VHS Cam - Retro Camcorder FX

Photo & Video
4.4 (10.6K)
80.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for VHS Cam - Retro Camcorder FX

4.38 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Ms. Joanna
Fave App (But Crashes)
This is my favorite VHS app! I love the color options and everything that comes with the free version. I’d give it 5/5, but every time I click on Settings the app crashes? Everything else is great, it just needs that one fix. Hopefully the developer will update it again soon! I’ll change it to 5/5 once it’s fixed because everything else is perfect!
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8 years ago, Enyka
Enjoying it
There are ads after every picture you save if you only have the free version. It has crashed a few times, but seems to work well overall. A few effects, zoom, photo or video, option to keep or remove the date info or change it, selfie mode (which turns your picture upside down?), a light (constant, not a flash), and video and image import. You can't import photos with the free version. If you do get the paid version and import photos, they don't quite look the same as if you take pictures using the app. There is no continuous shooting: you have to save after each photo (fairly quick in paid version). The most disappointing thing, however, is how small the images are (72 resolution, 352 x 288 px, 4.889 x 4 in). Also, you have to rate to get rid of the watermark.
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6 years ago, ssarahcaitt
Cute app, but some charge issues
Downloaded this app back in October and paid $2.99 to remove the watermark. Went to use the app again today and the watermark was back. I never deleted it from my phone, but I tried to 'Restore Purchases' and nothing would happen. So I purchase it again and this time it charged me $4.98 even though it specifically says that the price used to be $4.99 and is now $2.99. Other than this, I actually like the app. Occasionally crashes and quite a few ads but not too much to bother. Just annoying that I’ve paid twice and more than the app states and I’m worried it’s going to happen again. If it is I’m going to just delete the app and change my review to one star.
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7 years ago, pwincesspoopy
Hate it, horrible bugs, lack of features
Paid $2.99 to access all features/remove watermark, and: 1. Crashes every single time you try to add music to the video. 2. Feature to add music to the video does not work. 3. “Filters” to edit the video afterwards are basic and almost all look the same. 4. No real retro effects 5. Can’t start and pause the video when making it, has to just run through. 6. Doesn’t have a reliable support/contact link. The app support button redirects you to a site about games. And on that site when you click the “contact us” at the bottom of the page, it redirects you to a small “support” form to fill out. It also says on the page that if you try to contact them you probably won’t get a response. Tips for people about to purchase this app: 1. Do not. 2. Waste of your money. 3. Barely works. 4. Only good for people who want very basic vhs camera features (the date on the video, and a slightly old school distorted video look) and who don’t want to edit their videos or have music in it. 5. Please invest in a different app. I feel like I was ripped off and scammed and I want my money back.
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3 years ago, LadyBlackFox
Really want to like it
It films beautifully, I was enjoying how easy it is to use and how dead on it is with all of its filters. However it constantly freezes. Just today I filmed something I wanted to keep memory of, one of those little moments you want to look back at and remember when you are 50(gods willing I live that old) and just remember life was still beautiful during hard times and I was still grateful for everything I had.. well the app froze and I was forced to shut it down, therefore losing the short and simple moment I caught on “film” and wanted to keep for years to come 😪
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5 years ago, ad, reviewr36745
Amazing I’ve always wanted to make an old fashion movie
I do have some problems though I don’t get why I have to pay for the full version because that’s the thing in every single app you could do something creative I don’t know I love how you can switch settings and it’s pretty easy to use Plus you can change the date pretty easily I just love it nothing else to say👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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8 years ago, Sabrillian
I really have fun messing with stuff like this. We had a VHS camcorder when I was a kid, though I was never able to use it that often since we used it more for capturing family events (as opposed to a kid recording everything they see). Now it feels like I can finally appease that childhood need to record and photograph miscellaneous things and situations. 😆 Simple and to the point, would recommend to anyone looking for this sort of thing.
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6 years ago, Mtsboo07
In - App Purchases
Starting off, the app is great! I absolutely love it. I although didn’t want the watermark so I bought premium and got what I wanted. Although, on top of that, there is a subscription. The subscription includes everything but importing photos. This is really a dissatisfaction because I spent $3 on the app and the two things I wanted to do, one of them I cannot do because I don’t want to spend $8 per month. My rating for this would be five stars, but since of this unsatisfactory problem, it will be a three.
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7 years ago, Drumeddie777
I used to have so much fun playing with my parents camcorder as a kid so this app is great. Gave it four stars though cause even with my portrait lock off & with the date & play display on screen taking the photo in my right hand seems to make the photo itself flip flop leaving the display on the top of screen with an upside down image. Small fix but great overall! The FX are schweeet too ✌🏽
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6 years ago, xQueen lol
Love this, but not anymore ?
I never purchased anything for this app and yesterday I seen it had charged me $20 for something I didn’t want. I didn’t care for the ads or anything but I still like it just wondering why it charged me when I know for sure I didn’t want to spend $20 for this app when I hardly use it ?
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7 years ago, Ya Mommyyy
Loved the app until...
...I upgraded to the premium version & tried uploading some of my videos. Videos that are filmed sideways instead of upright in the camera roll get super cropped & zoomed in when importing. So, only a small portion of the video is visible. Also, previewing & adding edits should be added for imported pics too, not just the vids. Oh, & it glitches a lot when importing. Please fix; I paid for the extra import options & should be able to do so w/ no problems. Cool app & idea, just needs improvements.
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6 years ago, RilakkumagirlMJ
Great app but...
I got this app about 2 days ago and at first I started to like it. The only problem I'm having is that it's not really an authentic look when you take photos or record videos and I would love it if the filters of the camera could change, like make it look really authentic. Make it look like it was actually made in the 80s of 90s.
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1 year ago, AmberSweet.
Like the UI but takes forever and audio not synced
I tried the 7 day trial version before paying, but this app is sooooo slow. Sometimes, there is a glitch that cuts your visual in half. The audio isn’t synced both times I tried to record. For spending $20 I would expect this thing to be lightning quick and have all of the bugs ironed out. How sad.
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2 years ago, This VHS App is Pretty Bad
Not very good
It was fun at first but when the app charged me for everything it got worse you can’t even import photos or videos from the library witch is why I got the app, I do like how many filters their are but two of them are black and white, also adds show all the time. I’m probably gonna delete the app when I find a better VHS app.
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6 years ago, SuperPlushyMaker64
I love it, but....
This app is really great for a nice retro feel and it doesn’t even make you pay money which is even better..but there’s just one little thing that’s missing. Can you please make the audio sound like a 90s camera? Just one small touch but other than, that 9/10! Great, definitely recommend!!!
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7 years ago, Camden B Edwards
Great App But It Crashes
I paid $2.99 for the full version and everything worked out great. But then it crashes after I record a video and then when I come back I have to redo my video. I don’t know if it was worth the $2.99 for the full version because it worked better without paying. I feel like maybe I got scammed because it was perfectly fine before I paid.
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6 years ago, beanie_cuves
My first 1 star rating
The app said a trial of the full version was free and THEN would cost a yearly subscription, I unsubscribed before the trial was over and I was STILL charged $20!! This is absolutely ridiculous and the app IS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD, there are much better VHS emulations in the App Store for a 1/5th of the price (That thought crossed my mind before I was charged) Do not waste your money/time on this joke of a VHS emulator, for video all they did was add some fixed static at the bottom and a few different looks, this is nonsense for $20, thanks for stealing my money......
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5 years ago, missalexisaa
I was so excited to use the app to create a nostalgic home video feel, especially to use in future vlogs, but I’m annoyed that I have to constantly go to settings to set it to the correct date! It doesn’t matter if I just recorded a video with the correct date, if I go to record another video - it resets itself to December 20, 1998! Also way too many ads, that don’t even offer an exit button. I shouldn’t have to pretend I’m going to install some game to get back to the app’s screen!
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5 years ago, baknsjeksjaoensoenej
I use video editing software a lot and I was excited that this was a vhs video editor that allowed u to import videos but this app lags a lot I have to refresh n close the app a lot in order for me to upload my videos n also the finished product is not what you make example I made a video with text on it and in the video editor u can clearly see the words but after I saved it u can hardly even see the lettering it was almost transparent n the words were shifted
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6 years ago, Alex.E.Quandt
Best app I used
I love this app, it’s truly better than the other apps I used! But I have two suggestions that I think you should add, 1. Add more filters so it’s not so bright, 2. Make the film date more editable like for example “September 30th, 1991” or things like that. But otherwise I really love this app!🥰
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6 years ago, Sirrahaidni
When you import a video it doesn’t import in the same format it zooms in and depending it will rotate the view of the video. Also I tried to save it and there were issues with that and the music that you try and add never plays. The only thing positive is that it has nice filters and it’ll probably save if you take a picture or video on the spot versus importing one.
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3 years ago, jdjfujfudkdikfkcifjvjjvjf
Love it But One Thing...
I love the app! I like the idea of filming an iMovie and putting clips in it like it’s 1984. Just one thing... I can’t see when changing the date. It’s just a big white box, other than that, I love the quality and I think that the app is amazing! Keep up the good work and try to fix that!
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8 years ago, ιggувує
Would recommend
This app give you a very retro feel to your videos. Its perfect for any occasion. If you want a picture, video it makes it look ten times better. The look of the new picture or video is amazing. Definitely look try this app its one of the coolest apps.
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5 years ago, ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡(╹◡╹)♡
There Could Be More
I think that this app can improve and really get people to download it had more features that you don’t have to buy. Also if it had ads it can get more attention and attraction from other sites and apps. I personally do not like ads but that seems like a pretty good way to get the message around. There really should be more to the effects and filters. Maybe.
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6 years ago, nadinerq
Not bad
I really like this app, I’m a selfie type of girl and I like the aesthetic of the filters it uses BUT it turns your picture upside down ( on selfie mode) ?? so it looks kind of weird. on the other hand it’s super cute and I loved it but I got tired of having to turn my phone upside down when I tried taking a selfie
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7 years ago, Reaperjeff88
Cool but needs more to it
To set it aside and be the best app variation above the rest, it would be great to have a "auto tracking" button where it loses the picture a little or a lot depending on the button/slide. Touching the screen isn't enough. That and have it where I can mock the date on the app. And remove your darn name on the video. We get it we are using your app.
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2 years ago, Fortnite sucja
Does anyone know of a way to get a video back that you weren’t able to save to your phone? I mean when vhs cam app reset because the phone turned off causing the video to disappear.
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3 years ago, The Proper Twelve
Is this a joke?
Okay... I downloaded this, and I can't use over HALF of the features! I even accepted the free trial! I press the "effects" button... nothing... I press the "photo" button... nothing... It DOES record video, but editing... yeah, there is a blank screen with a bunch of options... nothing works! WHAT OS GOING ON!?!? I am definitely canceling this free trial! I would have HAPPILY kept my year subscription if this would work! Especially working with this app on my 12.9 iPad Pro!
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5 years ago, My time was wasted
Date function is broken
I never noticed but today realized that the date function is broken. It showed the wrong date when I opened it and when I try to change it to today’s date it won’t work. It will display any date past or future except for today. I have an XS with the latest iOS. The “App Support” button leads to an old url.
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8 years ago, From.Kathy
The date
App is great but if I import a picture/video that it pulls the date from when the picture was actually taken, instead of having to change it manually. Also, having more effects and authentic VHS glitches
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6 years ago, Ericbhurdbkirvnj
Don’t over complicate things
This app used to be perfect. Worked without and flaws. I originally paid the full price of $2.99. Now it’s asking for $7.99 to unlock “everything”. It also doesn’t have a smooth zoom function any more and I have ads that pop up. The very thing that made this cool was the nostalgic feeling. Ads don’t feel nostalgic at all.
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7 years ago, Slim Pharaoh
2017 review
Great app! I recommend it. My only issue, with the app, is that when you import video clips that/preview the video, you can not use the distort effect in the editing process. Everything else is golden! ✊🏾 Hopefully you update or make an a sequel with that feature.
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7 years ago, Gamer0203
Great, but Needs Work
I love this app!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves classy, vintage effects. Only thing is I have trouble saving videos and when I take photos the effects turn upside down...if they fix that, the app would be perfect!
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4 years ago, Drawtoonz Studio
Crashes upon clicking “Settings”
I’d normally rate this app higher, but whenever I try to access settings, it crashes. I’ve trying reinstalling the app, as well as turning my device off and back on again, but nothing works. This is a shame, as I’d like to change the onscreen date.
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5 years ago, Hilary Eileen Arata
Thank you
Creating pictures for my hopefully publishable science based papers and daily blog researching and taking creative and beautiful portrait pictures of myself without photoshopped and inauthentic self furthering, thank you for the inspiration
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8 years ago, Danaeoneil123
Love this app!
Always been obsessed with the way VHS tapes look like, now I can use my to date technology to film out of date quality. This app has cool effects and really captures the idea of the videos you create.
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6 years ago, miguelaab
Did I just get scammed??
I paid $2.99 for the app months ago to unlock full functionality (import, remove watermark, etc..) and now all that is gone and it’s asking me to pay a YEARLY subscription to get those features back for $20!!! Am I missing something here?? Because I already paid for those features, you can’t just up the price all of a sudden to make even more money. That’s messed up
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7 years ago, murmer81
Please make the text consistent with the photo
So when I take a picture or use my own photo, the text (ex: date, time) is a lot smaller than it actually is on the camera. I want it to be big like the camera but the text is shrunk when saved. Please fix this. Thank you
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5 years ago, JLMelon
How to not get charged after trial?
How do I not get charged after free trial? I tried it and thought it was good but I wasn’t going to use it much. I don’t see anywhere to “cancel subscription” and want to prevent it before the 7 day trial run out. Help?
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8 years ago, 🌸🎀🌸
Endless fun 🤘🏼😊
This app is endless fun!! It brings back old memories from my childhood. I just showed my brother the app and he's already stocked about it with just one video. It's free it's fun so why not get it? Enjoy it if you do I know I will! 😊😊😊😊😊😊
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4 years ago, fgrev36
Even the paid version doesn’t work
I don’t even know where to begin. The app is not even functional. I have the paid version and nothing works. When I import pictures there is no “90’s” effect. It’s just a bunch of filter options non of which are 90’s centric. That’s just one of many problems. Don’t bother downloading
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5 years ago, Lolabagoda
pretty good but...
I love this app! i don't even need to pay for anything and i barley get any ads, BUT. i wish it wasn't always grey and not with the natural colors of the video. i wish it could just be the numbers and letters on the screen
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8 years ago, halcyon_aesthetic
App was fine...til i paid for it!
Let me explain. I found the import your own videos quite appealing. So I opted in for the 2.99 premium purchase. I go to use the import feature and the app crashes. Every. Time. Unless there's something I'm not getting here, I think a refund is in order. That being said I think the app is great. The free version worked well and I enjoyed it. I don't want to pay for app crashes.
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3 years ago, Got Em Drove 👍
Terrible Date Glitch
This app would be cool if there was a way to adjust the date. Any time I try, there’s the sound and feel of a picker, but you can’t see the dates. And it never adjust to the current date even trying to find the correct date blindly.
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8 years ago, NewhavenCT
Love it
Downloaded this app to have a different filter for my instagram photos. I used to use the app "shots" but that's gone now. I'm glad though, this app is way better.
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4 years ago, shrekofthepnw
Glad I did the free trial first
If I wanted a bunch of bugs I would have went outside and looked under a rock. Glad ai cancelled before they took money out. Can’t change date, screen turns white, when I import a video it immediately loads it and tries to export it instead of allowing me to edit it. Waste of time
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7 years ago, Prettypoison7
Not just 5 stars for a free watermarkremoval
Yes it is kind of slow but if you want the late 80s early 90s look back on your videos with cool options like adding music this is for you.
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6 years ago, ane246
Really nice app!
Is what I expected! You can take pictures AND videos! It’s difficult to find that, usually it’s just one option.
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4 years ago, namamdns
Date bug
Pls fix the date bug, dont change the day, I have to do it manual and when I’m going to change the month change 2 month, I mean I want to change may to june and change nay to augus.
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5 years ago, Lulullululululluluis123242566
Not a review but a question. I downloaded this app on a whim since a friend suggested it. Liked the edits and started a free trial but don’t want to keep my subscription...how do you cancel? Says you can cancel it in settings but does that mean in my phone’s settings or through the app?
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