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Vagaro Inc
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vagaro

4.68 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
1 year ago, jennyl3ighh
Love this app!
Literally am so in love with this app!!! Only one problem, your suppost to be getting “points” for making appointments at your favorite places but I’ve made literally 6 appointments and I still have no points so that’s pretty annoying but other than that it lets me look around at other places that I never knew about before and lets me find places near me and also gives me money off of services while booking through the app! I love it but again the only thing I don’t like is I’m not getting points, and I’m not really sure what points would do but if a developer sees this could you please let me know how to get my points? Because I’ve gone to the appointments I’ve made on the app and I thought maybe after you went to the appointment you’d get the points but that’s not working either! Anyway if your looking for fun things to try around your area and get a discount while doing so definitely check out this app! It’s amazing and it lets you give the people and the places reviews also! Give it a try you’ll love it!
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3 months ago, CHS School bus
Great App!!
Discovering a user-friendly and efficient tool like Vagaro has significantly enhanced my experience with my preferred hairdressing salon. As a client, the convenience that Vagaro offers is unparalleled, especially when it comes to scheduling appointments. The platform’s intuitive interface ensures that booking, rescheduling, or canceling appointments is effortless, a crucial factor for anyone with a busy schedule. What truly sets Vagaro apart is its dedication to maintaining a seamless, updated experience for its users. Regular updates not only improve functionality but also introduce new features that continue to enrich my interaction with the salon. Whether it’s receiving timely reminders for my appointments or exploring new services offered by the salon, Vagaro keeps me connected and informed. Moreover, the platform offers a wealth of information about the services provided, including detailed descriptions and the ability to leave feedback. This transparency and ease of communication foster a more personalized and satisfying service experience. In summary, as a client, Vagaro has transformed how I engage with my hairdressing salon, making every interaction more convenient and enjoyable. Its user-friendly design, constant updates, and comprehensive features make it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their salon visits. I wholeheartedly recommend Vagaro for its exceptional contribution to a streamlined and satisfactory service experience.
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2 years ago, Sämïï
One of my fave apps!
After covid it’s been hard getting appointments to my old nail salon since nobody just walks in anymore. I went a whole year without doing my nails not knowing this app existed. Luckily I found it when searching in google for online nail appointments and tried a few options but none were as easy and impressive as this app. I set my appointment through the app. Enter the name of the technician or just anyone if your technician isn’t available. They send you messages to remind you of the appointment. You can cancel with 24 hour notice … honestly it can’t get better thankkkkkk youuuuu!!!!!
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3 years ago, R.Bruce503
Very helpful when looking for last minute appts or appts while traveling
I've moved between 4 cities in 3 different states over the last 2 years, and the app has been helpful to me when looking for new providers/techs, as well as when I just need to find someone with immediate availability. The design and concept are great, I just wish the folks offering their services on the platform would take full advantage and manage their pages a bit better. I'd also like to see more of a push for reviews, and more consistency; there are many times I will create a filter and won't have any results, but if I do the same inquiry a bit later, multiple availabilities populate. Definitely a must have app if you're constantly traveling and aren't able to commit to a regular schedule of services, or if you need to schedule something right away and just need to see who can help. Tons of potential if the users took advantage of the app in it's entirety.
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5 months ago, WelcomeHomeSW
Poor Navigation
I use Vagaro for one business, a yoga class in Corrales, New Mexico. I have that provider bookmarked in the app, but when I open the app (since it’s infrequent) I have to re-login every time. (You don’t apparently participate in iPhone facial recognition login?) and, from the main page or homepage, there’s no way to access my bookmarks, or I can’t figure out how to access my bookmarks. Why offer a bookmark service if there’s no way to go back to that bookmark? Or it’s difficult to go back to the bookmark? The whole point of having a bookmark is making it easy and quick for the user. No?! There’s five little icons at the bottom of the screen, but none of them say “bookmark”, or “favorite”, or “your merchants”, or anything I could identify… and I’m landed in a place that I don’t recognize. I have to go to the search function to find my ONLY provider that I use on Vagaro. SO, perhaps this app works really great for the host? the person providing the yoga classes? but in my opinion it does not work great for the consumer.
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2 years ago, Linguaphile85
Works, with 1 annoying issue
I use the app to sign up for my fitness classes multiple times a week, and that function works well, however it’s extremely irritating to be told every time I open the app that my location settings are off. I know they’re off, and even if I had location services on, I DON’T WANT TO SHARE MY LOCATION. Where is the option in the app to never share my location and prevent this notice from greeting me EVERY TIME I open the app?!? It’s ridiculous this isn’t already built in, and even more frustrating because it just started happening a month ago, despite the fact that I was using the same app version that I was before this annoyance started, and I made no changes to my Vagaro profile or my iPhone’s settings. Please fix this. I will never share my location with Vagaro, and it’s pretty abusive to keep asking without providing a way to opt out completely.
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3 years ago, dakohnm
Inconvenient for Cancellations
App works as intended and setting up appointments with the reminder texts are great. I had no issues with this app until now where I tried to find a way to cancel my membership. Looking through the entire app and not being able to find anything that said “cancel membership” led me to call support. Once on the phone, she was kind enough to provide the number to the business and informed me that I have to reach out to the business to cancel. Now I have to create discussion in order to cancel and that is a huge inconvenience for me. Providing 3 stars because it hasn’t failed before, but otherwise would have earned a perfect rating from me. I suggest app developers make it an option to cancel via app.
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10 months ago, This rivks
“Again, I have canceled this Vagaro prescription months ago!!! Please cancel as I will be disputing every month's charges since my first email of cancelation. Please advise, this is taken very seriously and will be considered as fraud as my withdraw from this monthly prescription has been sought out by me for a long long time now.” I have sent this email to them so many times for the past 6 to 7 months and no response from Vagaro . I highly recommend not using this app. I’ve spent $20 a month I’ve tried to cancel and they won’t cancel… so now I’m in a dispute with my bank accounts that will be going after Vagaro . Highly recommend not using this. For a long time I was number one as a Practitioner in Los Angeles, and after even using this app for a few months I did not get one response using this app and that’s in the biggest Southern California holistic health practitioner
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1 year ago, Jkmary1502
Please Adjust Appointments Tab
I really love how easy this app is to use; I use it to schedule my hair and eyelash extension appointments; however, I really really wish there were more options under the Appointments tab. Sometimes life happens and I have to cancel and reschedule, and I find it annoying that when I go to view my appointments my only options are those booked/cancelled and then the ones that occurred in the past. Please make a ‘cancelled’ filter option. When I go to look at my appointments I really only care about the ones currently scheduled and seeing the cancelled ones get in the way. I don’t care about those, I initially only want to see those appointments upcoming.
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1 year ago, terrortyke
Buggy and frustrating - try to book direct
Compared to other apps that allow you to book with services, I find this one hugely frustrating. Sent to its web page to reset a password, the page wasn’t formatted for my phone’s screen so the “next” button was impossible to click on. Back in the app I had to enter excessive amounts of information on each person I was booking for (I’ve booked several times before), nothing seemed retained in the account. This isn’t an unusual experience, I’m aware but it’s frustrating when apps like this are meant to save us time and effort but are still a distant second to picking up the phone and calling the business direct. I could have sorted everything with a text or a 60 second call, next time I will
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3 months ago, Casper a royal rootz client
Royal Rootz
Omg royal rootz has been so great to me my services is met every time an all the time keep up the good work royal roots you can check there work out at my TikTok page casperfingers and also you can download vagaro to make your beautiful hair appointment and I promise you won’t be disappointed go make your appointment now what are you waiting for go get it done So if you want lox u got it,if you need a re twist u got it,you want your hair twisted u got it,any hair style you can think of you got it and guess what it’s all done like you want your stake WELL DONE so go download the app vagaro NOW and search royal rootz you won’t regret it
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6 months ago, dacabajata
Easy with options
A few years ago my Stylist- Stormi Jones,owner of Stormi’s in Berwyn,Pa decided on Vagaro system to handle her appointments. In the beginning I struggled a bit as it was not user friendly. But the people at Vagaro responded quickly to feed back and soon it was clearer as they streamlined the system access and made it easy to go directly to Stormi’s to set up an appointment. The system gives you options to look at all the salons/stylists in a geographic area. Thus can be helpful when traveling and you need a salon. I find it very helpful and I can make appointments at a time convenient to me. Give it a try!
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3 years ago, B@bygirl
My private sanctuary
The owners have been incredibly accommodating to my needs. Life has been rough for everyone on this planet & this quiet, serene environment helps me mentally and physically. From being a healthy & quite an active woman to barely walking normally, Zen Sweat has been the only place I am able to release my stress without being bothered with mobile devices, phone calls, life’s daily demand. It allows me to have 100% ‘Me Time’. I absolutely adore the owners.. they keep it immaculately clean. The minute I enter Zen Sweat, inhale the invigorating scents while removing my body & mind can begin to relax & begin meditation & yoga 🧘 stretches 💕
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4 years ago, SSSHuze
Simplifies Appointments
I’ll admit I was a skeptic when I was asked by my amazing salon team to use the app a few years back ... one more app and profile to setup - ugh! Then I saw that I could check all my recurring appointments (I have standing bi-weekly appointments so my nails and hair don’t get out of control!) and look for conflicts to reschedule months ahead of time when there are way more options open on the books. It also helps the salon find times together across different aestheticians and stylists so I can have one big “day of beauty “ instead of 3 different days. It’s so easy and helpful so I would highly recommend 👍🏼😎
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3 years ago, Debs316
Love the apps useful
Love this app, I can schedule appointments without having to make calls. So easy. Find new businesses. Can use app to see what upcoming appointments I have. The books. I would like if the app would one day sort upcoming appointments the separate current ones from canceled ones. It would be great to be able to reschedule an appt via the application and not have to call the business. There is a little bug when you chose a service then select a date that it removes the service so you have to reselect the service. A bit annoying.
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4 years ago, Lady.OC
Regular user & I love it - more businesses should use this app!!
It’s so easy to make appointments and find info - I LOVE this app!! I make all my bi-weekly nail appointments through the app I’ve used it in the past for eyelash extension appointments as well (when my lash girl used Vagaro). The only thing I wish that would be different/better (and it’s nothing against the app at all) is that more people & businesses would use the app bc then I could make all my appointments with it and also find more info/prices when it comes to new businesses I'm considering trying. If you’re a business owner you should def use this app!!
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11 months ago, Meowmixxxx69
Poor UI
Poor UI: 1/ Re-prompts for location services to turn on every time the app is opened. Once declined, it should not ask every time the app is opened to go to settings 2/ Way too many steps to check out and each step is on its own screen (so each successive step has to load). I have to confirm the user, add to cart, confirm payment, and click a check box to acknowledge the refund policy - every single time. Very clunky. Even if the app is intended to be modular all the successive and seemingly redundant screens is painful. 3/ loads slowly (“hang tight” messaging shown btwn every screen) (Update: I received a note saying that they are working to improve the UI and will release any changes with future software updates - much appreciated!)
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1 year ago, goldmind
Very frustrating app
This app is terrible for booking exercise classes. For example, it does not show how many spots are open in a class. So if I want to book for two people (or if my wife and I want to book separately for the same class) the only way to know if we can bot take the class is to book for one and then see if it still shows open. Also, I just booked two classes for myself - one for Tuesday and one for Thursday. The Tuesday class shows up in my Appointments but the Thursday does not. So I tried again to book Thursday and it told me I was already booked. But it is still not showing up. These are just a couple of examples in my experience of this app failing to do adequately the only thing it is supposed to be for!
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3 years ago, TheWildthings2!
5 years old at a Barber Shop
My son used to have complete meltdown whenever we took him to get his hair cut. I would have to sit in the chair and basically restrain him to get his haircut. It’s was traumatizing for me and him. Then we found High Class. I promised my son a toy if he was good. When he was done he said i don’t need a toys, they guy are really good. Now he goes in and looks fresh after he leaves. The barbers are so calm that he often falls asleep in the chair. We love JHONOTHAN and RAYMOND but all the barbers do great work. Hands down best barber shop!! We desperately needed this in our area!!
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9 months ago, NyahRoyal
What’s going on?
I have an account and used Vagaro from instagram when i book my appointments, never gave me an issue. i could check my points (when it actually gives me them.. because most of the time they don’t when it should). I’m able to check my appointments or past appointments, payment methods etc. I decided to download the app and i logged in, but now it shows me nothing. everything i click is a blank page. I tried to open through the instagram (web) method like i used to and also blank. I keep refreshing and closing out reopening app and web and nothing. i’m able to log in and browser but i can’t view anything that has to do with my account. Is the system down??
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3 years ago, Inez Camp
Cryo customized Curves
First let me start off by saying this is not a scam and I am I real client of Brandy. The service that she is providing is so amazing. She is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. You will see very fast results within your first session. As women especially us that have children and have c-sections our body’s start caring a lot of fat and it causes us to be insecure and depressed but brandy’s work gets you back to looking like that girl you where before the kids. I am so thankful for her and the service she provides.
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5 years ago, BlackDesti
Love it! Love it! Did I say Love it?!?
Okay I’m a bit extra...but since my lash stylist moved to a salon that uses this app my life is actually better! I used to be late and/or forget to schedule my appointments. Vagaro is basically my assistant...and her assistant too! Easy to use, and links to my calendar, sends reminders - love it all! The only thing I’d add is a way to bookmark my specific “usual” appointment so I can re-book my recurring appointments easier. It’s a couple extra clicks right now, so I’m not complaining at all...just a special request if any updates are underway. Love this app!
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2 years ago, Aderloid
Terrible customer service, confusing platform where admins cannot make basic changes
It just took me OVER HALF AN HOUR to get a customer service agent to tell me that I cannot edit a class once it has already started, for instance making it into a series rather than 1 class. I am annoyed that I can’t make such changes as an admin and a new user who is prohibited from correcting mistakes for my own business, but okay. But the waste of time - literally half an hour of waiting on this person to figure out the answer to a question that is so simple and so fundamental to the supposed purpose of their entire platform. I will probably go back to the stone ages of using an Excel spreadsheet and PayPal to avoid having to deal with such incompetence.
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4 years ago, MrsID1020
Stole My Money
I used the app to book an appointment with a new stylist. Unlike booking on StyleSeat, apparently this app needs additional approval from the stylist. When booking, you have to pay 40% of the service to confirm. I decided to cancel my appointment, as I wasn’t able to get in contact with the stylist to get a confirmation, and to my surprise the site said I wouldn’t be refunded the 40% that I already paid. This is contrary to what is listed under the cancellation policy, at the time of booking. The policy stated that cancellation had to be done 24 hours before the appointment in order to not be charged and I was cancelling a week before the appointment. I tried to call customer service and a recoding said that the number is for technical support and that all other calls would cost $10.
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5 years ago, Uniform131
Great Appointment App
Love this App!!! Keeps accurate accounts of upcoming and past appointments at my favorite beauty spot... seriously, I don’t know what I would do without it. I used to keep notes in a little note pad,, I constantly lost it or forgot it at home, tried a pocket calendar, same results. This App tracks the appointment from beginning to end, who the appointment is with, the times, costs and it tracks past appointments. I can schedule an appointment with my favorites at the spa and if I have to reschedule or cancel, I can do it with just a touch. Love this App!
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4 years ago, Bionicears2004
Very handy for Deaf/HH clients
I’m Deaf, but can “hear” with CIs, but phones are not my strongest suit. I LOVE this app because it allows me to book appointments at my favorite salon and it’s so easy to use and to find when I can book with my favorite stylist, or to find the next available appointment. Especially when it’s after hours, and I realize I need to book an appointment. Booking right away when I’m thinking of it instead of having to wait later (and I’m likely to forget to) is very convenient!
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4 years ago, LovinLifeATT
Love-hate relationship
I want to love this app - and I really do love the convenience of booking a hair appointment any time of day. However, while I can appreciate that the developers keep the app updated, it inevitably makes me log back in every single time it updates. For some reason the app doesn’t work with the password memory feature on iPhone so it’s very inconvenient to try and remember my password, or reset it, every 6-8 weeks. I finally gave up and just started texting my stylist to make an appointment instead of using this app. If the developers would get the app integrated with the password keeper / facial recognition on iPhone I would start using it again. Until then it’s not convenient.
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5 years ago, MarceMarcMarc
Excellent app
I have enjoyed using this app for a year or more now. It’s so helpful being able to make appointments without having to talk out loud (like when in public). Also I enjoy seeing the available open times and looking at different days/times to compare to my calendar. So much better than the dialogue that goes on over the phone. You can set up reminders, add to calendar, and you can go back in to look at past and current appointments as well as rescheduling an appointment. So great!! Try it!
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6 months ago, Justagirlj
This app is beyond annoying. The forced two factor authentication EVERY SINGLE TIME you open the app is irritating and pointless. If I just need to look at my appointment time I shouldn’t need to verify. I opened the app three times in one day and had to verify every single time. I’m pretty sure no one is stealing my account to make random appointments at places. This level of so called security is ridiculous. I just want to schedule hair appointments for my family without it being an enormous ordeal to get into the app. And with no way to shut the verification off, it’s irritating. My stylist has said everyone complains so she’s looking at other options. I’ll be super glad when she quits using this garbage service.
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1 year ago, Keshawn Hughes
Superior haircare, knowledge and service!
I’m so glad I met Raven and depend on her for keeping my hair and scalp beautiful and healthy. Every experience at her salon is healing and wonderful. She shares deep, evidence-based, knowledge about products and state-of-the art techniques. Her hair oil and leave-in spray conditioner are the best I’ve ever used. Her humble, creative nature is always a pleasure to engage with and her head spa services are second to none. I always feel smarter and lighter as I leave her salon. She’s a gift! Experience her salon and services for yourself!
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7 years ago, k8EEEdid
Smart & Easy
Does the job and makes it easy. I only wish more salons were using this, but I suspect this will be as successful and widely used as OpenTable has become. It takes away the hassle of calling, maybe being put on hold, or possibly wanting to call when the salon is closed. Plus it allows you to visualize your options. I think it also provided my info to my aesthetician so that she could text me and confirm other details she needed for the appointment (current skin status, etc).
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2 years ago, Gmischler
Make adjustments
I just left this business, I wanted to leave a review with photos on this app since there is quite a bit of users and they use this as the main scheduling app. I am highly disappointed because I could not give this business a rating since there was not an option to rate it without making an appointment, adjustments need to be made to allow for reviews without having to access appointment schedule. I’m not happy with this app and most possibly taking it off of my phone and not ever using it again because of this. This needs to be fixed if you want people to continue to download/use/utilize appointment settings etc. in the future
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2 years ago, CBsdN
Easy Scheduling
Very glad my barber shop adopted Vagaro. Where no scheduling was available, I am now able to easily schedule appointments for me and my son. Prior to that, finding the time to grab my boy and dash down there was difficult enough. Then you had the dread of walking in the door and seeing four people already waiting for our favorite barber, it was such horrible hit and miss. Vagaro removes the uncertainty and I can more easily plan our time more efficiently.
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3 years ago,
Awesome, time- and hassle-saving app!
I love how quickly and easily I can set appointments for the whole family and work around everyone’s schedule without having to waste someone’s time on the phone! Plus, I can set an appointment right when I think of it—often at midnight—instead of having to wait for business hours. Love the “add to calendar” option, love that reminders are sent directly to each family member, love everything!
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6 months ago, Rsysgiri25
Wonderful Service
I had the pleasure of Missy providing my hair care and she did a fantastic job. I told her my hair was shedding as well as I had a dry flaky scalp. She identified the problem and treated my hair and scalp. I haven’t had any shedding at all & my scalp isn’t dry. She styles my hair beautifully but I love the hair care that she provides! My hair has grown so much since she’s been doing my hair. Also the salon has a relaxing atmosphere and everyone is very professional! I love coming here! Thanks Missy!
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3 years ago, melgyearwood
Melissa Canino
Melissa Canino is the most professional, trustworthy, and caring Stylist I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Her Master Colorist Credentials are impeccable, including her experience at the prestigious Elizabeth Arden Salon in Washington, DC. She attends numerous Continuing Education opportunities, including an International Master Conference in Spain recently. She treats me and my daughter, not just as clients, but she genuinely cares if we are succeeding in accomplishing what we each need and want for our personal hair goals. Melissa genuinely cares about her Clients, and I highly recommend her Services....she is a Rock Star!
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2 years ago, jafy2
How to enjoy a haircut
My haircut is something now that I look forward to every time. April knows just how I like my hair cut as she basically guided me into a style that suits the limited amount of hair available. I have now done away with the dreaded “comb over”. Besides being very professional and experienced she has a personality that has resulted in a friendship that I enjoy and I suspect she feels the same way. Thank you April, see you soon I hope! FrankP
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2 years ago, Bopadini
So efficient!
This app is great! I had a huge event to go to last minute and in less then a week I had my hair, makeup, eyebrows and tan appointments all set up and done. I love that I can keep all of my beauty appointments all in one spot! The services are so detailed and you can pick which staff member and which time/day that works best for you! I’m also finding services that I had no idea even existed. I suggest to any woman to download this app…it’s so worth it!
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7 years ago, Nmarie3511
Finally! All my fave salons are using Vagaro!
I didn’t realize how much I loved this app until I moved and started at a lash salon that didn’t have this app. Having to call in to make an appointment and ask about 5-6 different times that worked for my calendar sucked. I was sooooo excited when they finally got the vagaro app, I’m able to look at all the available times and find what works for me without keeping their receptionist on the phone for a half hour.
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5 months ago, BernhutG
Jessica is an absolute PRO!
I was so lucky to find Jessica over a year ago! She is not only amazing, her work is 100% on point! She is consistently outdoing herself, my lashes are always beautiful and I feel fabulous when leaving. She is always punctual, in fact I can’t remember a time in over a year she was late or had to cancel. I look forward to every appointment as if I was meeting a friend! Thank you Jessica for your outstanding services!
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3 years ago, bmljd
Amazing Lashes
I’ve been going to Regan for months for lash extensions. Post COVID I rarely wear makeup during the normal day to day work. With the help from Regan I always look on point with perfect lashes. Having the extensions is a great way to put my best face forward and look put together. She has a gift at assessing what’s best for each person based on your eyes, level of upkeep and your current lash status. If you’re in the fence about lashes- take the leap, it’s so worth it!
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11 months ago, Nashii1
Brandy Williams
Brandy has been doing my over about 20yrs now! Very professional always attentive to the needs of your hair. Brandy is such a talented Stylist I’ve never been dissatisfied with any service, I as so many others appreciate that she a healthy hair Stylist, she will tell you if things aren’t good for your hair! Instead of just servicing you for the money. If you’re looking for great Customer Service, Professional beautiful atmosphere try BW SALON & SPA.
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5 years ago, AllisonPS
Can’t send messages?
I would not have downloaded this app had my favorite yoga studio not started to use it for booking classes. Overall, the user experience is just fine — not great. Surprisingly, I’ve had a difficult time figuring out how to send a message to the studio via the app. For example, I have a guest pass but I can’t figure out how to use it at check out. It seems I can’t just shoot the studio a note with my question; if I can via the app, the process is not intuitive. Instead, I need to leave Vargo and open an email or message via Facebook.
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2 months ago, MechaluhPrime
This app needs some work!
While this app is convenient for booking with your faves, it has a lot of issues as of lately.. It can take a long time to load, other times you’ll go to check your appointments and it’s basically like your account doesn’t exist, and frankly it crashes quite a bit. Would love if the developers would take the time to actually fix these reoccurring issues, which still persist after their updates that are supposed to fix the bug issues.
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2 years ago, Skypower27
Easy to Use!
The Vagaro app is set up nicely. The businesses listed are organized well and the information about them is clear and easy to find. The information listed is easy to use and navigate through. Colors and graphics are great. Having the maps to locate where businesses are is key. It’s helped me find many businesses I didn’t know about in just one app.
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3 years ago, Stwrsclnwrs
I have a specific barber that I have gone to for years. Their website allows me to book through Vagaro. However when using this app to try to take a step out and make it easier, I am unable to find this business. When trying to search the name of the business, it just gives the option of searching my current location. When trying to search any barber in that town, the business does not show up. Again, the business website uses the vagaro booking service and thats how I’ve booked my appointments for years. Unfortunately the app itself does not work. Uninstalling.
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5 years ago, Biscuit090
Best App for making appointments!
This is so easy and convenient to use and keep my appointments organized and I love the updates and deals!!!! This is amazing I wish every salon used this! ❤️. For real it makes my busy life and scheduling my salon appointments so much simpler and provides the flexibility I need as a customer!!! I can see my options and get a quick facial or brows done and add additional services when I see they have extra time a available 👍❤️
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1 year ago, ms marcie
Baby Pink
I’ve been coming here for many years. Always satisfied with my services. The owner is very sweet and a professional. She expects everyone of her staff members to give excellent service to all there clients. She doesn’t mind working beside her staff members as an equal. Wish is very impressive to me. Today I witnessed her staff welcoming her back and wanting to talk to her. They were actually excited to see her. Kristina your the bomb nail tech and boss lady.
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1 year ago, NateyPants
Not satisfied
As with any small business owner. I don’t have a lot of time. I was drawn to Vagaro because everything I read said they would be able to import my old booking system to this one. After weeks of working with a specialist they could only put my information in a spreadsheet and couldn’t not import it. They also, won’t refund service even if you want to cancel the day the recurring bill went through. I didn’t feel as if I , the small business, mattered. Only my payment! Classic example of a once caring company to a greedy corporation.
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10 months ago, rockytop3
Erin in incredible!
I have been going to a very fancy Medi spa in Kirkland for two years now seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon for simple procedures. Erin has far and away, blown every expectation out of the water. She is professional, knowledgeable, and I felt like she understood me and my needs almost immediately. She listened intently and explained everything that she was doing along the way. I will absolutely recommend Erin and be back.
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