Valley First Mobile Banking

3.2 (55)
24.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Valley First Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Valley First Mobile Banking

3.18 out of 5
55 Ratings
11 years ago, jaespun
Check images never available
This app is great to be able to access my VF account but it is disappointing that the website and app are using 1990's technology and I can never view my deposited checks because it always, always says the image is not available. It definitely needs work but has potential if these bugs are fixed.
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3 years ago, Andrewsbox
Great credit union Outdated app
Valley first is a great credit union. They recently added Apple Pay but the iPhone app user interface is a little outdated. More people these days expect to have a more modern experience on there mobile phones. Hopefully Valley First puts more resources into updating there app. Also if you deposit multiple checks at one time walking in the bank with the teller you are not able to view scanned images of checks online unless you request from bank. If you have a business checking account this can be very inconvenient when managing your bookkeeping.
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7 years ago, Clovis c
Bad update
All portions of the old app are still present but extremely difficult to find. The bill pay section has become tedious and impossible to read. If someone had vision problems the web bill pay would be unusable. I gave it a few weeks, but am still extremely disappointed in the lack of user friendly features. I will be using mobile banking much less because of the update . I do not see any positive or new features. For instance the supposed new feature of more alerts to your account is exceptionally limited and not easy to set up. I was not able to customize any alerts that are valuable to me. I will still check my balances this way, but I could even do that with the old phone -in process. I would consider this app a downgrade and an epic fail.
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4 years ago, EdtheFE
App works perfect for me!
Haven’t had one issue other than not being able to make more than 6 transfers in one month. I understand this is a Federal limitation and probably a demorat one, maybe someone will get changed. Otherwise great app!
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3 years ago, IReviewAThing
Needs Apple Pay
The bank itself and their app isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good looking. It’s not sleek BofA or fancy like Chase. It’s a plain and boring interface. The lack of Apple Pay has been pushing me to move banks and close this account in here. It’s a good bank, but the biggest turnoffs are user interface on the app and the lack of innovation when there are banks that I’m sure are lesser that have Apple Pay.
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4 months ago, Zack Dwight
Crashes when depositing checks
It crashes when doing mobile deposits. Sometimes the deposit gets accepted, sometimes not. But it always crashes.
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5 years ago, mj maggie
Nope. Don’t like it
Hate the new version. It’s hard to find my recurring payments that I may need to adjust. Most of everything else is accessible but I mostly do bill pay on line (like most folks). The new version makes it way to hard.
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2 years ago, lef testie
It’s Great and All..
The app is create, simple- straight to the point. But I hate that I can’t scan my check or deposit it through the app. Y’all need to fix that.
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5 years ago, amdunnrft
Ever since they updated there systems I’ve had nothing but problems with the banking. This is overly irritating! Need to fix the bugs that your system update caused.
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7 years ago, Schooliscoolfool
Good features.
Great functionality and good features. I really enjoy the app and I love VFCU!
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4 years ago, RobertaS808
Updates to fix bugs cause more bugs
Since last update, I can’t deposit a check! I can’t even look at my history. Balances only.
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4 years ago, Schlemmhammer
Can’t deposit checks. I’m done!
Since they updated, I can no longer deposit mobile checks. This is outrageous since I live out of town. I am done with this bank.
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12 months ago, ed_the_ed
log in issue
Keeps asking to register device when I try to log in.
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5 years ago, shoveljunk568
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Do the developers use there own apps. Dislike the bill pay short cut.
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4 years ago, too many bad names
Horrible accessibility
I’ve tried at least 10 times to download the app to my phone and there is no clear path. Somewhere it should say get app!
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5 years ago, FreeYourMindInc
App crashes
The mobile deposit keeps crashing.
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10 months ago, Gamerguy_059
Un useable
How can I transfer money if I’m not even able to see the options?? Useless app.
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2 months ago, toddkmccoy
Best in the Valley!
Love the place.
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2 years ago, J.A08
Terrible app
Nothing but a headache
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8 years ago, ArcKing01
Pointless and irritating
There was nothing wrong with the old app. Why change to a new system? The old one worked just fine for what we needed. It's banking. It doesn't have to be pretty. The only thing this hangs had accomplished is bring new headaches and waste our time: 1) We are forced to delete the old app because it's no longer connected or supported 2) No transfer of log in information which leads to #3... 3) We are forced to reapply for access to online banking which means filling out all of our personal information again 4) I think this update takes up more space than the previous FUNCTIONING app 5) Can't even see my balances because it apparently didn't process my account numbers. So I downloaded a pointless updated app to get nothing from it In all, this update is a pain in the rear, entirely pointless and really putting me off. I like Valley First, but stuff like this really puts me off and pushes me away. There was no need for this update. Update the old app if you want more aesthetics added. But don't rollout a new system unless everything is actually working.
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10 years ago, Melissa Moseley
Convenience & Security
I love VFCU already but when they came out with the app I was even more excited. It's extremely secure with accurate and up to date information that allows me to make transfers and see my balances. I still wish that I could make my visa payment or view more details but I'm sure it's a work in progress! Thanks for the awesome app!
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12 years ago, Nejie
Works great but needs a little more!
I have been using this app several times and have had no problems. My only complaint is that I would really like it to have the ability to send push notifications so you can get alerted when your balance is at a certain point.
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11 years ago, JaeGrrBombs
Great start
I would like to see an option for photo check deposits.
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8 years ago, vraiel
Bad update can't login here or website
This update is horrendous both for there app and what they did to there website. I can't login to save my life since it always says wrong password. It's not my password nothing has changed but the update. It's very frustrating and I hope they can fix it soon. I can't even believe they let this go live without testing to make sure it they wouldn't have login errors. Horrible can't believe they let this happen.
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12 years ago, gr8ride
Very Good Start
The App offers instant info. I hope it evolves into an even more useful App by having Push Notifications and Alerts to balances falling to a pre-determined amounts. Great start though. Thanks VFCU, keep up the advances in banking.
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9 years ago, Californiasunkid
Overall Good App
Love this app and the new features, but have experienced errors in web bill pay area. No updates available for this.
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8 years ago, KatKrush
New update
Thanks VF for this crappy update. Password won't work and I can't get thru to anyone at VF to help me. What's the point of mobile banking if you can't use it? I'm thinking its time to pull my money out and put it all in my Mocse account. This is ridiculous.
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12 years ago, Mota3993
Best CU ever!!!
Valley first is the best credit union around. Great products and amazing member service...wouldn't wanna be anywhere else!!!
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9 years ago, Jtburn_420
App is good, but...
The app is good. Just like the web page. The servers, however, have very poor reliability. An App is worthless if it can't connect.
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7 years ago, BoostedC6
This app is the worst thing to happen to this bank. I haven't been able to log in since the update, If I didn't have a loan through them I would change banks entirely. Very unhappy.
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8 years ago, Spoonfulofideas
Update app
Please update your app. Before I was able to view bill pay now I can't and your member service tells me I can only view via browsers currently..:(
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8 years ago, Norcal30976
Apple pay & Touch ID
When is Apple pay coming available? And can we log in using Touch ID?
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12 years ago, Fuvb
I love this app
It's finally here!!
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12 years ago, KellieLiz
The best Credit Union ever!
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8 years ago, magy09
New update horrible
I can't log in how can I check my bank account this is horrible nice new look but wish it worked
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8 years ago, Mannyfaces
Can we please get apple pay & Can we get the ability to pay our VFCU credit card from our checking on on the mobile app please thank you. 👎😞
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10 years ago, Jason2091
Slow app needs work and quicker response with more features
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12 years ago, Chirpy14
Great app
Good! It's helps me look at my account anytime of the day. Great since I'm in the marines and stationed in Japan. And it's free !!
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13 years ago, LLCoolBobby
Great App!
The mobile app is here. Very convenient.
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7 years ago, Neilprasad
Bad update
I can't even sign to check my balances transfer money or anything. I have the right username and password but it says it's wrong won't let me sign in need to fix this ASAP!
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