
Unreliable app works when it wants to. Not the type of problems you want to have with your financial services app. I cant deal with the stress of this poor working app while traveling abroad and needing access to funds so I had to open a completely different account with another bank just so I can have access to my accounts reliably. It’s 2023 and you can’t get a simple app to work well? Come on!
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8 months ago, Vaudette
Constantly not working
Everything online says it’s NEVER the app, “it’s your device” or “update the app” Obviously it’s up to date & my phone is often the newest model. This app constantly crashes, simply does not load, or says there’s an error logging in. This all changes from one hour to the next. If my login worked an hour ago, why not now? Very frustrating. Trying to login on a web browser just send me back to a broken app.
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5 months ago, Clan owner
Great App
I've been banking with UW for many years now and the app is a great way to check accounts and quick transfers. I've had a few issues with loading the app from time to time but that's not a major issue
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2 weeks ago, Madison8468
Best Banking App
UWCU has managed a great banking app. The login is easy and secure, the dashboard is very way to read and use friendly. The color scheme and layout is great and easy to navigate - by far one of my favorite banking apps.
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6 months ago, WSUcollege student
Frozen Logo
Ever since I’ve had the app the logo just gets frozen. I’ve called to get it resolved and nothing ever changes. I can’t check my bank account using the app. Can’t delete and redownload because that doesn’t resolve the issue. My phone is up to date. I have an IPhone 12. It’s not old enough to be having these issues. Please resolve this because I noticed other people are having the same issue and are not being helped either.
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6 months ago, helizro4
Can’t even log in
The app freezes on the big U logo right when you open it for ages, and if you’re lucky enough to get to the login page, it takes more time to log in. If I close the app and reopen it to get it to go, it gives me a gray screen instead. Logging into the web version sends you back to the frozen app. At least once you get in it’s easy to navigate.
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1 month ago, Sarabeth927
App never loads
The one or two times it has ever loaded for me, it’s fine. But the major problem is the app basically never loads. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all with the same issue. The app opens, then sits on the UWCU logo forever. I need to be able to check my balance regularly so it’s annoying and has made me consider switching to another financial institution.
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3 months ago, Reviewguyok
So frustrating
I wish this app worked but 90% of the time I can’t log in. As many others experience, the login process is a bug fueled mess. If you want to check your balance, like simple online banking features offered everywhere else, it takes 5-10 minutes and many, many reattempts to finally work… Needs a fix or I’m finding a bank that can actually let me check my account on the go.
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4 months ago, whilecapsas
App can’t even launch
Going off of another review posted in September 2023, the app is pitiful. App cannot even launch having the same issues it did in September where it constantly either does not load at all, or says “No internet” when I clearly do have internet. I also saw in October 2023 the development team responded saying they were working on a fix which is a blatant lie as it’s now December 2023 and the same issues persist. Fix the app.
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7 months ago, Bobloblaw99999999
Why even have an app?
This app works 30% of the time, Maybe. It is more frustrating having it than not, as even if you try logging in on a mobile browser it re-routes you through the app if it’s installed. So if the app is installed you can’t access your accounts. So…. To get access you have to delete the app so it cant reroute you through it. It is beyond frustrating. 0 of 5 stars. Would expect better from UWCU.
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2 weeks ago, EPAllan
Was working
Every since Apple has upgraded their system to 17.4, the UWCU app freezes on the loading screen. Before that it worked perfectly with no complaints. I’ve had to go back to logging in with my desktop.
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7 months ago, Stephanie223
App won’t load
Like others have mentioned, the app won’t load upon opening. When I contacted UWCU, they said that I had too many apps open. Quitting other apps doesn’t help, restarting the app doesn’t help, restarting the phone doesn’t help. I’m researching other banks to switch to because I have to be able to deposit checks. It’s not reasonable for me to need to go to a branch to deposit every check I receive. Please, UWCU, do better!
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3 months ago, microtomy
App has really gone bad
This worked reliably well until the last couple months but now it’s basically garbage. Tells me I have no internet when I do. Freezes instead of logging in. I’m a long term UW credit union member, since the 1990s, and am about fed up. No answers from the branch I visited. No communication from UWCU to explain or even acknowledge the problems. Very disappointing and I cannot recommend the app or UWCU at this time.
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5 months ago, Briancarrillo3
Stuck on loading screen, how to fix
I’ve had issues where I try to check my account and it’s stuck on the loading screen with the logo on it and noticed that once I disconnect the Wi-Fi and use my mobile service I’m allowed in every time, I guess just disconnect your Wi-Fi on your phone and use your mobile service to bypass it for now until they fix the issue.
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2 weeks ago, Theresa V Krell
Love the App
The UW credit union app is super easy, well organized and able to quickly find what you need. I wish all banking apps were as simple and neatly designed!
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3 months ago, Jake3c
Great app!
New dark mode and smooth animations between views. Small glitches get resolved quickly
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7 months ago, Safari.girl.101
New update horrible
I’ve been with UWCU for over a year now and never had any problems until the last update. I wouldn’t even call it that because my app can’t even sign in. I open the app to a completely gray screen and it stays that way til my phone shuts off. Ive tried refreshing, I've tried uninstalling and redownloading. The app just simply doesn’t do what it’s supposed to
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8 months ago, kat why
Stopped Loading
Unlike others, I just started having issues win the app loading. I’ve done every method of troubleshooting minus buying a new device. After multiple times reinstalling, I’m out of ideas. As stated by others, this is an issue with this app as everything else on my phone works. Developers need to address or UWCU needs to find a new partner. Get it together.
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8 months ago, Caroline591985
I love UW Credit Union but I am so frustrated by their app. It worked consistently for years, but over the last several months I get a blank screen and can’t even get to the log in screen. The inability to transfer money or make payments when I need to is so annoying and I wish UWCU took ownership for their app problems.
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6 months ago, flowpro3
Been with UWCU since college 10+ years and never had a problem. Ever since the “new” update the app just sits on the logo screen and doesn’t even get to the login/biometrics. Completely useless. Used to be amazing. Been like this for about 3 months, seems like developers don’t care. Maybe I’ll close my accounts and take my money to a different credit union or a bank. Sad…
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5 months ago, Bad hair days
Never works
This app almost never works it’s so frustrating it always gets stuck on the login screen or even before the login screen. I don’t understand how this bug has been going on for MONTHS and y’all haven’t fixed it. Might need to switch my back if this isn’t fixed because it doesn’t work almost every time!!!
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7 months ago, GalacticAttorney
A Solid Banking App
The face ID login option hasn’t been working for months despite still letting me put in my account password that way. Aside from that, no complaints to be had here.
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5 months ago, Gourmandaise
Does not even start up
The app hasn't been working for about 6 months now. I reinstalled it but it does not even open, so I can't get to see if or how it works. No problems with any other apps that I use including other banking apps. Update: Still a rubbish app. I will be closing my UWCU account soon since I have been unable to use the app for way too long.
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7 months ago, ddfghytffbjud
It doesn’t load. That’s bad.
I’m on iOS and the app simply doesn’t load half the time. I was told to delete it and reinstall it (I did that already), restart my phone (did that already too), or that it’s my phone’s problem (no). The app is simply unstable. Use the web application instead.
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7 months ago, upsetZodiacs
App was fine until..
I just switched to uwcu and when I first downloaded the app it worked perfectly, not even a day later it stops working, can even open the app! I click the app it stalls for a bit then puts me on a blank white screen. Fox your app.
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8 months ago, Brienne-Voice
Used to work decently, now intermittently
I really love the ease of my primary bank having an app. Yet lately, it’s been less reliable. The app doesn’t even open fully now at least half the attempts. I have to wait and come back just to hope it loads. Not sure what updates changed but hopefully they resolve it soon.
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2 months ago, InstagramSucksButttt
Non functional app
Been trying to deposit a check and whenever I open the app it always says that there’s “no wifi” when I have perfectly functioning wifi and can use all my other apps. For the last week I couldn’t even log into the UW Credit Union app or use any features
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7 months ago, Betherina88
So buggy
This app is so bad for a credit union! I love UWCU but this app has got to go- it works randomly (maybe 2-3 days a week) and then will just go white screen blank. If you try to log in from a browser it kicks you back to the white screen app. I just want to pay bills and keep track of my mortgage. Good luck with that.
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4 months ago, Alli m peds
So easy to use, has tons of functionality, no bugs, feels very secure
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4 weeks ago, Bosnian213
Good app
App works great. They fixed all the issues with face id and notifications. A must have app for UWCU customers
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6 months ago, Howard Deez snuts
App need major changes
The app has been under maintenance for about 3 days as of today. You register Face ID login then it removes it for some reason and you have to manually log in. One of the worst banking apps in the market right now thinking about switching banks because of how terrible this app is.
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6 months ago, TortugaSIX9
All I want to look at is my balance
It used to be simple. I click on the app and I am shown my balance without an issue. New update makes it so hard to do something that they had down. Now I’m stuck with the UW logo and can’t do anything about it. So frustrating, let’s fix it please.
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