Vantage CU

4.8 (990)
26.3 MB
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Vantage Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vantage CU

4.81 out of 5
990 Ratings
9 months ago, missmissy029
I’m very challenged where technology is concerned. This new upgraded system is amazing and so easy to use!! They really did take people into consideration when they initiated this. Thank you Vantage Credit Union for making this switch so easy & creating an app that gives so much valuable & useful information. You have really simplified things for us.
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9 months ago, Tasriel
This is so much worse.
Give me the old app over this any day. The old app let you do basically everything you can with this except the font was better, ease of access was better, it had a widget where I could swipe over and check my account balance without having to open the whole app. Now the font is way harder to read the color difference between deposits and withdrawals and static amounts is almost imperceptible compared to what it used to be. I don’t know if they were going for a more modern look but this is not it honey. This is not it.
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2 months ago, LoveVCU
Thank you Lindbergh Branch
Vantage CU staff at the Lindbergh location always provide supreme customer service. In this high tech world of online banking, I experienced a Bill Pay incident that involved cross services of Vantage CU and another financial institution. The issue took three months to resolve but team Lindbergh persisted throughout the process. Hats off to Lori Bramstedt, Assistant Branch Manager and her staff who persisted until the issue was resolved.
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9 months ago, NikkiLlew
New App!!!
I LOVE the new app. They thought of everything!! I had a question about getting logged in initially but they had support on stand by and my question was answered within one minute. I love the new debit/credit card locking features, notification settings, and the credit monitoring feature. Great job team VCU!
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9 months ago, TheMarvalus1
Loving the upgrade
I am so in love with the upgrade of the website and the app, it is so user friendly, there is no way you can mess this up. I encourage all and anyone who banks with Vantage to get acquainted with this upgrade, it will definitely take you to a whole level of online banking.
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9 months ago, Hockeyman3357
New App Update
I love the new app update! Everything looks much better and cleaner! It’s very easy to navigate and has some really cool features that the last app design didn’t. I can check my credit score at any time and i think that it’s very helpful!
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9 months ago, Creditunionpal
Great new App
The new changes are easy to navigate and allow for a seamless process to move money, view your accounts and do so many other things! The power is in your hands!! This is an easy to use App great for the novice and experienced user!
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9 months ago, GoogleExplorer
Love the new features. Was impressed with the new tools. The FAQ was and excellent assistance along with the easy to understand videos to help get signed on in Why Vantage, Membership Perks, Digital Banking at the bottom. Better transfer options too! Member for over 16 years.
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9 months ago, Monster Black
It would be nice when using your debit card or credit card or any kind of transaction you get a message from email or text to your phone
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9 months ago, Not a Freak of the Week
Clean and Modern Experience
The app has gotten an amazing facelift! The Dashboard is easy to navigate, you can easily see all accounts, pay bills, see savings goals, credit score and more!
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9 months ago, me andjc
New App for VCU
The upgraded app has lots of new features. It is easy to navigate. The new digital banking also has many added tools for a much improved experience.
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9 months ago, Meg#18ted
New App is Beautiful
I absolutely love the new app!! It is so modern looking and you can do all your online banking needs in one place. This update is Amazing and wish it could have come sooner!!!
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9 months ago, Katimey34
Love the new features!
Love that I can see my credit score and get tips on how to increase it on the new app. It’s also so much easier to navigate than the older app.
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9 months ago, Wilsmom09
Easy to Navigate and easy on the eyes!
Had no problem logging into new app! The display/format is easier on my eyes and easy to navigate! Great job, Vantage and thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way!
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9 months ago, Melissa M x3
Great update
Although signing in for the first time can be a little tricky the app is great and very user friendly. I love that I have all of my accounts that I’m on in one place.
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9 months ago, Kelly.1234
Love the new app!
The new app is so easy to use and has an updated look. Love the credit score, credit/debit card controls, and savvy money features! Way to go VCU!
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6 months ago, inky K 14
Auto account information
I liked calling on phone better. There’s no choice so I’m making the best of it.
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9 months ago, sgappel10
Great updated features in the new version. It has everything I need to manage my finances. Nice improvement.
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9 months ago, Mellowtool90
Features Galore!
So many awesome new features including credit score information, spending forecasts, and financial health analysis among many others! Love it!
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9 months ago, Dreamonjenny
Great update
Love the new update, it's much easier to use and you can do a lot more on the app than before.
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9 months ago, Pyoung25
Great update!!
Very user friendly!! Everything is right there for you!!!
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1 week ago, The paper Paper guy
My job requires extensive traveling at certain times of the year, therefore, having access to my Credit Union is exceedingly important.
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9 months ago, DarlaGigiT
New look and easy to use!
I like the new look of the app, so easy to manage.
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9 months ago, Regina Lehr
New app
I really like it! It’s very user friendly! I love all the things you can now do!!!!
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9 months ago, MamaBearFountain
New App = Improvements
Very happy with the new app and new enhancements! Definitely recommend! Great job!
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9 months ago, mickgat81
New App
The new app is awesome! Love the credit, spending analysis and all the other new features!
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9 months ago, Emjsy6
Love the new App!
The update is great! I love the way it is organized and has great new tools to try out! Nice job Vantage!!
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9 months ago, BabygirlSTL
This is an awesome tool it nice that you would be able to do way more that use to. I am loving it.
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8 months ago, Magoo1144
Simple. All accounts easy to navigate.
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5 months ago, Button master 17
All great… but one task.
I set up to be able to transfer money to another bank for family ease. With no communications it will not work. I’m frustrated.
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9 months ago, Nicole O’reilly
I’ve been using this app with no issues for 2 years at this point and this update has prevented me from even logging in. It asked for my ssn and my date of birth and I entered them correctly but I keep getting a processing error message! Ludicrous! Fix this.
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9 months ago, chwsmith13
New VCU App
Love the new features in the app. Much cleaner than the old version with more tools.
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9 months ago, abalcowb
New online banking app
New online banking app is outstanding!
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9 months ago, Just little me!
New app is great!
The new app is a huge improvement! Well done!
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8 months ago, barrett50333
It’s simple and easy and I can check it anytime
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6 months ago, BDoll1
I love the convience of the app. I feel so safe and comfortable using it!
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6 months ago, 1935 jet
Good job
I like the new site, it took a little getting used to but it works great
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8 months ago, Maxomight
Depends on the situation
It took 6 weeks to get a replacement debit card with other minor issues. Sometimes transactions flow smoothly. New app is better.
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9 months ago, Snake boots
Does not work with older iOS
Only works with iOS 15.0. My older iPad is current on updates but won’t or can’t run this Version of the app and older versions of the app no longer work.
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9 months ago, HeatherNB87
Awesome update
Love the new update :) the new features are great!
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9 months ago, B-Beee
Love the new features!!
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9 months ago, Smiley:) 101
New App
Love all the new features! Way to go Vantage for the upgrade!
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7 months ago, YSL Sweater
Good service
Very good app.
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6 months ago, One Lesson Learned
Great App
Thank You VCU ! 🤓❤️
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9 months ago, Stefaniw
So modern and helpful!! Amazing staff to help assist if issues!!!
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10 years ago, Stlsillest
Great app
This vantage credit union app does just what you should need it to do. No more, no less. Shows your latest transactions even if you swipe your card, buy something and check account with this app within a minute afterwards and its updated with that transaction. You can transfer money from and to any account within seconds. I can now quickly transfer money from savings to checking as fast as i can put the amount in. The app rarely crashes if it ever does!
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7 years ago, stlbluesfan14
Awful compared to the old app
Vantage's old app may have been simple, but at least it worked. This new app, while it includes some much desired features, is terrible. They've fixed some of the bugs since it was released on this new platform, as the initial release crashed constantly (and this is on my brand new IPhone 7 Plus). While this version of the app doesn't crash, it runs so much slower than the old app. While I rarely deposit a physical check, at least depositing checks via the old app was possible even if it wasn't necessary easy. I have yet to be able to deposit a check with the new app. It either tells me "can not read account number" even if it's very clear on the image, or sometimes I just get an error that the deposit function isn't working. I've also had the app time out while transferring funds, meaning I've had to do it several times before it actually goes through.
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1 year ago, ShilohZXK9
Why don’t Vantage credit union app send you notifications when money is deposit or overdraft?, It’s been years now and they haven’t updated are thought about that it would be good and helpful for the customers 100%. Years 2023 now come on now please improve your apps for better quality customer service when using the app.
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6 years ago, TJX05
Excellent and easy!
I don’t know what everyone else is complaining about, this app works absolutely perfect. The thumbprint security feature is fast and accurate, I never have problems. Please do not change this App! If you or someone you know is having issues with this App either learn how to use your smart phone, or buy a good device that actually works! Stop blaming the App for your own incompetence! FYI, I do not work for Vantage credit union, I’m a long-time customer of over 10 years. I always get much better service here than any major chain bank has ever been able to provide. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Sookie Q
Not user friendly.
I'm having an unbelievably hard time depositing checks via the mobile app. I never had an issue with the old system... I hope this can be fixed. Everything about this update seems slower and less user friendly.
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