Valley Mobile

4.8 (12.7K)
55.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Valley National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Valley Mobile

4.78 out of 5
12.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Qqhakcfllcvlbb146?
Employee advice
I work for the bank and I think there are somethings that could be improve with the app. First, the app should be able to link to Zelle or another platform for quick transfers. Second; the app should help the customer schedule a meeting with an universal banker if the customer has a busy schedule. This would help customers by allowing them to pick a day, time and place. It would help the bank because the universal bankers would receive less calls and the system would tell them what the customer is looking for so they will be prepared with answers and documentation. Another aspect to improve is the branch location. When you are on the map section and you tap on a branch for information, the app shows you the address, hours of operation, and phone number. I believe the app should also show icons for the services offer at each branch. The icons should include: ATM, Drive thru, Coin machine, security box if available, notary services (for bank docs).
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9 months ago, Sea_Pig
App is junk.. Almost done with VB, altogether
I have been using the internet site to manage my Valley Bank checking accounts for about 4 months now. I recently decided about a week ago to start using the app. Nothing but a big problem since that time. I tried logging in to the app with the same exact user name and password that I have been using on the internet for months now.. I have never been able to log in yet on the app. Every day after my first log in attempt, I get a “sorry” message that says “for your security, you will not be able to log in for 6 hours.” I deleted the app today after about 5 days of not being able to log in. Also, I am still waiting for a VB. Credit card that I applied for in early July… almost two months ago.. Almost done with Valley Bank in all aspects.. We’ll see. If all business relationships are about rapport and results, the rapport is great, but the results are severely lagging.. That’s my 4 month experience with Valley Bank.
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3 years ago, ElleMhid1788
Not the best
This bank overall is not the best. I wish I chose another bank but that’s besides the point. There is no option for Zelle which is frustrating and there’s no easy way on the app to send money to others. The whole reason I wanted a bank account was to bot have to use cash sending apps. Also it takes the bank long to update the real balance. For example I can order something but it will take the bank 3 or more days to even take note of the transaction and they constantly show an incorrect balance so if I don’t remember or keep track of what I buy there’s a chance to go be negative in the account . Also when I have tried mobile check deposit it does not work and there’s no reason as to why so I always have to end up going to the bank. It took 2 weeks for a check from the government to process ! Please consider any other bank .
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1 year ago, domerbomer
Valley makes banking easy!
I really find the Valley App easy to navigate and convenient for my lifestyle needs. I am back and forth between two states and I need a bank that I can count on, is accessible, and easy when it comes to deposits, transfers and withdrawals. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Stanley Hoff
Stanley Hoff
Made my payoff and went to my mobile app to check for zero balance only to find my mobile account was erased. Then you send me an email to tell me my paperless statement is on line for viewing. Go to mobile a what do you know still turned off! No zero balance, no statement. No way of knowing that the payoff was handled properly. Maybe a good idea would be to leave the mobile app open with a zero balance with the hope I would like to deal with your bank again in the future. You know repeat business, build a relationship. Nope! Paid off the loan. Shut him down!! Whoever made the decision to handle paid accounts this way should be looking for a job!!
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2 years ago, The dash of puzzles
Mobile deposit hardly ever works
This app works terribly. The main reason I want a bank app is for mobile deposit, but 90% of the time the simply will not accept the photos I take of a check. And there is nothing wrong with these photos, everything on the check is clearly visible. Occasionally, it will accept a photo on the first shot and I’ll get excited, thinking they’ve fixed the app, and then it won’t “recognize” the very next check I try to photograph. Most often, I end up trying for ten minutes, get fed up and go deposit it in person anyway. So what’s the point? The only thing this app gives me is pure frustration.
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5 years ago, Avi abc
Mobile app complaint
The app does not show pending transactions which is my only complaint. I can picture-deposit a check then when I log back in there is no visual representation on the Account History to signify that the deposit is pending; until it is cleared. If the trxn failed it fail silently. I do not receive a warning of the failure. Suggestion: Please rectify this. Perhaps have a pending transactions status section above the running Account History. You could also add a line in the Details Section of Account History. This would then add a line titled Pending beneath the Current and Available lines. Otherwise, the bank has a very high touch quality. When I failed to deposit a check on time n a payment came through a rep from the bank called me up n asked if I want the payment paid or rejected. This kind of high touch is lost in many larger banks.
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2 years ago, chaseisbetter
Mobile deposit
Your mobile deposit is extremely annoying. Have is so much quicker and better. Can’t even utilize auto capture feature. Waste of time.
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4 months ago, coolicos
Customer Service is Beyond Pathetic
Opened an account in early November. Messaged 2 different times in late November notifying Valley that my card hadn’t delivered, just simply resend a new one to my address on file or whatever they need to do to get this fixed up, no biggie. I got my issue fixed by a branch months ago, they were great. Dip heads on the app ignore me for 2 months, finally got back to me today in a message that had the energy of: Visit your local branch, we’re gonna continue to ignore you. Sounds like a personal problem. 😂😂 Listen, Valley as a Bank is great so far. But trying to reach customer service on this app if you have a disability that limits your access or something similar, you’re going to drive yourself crazy. You’d be better off talking to a brick wall, at least the brick wall would be present 😅
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6 years ago, Rodriguez_
Mobile App
The mobile app is convenient to keep track of what you have purchased. But it does not keep up with the balance. You can check the balance of your account one minute than it will change when you sign back on. Also, valley national only holds 1$ for gas than days later releases the full amount which than gives you two different balances also. You’ll think you’ll have a certain amount in your account than few days later they take the gas hold off for the full amount.
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9 months ago, GMS0628
Business Banking
The app works. OK, Teck Support not bad. Biggest problem I have with Valley Business banking is Zell is unavailable. Difficultly in ACH transactions. Cost of moving money is high. VLY does have Bill pay, which is not electronic movement of funds but is check by mail. An obsolete and outdated method of banking. Very satisfied with personal account moderately dissatisfied with business banking. Little to no help at the branches in resolving this issue, or coming up with an alternative.
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3 years ago, Cara_Mimii
No ability to make payments from outside to loans
You can’t make a loan payment directly through the app. You have to go to a website in the app then use that payment system. Not user friendly at all for the car loan part of things. I can view my balance and what my payment is but that’s pretty much it. Much easier to set up bill pay through my actual bank account
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1 year ago, Your Boy Tuna
User friendly
Valley apps is fairly easy to use. Have all the features that you needed, such as: current balance, deposit, free debit card. If my mom can navigate through it. You definitely can do it
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7 months ago, Water fun 61
Savings account
I’ve been very happy with the interest rate on the savings account. The one thing I don’t like is it takes several days from when I initiate a transfer from my external account into this account before I see it posted in my account.
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6 years ago, Punkin72
Great app!!
I love the new look and the same ease of access to my accounts as they have always provided! It has a smooth feel and I love seeing the pending transactions so I know amounts are coming through and coming through correctly!!
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3 years ago, JoshL830
Needs update to fix issues!
App keeps crashing when you select the Bill play option, otherwise solid app
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5 years ago, Vamp 9
Mobile deposit
A really good app which makes banking so easy. The deposit app is simple to use, you can make a deposit any time and anywhere. Transfers are a breeze and checking your balances is effortless.
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3 years ago, chasing birdies
Still not user friendly!
Home page needs design work. Making a deposit is still rudimentary and statements are very not user friendly. And the online system is too slow!!
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3 years ago, JLC1000
Why does this company make it so difficult to submit checks thru the mobile banking app. Td bank didn’t give me nearly the headache this bank gives. Please fix this issue because it’s ridiculous.
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1 month ago, Guywholikesangrybirds
Love it
I can deposit my checks. I can do transfers if I need to. Only six but that’s not the app, that’s the banks doing. And I can see my account number whenever which is great cuz my memory is horrible. Love so ea.
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1 year ago, Heyooohhh
Great Service - Intuitive and Easy To Use
Nice and simple platform that performs well. Has saved me loads of time doing basic tasks.
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6 months ago, DottiHT
I have been with Valley Bank (started with Midland in 1973) and whatever we’re doing is not turning out too well we’ve had problems from the day that you installed your and then that’s in quotes new system. We are seriously thinking about switching to TD Bank. Their hours are better than much more efficient and I’m sorry but we can’t fool around with our money.
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2 years ago, Lee_bear
Transfer from account to account broken
I’m trying to move money from my checking account to my mortgage account and always says this feature isn’t work right now. Otherwise app is just okay.
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4 years ago, A4568M
Money glitch issue
I really like how it’s organized and very easy to use but valley bank sometimes glitches because it would say I have for example $200 then one day $240 and then back to $200 7 hrs later. It makes me sad :(((( I’m here thinking yayyy pay day.
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5 years ago, RaKaMa22
Very Good App But...
One issue I have is that it takes so long to see pending deposits on the app. I wish I could see pending deposits immediately! Eventually pending deposits post- but not instantaneously as some other bank Apps do. Otherwise it is a very good App! :)
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5 years ago, Cheezqueen
Would have given the app 5 Stars...
The app is very good, I just wish that there was an option for facial recognition. If it had that, I would have given it five stars!
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4 years ago, life begins in october
Stopped working
After months of trouble-free use, Thales app now says “Application error” whenever I try to log on. Anyone know why?
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3 years ago, clemgpd
Average … at best
Really very very average. Lots of things I can’t do ( trace automatic payments) . Can’t authorise identity except by… telephone call ! Which is useless if you are outside of USA . Looks like it was designed by school kids.I ve been a customer for 40+ years but unless you improve on line capabilities I’ll be gone soon
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4 years ago, PJM031259
VNB Online Banking
User-friendly experience. Easy to create payee records, setup one time and recurring payments. Plenty of history availability and great customer service.
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1 year ago, Jacobs012
Mobile check
takes a multiple takes to read
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1 year ago, karenbetween
Terrible service
It is the worst bank I could choose, I have been without access to my money for a week, I call and they say that the bank has blocked my account and they do not even give me an explanation, or a solution, definitely as soon as I can, I am going to change banks, terrible service.
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3 years ago, Bfarms Pottery
Zelle please!
I use the app all the time. No problems until recently when I needed to use Zelle. Please make that available and EASY to find on the app. I’d rather use that than Venmo. Over all it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, Gailb203
I can’t make payments to my loan and have to go on website still!
I have an auto loan and cannot do anything but check balances on this app. I would like to set up my payments too instead of going on the website.
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5 years ago, Lyuffe
Great bank
We have no problems with this app and bank. Will definitely recommend
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4 years ago, Lizi------
Better tech
I’ve noticed that Valley has invested in more advanced technology and it has made it easier to transact with them lately.
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2 years ago, Dddddqqeryiewt
Image capture never seems to work
I consistently have trouble taking pictures of checks for deposit. I get frequent error messages prompting me to retake the picture even though it is perfectly clear.
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6 years ago, vnx999
Works well
App works well and I’m looking forward to new features being added in the upcoming months.
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1 year ago, Lulu Griggs
Check Deposits not working with camera on phone ??? Inconvenience need it to work
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3 years ago, Hoboken Barb
One fault
When i used my pin # I am charged 1.00 Outrageous. Thinking about changing banks. Just for that. Everything else is fine.
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3 years ago, Senikism
Long processing wait time.
I’m very happy w this app. Processing wait time of 7 days is a bit long. Overall I’m enjoying this app and all it facilitates.
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8 months ago, Noble Studios
Gotten rid of BOA about 4 years ago and love Valley ever since
I was with BOA for a decade and now with Valley for 4 years and love them, such a more personable bank. Love you guys
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6 years ago, CPA/PFS
Unable to view details of deposit
When I make a remote deposit I am not able to review the details . Other banks provide this feature . If I had the ability to read the details I would rate it much higer.
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5 years ago, James Dellapietro
Worked fine
Currently been receiving application errors just by simply trying to log in. Reinstalled it twice and didn’t fix it. Wish it wasn’t as buggy as it is
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5 years ago, ang0654
Valley Bank at the Hillsdale Office
I love this institution! I particularly live the branch in Hillsdale... the ladies and gentlemen that work out of this office are the nicest... most polite...accommodating to a fault! Unlike those who work at the Ridgefield office! They are awful!!!!
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4 years ago, t e c
Why isn’t the app working
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6 years ago, RaynaLynn47
Can name all the accounts! It's right away for deposits and transactions. Glad I got this app.
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3 years ago, Umm??? ://
Not sure if this is just me but, I don’t any notifications anymore. Before I would get them once week even though I was not logged into my account but now I don’t .
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10 months ago, REE_4
Should allow for larger checks to be deposited. Also, photo recognition of checks is not great. ML and BoA apps much stronger in this area
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3 years ago, Treasure💛💛
It could be better
This app could be better. I would like to see all my transactions as soon as I login to the app. Also when I press Zelle it does not go straight to the app it just says error
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1 month ago, NY154
Mobile Deposit Does Not Recognize All Checks
The Mobile Deposit Feature On This App Did Not Recognize My Check Issued By A State’s Treasury, Which Might Have Been Due To The Smaller Text Size On The Check. I Had To Deposit My Check On A Different Bank’s Mobile App.
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