Veridian Mobile Banking

4.9 (20.9K)
95.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Veridian Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Veridian Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
5 years ago, T-Bladestorm
Fantastic App for Global Banking!
I have been a customer of Veridian Credit Union for more than a decade now and I have seen improvement after improvement with their mobile services. I’m talking way back in the days when you had to use coded text messages back and forth to the banking computers to obtain balances, make payments, and so forth. The first VCU app was new and a major leap forward but you can tell that their development team actually LISTENED to their customers and now this completely revamped current app. After UNI, my life has been abroad with my wife where we taught English in China and now in Japan so having the ability to still be able to take care of financial obligations stateside is a basic necessity for us and this app delivers consistently and dependably. Thank you Veridian!
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5 years ago, erinherrera76
Holy Cow! Good app!
Just lying here watching the Cubs, decided to transfer some money. The app tells me my balances before I log in & a lot of times that’s all I needed. Love that! If I need more, logging in to the app happens seamlessly with the iPhone’s touchID. They must be doing continual upgrades because it just keeps getting more user-friendly and better organized. I’m a Controller for a large company, and I deal with multiply bank interfaces. None of them has a mobile app like Veridian’s—impressive at every turn. Transferring that money was super intuitive. I’m so impressed, Veridian. Even though I moved to the South, I’ll always bank with you guys. Back to the game.
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7 years ago, #1KayaFAN
Small print
If I could give this no stars I would! I hate it! The print is so small and light colored that even with my glasses on I can barely see it! Also the date section is very faint. I would much rather have the date appear first in bold print. I liked the old app because it was simple. My son has vision problems and now cannot use the app at all. He now needs to call the branch for information about his account, as do I. And as far as the extras that were added- budgeting, so forth... please!who really needs that! There's other apps for such things. I just want the app to handle banking needs.... hello! That's it! Simple! I was able to mobile deposit, transfer, and check on transactions, check on my loan and credit card status... what else is necessary? The new app basically looks like a desktop computer version that has been shrunk down into my tiny smart phone! So in short---- HATE THE NEW APP!
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2 years ago, TeddyGram18
Troubles opening the app
I love this app… when it works. I have to restart my phone every single time I want to check my accounts because otherwise the app will open to the main screen and never reach the log-in screen. I try clearing the app, deleting and redownloading the app, etc. but nothing works. I haven’t been able to find any information or get any help from anyone about this issue, and sometimes even restarting my entire phone doesn’t work. I like being able to check my account with this app, but 95% of the time I am unable to and end up not being able to purchase something because I can’t transfer any money into my checking account beforehand. I guess the app is helpful in preventing me from spending any of my money.
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1 year ago, Twogodz
Ive been with many other banks and their apps like Chase, USAA, and Wells Fargo but honestly this bank has had the best customer service, app interface, and quickest processing times for anything I need. Wether I inquire via the app messaging or phone call. The app itself is awesome, it is designed with such simplicity that my toddler could navigate through it. Had to refinance my auto loan and its usually very nerve wrecking to start over with another corporate but veridian has made this very easy as a new client. I love everything about veridian so far! I would definitely recommend to everyone I know.
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6 months ago, Love Veridian
Account clarity
I was helped with my last deposit when the teller listed my personal choices to determine the names of different accounts from each other. Previously, it just listed numbers on multiple accounts so when I wanted to make a transfer from savings to draft accounts. I had to check my checkbook to see which account was which. Wish I had known that much sooner but so glad it is now more clear when making transfers. A big thank you to the teller for helping me so much and making my life better!
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4 years ago, Nettieocean
New account mobile deposit
Lily help helped me to open a new account she was wonderful. When I made the mobile check deposits I received and instant confirmation as well as an e mail confirmation. I was surprised that I could not view the transactions when logged into my account as pending. They were not present at all. I did log out and log back in, as well as wait 30 minutes to view again if they would show pending. All checks were made directly to me. Thank you for allowing me to share this.
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6 years ago, Pattiann 135
Lengthy log out
I would appreciate a change in where the “log out” is located. You currently have to go back to the menu then scroll down to the bottom. On my other financial apps you can usually log out from whatever page you are on, saves time. If it could even be moved to the top of the menu that would be a start. The app is slow to load and involves an extra step to reach the fingerprint ID page. It should come up automatically instead of first having to click on “Log on”.
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2 years ago, RoyalCracker
Great app but needs some improvements
To start off I love the app and it’s a great place to bank at. I do have some troubles with the Face ID it doesn’t want to work most of the time but every so often it works once or twice. The app also has a great financial wellness checker but it often puts things in the wrong category and there’s no way to change it, if there was a way to change the category for your transactions that’d make it a lot better and more accurate.
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5 months ago, Lee Saam
Special thanks to a Teller
I was having difficulty with logging into my account. I found I had to drive an hour to get to a branch. Esme was very helpful to me. She checked my balances helped me withdraw cash and showed me how to change my password and put the Veridian application on my phone. Her patience and help were very valuable to me! Now I can save time and Gas money when I need to do my banking. I may have spelled her name incorrectly but she served me at the Fluer Dr bank in DesMoines on February 15.
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2 years ago, KymW
I left a bank I had loved for over 25 years due to customer service issues. It was very hard to do, but I had heard so many good things about Veridian. The experience has been incredible! Your app is so easy to use, Veridian’s customer service is above and beyond what I experienced at my previous bank! Switching banks after so many years was scary, but it was almost seamless, thanks to Veridian! I cannot say enough good about this credit union! Thank you!
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4 years ago, hksrgal
Love this Credit Union!
I have been banking at Veridian for many years. They have never let me down, not once. There were times when I was struggling financially and they were always helpful and understanding. I have had instances of fraud and they took care of it instantly. Their customer service can not be beat. They are always kind, courteous, and helpful. I had to move to South Carolina and was able to continue banking with them with the mobile banking deposit. I’m a customer for life!!!
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2 months ago, Service xxxxx
This bank or credit union is so easy to navigate. The people at the banks and the ones on line make banking so easy. It is so easy to pay bills, make out loans and the personal is so easy to talk to and help you in any way. After many years of working with different banks, this bank by far is the easiest bank to work with, very accommodating. Thanks for the great service!
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1 year ago, Kayla9437536895314
Stupidest company ever
I never dealt with a company that makes it so hard to make a payment. First off all to get their app to work you have to wait until they deposit money into your account twice then remove it, THEN you have to tell them how much the deposits are. If it sounds frivolous and stupid that’s because it is. But the kicker is they never send the deposits, swear they did, but they didn’t. I’ve done this run around with them 3 times. They never sent the deposits because they don’t want to because they want you to have to call in and spend extra money to make a phone payment. I wish I never refinanced my car with these stupid people.
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7 years ago, PatrickO'Sullivan
Why do we have to create a whole new profile? Most apps keep your information and you log in to the new updated app with the same information as always. I went through all the steps and got to the verifying credentials screen, the bar loaded to about 99 percent and froze. When I called veridian they spent 20 minutes having me close the app and restart it. Never ended up working and they said to "maybe just try later". I would have liked to have my problem solved or at least warned that I was not going to be able to access my account before hand. Completely unprofessional. Hire people who know how your software works or more appropriately, doesn't work.
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4 weeks ago, Cyclonekate
Love the app
I have the app downloaded on two devices, it is very convenient and easy to navigate. I believe in all the years I have used the app it's only been down for Maintenance once or maybe twice. And it has been slow a couple of times, but no problem. All in all, a very user-friendly app.
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1 year ago, bfolch
No no, take your time!
The app works fine in that it doesn’t crash or anything, but man, it literally takes days for charge/deposit/transfer transactions to show up. I have another app for another bank and pending transactions appear within hours. With this app, if you charge something on your credit card on Saturday don’t expect to see it in the app until maybe Monday or Tuesday. Not sure if this is more of an issue with the bank than the app, but it is why Veridian will never be my primary bank.
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7 years ago, Gavinp1500
Hands on banking!
I love all of the tools this app offers! It's so easy to check balances, make transfers and see specific account info including my 13-digit account number. I can add family members to have the ability to transfer funds to them, pay bills and keep track of all transaction history on my account. I don't know how I ever lived without this! 💚
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1 year ago, Felix Scruffy
Never any problems
I have been with Veridian CU for decades. I have never had a problem. Years ago when my wallet was stolen, Veridian knew it before I did and they were extremely helpful which was reassuring; I’ll never forget that. Veridian also has very communication and mobile app is easy & convenient to use.
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8 months ago, Martialyogi
I love my credit union
I have had several issues that required me to call in or chat with customer service and they have always been super helpful, courteous, and just nice! If we could get every regular bank to understand customer service this way we would be golden. Thanks, guys and ladies.
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4 years ago, Bc8833
App doesn’t work
Unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with my app. Upon opening, it tells me “something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again.” My only option is to click “retry”, which causes the same dialog box to pop up again in an endless cycle that gets me nowhere. I can’t attempt to log out or do anything else because there’s nothing beyond the dialog box and it pops back up immediately after cleared. I deleted and redownloaded the app to see if that would help but it didn’t, so for now the app is useless :(
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5 years ago, bordercollierescuer
Great credit union
Online banking is easy to use. My only complaint is, I wish when I pay a bill it would show as money taken out on the pay date that I chose rather than the date the bill is cashed. It can be confusing. Otherwise it is the easiest bill pay that I have ever used.
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5 years ago, EsseSmith
So easy!
I love using Veridian mobile banking. I can do everything I need to home. Since I live a hour away from the local branch this is very important to me. Logging on is convenient and easy and I can even chat with a representative when I have questions. Thanks for making banking simple and easy for me.
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2 years ago, happy 🤑
No other banks can compare…
I have had this account with Veridian for several years now and I absolutely love it!The customer service and online banking are top notch. I would recommend this credit union to all of my friends. I have absolutely no complaints. Keep up the good work!
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7 months ago, Holls28
Great App
Great app, really simple to use. So many alert options! Would love to see widgets and Apple Watch app added for convenience. Otherwise, great app! Editing to add that I would also like to see the option to make principal only payments to HELOCs instead of having to contact c/s every time.
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3 years ago, leland holton
Doesn’t play well with external accounts
I have to manually update my external accounts on the app many times a week for it the retrieve relevant information. I understand it’s a security thing, also I think the app should have an option to remove external accounts. I would like to remove the accounts from the app if they aren’t going to work properly with the app.
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1 year ago, StrepThroat
This app has become a valuable tool! It’s handier than a hammer handle. 👍
So far new update doesn’t work on my iPhone 12. Trying to login it will just stream lines of data. When it works some features don’t respond. Fed and Back navigation arrows have no contrast.
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4 years ago, StarbrookDairyGoats
I like it!
I have had the app for a few years. I was confused with it at first, but as I got used to it, it became easier, and if I was really struggling, I was able to email or call customer service for help. I especially like it when traveling to keep up with my finances for deposits or withdrawals. Great app!
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5 years ago, gradmom73
App keeps me coming back
This app makes banking so easy and convenient that this literally keeps me coming back to Veridian. Even with so many great banking options I appreciate this so much along with the great customer service ! The app is easy, offers as many options as I need and then some. Thanks Veridian!
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4 years ago, Nlwalters
Veridian mobile app
This is the best app that I’ve ever came across I check my balance in the morning I deposit checks by picture I transfer money all around all the time. This is such a great app and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to keep tabs on their investments.
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8 months ago, Gr-ma Georgia
Staying Home
Don’t get me wrong. I like going to the bank to meet the cashiers, and the personal banker just in case I need to talk to one. It’s nice to have a familiar face…BUT…I also like that I can stay home if I want and just take care of a loan or any other bank situations online, too.
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5 years ago, T-Roy76
Love the mobile banking app for Veridian. It allows the customer to be comfortable that all your banking needs are available through this app. Also the customer service is high ranking. Great response time for the live chats and very helpful with getting a solution to your problems. Love the App and would recommend it to family and friends
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5 years ago, Mlgswag420yoloblazitw33d
Keeps saying there’s Maintenance
Worked for a long time but now it keeps saying there’s maintenance going on and won’t let me log out. Even trying to contact support it says the servers are going through maintenance. Is it actually or is mine glitching?
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1 year ago, mqr495
Mobile banking
It’s awesome! So easy to do everything! And if there’s ever a problem, you can chat with a person and they help you figure it out very quickly. I don’t know what I do without it. Thank you Veridian for making it so easy!
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1 year ago, Spraudog
Always Great Banking Experiences
We have been banking with Veridian for many years. The rates are competitive and the service and employees are top notch. The mobile banking is easy to use and has multiple built in safety options available.
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3 years ago, happpydadx4
Great Credit Union
Easy to work with, responsive to loan inquiry or checking questions! Mobil App is easy to use, mobile check deposit is easy & flawless. I have not had a problem & if I do I know Veridian customer service will help nicely!
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5 years ago, a mean scone
App Improves Mobile Banking
One of the reasons I continue to use Veridian despite no longer living in Iowa is that their mobile banking is actually good. And the app makes an already good setup even easier to use, which seems to be a rarity among financial institutions. Definitely happy to recommend Veridian.
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5 years ago, Katiegonz919
Love the updates!
Before the updates this app was not great. But since they did a major update it has been amazing! I use it every day and with Face ID and easy/intuitive features, it’s super easy to view my balances, make transfers and payments, and update my information.
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2 months ago, Huffman2j
Thank you
So convenient, when need to check your balance ,check to see if monthly bills have came out yet or better yet when your pay check has been deposited !
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2 months ago, toniu777
User friendly
I love how simple and easy this app is to follow. It’s extremely user friendly & you can view any/all your accounts at once & see all transactions ASAP & can transfer $ between accounts free of charge.
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3 years ago, Grandma Rue
Love Veridian
I have only banked at 2 other banks before Veridian. They have all of the banking services that other banks have but far less fees and they have locations in HyVee stores that are open when I can go there, even on Sunday!! Love this bank/credit union!!
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7 years ago, Vetter62
Much improved
Big improvements have been made with this app except that I have to delete and then reinstall every few times because the drop down menu on the far left will be blank and therefore has no logout available. Fix that and I would be thrilled to give a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, indeecol
Love online banking
I have used online banking for years. It is so easy and reassuring that I can transfer funds to my different accounts, pay credit card and deposit checks.
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4 years ago, Imissmyradar
Still has bugs
Where did the snapshot widget go? From my Home Screen, I used to be able to swipe left to right and see my balances, but no more. Also, in the next update, could we have the option to print out statements from the app, instead of going to the website? Thanks
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6 years ago, Joel's_iPhone
App is pure garbage pull it from App Store
Obviously Veridian has no clue how to deal with mobile technology. Every time I login the app wants me to decline or accept but I can’t accept. It leaves me stuck on this screen indefinitely. Pull this pathetic broken technology from the App Store. It’s garbage.
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5 years ago, paeperboy
Great customer service
Was at drive on the 8 th of this month at main branch on Ansborough ave. I believe the tellers name was Amanda? I was super impressed with her friendly n helpful attitude. Came across as natural n not the typical UGH!!! I gotta be nice I’m at work thing. Had my dog along for the ride as well.. Greta the Great Dane was also impressed. She said “Thanks for the treat.”
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7 years ago, Tester56855
Everything in one place!
I love that this app has all my loans and memberships in one log in. And that I use the same log in for online banking! I use the check deposit feature often and the enhancement to viewing the image and status is great!
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7 years ago, Ron Santo
Thank You Veridian
This new Mobile App is a wonderful is the on-line banking. Set up was simple and I hit the ground running. Seeing my all my accounts in one place was a wish of mine for years. Appreciate the great work you do and thinking of your members needs.
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3 days ago, DDvcumember
Best online banking ever!
I have not needed to step inside the credit union for years! Mobil deposit and applying for loans on this app has been the easiest thing ever. I’ve only used the ATM for cash and that’s the only reason why I need to go to a branch.
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3 weeks ago, dlounsy
Easy to Use
This app is easy to use and streamlined. The mobile deposit feature is quick and easy as well and the photos take without much hassle.
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