Valley First Mobile Banking

3.2 (55)
24.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Valley First Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Valley First Mobile Banking

3.18 out of 5
55 Ratings
2 months ago, Cyn MR
Keeps rearranging the sub-account order!
I really like the app, however, it keeps on rearranging my chosen order of sub-accounts! Suddenly, I cannot find my -00 subaccount because it was moved from the top of my list to the bottom or to the middle,or wherever, to the list. And the app does the same to all my other subaccounts--I'm spending way too much time rearranging my subaccounts list back to the order I wanted it! The previous app did not behave like this. I believe that the programmers should add more time in the "long press" on the subaccount names so that the subaccount wouldn't be accidentally dragged to the wrong location. For right now the long press function/ feature is way too sensitive.
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3 years ago, Andrewsbox
Great credit union Outdated app
Valley first is a great credit union. They recently added Apple Pay but the iPhone app user interface is a little outdated. More people these days expect to have a more modern experience on there mobile phones. Hopefully Valley First puts more resources into updating there app. Also if you deposit multiple checks at one time walking in the bank with the teller you are not able to view scanned images of checks online unless you request from bank. If you have a business checking account this can be very inconvenient when managing your bookkeeping.
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4 months ago, Less scramble
Update caused more sensitivity
Prior to the last update the app was less sensitive when it came to moving around your accounts in the app. The improvements other wise have been nice. But now any slight movement and your accounts if you have multiple end up being scrambled. This can be come very frustrating and rearranging them is just as frustrating. I would suggest reducing the sensitivity of it.
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8 years ago, Clovis c
Bad update
All portions of the old app are still present but extremely difficult to find. The bill pay section has become tedious and impossible to read. If someone had vision problems the web bill pay would be unusable. I gave it a few weeks, but am still extremely disappointed in the lack of user friendly features. I will be using mobile banking much less because of the update . I do not see any positive or new features. For instance the supposed new feature of more alerts to your account is exceptionally limited and not easy to set up. I was not able to customize any alerts that are valuable to me. I will still check my balances this way, but I could even do that with the old phone -in process. I would consider this app a downgrade and an epic fail.
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4 months ago, Dehsá
App and banking
The app used for my account is simple and okay. It’s just an app. There are no strong features about it. As a negative, it’s very slow to use. When transferring funds from an outside account to my account I have with Valley First, it seems to take almost a week to complete. I’d more involvement from Valley First about deals, loans, refinancing and big purchases like a home. I would use Valley a lot more or only if the deposits, transfers and transactions were more of a live time. Also, I can’t seem to transfer funds from my main bank over to my savings account with Valley.
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5 months ago, threeospades
Gets the job done
Now that it’s been updated it’s a lot better. I do wish the credit card information was a bit clearer. When I click on the account it’s confusing to tell how much is left on the card and how much I’ve spent. It’s also difficult to find all transactions. One more thing- please add an account tab where I can access all my account numbers and routing information
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5 months ago, Busdriver Mom
Great place to look easy to understand
First is made, and easy to understand, and navigate mobile app would’ve given it five stars except individual section keep moving. Other than that, I’ve never been happier with a mobile app.
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5 months ago, PandaPhone
Terrible app
The credit union is decent, however, their app is nearly worthless—unless you just want to check your balance. Their “upgrade” managed to entirely eliminate the ability to make mobile deposits. Let’s not even mention their skewed idea of organization. Other banking apps have the most-used features on the front page in an easy-to-see icon. This one has menu names that make sense only to the banker, so one must guess which menu to pull down. Is it in transactions or card controls or something else? I could go on, but you get the point.
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5 months ago, David the christian guy
Rating iPhone app
I find this app to be solid. I have no problem with the reminder shown at the top of the page. I do my own double check most every morning. Keep up the great work at keeping all secure. I do wonder a bit when the site won’t sign in due to upgrading but I know it’s necessary to keep all secure.
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1 month ago, Weekedn
Good bank, but wish that they have ZellE
It’s a very good bank. Everyone is friendly they give you a lot of information about financing, but my problem is that they don’t have Zelle within the organization, which they should be in the same trend as every other golden 1 has that
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5 months ago, V!ctor.
This is great
I’ve been banking with VFCU for a long time and I’ve seen the app go through almost every change. I’m glad to know and have seen it through all of the change. Every time they put out an update it just seems to get a little better.
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5 months ago, E4Semper
This Credit Union is always there for me. Always friendly, polite, respectful and professional. I never leave without my personal business being taken care of. Not kind of taking care of but definitely taken care of.
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2 months ago, YO PAPA PHIL
I have never been disappointed by the service of this credit union. I have been a member since 1989. I have made several loans. Any time i had a issue that needed to be resolved they resolved it fast and to my satisfaction.
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5 months ago, Ms Gordita
Like my app
Things on application have been updated and moved lately. Sometimes takes time to find options, but overall like the way it turned out.
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1 week ago, Lizzie’s5858
Modernization of app
We have a joint account and when I log in I only see my husbands name and only have the option to see his credit and not mine. I also used to receive my paycheck deposit from work on Wednesday when I had a different bank and here I get it on Thursday so I also don’t like the delayed deposit.
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3 weeks ago, Duke-50
Valley First App is excellent
You can get everything done in one place. Check your money, pay bills, deposit your check, practically anything you need to get done. Easy, quick and simple. I like it.
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3 months ago, NavyChiefBob
Easy to use
Been using the app since it was available, few, if any, problems with it except when coverage is spotty. Maintenance is usually late at night, so the accessibility is rarely impacted.
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4 months ago, SherriAB
Easy to use and getting faster…
The VFCU app is easy to use and is getting faster than before. There are still items it is not compatible with, but nothing is perfect. At least the credit union is doing great trying. I appreciate that a lot.
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5 months ago, Cheryl6490
Decent app
Only complaint I would have is when you go to look at your history, it takes a bit to long for it to load that next page of information.
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5 months ago, TheJolie
User friendly
The app is easy to use and gives you access to many different things without having to step inside a branch.
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3 months ago, N/A —-
Login page
The dropdown notifications on the login page are annoying. The always shift the page down when you try to enter in your password.
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5 years ago, EdtheFE
App works perfect for me!
Haven’t had one issue other than not being able to make more than 6 transfers in one month. I understand this is a Federal limitation and probably a demorat one, maybe someone will get changed. Otherwise great app!
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4 months ago, elpantera00000
If possible at the atm and app apply or update a feature that gives you the opinion for your money market account as your savings and not only savings.
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5 months ago, catton1234
App has improved
Overall easier to navigate after latest update and tech features are starting to catch up with bigger banks. Of course, you can still do more.
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5 months ago, jaxxxson_p
All the necessities
the app will cover all of your basic needs and is easy to navigate. I do wish you could set up seperate savings accounts through the app like other banking apps though.
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4 months ago, Teenager (16)
Always reliable…
I’ve been using Valley First Mobile Banking for four years now, the app is always functioning as it should and is very easy to learn.
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4 years ago, IReviewAThing
Needs Apple Pay
The bank itself and their app isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good looking. It’s not sleek BofA or fancy like Chase. It’s a plain and boring interface. The lack of Apple Pay has been pushing me to move banks and close this account in here. It’s a good bank, but the biggest turnoffs are user interface on the app and the lack of innovation when there are banks that I’m sure are lesser that have Apple Pay.
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3 months ago, bbbbbhfdrtuggdvhhjtdyu
Accounts not available
A lot of times I will try to get online to my VFCU and it will say your accounts cannot be accessed at this time.. Return to home then nothing
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4 months ago, Jemiah_209
It’s very basic…
Basic app. Not optimized for iPhone. Also takes along time to load. Came from GoldenOne Credit Union, their app runs super well, easy to navigate. Feel like they can improve their user interface and server speed even.
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4 months ago, susanaadana
Secure messages
I like the convenience of being able to send a secured message regarding my account from the app.. among other things
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5 months ago, Butthead & Beavis
Works great
I’ve been using this for years , never had a issue . I do not like going to the bank and this keeps me from going
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2 months ago, Omar & Rosaba
Best online banking
I have multiple bank accounts and this app by far is the easiest to you.
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2 months ago, We lots
Love my credit union
Are you kidding, to be able to do all your banking and not have to leave your home
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2 months ago, My-iPhone
Nice improvements
Good number of services to easily utilize. I used the travel controls when I went on a river cruise in October ‘23. It worked! 👍🏼
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4 months ago, dlengtat
Valley first
Love the app. Love the customer service when you call. Everyone is polite and friendly and work hard to help
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5 months ago, ✨Trash company✨
Could be better
Really slow at loading anything, definitely don’t click on the wrong thing or you’ll spend an eternity waiting for it to load
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5 months ago, moniray2
I love my credit union
They all have played a part in my doing business with most of them so polight and very hospitable
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5 months ago, im2fknkrz4u
Thumbs up
Great app. Pretty easy to use and if I ever need help with anything and I always do, they’re customer service is fantastic.
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2 weeks ago, NV2800
It is a great app. It's awesome. I love it. Everything about a great features. Really would recommend is if you are a member at Valley first credit union
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4 months ago, The922Mermaid
Love it
Valley first has always been awesome. This app just makes it that much easier to bank!
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4 months ago, Valley Jenn
Easy to use
Convenient , easy to use, and just overall good.
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3 months ago, Texas tilly
I’m enjoying the online banking it’s so convenient I haven’t had any problems yet.
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4 months ago, Stratele71
Simplistic looks old but works
Not everything needs to be cutting edge and modern. It works that is enough.
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5 months ago, Great Nana 2018
Valley First app
This is the best app I have had form a banking institute. Do helpful and let’s me keep on top of my balance and bills to be paid. Love it.
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5 months ago, bikerbabe123
Love the access
I like that you can do everything on it.
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5 months ago, Bryannaxoxo
Love it
So easy to use and just overall a great bank to give your money to.
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5 months ago, Jtburn_420
Works as expected
The App works as expected. Easy/intuitive to use.
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4 months ago, cynthiachingona
User friendly
Simple and easy to use
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5 months ago, Rayhnna
Love the updates and new interface!
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5 months ago, Tinydogwally
Makes banking easier
The title says it all! I have zero complaints.
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