Veescope Live Green Screen App

Photo & Video
3.3 (1.5K)
215.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phone Sweets
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Veescope Live Green Screen App

3.27 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
3 years ago, abc.animal514
Pretty good, some complaints
This is probably one of the better free green screen apps out there. Because you can move your green screen items anywhere on the screen. But i have some complains. Its really glitchy at times. That might be because of my scratchy phone case screen, but even without the screen it glitches. Some of the colorings are strange too. But the worst part is that whenever you put a background or video in it anywhere, it doesn’t trim or crop it. If screenshooting a photo off google and cropping it, it doesn’t crop it when it’s transferred to the app. It’s annoying, because sometimes i have to re-screenshot or screen record your video to make it not untrim. It’s frustrating
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4 years ago, EpikGamr
A bit glitchy...
I like this app! But, it does have limitations. Don’t get me wrong, this app is pretty well done, but when I record, it just freezes for like a second then plays for like 2 seconds and freeze and play freeze play freeze! And also, there is a big watermark, if you could minimize the watermark and put it like on the top right or left or something like that, I would be happy! Just... please fix this app and my green screen works fine in iMovie and in this, it says it’s poorly lit when iMovie does a great job! Please fix this app! I really hope you understand developer and minimize the watermark and fix the glitching and stuff, thank you for your time, bye!
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6 years ago, Robinsxx
Magical tool/toy!
I found the road to mastery to be a bit too long, but it’s a joy to use now. To be able to shoot live with the green screen background in place with no editing required is quick and fun—or if you’re a more serious type, quick and efficient. I am relatively new at doing video and the green screen function made startup somewhat more complicated. Just today I ran across a user video explaining the use of what he called “masking.” (Cropping kinda.) I initially ignored this function because I didn’t see any real use. Today I learned how useful it can be. All in all a marvelous app. I haven’t set up a remote yet but it would be useful when working alone.
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4 years ago, hvdunvzsgnncdx
Worst app EVER
hi I’ve changed my review and well first of all of course the same things I said before like only works with the photos when I got my Barbie doll the photo went on top of it like seriously why couldn’t you like could you like go onto like another account and check this out please because the other app I have is also horrible so please can you fix this please please please and well it’s just impossible to use in can you please make remove watermark 0.99 thanks if you do ill give a 5 ok? Well bye
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6 years ago, Jay Lee (IG: Jasperisms)
Now I will say I loved this app initially. I was able to create one wonderful video on a brick background a couple months ago. However, it appears to be a one and done deal. I recently went back to create another video. After several attempts, I was able to get the lighting and focus to where I wanted it. As I was recording I noticed the video kept pausing while I was recording. It was like the app was hesitating or something. It would pause and then jump. What the world??? Every time it did this I had to go back and re-record that part again. After 30 minutes of recording, the video froze completely and would not work anymore. The app also didn’t save my video that I worked on. Blown!
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4 years ago, :)boooo
Love and love
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4 years ago, Nickname173536382
Don’t buy this app
Before I get into the negatives, I want to shed light on what this app does well. It is relatively easy to use for very simple green screen videos and the green screen works well with the native app backgrounds. However, the app has several glitches when it comes to recording videos. For example my app crash on my I phone 11 every-time I try to record a video longer than 1 min. I had tried contacting support, which was mediocre at best, they have yet to contact me with a resolution. It’s been 2 weeks, I waited to write this review because I understand things happen and wanted to give them a chance but this App isn’t worth the time or money.
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3 years ago, Lord |uigi
Bruh why does it say it’s overheating? I dont really care
Ok I like to make memes and I was trying to make Phil swift “that’s a lot of damage guy” anyway he once made a post were he was going to check out the new green screen but then he realized that it was blue and he was like “what?!? IT’S BLUE!?!” Thou I had it end at the part where he said what So I went over and got a clip from super smash bros ultimate and had the cam right next to the tree that Villager can’t plant and I was trying to have Phil say what!?! Right be for the tree fell down where I put the cam so he was like what!?! And then the tree falls on him but we should be able to see where a part is at and choose for when the green screen starts and ends. Also... LET ME IGNORE THE OVERHEAT WARNING CAUSE I DONT REALLY CARE!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Ice cream kitten
It is just impossible to understand how to do anything it took me way to long to figure out how to even put my video and photo in the timeline and when I was using the green screen everything kept moving somwhere I didn’t put it and a third threw my video it wouldn’t show anything so I decided to just save the part of the video I have in my camera roll but then it crashed and I had to redo some things it didn’t save then I tried again but it crashed again this time the audio was off place and I didn’t know how to fix it the tutorials don’t help at all and I couldn’t even get one video done.
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4 years ago, Lyla2020
At the beginning it can be REALLY confusing and frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, it can really be useful. If you are a movie producer, there are many other green screen apps that are better than this one. So I would consider looking for other green screen apps before you pick this one. -Lyla
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5 years ago, cool girls119
Very good but something bugs me
This app is so cool you don’t need an actual green screen you can use a wall or red screen blue screen . But they need to give more effort like giving more backgrounds even though you can take pictures to make backgrounds . And I don’t know if this just my iPad but it does a weird echo and annoying glitching sounds that don’t stop until I turn the app of . Not saying the app is bad just could be a little better
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5 years ago, WhipNaenae😎😎🤐
This app would be better if you could add a background to already recorded videos instead of having to record them over again. I have tons of videos that already have green screens in them, I just can’t add a background into any of them. This bugs me because I can’t just completely redo them again as it requires a lot of work to set up and take down the green screen, lights, microphone, and camera again. Also, my friend is in all of these videos, so I can’t just redo them completely without her being in them. She doesn’t live with me either, so...
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4 years ago, _ Ace_
It gets the job done
I like the app, it certainly gets the job done, and I like how you can make a video the background. However, it’s pretty difficult to use, and when you add a green screen filter on it or whatever it makes the colors of everything else weird. Like when I make green screen videos, my skin becomes way more yellow and it looks unusual. Additionally, there’s a huge watermark on the finished product. Other than those issues, it’s a great app
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1 year ago, Lifehouse SDA
Video Background
This app is Awesome! The quality is phenomenal especially with their video backgrounds I did the pay version and it’s even better but just a suggestion can you please bring more Videos background I don’t mine paying it. Thank you
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6 years ago, StumpedOnEffects
Huge, ugly watermark!
I only got 2 usable videos out of the free version, before it started applying a huge ugly watermark all the way through my vids. When it did work, it would only work well at applying dark backgrounds. AND, to do just that it required blindingly bright (not just even) lighting. I’m now using another free green screen program, which doesn’t require as much lighting, does a good job applying light backgrounds, and only advertises itself for about the final second of the video.
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5 years ago, Agwie
Doesn't even function as a camera well
I recorded a few green screen shots with this app, and went back to edit, and realized the video was seriously jerky, and randomly jolted back every now and then. It also randomly resets your setup, and when you try to exit the setup menu, it changes it because the exit button doesn't register half the time. Overall, it is an okay interface, but need some serious bug-fixing in order to be a viable alternative to pay to use apps
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4 years ago, GabUnicornLuv
Amazing! Just 1 change
I love this app but can you PLEAASE NOT have the title right in the middle of the frickin screen! It’s terribly annoying when I have finally finished something (mostly gacha edit) and the tittle makes it so you can’t see anything! Like c’mon man! I would recommend putting it in the corner,other than that,I love this game and it’s a great editing app! Bye now! 🤪😝😜
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6 years ago, Ethan Steury
This app is super cool! I love it and it’s been working perfectly for the past few years sense I got it! The only problem now is that when I update it every time, the water mark appears again and I don’t know how to get it to go away without buying it again? Great tool though! Thanks!
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4 years ago, North Korea Games
You know I really liked it until I saw a watermark, that’s pretty cheap bro. Just ruins the use if it... oh and by the way for whoever reads this, use iMovie, it literally has the same features with a lot better editing skills. Oh and you don’t have to pay to remove a cheesey watermark. 😃👍 (Reply) 6 features big deal, the only reason people have been downloading this is because a bunch of tik tok kids want to make a green screen video then realize they gotta pay when they see a watermark.
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2 years ago, Thi-Pla
Very good but
The app is well made and it is very clean but the video or photos u wand to download straight towards your phone files not your actual photo library, it’s is probably something on my end but I was never able to download my videos towards my photo’s
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3 years ago, MoonReviews
Almost helpful
Paid for it twice and only worked a total of one recorded video. Seems it may record videos under 1 minute, not long-form. (Mine are roughly 20 mins each) But you won’t know until you stop recording whether it will save. If not, the video is instantly deleted & all your work is lost. No one has gotten back to me from support, unfortunately. Had high hopes to use this for recording work on the road.
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5 years ago, pianosistee
It’s really blurry, but other than that...
Everything was transparent, and see through. It was blurry, and I changed the lighting so it was brighter, although then it changed everything in front of the background white. Other than that it was a very cool app. It did give me tips, and instructions.
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5 years ago, Lighthesky
It does not work!
It asked me to calibrate something on a white background or whatever, and then it said that there was something wrong but let me keep going. Then, it didn’t matter where I put it, the background was always there and anything that I put in front of the camera didn’t appear as if it was on top of the background, but was just a huge transparent mess. This app is bad quality and very difficult to use. I would not recommend it to anyone.
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3 years ago, brikiii
Basically I was trying to put a video on a green screen and I went to camera roll to crop the screen record and the video but when I put it in the app in would just put the original. Then I tried to shorten the video in the app but it wouldn’t crop it would just move around. It was so frustrating and I do t know how to put he video so that it starts where I want it to and to be cropped.
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2 years ago, dorodu
Amazing but a few issues..
So in all this is amazing but if your trying to extend a photo….it is a little hard. But overall no issues!
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4 years ago, Mr.Bambi559
Almost perfect
Update: I love this app and it is very good. And daily easy to use when e you get to know your way around the app. Due to the developer getting back to me at why the water mark could not be removed I give it a 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Bobbo2013
It can work, but is too clunky.
The app is too clunky to work with. I have yet to get one project to come out exactly how I wanted. Does not provide enough instruction for its own UI and has led to me being stuck in wrong camera modes, videos overlaying incorrectly in projects that cannot be adjusted, and the timeline has too many problems to list. Will be searching for a more user friendly experience.
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7 years ago, ameliagrrrace
Please please read
So, I have this app, and I noticed, (unlike stop motion studio) that you couldn’t like change it so I would be clear. It’s so blurry! I tried focusing it, and I wouldn’t do that. Please make it more clear or I’m deleting this app.
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4 years ago, llexiell
it’s ok
This app is good and all but the privacy with this app😬 so first it asked to allow my location while on the app accepted. But the it asked again to be allowed while not on the app and I didn’t allow that. But then asked again and again and again. I don’t know if any else has had this problem or not
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4 years ago, Lemon Lights
It was kinda creepy when it made sounds to click things, it sounded very creepy to me and I deleted it, but please don’t use this as a thing to tell you if you should get it or not, but could you please get rid of the sounds?
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3 years ago, Danger618
It’s uh ok?
I only got this app to make a roblox animation becasue I didn’t have enough storage for IMovie which would be better and easier but for the video you can see everything me going into roblox me in the screen recording app so I wanted to trim it which didn’t work and is very annyoing
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4 years ago, BoredSherlock
I downloaded the app for a school project. The “green screen” comes up on all colors instead of those green based, tried uploading my own photos for background and doesn’t allow that possibility, camera froze and refused to keep working holding the image of the area I had already moved away from, and the help instructions kept playing on repeat.
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3 years ago, nope92222
The volume of the video is pretty bad. This app makes them quieter and the green screen feature is okay but it needs to be fine tuned to focus more on the green. I have to close out the app in order to upload a new photo or video and open it back up. Otherwise I can’t add new photos. When improved it will be a nice app but it’s not ready.
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6 years ago, Marycarmen 🦄🤘
First it What is like the best app ever and it did what it was supposed to get which was great but then when I wanted to add special effects you need to pay which I don’t know why didn’t I didn’t up if you need to pay for everything another problem is that it’s not good quality which I hope you can fix because everyone wants good quality Also the app was really complicated And hard to use
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4 years ago, dgcahs h f
Great bu the mark
I’ve seen this in a lot of photo editing apps some do it better than others some don’t and what I mean is water marks like I get your app wants to be known and just pay for it but come on it’s smack dap in the middle that’s not cool but besides that 9/10 app
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4 years ago, mattyalanb
Update wrecked everything
This app worked pretty well. I paid for the 2.99 upgrade back in February. Last night they “upgraded” to include live capabilities and now 1.) my movie recording capabilities are gone and 2.) its prompting me to again pay 2.99 for the upgrade that I already paid for to avoid watermarking. To all of the programmers out there I will say it again: IF IT AINT BOKE DONT FIX IT
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4 years ago, [Real Name Classified]
Oh, so now you have to PAY MONEY to record a video?!
Why is there this big watermark that won’t let me record? This app used to be good! It told me that from now on the watermark will be there unless I buy the in app purchase to get it off! This is unfair! Why do you need me to pay money just to get it off? Also, where is the in app purchase? How much does it cost?
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4 years ago, eyeofthebunny21
Good but...
This app is amazing but there’s one problem it keeps crashing when it’s saving it doesn’t delete the work it just annoys the heck outta me so if you could kindly fix some bugs that would be appreciated.
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4 years ago, the boy101011001
Works perfectly
I bought the pro version and this app works perfectly. No complaints, it does what it’s supposed to do and does it well.
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4 years ago, Mrhyde143
I paid to have the water mark removed and it seems to have not can this be fixed please
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4 years ago, Kawaii Karina
Good but small issue
This is a good app, but when I was using it for Gacha videos, it took away teal as well as green. I found this annoying as I had to draw it back in.
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5 years ago, Elephantal
Best Movie Assistant Ever
My sister and I were writing movie scenes and this was the only app that could make a background for any colored wall that did not have to be blue or green. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants great photo shots or a great video scene.
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4 years ago, subdjddi
Complete garbage.
I just recently got this app. It is very glitchy and the camera quality is very bad. When I was recording the video I noticed it would pause the freeze then do that all over again. You have to pay 3 dollars to take off the watermark...what?! If you guys are looking for a green screen app, I recommend using iMovie or any other app in the store BUT this one.
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4 years ago, WHY?😤😡
I’m kind of upset but I’ll give 2 stars
I’m really upset with this game because first of all why do you need microphone access to record a video your not going to be able to hear? And two it DOESNT WORK FOR ME!! Please do something because the microphone access makes m think they are listening to my real life voice!
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6 years ago, SB_9_
Great app
This app is great, much better than green screen live and doesn’t try to become a social media app. I sadly had to delete it due to storage tho😢😢
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5 years ago, SaneItDoIt
Try this
This app is really cool, showing that you can make awesome backgrounds. But you need a green screen or something green. And guess what, just dance did this too!!! Try this.😲😮✌️👍🏼🤘
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5 years ago, lolhelpme123
Not Good
I downloaded this app a few minutes ago, I cant even get in the app without having to open it from the app store. I cant delete it either. When I do get in the app, through the camera it’s so dark when I have all the lights on in the room (4 lights including window, it is day outside nice and bright) I don’t know what’s going on and I want to delete it.
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5 years ago, thatønepersøn
Crashed way too much
This app worked for a whole 2 days and now when I try to download any video to my camera roll it crashes so now I can’t download anything, and then I always get this pop up that says “email us if you have a problem” right after as if they made the app purposely do that just so you can email them.
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4 years ago, Sean & Daddy
The most unintuitive interface I’ve ever seen
It takes a thousand random button presses to accidentally find the feature you‘re looking for just to get something I can do with Zoom in 2-3 button presses. Doesn’t use any of the iOS standard interface options and didn’t let me add my own photos. A complete waste of my time.
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6 years ago, S2520078888
I don't like it
I had difficulty even taking a video on this app. I personally had trouble with this app. I did not like it. Whenever I tried to make something with a screen in the background it didn't work and you had to choose between me or the screen. I was really looking forward to this app but was very disappointed.😕
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