Vegas Live Slots Casino

4.6 (63.8K)
215 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlayDog Soft Co., Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vegas Live Slots Casino

4.64 out of 5
63.8K Ratings
3 years ago, delmore dingleberry
Best slot game app I have found
I feel this slot app is the best out there because it is realistic and keeps you engaged. If playing for free it can become frustrating because the intent of ur app is to get you to buy coins. It will not just allow you to obtain an overwhelming amount of coins. Or what happens to me is that when I do get a lot built up I get stupid and go play black jack which has no bet limits and I get greedy and lose all there. What I like most about this app is the games are realistic and a challenge to win and not cartoonish and and just shower you with unearned coins, because i have found winning a bunch of garbage coins on a slot app that has animated childish slot games is boring and predictable. I do get flustered at this game delete it and reinstall after I get cooked off. It will not let you win a lot of high bets. That will end up costing you ur stash. I have never been one to pay to play games. Never have I hope I never will but if I did this would be the one worth ur money
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1 year ago, DirtyDan0002
Fun but greedy
This is a fun game. The club environment is fun and the games offered are pretty similar to those you find in Vegas. Unfortunately the game does get greedy. If you do end up spending money on it the game actually seems to make you lose more. If you play smart and do sock pile some coins then the games updates and you will lose until you hit 0 at which point the game starts flooding you with offers to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a couple spins. I have news for you developers $100 for 100 spins when you just spent the last week doing 1000s of spins with 0 wins is not a deal and not worth it whatsoever. Seriously though when the developers need cash it seems like everyone in the game gets zeroed out. And then the game will continue to zero you out no matter how much you spend until the developers have made their rent payments and purchased their monthly super car. You can watch the chats and see whether the developers are in need of cash. People will spend 100’s and thousands and continue to get zeroed until those developers make rent and switch the win button back on. Because of the discouraging nature of the developers on off win switch this game is only fun to the extent of the friends you make. But there are free social media apps for that kind of stuff.
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4 years ago, KcsunZXR
Game is well designed with good mixture of variety, including keno, lotto, and table games. Graphics are spot on with realistic animations. There are daily give a ways from spins to special events like anniversary gifts to hidden coin grabs. My only advice is not to lose sight of the business model, pay2play. The game is free, and they want you to buy coins. There are no regulations like you have in real gaming so you are so you are at the mercy of programming as to pay out tables and RNG random number generation chip control. You can bet they have designed gaming to frustrate you to buy coins with your real hard earned money! I refuse to buy play money! My conservative to get your stash up and stop and wait for a 24 hour cool down when your coins are low to build your coins back up from the dailies. Hard to do I know, so install a few games if you have that gaming itch. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, Jubyadubya
Needs a little work. But still fun
People complaining about not winning would probably complain about unrealistic slot play. It’s a game, everyone. Take it easy, good lord. You don’t have to spend money. It’s realistic in that you aren’t winning ALL the time- play “smart”- or as smart as you can when you’re gambling and it’s fine. I get more time out of it when I bet normally. There are ups and downs of course. When I get greedy for too long, then yeah- money goes away. But there are enough bonuses and free coins to keep you going for a while longer. It’s a gd gambling game. What do you expect? One big change that needs to happen is in relation to the unskippable animations when winning on multi-games. If I play 20 card keno, I don’t want to sit there while my wins are tallied up, one at a time, until we go through 20 cards- especially when it’s a win that’s just giving my bet back. Multi-hand poker is even worse. If this was removed or made skippable, I’d count it as my favorite casino app. Other than that, it’s a good number of slot games, even if the variety isn’t wildly impressive. - many are very similar to another 1 or 2. But- Not many casino apps have slots, cards and keno, scratch cards and a lottery. It’s a good time waster. You can Pay money to support them and/or your crippling imaginary money gambling habit, or just play it for free. It’s not pay to win- it’s not real money you’re walking away with.
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2 years ago, Nightkat54
This has to be one of the better casino apps available. Very realistic with loads of choices. I have made the mistake of purchasing coins way too many times with only myself to blame. I ask myself why use real money to play for fake money. Kinda stupid, isn’t it? They let you win for a while, but when you’re time’s up, you can’t win for anything. Don’t let yourself get frustrated and keep spending money. Another ploy they seem to use is to keep track of your favorite games. When you can’t seem to “hit” anything on that specific game, they “announce” someone just won the jackpot on that game. More frustration. This isn’t really fun at all. Wish there was a way to block access to some of these apps. I’m going to keep trying to stay away and go back to reading a good book!
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6 years ago, histoqu
Slots are too tight!!!
I LOVE this app but the slots are too tight. I’ve had over 38,000 spins and have reached level 86 in less than two months. The bonus wheel payouts are too small and are not rewarded often enough. Both the bonus wheel and the hourly bonus should increase with your new level. Also, I‘m not quite sure how to increase in class. Most importantly, I’ve had over 38,000 spins and have never had a Jackpot win! That doesn’t seem quite right. What’s the use of having a Jackpot and you can’t win it? I’ve been given the Cheer Up bonus several times and every time I’ve chosen the the least amount given. Last but not least, it would quite nice if the 10x pay locked and you receive a respin in all of the similar games. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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3 years ago, Isaac Clifford
Fun for a bit but…
I’ve played this game for a while so I know how it works. If you are a new comer, yes it may be fun for a couple days but after a while the game gets greedy and only cares about getting in your wallet. The lower you bet the better the prizes are. But if you decide to bet higher the game will take all of your money away. I’ve had 400,000,000 before and yes on this game that is pretty much unheard of, but went to absolute ZERO in minutes. But once you win big, forget about winning anymore. The game decides you have had enough fun and wants you to struggle for more or buy more coins. AND one of the most INFURIATING things about this game is when you watch 30 SECOND ads for coins once the game has ripped the coins you do have away from you the game will load and load and load and load and never give you the coins. I will go days and days without getting a big win. In my opinion you can find wayyyy better games with more wins anywhere on the app store. I’ve said my peace, thank you, goodbye.
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3 years ago, Athena452001
Hi. Loved this game. However I had purchased a $99 credit package and my phone was smashed right after and when I got my new iPhone 13 they couldn’t transfer over my old stuff on my previous phone. I still had a very large balance of credits that I was not able to retrieve even though it the same phone number and my same email. I’ve emailed atleast a dozen times to get those credits added and you do not even respond. I am now working with the attorney general in our state to resolve this issue. Very unhappy as I’ve been a loyal Cherokee and have spent almost $500 in credit packages in past 6 months with you.
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1 year ago, ExxRayz
They designed it that way
I'm not going to go into of the mechanics of this game and how it is designed to encourage you to pay. There are perks from paying in the area of daily cash and VIP stuff. I spent a few $hundred paying and these perks does make my gullibility a bit more palatable. But you really don't have to pay anything. Just don't fall for the trap the developers programmed into the game. My new method of game play is to bet big and except losing big. Enjoy the variety that the game offers. Then the fun becomes how big you can win and lose! Run out of money? Don't worry. The developers will let you win again....Rinse, Repeat, Enjoy! Just remember the game is designed to frustrate you into trying to buy your way back into the big money! If you win big, you WILL lose big....Remember this is play money and this is a game!
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4 years ago, #sunshone
Slots, cards, keno, roulette plus so much more.
One of the better casino apps. Games offer you several casinos you can visit to play. I’ve had good luck and bad luck with the machines. Sometimes I’m able to play for a good amount of time, but sometimes I only exist on coins I pick up along from each game. Try it Update I did an update on this application from purple kiwi the developer. Since that date my email box has been jammed with obscene, sexy Asian girl photos, male enhancer drugs and all kinds of crap. Be care full of these people. It may be a good casino game but is not worth all these adv. emails. I’m out of here. Telling all my friends to leave as well.
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3 years ago, Cedrogurl 2
Not worth 1-star
Well, just like any casino app, you purchase coins and you win for a while then it is gone no matter the size of the bet! Be extremely careful if you play, I was up to 7-billion plus, left the game, came back to it and did not realize that they changed my bet (extremely higher than I was betting previously) and after I played that amount several times before I realized the bet was extremely high, my total was down to 4-billion! Those were purchased coins and I should be the one that decides how high or low I want to bet! Loved this app until now! They also do not respond, I wrote them about the automatic bet and that they stole my purchased coins but to date, there is no response! Very poor customer service and obviously they don’t care about this fact! I will be deleting and searching for a better app.
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2 months ago, Login It !
Update made loading slow
This update is terrible. The game is very slow to load going into casinos, games, coin shop, everything. It’s terrible. Then there’s the whole spin scam. If you are new, you win win win.. but once you are a regular you can spin 100 times and not get a decent win. Same as every other slot game out there. They want you to buy coins. I won’t buy any more coins until I see that coin purchases winning some too. Come on people.. you want us to stay, you gotta give more than you are.. there’s a whole load of us walking out or ready to. I have no problem spending my money, but I refuse to spend and never win.
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1 year ago, Flyboihou
This app used to be good
This app was fun. I have been playing it for about 2 years. Took me 2 years to build up over a billion coins. Guess the makers of the app are getting greedy now. I lost over a billion coins in the last 4 weeks. Now I barely have enough coins to place the minimum bet. I get that you win some and you loose some, but not that fast. But they are quick to want to sell you coins now. There are other apps out there that won’t do what this app has done. They have also taken out some cool features like being able to do a premium trial for 7 days instead of just 3. This app is going down fast. If they think I will pay for coins, they are crazy. Won’t be long till I drop this app completely if they keep doing what they are doing.
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2 years ago, JustHolHere
Probably the stingiest slots I’ve played lol
There is a lot going for this game if you’re into slots. The daily rewards are great and there are scratch cards and Keno for variety. I’ve been playing for a while & since the 5th anniversary week the slots have appeared to tighten up. I can play their 100 spin challenge and never get a major win. Not getting any substantial wins is common, and then randomly there will be a good day where I might hit big wind and jackpots several times. It’s frustrating, but as another reviewer mentioned their business model isn’t for players like me…they want people to buy the coins. Still, I return to this game and more often than not get annoyed. One of these days I’ll learn - maybe 🤣
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5 years ago, ehvee
Engaging and rewarding
I really enjoy this casino program. They provide you, if you’re able to find the hidden sources, with a constant flow of coins so you can play even if your luck isn’t so great. However I’m finding it is possible to play and win enough to feel like this is a fun experience and not just something out to grab cash out of your pocket. There’s a lot of diversity in the games and a pretty creative environment. There is even a guy in one of the casinos who follows me around and frequently stops to stare at me (my avatar) which is just as creepy as real life sometimes can be. I’ll be enjoying this for a long time
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2 months ago, New York business
Like the real thing
This game is just like real slots. You lose all your money and they want more. That’s it. That’s the game. They take all your money and want more. Tell me something game developers, if I bet 100k and win 4k are you aware that’s still a 96k loss??? Why in the world would you make a 4k win on a 100k bet??? I know you’ll never respond so I’ll tell you, this game is rigged to make you lose so you have to give them money. It’s totally rigged. Now before you respond with some computer generated nonsense what are the odds of randomly picking the same 2 numbers out of 12 four times in a row?? Pretty remote. A million to 1? So why when I get to pick 2 piles of cash four times in a row it lands on the two lowest ??? Instead of randomly picking 200k, 500k or a billion it lands on 25k four consecutive times??? This game is rigged to lose, that’s how
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9 months ago, mipiacegiocre
Fun game but....
Update: Horrible game of many of the others..which are better. Loose a lot and do not hit as well as the other slot gaming apps. Don’t bother!I have been playing this game for quite awhile. The biggest complaint I have is how inconsistent each game is in its winnings. You wind up playing ones that will pay out decently. The other complaint is how the three money cards awarded to a player to keep them playing are rigged. It doesn’t matter which card is chosen, it is, more often than not, the lowest monetary card. I think the algorithm is set up so that it doesn’t matter which card you select, it will, most likely be the lowest payout. The new games added like bingo doesn’t hardly payout either. This slot game is not as good as some of the others. Maybe you can work on improving it? Thank you!
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2 years ago, upset sue
Problems loosing money
Whenever I’m in town he may delete of the daily slot 100 spin tournaments. Some of the people Ike when I’m in my bonus the thing will glitch and start over . I loose my money that I already spent and what I have won during the bonus and have to start over. And the diamond I paid to try again. This happened four times on Saturday and Sunday. It’s happened before but not this much. And we t day don’t count in the mission to play in so many tournaments. One time I still had spins in the Ginny tournament and had already one 179 million and still in bonus , and lost everything. I had to buy more money and start over. I’m ready to stop playing if this keeps happening .
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6 years ago, yourcrew2010
Best by far!!
2 weeks ago I had 32 different slot apps on my phone! I do spend $ when I have it but found myself jumping from app to app for little spin time. Since finding this app I now have 3 on my phone and that’s only because I have clubs I run! This app is truly amazing with the graphics and the real feel! Games tight.... who cares with all the free coins u find on the ground every 15 min and bonus every 1 and 4 hr. I will be checking out all the games you guys make for this. Absolutely amazing and keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, Shanpowe
It WAS fun…
I loved this game for several months because of the variety (slots, cards, keno, challenges, missions with fellow club members). About a week ago I started struggling winning anything substantial using the same tactics I always use. Then I had some Apple Cash I figured I would spend on a special coin purchase and it’s been even more downhill. Reading reviews now it appears to be a consistent problem when a person starts leveling up and buying coin packages the game goes downhill. I’ve made some fun friends in my club but am going to have to find another casino game higher up on the charts and encourage them to move with me.
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4 years ago, Wanting stars
Jury still out!
I would like to give you 5 stars but you haven’t earned them yet. I’m being hopeful, by giving you four, that things will get better and stay that way. I’m hoping that you are different from all the money grabbing apps that let you win to get you hooked and then take all your winnings away in just a few spins. I don’t mind buying in game specials once in awhile but to have to pump money into this game every hour or less does not work for me. I can be a good player and give you 5 stars when you have actually earned it. I’m disappointed that your app seems to be just like all the others. I really don’t feel I should have to buy coin packages everyday so I can play. That is not fun.
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4 years ago, Cin G 17
Not worth it
This used to be a fun app, now they've turned greedy like so many others. The machines were set to pay decent & you could play for a long time, now it's like throwing your money in the fireplace! The chips here are expensive for how many you get & for how bad the payouts are. A hundred dollars often is gone in 5 - 10 minutes. If you play with the free chips, you get a minute or sometimes two to play. Then to top it all off, their customer support is the worst! They ignore you for days then will sometimes respond if you write again saying how upset you are. If I give my money to play only your app, I expect to be treated with respect & as a valued customer. I always write in with kindness & respect unless I'm ignored, then I write back not quite so nice! This app, not worth the time or money. I'll happily go back to Big Fish & Double U.
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5 years ago, DaJuLee
As other reviewers mentioned these slots are too tight. Might win one jackpot then your wins all go back in. Will be deleting, as I have no time to wait for my luck to change. (Most developers will tell you all about luck being a winning factor). Aside from that, graphics are fair - nothing extraordinary compared to other slots I’ve played. Can get boring, as there is no interactive integration - you play alone - no social aspect. I tried Roulette but did worse than the slots. Updated review: app deleted. Just wasting my time. Results are the same - only can play about 10 minutes then chips gone. Tried for a few days and my losing streak does not get better. For nothing I joined the VIP TRIAL for a week. I cannot play. Have no time nor patience to collect freebies.
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2 years ago, port6917
You will only waste your time…
Adding another review to warn others… you WILL NOT hit a jackpot in this game. Positive feedback must be fake. After winning in the beginning (I was up to 500 million), you continue to play for a long period of time, you will see repetitive spins on slots and deals in cards with 99% losing results. It gets to the point you will notice you lose with the same pattern of spins and deals. In slots, you will not get bonus rounds hardly at all and when you do, you will get lowest payout available. Very crooked ploy to get you to pay for coins. Then when you buy coins, you still lose. I upped my bet to one million denomination spins, won 33 million, then lost 37 million in the next 40 spins. I would rather deal with ads and play a FUN game than to get ticked off with the bafoonery crap that these developers with a piece of paper that says they are smart are dishing out now a days. Metaphor for this game is they let you enjoy digging your hole, jumping in it, and when it’s time to get out, make you pay for the rope to climb out just to find out it’s not tied to anything so you wasted your time and money.
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4 years ago, *💀
Rate us
This game is simply amazing and fun one of my favorites I just got on here last week and I already wrote the staff about not receiving coins and vouchers to my account and also I would love to login to Facebook but it seems I didn’t get a quick response from the team and then they said they were going to give me a gift in my inbox and I haven’t received anything yet I would love to make a team up or get on a club but until I see it stable to receive back things or to receive things such as coins and special bonuses I’ll have to play a little more I would love to start purchasing things but it seems like I can’t even get the free voucher coins so can we please fix this issue so I can enjoy this game thank you so very much.
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4 years ago, bhave14
Absolutely pathetic
If you want to support the scum of the earth, spend money on this app. They throw different gimmicks on there to make you feel like you have a chance to win a billion coins for $30 or you get 50% more coins but once you pay your money, you just sit and watch the reels spin hundreds of times without hitting a thing. The “help” center might respond and tell you what they tell everyone else: “sorry about your experience, it’s a game of chance, please accept this lousy amount of coins that will last 2-3 minutes. It would be a little different if I could win real money but this is an app that you should be able to play for a while without spending money. Please take my advice and don’t think that things will get better because they actually just get worse!
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7 months ago, Shotts man
I’m at big fan of the app app… Love the scratch offs but even more so I loved the video video poker machines. But your recent update has made me hate the video poker machines as they are not like they used to be. That and scratch us of one of the main reasons why I love up so much. I still love the scratch offs, although the winnings should be the value of the ticket and not half of the ticket for the lowest prize. Anxiously waiting for the new casino to open on the strip of casinos. Hopefully they’ll be a larger selection and more and newer slots to play. Hopefully there will be another update with a change to the video poker machines and make it more like a video poker machines and not Jessica deck cards being turned over. it’s silly good app for people who love casinos and slot games, etc. but for me I miss the old video poker machines before this recent update. It’s still good app for people who love casinos and slot games, etc. But for me, I miss the old video poker machines before this recent update.
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1 year ago, BJP44
This slot has been my favorite and I’ve been playing it almost exclusively for a long time, but in the past month or two it seems to have changed. I had accumulated several hundred million over time and am now watching it disappear. I will say the changes are subtle because it is very slowly trickling away. What I have noticed is that the bonus spins are much fewer and farther between. Since that is the ‘goal’ for most of us I wonder if they are aware that this change is taking all the fun out of playing! And when it’s not as much fun it’s time to delete and find another game that will be. I think in the long run these game makers are only hurting themselves.
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3 months ago, Jldawes8
Overall, a decent game…but the simple fact that someone, anyone (I’m obviously referring to myself in this instance bc it just happened) can play the 100 spin challenge and not hit just 1 big win to get at least 10 points, is comical to say the least…it’s actually pretty ridiculous and frustrating…not deleting the app completely, yet…but definitely putting it on the back burner…and y’all keep giving me deals so I’ll pay money…why would I pay money when something like this happens…I lose my coins faster in this game than any other…not sure why I’m still playing it, honestly…hope y’all aren’t screwing over any other players this way
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4 years ago, Vinny143$$$
I really really enjoy this game. I just wish the lottery tickets paid out better. My favorite part is I don’t have to watch any ads. I deleted all my other games that I had to watch ads after ads which seems like forever and just to earn a little money and then turn around and lose it all within minutes. I love the fact that you get coins every hour and you don’t have to waste your time watching ads and more time enjoying playing the game. Other than that I recommend this one for anyone who enjoys playing slot machines🤗
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3 years ago, whatdo youwantfrom me
I have played this for years, enjoying every minute. Got hubbu hooked on it too, as well as some friends. There was a time when you could win and play for hours, not anymore. Looks like this week hubby and I will be deleting the game for good. It’s greed on the developers part, that unless you BUY coin, you are NOT going to win. I’m not asking for the BILLIONS they bestow on some very fortunate people, but enough to enjoy yourself for a couple of hours. We are down to 19 spins on the 100 spin slot at the beginning of the day....lasts about 3 minutes and we are done. Sorry you people got so damned greedy, after all it’s not real money you are giving away. I’m very disappointed in all of you.
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4 years ago, Lyth1
Really well designed
Love the format. Interesting and engaging. They don’t beat you over the head with ads, and tho they didn’t even ask me to come rate the app, here I am leaving a five star rating. There are new casinos and rooms under construction and I’m really looking forward to see what games they bring in. I’ve played tons of casino apps and I have several favorites....this is heading toward the top of my list if they keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, ben_jitt
Don’t bet big…or ELSE…
Variety of slots to play. But the game has built in ever diminishing chances to win the bigger you bet. I had 1.8 Billion…which was lost in a mere 5 minutes by betting 20 Million a spin. The game “sensed” that it was a big bet and took the huge sum I spent weeks earning down to nothing in just minutes. You would expect in 90 spins to get something else BIG, but no, it was totally anti-climactic since they cheat with this diminishing percentage to win the higher you bet. I’m about ready to delete the app because of this. But the app is fine as long as you don’t dare to bet big. Lost 90% of the fun for me because of that.
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5 years ago, tora_4_8
Great graphics, sound, and music compared to other casinos apps
However your Chinese characters are upside-down on some games. I wish I could include a screen shot then I could show you. In Panda Cash for example: the English word “Wild” is obviously right but the character above it is upside down. Traditionally characters are drawn with a brush from top to bottom, left to right, with a few exceptions. Now if the game was just totally free without having to pay for more credits instead of waiting. Then again that keeps me from wasting too much time on the game.
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2 years ago, Capt CRJ
Little suspicious
This is a great game and I’ve been playing it for years because it’s fun and realistic EXCEPT that I find it a little suspicious that after playing this game for years I’ve never sat down at a machine and won something big within a first few spins. You have to work and spend time to finally get a substantial prize (over a minor). You would think the law of probability would at least give me one big hit on first spin throughout the years. Takes many many spins.
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3 years ago, I_lov£_my_coinpurse
Lots of Variety
this is an awesome game if you like slots and traditional table games. People crack me up when they rate these games and then complain about and absolutely refuse to buy coins. you’re right guys! refuse to buy thosei coins and then just expect the developer to continue making updates for free on their own time. i look at it as donating money to pay them for making this app and any updates in the future. Anyways, game is fun and realistic. lots of fun!
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4 years ago, YourBoyBrando
Tight asf
I’m not gonna say that the slots are rigged so you’d lose coins but it sure does feel like that. I’ve been playing for awhile now and have gotten no jackpots. I have almost 20,000 spins and the most I’ve gotten was 200m, which is good but I sunk it all back in and ended up with needing to use the cheer up bonus a few times. I’m also kinda mad cus I’ve been playing for a while and I shared this app with my mother and she immediately hits a grand jackpot and gets 2 billion coins, lol. This is a great app but it does seem like you lose more than you win.
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1 year ago, Mek58
Don’t play - if you look at reviews, read this
I am at level 891 and I can tell you that the games are rigged. The developers have stated the more the bet the more you win. Absolutely not true! Example: Epic mine is one of the worse games they have. The bigger the bet, the odds go way down that you will win. I had 17B, yes billion when I started, placing 50m bets, and not only did I lose that, I never received the epic bonus round and had so many wilds, it looked like it was just looping. Frustrating to say the least. Developers say it is luck, but when they stack it against you, it is no longer fun. It’s a cheaters paradise created by these people.
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1 year ago, Breeen C
Glitched pay system
I finally found a casino game that I enjoy playing. The coin purchase is highly fair in the market place and I don’t mind spending money to have fun. However, yesterday I hit a grand jackpot for 1.2 billion and it paid me a major for 50 million instead. I replayed the hit using the in game feature and screen recorded the bonus. After reviewing in slow motion through my gallery. I am 100% I was robbed for my actual jackpot hit. 1.2 billion grand. A shame that there’s mechanics in the game to prevent big wins for fictional money. Will not spend anymore money for in game purchases. Went from a 5 star review to a 1 star instantly for this reason alone.
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4 years ago, Rocky91216
I’ve been playing for a couple of year. Not so much now. You tightened up games so much. It’s no fun anymore. Highly recommended games are 90% not highly recommended. Used to hit at least some coins every 3 spins or so. Now you’d be lucky to hit 1 in 10 spins. Then most of those times you don’t even get half the coins you spend per spin. I remember the pink 7’game. I used to hit 5-6 7’s regularly. Now I’m lucky to get 3.
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3 years ago, Coach Jules
Super fun, level of realistic games!
I’ve downloaded and deleted sooooo many Vegas apps, it’s ridiculous! This one is here to stay! Super fun, you only what he video ads if you want to collect free coins, and you aren’t spammed the whole time you are playing. (What a relief!) Many of their sale prices to get more coins are pretty reasonable (I think they could make them more reasonable!) overall a great toy to play with!
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5 years ago, lexalana
feels like you’re at a real casino!
this game is great & so much fun!! & addictive lol. by far the most realistic casino game i have ever played. my whole family plays & we enjoy it so much. it has given us all something to bond over. i have recommended it to all my friends. my mom is disabled & can’t do much with her hands because of her arthritis but she has found joy in being able to play this game. 10/10 for Vegas Live Slots!! love it.
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6 months ago, -3!75/
Can’t sign in
I have played on Vegas live for over a year. Got my coins built up and over 490 and now the site won’t let me sign in on Facebook because it makes me start over. I won’t start over and loose the high player status I have built up! I love the app but I feel like because I have gotten so high up it is making me start over. Not gonna do it!!!
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3 years ago, ##*#
Good and fun long as you enjoying losing. Bonuses rarely come. Daily and semi daily free points are the lowest given in comparison to other online casinos. Their highest bonus points is far below other online casino’s lowest points awarded. Would not spend a penny on Vegas Live online slots. Regardless of the game you play, you’ll see the pattern within minutes. Once you raise your wager consider your points gone. Had to select 3 stars just to post this. Read the 5 star reviews. Looks good cause it’s 5 stars but you will see the consistent negative comments about this on line casino.
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4 years ago, gillthedrill
Love the games but a very unfair place, hit two jackpots then Had a wheel click back, makes no sence to spend any money when you make it so obvious your in charge, you now have me were I cannot hit anything, I would spend money if I didn’t think I was being robbed, what a shame if it was real you would be in jail !! Your about to lose alot of friends
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12 months ago, Alorna
Fun Games but very tight
used to be a lot better. at this point i think they are trying to buy cars and houses and no longer care if the players are happynor not. i have been on 2 teams. people have got discouraged and stopped playing. i liked when people were happy and they chatted and had fun. The dynamics are no longer people oriented. if you buy coins, they will be gone in 15 minutes because they want you to buy more. how sad. the games are great but no longer fun if you cant keepplaying without spending more money.
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3 years ago, Drgamble
So so tight but a great game
Aesthetically this is the best and most realistic slot game there is but man are these things tight. I honestly think I can play longer on a real slot than I can using a days worth of free coins on this game. If you do get a nice win that you think will last you a while the machines will go stone cold for a while afterwards. Beautiful game just wish I could play it more.
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5 months ago, Don Fitz
Used to be the best, but…
I love the graphics and the games could be so much fun. However, there isn’t near enough winning for the game to be enjoyable. I play online slots to relax and experience some happiness, not frustration. The slots are tighter than Tom Thumb’s rear end and it keeps it from being a fun experience. If I wanted to lose money, I would go to a real casino. Every spin shouldn’t be a jackpot, but you should show steady cash growth over time. Breaks my heart because it used to really be fun. One positive….the poker games are so much better now that you can play the games more quickly.
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9 months ago, greedrules
Pay to play
The selection of games is decent. You get free coins at regular intervals but they don’t go far. When first started the game gave big wins and builds your credits up pretty substantially, however it quickly takes a turn. Increasing the bet accordingly drains you of credits very fast. Then your stuck waiting. For more coins or free spins or watch a couple ads for more coins. BUT don’t fret…there lots of opportunities to make purchases if you have real money to blow.
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3 years ago, RamboV222
This is The Dumbest game done costed me 2K USA dollars I am a diamond vip and I only hit one bonus grand I it was 20m y’all done costed me a fortune I win real money on slots in real life more then I do On y’alls stupid slot game y’all need to give better winnings not make someone pay so much money to finally hit 1 grand jack pot smh this game is terrible and y’all need to make it more fun not lose everything you buy at coin shop and more payouts it is terrible and worse then real casino in winnings and when you win it gives you less coins then y’all bet so watch out smh I am very aggravated at y’alls stupid petty app!!!!
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