Velocity Credit Union

3.2 (53)
26 MB
Age rating
Current version
Velocity Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Velocity Credit Union

3.23 out of 5
53 Ratings
5 years ago, Lc90Dsp
Mobile deposit not working
Overall the app has been fine for me, but lately I’ve been having issues with mobile deposit. After I take the photo of the back of the check the app will immediately crash and take me back to the login page. Please fix this issue! It is incredibly frustrating.
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5 years ago, myKSLmedia
This used to be a reliable app. Now mobile deposit never works. Crashes phone. When you call Velocity they say it happens to everyone. Uninstall then reinstall the app. Velocity seems to think this is no big deal. I am seriously considering a bank switch due to their lack of concern for customers. Plus you should know that if you install Velocity credit card on this app and set up payments it DOES NOT allow you to ever edit those payments despite having an edit button. Velocity customer service says “oh that button never works.” WHAT??? So why offer a feature they are aware does not work? This credit union is not for you if you want reliable mobile banking service.
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1 year ago, Wildberry Frose
Unreliable Account Balances
The app used to work just fine in terms of providing me with accurate account balances. I used to be able to see the account balance and the actual balance and it was always accurate. There was no need to wait for everything to clear through. Now, I feel like I have to be doing math and be sure that my balances are accurate and I’m not over spending. It’s been so bad that I have ended up over drafting multiple times. I’m not making what I used to make at the moment, so I need this to work for me. It’s causing me such a headache that I want to switch banks!
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6 years ago, 20mch
Don’t like update
This use to be a 5 star app. But after the updates, 3 at best. When you go to make a transfer between accounts, it does not list the account number. Very frustrating when you have multiple accounts with similar balances.
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4 years ago, alexischenelle
Velocity CU App
I have had an account with Velocity since the end of 2013! I never had a problem with their app until a few months ago! Now, it takes forever to sign in! Once, I had to call the bank and have them move money around for me because I couldn’t sign into the app or their website! It’s very frustrating! I’m glad I have Chase now, so I don’t have to deal with Velocity’s stupid app!
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3 years ago, B Arther
No mobile deposit
Idk why it’s advertised, but there is no mobile deposit that I can find. I have been using the app for years now and they’ll send out emails with “exciting news” about “awesome features coming!” But aside from layout and design the overall functionality hasn’t changed. The Credit union is awesome though, the app just seems super outdated and clunky.
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11 years ago, DanaFoshoo96
Good app... Kinda
I like the app works better then trying to get on the actually website! But, my mobile banking comes and goes. Sometimes I have the option, other times I don't! Please fix it, it's making me mad.
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6 years ago, yellow_glide
Mobil app latest upgrade
Touch ID wasn’t working for the last few days and called the bank: they had no clue there was an issue. Not the first time the upgrade has broken several key items. Been a velocity account holder for over 20 years and seriously considering switching to another CU due to their online banking and Mobil app issues.
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5 years ago, Dee Jaye Dubya
Was good but mobile deposit is completely broken
The app used to be functional and work quite well at managing accounts and transfers, but the mobile deposit is completely broken. It never works and just crashes the app.
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6 years ago, bastropmom
Touch ID
This was working great and now every time I try it tells me Network Connection Lost ! It was working and now it’s not ! Please fix this issue ! It was a great feature especially if I need to get into my account really quick! Thanks and hope you fix soon !
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4 months ago, Centexrates
Archaic technology and unnecessary red tap
They have been a difficult to work with in terms of red tape and unnecessary steps. Their technology also seems antiquated, freezes or doesn’t work often, and their money transfer takes 2-3 days longer than other banks.
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6 years ago, TheNakedElvis
Does everything I need, but I have face recognition on my phone. I wish they would hurry up with that feature.
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2 years ago, Jjspacely
Like a mobile banking app from 2009
This app feels like the very early apps from Chase one of the big banks. It’s about 10 years behind the times. Really poor UX. They are not willing to invest in what is now very basic technology.
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4 months ago, Macadon Shoes
Missing accounts
Went to login and got a screen saying I have no accounts! Then of course you can’t talk to anyone. Forced to wait until AM. Glad it wasn’t an emergency for my money.
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4 years ago, SunAdropAh
Not user friendly
Lags a lot. If you forget your password you have to call a number and wait for callback. Just a poorly designed app.
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1 year ago, ShaneATX
Always having issues with app.
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2 years ago, pbmitch56
Great app!
Thank you!
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6 years ago, Rigo Nava
It is now 2018. Add support for Face ID and support for the iPhone X screen size!
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2 years ago, superpopik
So bad
The app and the bank are so bad it hurts. The guys stuck in the last century and don’t wanna change.
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6 years ago, Anon Nom Nom
This app is garbage. Will not enroll in Touch ID. Just an endless loop of logging in and clicking the enroll button.
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10 years ago, ShootForTheStars
This app is great for the basic function of checking account or depositing funds between personal accounts. It improved with the mobile deposit feature, but then when I went to deposit, I noticed that the deposit button had disappeared. Now it's essentially pointless to have since I could just as easily access the website to see my account balance and have access to all the other features. Iron that out and I'll give a better app rating.
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8 years ago, Jsauce90
This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever dealt with. It takes me about 20 times to log in because it asks me a security question every time I try to log in, even though I "registered the device" several times. And the thing is it asks random security questions, not just the ones that you chose to ask when logging in. So you have to try and try until you get a question you put an answer to. Also, I am not able to make payments on my loan. All it does is show me history. Worst bank app hands down.
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8 years ago, Jess in ATX
Awful Redesign
The onboarding on this app is ridiculous - I shouldn't have to scroll through your entire terms of use just to hit 'accept'! The menus are crazy and pop out when you don't mean for them to. It's not clear where account info is actually stored, either - it's not in the menu by default. The information hierarchy is all wrong, and makes me wonder who designed this thing. Also your CTA buttons get smooshed together when there's more than one. This is for mobile, presumably. Maybe test it out first.
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10 years ago, Luckymary22
I am so happy not to have to drive my car across town to deposit checks in my business account, which is frequently. What a delight not to pay for the gas and contributing to global warming. All you got to do is sign up for estatements to get the mobile deposit to work.
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8 years ago, MS-S
It's A Solid App...
I've been a Velocity Credit Union customer for five years, and I utilize the app much, much more often than I actually make visits to the Velocity physical locations - there's no need. The app is solid and dependable with few, if any, shortcomings. Touch ID capability would be a welcome addition, however.
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8 years ago, AlexanderHamiltonPorter
Works great
Love the new app from Velocity! Great new features and security upgrades. Instructions were provided for sign up, which made it very easy (provided you read them) Thanks for the update!
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8 years ago, Luismiguel0712
Very outdated
The app itself is great. It just needs to be updated. Compared to other apps, they make this one look outdated. Add Touch ID compatibility, maybe quick view of balance in the notification panel. Besides all that the app is great
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11 years ago, ep4life
Now we're talking! 💵
Finally, mobile app instead of using Safari. It does everything from deposits to transfers and alot more.
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10 years ago, Gbsnxos
This app is only great for just the basic functions like, view balances, transfer. But none of the other stuff. When you deposit a check it places it on hold you don't get immediate credit. How lame I might as week just drive to the bank and get the credit right away. It still is very slow with loading the account.
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11 years ago, Curt Brody
New App
Glad to see Velocity launched an App and I look forward to trying the mobile deposit feature!
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10 years ago, Dutmik69
Can I give it no stars.
Jumped through hoops to get access. Still can't pay my car loan as a one time payment. Gave a bunch of personal info. Then it said I had to register on a NON MOBILE DEVISE. But wait I just downloaded your MOBILE APP. As far as I'm concerned this is a SOP spelled backwards. No deposit feature means much like 1986, if I want to pay my car note I have to visit the credit union.
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7 years ago, Hoythaff
Decent App
It's nothing to write home about but it does what you need. That said, sweet Jesus please add finger print ID capability for login. Velocity CU goes off the deep end on security. So much so that as a user I don't really want to use the app because I know if can be less cumbersome.
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7 years ago, eydoyle
Used to work great but...
It hasn't been updated in ages and now I can't do mobile deposit from my iPhone.
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8 years ago, ksheck
Love the redesign!
Love the new layout and features, plus Touch ID! And the website is mobile friendly too. Great job Velocity!
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8 years ago, Steph s atx
New app is great!
The new app is great! Keep up the great work VCU! Nice new features with easy navigation. Terms only appear once so this is not an inconvenience at all. Love it!
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9 years ago, evawarren
I've been using the mobile deposit feature for a couple of months without issue. I've been trying to make a deposit the last two days and the app crashes every time I take photo of the check. Can you please fix this now-useless app?
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10 years ago, Dlg1391
No deposit.
The Is is one of the worst apps I have seen. The design is terrible and there is no deposit with camera option. For being a credit union you would think the would get someone to show them how to design a app. Look and University Credit Unions app. Way better app over there.
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8 years ago, I Don't have a FB account
Great App
The app works great. It has all the features I would use and has a great interface! Love it!
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8 years ago, bbg1107
Wow! Love it!
App is great! Love the redesign. Touch ID rocks! It's more visually appealing than the last one and there's so much more I can do on the app. Great job, Velocity!
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8 years ago, J-rock7719
Great new app!!!
Love the full range of account options and the fingerprint login ability.
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11 years ago, aus10cop
Mobile Deposits working again.
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8 years ago, Michelle MTX
5 stars !
Awesome update and very easy to use. Highly recommend !
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11 years ago, msummer93
Great App!
Mobile deposit is fantastic.
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8 years ago, Phillip featherston
This app will only open about 5% of the time you attempt to log into it. Once opened it has all the features needed but the fact that you can't get in most of the time is bothersome.
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10 years ago, lang vo
This banking app is slow. Doesn't show you accurate info and takes forever to move from page to page
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8 years ago, Ldkent99
Love Velocity's new app! More modern and user friendly!
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8 years ago, Robbedanddodged
Mobile Deposit doesn't work
Please fix or I will have to start putting my money in another bank with an app that works right.
Show more
11 years ago, Kallesto
About time! And mobile check cashing too! Woo!
Show more
10 years ago, eag205
What a waste
They removed the mobile deposit feature! This app is worthless now. Don't even waste your time with it. ... Thanks a lot Velocity.
Show more
10 years ago, Dially G
Waist of time
We were told by the staff that the Mobil deposit was available. I set it all up today and it is not. I was lied to by the bank staff. App is a waist of time.
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