Verizon Cloud

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Verizon Wireless
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1 month ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Verizon Cloud

4.58 out of 5
140.2K Ratings
5 years ago, rjensen31
Verizon Cloud App
I pay for this service and I have had it for years and to this day I still can’t get my IPhone 8+ to back up with this app, it used to sit there and act like it was backing up my phone and you would have to keep the app open and not let your screen go black and I tried this so many times for hours and hours I even let it try and back up for a whole day, during this process you can’t use your phone at all or it will have to start the process all over again but after letting it back up for a whole day it never finished and when I gave up and checked on how much it was able to actually back up I was completely blown away that after 12 hours of me dedicating my phone to nothing but backing up my phone it accomplished absolutely nothing!!! Not a single file was ever added to my cloud all the stuff that I have in my cloud was from 3 or 4 phones ago so I have basically been pay for this service for years thinking that it was working this whole time when it never worked at all or at least not in years. Now all it does is crash every time you try and open it so it can’t even pretend to back up your phone now. I really hope that Verizon can fix this issue I know I can’t be the only one with this problem. Until this issue is fix I wouldn’t recommend using or purchasing any storage from this app!!!
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7 months ago, freeburd60
New User VZW Cloud
I just signed up and downloaded the app. Now it’s getting my many GB of pix contacts almost 400 (a lot) and I’m hoping it gets my music. I have 16 yrs of fav music I own. It’s fast and seems to work great. I will update you again. Thumbs up for now UPDATE: it’s been many years since I wrote this and I’m still happy with VZW you always know your with the best company here. The cloud keeps my files safe and secure. I never have to worry about losing pictures or videos or music. Many years of memories and some can never be recovered so that’s why I’m with the best.
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7 years ago, KerryOK5
The worst ever!!!!! 😡
UPDATE: 2 week’s later, it still keeps saying that it’s backed up, but activate the app to finish. When I go into the app it does the jumping around - 3 minutes, 25 minutes, 17 minutes, 74 minutes! Got a note from the developers asking what device I’m using - what do you think Genius? I’m in the iPhone App Store, hmm? Could it be a Google Pixel I’m working with? I give up. Verizon has lost all their former glory. Used to be they were the best customer service And the best cell service around, but they got a fat head, they are now worse than circa 2005 AT&T! Can’t wait till this contract expires and I might go before that anyway. After 4 hours during which it kept saying 4 minutes left, and counting down to 1 min. Only to bounce back to 4 then 21, then back down, and then it said 43 minutes!!! What the?!? I finally had to cancel because I need to do other things. Why does it take so long? Why after 4 hours is it still not backed up?!? It’s less than 3 gigs for Pete’s sake! And why does it take half an hour to estimate the time it will take to only say like 4 minutes and then take another 4 HOURS to still not finish? Plus it seems to stop unless you keep your phone “awake”. This is the worst. It’s torture. Plus you can’t set it to back up, you have to do it manually! Was it written back in 1980 for a desktop and not really updated?
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2 years ago, Devil's Wife
Can’t sync manually
Edited after receiving email response from Verizon: Verizon’s “answer” was just a mess of steps to follow that did nothing to rectify the issue. I found a workaround on my own by making a “dummy” (fake) contact in my contacts list to force a backup (since it won’t back up automatically) when solely editing a current contact. The next time I have to edit one I will erase the dummy contact thus forcing another sync. This is ridiculously unnecessary. Sorry Verizon but you are dropping the ball when it comes to this app. Original review: Just made an important update to one of my contacts (new email address) tonight. Says my contacts are synced since 2 weeks ago. Won’t sync automatically or let me sync manually. This has been going on for months now. Reported it in app feedback section. Response said I could manually sync and showed me a picture of what to look for, but that symbol has never shown up. It’s always a green check mark. If the green check mark is there it says my contacts are synced but they’re not and won’t let me do anything. An updated contact needs to be backed up as much as a new contact. Come on Verizon - I pay you enough you ought to be able to handle this simple task. Before you ask, yes, I am running the current iOS version.
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2 years ago, Nessa72493
Disappointing and frustrating
This app and service from Verizon is 100% not worth the money you have to spend to use it. There are so many better and cheaper options than this service. I would like to first say the Verizon cloud does NOT back up text messages. I asked multiple people at Verizon if it would save my text messages over a few months span and every single one of them told me yes. Up until the moment I had to restore my phone, then all of a sudden it was switched to “saving text messages is not an option with the Verizon cloud”. Then made it seem like it was completely normal to lie to their customers about the service they are paying for, and as if I was out of line for expecting my messages to be there after being told they would be. Go figure. They do save your pictures though. But be aware it takes forever to upload to the Verizon cloud and you cannot leave the app while it is uploading or it pauses. So you won’t be able to use your phone for a few days and it cannot lock so you’ll need it on the charger that whole time as well. Honestly, choose any other app or service for this.
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3 years ago, 4sReviewer
Works well, but is incredibly slow to upload
General warning - I have about 200 GB worth of pictures on my phone, and backing it up for the first time is unimaginably slow. Now 200 GB is a lot, and the app does warn you it “may take a while,” but it takes about 30 seconds a picture to upload to the Cloud the first time. And you also have to leave the phone on and the app open to upload the first time (it won’t back up if you’re doing anything else on the phone or if the phone goes off). I have now left my phone on, connected to the app untouched for 12 straight hours, and I’ve only uploaded about 250 pictures/videos. I have normal high-speed Internet, so it’s clearly the speed of the uploads on Verizon’s side, which is seemingly old dial-up modem speed. Uploading the same amount to Apple’s servers via the iPhone’s/Apple’s cloud system takes about an hour for the same amount of data. I wouldn’t pay for the storage, but I suppose if you’re getting it free, and you have the patience of a saint and don’t need your phone for a couple days, then it’s great! For the 200 or so pictures that have uploaded, it seems to work well. Pictures open, there is some intelligence to the organization, and it’s easy to access via the app. I imagine as you take pictures and it auto-backs up, it’s fine. But again, prepare for upwards of a week with the phone connected to the app doing nothing else in order to upload a couple thousand pictures for the first time.
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5 years ago, T.V.MAVERICK
Verizon Cloud Services (Back-up data on your phone(s).)
I have an iPhone 8+. With it, I receive 5GB FREE ICLOUD SERVICES. I may back up ALL: Data, Docs, Photos, Passwords, Payment Data, & a whole lot more. I’ve never lost a single “Bit” or a “Byte” of anything since my very first iPhone. That has been since 2012. ALL DATA IS ENCRYPTED, from my iPhone to my iCloud account. (I don’t need a secured connection) I get access to everything, anytime. Every backup has its own date & time. I’m able to keep whatever photos I have uploaded, and delete the rest, (except important documents, & some passwords). To date, I have used 2.6 GB of the FREE iCloud storage. Over 7 years of Backups, & Thousands of photos, FREE. This is After, my backup today, w/430 HD photos and 5 hours of compressed HD Videos. I have at least another 4 years of FREE iCloud backup and Support before I will need the $1.00/mo. For 500GB Additional storage. If you’re careful, & take a little time, and you have an iPhone of any type, there’s no need to pay out $5/mo. For any other “Cloud Storage.” -Happy w/my Apple iPhone and MacBook Air, by Disneyland, California
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5 years ago, *l*64
I had been with Verizon for twenty years, I had a life change and had to change services but thought All of my 3700 photos were “Safe” in the cloud plus I was paying for it. What I Didn’t Know was that they would Erase All of them after 30 days! I was told they held onto them for Six Months. You Know people don’t read the fine print and I am technically challenged. I was crushed as I was making gifts for my children and grandchildren that specifically involved these precious photos and No, I didn’t have them backed up anywhere else because I went specifically through Verizon up until that point, and my S6 did not have a SD port. I am now back with Verizon but extremely disappointed they don’t have a better system in place with information if you leave for periods of time. I will never trust them or the people who give different information again
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5 years ago, Siren1021
Fix app
You should be able to sign in on ANY device and access the SAME Verizon Cloud. My niece is using my old phone and I thought I could backup over 9000 pics/vids to the Verizon Cloud on that phone and access it on my new phone by inputting my username/password... WRONG! It’s now HER Verizon Cloud with all of MY priceless photos/vids!! It took me over 72 hrs to back it all up and now I can’t access any of it from my new phone! I’m paying $10/month for increased storage bc of the amount I needed for nothing now on HER phone! Which means, I’ll need to pay another $10/month on my new phone if I ever get this mess straightened up! Fix this please! What’s the point in having username/password if I can’t access it on a different device? I also sat at my local Verizon store for 2 hours for them to tell me to call Customer Service bc I cannot access the Verizon Cloud app on my new phone at all now. When I try to sign in, it won’t recognize my password and so it changes the entire My Verizon app login as well. Your apps are very confusing and I’m fairly tech savvy.
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2 years ago, Khatgirl
Takes forever to backup & won’t do it automatically
I initially had the 600gb plan until I realized it didn’t automatically back up photos and videos . It would take 6-8 hours, with the app open and nothing else running in order to back up (an iPhone 13 Max). I read that the 600gb plan doesn’t do auto back up. So I upgraded to the 2T plan which does include auto back up. It keeps telling me to set up the cloud on my PC. It has been there for nearly a year. And when it does back up, the new photos are going there which is a good thing. I checked and it appears to have the latest updates. It is just a huge waste of time waiting for all the photos to manually upload. I’m thinking of going back to paying for iCloud and dumping Verizon Cloud if I can’t get this to work automatically. The benefit of Verizon is the PC storage. I haven’t even attempted to get that to start backing up yet.
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5 years ago, BruceMK
Doesn’t work on my new iPhone
I had a hardware issue on my new iPhone that required the Apple Store swapping it out for a new phone. I was able to back everything up to Verizon Cloud prior to the swap. Shortly thereafter, the backups stopped working. I finally called Verizon’s Tech Coach “service” and they tried to blame the problem on everything under the sun without looking to see if there might something with this app that needed tweaking. I can’t see any of my photos that I had previously backed up, so it’s more than an issue of available storage. (Doesn’t stop them from trying to suggest that what I really need to do is buy more storage.) They want to say it’s because iOS needs updating, not that they will say what known issues the update would address. Of course, it must be because of the wi-fi network or cell tower. Just ignore that this app continues to fail no matter where I try it. The app is great when it works. Just don’t expect to get anything approaching intelligent support if it stops working.
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1 year ago, trfdbnng$*#34
Don’t waste your time.
No wonder Verizon gave me a free upgrade on my line that included Verizon cloud storage. It doesn’t work on any of my iOS devices. The app actually doesn’t do much. Just stores a backup copy of your photos, videos, and contacts and that’s it. The app worked ok if I opened it every day. Then I didn’t use it for about a week. When I clicked on the app icon to open it to back up a few videos, it took me to my main Version account sign in page. After about a half hour trying to get to the home page of the app I had to create a whole new password. Then when I got into my Cloud account….no photos or videos or contacts were showing. Where did all the pictures and information go? I’m supposed to have 600 GB free account . All I get when I open the app is frustration and it takes me to the upgrade page asking me to pay for a unlimited or 2TB subscription for $20 amp month. Not gonna play that game. Deleted the app.
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6 years ago, KD6Cae
Video content not uploading, horrible app for backing up
I thought I would give this app a try, since I get 500GB of storage free with my above unlimited plan. I uploaded a short video clip as a test, to make sure it worked. However I have spent the last month off and on trying to upload some HD videos I took on my phone, and the app refuses to complete the backup process, only getting to about 6% before stopping for seemingly no reason. this occurs even on a decently fast 20 megabits upload internet line! I also tried uploading 144 audio files from my computer, and though most of them made it, there were 4 Random files in that upload, that for whatever reason were never able to upload. This is not what I would call a reliable app for backing up anything, except for perhaps smaller files such as audio, but even then you may or may not successfully get your files uploaded. That’s not how any app that claims to back up content should work. What is going on here?
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5 years ago, Boston4lfe
I have had issues with this app for the past 2 years how slow it backed up. I have called tech support many times and they cannot get it working. I deserve my 2 years of money back. I am mainly on wi-fi and I work for tech support with another company so I am well aware of how to use my phone and features. My phone is still trying to back up from the Super Bowl pictures. I am on private wi-fi the majority of the day and my device is always up to date and this app doesn’t work to my expectations. Instead of tech support saying what it should do, no one has offered to credit my account for the poor performance of this app. I deleted it and using a cheaper storage and a free app that backup immediately with no issues. If I could give 0 stars I would have because that how many photos backed up since the beginning of February and still saying backing up. It give a message: last backup April. So where are the pictures since the beginning of February??? SMH
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6 years ago, soamazin
Do Not Waste Your Time!
If I could give 0 I would!!!!! I have paid for and had This App since it was first developed but over the past three years for me personally it has lost my trust! I lost my pics three to four times and when asking for assistance I got no help to retrieve them they were permanently gone! It changes my plan without me knowing I just had this happen to me again when I called she said Jan 31, but there are no notes and she couldn't tell me why it happened! I don't trust it at all!!!! I lost the pics of my grandmama and me who now has passed because I trusted this app and it failed me no I have no memories of me and my grandma! I hate this app!!! Better realizability and retrieval is needed when this app deletes all your stuff and set up a new profile even if it takes u a while to nice it's gone bc that's what happened to me I didn't know how long it had been missing either way it's not my fault!!! I'm so over paying for a service that doesn't hold up to its standards!
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3 months ago, FolsDux
Needed to initialize account from desktop
Hopefully the iPhone Cloud app works immediately for you. If not, try suggestions below. Installed Cloud app on iPhone 13. Opened and entered login credentials. Answered security question. Received error message “This Verizon Account doesn’t have cloud yet”, even though my account shows 2TB of cloud storage on my plan. 3 hours and 6 people later, Cloud was working from the iPhone. I don’t remember all the steps. But the key was installing the Desktop app on my Windows PC first. Then initializing the Cloud account from the desktop. Then sending myself an e-mail invite. Then opening the e-mail invite on my phone, and following the link. That eventually allowed me to get the iPhone Cloud app working. Good Luck!
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2 years ago, VZW Hostage
VZW lost all my content. I was promised no loss in data if I stayed with VZW. I wanted to cancel my service but before I would do that I wanted to secure my Vzw cloud and all its content . And there’s a lot of content Or THERE WAS A LOT 7,000+ pics , docs, contacts. Long story short, After the Rep promised better service, a more competitive plan, a first responder discount , etc. I agreed to stay. (Since I have been with Verizon for decades.)That very day, I left the store, I discovered that the other phone on my account had ZERO content in the VzwCloud App. The discovery was made when I rcvd a text stating my VzwCloud had been deleted and in case this was a mistake to notify Vzw within 30 days to restore all content. This was so upsetting to me I immediately drove back to the store. I was guaranteed that I would NOT lose any data on either phone.... and it has now been 4 months and I do NOT have my cloud content. I am devastated! I had pics, videos, & audios of my father that passed away. So I recommend a storage that you can control and access at any time and most importantly one that protects your memories, like their own ...AND THAT’S NOT VERIZON CLOUD!
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4 years ago, Redhead from Venus
I’ll tell you what’s up
I got a text from Verizon, and they have given me a free 10 day trial for Verizon iCloud, unsolicited. Then they say that no action on my part is necessary, that they will bill me $4.99 a month. Really? And, to opt out to visit this link, HUH. Where is the opt out option? Well, there isn’t one anywhere at the link! Now what? This is so infuriating to me and deceptive. I’m thinking I should just switch to a new carrier and drop Verizon for their unscrupulous business tactics. Okay....I received a response, and Verizonicloud people are still directing me to go to their website to OPT OUT. . THERE IS STILL NO OPTION THERE TO OPT OUT OF ANYTHING ON THIS SITE. I’m planning on going to the Verizon store on Monday... a pain in the a**, and now I have to take time out of my day to make this go away....and tell them opt out for me. After this I’m going to look for another carrier....I hear PURE TALK is a new service started by a military veteran, and has great reviews.
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6 years ago, DonnaCY
Thinking changing carrier:(
Verizon went from a very functional contact backup to verizon cloud. OK. With Verizon cloud came 25gb of storage for contacts and photos and I think music. Ok. Now The most expensive carrier in the cell phone community has decided that they will not be offering the paltry 25gb for free anymore. They will go back to the backing up of contacts(kinda obligatory for a cell phone company) but if you want cloud backup of pics and the like they have available subscriptions available starting at 1TB. Their unlimited data plan was disappointing and now this. I don’t know what they are thinking. But nickel and diming their customers is just not the way toward retention The above is an update I back up my pictures in Flikr or google photos. That is what they are designed to do. What I DONT understand is why this phone back up app does not properly back up contacts (I have multiples of almost every contact in my list. At least give us a way of understanding where all the duplicates are coming from) or the messages and voicemail that are specifically a function of the phone. I cannot figure out why everybody ignores the back up of messages and voicemails. If it is on my phone I should be able to back it up to the cloud and I should have the ability to access this information.
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6 years ago, edasaro
While uploading pictures and videos is quick, the ability to view videos and pictures is lacking. When viewing pictures it takes several minutes for the picture quality to reach its original clarity. Sometimes pictures will never become clear and will stay fuzzy and won’t download back onto the phone’s albums. Videos take 10 minutes or more to fully buffer and be viewed. I like the ability to purchase printed pictures directly from the app, but when doing so, the pictures do not load by date, so you have to sift through thousands of unorganized pictures. And, if you want to use a different photo printing service, you have to re-download all the pictures you want to print back onto your phone. Extremely cumbersome. I do not like this app and wish I would have stored my pictures elsewhere for easy access to view and print.
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3 years ago, bluhbleo
Unsatisfied customer 🙋🏻‍♀️
This app is the only thing that bugs me (I love my Verizon tho) it’s frustrating going back and seeing the same pictures I had deleted more than once! Not only that I can’t even view the pictures it backed up from my phone so I have to use my IPad when I’m trying to upload/backup pictures from my phone. It’s slow and until this is fixed I will no longer use this app. I am a current Verizon customer and this comes as part of our phone plan so I decided to give it a try. It has 600 GB and I only used about 1% of that. The results were not as I expected, I should have stuck with ICloud to store my photos. Please help make this experience better for your customers because I know how frustrating it can be trying to store precious memories and the app isn’t cooperating. I hope this review helped someone.
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2 years ago, hales1218
Terrible Cloud App
This app works terribly now. I’ve had an issue for awhile with some of my videos not backing up no matter how many times I tried syncing. Now ever since the app update about 6 days ago, not even half of my pictures and videos are showing up in the cloud every time I close and open the app? Which makes me worried how glitchy this app is because I have plenty of photos/videos I don’t want to lose. There needs to be some improvements with this app because it doesn’t work well AT ALL and people shouldn’t have to be worried constantly the app isn’t going to work and they’re going to lose their stuff. If I could transfer all of my stuff to another app I 100% would, but the only reason I haven’t is because I don’t have the phone storage to download everything to my phone and move it to another cloud.
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3 years ago, Precise7
My Cloud hasn’t backed up my photos since March 2021
I have been with the Verizon Cloud since 2015; however, over the last two years I have experienced long periods of my photos and videos not be uploaded to the cloud. The first time it happened was December 2019 and my photos didn’t upload again until April 2020. Everything went back to normal until March 2021 when the issue returned. I’ve reached out for support two times with no solution or follow up. I am frustrated because I pay every month and have not be able to backup my photos. I love the idea of this app when it works but the inconsistencies of its design leave me disappointed. At this point, I wouldn’t even know how to leave or get all of my photos SMH. Be careful in making the choice to get this app.
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6 years ago, Shcbjsjdcc
All my precious memories gone...
I’ve had my photos backed up to Verizon Cloud for YEARS. I had 5gb worth of pictures in my cloud and I accessed them whenever I wanted. Recently, my beloved dog became ill and we decided it would be best to put him down... which is the worst decision I’ve ever had to make. I wanted to create a memorial piece for him with all the photos I have of him, and a majority of them were on my Verizon Cloud. So imagine my surprise when I went on there to retrieve them and they were all gone, just like that. I wasn’t notified not even once that my pictures would be deleted unless I upgraded to a “paid” version of the cloud. Never pegged Verizon for a company that cares more about profit than their customer’s precious memories but I was wrong. Guess who won’t be a Verizon customer for much longer; this is definitely a deal breaker.
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4 months ago, aolfanxo
My head is in the clouds with Verizon. And my data.
The data that I cling to like baby to its blanket, is she mainly safe? Well, that is not entirely true. It turns out, that losing all of your artwork and collections of objects, media, etc, can be a liberating experience, although doesn’t feel that way at first. Because you feel naked without your possessions to which you created your identity. At any rate, I’m back to my old ways of collecting again and the Verizon Cloud Service is a great place to park my wares. Very easy to access and organize.
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4 years ago, davemeta2
Love the FiosTV app I own thousands of movies and tv series that I was afraid I would lose when I had to temporarily leave FIOS for a month or two after father’s death.... and it’s sooo good to go to app and scroll down through my huge list of things so quickly and easily.....hit show and hit remote to my Apple TV or Roku device or use iPhone and computer and instantly I am watching on My 55” OLED HDR 4K TV..... And the cloud backup is as good as Apple’s Cloud System and is as user friendly.... Thanks again FIOS I look forward to returning to my ultimate package soon!
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6 years ago, WendyBurkett
Not sure about this app
I’m having the same issue as Kerry. Verizon keeps saying one minute then two minutes than four minutes then four hours and then back down to 17 minutes etc. And you have to keep the app open for it to continue downloading. I have other stuff that I can be doing so I try this during the night while I am asleep and when I wake up eight hours later it is still downloading or saying it is. I just use Google drive now but now it keeps asking me through text to upgrade. Upgrade to what? My phone bill is already well over $200 a month with Verizon. They have great customer service but I am truly not sure what is going on with this app and if my pictures are saved or not!
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4 years ago, tomwhatev
Verizon cloud app
Spent hours talking to customer support, hours on hold, hours explaining to one person then being transferred to another next level only to be cut off and have to start all over again. The cloud app that I’ve been paying for hasn’t backed up any photos for 4 months. So much more than I will bother to write that is negative with my experience with this app. I strongly suggest that you find a more secure and reliable place to store your info than this app. I read the reviews and the first one I read from a year ago was a carbon copy of the problems I was having. Verizon obviously hasn’t corrected the problem. Good riddance! Read the reviews! They will tell you everything you need to know about this app. Don’t pay for it!
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1 year ago, AndieAV
Paying for no back up on two phones for iXR
Same as the last review. We have been with Verizon since it started off that tells you anything and it continues to go up and up, and when I added more storage for both phones NOTHING is backed up, continually says no storage when I’m paying for an additional 600GB a month per phone! For loyal customers you would think you would be more appreciative and helpful. I am tired of hearing oh we can do this and we can do that for you and her YOU HAVE DONE US NO FAVORS! I am looking and deciding which provider to go with because there is nothing here for us but charge after charge. Actions speak louder than words, especially after 30 years! Thanks but no thanks! AndieAV
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1 year ago, truered1973
App SHOULD NOT have to be open to take a backup
The fact that this app has to be OPEN to backup is ridiculous. It has been that way since day 1. It is now 2023 and Verizon STILL doesn’t fix this? People do not think, “Hey. I should open Verizon Cloud to take a backup today.” They assume it’s doing that automatically. Do not tell people the backup is automatic when IT IS NOT unless the app is open. What’s the point of background refresh for an app, if it isn’t used for to perform a backup when it isn’t open? Every time I open this stupid app, it has a large backlog to back up. I should never have to open an app to make sure it’s backing up every day. Never! It should just do it. You know. Like iCloud? Get it together, Verizon.
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3 months ago, 🔥HOV🔥
Wow 🙂Free Cloud Storage
How can I complain about a free service such as this. We all know at some point it’s going to run out sooner or later and eventually we will will need to pay for it but this is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s one less expense to expense to consider. Additionally you can make anything from coffee pads, mousepads, blankets and framed photos all customized to your specifications and have it sent anywhere you would like. I think this is all awesome stuff.
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5 years ago, ecnpri
Feed back
I am 72 years old and have been with Verizon wireless for 23 years. I feel Verizon have nothing to offer people of my age. I have an apple phone and it is getting very slow . I have had it for 5 years and can not afford a new one when you are on social security, the money is not there. I feel as though when you have been with a company that long there should be options, in stead of looking how you can make money off others as well as your seniors. One day you will see what I am talking about. I heard this in my younger years and now I am living in the truth. I Thank God for watching over all our senior. When Jesus was on the cross he said,”behold my mother”. Let’s see if this will be posted. “ I don’t think so—-“. Diana Branham
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2 years ago, damgr8
Good app but if I could make a suggestion…
Well made app overall but I would like to make a suggestion/ request to the developers. At present, when you’re uploading multiple items, there’s an indicator bar near the top of the screen, but it’s not accurate and there’s nowhere to view the overall upload status. I think it would be great to add a screen that would show the status of all current and pending file uploads.
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4 years ago, u dont listen
My world
Thank you for not losing my pictures and I get to see my children and myself and friends oand hopefully this world clears up the problem that we’re having and we can all get together and have fun like we used to really sad never did I ever think it was gonna be like this at least I have the pictures to show how much fun we used to have going to concerts going out to eat buffets dances airplanes MexicoCruise is not worrying about catching any kind of virus laughing eating fun stuff
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4 years ago, Upstate NY
Hard to recommend
When I think of a cloud storage service, I think of a nice, reliable, seamless interface. Examples: Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc. Verizon Cloud, sadly, is NOT like that. Upload interrupts when doing it from desktop, photos don’t always sync, very user un-friendly interface. Might be worth the struggle if it happens to be a feature on a wireless plan you chose for other reasons (like me), but definitely choose one of the other services mentioned above if you’ve got real cloud needs. UPDATE: got what is clearly a cut-and-paste developer response. Did you read my review? I’m not looking to just do backups, I want seamless cloud storage like Dropbox or iCloud... the whole app is deficient in this regard. Review downgraded from 2 stars to one.
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7 years ago, rattrash
Hope you're happy because I'm not
**update It only took me over an hour to get everything back BUT I HAVE ALL MY PICTURES BACK. If you're unable to log in using your email/username you can log in using your phone number. The app refused to backup my most current photos so I uninstalled it and downloaded it again and now it's refusing to let me sign in with my previous information on the app and online. I lost photos of deceased family members because of this. Everyone, do yourself a favor and get a flash drive or something more reliable.
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6 years ago, Leavitt78
Unethical business practice
Without my consent, Verizon enrolled me in the cloud. Then they told me I would be charged $5 a month if I don’t opt out! What’s worse was in order to opt out, I was forced to download this app. Once I did that, it wasn’t obvious / easy to opt out. Thankfully I am fairly well-versed with computers - what about my elderly parents or other folks who struggle with smart phones?! The didn’t use the wording “opt out”, so I have to trust that deleting my account is the same as opting out and prevents the $5 monthly charge. UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE to enroll someone in a program without consent, force them to download an app to get out of the program, then make it difficult to find the way to opt out. Verizon must have known what they were doing and should be ashamed.
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3 years ago, Mvkoke46
A Wonderful Place to Visit!
So glad to be able to store so many treasured memories in a safe place. I’m able to tell so many stories from my photos. People wonder how I got so many of the things that I have. I value the vault of images as they allow me and others to experience the past together. I can bring up a picture from almost every phase of my life. Not many people are able to do that. Thanks!!!!
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6 years ago, OCK1234
Basically useless
You can select any contact that has been backed up, but you cannot delete them from your backed up file. Plus I used this app to move contacts from my wife’s old phone to her new phone, it doubled many of them, and merged randomly phone numbers, addresses and names. My daughters texts were showing up as someone else entirely, amazingly her phone number had merged into someone else’s contact info (this happened in many places with random peoples info). I wanted to delete my contacts entirely in the back up file and start fresh, but that is impossible. Basically... I just deleted this App. Verizon... you blew it on this one. Horrible App would rate -stars if I could.
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5 months ago, Talksallot
Great cloud service
I love this cloud service bc I can restore my data that was deleted from all of my accounts like Samsung, Microsoft, google, facebook and so on. It’s easy to transfer to new devices or external hard drive, & memory SD. The only drawback is the cost for this service, I wish it was more affordable especially with being a customer who bought new apple products constantly and long time Verizon customer
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7 years ago, Anthony71914
Photos and shut down on phone and wont let me open on computer
I lost all my photos on the app because the she cancelled my cloud. I asked about extra storage for my 5c iPhone but she said I had the max. And she deleted the photos and videos but keep my contacts. Thanks to .Jesse and Hannah I have my pictures back but I still can't get on to cloud on my desktop and on my phone it goes on and immediately shuts off. Very disgusted.
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4 years ago, trixivian
Useless for anything beyond Photos library backup
I subscribed to the Do More Unlimited 2020 plan because I thought that the 600 GB of included Verizon Cloud storage could potentially replace Dropbox for me, but I was wrong. The Verizon Cloud app can’t do anything except back up your Photos library. Why can’t I upload files from the Files app? What even is the point of a cloud storage service that you can’t use as a cloud storage service? I’ll change my mind if and when the Verizon Cloud team fixes this absurd, glaring oversight, but for now I’m very disappointed with this app. Two stars instead of one because at least it can do SOMETHING.
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3 years ago, Jrcope1218
Not working
For the last month or longer I have been trying to back up my photos and videos and for some reason it wants to back up photos and videos that are already in the cloud. Then when it gets to a video the app locks up and you have to close it down. Not sure what’s going on but it is frustrating. Hopefully this will get fixed very soon as I have years of pictures and videos backed up to the cloud.
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5 years ago, sickofFL
Verizon Backup of Iphpne
The exact same thing happened to me, as the reviewer on Jan. 1st I’ve tried numerous times to backup my now iPhone X to Verizon and also (because it just kept clicking on screen) I attached it via usb cable to my laptop to backup. Neither ways worked. I tried it while plugged in, and also not allowing phone to “sleep”! Nothing worked or backed up. I would have to say that it definitely doesn’t save, or backup my phones o fo for two different iPhone (previous one was iPhone 6s). I know Verizon will reply asking me to send info via email, but it will probably go in their ever accumulating email bin! Obviously if this problem was resolved it wouldn’t still be happening to me in Nov ‘19.
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1 year ago, dhoonib
Just does not work
I used this app for months and while it’s quirky it general seemed to back things up (not sure if this could really count as cloud storage as it seems like if you delete the app everything then gets deleted or it just was not backing up my things to a cloud at all?). Recently all of a sudden it just stopped completing. It would run forever and and stop. After trying several things including reinstalling the app it now shows I have nothing in the cloud but shows I’ve used 1% of storage. Also it tells me I need to pay for more storage despite have 600gb free. Verizon needs to fix this terrible service.
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3 years ago, marsmoonearth
Cannot backup anymore after latest update
I keep seeing ‘scanning for media, backup will start shortly’ and never starts. I changed the auto lock to never, WiFi connected, kept the app open on charge whole night and still didn’t upload single photo. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled but still no luck. I restarted the iPhone thinking some issue there and with reboot it may clear but no luck. I contacted Verizon customer service, tech support, they told me to do the same thing as what I did and couldn’t resolve. They ended up creating ticket and I am now waiting. I am giving 1 star for obvious inconvenience and no resolution.
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5 years ago, Stacia59
It does what it wants to
I was told to use this by Verizon but when you want to download there is no category to do this on iPhone I was upset after having to erase everything and start all over with iCloud. None of these apps are easy. I didn’t realize the Verizon amp uploaded everything overnight on its own. Contacts are now in a separate place away from messages. Photos are now found when signing on with the app. Not the most ideal transfer but I did get everything. Stressful to use when one doesn’t know if it is even working
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4 years ago, Scottster718
Used to work, but now...
This app used to work great to back up photos and videos, but the past year or so it’s been lousy. Saying everything is updated when it’s not, being extremely slow to back up when it works. Heck, half the time it won’t show photos that are in the cloud. Sometimes it’ll show only up to 2014, or 2016, or 2019. I’ve called support and they can never figure it out. It’s a shell of its former self and has degraded to a disappointing app. And from the reviews, I am far from the only one for whom the app doesn’t work. Why email the developer, it would be a waste of time. So I downloaded Google Photos, it works much, much better.
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6 months ago, Vizcarraa
Sign out/Log out
Please add a sign out option for the iOS app. I have cloud through my 5G Home plus, and Verizon makes you set up a second account with the phone number from the home gateway instead of just your primary account to access cloud. Now I have two Verizon accounts but I can’t log into the one that has cloud on the app because it’s already signed into my primary account. There is no sign off option and deleting and the app and re installing it does nothing it just keeps signing you into the primary account automatically. Verizon support has zero solutions for this as well.
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4 years ago, hobbyhd
Poor App
I have the exact same problem as another reviewer.... you must keep the app open either screen on for it to back up, which takes forever. Then it doesn’t back up most of your photos and docs. It is a poor design at best. I cannot believe the overall rating. It is slow and ridiculous that you’d have to keep it on your screen or it will stop loading anything. Um, this is a phone, which I do need to use more than every 12 hours while the app I pay tries to back my stuff up and then fails at that basic purpose for the app. Do not pay for this service. I’m sure there are better options out there.
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