Vermont Fed CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (3.4K)
39.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vermont Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vermont Fed CU Mobile Banking

4.81 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Tikiskis
Convenient, user friendly
Loving this app! I’m late to the game in deposit checks via mobile phone, but what a great service! Saving me tons of time going to the bank - not to mention saving coins from the meter. Great quick access to accounts too. I admit to worrying about the security behind the curtain. If someone gets my money, I don’t see much recourse to recover. Fingers crossed my bank is well protected in this regard.
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4 years ago, Deposit Downer
Other bank apps are easier
This bank app lags behind some of the other industry apps. I have three different banks and this one is the slowest. Struggles with mobile deposit....IE: I take 10 pictures of a check before its accepted only to never have the check be deposited. So I’ve stopped using the mobile deposit. I have to go to the local branch. Rescheduling bill payment is a pain, because I have to log onto the website to make significant changes. Why can’t I make those changes via the app on my mobile device. Anyways.....still a little work to go.
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5 years ago, Rü8¥
I don’t like that I get 28 messages a month saying I’ll save money! The last time I used one of the offers my account was hit for over $200 on a my preference is to not get those messages as the deals are not deals. I bought something from under armor and never got the $ I was supposed to. It’s all a scam! Other than that it would rate 5 stars
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3 years ago, S!nglem0mm@
Best banking app
I love vtfcu and the people are friendly, the app helps make things easier especially when things are crazy in the world. Being a single mom the app is easier than going to the bank when in a pinch.
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6 years ago, goody2shews
More Options
I would like to see some of the options available on the VTFCU website, also available on the app (hide or make visible, certain accounts on your app, change automatic transfer amounts/date etc.). Otherwise, I’m very pleased with this app.
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5 years ago, Black Wing Taz
Love the app... but
Would be nice to turn off the auto reoccurring notification of cash back offers.... I’m already aware of them, I don’t need to see a new notification everytime I open the app just to check my account. Otherwise I love everything about VTFCU!!
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4 years ago, warmsaltybreeze
Mostly good
It usually takes 10-15 tries to capture the endorsement side of mobile check deposits. Is it as bad as COVID-19? No. I wish there was a way to add notes to deposits, that would be so helpful! I have submitted this as a request numerous times to no avail. I had this feature on another banking app/portal and it was extremely helpful.
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6 years ago, Jlfisher811
Great Service!
I’ve always experienced great service within the branches, and it is no less wonderful with the app! I love the easy to use features and especially the check deposit feature!
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4 years ago, helee4425
It’s a good day if it takes four tries to log in
Love the look of the app and it’s very easy to use. However, my fingerprint hardly works to log in, and when I type my password in, it will tell me that they cannot display my information at the moment. It typically takes me four tries at least to log in, and most of the time I have to wait for 10 mins or so, then try again. It’s very inconvenient.
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3 years ago, marthavineyard
Have to say the people in Milton are awesome and I will never change my bank because of them. I have referred several people to this bank. Thank you everyone for doing such a GREAT JOB.
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4 years ago, jennl333
Jennifer Long time member
I love my Credit Union!!! They never let me down!! Helpful with every question and entirely reasonable and no hacking fees! I’m never going back to any Bank and I Recommend VTFCU to Everyone!!
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2 years ago, Steven1292
Transfer button gone??
I’ve been using this app for years but as of yesterday the transfer button is gone. It got replaced with bill pay and I can’t find any way to transfer money between accounts. This is awful, I used that all the time. Now I have to go to the website on my laptop to transfer. Please change it back!!!
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2 years ago, artist 79
Best bank I’ve ever had ☺️
I have been alerted when my account is compromised. And every time I deal with them it’s easy and it works well for me.💗
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6 years ago, GollyBrian
Improved Nicely Over Time
Been using for years, many issues resolved and app works very well.
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4 years ago, DVALL15
I enjoy the app but I have two old loans still on my account even though they’re paid off and have asked for them to be removed. Nothing seems to have been done about it.
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2 years ago, ErehVT
Used to work
Haven’t deposited checks through the app in a while, Used to be able to. Now it’s keeps telling me to retake the photo 10-20 times, keep having to close then reopen the app for every check I want to deposit. Be easier to move my account to a different bank
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3 years ago, Scooter 1969
Vermont federal credit union
What a great credit union people there are all so kind and willing to help and there app is so easy to I love it
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2 years ago, sherryvt
User friendly
My favorite of all apps that exist
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6 years ago, NikiWench
Useless - Log In SLOW, slow, slowwww
I finally gave up trying to log in after 20 minutes. It just constantly had the perpetual circle of “please wait” or said my phone wasn’t connected to the internet (which it is — otherwise I would not be able to write this review).
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4 years ago, cpt. wicked awsome44
Good bank
Always helpful love my bank
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4 years ago, 23567890007665333
Love the bank hate this app
8/10 times the app won’t work and will just send me to my home page rather than actually working. I love vermont federal bank but can not stand this app and it not working when I need it to
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5 years ago, Chevydj
Dates are wrong
Its a great app but the dates of purchases are always one day ahead. Wish they would update that.
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7 years ago, skin96
I absolutely love this app it makes everything so much simpler!
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2 years ago, TheGaber
Check deposit not working
I keep trying to use that feature, but no luck! The picture of the check looks great on my IPhone 7, but it’s rejected every time by the app. Let’s work on this, please!
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7 years ago, BMC 2015
Easy to Use
Clean design. Easy to use. Intuitive.
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2 years ago, Bdawg991624
Everytime I absolutely need to use this app I log in and it says the function is unavailable at this time. Very frustrating
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2 years ago, sportcarlene
Worst mobile deposit ever.
Takes many tries to get a check deposit if I ever get it deposited. I do this with other bank with no issues. Please work on this app.
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1 year ago, Ihnuescjodeqffjydch
It’s great, they’re great, you’re great
Have a good day, mmkay?
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5 years ago, NS Vt
Flakey check deposit imaging
I’m all about security, but the VtFCU mobile app’s check imaging (for deposits, etc.) is pretty weak, and very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Shortie63
This app is easy to use.
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5 years ago, y🤥
Very good
Excellent hands down.
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6 years ago, Gootchiemaine
Real good
App is real good, it works. It's simple and solid.
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10 years ago, VTteacher0609
The deposit check app, which was the primary reason I downloaded the app, is very difficult. If the check has darker coloring, the image isn't accepted. No matter how carefully I line up the check dead-center in the middle of the image box, when the camera takes the picture, the check mysteriously moves inches outside the frame, so the image isn't accepted. Lately, the app closes on its own whenever I try to take a picture of the check, or I receive an error message. This app needs work!
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4 years ago, MacDougal73
Not working
Keep getting an application error.
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10 years ago, CO_crafter
Decent but the check deposit could use work
This app works well for reviewing balances and paying bills, but the check deposit function is very frustrating. It requires that you take the picture in a well lit area with no shadows on a dark surface, which I do, but every time I try to submit it tells me to retake the picture, either the edge appears ripped or bent or the "picture is unrecognized". Even when I finally get the photo just the way they want it, I often get an application error and have to start the cycle over. This functionality is important to me as it saves a trip to the credit union, I may stop using the CU as a result. I use a deposit app at an account at another CU and it works flawlessly with my phone.
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12 years ago, AVJVT
Great Reference
This app is convenient and easy to use. It is very clear and simple to see your accounts and manage transfers. Bill Pay is a little confusing, and does not come with clear instructions. The bills take several days to actually be paid- it is not instant, so you still have to plan far ahead as with a check. Overall, though, I like it and use it to update my checkbook at least once a week.
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11 years ago, GrannyFrani
Love this app
I've been using internet banking for years, always wishing for a way to make deposits electronically. This app lets you do just that! And it's easy. No more trips to the ATM; no more looking for a parking place; no more finding a stamp and an envelope, still needing to look for a parking place and waiting for days for the deposit to show up in your account. Hallelujah!
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12 years ago, Sodapop55
It is better but could be better!
I agree with a past member it would be great to be able to see our credit cards history as we can our checking account so we can know what we have charged. I had my card paid off but the next month looked and it was up over two hundred dollars and then I had to try to remember what I had charged it would have been nice to go in and check my history to make sure my charges were mine and not someone else's. Also not to have wait for the statement to come in to see my charges.
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12 years ago, Maggievt11
Great app, one minor glitch
I really like this app-it's very easy to use and very reliable. The one glitch I've noticed: when you use it to pay bills and choose the "deliver by" date, for some reason it doesn't *send* the payment until that date (which means it isn't delivered until 2-3 days later). It's not a problem on the when entering payments on the website, just the app. If it's really time-sensitive you're better off using the website (kind of a PITA, but better than a late fee).
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11 years ago, SBH108
Great App...almost perfect
The app is great, my favorite feature is the mobile check depositing. You typically have to give it about three shots before they accept the check. What is stated in the instructions versus what they accept and tell you in emails with the reasoning they declined the check often conflict each other. When you reply back to their emails with questions, you get a blanket answer (usually the answer is something you already told them). That's my only complaint.
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12 years ago, Vthiker
Good App, could be better
I enjoy the improved App from the previous version. I would like to be able to manage and see my credit card statements and history within the same App. The pay by date was a little confusing at first since the online version is mail by this date to arrive at a certain date. Otherwise is is a ver good App. Keep up the improvements. Since my credit card is with VFCU, I should be able to mange it through the app, regardless of who the real company that the credit card belongs to.
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9 years ago, FrozenInVT
Nice app - but needs an update!
This app has been really great for banking from home. HOWEVER, depositing checks via the app has become a frustrating experience lately as the app has not been updated for iPhone 6. (In-app camera frame is not aligned with the new iPhone screen, leading to frequent "picture not the right size"-type error messages). All other features work fine, though. Looking forward to an update for iPhone 6 compatibility.
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7 years ago, darkstar1080
Excellent app
The interface is clean and user friendly, various functions work exceptionally well such as transfers, deposits, etc. The app doesn't freeze or get hung up like some other banking apps I have used. But honestly I'm not surprised how great this app is because VT Federal Credit Union is such an awesome bank and always impresses me with their services.
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9 years ago, H Ray
Does all I need it to do!
This has been a great on the go app since I downloaded it. Easy to use and easy to navigate around to do my banking. I find that I reach for my mobile to make transfers and check on my account more than I go on the laptop. I wish all apps were this user friendly.
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12 years ago, TheAunt
Fix crashing bill pay and I'll adjust star rating
I've been hoping for this ap for a while and was thrilled to see this *trying* to run. The biggest reason that I installed this was for Bill pay - which keeps crashing. Seems like the only option (1 of 3) that I've tried to use keeps shutting down the whole ap - at least it doesn't lock up - suggests that maybe a little more beta testing should have been in order. Fix this and make us users happy!
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12 years ago, XYvonneZ
Nice App
So much easier to use on the iPhone than even the mobile browser version. The standard banking features work well but you cannot see payment or transactions history for linked credit cards. They show as history unavailable. Also when transferring between accounts it would be helpful if you see the account numbers.
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8 years ago, JDRED
Great....but needs work
Bring back the "pending payments" portion. It was SO useful!!! It's 2016! We swipe our cards, then need a referral. It was so helpful in keeping track of daily spending. Bring it back, and 5 stars. Until then, useful, but not informative enough.
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11 years ago, G F McDowell
One slight nag
Excellent app; it is finicky when depositing checks. I wish it used the flash of my phone's camera for illumination when taking the picture. Or at least had the option. Now that I've figured out precisely where on my table to take the photo it is easy. Finding that sweet spot was not. Sure beats making an ATM deposit or waiting in line at the branch!
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11 years ago, OGIHal
Nice app, deposit interface needs work!
This has been great for managing my account. Now I need to use the check deposit feature, I discovered it disables some camera features like flash and zoom making it very difficult to properly capture the check image. Took 50 attempts to submit a single check.
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11 years ago, Drobin9353
iPad check capture?
App is very good - disappointed that iPad was left out of the check scan option - Will have to rely on Paypal scan for iPad for now. PS: When you do roll out scan please be sure to address issues posted by another user that indicates scan disables iPhone flash and general poor operation.
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