Valley Strong DataMobile

4.8 (5.3K)
81 MB
Age rating
Current version
Valley Strong Credit Union
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Valley Strong DataMobile

4.82 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Fevermd
Works great and loads just fine . A major upgrade .
After installation and log in the account , turn off and turn your phone back on. It takes about 5 seconds to load the account. The interface is excellent and can see and search several months of transactions. Very easy and comprehensive. Thank you for the major update . Even the website is excellent with numerous new options such as category etc .
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6 years ago, Chris' Acct
Terrible upgrade & customer service
This new upgrade has been a terrible experience which customer service has been no help & pretty much told me I am using the mobile app incorrectly when taking pictures. The remote deposit feature has not worked for us since the upgrade. Spoke with someone tonight that said I need to take the picture manually since a lot of them members are having success that way. Why have an auto capture feature when it doesn’t allow it to be recognized. So now we have to hover over the check for at least 30 seconds before a screen appears to even allow the option to manually capture the image. Been a long time customer but this is getting to be ridiculous when told that their system is working fine & nothing is wrong with it, when there is something wrong when the features installed don’t work especially for your customers.
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12 months ago, D04D
First time member experience
Wanted to open an account and the gentleman who helped meh was very helpful and after all liked my whole experience. That being said Im mostly the the type of person to manage all my information off the app which long story short the app can be better and hopes it gets better as time goes by.
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5 years ago, Lauren4748836126
I checked my balance information and there appeared to be more money in my checking account than I remembered. But quickly looking over the transaction history it seemed to check out. I even told my family members that I had more money than expected. So now it’s about a week later and I check the app and see that I have almost no money in my checking!!! About $400 is missing. I look back at the transactions to see what happened. The original amount where my transactions were taken away from changed. So...I am deleting this app. It cannot be trusted or provide accurate information. This is a joke. Would definitely NOT recommend!
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2 years ago, xiaodedraco
First time member.
Visited the branch in Visalia to open a new checking and savings account. The gentleman that helped me today was amazing. Made everything simple. Easy. And even got my funds transferred from my other credit union without a hitch. Sign up through the app was simple and straightforward. No glitches. no hang ups. I can see my accounts and I was even able to seamlessly link my other credit union account for easy transfer. Now just time to start saving with valley strong! A minor request I’d say to the dev team for IOS the app name just says “Data Mobile” ….. any way to change the app name to display as “valley strong”? On the next update perhaps? Heh anyway, thanks for making the app easy and simple to use. The little animations are a nice touch too.
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4 years ago, Mikejay80
Always crashing have to delete and re download annoying
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6 years ago, Blackwigit
New update is SLOW
The interface seems nice and the options seem good, but the new update is ridiculously SLOW. I have yet to actually get it to open the account tab to be able to view my checking account. It just sits there loading. Also it defaulted my work number to my sms verification number and I am unable to change that in settings or remove my work number. So now I can’t log in unless I have my work phone on me. Why did you try to fix what wasn’t broken? The previous version was great, if I wanted full access to everything I would use the website, not the mobile app.
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6 years ago, Dredplague
Ok so at least now you don't have to go through all those ridiculous questions every time you long in. But what happened to the in app calendar and calculator? I found those pretty useful. Also on my iPad it only loads sideways. Annoying.. The only improvement I can see is that it's easier to load previous months transactions. If something's not broke, don't fix it.
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5 years ago, Lastkrell
The remote check deposit function doesn’t work well
The remote check deposit function does not work well. The images my phone takes if the check look great, but the datamobile app seems to reduce the quality for upload, probably to reduce the file size, but the images it uploads to the bank are very poor quality, and the bank is rejecting them as illegible. They need to fix this.
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3 years ago, Thrifty Customer
Ms. Solis
At the beginning I had to write this long sentence when depositing through mobile: “For remote deposit at Valley Strong only.” It’s too long. So, I was happy the day I had to deposit more than one because it didn’t ask me for the sentence. I though, “Wow! That’s progress!” But now we’re back to the sentence. Why?
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6 years ago, Dlmullings
I agree, why??
I really do not understand this app redesign. Why was this necessary? Yes there are a few new options, that’s great, but why could those have not been added to the old app design? The old app was modern, easy, and clean. It’s like someone sat in room and thought “how can we make this app look cheesy and dated, and how can we complicate it?”
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5 years ago, Jellyfish BOB
Apple Watch
Anyone know how to use this app on Apple Watch I have it downloaded and it says I have to add a account to the view list but I don’t see an opening for that on my app on my phone
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3 years ago, Pittles1930
Noble app.
I love the Mobil service. It saves a lot of time, money and is safer than having to drive to my credit union every time I need to see what’s going on.
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4 years ago, kelismom18
App keeps crashing
I deleted and re-downloaded this app after it keeps saying “something went wrong while attempting to send last request. Please try again later.” All im trying to do is log Into my bank account and check my balance and it keeps saying that even now. Please fix it😒 this is so unprofessional 👎🏽 0 stars
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4 years ago, acdc1287
New app doesn’t work
The new “valley strong” app doesn't work. Classic example of don't fix what's not broken.
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6 years ago, GigaRat
Never seems to save info
Frustration. I’ve set my info up in this app several times, and it’s like it’s a brand new app every time I try to open it again later. And the fun part is, every time I try to get back into my account later, it locks my account because I have to request a new temporary password. More hassle than it’s worth, unfortunately, so I’ll be deleting.
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3 years ago, archca
Can’t log in from time to time
Within the past week there has been multiple times where it won’t let me login. It would give me an infinite loading screen. There is no issues with my internet since I’m able to login to other banking apps. This is a big dealbreaker for me and if it isn’t fixed I will be leaving this bank and joining Strata
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5 years ago, just about over them
Always broken
After having the app for a couple years I feel like it’s always broken. Kern is a rather large county. You think you’d take the time to make a app worth using. Instead it’s always being “updated” only to have something else not work. Honestly if I hadn’t been given a Kern schools account as a child I would have chosen a better credit union.
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4 years ago, Linda B too
Worst app ever
As Kern Schools DataMobile o had no problems with the app. Now that it has changed to Valley Strong DataMobile it wont even open. It worked for a week or 2, then it would open but woukd not show my Dashboard or accounts, etc. My name showed and Deposit Checks would open. Now the app won’t even start. Doesn’t even open the log-in page. How could it be this bad?
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6 years ago, jeremyarmstrong78
Love the new App!!!
It’s not as fast to load as the old app but it’s so much better to use in almost every other way! Good Job KSFCU! Very happy about this update.
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6 years ago, gil93311
Logging in
On occasion the app request I type my password. After typing my password, I hit “go” or “log in” then for whatever reason, the app adds more characters to my password thereby preventing me from logging in. It repeats until I am locked out of my account. Then I have to create a new password. Everything else seems to work fine.
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2 months ago, Ghuitfififiif
iPad Issues
The app works well on every iPhone I tried it on, however on the iPads the scrolling feature (selecting accounts etc..) does not work.
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2 years ago, Ben Salazar C
Check deposit not working
Good overall but check deposit option doesn’t work anymore on iPhone.
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5 years ago, Luis_ibarra21
Worse banking app out of all the banks
This app is the worst out of all the other banks. I have friends that use Bank of America,Chase, and others and there apps are well constructed and easy to use. For me it won’t even let me sign up. It’s sad how I can’t check my balance from my phone and I am really thinking about changing banks due to this.
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3 years ago, wildgreenfairy
Love the convenience
It’s a simple tap to view your info and a simple tap again to log out ! Beautiful
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3 years ago, A.bananas04
Haven’t had too many issues they always very helpful
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3 years ago, babekkbsend
Valley strong
I was a customer for 20+ years as Kern schools and now have continued working with valley strong and couldn’t be happier.
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4 years ago, radlala
Why am I no longer able to make extra payments on my credit card? I can only pay the minimum payment or the full amount. What happened?
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4 years ago, QyannaE
I love the app by after I update why am I not getting the option to deposit my check? I’m only given the option to transfer money too my savings to checking or vice versa.
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4 years ago, Tacobell king
I feel as if the app is moving backwards you can only pay the minimum amount that’s due on your credit card why. Always do unnecessary updates to complicate things it’s annoying and ridiculous.
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3 years ago, ltbitt
Valley Strong
The banking app has gotten much more user friendly. If not I would have given it 3 stars in time I will probably rate it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, go2pismobeach
Widget issue
Since the Feb 2019 bug fix upgrade the widget on my iphone 7 won’t load. Otherwise seems to work ok
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10 months ago, sõnti
Please Update…
Account Details is not loading… It mentions “Something went wrong”. Please update! Thx.
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2 years ago, Hansen R
No bill pay
After the app was upgraded I lost the function of scheduling a bill to be paid. Their tech team was unable to fix this issue. Will have to close my account
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2 years ago, sandyG199 add me on sc tho
thank you valley strong team!
i wish i caught the ladies name that helped me through the phone but she was super sweet i had to write a review, she helped me with all my concerns thank you so much valley strong team 🥳 if there was a high rating i'd definitely rate 1000 thank you!
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2 years ago, Missssssssflooooowers
Needs update!!!
This app is constantly crashing. Application will not open, or lags to open , lagging more than 5 mins. App closes by itself and will jot work after 10 pm or before 8 am. Will be changing banks due to this issue
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3 years ago, genbren
Easy to pay no hustle in writing checks .
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6 years ago, SidRival
New update is AWESOME!
Love the new interface!! If everything works over the next few days I’ll update to 5 stars. Thank you KSFCU for the upgrade!
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2 years ago, I said that I said.
Improvement please.
Their maintenance takes hours to fix, leaving you with no quick access to the app. Very inconvenient.
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2 years ago, deyvaughn7
Only been a member for 2-3 weeks and just barely installed the app a week ago. So far the only time it’s opened and worked was the first day I installed it.
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4 years ago, Blade664
Can’t logout.
Half the time when I log out, it locks up the website. Then I have to reset the I-pad to clears it.I like the old system much better, can’t reach anyone that can tell me what to do right now.
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6 years ago, Brownie2000
Slow & Inconvenient
This new version is terribly slow to log on to. Pending deposits no longer show. You STILL can’t get a loan payoff. Not one thing is better about this app.
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5 years ago, Jeannie52👸🏼
Remote deposit no longer works
Every time I try to take a picture of the check, I’m logged out due to “inactivity”. I just logged in. I’m actively trying to make a deposit. But as soon as the camera snaps the pic... logged out again.
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2 years ago, TheShadyShack
Face ID is HORRIBLE on this app
The Face ID feature works about 30% of the time. Most of the time it’s “An unexpected error occurred.” And then you have to put in the password. Just wastes like 10 seconds every single time.
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3 years ago, RegineMac
Update keeps crashing
Buggy. App doesn’t even load up. Just keeps saying something is wrong. Never had this problem before.
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2 years ago, Oildaler
Cannot see the image of transaction
I cannot see the image of the canceled check. I see where it is suppose to come up but it’s just a blank square. It’s frustrating.
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4 years ago, Hoodomondee
Whoever made this is straight undereducated or doesn't know up from down. Y'all really never thought of a contingency for when someone gets logged out🤦🏽‍♂️ Y'all straight dumb dumb
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10 months ago, DaviRebecca
Not great
System frequently going down or malfunctioning. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, Tmince1
Update is horrible
The old app was way better! I have been having trouble even logging into the app. The remote deposit isn’t working either. Please go back to the old app!
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11 months ago, Ananinaj
Mobile check doesn’t work for iPhone
This is 2023 and the mobile check deposit doesn’t work WTH .
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