Vantage West Credit Union

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Vantage West Credit Union
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Vantage West Credit Union

4.84 out of 5
16.1K Ratings
3 years ago, athenaanthony
Problems with mobile app
I have had nothing but trouble problems with the vantage west credit union mobile app. The major problem I’m having is with the app keeping up to date with transactions, balances. I just went into the mobile app and had to close out and reopen so I could get my Face ID option to use. I’ve had to sign in with using my password lately. I have always had the Face ID set to log into the app. Having problems with that. I have a certain balance and even with the transactions that are holding or pending I still don’t have the correct balance of what I have come up with. So my balance is not the same as what is showing on the mobile app. Even what is showing is not making sense. I would just like to be able to use apps without these king of problems. Especially when it has to do with your financial account. I have deleted the app the see if this would correct any problems but still the same. Not a happy customer.
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5 years ago, Edwardian Gentlefellow
Why change something that isn’t broken?
Banking with vantage west is great but that’s not what these reviews should be about. The new update is really clunky and not user freindly. The old app wasn’t pretty but it was simple and got the job done. The account balance not showing the pending subtracted is super annoying and the scrolling animations on the menu are clunky and it makes it hard to see older transactions quickly. The boxes always think I’m pressing them when I’m trying to scroll. It’s frustrating to see this kind of behavior on iOS. It feels like a really bad version of the website just packaged as an app. It is slow and more than half the time I use it it crashes or just loads eternally. Super annoying also to have the you have been logged out please log back in displayed when you first open the app. Oh also push notification are not working at all! Or email notifications! The menu to get these set up is non functional when you click the setting it takes you back two sub menus? I would rather use the website but that seems like it’s not looking so hot lately either! T gonna lie it’s the 21st century and apps and mobile banking have to really up their game or young people will absolutely not use the credit union. I am seriously considering going back to another bank because it’s such a jarring non working change. Sorry VWCU love the service, hate the app.
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5 years ago, Butterfly Bonnie
Hate is a strong word...
The new version is terrible! Worst app on my phone. The main issue is not being able to log back in after one time in. I’m busy and get side tracked, I’d like to make my car payment but it won’t let me log back in, it just sits there. We need to be able to do our stuff! The old app was dreamy! I loved it! But the new version is chaotic, schizophrenic & complicated. I prefer simple. Get it fixed ASAP please!
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4 years ago, Dicklicker Trence
New app is terrible
I love VWestCU but this new app is TERRIBLE. Constant connectivity issues, the UI is not user friendly. The old app was much simpler and efficient. It liked it because it got the job done. Now with this new app it looks like they tried to add a bunch of fancy options but sacrificed efficiency and simplicity for it. You got stuff like the snapshot but it still takes forever to log in, loading from one page to the next is still a nightmare because you’d think it would be a smooth and easy transition( it was in the old app) but it’s almost like it’s having to load all new info because it’s trying so hard to have these new options and present it in a different style. We don’t need all that bs, we just want a simple way to access our accounts and manage our money. Everything else is extra. You should seriously consider having the option to bank in the classic app because this new one is a nightmare.
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2 years ago, neilelon
Vantage west customer since I was 18
I’m 28 now. It was my first credit card. First thing I hate about it is it won’t automatically increase. The only way to increase the credit is by having a hard pull. Doesn’t matter if you pay on time every time and have 10 times that amount in your checking account. So it never boosts your credit. THEY DONT HAVE ZELLE 😩 Their ATMs sometimes eat your money and then you have to call and tell them, they then do a review takes a few days, its like 10 days to get your cash into your account. The craycraft location has a ton of crackheads 😅 I’m use to those though.
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8 months ago, wjateberuouwantirrone
App has issues with lock/unlock causing overdrafts
This app is terrible with the lock/unlock of debit card feature. Last night - I logged in to unlock card to make a transfer from PayPal to add funds to my Vantage West Account and it said there was an error and could not unlock card. So I logged out & logged back in and app showed my card was locked. I tried to make the transfer and declined. So I went to sleep and woke up with several transactions that have caused my account to be severely overdrawn and my card unlocked. I am so upset and makes me want to close my account because this app doesn’t function properly. I just logged in again and am still have the same issue. So angry right now!
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4 years ago, DarleneDeguire
I enjoy how friendly and helpful and kind all the staff are they will go out of their way to make sure that you’re very well taken care of I will travel the distance just to go to your office on Osborn off the I-17 because I like to go see Miss Montes or Devin or Richard to take care of my banking needs I usually see Miss Montes but if she’s not there then Devin or Richard will take care of my needs........very satisfied with your services (thank you)
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5 years ago, Edward D Young
SKIP your car payment (with NO penalty!)
What BANK asks you: “would you like to skip your December car payment?” (So you can free up that money for the holidays!!!) The answer is: NONE THAT I KNOW OF. That wouldn’t be good for their REAL CUSTOMERS - The Stockholders!! At Vantage, you’re the priority, NOT some stockholder. Another reason they don’t gouge you with FEES every time you turn around!!? Don’t believe me though- Check it out for yourself... Sincerely, Edward Young
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1 year ago, Cara Bissell
Mobile deposits
Vantage west makes depositing checks easy through mobile depositing! Writing “For Mobile Deposit Only” to Vantage West Credit Union and my signature with pictures taken on a black background made the process quick & easy! The auto picture worked great this time also.
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5 years ago, Cadi2003
We Have Used Vantage West ever since we moved here in 1990.. and Especially since they opened one in Rita Ranch. Over all the years we have used Vantage West we have had contact with the Best People, so Nice, Polite and SOOO VERY HELPFUL. If we have any problems they take care of it fast and accurately and explain what the problem was. They are always looking out for us. Telling us about to ways to increase interest on our money. Vantage West have Very good People and We thank them for caring. Sandra Lindloff
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3 weeks ago, chronwoman
Mediocre app
Recent changes to the app were not an upgrade by any means. It is glitchy and slow while transferring funds in the app and wants to endlessly notify me of a new credit score in multiple areas. The new update to the Rewards section is very poor quality and somehow became slower. It no longer correlates the points earned to the amount that I spent in the same chart. Overall, it is unappealing to review and more difficult to navigate.
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4 years ago, Crashnobody
Important missing info
Update looks great once I figured out how to log in. Noticed some missing “features” though. My accounts don’t show a due date or amount any more. I hope those get added back, unless I don’t have to pay anymore. *edit - all of this has been remedied and works great. including having to pay.
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2 years ago, Just for fun to past the time
Family base Credit Union
One of the best Credit Union I’ve ever had since I been Arizona. The customer service is helpful and very pleasant to talk you and they are always wanting to help and go out of their way to get info to make your life easier. Totally a 5 star location !!
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5 years ago, MamaTandR
Amazing Credit Union, Terrible App!
So I have to start by saying that this review is ONLY about the new VWest app. Every branch I’ve ever been to is amazing....I have been banking with them since my Cat Card was my debit and it was called Saguaro Credit Union! Since the switch this past spring I’ve been unable to do mobile deposits on checks. I live out of state and while there are shared branches available I prefer to do as much as possible on my phone. Please fix your bugs!!!! If the app wasn’t ready it never should have been rolled out. Never had an issue with the previous app.
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4 years ago, ipcruz
Thank you
For the last few months I have had a hard time trying to make payment, but you the credit union has been there for me. I appreciate everything u done. I pray this new year will be a turn around for me, I what to wish you all a happy New Years thanks again keep up the good work
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4 years ago, gdhdhdirjbevdgdhxjd fbx
It seems as though every time I try to use the app I can’t do something that the app says I can. This time however it’s been hours and the app won’t even open. Has an error every time I try to open it. Won’t even let me sign in. It’s funny how the app keeps getting updated but yet nothing is being fixed it’s like you just create more bugs in your attempt to make the app just somewhat user friendly, it was fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, you know why because then you end up breaking it. So freaking annoying!
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3 years ago, lskilli
Great Credit Union!
Been with vantage west for several years They helped with my last car loan. And now with my new car loan. They are the best Flexiable and understanding. Especially in the last year . Thank you for looking out for your members . Something you won’t see at the big banks . I am sticking to Vantage like Glue ! Laura Killian
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5 years ago, Poket.Pop
New update is terrible
This new update is terrible. It’s no longer easily accessible to just quickly check my account balances. I no longer receive updates on my account balances either. They also removed other accounts, for example family members that I would transfer money to. The look of it is fine but the overall function of this app is worse then the previous version. Load times are long and even then sometimes hyperlinks never load.
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4 years ago, smckinley44
Vantage West Credit Union
I have been in Tucson since May 2010 but I think I opened my account in February because I knew I was returning to live here. The transfer from New Hampshire to Tucson was friendly and I’ve had minor hiccups that were resolved the same day thanks to the efforts of those that work there. Thank You, Sylvia McKinley
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7 months ago, ATeam447352
Great Service
I have never had a single problem out side of refinancing my house. I have had credit card fraud and VW helped with resolving the issue fast. I have had many auto loans and vantage was always there to help. Thank you very much!
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5 years ago, Fractal use
Vantage West!!!
I highly recommend Vantage West for loans, savings or checking makes your life a lot more simple then dealing with the bigger banks. Once I pay off my other credit card with chase I’m closing my checking account with them but of course keeping the credit card.
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6 months ago, susy vikings!
Love this bank!
I opened my account when I moved to Tucson from Prescott in 2016. Since then I have been living on the central coast in California. I will not leave this bank because it is very convenient and excellent customer service anytime I have needed them!
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1 month ago, Rjulius917
Won’t work
It’s been 5 days and I have not had access to my bank account. Not only do I have payments coming out I can’t even use my card. This has placed a huge burden on my current finances. I find it rather odd that once I switch over my direct deposit over I have issues. The error I get is a connectivity error. I do not understand why this has happened but I assure you that I will not be banking with Vantage West anymore once this is resolved.
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1 year ago, yo!
Rarely works
This app rarely works it is so frustrating maybe only about 25% of the time does it actually work where I can log in and check my account. It will load and load and never take my back to the Home Screen to be able to log in. I usually have to go on my web browser to log in and check my account. It’s very unfortunate because I love the bank itself, just not the app. Hopefully it can be fixed soon
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4 years ago, thomastan
The update made the app worse
After the last update it is no longer possible to use the app in portrait mode on iPads. This is horrible. I myself have arthritis and carpal tunnel problems which prevents me from holding an iPad in landscape mode for the somewhat extended periods of time required for online banking. Please bring back portrait mode and be considerate and don’t ignore your disabled customers. I’m sure there are also many users of the iPad app which want a view more similar to what they see on their iPhones.
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5 years ago, 1remix8
Missing information
It no longer gives my credit card Bill and minimum amount/due date. If it gives all of that information it would be five stars
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3 years ago, mejinga
Great service
I just have a great appreciation for all the staff at the Catalina office! It is refreshing to still see a business that treats you like a long time friend, this is why i would never bank anywhere else!! Thankyou Rudy and your team😀
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4 months ago, 1101101
app is ok but bank is horrible
Your customer service is now beyond horrible. The AI thing I am forced to interact with is useless (and the fake typing sounds are stupid). I need to talk to a human but I get “your # has been reported as spam, press 1 to fix it” on 2 different phones. Pressing 1 just makes it hang up on me - I tried multiple times. Tried live chat and it tries to connect to something but never gets there. Time to look for a new bank.
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2 years ago, DR.771
Good app
But I think it could be better if they did like Apple credit card give what the times show some color maybe in pictures of what you purchased or something spice it up a little bit don’t be too bland and that even goes for the checks there’s simple spice it up a little bit
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4 years ago, Notisaiahcarter
Such a wonderful app
^ is what I would’ve of said a couple years ago before the stupid update. Every time I try to log on it locks me out of my account. I reset my password, it works once and what do you know I’m locked out. I’d rather trust a hooker on in 6th street with my money rather than this app at this point. It also doesn’t help that I’m currently in a different country and I have no way of calling because of the time difference and work. Thanks for the crappy app 👌 merry Christmas
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2 months ago, $YOY0.M$
Love it
I love the credit breakdown at no cost and shows you how to improve you score and what you in debt/ collections plus gives you information and links to resources that will assist you in improving your score. I lack in knowledge in this area so it is very helpful.
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5 years ago, Sam Byrd
Good app, but update broke the widget
Noticed this app updated today, looks really nice but now regardless of where I put my widget for the app it fails to appear, on both the home screen and lock screen. Would really like to see this fixed as I tend to use the widget much more often than the app.
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2 years ago, desert rose joe
Cant deposit checks
As of right now I can’t make mobile deposits. This is very frustrating because I run a business and use manage West as my business account. The closest branch to me is about 20 miles away, I sure do hope this problem gets fixed soon
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6 days ago, kippycube
Average banking app
The most recent update messed up the transfer feature and every time I try to setup a transfer date, it makes the page jump and the calendar won’t open properly. I can’t make transfers on the app now. Didn’t know any other way of letting the developers know so hopefully they see this review.
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5 years ago, Luckylag369
The best Bank App
Most credit unions have very dated low tech apps where you can view your balance, do transfers and maybe bill pay. But this app not only surpasses that but blows the big corporate banks out of the water!
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1 year ago, GARCIA _1190
Pending charges
You can no longer see your posted dates on pending charges and there’s no way to change it in the app
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5 years ago, JS Pax
Best Service
The Vantage West office I visit frequently on 1st avenue has the kindest, most knowledgeable and professional personnel! They are always welcoming and never make you feel demeaned when discussing complicated service issues. I am proud to be a member if the VW family! José S.
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5 years ago, knobleh
Thank you for finally updating to where I can see all of my accounts without having to manage multiple usernames and passcodes! New look and feel is very modern- nice job!
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3 months ago, RVing Paul
Great CU to do business with both personal and business. I have been with VWFCU since 1971. There’s also shared services with other credit unions that make it easier while traveling. Thank you VWFCU.
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5 years ago, Bossandhoss
My husband started with VWCU in 1970. We have never experienced any problem. They have always been very helpful. We have had some very bad problems with several banks. We would never change our accounts with VWCU.
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8 months ago, 1949pockets
One of the Best Credit Unions
I was VP of Operations for a credit union in California. Vantage West is one of the most responsive credit unions to its members. An example is adding Zelle after members requested it. Their member services is very responsive and thorough.
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5 years ago, Dollchuu
Huge improvement!
Loving the new UI, it’s clean, simple and easy to use. And it's simple to re-register. Idk why people are complaining. I think they did a great job in making it look much newer. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Clementine v
Not a fan
I recently gotten my teen daughter a credit card from the company and they had me sign up for the app, every time I would try to log into my daughter’s account or if she tries to log in her self the app wouldn’t allow us to access it and would freeze the account and we haven’t been able to access it for about a month now
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8 months ago, lpiccirillo
Lori Piccirillo
I absolutely love vantage west! We do all of our banking here from checking, savings, car loans and credit cards. You simply can’t beat the customer service. 👍
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3 months ago, Arizona parent1
Easy to use
Mobile deposit check feature is easy to use and a huge timesaver. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Allison Nicholas
I have had my app change the layout so I can no longer do transfers or check my credit score or anything else. And it hasn’t been fixed
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4 years ago, Joshio555
This app logs me out constantly
I don’t know why but the app constantly kicks me out of my account for “inactivity”. It should take me 5 minutes to make a mobile deposit but it turns into a 30-45 minute ordeal of attempting to deposit and being kicked out of my account constantly. Nothing wrong with the bank though I have been using them for years and this is the only problem I have ever had.
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3 years ago, MaryjaneMurray
Ease of accessing accounts from home ; appreciate the professional and courtesy staff when banking in person. I am pleased with the service I receive at Vantage West!
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2 years ago, ily4evaneva
Horrible app & Bank
Bank instantly charges a overdraft fee first of all, second off how irritating do you think it is when you try to access the app and continuously get “we’re having trouble loading the app” I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH I HAVE IN MY ACCOUNT SO I DONT GO NEGATIVE AMD INSTANTLY GET CHARGED, i could have avoided that over draft fee so many times if i could actually access the app and transfer money to the right account.
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4 years ago, Summa Nulla
No stars for you!
After a recent iOS upgrade on my iPad one of the suite of apps that was upgraded was the Vantage West mobile app. What a complete waste. The app now doesn’t recognize landscape views in several key displays such as “Accounts” and “Transactions” are now unable to display anything but “spreadsheet” lines with no access to “Analytics” and categorization. What used to be a usable app with “Face ID” has now been relegated to the “trash heap”. Sorry Charlie … 👎🏽
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