Vectorworks Nomad

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Vectorworks, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vectorworks Nomad

5 out of 5
2 Ratings
4 months ago, LvLdMe
App crashes right when opening
iPhone 15 pro, iOS 17.1.2 This is also the first time I the iPad Pro that all the cloud drives are disconnected except Dropbox. It won’t allow me to add them back either. I love this app, please don’t die Nomad.
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10 months ago, Mikezots
If I were Vectorworks I’d be ashamed of this
It’s a Vectorworks app that can’t open a Vectorworks file! So any notes I add will be on a .pdf file, not in my .vwx file! So I need two different files because I went to the job site to check a measurement? I can already mark up pdf files on my iPad with other apps, more elegantly and with less effort than this! If i’m showing a project in 3D, I’ll use my portable computer in vwx. Not with this. A problem in search of a solution showing a real lack of understanding by the devs. This should open .vwx files, at least simple ones, and let me do field editing when checking dimensions etc. It could create a .nomad layer or something so I could not mess anything up, but could use my edits once the file was on my computer.
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11 months ago, Blue Aster71
Scan and go
I’ll often need to survey an existing building before I model the as-builts. The scan feature in Nomad can assist in expediting this process, and the quickly generated file acts as a reliable backstop if I ever need to check dimensions. Thanks Vectorworks
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12 years ago, Roobst
Very Promising
The best thing that Vectorworks cloud provides is the ability to offload sheet generation and VP renderings to the cloud. This is good step in the right direction. Only problem is you have to be on subscription- not unlike what autodesk provides.
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1 month ago, Go back to the old version
Doesn’t work
Was great when it worked, now just crashes all the time. I can’t even open it.
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6 months ago, Lightshading
What’s the point?
It’s a vectorworks app that can’t open vectorworks files. It’s completely useless.
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12 years ago, Sospitis
Been waiting for YEARS! I'll keep waiting?
I've been waiting for Nemetschek to release an iOS viewing app for several years, it seemed like a no-brainer. It's very sad that I can't get any functionality without a subscription. I am confident that should I ever get a subscription, this app would be lovely. However this strategy seems to be turning away new users not inviting them in the way the competition has chosen. For now I will keep saving PDFs to Dropbox for my iOS viewing needs. As a loyal user of more than a decade, it's getting harder and harder to be a vocal disciple of Vectorworks. As a side note it's quite frustrating to realize that Nemetschek allows for distributed computing if you want to pay them, but I can't have my own render farm. Again, I know a certain competitor that would allow me to utilize my idle 60 cores and hundred+ gigabytes of RAM.
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6 years ago, MikeChalleen
AR concept is interesting, but doesn’t work
I’ve been trying to utilize the AR feature that was recently hyped in an article linked from a recent email from Vectorworks. I have the latest iPad Pro running the latest version of iOS. I’ve tried several times, utilizing the Woodward Exhibit file found in the Vectorworks Samples folder within Cloud Services. My iPad locks up every time I try and view the AR file in my real-life scene.
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12 years ago, Theatre User
Very unfortunate
I am very sad that there is no support for educational users with this. I do realize that for educational purposes VW is inexpensive, or free, but in my academic shop I was eagerly awaiting an app for when I don't want to haul my laptop, or drawings around to the theatres. This is especially troubling since the educational license locks out students after graduating. This just screws the faculty working on educational projects.
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10 years ago, Goolier
Great app, Bad logistics behind usefulness
Ability to view vectorworks models on iOS devices is great. After loading a model, the fly throughs are seamless and intuitive for navigating it. For that the app would get 4 or 5 stars You need ios 7 or higher for app.Understandable if it's due to hardware limitations (original iPad can only be upgraded to iOS 5.1) The three star rating from me comes from a need for a vectorworks select subscription. In a world where BIM is supposed to encourage sharing and instant media integration with various parties, this app does the opposite. I have a subscription and app works great. But not having the ability to share this model easily with clients and non-production principals in my firm is a real downer, making possibilities I see for utilizing the app next to the cad software useless. I understand nemetschek company's stance on this is to probably promote users buying select subscriptions, but to me I see it more of a perk that's useless for its non-ability to share the information, as what I mentioned above.
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4 years ago, La_i
I use this app to measure the projects before renewing. With the cloud service is so easy to measure and start working right away. Thanks Vectorworks!!!
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12 years ago, Stanrarchie
Must have app and service for Vectorworks Users.
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6 years ago, Pacobriente
This is a real pain
Pay this company thousands for their software, just want to be able to view a file on my phone. A serious pain to work with. Save yourself the trouble—avoid!
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6 years ago, Japanajew
Don’t waste your time
I downloaded this to view VW files on the phone without asking for a PDF. This app can’t even do that. It keeps crashing before opening the file so I can’t view anything.
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3 years ago, Mikelite80
So bad, always crashes
The concept is great. I love the idea. It just doesn’t work 1 bit. Crashes when ever you try to open a file. Total waste.
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3 years ago, ryanquigley
Crashes on opening a file
Unusable. It crashes on opening a file
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5 years ago, AMP9784
Had such high hopes for this. All I want is a mobile viewer of a 2D VWX plan and this app can’t even do that. Crashes when trying to open any file. Please make an app that works.
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11 years ago, - Charlie
This would be useful if clients and others could view our vectorworks drawings. As it is, only "vectorworks select service users" can use the app.
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10 years ago, bfowler4mac
You can't be serious
Claims to integrate with Dropbox? Really? Can't seem to go more than 2 folders deep into Dropbox. Too slow to be useful.
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10 years ago, TheRealLB3
Great 3D
Great and easy to use!
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6 years ago, BonBerlin
Access to external server impossible
Integration into synology DS would be a must.
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11 years ago, jomafur
Can't create a user name
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