Vegas Solitaire: Classic Cards

4.6 (935)
163.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Super Lucky Casino Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vegas Solitaire: Classic Cards

4.56 out of 5
935 Ratings
5 years ago, Heweleah57
Vegas Solitaire
I loved playing this Solitaire and had reached 76 out of a possible 80 score, but after I got a new phone and transferred my data: Solitaire won’t download and I’ve lost all of the progress I made. I tried to download Solitaire again from the Apple store but it does the same thing. It pops up for a second and then disappears. I’m so disappointed to have lost this game. If anyone knows of a fix tell me. I heard back from Candice, and she dived in to help me when I transferred data into a new phone. Thank Gid she helped me!!!!! She reinstalled my score of 76 out of 80, and with my coins of the amount of my account!!! Thank you Candice for being such a great example of how your company helps their true fans!!!! I love this App and am so Happy of how they have your back!!! I will enjoy seeing what my score of 80 will give me for a gift!!!!!! Keep going strong Vegas Solitaire Classic!!!!!
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5 years ago, Vweip
Very Good game site
I continue to Like to play old fashioned solitaire with power ups for hours on end! My fav! It could be improved by adding more destinations so I don't have to delete the app and start over. I don't lose my progress but it is a mild hassle to have the to do this. Being in a club that competes is fun too but the club I got into is not very competitive and I was told there is no way for me to get out of it. If that could change it would make playing even more fun.
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3 years ago, glassimp
Vegas Solitaire
I gave this a 1 because I loved playing this game and then they updated and added all the ads. Doesn’t matter if I play on my outdated tablet or my iPhone, it seems every time I finish a game and before I collect my winnings an ad pops up. Then my winnings disappear, especially when I win more than I bet. Frustrating and I no longer play this on a daily basis!!! If I could I would give this a zero! So far this week I’ve lost over $100,000 due to the ads popping up, finishing then I hit the x and it disappears . What in heavens name did you do to screw this up? Give me my winnings then show me the ad!!!! Won’t let me add another review so I’ll just add to this one!! Tried again to play. Everything was ok when I was losing but as soon as I was winning above my bet , I hit the same x and it immediately went to a black screen and I lost everything!
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2 years ago, stacer78
Fun Game but need help!
This game has been my favorite app for the last few weeks. However I am now not able bet over 1,000,000 and my high score goal is also not advancing. My dad has been using this app for years and plays daily and he is able to bet his entire winnings and has a much higher high score goal than I do. It’s like my game has just stalled out. I have reached out to the “contact us” in the app and only received a generic message referring me to check the FAQ section for known issues. My issue is NOT listed in their help section. Please help!!!
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6 years ago, Ilovepbtimes100
My favorite!
This is my favorite solitaire game that I have ever found. I just recently redownloaded it because I couldn’t find it and I’m so happy I did. The only thing is that there must be a bug or something right now because I can’t play anything. It all just shows up blank. I also can’t collect my daily coins. I press collect and nothing happens. I really want this to be fixed because this is my favorite game!
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3 years ago, rogue viper
Very nice
Loved since I got it . But with the new updates become more hard to play without crashing or loosing what you won and to many ads with the ads getting freeze and losing everything you gained. I still playing but they should do something about it.
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5 years ago, former solitaire fan
Terrible after update
I'm downloading a new solitaire app and giving up on this one! I've played Vegas Solitaire for years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the new update has made this game too annoying to play. There are fewer club points offered, I can't seem to win a game, there are adds running constantly at the top of the page, and the most annoying is the 30 second add you need to watch to collect winnings. I've sent messages to the developer and have gotten no response. I will not play this game anymore unless it goes back to what it was before the update. So disappointed!
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2 years ago, Smla1960
I purchased this game so there would be no ads. All of a sudden I have ads popping up in the middle of my game, after my game, and then it freezes up my screen and I lose my progress. Contacted support numerous times and once they actually removed the ads but then they came back and now they are not listening to me. Looking for a new game to play Vegas solitaire on .. I really liked this one but I’m frustrated with the ads
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4 years ago, rev2wo
Love the game but ...
e the game but it has problems on my new iPhone. Tried to restore my progress, that went fine but following many of the the pop up ads, the screen goes black and I have to kill the app. I have made several attempts to contact tech support but I just get automated replies telling me to search their site. Not sure if it’s an apple problem or ... I have unloaded and loaded the app several times without luck. Wish it was easier to contact tech support.
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4 years ago, Holly lucky
I also Love this game. Lost it for quite awhile and had to close it and reopen it. Got all my points back. So Happy. Don't understand why you get so many shuffles and not other things. I really have a hard time winning. Guess I have lost it. I am tired that the games are stopped and a ad shows up , don't think that is right.
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5 years ago, Ambopat
Played tons of solitaire games....this is by far the best!
I love this solitaire game. Whether one or two draw, loads of fun. Keeps track of the the five best times, which allows you to see progress & set goals. Gives one opportunity per draw fora redo...nice when you make an error. Love to play during commercials...
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4 years ago, p-poodle
Don’t play this anymore
Since your upgrades in the last year I don’t play this game any longer. Whenever I would play there would be an ad either in the middle of the game or after the game. Then the screen would black out. I never received my winnings. It used to be my favorite game and I would play for hours. After so many times losing my winnings and the screen blacking out I finally had to delete it. Maybe I’ll reinstall in a few years. This is the second time I’ve written you but nothing has been done too bad for me
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4 years ago, Foxie Lee
Thanks for the major update. I play this card game several times a day as beyond AWESOME. If you ever have any problems communication is great with this developer. You will not be disappointed with this app. A big THANKS to the developer for everything you do to make a great app as I so appreciate all you do.
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5 years ago, 'Star'
Classic Solitaire,. I love this game!!! Can hardly put it down, I don’t play any other ones. This is the best, tks for creating this one and giving me hours of entertainment I have built up lots of coins, in many of these kind of games this doesn’t happen. Like all the xtra perks. Tks.
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4 years ago, Morrianne
Ever since last update this game is so annoying to play. I used to love playing this but every other game I play gets blacked out after ads comes up & I loose my place, score & any advancement I may have made. I do not mind the ads but do not understand why game just blacks out after them so frequently! So frustrating that I am ready to give up on this app, someone needs to correct this problem!!!
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5 years ago, Dpmont87
What happened in this latest update?
Is there a max bet of $1,000,000 now? I use to be able to bet more. Also, it seems I am at the end of the “each win gets you closer to a special gift” because it’s been stuck on 25/25 for a while now. Is this a glitch? I play this game everyday, but with the new lower bet and all the ads, I may have to switch. Sad. :(
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4 years ago, 4one~time
Difficult game
It is a quick play but skills are needed and I wish the points rewarded were higher. It seems very little reward is given for success. I complain about the points but I keep playing.
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1 year ago, Gopher 4
Favorite Game
Please fix my game so I can go through the various cities again. Unfortunately I’m only able to play the Solitaire part of the game. Thanks
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5 years ago, Mom24gr8kids
This used to be my favorite game
The newest update has made the game very annoying! I used to love playing this game, there were no ads to interrupt gameplay, also you could bet as high as you want. Now the highest bet is 1,000,000, and because of the ads the screen is different! I hate the changes, I guess I’ll have to find another game to play!
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4 years ago, citykitty17
Way too many ads!!
I have been playing this game for years and have loved it! However, lately there are so many ads, they pop up in the middle of the game, before you collect your points, before playing a new game not to mention at the top of the page! It’s very annoying! I can understand having some ads now and then but this is overkill! Hopefully you guys make a change or I guess I won’t be playing this any longer!!!
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2 years ago, bonnieclydeyurisusan
Can’t Get Rid of Ads & Poor Tech Support
You can’t get rid of ads as the FAQ suggest. When I contacted Tech Support they simply referred me to FAQ which is no help. I asked them for help two other times and they ignored me. I have had this game for years and put a good amount of money into it because it was a really fun game. They used to have really good tech support. I was out of commission for several months and came back to crap. It’s really too bad.
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5 years ago, Lalagram8
Vegas Solitare Classic games
The new update just downloaded to my tablet. It is the worst update EVER!! Seriously, 10 chips to watch a video and now all I get are ads while I am playing. The game is slow, cards won't move, etc. I have an old tablet and it should have been my decision to update. Now after years of playing Solitare I have to give it up because I don't have 5 minutes to waste to play one game! Thanks for ruining my relaxing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, nit hap
I love playing this game but the pop up ads take ur points and u loose the game and ur points. I understand ads are necessary but why the heck do the take ur points as well. Sometimes it will interrupt the game in the middle and you have a pop-up ad and you can never get back to the game it takes it from you.
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3 years ago, wannasew
I love it. If only I could only cash in over 4 Billion. Makes me feel careful with my bets, my plays and yes to help my family with this kind of funds is a dream come true
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3 years ago, Purplemama21
Love playing this solitaire game but the world cards on mine have stopped showing progress. They are completely blank. I’ve emailed the Admin four times asking why but not one response. If something is broke, you should fix it. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or just me. I only play this game on my iPad. Maybe I’ll get a response here.
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5 years ago, sanran5
Great game
I have played this game so long that I don’t collect rewards when I reach a new level. Think I’m on 759 now. It would be great if I could start over. There’s not much to look forward to.
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3 years ago, kebjuana
Please help and fix, every time I play and the ads pop out it always goes blank/black after ad is done playing. Thank you
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5 years ago, amcg4
Terrible Game Now
I loved this game but after the last update which I did not install nor was I even given the option is horrible!!!! I now can only bet $1,000,000 plus the ads play non stop. I cannot even play through one game before an ad pops up which last 30 seconds. I don’t understand why you had to make this game so horrible. If I could I would rate the game with negative stars.
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4 years ago, 1FacetiousMe
Learn how to be a loser!
This Solitaire game is fabulous at teaching you how to be a LOSER! Anytime my head gets too big, I just start playing this wonderful game to let out all of the air! Thank you for making this game so unrewarding!
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4 years ago, Argolg
Love the Game
I play a lot of different Solitaire games. This is my favorite. It is fast moving, challenging and fun. I could play for hours and hours. Wait, in fact I do ! Gotta go back to playing the Game ! 👍😊
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4 years ago, linshell
My fav solitaire
I love playing this game. It is one of the best solitaire app that I've played. I just wish the the daily bonuses was much more. I have to let my coins build up to play if I ran out.
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3 years ago, ZanBuck Farms
I finally find a game worth playing. Half way through the screen goes blank
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4 years ago, ars096
I love playing this game, but having problems when game is over cannot collect my coin's goes to ad and game screen is black when it returns
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5 years ago, asiv39
Love this game and this app is awesome, easy to use, no complaints. I have never had a problem and have been playing on this app for years.
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3 years ago, 1Krop
Love this game
As the temperatures have been unbearable (117° lately) in Phoenix we find ourselves spending a little more time inside. We loaded this game and love it.
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4 years ago, CMO Vobok, Inc.
New Version
I played the original version for quite some time. I agree that it was too easy to win. However the most recent version is much too difficult to make progress so it’s just not as fun to play. Some of the strategy I previously used to make progress isn’t applicable in this version because it’s too hard.
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7 years ago, mechers
Great Game
A great game and offers a huge variety of different games and of course all the helping cards. Those certainly don't' hurt to have. You will enjoy it.
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1 year ago, fayedra peach mark
Love the game
Love the game but hate the gross over provocative and sexist ads that come up on my end. The pimple popping one I can’t stand to look at.
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5 years ago, Csquare24
A little different at the start. So far I have only played Vegas Solitaire but I end up playing it for an hour at a time! Relaxing and fun
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5 years ago, janie 380
I have played Vegas Solitaire for approximately 10 or more years and have enjoyed it!HOWEVER with this newest update, I find it really annoying. Now advertising flashes across the top of the screen and changes frequently. And now points for completing a section, are reduced. I think this is to get players to buy coins and power ups.
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5 years ago, Omama10
Great game!
I love this game. Great bonuses, wonderful support team. Only had to contact when I bought a new device, to transfer my stats.
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7 years ago, The ripples
It was fast and fun playing with some else and I know and I'm still learning the stragities for playing this game. It's fun and fast. Still learning
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4 years ago, Mew7583
Love the game
I love playing this game! The ads that pop up at random are so annoying!! And what the hell are the points for???
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4 years ago, Deliesseline
Too many ads
I have played this app for years and have loved it. However, after the update, it is awful. Way too many ads!!! There is no option to stop the annoying ads that will even interrupt game play. I have sent messages to support with no response. Very disappointing!!
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4 years ago, lisabudd888
Blank screen
I lost my progress when I changed phones and now the game goes blank after each and often appearing ad which makes it seem like I deserted the game.
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4 years ago, man in da moon
Lots of fun
Lot’s of fun except for the commercial during the game wouldn’t be unacceptable if it was before or after the game
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6 years ago, Archer Dad
Fun without complication
It just fun when you have nothing better to do.
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5 years ago, Pattilouu
Don’t like the update
I loved playing this solitaire app until the most recent update in Oct/Nov 2019. I understand about having ads and I don’t even mind watching ads for extra coins and boosts, but I don’t like that I am now limited to a max bet 1,000,000 coins. How am I supposed to reach the next goal if I can’t bet higher?
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4 years ago, yankee genes
Good game
I have played this game for a few years and find it very enjoyable!
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3 years ago, LLO234
Loved it before
After about 6 or 7 games it just shuts down and u can’t play anymore. And too many ads
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