VCCU Mobile

1.9 (121)
39 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ventura County Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for VCCU Mobile

1.94 out of 5
121 Ratings
3 years ago, MorePorkSausagesMom
Barely functions
The app won’t display my balance (at the moment, anyway) so I can’t use it to balance my checkbook, or to see how much I’ve been spending and where I’ve been spending it, or whether a payment has gone through. Bill pay works, at least, which it no longer does on the website although I’ve turned off all my popup filters and use Chrome. Oh hey, it just randomly signed me out, which is irritating. Also, it won’t show what I paid the previous month for payees, which means I have to look up the amount elsewhere instead of just paying the stupid bill. You did a crap job, guys. Please redesign it.
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4 years ago, Mamaruhle
Help this app.
Someone needs to address this app. It works when it wants to. During covid here I am thankful for having the ability to deposit checks and transfer funds at our fingertips. This has been the best thing and have never had to go into the bank. However this constant lag where the app does not even open and just shows logo and the update numbers. You can’t push on anything to open the app. Sometimes you get lucky and it opens and takes you through the whole thing and you watch the spinning wheel of death. Anytime you move the screen the blue box comes back up and you just keep clicking in hopes it will catch on. So many checks sit in limbo and you don’t know if they are going through or not. Lots of times we can’t even log out. Unsure what’s going on with nighttime logging in. Can never get in have been trying for an hour now. This day and age we need better service and especially if you would like to keep us out just as much as we don’t want to be there either. This has been a huge problem for over a year now.
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2 years ago, Sith Master Jobs
May Close Account
This app is so poorly done I am at the verge of closing my account. In an age of digital banking this app looks and functions like a piece of 1995 software. It lacks biometric login as well as 2 factor authentication. On top of it all, as others have stated, the remote deposit is inconsistent to say the least. The best part is that you have to specifically write on the back of your check under the endorsement that the check is for remote deposit only, leaving you with no other option but to hopefully get your funds deposited via the app if it decides to function. In the mean time it seems they have decided another companion app is also necessary to do banking with them. If you cannot get the first app running properly you should not be trying to take on another.
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4 years ago, Lexo____
Needs modernize version
This app works when it wants to and it’s slow in the evenings not sure if it’s the server that lacks at the hub section but they need to improve this. It’s late in the evening for us working class that use the app after work and don’t have the time during the day. IT for vccu you must get the support from you’re CEO and have them get you the servers that you need to support the clients needs. We are in a world of technology and to not be able to access online at night time is upsetting. I need to balance my books and do it quickly I can’t be waiting forever for it to load. I hope someone from VCCU reads this and does something with it.
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2 months ago, Symbious
Infuriating app
This mobile application alone is enough to make me close my account. In this day and age of technology, how can a financial institution be so bloody slow to update their mobile app. I get that VCCU is patronized by a whole lotta old folks but how shortsighted is this approach to not have a legit mobile app?! It pretty much works when it wants to. Getting “error failed to login” happens 95% of the time. It is beyond frustrating. Fix your freakin app or lose more people. There are much better and more convenient options out there for people. Agriculture money accounts can’t keep y’all afloat forever.
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7 years ago, AmandaSoCalRE
Touch Feature - So Great!!
I am one of those that obsess over checking my bank account often and I am so thrilled with how easy it is now with the new touch feature! You just have to go into your profile after logging in, and enable the feature! I logged out and logged back in using it and it worked like a charm! So great! Thanks VCCU!!
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6 years ago, RangerDane
Gets the job done
While this app is mostly just a WebView, it works very well and I haven’t found any bugs. It doesn’t have the same gimmicky features as the “big bank” apps, but it supports everything the website can do. Sometimes simpler is better. Touch ID works well too!
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4 years ago, want some service
App is horrible for remote deposit
I use this app often for remote deposit. I have just waited 15 minutes for a deposit that never happened. The process locked up the app & I couldn’t log off. I have called numerous times about this, written to the contact email & did not even get an automated response. I handle my mother’s accounts at Chase and the remote deposit is instantaneous, every time. After well over 40 years as a member, this will get me to change banks. Get it right, people!!!
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3 years ago, FGY24
Love the app
With facial recognition it is easy and quick to log in. I have never had a problem with the remote deposit feature and it has saved me a lot of time.
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3 years ago, Ke6oti
Sometimes works?
As per another reviewer, it is also my experience that the app works sometimes and not others. It is also painfully slow when it does work. Most frustratingly, it randomly signs one out of the app, requiring one to re-enter their password, despite having touch ID enabled. No other banking app does this, why must you? It’s terribly frustrating.
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6 years ago, Puddles805
Poor design and functionality of this app.
I’ve used the Remote Deposit function on this app and almost always my deposit does not go through on top of that they rejected one of my deposits for not being endorsed which I snapped a photo of the check they had a photo copy of and my signature was clearly on the back of the check. All I got after bringing this to their attention was a generic email. I even attached photos with no solution on their part.
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6 years ago, hex__
Not a good app
Its hard for me to keep track of how much money i got in my bank account. It takes about a week after purchasing something for it to show and tell me my exact amount i have left. NEEDS TO IMPROVE
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6 years ago, Metalrina
Better w/ push notifications
It’s good in security & the quick balance thing, but can u guys put push notifications for when there’s a transaction of what we bought when setting for over how much money we spend, & for deposits and anything like that? Like the Money Network app does? That’s would be bomb
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3 years ago, the.vandy
Barely works…sometimes
This app works very rarely. I’ve never been able to remotely deposit a check, and I often can’t even get the app to open. Sometimes I can log in but won’t get past the loading screen, but often it won’t even get to that point. It’s been buggy for ages. I wonder if they will ever fix it, or even care to. Terrible experience all around.
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5 years ago, Member Neglect
Mobile App/Credit Union
App works well, but don’t expect our local Credit Union to be there for you when you most need their support, for my personal experience this Credit Union has charged me $350+ in fees every month for a year! Oh and when I had car loan I paid it off 1.5 years early so I’ve shown to be a good Member. I’ll be closing acct soon!
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4 years ago, Why a problem
2 hours trying to deposit a check
It’s been over 2 hours now trying to get a check deposited. Originally the app wouldn’t even open - an error that the variable $ was in valid. Finally loaded and then it wouldn’t finish the deposit transaction - error loading page. No technical or IT support is available to discuss and it took over 30 minutes to get someone to tell me that. Worst banking app ever!!
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6 years ago, Stephanie 
It’s decent enough for viewing your account and transferring funds, I’m just disappointed that the remote deposit doesn’t work. I love VCCU but it’s hard to get to a bank to cash my checks sometimes so I’ve tried depositing via the app and it just loads and loads but never progresses to the next page.
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6 years ago, Dee7884
Consistent problems with app
I frequently use this app to check balances on my accounts. It consistently has problems. VCCU as a place to do my banking is okay, but the app makes me want to do my banking elsewhere. When trying to check my balance, I usually don’t have a problem, but if I want to try to check on another item in my account, the app freezes up. I have to leave the app and hope it is secure.
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4 years ago, Bren_688
This app works only when it wants to. Even on WiFi it’s super slow. I like having a mobile app but this never works. I had to call the automated system to check my balance! Like what?!!!! In this day and age the app should be working properly and giving us access to our accounts. I wish it also had Zelle like all the other banks. Really needs some serious upgrades
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2 years ago, Gingi51
Homepage doesn’t load
For a couple weeks now I have not been able to login to my account because the app just gets stuck loading! I’ve contact the bank to let them know and to get back to me with an email that it’s been fixed, but obviously nothing has been done. I think it’s time to move banks
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2 years ago, usuckinstagram
Mobile deposit constantly not working
Nothing else wrong with the app, why can’t they fix mobile check deposits? Weird how everything else works except for that. Needs to be fixed now more than ever in times of Covid
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3 years ago, KelvinKatch
Bad Remote Deposit
It’s only good to check your balance and maybe a transaction. One of the most important tools, the ability to deposit checks remotely, does not work.
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4 years ago, SDCalhoun
Please fix this app!!!
I haven’t been able to log in and access my accounts for weeks now. The app just doesn’t work. It loads and then stops before ever getting to the log in screen. And I look in the App Store to see if there’s an update maybe I missed, and it shows no updates since 2 years ago!!!! Please fix this app!!!
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4 years ago, kevina___
Unreliable and slow
The mobile deposit feature is extremely unreliable. Generally freezes for me when I click “next” to submit the check’s information. This consistent glitch is a leading decision in my decision to switch banks. It’s very frustrating, especially during our current times
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5 years ago, Ararart
Remote deposit needs work
I love VCCU but the main reason for me to use this app is for remote deposits. It frequently takes more than once to get a deposit through. I live near a branch so it would nearly be quicker to use the atm. :D
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4 years ago, USC Dude
This app, which was apparently last updated two years ago, is disastrously slow, glitchy, and user-unfriendly. Attempting to make a mobile deposit takes way too long, and usually doesn’t work. Considering switching banks just so I can get a better mobile app.
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4 years ago, padraic otoole
Remote Deposit Feature Rarely Works
The Remote Deposit feature on this app almost never works. Even if I perfectly follow the instructions, I consistently get an “Error loading page” message. It is far simpler, though far less convenient, to drive to a VCCU ATM and make the deposit there.
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4 years ago, Swan dive
Worst bank/credit union app ever
This app doesn’t load. I tried to reinstall but same thing happens. It will start loading then stops. Looks like there hasn’t been an update for 2 years? Looks like their not interested in improving this app or fixing glitches.
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3 years ago, R9465
Remote Deposit Needs Work
The system lags then times out every time I try to make a remote deposit.
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2 years ago, limea209
My worst regret
This bank seems to answer whenever they please to and seem to give wrong information about your credit card depending on who your working with.
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5 years ago, Rista805
Poor Consistency
For no rhyme or reason the VCCU app will frequently be unable to accept mobile check deposits. At times it might be more than a week before I’m able to do so once again. It’s so sporadic and too frustrating.
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3 years ago, SLN*
Does not work ever
This app does not work 9 times out of 10. It’s antiquated and errors out constantly. We need to use our app with our day to day banking needs and this simply falls short.
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3 years ago, Pursuholiness
Address this app asap
This app is far below average for a bank app! I just changed to VCCU and am very disappointed in this app. the basic UI and ability to access different features. I recommemd looking at other apps for ideas.
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3 years ago, SlicerCool
Worst app ever!
The deposit feature on this app is horrendous I’ve spent so much time trying to complete deposits and they still don’t go through. I’ve lost funds because I’ve assumed the checks were cashed when they were NOT. I’ve called the customer service number and they state they have 0 complaints. The deposit will time out so you have no idea of it went through or not!
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5 years ago, disappointet user
No fingerprint no notification
It will nice if you modify the app so we can login using touch ID and you add notification
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4 years ago, Aaaaaat
Great upgrade, a bit slow
Poor application build. Slow and crashes a lot!!! Not worth the frustration. Find another bank!
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5 years ago, The Mocking Dead
Long load time
I don’t know why, but it takes so long for the app to load. I don’t have this issue with other apps. Doesn’t even work when I’m on my home WiFi.
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4 years ago, gabbygirl2018
Doesn’t Work
I’ve tried multiple times to deposit a check remotely, and it will not go through. I don’t recommend this app.
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4 years ago, KenB1010
Don’t Bother
The only thing that I need this app to do is online deposits. This thing is so slow and crashes so often that it’s substantially quicker for me to just drive to the CU.
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4 years ago, Shinobinoneisan
Horrible App
Seriously?! Developers of this app, make it work how it is supposed it! It just loads for minutes on end and doesn’t open or let me log in!!!!
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4 years ago, RosalioPa
Never works!!!
Seems like every time I try to use this dam app it never wants to open up to the sign in screen!!!
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4 years ago, harleyhounddog
Worst banking app EVER
they have not had an update for two years. It’s a mess, glitches, the mobile app stopped working for me months ago. Terrible terrible app.
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7 years ago, mistehmurray
Great improvement
Looks very sleek. Please add Touch ID!
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7 years ago, Pmattyd
New update
Fix the update... I can't even go back after clicking on something (mobile) or do transfers etc..
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5 years ago, dhducjejs
Please fix remote deposit
It’s bad
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4 years ago, sayccthfkzh
Horrible App
This app never loads. I uninstalled it and it’s still saying it’s installed and won’t open.
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5 years ago, The filthiest pirate
Not working
I’m on iOS 12.3 and the app won’t seem to pass the blue loading icon, this needs to be fixed asap
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2 years ago, Jaquesh
The app is terrible. Rejects every deposited check too.
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4 years ago, Garybensel
This used to be a good app but now I can’t even log on anymore
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4 years ago, heisididuhdnfnsosos
This app is garbage. Remote check deposit does not work, whatsoever.
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