Vector: Parkour Run

4.8 (24.1K)
253.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nekki Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Vector: Parkour Run

4.81 out of 5
24.1K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Well hello there my friend
Still a classic!
Ive played Vector all throughout my childhood so when i heard you guys were releasing a remake i was like “dont mess this up, dont mess this up please!” How wrong i was. The game is still great and now theres even more to do! So many new characters although i dont quite understand how you get A. L. ‘s dna since she’s a robot but whatever. I also think its good they removed the hats. We don’t know much about vector but he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to wear a cap. He’d most likely wear something like a fedora to match his suit. The levels are still amazing, im pretty sure some of the levels are different but i haven’t played the original in a long time. I was kinda mad that you had to buy all your tricks in hard mode again but daily levels give me more than enough for them. Hard mode is challenging, and the points are really hard to get but you get highly rewarded for getting 3 stars. Now there is one problem that ive been facing. It may just be me but on level 3-10 on normal mode, the first trick, “Front Flip, Round Off, Side Flip” is impossible to get. The platform is moving at the same time so i suspect thats the problem. If its just me, then i will find a way to do it. If its is happening to everyone, then you guys should fix it. Still a great game and i highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Ayefus
Amazing Game, but just can not run properly
The Gameplay for this game is fine, it’s a great game mechanically and super fun to play. If you’re looking for a fun game, you won’t be disappointed with this. However, you probably WILL be dissapointed if you’re trying to download this game on phone, because it really does have a mind of its own and just works when it wants to. To anyone who doesn’t know, when this game first came out it was fine, and anyone could play it. Then, a few years ago (like 2 years ago?) the game wasn’t available to play, because of a bug that would make the game not load, so no one could play. Now, the bug is fixed, but after I tried to play it again, I only got past a few levels before the same issue occurred. I was only on maybe the 12th level of “Downtown” and all of a sudden it crashes. I uninstall, try to install it again, and for some reason I can’t install it again. PLEASE find out why this happens. This is probably one of my favorite games on Apple, but I just can not play it without some type of crashing or loading screen issue. I will either edit this review, or make a new review once this game is updated. I’m sincerely looking forward to the newest patch. TL;DR: This game is amazing, but in terms of actually downloading it, it’s a hassle, and only works when it wants to. Please fix, this game is really fun to play, but becomes annoying when it crashes, and it crashes quite a lot.
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2 years ago, joes bbq foot message
This game was my childhood
Thank you for letting us play this game again it was my favorite I missed this game so much I forgot about it but when I went through my AppStore i was so bored but then I saw this game and it brought back so many memories so I had to for sure but the 99 cents for the bonus levels because I wanted the full experience of this game I absolutely love it with all my heart and 1 recondition is to add more cool outfits like do 1 where u can make your character look like a ninja or just make cool models for your character and add more power up things like do 1 where u can super jump or something anything will work and do more super cool moves like do one that is called Superman where u jump off a super high building and do a super man pose the entire time your in air I think that would look sick and add more awesome levels where ur running with the one guy and he does parkour with u it would also be sick if there was a multiplayer where u can do parkour with your friends and they can do a parkour move where they need to help u up a super high ledge
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Old Version was better
I enjoyed Vector because I played this game all throughout middle school, with this new updated version you have to have a certain amount of stars to even progress to the next lvl, certain amount of stars to unlock new moves, the new moves are way more expensive than I remembered, there is no way to check your stats or add clothing to your character like in the old version and they added a hard difficulty where all the moves you already have on the regular mode you have to pay for again and there even more expensive. The challenges that are give help but not as much since you can only do them once per day which is kind of annoying. I have 3 stars on almost all of the levels, 2 stars on some of the hard maps and the reason for that is because I cannot afford any of the moves because of how ridiculous the prices of each of the moves are for the hard difficulties and such little coins you get for each lvl you complete the old vector didn’t have that. This game now is all about profit now which makes the game less fun… Another thing too is that this game lags like crazy from time to time and it’ll cause me to miss out on certain objectives, miss a step and instantly die or get electrocuted by the guy chasing you. It’s not my Wi-Fi because I have perfectly good Wi-Fi and I’ve played the game offline as well and still lagged, idk what the issue is but this game needs to be fixed along with a few other things.
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11 months ago, Atrocious Username
Update is kinda bad...
This game was one of my favorite childhood games, and I still play this game today. I was really hyped up for the new update with very high expectations, but I was pretty disappointed. The game removed all of my coins, stars, and stats, and now I have to redo this entire game again, and this is where it gets bad. Tricks are unbelievably expensive, and coin value has decreased drastically. You can only pick up 4-6 coins every level, and they will only value up to 30 if you don't have the increased value thingy. I literally have to replay levels I already did just to get more coins. The game is also riddled with ads, and getting extra coins requires ads which is really bad. I saw the update description which had "improved graphics" which is a complete lie. The game literally looks the same like the older versions, and I'm assuming the "improved graphics" are the advertisements for the other games Nekki created. Level redesigns are also pretty bad to. Why didn't you guys keep the layout the same? You made the levels easier, which isn't good because I like that the levels become increasingly harder. Anyways, that's all I have to say about the new update. Pretty bad, in my opinion. But I do believe that the game will get better soon. I just hope that it doesn't become worse.
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4 months ago, Dainegerus
Still awesome in 2024! 10/10
Fantastic game! I just finished everything with 3 stars all around and am now waiting for any new updates after Technology Park. A few suggestions and feedback for you. 1. I’d love for there to be an option for a one-time payment to remove ads. I understand that there’s probably more to gain with monthly subscription but that just seems unreasonable for me because there isn’t much more to the game right now other than completing the levels, especially since I’m at 100% completion. 2. I’d love to see more game modes. Online multiplayer would be fun! Maybe something where one person is the hunter while the other is the runner. 3. I’d also love to see some kind of endless mode. There doesn’t even have to be a hunter but it would be awesome if the levels were endlessly generated with all of the different parkour boxes sprinkled in that you’ve unlocked so far. In summary, this game was a blast and I highly recommend! Only thing I’d like to change would be a one-time purchase option to remove ads and more game modes added in the future. Hope this helps!
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12 months ago, GIONNI RHOADS!!!
Worst update ever
I just updated it and I lost all my progress I have ads now I spent 20 dollars on this game and I bought the clothes the only thing I wanted the game to have was more clothes and now you can buy clothes or tricks and the old vector was way better I liked the 2d character that felt like he was 3d but now he has two colors it was cool trying to figure out how they made him do these tricks with one color now I lost all my progress and my clothes I bought him and the tricks I bought with the coins it was fun buying things with the coins they put on the level and you had to play the level a couple times so it seemed like it was never ending but when your done with it you can just restart and you can memorize the level but now vector looks like he’s in Fortnite lobby but I liked it when it was not premium but one pay once and your done. I like how there’s hard mode that was a good idea if the creators find this just put it how it was cause I know you’re going to get backlash I hope the update is just a limited time cause I just want it how it was please creators I’m a loyal fan of the game and I have been playing the game since It got on the App Store so please creators just change it on how it was please please please I’m begging you please.
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2 years ago, alura291
Almost good enough for the full five stars
First off, I adore this game and play it off and on and have done so since I was a child. It’s the perfect sort of parkour game that I desperately wanted, and it never fails to make me happy to play it. That said, when you play levels 1-1, 2-1 and 3-1 there is a tutorial that teaches you new things you can do, and the way you do it is good for someone who doesn’t know how to play; however it gets annoying to replay those levels because it’s not something that goes away after you beat the level, and you have to go through it every time. I wish you could toggle it off or it was a one-and-done kind of thing where it wouldn’t play every time you replayed them; that was how it seemed to work last time i played on my laptop before it got broken. That alone would make it five stars for me. Another thing is that I wish that there was an endless mode where you ran until you died. It’s really the only thing missing from this game, and the sequel doesn’t quite make that happen.
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11 months ago, Ignore_me12345
They turned it into vector 2
I played vector when I was little and it was amazing, I played it almost every day. Then vector 2 came out and there was mixed felling on the game with some people not liking the new type of game it was and some people loving it. I didn’t really like it so I stuck to vector 1 and I was so glad that they didn’t update it to be like the second one. Then one day I get on my phone and I see there’s an update so without reading the description I install the update. as soon as I get on the game I am set back to the tutorial. At that point I knew something was wrong because I had beaten the game before. Then I get to the title screen. And it’s just like victor 2. I know on iOS the game still has a 4.8 score but I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this because you ruined the game and all the hours I put into it ( not trying to sound mean) Please, please put the game back to how it was until then I will no longer be playing, I loved that you could still play vector 1 in its glory until now.
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3 months ago, niffghkbv
Overall, a fun cash grab.
Ok, I started playing this game right before the hero’s update so yeah. Anyways the biggest issue is the star system, basically you need to replay every single level in order to get to the next one, and in the later game you HAVE to play hard mode to progress, I think hardmode should be optional and not forced, next thing is the hunter guy (not the hero one) his AI is weird, like if you crash into a wall when he gets to that wall he’ll crash into it, he basically copies your every mistake making things less harder, and on very few occasions if your behind him, he’ll teleport behind you for some reason. Next thing is the lab system, I think that they shouldn’t have coins in the lab gambling thing as the coins in the lab thing are SUPER common. Anyways I could put more here but these are the main issues, but please fix the game instead of just saying: thank you for your feedback!
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2 months ago, Tomaletomatoe
Absolutely love this game
I played this game when the classic version was free and seeing how it’s doing now brings back so many memories of those times when I was younger and played this when I was bored and it was just one big blast of fun, While the games gets boring once you complete everything it is still a fun experience, 15/10 experience would definitely play it all over again blind if I could. Would be fun if they added some new game modes or even if they just bring back Hunter mode!
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2 years ago, terrible but perfect
Repetitive and annoying
Honestly this game is perfect especially for someone like me who really likes parkour but it’s just so repetitive and so hard to get to the next level it’s so annoying turning what would otherwise be a great perfect game into annoying repetitive bag of trash. Honestly I haven’t played Vector to yet but I really hope they don’t have the three stars to go to the next area airport that’s what really annoys me it’s the star leveling basically if you’re just reading this and you don’t and you haven’t played Vector yet just let me tell you that you need to get three stars to even get to the next area after the 11th level that you play and for me that’s so annoying and repetitive because you’re playing the same levels over and over and over again and you just end up failing a bunch of times so that’s my review
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2 months ago, Lincoln Rosswurm
Great Mobile Game, but…
This is one of the best runner games I’ve ever played. However there’s a bit too many ads for my liking. I understand why there are ads but I feel like we shouldn’t have an ad after almost every level. Plus I wish they would add an infinite mode and bring back hunter mode. And the outfit options for Vector. One other problem I have with the game is the star system. If you don’t have the coins to buy the tricks, you either have to wait for the next daily level or you replay levels only to get like 100 coins unless you want to watch hundreds of ads to multiply those coins. Basically make the tricks cheaper or give us a better and faster way to make money.
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7 months ago, superiorTOTM
Money snatcher
I will never download this game due to one issue that still scares me to this day. I use to play the classic version (demo) it always said to unlock the next levels you have to buy them. I just kept with the demo until I was so desperate to get the full game. I checked the reviews and found one that said “this game keeps taking my money after buying the full version” I didn’t believe much of it so I asked my mom and she said yes, she’ll buy it for me. When she did it, no full game version popped up, so I just closed it and reopen it and yet still nothing. So I left my iPad alone. Heard my mom the next few days say that money keeps coming out of her account. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything as I was scared to tell her what the problem might be. Don’t know if they fixed the issue or if it’s still happening but I’ll never download this game due to that one issue.
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8 months ago, Slurpity
Cash grab
Good game but just feels like a cash grab. No noticeable gameplay improvements besides new Home Screen and UI. Tricks are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, forcing microtransactions on you or requiring you to replay levels an insane amount of times (each level will give you ~100 per completion after earning 3 stars for the first time and tricks can cost upwards of 15k later on). Compared to the classic game where tricks were priced so that if you got 3 stars on each level, you’d be able to afford the tricks for the next level, imo that’s how it should be. They also added ads to this version and you can pay a subscription to remove ads, not a one time purchase, a subscription. They added a couple features to “help” you earn more coins but really at the end of the day it’s only to earn them more money. Extremely disappointed in you Nekki
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10 months ago, Energy boost
New Update Is Abismal
This update was hardly a “””remaster”””. None of the background art was upscaled and many old bugs still remain. The daily level is not a new original level each day, just a random one that already exists without any changes. The overwhelming majority of changes are just surface-level reworks of the old menus, but most of these changes strip away the soul that the classic version had. Furthermore, this new version is chock-full of ads and microtransactions. Ads are frequently shown between levels (even in level for Nekki’s new game), and the new progression system means that you no longer earn enough from 3 stars on a level to get all of the tricks for the next level, incentivizing purchasing them with real money. Overall, I strongly recommend staying FAR away from this game. If you want to play Vector, download Vector Classic.
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7 months ago, aidhsbw
Progress is hampered by ads.
This game is the original with boosters, hard mode, and ads. Compared to the original, it is much harder to progress in this game. You can finish the game without paying real money. However, you need to buy tricks/moves to earn stars to earn new levels. The price of the tricks quickly increases, and you must play the hard mode levels to progress. The hard mode tricks are 3-4 times more expensive, and the levels are too similar to normal mode. I made it halfway through Technological Park before quitting. The dollar price for coins isn’t too bad, but I’m not willing to pay. You’ll have more fun if you do. Otherwise, the daily levels and post-level ads are the most efficient ways to earn coins.
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12 months ago, Theywatchyou:O123
Very upset about the new update practically taking the full game version from me.
Spent actual money on this app, it promised to give no ads and bonus levels. Of course, it delivered, but then this update comes out and basically just took my money. I cannot revisit those bonus levels I bought, I do not have any of the gear I bought, and I lost all my stars and progress. The fact that I need to pay even more money for some “premium” edition is silly. I already bought it, it’s not my fault you decided to update the game. Bring back the bonus levels, give me my progress and gears back, and maybe then I’ll be satisfied. I spent money on your product, and you took it and ran. Truly shameful. Only giving this 2 stars because I really do enjoy the game, but I cannot forgive the blatant robbery.
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3 months ago, fdgtgd56468&
Why god why
This game was my childhood and now it’s destroyed. I remember almost five years ago I started playing. I couldn’t make it past the first area about a year ago I came back and beat the game. Only a month later the update came. It removed all my progress. I happen to get a reward for being active recently and I used it to buy the tricks up to level 1-6 before it ran out. So now to get past more than one level a day you need to pay. And just so you know the tricks cost the same amount as previously but now you get a max of 30 coins per run (300 if you watch an add and 1000 for completing a level for the first time) you used to constantly get 1000 or more per level. I don’t care that I get adds after almost every level please god just make it possible to progress at the old speed.
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3 months ago, TheIllinoisRG
Fun- too many adds- deleted
This was a fun game for about 45 seconds and then the adds kicked in… super short levels, then sit and watch a 30 second demo for another stupid sim game between every level? No thank you. It takes longer to watch the ads than it takes to complete a level. Deleted. Also, this game has WAAAAAAAY too much story line. It’s a parkour running game, that’s enough. We don’t need coins and power ups and hunters and lightning bolt spells and the whole back story is waste of time, nobody cares and it’s got nothing to do with parkour. We want to RUN. If it was a solid parkour game, I’d pay to dump the ads, as it is, the story interrupts the game and you can’t remove that. I’d give it one star, but for the few seconds you actually get to play it, it’s fun.
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6 months ago, Haublo Diablo
Way greedier devs, outright silly sub plan, etc
I loved this game in high school and I’m glad it’s back, but it’s ATROCIOUSLY more cash-grabby now than I ever knew it before. The Premium version is a $15/14 days subscription. This game is NOT a $30/month subscription game. Be realistic. It takes a lot more runs (and ads, believe it or not) to get coins. I remember pretty reliably getting the next level’s bonus moves just with the coins I earned from previous levels for, I dunno, 7-10 levels before I had to do reruns for coins. They neutered the player’s earning ability just… ridiculously. It’s laughably greedy now. I’ll still play it because it’s a great game, but the team behind it is trying to squeeze every penny out of its player base with absolutely no shame. Absolutely no shame whatsoever.
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2 years ago, TheBaconBoiXD
Honestly I haven’t played this game in a while so I was just browsing on the App Store right and I was like man I forgot about vector so I searched it up knowing it was not gonna work and to my surprise it was renamed and I’m like hmmmmm and I saw that in the update log you said that you fixed the game so I downloaded it back and when I till you I’m adiccted to this game I mean it I was so happy that you guys took action and fixed the game because I really enjoyed this game when I was little so thank you guys for fixing vector
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5 months ago, alberto0707
The good and bad things I like and hate about this game
Vector is honestly really good game graphics good it’s just a 2d game but still really good but I expected it to kinda be like the class vector I grew up playing you have to do so much just to get one parkour trick it’s like 6k coins just for one gets expensive for no reason and you don’t even get a lot of coins in a level so you really gotta grind on this game just to get one trick but still really good game but I had to buy the classics vector just so I could finally finish the game still recommend this game but if you don’t wanna stay on grinding then try getting the classic version it’s way more simple
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5 months ago, Twgee13
My favorite game
I love vector, its been my childhood alongside shadow fight 2. I love the game but i have 1 question. Can you please add back clothing / gears? I love the update but not having clothing makes the game feel more bland. I like being given a character customization but i feel that removing it ruined the game. I always liked grinding fir extra items like that. Myself and countless other lifelong fans would definitely appreciate bringing back the gears. Thanks, Tg Ps. Thanks for making my childhood so awesome with your unique games.
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5 months ago, Quicxil
Biggest disappointment ever
I honestly was dumb to expect anything better than what we were given. Within the last few years this company has only gotten more and more money hungry and just copies all other predatory mobile games where they slowly ease more and more ads into the game till the end of every level is met with a ad and the only way to not be forced to watch ads is to buy a monthly subscription which is once again another predatory tactic used by mobile game devs in the recent years your really disappointed any of your real fans that enjoyed The original Vector many years ago when you guys were making games with the player as the priority. Do better next time
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12 months ago, a game viewer
About the new update
The new update is honestly horrible and it barely works because the buttons for going back are off the screen and I spent money on this game and I can’t get it back from the extra levels so I might think about playing this if you fix the screen for IPAD users and other users too. Plus I thought you would have just added a mode on the mode select but no not only that but now I’m thinking you just updated one of your games for MONEY because of the rise in prices like every then was like 5 - 7 bucks now it’s 50 - 75 bucks so I loved this game but it is just some trash to me now and I can’t even look at the new gadgets.
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2 years ago, A Friendly Trojan
I remember playing this game when I was a kid and the thought came that this game still exists. It’s one of the best parkour games I’ve seen in a mobile game. It’s fun, difficult, and makes you worried about the enemy chasing you. You don’t get the feeling in Vector 2 but this game is pitch perfect. One thing I would change is the animation of your death as hunter like him aiming his gun and shooting you with the taser. And little animations here and there but for the most part I recommend this game to anyone.
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12 months ago, Winnienpi
The New Update is a mixed bag.
The game was great as is, but this new update kind of ruins the game for me. It adds new “gadgets” which can cost money with a “premium” subscriptions and “starter packs”. Which is just lame to see. It deleted my previous save data making me have to restart all over again. It removes the cutscene at the beginning that explains what little plot this game actually has which is really lame. The “graphical overhaul” is cool but really really not needed as the game already looked amazing as is due to its simple artstyle. The “new” levels are also appreciated, but this update overall is really crappy. If you can avoid playing the hame as is. It’s practicing really scummy tactics. Try to play the “pre-2023” version.
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1 year ago, Sharkboi48
This Game is the Best
The game is an incredible game with mechanics that make it feel as if you are really doing the parkour. There are barely any adds which is the best. But sometimes, and very rarely the camera starts acting weird. Where it’s trying to catch up to the run but it can’t adjust itself fast enough. It isn’t a big deal but it is to good to let you guys know. But in all it is my second favorite game. I can’t say my first cause I don’t think that’s allowed.
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1 year ago, ReviewPerson81737823lol
Good but update
I already made a review but here are a list of things i want 1 vector 3 it would be pleasant to see another sequel 2 update vector 2 I finished the game on the final mission you couldn’t find the lab on floor 35 so update pls and 3 level maker it would be so fun to do backflips of of a ten story house and die to the fall 😂 and number 4 final is add new levels and a sewer even a level where you jump between roofs mabye even a unique 3d level? That’s all for today peace!
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1 month ago, Micahru
Almost incredible
It has amazing fluidity, pleasing haptic feedback, but there are quite a few ads. I have no issues with games having ads (gotta get paid somehow), but the cost to remove them is steep. $10/month is a lot for a mobile game. I’d easily pay $10 as a one time purchase, or even a cheaper monthly, but it’s hard to justify a single game costing this much, and even similar to much larger subscriptions (Ubisoft, Arcade, etc). Great game though, and hopefully one day there will be the option to purchase or a cheaper subscription. Maybe even join Apple Arcade? 😜
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12 months ago, thinkthem
You ruined this game.
You ruined it, you removed everyone’s progress, you could’ve just left this game alone let us enjoy it in our spare time, without worrying about ads showing up, but no. You just had to ruin this game for everyone. I’d be fine with bug fixes and all, and new gadgets but this? Making a monthly subscription just to get no ads at all? Are you seriously out of your mind? You guys used to create really fun games for us back then. Now your just trying to get some money out of this game too while your at it. Why don’t you instead fix Vector 2, instead of this game. Leave this game alone. Vector 2 is already your money maker when you guys first published the game.
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12 months ago, CheeseAlien
New update is not good
When I saw the new icon for the game I was excited, but then when I played the game I was hit with disappointment. First of all my progress was wiped, and you removed the cosmetics. I was sour about the cosmetics part but I was ok with the update, until I got an ad. The point of paying for this game is for the whole game yes, but also it means you’re paying for quality with goes hand in hand with an ad free experience with mobile games. When I bought this game a few years ago the only ads were optional but now you force them on me. I am disappointed.
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4 weeks ago, SaoCollabSupporter
Ad Heavy for progression
God, it’s absolutely ridden with ads to even try to progress. Then I buy the premium for no forced ads. Buts it’s not even a one time payment. And regardless you are still tempted to watch ads to have enough money to even progress with all the parkour move sets. If not wait for another day till daily money level resets, AND EVEN THEN you still need to double it to even buy further expensive moves to fully 3 star and progress. Now adding a gacha function? Mostly for cosmetics. But other than that there’s nothing truly different from this to the OG vector except more ads and way slower progression. Boring
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12 months ago, R.martinato
Deleted all my progress
After the new update the game deleted all my progress and gave me a couple thousand credits which are barely 2 tricks early or a dozen of consumable power ups. Before the update i had all stars on the normal mode and almost all the stars on the hunter mode witch has since been removed and locked behind the paid game version. A couple of things i have to give praise on is fhat collecting coins does some like less of a rng fest grind and the update graphics do look good and apparently there will be new levels to the game but unless those levels are super cool and unique my rating will not increase from 2 stars
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4 months ago, Marcius man
I think it is a little too under rated because first when you play it it’s not that popular so when people ask “hay what are you playing” and you say “vector” they will not know what you are talking about another reason is it’s not that exciting of a game like no one will be really interested in a game called “vector” also this is just my opinion so pleas don’t get mad at me I am just giving my opinions.
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8 months ago, 1Biff2
Pay to play
The nostalgic factor is definitely there for me, but the biggest issue with this game is its pay to play essentially. For instance you can’t advance to new levels without the minimum amount of stars earned. Replay the levels and get better ratings on the level right? Can’t you gotta buy the moves which get increasingly more expensive which then in turn forces you to buy with boost packs or vip bundles for only 14 days. All you can do at that point is wait for the daily reward which is only 300 coins. Going along with buying the moves the levels don’t increase pay either.
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1 year ago, FireFrostyyyy
fun game just one problem
there’s 11 levels in one story, each you can get three stars, you need 33 stars to move to the next story so you need all three on every of the 11 levels but on story 1-5 you can’t, there’s a part where you do a backflip and once you’ve done it you fall into a pit to get a bonus, but if you fall you go over the bonus and can’t go back to get it, so you have to jump early to fall right into the pit to hit the bonus, but with the backflip the game takes so long for the animation to finish by the time it’s done you’re already past where you need to jump to hit the bonus, i know what you’re thinking. “don’t hit the backflip” i’ve tried that but to get the three stars you need every trick, and every bonus. this is a fun game and this is the only problem i’ve had with it.
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11 months ago, DaringWonton
Fun, but Restrained
Pros: Nostalgia, mechanics, unique dystopian feel, and cool music. Cons: Quick progress is blocked by high trick costs, there aren't many levels, and gameplay is pretty much trial-and-error. Overall: Gameplay is fun, until you realize it's just a "memorize the right path" game. Also, I understand the high trick costs are meant to prevent people from progressing too fast, but I'm too impatient to grind coins through ads and the daily courses. Whatever, it was fun for the first few hours, and way more fun when I first played it several years ago.
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12 months ago, Canxan66
Amazing game but one day all my progress was gone
I’ve been playing this game for a month and it is amazing but today when i got on all if my progress was gone and i am extremely confused and sad that i lost all my progress i was working on getting 3 stars on every level and today i logged on and all my progress was gone i had just got 3 stars on 2-1 the last time i played and then today i got on and everything was gone if the creators could fix this i would definitely switch my review to 5 stars.
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11 months ago, PuffReviews
Too many advertisements
This game deserves a one star but I decided to put 5 so that this post get’s seen more. The game isn’t how it used to be when you used to play as a kid, there’s so many ads, it’s the developers try to shove as many things in your face as they can so you end up buying i game content or to buy the ads free version. Do not download this game you’ll be hit with an ad every other level
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1 year ago, ramenjustu
Great game!
Not too many adds and great game time passer at home or on the go I was playing it at a Christmas party at my grandparents house waiting for the climax of it and I didn’t have a charger and I noticed that it doesn’t drain a lot of battery so another reason it’s good for travel and it has an amazing gameplay and concept I really hope this review drives more people to download it so more people can enjoy it over all a great game -Pilot Grillett
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8 months ago, There’s one bug
Bug but still good!
This is an amazing game but, it has only one flaw that I have noticed so far. And that one thing is if you do a move to slow down while the enemy i behind you you will get behind it and stay there until the end but if you catch up with him/her the will electrocute you and you will lose so I was asking it the creators could fix this please.
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2 days ago, jay_10290
Not the game I used to love
While this game is the same gameplay wise, it has made a lot of terrible changes that ruined the experience. Firstly, you used to be able to get the amount of coins needed for the next trick solely from 3-star-ing a level, but now, you need to watch ads, buy coins, or replay levels for only 30 coins. Speaking of ads, you will now receive them every 5 or so retries on levels, and one every time you beat a level. They ruined a great thing by riddling it with micro transactions and ads.
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10 months ago, benmaries
Weighed down by ads
Love the game mechanics but it’s completely weighed down by ads. Being forced to sit through 30 second ads after each attempt, even if I spent 15 seconds on a level and even if I failed, makes this completely unplayable. I’d happy pay $4.99 for premium, if it wasn’t just a 14 day access. There are much better games you would pay this for for lifetime access. The game is not worth over $10 a month to play.
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12 months ago, Bappo9090
So called upgrade
This recent update had me happy that the dev still care about this game after 20 years and I appreciate that but you guys took a turn in the wrong direction, not only did you remove and got rid of everyone’s progress but you also added a subscription for something we only had to pay 1 dollar in the past but also the game feels slower and just more easy in general. Granted I haven’t played the harder difficulty, but you made a lot of people lose their progress which some people worked hard to complete.
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1 year ago, JahAktb
Game is good but only when I’m not home.
This game works perfectly fine when I leave to go to school. If I’m in any class and I decide to get a few runs in in the game, no problem. However, when I return back to my castle and just chilling in my room and want to get some runs in in there, the game will just stay on the loading screen and I cannot play the game. Hope this is fixed, other than that the game is fine and a piece of my childhood.
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2 months ago, ClassicSonshine
I’m at level 2-5, all previous levels 3 starred and red starred, have used ads to double my level winnings every single level, still don’t have enough points purchase all the moves going forward forcing me do either replay levels at 25 points a win (needing THOUSANDS to purchase moves) or spend actual money to buy the points I need to progress any further. The cost-to-income ratio for points on this game is so broken it’s basically unprogressable after a certain point around halfway through without hours and hours spent replaying or spending money.
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10 months ago, e p y k n e s s
was good until the update
i beat the game and the bonus levels. i would just go on after every now and again to shave milliseconds off of my time, but after the update it just wasnt worth it. they took all the cosmetics, all my credits, and all the levels so i would have to unlock them again. and what did the update bring to warrant this, you might be asking? well ill tell ya: nothing 🤗. to unlock the last trick in 1-5, i would have to play the level at least 25 times. Or, i could buy their fun new coin, surprise surprise. now this game is just another cog in the freefall that is the pay to win format. it’s disgusting
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3 months ago, hdudydhd
Super fun but…..
This game is really fun and I love playing it. It’s super smooth and the parkour is really fun. I just wish there weren’t so many ads. After I complete a level or restart one it always shows an ad. I understand why but you should change the subscription feature for no ads into a one time payment. The game is really fun but the ads get annoying from time to time.
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