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娜 彭
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Video Compress - Shrink Videos

4.49 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Springs Marty
Does the job well — with annoyances
I regularly need to shrink a video to a target size, and this app does the job well. Pick a target size of the video, and this app will quickly produce one close to that size. That said, the app has several annoyances that keep me from giving it five stars. I wrote the developer asking how to pay to fix these annoyances. The developer did not even respond to me, which is unprofessional. Annoyances: 1. There is no way to remove ads. Ads run well past the point where the X appears on the screen and I must watch every single ad in its entirety. If I am compressing video with people nearby (such as in the office), I must remember to turn down the volume on the iPad before the ad and then turn it back up after the ad. Sometimes there is no way to click out of an ad after it completes, forcing me to exit the app and start over. Let me pay to get rid of the ads. 2. The app forces running in portrait mode. I use an iPad Pro with a keyboard. At this point, I have become somewhat accustomed to reading text sideways and watching ads sideways. Let the app operate in landscape mode. 3. While somewhat minor, the app will not force a download of the video before attempting to compress it. If I shoot a video on the iPhone, then try to compress it on the iPad, I must remember to force a download of the video to the iPad before I try to compress it. 4. Developer will not respond to email. This is just uncool.
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2 years ago, Choc' Bochs
SIMPLE. Literally a daily-use app. NO fuss.
Heres the answer you scrolled here for: This app 100% works, and converts faster than some free and powerful desktop apps like Handbrake, which is why I coughed up 2 bucks. Free and paid version has the same functionality, which is an awesome amount of control over the video size on output. The free version has ads, which are mildly irritating, but this app DOES work despite that. You USUALLY know the deal with apps like this. You want to do something quick and simple, but the app makers are brainrotted by typical iOS nonsense, like a 10-tier payment plan to remove a watermark, etc. etc. This app has been going strong, it gets daily use in my day-to-day. Even though I have Discord nitro, videos on my phone can be absolutely massive to post there. IOS’s horrific lack of info on your videos and no ability to convert to mp4- this is a much needed app in my repertoire.
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7 years ago, Universe Observer
I like the app' but ...
I HATE APPS WITH iADS!!! 26 June 2017 This is a very quick video compressor with a decent UI that makes it easy to use. The developer also has companion apps that are equally as good. That said, I never rate an app over 4 stars if it contains iAds and does not provide an in app purchase to eliminate ads on an app. I would bump this to 5 stars if I could dump commercials and eliminate the stupid pop up game ads! Pros 1. Decent UI 2. Quick conversions 3. Control over compression amount Cons 1. Freaking non-opt out iAds! 2. When selecting a video, it would be nice to see the video's type and uncompressed size on the tiles of the videos to aid choosing videos an to avoid those that are already compressed. 3. Bundle all 4 apps Video Compressor, Video Crop, Video Effects, Video Cut as a package of apps without iAd or better yet, one app with all four functions. Recommend? Yes, as long as you do not mind the aggravating iAds.
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3 years ago, FreeMagneticEnergy
App won’t let me compress files larger then 10 gigs. iPhone vids are always huge, especially using 4K. App won’t let me compress the same file again, despite I deleted the old file and created a new file from scratch, it still will not let me compress the new version of that file. Additionally, adds take over your entire screen, that look like something you need to take care of to get the app to work. Don’t fall for it. Now you can pay to get rid of ads, but I dare not until I know it will then allow me to compress files larger than 10gigs. I was forced to leave a review after just 5 minutes of use to keep it running. So I gave it 5 stars to hopefully get the app working better. Good luck.
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2 years ago, D'Nello
As promised!
I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and shot a short video at work for work. When I went to email it, I knew I had to reduce the size of the file. The only prompt I received was one to tell me it was too big and would be 77mb. So a quick google search and this app was one of the app listed. Quickly read the reviews, down loaded and converted the video. I can easily say that it took me longer to find it in the App Store, download the app and the initial setup than it did to convert the video! Wow, worked as promised and totally free! In app purchase to remove the ads for $2. The file was reduced to the max compression to 8.7mb and is crystal clear!
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2 years ago, Tap is Fine But
Works Great!
A month ago I downloaded another app that claims to resize (compress) video, and it worked, but it took forever to upload the video and even longer to compress it! This app however does what it says, and boy is it quick!! I have been able to compress medium sized videos (about 50mb) down to 15mb in less than a minute. It’s great. One drawback to mention, when I first downloaded the app, 3 other apps downloaded as well. One of the apps looked like it might be video related and one was a gambling game...(you should probably just delete these). Other than that; this app is great so far!
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3 years ago, nff u hduddofod
So Easy Even An Old Fart Can Do It
Like the title says, I’m what you youngins refer to as a boomer (70) years wise, but not so good with tech. This app is so straight forward and user friendly... the phrase PLUG AND PLAY comes to mind or ITS SO SIMPLE EVEN A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT.... a word of warning, while installing this app an add popped up that seemed to be part of the install process and fooled me into putting a CC on file to complete the process. Thankfully my banks spam filters immediately rejected the charge. Well now I’m eager to compress hundreds of videos of my travels so I can email them to my 93 year old father that can’t get out much anymore... Carpe Diem.
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3 years ago, Its Daniel Lomeli
As Advertised!
From what I needed. Which was to convert certain videos that were large files (Videos) which were more than 1GB and through the use of this app I was able to convert it to file sizes such as 100Mb (not great quality as expected just for reference) but in between its original size and to what i just referenced. Great Application I Suggest if you are running low on space on your phone or device and do not want to put it on the cloud or on a USB. or if you just want it to be easier to send via email or messages for others to download.
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6 years ago, Dichotomynowweare
It's real and it works
This compressor is : simple , fast, shows you the original video size in megabytes (come on apple why is showing file size not part of your native intelligence I mean REALLY??), shows you the target file size along with the percentage it will compress it to, and it actually works... oh and I don't know what people are talking about that it has intrusive advertisements. WHAT? It's like one screenshot of an ad that takes .2 seconds to X out of. It's the price you pay for a great user interface that does all the things I just mentioned for FREE. I rarely write reviews but this app deserves it. Thank you
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3 years ago, Errburr
Absolute life saver
As a college student who has to send video files daily to professors, I struggled with file size and often had to use online compressors which took hours to compress one file. Then, today I found this app. I was struggling to upload a video to my professor, and it had taken four days already to load. So, I downloaded this app as a test. Needless to say, it took all the hassle that an online browser site would do and simplified it! I usually never write reviews, but this app really saved me from failing a college class!
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2 years ago, Sandra Austin
Best video compress app I have ever used
I love this app because it doesn’t require you to register or anything, the thing just works with a minimum of difficulty! I am completely non-tech savvy, and I’ve used it at least 20 times with no problem whatsoever. There are a few ads but just ignore them. You open app, pick your video, hit the checkmark, and it compresses your video by at least half (you can change that if you want), just close any ads, then it saves it with all your other photos/videos.
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3 years ago, marbars27
Easy To Use, Fast Compressing!
Hello, I was in a hurry to compress an iMovie video on iOS. I read an article online and the writer recommended using Video Compress. Previously, I tried 3 other apps that did not suffice. Now using Video Compress, I brought the video down to about 30%, but it was not enough. Next, I went to the lowest setting possible — 2% and perfect; the video was compressed to where it needed to be. The app is easy to use as shown on the screenshots by the developer. Compressing took maybe 20 - 25 seconds for a video about 5 minutes long. Highly recommend, thank you!
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2 years ago, Knight of Heeboo
Simple and effective
Does what it says, compresses files quickly and easily, no free trial or money needed to use it. Don’t need to enter any momentary info and the process is done pretty quickly. I’d definitely recommend it over most compression apps cause they want a free trial before you can even use it, but this app doesn’t have a subscription at all, just a 1.99$ remove ads option. Haven’t had any problems so far and I’ve compressed a decent number of videos since I’ve had it.
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2 years ago, catWkittens
I am deleting this app
The ads are seriously catastrophic. It was virtually impossible to tell whether I was tapping an item ordering an action to make the app work or clicking an ad and ended up putting info into a fraudulent website by mistake. The designer should take some effort to screen who they sell ad space to, sorry. Thankfully my bank picked it up immediately and denied the charge and alerted me, but I can’t help blaming the app design for creating this situation. I’ll be using some more reputable app source in the future. My recommendation to others would be, buy the ad-free version FIRST if you wan this app. Since I’ve been burned once, I’d rather give my money to a different designer.
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2 years ago, Z Northwind
Warning: App requires your credit card # & mines your personal info.
This app is deceiving, don’t get it! First you download video the you need compressed, then requires your personal information like email so you’ll be spammed & your information sold. (Still haven’t gotten your video). Then is requires input of your CREDIT CARD number , but claims it won’t really use it, because this is “free” (still haven’t gotten your video yet). Then I need to confirm my account, that I never wanted, (still haven’t gotten the video yet). After it’s completely mined, your personal information, including your email and credit card number, then you can get your video “free” compressed video. NO THANKS!
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3 years ago, Grimley141
Does exactly what it says it will do
So often apps say they will do one thing and then they don’t really work or they work very poorly. Not so here. The Video Compress app compresses video cleanly and quickly. The ads can be intrusive, but the app performs its primary function, even with ads. Once I saw how well the app worked I happily paid the in-app purchase to remove the ads. I haven’t compared it to any other video compression apps on the store, however with as well as this app works there is no need to.
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1 year ago, Kit546
Thumbs up
I’m using the free version to convert high volume data files/videos to much lower data rate videos. I’m doing this in an effort to save space on my drive in my phone. I use this app for free and at effortlessly. The interface is the most simple I’ve ever seen, which I would imagine makes it pretty much impossible to screw up converting your file. if you need a basic video converter, and you want it for free, definitely go with this.
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2 years ago, masterjaelen
Love the app, amazing for discord
Had a 6 minute discord video to compress only to 8mb, this app did a good job I didn’t need the full paid version to finish everything, makes the app way better than most compressors Only downside was that it made the bitrate/quality of the video insanely low, which still got a laugh out of me after finishing and looking at the final product I would totally recommend this app to others if they need it
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1 year ago, jlk421
The BEST compression app EVER‼️
Simple to use, complete compression app. Yesterday, I sent a 1 star review. On my new iPhone I COULD NOT compress any videos as NO videos would populate. The video screen displayed gray only, devoid of the videos I had saved. BTW, on my old iPhone the videos would populate, I could select one, and then compress it... Today, the videos DID populate... I‘m elated!!! As pre-stated above, this app IS absolutely “the BEST, simple to use, & complete compression app”, period🙏🏼👏🏻!!!
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2 years ago, Another Guitar Player
I’m a musician and I take a lot of videos, for promotion and to document new ideas. The camera on the new iPhone is great but the files are enormous. This app easily shrinks them to manageable size with a practically imperceptible drop in video quality. I happily paid the $1.99 to go ad-free but as others have stated, the free version works too. But I recommend paying; it’s a much smoother experience without the ads.
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3 years ago, Aamii.geo
Great Video File Compressor
Simple and easy to use and fast . Shows both sizes before compressing and after. Option to delete original files. Reduced file sizes from several hundred megs to less than 20 MG with no video quality lost. Remove ads only one time price of $1.99..WORTH IT. I can see all the actual file sizes in my photos for videos, not just the lengths. The original lengths stays the same. VERY GOOD COMPRESSION!
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2 years ago, hi higigigggbenajahs
Great app but didn’t work at first
I honestly think this app is pretty nifty. It’s a really good app but at first it wouldn’t compress my video I got really frustrated and got of my app to look on TikTok for other apps or hacks I could use. To my surprise there was a guy promoting the app saying it was great and I ended up going back into the app and trying again. This time it actually worked and I was delighted it was really fast too!
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4 years ago, dmbfan2911
Should be a native iOS feature
This app does exactly what it promises. Just import a video, select a target size, and wait a few seconds. I do wish that Apple made this a native iOS feature, or at least a Shortcut option. Until then, this is a must have app if you ever want to save a long video but don’t need HD quality or just want to text someone a short clip without sending a huge file.
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3 years ago, jsmylez
I was looking for something to make my video less than 250mb for school, and when I say it was unbelievably good, it WAS!! I couldn’t believe that this app was for free and it was actually working. You should get this app!! Best app for compressing videos ever! I recommend this app out of all the others if your looking for a quick video compressed smaller! Love it. The ads are worth it.
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4 years ago, Mattybo_kayaker
I have tried a few free compression apps with nothing good to say about them. This app however has my recommendation full force. I used it to compress a 57 second, 106mb screen recording video to 53mb, and then compressed that already compressed video to 6.79mb. There was near zero pixelation or choppiness of the 6.79mb video. Then came the ads, which could be closed within 5 seconds and only came up after I saved my video.
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7 months ago, Reese54519
Game Changer
I really love the efficiency and flexibility and for what this app offers. Whenever I have content editing to complete this is my #1 option. Especially videos that I need to downsize I can press I simply go to the app Rakuten video slide my slider to the farthest left and boom upload is amazing quality still, and it is smaller size saving me space on my phone
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3 years ago, Coby_A.
It was quick and easy, I didn’t have to pay for anything like some of the other apps on here. I tried to use a different app that was “free”, but was told I had to pay $10 then or $3 weekly to use it. This app just let me do my thing in under a minute, so I could attach large videos in email files with ease! Thank you for making this wonderful app free to use!
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5 years ago, olorin303
It’s Good Stuff
This is maybe best free utility app I’ve seen. It does exactly what it’s supposed to to do, all parts of it are free, and it’s easy to use. And seriously, the ads are nothing! Every once in a while, a bar will pop up at the bottom or a screen filling ad will appear, but you can skip them immediately. This program’s quality is honestly better than most apple apps.
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2 years ago, Iwishitwrkd
Thank you
Thank you for creating a simple app to handle these types of video processing tasks. Thank you for not hiding the controls behind of secure icons. Thank you for being upfront and honest about what you’re offering. I will happily pay you not just to remove ads but in appreciation of your work. I do wish everyone follow your example.
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3 years ago, Clam Baker
It just works
All of his free video tools just work!! The ads have become easier to avoid and the tools are logical. I kinda feel bad for the yahoo's that feel you have to have a subscription just to read the documentation in order to figure how to use their tools without having to keep your head in the cloud when all you want to do is shrink a video to send to Grandma on Easter!
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5 years ago, Hsmenhdthb
Very useful and appreciated
In a world where company policies require you to separate work data and personal data entirely, and where safe-for-work shareable content such as videos can become massive in size with little effort, I can confirm that this app helped me accomplish said task in less than 5 minutes, inclusive of the time it took to learn of its existence; all for free. Thank you for you what you do!
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2 years ago, mama_mystique
Free version is WONDERFUL - so I bought it!!! Lol
It always annoys me when companies take advantage of their free apps by limiting options that make the app actual useful. This app does not do that! Purchasing the product is even a reasonable price so I quickly purchased it. Whatever I can do to support people who aren’t trying to rio people off!
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3 years ago, HappyBetta
Does not work and other issues
This app used to work, probably haven’t used it in a year. Went to use it today and it won’t operate until I give it access to all my photos, which I do not want to do. It used to work on selected photos only. So I gave her access to all the photos, selected the video I need to compress, and got the error message that it could not complete the action. I chose a different video and I got the same error message no matter which video I tried it failed to operate. But of course it wants me to buy it.
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3 years ago, AlphaZygma
Excellent, saving my precious space
Straight to the point, easy to use, save precious space and totally worth the price to remove the ads. FYI: at the time of this review, you better compress your videos right after you shoot if you want them to stay related to the date and time you took them. (No feature yet to preserve date from original video) To Developer: fantastic app, I’d only would ask if you could improve it by preserving the original metadata (date of creation, location, etc), as it would help processing older videos and still keep them when they were taken in history.
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3 years ago, fnfhtrshcngfnf
Best app for compressing I have used so far
I have tried other apps and they didn’t work for my 4 minute long video and this one did it with no charges. The quality is actually amazing. I cannot tell the different from my first to second video. I would definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, Teacher Coop
Boon to remote instruction
With blended and remote learning, I need to screen record my instruction. My screen recordings are sometimes 10 - 25 minutes long. It was taking a long time to upload my recordings, which was a headache. A student informed me about and modeled how to use this app. It’s so easy, and you can compress videos! I love it!
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2 years ago, tankthrust enjoyer
Not compressing for some reason?
So I usually use this app to compress videos down to below 8mb to send them on discord, and for the most part, it’s been phenomenal. But lately for the past month or so, it just hasn’t been compressing them. I keep getting a file limit notification whenever I try to send a video on discord that I have compressed to even 2mb using this app. I’m hoping it’s a bug that can be fixed?
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4 years ago, 1Chance4Real😑
Compressed Large Videos in Photo Library
I had videos ranging from 1.5gb to 8gb on my photo library. This really did save my storage from becoming almost full. It took a while to play around with the bitrate slider until I got the sweet spot. Just wish it had some presets like 480p, 720p, & 1080p for a more convenient and easier experience for new users.
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5 years ago, pythonmma
Excellent App!
Exactly what I needed to compress my Videos to make them easier to Upload to sites and Emails, Thank You Developer! Oh, and to top it off it’s Free no catches just a quick ad you can easily click to close or go look at to help keep the Development of Updates and more Products going, because these people got to make just like us.
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10 months ago, nikkkkiii98
SIMPLE & actually gets the job done!
I’ve used, or tried rather, many different compression apps / websites. I used handbrake for awhile but it takes hours to compress my vids. This app compressed the same vid in literally 5 minutes. Quality wasn’t lost either. Amazing thank you so so much.
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3 years ago, Esaneth
This app is perfect. This may be more about the quality of the video before compression, but I dropped a 700mb video to 50mb and I could still read words on things in the video. Regardless, this app can compress down to very small files, leaving the video easy to send, while still being quite watchable.
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5 years ago, troyboyjoy
Saved my life!!
I had a speech video due online and it was taking forever to load. In a panic I downloaded this app and made the video take up less space and it downloaded in like 7 minutes! It came just in time with 5 minutes to spare before the assignment was late! Video compressor is a life saver!! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Ninja killa 1231237
Great and easy to use
A very easy app to use. Nothing complicated about, just don’t exit out of the app or let your screen go off, otherwise you’ll have to restart the compression. Works on all basic file formats without losing any quality!
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3 years ago, Svr2016
Worked great!
Took a 175Mb file to 17Mb with no problem & resulting file viewed perfect. Got me under the 20Mb Email attachment issue. One or two little add popups but not too annoying or hard to get around. I don’t need compression very often, but this couldn’t be easier. Thanks !
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3 years ago, TheOrdinaryQueerBoy
Does what it needs to!
I reduce to 75% and it works. Much faster uploads without noticeable loss of quality. I’ve also tried 50 and would say that anywhere between 65-80 percent will hold video’s integrity. The ads are annoying but nothing crazy. Highly recommend. -oqb
Show more
12 months ago, Werewolf2814
I have saved so much room. The resulting compressed videos are still clear. I can even tolerate the ads but I would be willing to make a small one time purchase to make them go away, but that’s all I would change.
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1 year ago, crychen
Free, fast, effective, thank you!!!!!!!!
The only app I ever paid for was Picsew; I love the idea of not having the “in-app purchases” subheading when shown in the App Store, perhaps there’s another way to pay a little to remove ads (and support you the developer(s))… anyway thanks a bunch 😏😊
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2 years ago, Hiroki Kam.
No Nonsense, does what it says and does a good job!
I am extremely happy with the way this app works, it compresses video effectively without any sort of added nonsense in between! It does what it says and does it well! I highly recommend this app for its simplicity and ease of use!
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4 years ago, PhoenixGTR
Does what it says on the tin
I’ve only used this for a while, but so far, so good, at least for purposes of making a video file a manageable size for social media. Ads haven’t been a nuisance yet, but if this runs good for a little bit longer I’ll probably pay for no ads anyway.
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1 year ago, Sunnn_kisssed
Use to be great
I’ve had the app for a while but recently every time the video get compressed and the ad populates it won’t let me do anything, not close, not save the video to my phone. It just stays on the ad very frustrating!! I’m on the latest update and I’ve turned my phone off/on, uninstalled/ reinstalled it. What am I missing or did the app become bad?
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