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User Reviews for VeSync

4.82 out of 5
34.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Jenzeni
Gets better and better, but...
When I first started using this, it was just good. It was a clean app, clean design, and functioned well, but I found a lot of stuff that didn’t integrate well or had bugs in them. But the more they updated it, the better and more reliable it got. The recent update even added outside air quality monitoring alongside my indoor air quality monitor for my air purifier. It’s not like I needed it, but man, it’s so great to have! After that, I added another small room air purifier, then a few months later, I also added Levoit’s humidifier. The app is so stable and so good, that I’m willing to consider even more Levoit products from now on simply because of its app’s support and flexibility it offers. For sure, this app is such a game-changer when it comes to appliance integration. I wouldn’t be surprised if Levoit were to one day become an industry standard for other companies as well when it comes to the app. There are still some things that either don’t make sense, or could use improvement on, but as far as ease of use, reliability, and flexibility, it is top notch. I really have nothing to complain about. It’s a great app. And the improvements and updates they put out is always getting better and better.
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2 years ago, blind_access
Accessibility Headaches!!!
I’m writing this review in complete frustration!!! I have a Cosori smart oven and Etekcity food scale. I’ve been pleased with the products, and app was terrific for quite awhile, but the accessibility for blind consumers is going backwards. The accessibility used to be top notch and well integrated. As a blind individual, it’s refreshing when you can setup products and use right out of the box… no assistance needed. That’s thoughtful and inclusive design at work. My internet recently went offline and many things had to be setup again. Scale had no issues with setup, but the Weighing area has unlabeled links and buttons in most recent app update. It helps when voice over tells me I’ve chosen ounces, grams, etc. Scale is usable, but now tasks take more time and effort. Reconnecting Cosori smart oven was a nightmare… something that should’ve been quick and easy. Voice over isn’t reading the list of WiFi options to connect with, only after voice over is turned off/on. Entering longer passwords is a chore, because screen and connection process times out before you can finish. Finally completed after copying and pasting password. I appreciate how often this app is updated, but PLEASE test accessibility before releasing. Also consider your blind consumers when you change the placement of options in app. The search can be time consuming when you memorize app, only to have developer constantly move features and functions. Not fun times!!!
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10 months ago, SkySkypilotSky
Donna’s Progress Report…
This is the best way for me to stay motivated to lose weight and not feel like I’m pressured or a lost cause. My son started it first and he helped me to try it. I have severe Arthritis in my joints, I’ve had my right knee replacement, both my shoulders replacement; Back surgery where L-3,4,&5 were fused, I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD since I was 13 years old, I just didn’t know it until in my 20’s. I live with Anxiety Attacks, I’ve been overweight since I was 26, at that age I had to have a complete hysterectomy, I’ve tried many diets that I just found difficult to stick with. Now, I have been on this for only a few days and I have hope that I can do this and stay with it. I love the weight scale, with blue tooth to my phone. The choices of exercise I am actually able to do, even in my lift chair or my motorized wheelchair. I am able to walk for ten minutes or so with my walker. Even outside. When or if I can lose weight and get to moving more often than the slowest pace in this time in my life I will be very grateful. Thank the Lord for all of this progress I am looking forward to seeing real results. I’ve already lost 3-lbs !!! Thanks for coming out with this, I’m not a quitter!!! I am an over comer.
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7 months ago, You’reGunnaWannaReadThis
Keeps me on track!
I went to my friends house after going to the gym for the first time in a long time, as he is helping me start my weight loss journey. He says “let me get your biometrics so I know where you’re at!”. Im thinking, ‘hmm its going to be that BMI number we all hate huh?’. Anyways, I get on this scale he owns, and boy what a wake up call I got. I didn’t know I had gotten that big. You know when you gain weight you start to adjust to it, you stop realizing how big you actually are. The numbers provided through the application told me my visceral fat, subq fat, water % and more! The numbers I had were embarrassing and alarming. Im only 25, my health is important to me. I want to look and feel my age. I immediately bought my own scale, and made an account on the app, and adjusted my lifestyle to the accurate data paired to my body. This scale, paired with the app has been literally life changing for me. To be shocked out of bad habits, and to see continuous progress with those numbers moving to where they should be— I’ve started to feel and look amazing. This scale, paired with a calorie counting app, and a gym membership is a one way ticket to success. Highly, highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Mcsholdings
Awesome App(best Experience Ever)
I rarely write reviews but I felt this one needed to review immediately. I bought a LeVoit Humidifier and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the ease of installing the app and connecting the device as well as connecting it to my smart home. I have to admit our home is one of the most advanced technology homes I’ve seen. Many of the devices plugs lights thermostats security cameras door locksI’ll work on our network. With that said I have to say out of the 35 to 40 devices on the network this was by far the easiest and quickest I’ve ever installed by at least five to ten times quicker. It even connected to Alexa without me having to go thru a bunch of hoops, it literally did it itself after asking me. In addition I just went through the app and it’s very clear with lots of features. What I found even more impressive is the connection to Alexa allowed me to change the name and now Alexa can do many if not all of the features available on this humidifier. To me that is just outstanding and I’m extremely impressed with this app and the product itself. Hats off toLeVoit And the team will put this app together.
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1 year ago, Madnoelle1
Almost too good to be free
I downloaded this app to use with my Levoit smart humidifier. It connected to the device and my wifi pretty easily, and comes with lots of cool features. The interface is easy to use and designed well. It also enabled connection with Alexa so that was a plus. I don't have other devices connected to it but it looks like it has a pretty wide range of products that it works with, also enabling you to differentiate between different rooms and parts of your house. You can also add different users in your household. They really thought of everything with this one. And I had no idea it came with all the health and wellness tools/tips/resources. Seems like a weird flex but it’s actually pretty fun and a nice little touch, not annoying or finicky. I kept waiting for something to pop up telling me I had to subscribe to use this feature or that, but so far seems it’s pretty much all free. (Disclaimer: I could be wrong about that, I’ve only been using this app for a couple hours since I got my humidifier delivered earlier)
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1 year ago, Belushi8
Love the app, but could be better.
I love the ability to control our humidifiers and air purifiers so easily. Love the ability to ID plants and the info provided on watering and fertilizing schedules. There are two things I think could make the app so much better in the plant schedule area. It would be nice if the app would push alerts on its time to water or fertilize schedule. I don’t necessarily open the app daily. Today I opened it and realized I was 2 days passed watering certain plants. The app can push that the humidifiers are empty, or to make sure you check in for the day to earn points, so why not push alerts to water plants? Second is the ability to change watering schedule on plant page when you are late like I was. Today after I watered, you only get a check mark box saying the watering today was now applied two days ago on the original schedule. Please make an easy edit to say it watered today, and therefore pushes the watering schedule out two days, instead of showing my next watering on the same schedule which will be two days earlier than should. Other than that, love the app and it’s appearance and ease of use.
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5 months ago, Angel of Stone
Takes several tries
It usually takes several tries before the scale transmits my updated body composition information to the app. On the scale, off, wait, back on, wait, off again, wait, back on… for like 10 minutes. Other than that, does ok. Edit because of answer: that’s what I’ve been doin the whole time. I go into the app, I select the scale, I reconnect the scale, THEN I step on the scale. It still takes several tries. Edit: the producer is repeatedly telling me to do exactly what I’ve been doing the whole time. That’s literally what I’ve been doing. Y’all just didn’t make your scale durable enough to last ten years so you wanna act like I’m the one doing it wrong even though I’m doing it right. Cause you don’t want to admit your scale is not built to last. This problem didn’t start until after I had the scale for a few years. My review stands as it is. I’m not doing anything wrong, you are telling me to do exactly what I’ve been doing for several years, now. After several years, I think I know how to connect my scale… honestly it’s kind of insulting that y’all think I’m that dumb.
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8 months ago, 2BeAFitMom
The best
Omg I love this app. So I have a levoit air purifier and have pleased with the app since I first downloaded it. Ok like other wifi appliance apps don’t as well as this app. Ok this app just works like iPhone. Anyways, one thing that makes me love this even more is that automation works. So I also have a Google mini cause unlike Apple you can good deals on these. So I’ve been trying out Google stuff with my iPhone. So I have this set up to turn on the purifier automatically when my air quality gets low I can set the numbers. I might need to do some tweaking but my husband got the wood stove burning. I then got a notification that it turned on and I’m like oh. And of course because sometimes wood stoves aren’t perfect and let out a little smoke. I had very bad air quality. All I had to do was crank it up and it’s bad enough I’ve been sick so I don’t need more crap. The app just makes everything so much easier. Now if I can just figure how to automate my keurig! If y’all could support keurif that’d be great too.
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5 months ago, ilikemyrealname
Widget broken for a 4rd time after latest update
UPDATE: Latest update broke widget yet again. One update fixes the widget only for the following update to break it. I can’t stress enough how the devs need to take a step back and reevaluate what they are doing with their software. 2ND RESPONSE TO DEVS: Negative screen? What in the world are you talking about? You’re just trolling someone who left an honest review. RESPONSE TO REPLY FROM DEVS: You would know what issue I was referring to if my original review wasn’t deleted. I have already submitted through the app back when the issue first occurred. Which it was then resolved only for the widget to be broken again. Then fixed again, then broken again..and as of this update from 1 day ago seems to be fixed once more. I stand by my suggestion that the devs need to take a step back and review what it is they are doing that is causing this reoccurring issue. REVIEW: Whatever the devs are doing is causing the widget to break after updates and then the widget will start working again after other updates. I think the devs need to take a step back and figure out what it is they are doing that is causing this on again off again issue. Also, deleting my previous review regarding this issue is an automatic 1 star.
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3 years ago, Sdog4127
Power consumption monitor is awesome
Love being able to track costs per day/week/month and year. This is an extremely useful bonus tool that these outlets come with. Programming and geo-fencing are great too. Would absolutely love it if EtekCity would offer a wireless switch relay module so I could wire up extra lights or control the ceiling fan and light with a remote switch not having to run an extra circuit. This is the future of home remodeling and upgrades...PLEASE CONSIDER OFFERING THIS IN THE FUTURE! Many other platforms offer/support these devices but I would love being able to control from one app - the VeSync app works fantastic. Currently I have 12 wireless outlets and two switches installed from EtekCity, and will buy more when i can think of more lights and appliances i want to control, or simply just to monitor energy consumption. They work flawlessly and are extremely well priced. I actually expected to have some intermittent problems because of the low/fair price. I have been pleasantly impressed- THANK YOU!
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1 year ago, Frannie108
Good App
I’ve been using this app for a lil over 4 months now, I bought a smart scale and this is the app to use with it and I love all the features that come with it, like the badges you earn when weighing in everyday or logging your meals or even just commenting and talking with others in the community, I’ve even bought the smart jump rope (which I love!) and the smart dumbbells, but one thing that does bother me is, my Apple Health is connected to the app and I do a workout, the workout will show in the app but it won’t count as me logging a workout I have to manually add the workout in which then makes it seem as though I’ve done two works when I’ve only done one and if I forget to log that workout my progress for that badge will delete and start all over again so I’m finding myself just logging like a 5 minute stretch so that it would count towards my badge progress. I hope in the very, very, very near future that, that bug can be fixed because it’s really a pain. All the other badges are in sync except for that one and it’s the only reason why I gave 3 star and not 5.
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2 years ago, bvcdeisbsbsoxn
Fix the Widget!!
Update: widget is still not working consistently, I really wish I didn’t waste my money on these lights. I just want a Lock Screen widget that works, but instead it either won’t toggle lights, or it constantly says “unable to load”, and I have to open the app anyway. Don’t waste your money if you are looking here for confirmation on buying VeSync lights… These bulbs are pretty solid, even in low Wi-Fi, despite the color range not being as wide as I might want. The real issue is the “widget”. The original version of the Lock Screen widget for iOS was part of the favorites tab, and worked well as a Lock Screen button, no Face ID needed at all. NOW, however, they have completely removed that feature, and replaced it with a new dedicated widget. The problem is though, this new iteration simply opens the app, forcing you to unlock and open your phone completely, and then you have another app open. The only reason I can think they would do this is to harvest data, by forcing us to open the app and trigger any permissions/location based pings. Conspiracy theories aside, the whole point of having smart bulbs is for ease of use, I don’t want them to ADD steps with future updates.
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2 years ago, rallycar27
dark mode/notifications about points???
First, the good: This is a high quality app. Works fast and reliably for my air purifier. Lots of options and features to control the unit. I like that you can disable some Home Screen clutter by going into the app’s settings. Now, the bad: 1) App needs a dark mode for use during nighttime. 2) More egregious than that are the notifications about needing to claim points before they expire. WHAT!?!? I use this app for my air purifier. Why in the world do you need to gamify this app with coins and then send me notifications about it? That’s absurd. Edit: I’ll bring this back to 5 stars because I heard back from support who directed me to the setting to disable notifications for community messages and coins, etc. that I wasn’t able to find on my own. See below. You may turn off all the permissions of the notifications by going to More>Settings>Inbox Settings on the app. (Except Device Messages)
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1 year ago, puffball/
100% Reliability
The set up is a breeze as long as your connecting to the 2.4 band .. if your having trouble it’s no doubt not being connected to the 2.4 band, as the app will tell you, u Jess other Wifi issues are present. After connected you can set a schedule, different days, different times, or you can also set up for “away” which itself then runs random times/outlets! I had only in home outlets and this year picked up their waterproof outside outlet which sets up the same and is controlled just like the in home outlets. On either you can go in app wherever you may be and execute whatever you may want in/out of schedule .. what more could you want. I’ve had the outlets working for 2 years so far. Once had 1 go bad with customer service sending out a replacement. And customer service is awesome as well. I’m sold on the system.
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1 year ago, Working through it
It fills from the Top need I say more? I sure can!!!
I totally bought this since it was top filling. I love just bringing over a pitcher to fill it up rather than taking the tank off and filling from the bottom. I was pleasantly impressed with the colors and smart features. I like that it takes essential oils in the base I was nervous to take off the tank when full to add drops of the oil as instructions noted but I was stoked when the tank barely dripped when I took it off full of water. The tank is basically a galonish bucket. The top comes right off there is not a latch holding it on so knocking it over would be a mess if that happened but I don’t see that being an issue for me. I’m a week in but pleasantly impressed with this purchase. I got two at the same time and both work great and the one I leave in the living room is nice as a nightlight as well.
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3 years ago, BaconCat02
Awesome, but display button issue.
I'm loving my new air purifier and the app helps wonders when it comes to me needing to change the settings on it. I had some minor difficulties setting it up as my 2.4 wifi kept “going out of range” but I got it to work eventually. My only issue I have with the app right now is the display button. If my display on the air purifier is turned off (either manual or through app) + the app also says it's off and I decide to choose a different fan speed, the air purifier display turns back on, but shows in the app the display still being turned off. So I have to press the display twice on the app to turn the display on the purifier back off. Once to get out of the no display/turn on display, and then another time to turn the display off again.
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2 years ago, Rambo8649
Beware, no app privacy!!
I bought a Levoit 400s air purifier and found that it does not support Homekit. Then I downloaded this app so that I might control the unit from my phone. Then I saw I need to create an account and/or login to use the app. That raised red flags for me. Then I looked at what data the app collects. I saw that this developer collects user content, contact info, and health & fitness info from the phone that is linked to my identity. Come one, where is the privacy? Why would I buy another Levoit product that can be controlled through this app if I’m not offered any privacy? Stop taking my data! Especially data linked to my identity!! Unfortunately, I must now remove this app from my phone because I don’t want my data harvested. Developers that harvest data linked to the user are driving customers away, at least the ones that are aware of what’s going on. Fortunately for these data harvesting apps, most people are still unaware of the depth and scale to which their data is being stolen by 75% of the third-party apps on their phone.
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2 years ago, 711 Aura Ave
Best Thing Ever
When my husband said he wanted to buy an air purifier I thought he was kidding. As I looked into his idea I realized that, yes it was a good idea. I am so happy we bought this one. I have it set up to interact with my google Ai. It was so easy to set up and having it connected through my Google makes it so easy to use! I normally have it set on auto, and I am astonished at the times when it turns on by itself. Using the app is also easy to use. I run it every single day when I return from working in the hospital. I like that extra level of decontamination which the air purifier provides. When I hear of people having sick family members in their home I immediately tell them that they should get an air purifier to reduce cross contamination in the family. I highly recommend this one.
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2 years ago, tracos@22
So far so good
Just purchased. First easy setup. Design is really good. Love the ability to connect to smart device google or Alexa this was a plus. The app is really good. Clean setup. Easy to use. It monitors the filter and air quality and super easy to understand. Plus. I’m a person that likes things to be simple. So they have the ability to order filter right from the app and it’s for the exact air filter I have. They understand customer experience. Lastly the most important part of buying this filter, it works. I have a bad list of allergies. This unit is in my bedroom and within an hour my nasal passages were less stuffy. Add to this my wife noticed I snored less during the evening. Do I endorse products often, no. This one, yes. I would highly recommend purchasing this air filter.
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2 years ago, vasht_ii
Great filter
I picked this up on sale to help with the smoke in the house. My parents, who I’m staying with till I close on my house. Smoke (both cigs and weed) along with. They have no central air. So all the tar and resin and smoke. Goes on everything. Along with being allergic to it, it’s nasty. The resin is so sticky and nasty,along with the tar and smell. When I turned this on, it automatically noticed the air was bad and started to clean it. With in 3 mins, the room I’m staying in, was reading clean air. Along with my breathing didn’t feel heavy anymore. So,far this is awesome, can’t wait to see how much nasty stuff from there smoking it picks up. The worst part, is I smoke ciggs(but not inside) the amount of nasty coming from them, I’m quieting now. So glad I picked this up to help clean the air & save my stuff from the smoke tar and smell.
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1 year ago, Sftkty64
Great product support
Easy to use for tracking various health related items I have the food scale blood pressure monitor and the body weight scale I did over think the access to usda nutrition database so I sent an email to their customer support in the evening and early the next morning I had a reply and they had me on track I wish the usda nutrition database had more information on the vitamins in foods but it does track some and VeSync has no control over what the government includes in their nutrition information database maybe there is a different database that tracks more nutritional information that a future version of VeSync could tap into as well just a thought but overall I’m loving the software and products I have purchased so far
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3 months ago, Kaleohh
Best Air Purifier
I never had an air purifier with so much control on the palm of your hands. I like the app, you can see the quality of your air from anywhere and adjust as needed. The only thing that I’m concerned about is the plasma pro, I got two air purifiers. The core 400S and the core 600S. The core 600S has a feature called plasma pro; the plasma function works by breaking down pollutants' molecular structure through the bonding of negative and positive ions. It suppose to kill germs, viruses and bacteria ideal for Covid/ Flu and such. But it creates ozone and from what I understand ozone created by this function is not good for your lungs, it can can damage your lungs. But from what I understand if you turn that function off than you should be okay. I never use the plasma function, not sure why they put it on an air purifier if it can cause damage to us.
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11 months ago, geoelectric
Doesn’t log food correctly for Apple Health
Nutrition logged from smart scale in VeSync does show up in Health, but does not sync to other apps. VeSync is likely not creating a correlation between its nutritional data per food item, which makes its data unusable for other applications—see the note from Lose It! below. In addition, VeSync does not delete its Apple Health data items if you remove a food item from its log. In general, the logging feature doesn’t seem to understand Apple Health syncs nutrition per food entry, and not per individual metric. Log looks good, but needs work to actually function on this platform. The lack of correct Apple Health sync makes my smart scale useless except as a scale. Explanation of bug from Lose It!: “The Apple Health app provides a central repository for health and fitness data on iPhone and Apple Watch. It uses correlations to represent both blood pressure and food. From what we can tell, some food logging apps are not creating a correlation between calories and other nutrition values when they write data to the Health app. A correlation is necessary to correctly define a food item. Due to this issue, Lose It! cannot import nutritional data created by those apps. This issue would need to be rectified in order for food logged in those food logging apps to sync to Lose It!. We recommend contacting the food logging app that you use and asking them to implement this feature.”
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2 years ago, Tovopro
Back in business!!!! Awesome App, awesome products!
I left a negative review for the app a few days ago. Don’t get me wrong, love their products, and their app interface/functionality has changed and evolved as the company grows and advances. Good for them, and I look forward to buying more of their wifi/bluetooth products to make my home “smarter”. Thank you sooooo much for responding to my negative comment and bringing things back to what made this an excellent app, and now with additional added features like introducing more of their other/new products. So here I am, changing my rate for them from one star to five stars, due to their quick efforts to respond to my bickering. LoL. Thank you VeSynce! Keep up the good work!
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9 months ago, MrsPaul08
Awesome App
Simplistic and easy to navigate… Allows for scheduling times, speeds, etc. for my new air purifier. Offers specific information about the quality of air in my house with easy to read graphs and data tables. The bluetooth connection was fast and easy to my device. The only reason I’m giving a four-star instead of a five star rating is due to the difficulties of linking with my Alexa device, or lack of connection I should say. I’ve been through the troubleshooting process eight different times… I’ve reset my Internet, I have reset both my Alexa device and my air purifying device, but for some reason it will not link properly. I will try troubleshooting again, and hope for better results; if I do receive better results, I will come back and update this review.
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5 years ago, NinaJP
Great Tracker for the price
Actually the only complaint I have is that the directions on how to use the Tracker could be organized better and written more clearly. I am wondering if I pop out the Tracker from the wrist band and leave it in my pocket, would it still work? I also doesn’t automatically pick up every step I take but rather updates the steps I’ve taken periodically so at first I thought it was broken but then when I checked back later, it had updated. Otherwise it works great, tells you steps you’ve taken, how many hours of deep and light sleep you’ve done per night. I’m not sure about activities yet as I haven’t had it long enough. I would buy again, or as a gift and highly recommend.
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3 years ago, GabySensation88
Love this app
The air quality of my bedroom has never been cleaner or better. Even with my air conditioning unit in my window I always worry that the recycled air that I am constantly breathing is going to affect my sinuses. I used to suffer from sinus infections and would have lots of stuffiness due to it. Once I put the air purifier unit in, I get a better nights sleep and have noticed better breathing when I am in my bedroom. The app is great and gives me most control over the unit, no matter where I am. It works smoothly with my Alexa enabled devices and wifi to keep the air in my room fresh. I also find that I have less dust accumulation in the areas where I clean daily due to having carpet.
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1 year ago, Wachizzle
Pointless App for Air Fryer
This app seemed great, and was half the reason I bought this particular air fryer. I thought i would be able to preheat my air fryer while I was on my way home so I could pop my food in as soon as I got there and the air fryer would already be heated. However, in order to actually preheat your air fryer using the app, you still have to be physically at your house to push the “Start” button, which completely defeats the purpose of even having an app for it since I can’t turn it on using the app… it takes more time to pull the app up and get it to the proper setting, then having to physically click the button, than it does to just manually change the temperature on the machine since you have to physically click the start button anyways. So what is the point of having the app?? There is none!! I might be returning my air fryer since it doesn’t actually do what I bought it to do.
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2 months ago, cara415
Fantastic App! Except!
First I want to preface this with this scale and the app that goes along with it is awesome. The scale is super affordable and the app is very intuitive. The only problem I see is with the way the women’s body fat percentage is calculated. A health body fat percentage range according to the American Council on Exercise is 25% to 31%. On the sliding scale in the app my body fat percentage if 25.3 is reading high and under the yellow line.. All of my other readings are “excellent” and under the blue line. Doesn’t make sense. I can see this really messing with a lot of women’s heads. I’m 41 and I workout regularly. My muscles are very visible. 25% body fat is not high at all. Now I know this isn’t going to be 100% accurate. At least get rid of the “high” next to the body fat % Thanks!
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2 years ago, DocRadley
Always a joy to use.
Never really had any issues when utilizing the app. Fun to use and a useful app to share with others. VeSync has been on my phone for years. Updates are done before I notice any issues, compatibility with any hardware or any other software I use has NEVER been an issue that I’ve experienced and I use A LOT of different hardware with my iPhone. I have a ton of hard drive space on my phone to download apps and misc software programs, sometimes hundreds and hundreds of apps but still no compatibility issues ever experienced. The app behaves exactly the way it should and has lots of usability. Never wished for more or less from this app.
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1 year ago, Brenickys
I love this scale
It tells me everything more than I even other understand, but I’m learning to. It is so easy to track yourself just get on the scale barefoot with your phone or tablet and it does the rest. It sinks your weight to your phone while you’re on the scale, letting you know your new weight and all your new data is uploaded and then you have it right at the palm of your hands and you can see if anything is changed or how it’s changed and monitor yourself whether you are trying to achieve something new or just see what’s going on it tells you so much about your body it’s incredible i just love it and it’s a very sleek design
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2 years ago, SharonRose
Cosori Smart Air Fryer Rocks!
I really love this fryer. The basket is very big with 5.8 quart size. It’s still small enough on the outside to fit on my counter where I previously had one that held less than 3 quarts!!! It heated up my leftover pizza perfectly and made delicious breaded broccoli spears. I also made frozen Vegan Chick’n Nuggets and Veggie Tots. Best of all I can set the program, for the time & temperature and pause using Alexa commands or the app on my phone. Then it sends me a notification on my phone when it’s done cooking!!! I also got the accessory kit and silicone air fryer mats with holes for air flow. I can’t wait to use all the accessories. I highly recommend this air fryer. I know you’ll like it.
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1 year ago, LostLogic89
Great Health Features, but Lacking
I have a VeSync Smart Scale and love it, but I’m not happy with a few key aspects of the app. 1. User management, it’s unnecessarily confusing. I should be able to add users from my device and those users should be able to login with their own account on their device. 2. Lack of reading from Apple Health. Some of my other scales write to Apple Health and my doctor’s office does too, it’d be nice if VeSync would read these entries from Health and label those entries so it’s obvious where they came from. Likewise, if one of those entries are manually deleted from VeSync, it should know not to re-import them on the next read. That said, there should also be a way to undo the delete of external data.
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3 years ago, JoelV21
My son and daughter have asthma making this purchase after using other name brands has definitely sold me on the company. You can smell the difference in air upon walking into their room and their coughing has drastically gone down while they are in the room or sleeping. I no longer wake up in middle of night to check on them due to extensive coughing. I will be making more purchases to cover my entire home since this brand is great and cost less then most imitations out there. If you care about your kids, home, and air quality this product is a MUST! Also you can control it via an app and connects with Alexa. So freaking cool. Thanks get yourself one, you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, PuppyLoverCA
Setup takes 20 seconds — love these outlets with Alexa!
I bought one 4-pack, plugged in all the lamps I thought I’d want Alexa to handle.... then because of their ease and how they work so flawlessly, I just had to buy another 4-pack and automate four more things round the house! We have set up all sorts of routines with these and Alexa (e.g., “Alexa, I need a drink” and the lamp by the downstairs mini fridge will turn on), and the setup was easy and flawless. Response time from controlling the outlet with iPhone or iPad is virtually instant, like a light switch. Each outlet can be set up with an individual on/off schedule and you can set it so that the outlet turns off if the wattage use reaches a certain level you choose. Fantastic!
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4 years ago, esabug
So far, so great.
I’ve been using this product along side the app for a little over 6 months now. I’ve yet to run into any major problems yet. I connected the app to my Alexa and use it daily. The setup was pretty smooth once I read the directions and got the first plug hooked up/connected, after that the rest of the plugs were a breeze and setting up the app was easy peasy. Love being able to have my lights turn on at the same time as my wake up alarm, along with many of the the other features it offers!! I’d probably add it to one my favorite purchases to be honest. Both my roommates were so impressed that they too bought their own. Thank you!
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2 months ago, lovexlikewinter7
I wish these were separate apps
I overall like the app, I find it improves over updates and it is very clear the developers care and that this was a labor of love and effort. However, while simplicity for the parent company seems great and everything, I don’t want these extra options for food. I wanted a smart home app. If I did want food, I would prefer it separately. I have a mostly dormant eating disorder, but the frequent mentions of restriction and weight management send me spiraling when all I want to do is put my air purifier on. Also it just is completely unintuitive for me to log meals into my humidifier app. Also, the widget has never consistently functioned well, but has improved.
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11 months ago, 11xineohp
I have two air purifiers that I control thru the app. Each time I open the app, I have to dodge around ads to get to the purifier controls. If I'm not focused and careful, when I just move down to get to the controls, I often accidently open an ad and have to navigate around it to get back to the controls. Very annoying and pointless. UPDATE: Vesync reached out to me after my one-star review and asked for specifics about my complaint. They removed the ads from my app, making it much more user-friendly and easier to get to whatever task I want to accomplish. I've raised the stars to four. It would have been five if I'd not had to go through all this in the first place.
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3 years ago, eyebix
A very decent and consistent app
Sends all of your physical data to Apple Health and other apps if you choose. Keeps you honest about your weight progress. Gained a little? It’s gonna rat on you so watch that weight, plumpy. I usually stay within five or six pounds of maintenance now where as before I started using this thing my weight would easily bounce up 15 pounds inside six weeks. Yep, I do like lazy eating but my jeans don’t. This app shows your body fat percentage, body water, bone density, your metabolic age (I’m just 2 years younger metabolically. Wanna get so I’m 10 years younger but I don’t wanna give up beer so...) Anyway, I do recommend using it. Make sure Bluetooth is on in your phone and scale. Good luck with everything.
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5 months ago, Team Mazda
Perfect design, high quality
I purchased my humidifier a little over a year ago and it still works flawlessly. The app makes it very user friendly. You can turn off the dimmable multi-choice colored night light. If the digital display is still too bright you can turn that off too. You have the options to set the humidity or use a timer. It is very easy to clean and put back in the box when not in use. It was super easy to set up and learn. It is very quiet. The price is very affordable considering the superior design and quality. I would definitely buy another unit if needed. Love it!!!
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4 years ago, 90BZBuggy
Works well!
Had some issues connecting the unit to my WiFi.......but I know that’s a Google Wifi issue! Since this only jumps on a 2.4gig network it’s hard to know if it Jumped on the right network since my phone defaults to 5.0 gig. Google names both dual networks the same name so you can only hope that the unit you are trying to connect to your network attempts to jump on the right freq. Anyway after a few frustrating attempts and network restarts it sorted itself out and it all got dialed in! Now I’m enjoying fresh air in my home. As a health care worker I highly recommend HEPA filters be used in all HVAC and purifiers......especially since we are dealing with a pandemic.
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2 months ago, Coshten
Pleasantly surprised
Considering the scale I bought was one of the cheaper ones available, I honestly didn’t expect a lot from the app and just thought it might be cool to look at from time to time. The app has truly surprised me. Not only does it track my weight inputs but it also communicates with my other health apps as well as my watch. It can be used to track calories by logging food and has help forums to be healthier. And on top of all that it can also sync up with other smart home devices that someone might have in their home already. Y’all really knocked this one out of the park. 👍
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12 months ago, FracturedFairytale
Very cool 😎 Love all the app bells and whistles. Filters well. Definitely cleaning the air. We are staying at someone’s home (in South Florida) for the summer where there are two cats (one Persian), one long hair chihuahua mix and a Bourke mini parrot 🦜. Lots of fur, dander and feathers to catch… This filter is doing the job very well with the stock filter. One of us has asthma and has stopped needing breathing treatments within two days. The area we are filtering is approximately 2k sq. ft. This unit is handling the space very well on a setting of 3. The noise output is also minimal. I will purchase another one of these once I get home (NYC) in the Fall. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, JLuVSpeLL
Meal Plan
One thing I do not like is that there is absolutely no way to remove a meal plan. I have tried every which way to do it. The only thing i can do is remove it from my food log daily. But I cannot turn it off completely. I have emailed the company looking for assistance in getting it turned off, but have not gotten any response from them. I have deleted the device and re added it hoping it would give it a clean slate but even that doesn’t work. I also removed the app itself and re added. Still no luck. It’s extremely frustrating because the meal plan changes all my caloric and percentage goals. I want it gone! Maybe someone will read this review and reach out to me and help me get rid of it
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3 years ago, Sackmaster45
Exactly what you want. But only uses 2.4 GHz wifi
This product is just about perfect except for the fact that it can only use 2.4 GHz wifi. Most wifi is 5GHz so you will have to get creative in order to set this up on your home wifi. I had to log into my home router (Comcast) and set up the 2.4GHz network so that my VeSync plugs could have something to work on. You’ll then have to set up your smart device controller (Alexa, Google voice, etc) to be on that same network. Once it’s all set up, the plugs work great. But if you aren’t familiar with configuring the admin settings on your home router through its private network, this could be a pain to set up.
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3 months ago, KeViN426s
Awesome App!!!
This app works great. I have 2 devices that use this app 1. Levoit 200S smart air purifier 2. Etekcity smart fitness scale, they both work seamlessly with the app. Very useful information and easy to use. Plus to top it off it’s integrated into My Home app on my Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and my MacBook Pro. Great app to keep track of my smart devices and the information they send to my iPhone is beyond helpful. I am by far a health expert not do I stay physically fit but since using this app I am able to track my fitness level in detail and plus it motivates me to do more exercise to improve my health.
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7 months ago, TMARTZ203
Humidifier functions
Love that it actually raises my humidity quickly and doesn't produce too much heat in tent. I just can't give it 5 stars for 2 reasons 1- you have to fill it way to often to keep humidity correct. #2 the humidity sensor for auto shutoff is not accurate. Humidity is always lower in the tent than what the humidifier reads so it shuts off before it is at correct humidity have to monitor it very often to keep it correct. Love the functions though and would love to see better accuracy on these humidifiers. (I have 3 other probes reading humidity levels in tent and the only one that doesn't read Samee levels is the humidifier itself)
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3 months ago, Gogoshinapp
Loses data
App makes you enter data in order to store data. They have missed the whole point of apps which is to not have to re-enter data. Especially data/weight which the app itself produces and already has. What’s the point of that. Very difficult to use. If not handled gingerly loses data. Not streamlined at all. All sorts of irrelevant stuff comes up in the process. The graphs are very difficult to see and manage. And you don’t really know what data is in the graph if you haven’t already put it in yourself. Even if you get the weight data in, it doesn’t automatically bring all the other associated data with it. What use is it to have an app/scale which supposedly calculates fat percentage if it doesn’t even store the data correctly. How did this app even get approved for sale?
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8 months ago, Stev-o911
Give me some privacy plz?!
Initial review: Why do you FORCE me to have location turned on, and PRECISE location, at that?! I don’t want any “benefits,” I want my privacy. Hopefully you turn this off before I switch everything over to another brand. Vendor response: Before connecting your smart device to the app, ensure that you have turned on Wi-Fi and location services on your phone. After your device is connected, you can turn off location services, which will not affect the use of the app. My response to vendor: No… I still don’t want to be forced into giving my PRECISE location, only to turn it off AFTER you tracked me. I understand you got the data you wanted at that point, but my point is not giving my location at all. I wish I could explain how I like the app, but this is my dealbreaker.
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