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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Editor ·

4.67 out of 5
220.5K Ratings
4 years ago, idonthaveanynamesinmind
This is an amazing video editor app!!
If your looking for a video to edit or a clip to change for better looks, this is the app to get for it! You can change move around your favorite clips and make them into to one full video. And you can even add your own background sound which is pretty amazing. Unlike the other video editors I’ve checked out this one is actually what I wanted! The only thing I have a tiny problem with is the background audio, I was hoping to use some of my custom music from my photos, but you can only use the songs they have for you or Apple Music that you have. But otherwise this is a really good app to get if you are interested in video editing and I highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, wolfy rainbow heart
The Worst; It’ll Give You A Migraine
In my early days of editing, I used to use this app all of the time. But looking back, and now seeing that this app requires 13.0 iOS for this nonsense? All you can do in this app is watch in glitch and get kicked out of it. That’s all! It is is possible to put together videos, but takes a long time. Not only that, but the exporting progress takes forever. To upload a eleven minute video at 1080 takes an hour and a half to upload. That’s right. Not a half hour, but an hour and a half. Not only that, but once it finally loaded (keep in mind that my screen kept on falling asleep so I had to keep tapping the screen) guess what happened? It crashed. I could’ve spent that hour and a half playing with my toys, or drawing, or typing out stories. But no. Instead of doing those things, I had to waste an hour + tapping a screen, just waiting for it to crash. I felt like throwing my iPad across the room. I forewarn you, don’t download this app! Great app for wasting your time though 💁🏽‍♀️ For devs (Don’t delete this review and fix your broken app!)
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1 year ago, Bulldod23
Their watermark will not be removed
I am paying a subscription never had a problem. Now all of the sudden I can not remove their watermark from the bottom right hand side of the videos so I reach out it their customer service to try to find a Solution and what I get is an email saying if you don’t like it too bad go to apple and cancel your subscription. It is pointless to pay for an app when there are sooo many free apps out there with their logos on your videos but when you are paying a weekly monthly or yearly subscription you should be able to REMOVE the watermark but guess what YOU CANNOT so don’t pay for this bull because it’s trash I have been using them for years and their customer service is non existent this is the first time the watermark issue came up and instead of addressing it they choice to direct me where I can cancel my subscription what a freaking joke be warned do not buy their subscription or you are flushing your money down the toilet!!!
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6 months ago, Ellakathren
It works good for my editing! 🥳
OK so if you’re a professional video editor, I wouldn’t get this only because I don’t think it’s for professional professionals but for people who are just looking to edit cute videos for family or for a event then I think this would be your app but if you’re looking for professional critiquing, and all the stuff I wouldn’t recommend, but it has some pretty cool stickers and stuff like that. I love this app but not for professionals who are trying to impress professional people or whatever.
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4 months ago, Breathtakingphotos BTP
Wasted Hours of Frustration Will Not Save
Contacted app developer and no response. Delete app to see if that helps then realized I deleted my work totally including previous videos I generated and paid for in the past. I ended up splitting my video into three sections thinking smaller easier to download to save. Nope won’t download to save or export. Waste of money but more so waste of time. I realize in these apps if you want the truth beyond reviews or developer statements look at the specific app’s update history. This one update after update to fix bugs day after day after day. Clearly they are or have incompetent IT/developers that work at this. They can’t fix the bugs but no issue leaving it up and wasting everyone’s money and time. Don’t bother with this app as you will only waste your time and possibly money such as my case. The other reviews are correct doesn’t work!!! Beyond Frustrating!!
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3 years ago, Rainbow🌈17Unicorn
Not Happy, Several Problems
1.) This app will not export my video. I’ve been working on a video for over a month, it’s a fairly short video, about 4 minutes long. Now that I’m ready to export it, I get a notification saying “Unable to share, The operation couldn’t be completed. (PHPhotosErrorDomain error -1.)” I’ve tried exporting it numerous times, with perfectly good WiFi, and yes, I have tried exiting the app and refreshing it. 2.) Changes don’t get saved. Also, when the error (stated above) occurs, I come back to the video and the filters have been taken off, and some clips have the volume back at normal setting. 3.) It’s glitchy when rearranging clips of video. When I try to rearrange clips of footage, it glitches and the clips won’t go where I want them to. Several times my video has gotten really messed up and the clips get out of order because of this. One of my clips mysteriously vanished in the process. 4.) Duplicated clips don’t appear next to original. It would also be ideal that when you duplicate a video clip, the duplicated video appears next to the original, that way you don’t have to drag it through all the other clips to get there. I am super frustrated and feel like I have wasted a month and a half using this app. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Rosie five
😡🤷‍♀️😕 why?!?
When I started the app it was awesome! barely any ads and it was a pretty good editing app! But then like a few days later when I tried to use it I was like huh? There was an add immediately! After the 1 min add I went to watch one of my clips and the music wasn’t working so I deleted the music and pressed the ⬅️ to undo so I could have the music back but when I pressed it,nothing happened… so I had to go all the way back and get the song but then when I pressed it the was ANOTHER ADD!!!!!!! And guess what?!? IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME I WANT TO WATCH ONE OF THE VIDEOS!!!!!!!! if you are VERY desperate then sure, it would be ok to get this 👍! But please if you want a really good app don’t try this one please, it’s just very annoying! 😫
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3 years ago, Georgia on the beach.
Hi I’m here for app support because I couldn’t figure out how to use apps support ,🤔well anyway people who say this is a bad app ,I know you might think it’s bad because you have to pay but it’s not exactly a scam they don’t say you don’t have to pay they just don’t say that you do you have to pay. This is really awesome though and people think it’s bad Well in my opinion I think they’re wrong, but they can have their own opinion and that is totally fine!😀. Thanks.👋
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5 years ago, EpicSky Gaming
Can’t save my progress
I love the app but there’s this problem when I try to save me finished progress. It shows it saving but when I look at my videos it’s never there. I’m a makeup artist and I heard good things about this app, I decided to try it out. Of course, I did a video of me recording myself doing makeup, I edit it, then I try to save it. I post a lot of my art on my Instagram and my makeup takes me 30 minutes to an hour to do. So I really want to have my hard work payed off but now just trying to save it with it doing nothing really disappoints and frustrated me. I really hope I’m not the only one having the same problem. I hope this gets fixed..
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5 years ago, Chris stice
Absolute garbage and a scam
Well I just purchased a full year of this garbage I still have a subscription active in my Apple account and for some reason when I log into the app it shows me a stupid commercial for Final Fantasy won’t let me get out of it and when I hit restore purchase it tells me there’s nothing to restore don’t waste your time I will be contacting Apple about this fraudulent application to get my money back and if the people who created this app or listening to this review maybe you should fix this problem and I would have something nice to say about it with that said the app did work pretty well for the first two seconds before I purchased a full year anywhooooooo yeah keep it moving if you want something worth your money.
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4 years ago, Eximius530
Just one thing
This app works great, if you want to make a video you should consider downloading this all. But there's one problem to it, the audio button doesn't work. You see, whenever you try adding audio it keeps you on this loading screen and it just freezes there. Even if you try adding audio again and again it won't work. Please fix this, I really would appreciate it if you listen to this. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Dipwad Omega
No point
Worked great for small, 30 second-long videos with no sound. I even bought a premium subscription because I was excited to start using this app for bigger editing projects. I just created one with three videos, background music, and transition effects, and it was about 2 min in total length. When I tried to export it though, nothing I tried worked. I couldn’t save it to my camera roll, I couldn’t email or message it to anyone...heck, I tried AirDropping it to myself on my Mac, and not even that worked. My project is trapped inside the app itself with no way to share the video besides physically showing somebody the phone screen, so...what’s the point?
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4 years ago, cre8tive08
Well, it’s not that bad...
Okay, so I needed a new app for my Gacha life stuff because I wanted to make an edit. This app is cool and all, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It has very trashy transitions and is too confusing for me. Maybe you can like, make it a bit more easier to understand? Like KineMaster, and IMovie. Those apps are super easy to understand. Even if it’s your first time. And I would add more transitions. Like, cool ones. That are for FREE. Because during this quarantine no one is going to waste their money on some app like this. Not me at least. And can you try and add a tutorial?? Thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, INS Sketchy
Bug With Music On All Clips
I like the overall mechanics of the app for editing don’t get me wrong, but they make you pay to get that promo out of the bottom right, which doesn’t make since cause if it wasn’t there i would be bragging about how good this app is but that just ruins the whole video. Not only that, but for several weeks now, every time i try putting music from my gallery that has worked with the app before in, it doesn’t work, it just shows an infinite loading symbol. this app use to be great but the developers are behind on bug fixes and overall ways of operation it goes by hopefully they will fix it or i will take my subscription somewhere else.
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5 years ago, Hazel3z
Absolutely worthless customer service
I purchased the year-long subscription for this app yesterday. Upon doing so, I started having problems with its functionality. I attempted to contact the developer’s customer support, but kept getting “auto-generated answers about subscriptions being something Apple deals with, not them...even though the problems are not due to my wanting to cancel at that point. I attempted to contact them 3 times - all attempts were answered with same “canned response”. Ended up contacting Apple and had them issue me a refund on the subscription - since the developer wasn’t going to resolve the bugs that made their app not work properly, nor actually contact me re: the actual issues.
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5 years ago, gamergrill69
Don't get if you want to stay sane
Literally the most infuriating sofetxare I have ever worked with. Finding how to actually crop my videos was like trying to beat the original legend of Zelda, just aimlessly wandering around the interface till I found the bazaar series of actions I had to do in order to use the main function of the app. I thought my frustration was going to end here, no. It wont let you crop the video into anything but 1:1, 16:9 and some other basic dimensions. If you attempt to crop anything even barely out of these three, very specific dimensions, you will end up with an annoying black bar on the right of your screen. That's it. That's the end. You've done all this for nothing and are now insane, congrats.
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5 years ago, 2811lhkj
It’s really bad
I downloaded this app to do the simplest task of combining 2 videos and putting a title on each. They are videos for my dance coach, one with counts to a dance and one with music. I (tried) labeling each as such. I’m glad this app has 3 day trial, because I’ve been working with it for almost 30 minutes trying to do this and it makes it so difficult. I can’t label the videos without difficulty, combine the videos or even save them to my phone. Simplistically put, this app will take you a while to figure out and it’s pretty frustrating. Wish I never tried it and I swear I’m not the picky type nor do I ever have issues with technology. Xoxo, Someone who wishes their video was already turned into their coach✌🏻
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5 months ago, neptewn
audio errors galore
ive tried several times to import music files. mp3 and mp4. even tried extracting from videos. it seems that it doesn’t register when videos ive downloaded nor will it register the songs i am searching. however, i will state it WAS working before i came home after work. It was actually showing the song i search and that it was in my library. I turned my phone off and back on and now it says the song doesnt even exist on the platform nor does it show the video im trying to extract it from in my library which is obviously there. theres no “use audio file” button either. so good luck with this one fr.
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1 year ago, mgrace2010
bro this SLAYS 👏👏👏👏👏
omg like yas! this app- i cant it’s so good i definitely recommend it and there is quite a bit you can get just for free and not having a subscription!!!!! i love this and i’ve been using it for quite a while now. o love you you can pull sounds out of other videos and use it so if there is a tiktok sound you want or whatever you can literally pull it out with the click of a button. download this.
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4 months ago, stinkyskater
Did not like at all.I tried using it and edited my video and boom a thumbnail of their logo. they gave me the option for a 3 day free trial to remove it. whatever i did it. Did that already had some issues like trying to see my video in full screen but then it would black or white out and i’d have to close the app to HOPE it would work. Finally finished editing my video snd i tried saving oops nope. No matter how many times i clicked on save or extort it says “saving” and then just cancels it so i just wasted my time. this was all with 5 minutes of me using it. Would not recommend this app to anyone. Would recommend 0 stars if i could
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2 years ago, thbfthbvfrghbvdr
Great game but maybe files
Hi! This is going to be short and stuff so I was just wondering if you guys could add files/organization? So then us creators dont have to scroll threw months weeks days are more of edits? That would be nice thank you! Also i can’t edit some videos or pictures witch is sad and also on one or two of my videos i cant see the text. Thankyou for hopefully looking in to fixing it
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1 year ago, Sunrae76
What’s with this watermark??
I’ve been paying for this app for a while. Subscription ran out the beginning of this month and I noticed the watermark this weekend. Saw an option that said “remove watermark” so I renewed my premium subscription but the stupid watermark is still there. What am I paying for?? How do I get rid of this thing?? UPDATE: Their copy/pasted response below to stealing everyone’s money is to suggest I cancel my subscription. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau because this is false advertising. The app literally said that if I bought Premium, I could delete the watermark. And I can’t.
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3 years ago, qwiny ya
First I bought this app to help me with editing. I saw the reviews but I didn’t care. Then I went to the game and I took screenshots of my stuff. After I clicked done and there was nothing. THIS APP IS HORRIBLE! AND I MEAN IT! You guys can use Cute Cut it is more better than this garbage. Trust me you guys..... it’s been glitching to. Use other apps but this one NO. If you want to be scammed ok. So do not buy this game. I accept more better. Please if you fix this game I will turn I into 5 stars immediately. Those reviews are true trust the reviews. Even if you buy the money grabbing thing. It will still not work. THIS IS A SCAM PLEASE TRUST US! Sorry for saying a lot or a bit. USE OTHER APPS! So yeah.... Bye!
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4 years ago, JessieKListens
Get this app
It has good choice of musics and video editing. You can really make your video come to life. You can even use it for work, and family memories. Plus the subscription is not needed to make this app enjoyable, and even more the subscription gives you just the right amount you would expect from a subscription. Over all I would definitely get this app for Instagram, work, or just fun.
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5 years ago, ElyYoon
I didn’t like it.
I was wandering it is buggy, I wrote a text and decrease the size to let people see what I’m talking about, but then when I add another one, lots of text popped up. I had no concern about the quality, I can’t tell. But the music background is the problem too. I only use the music limit only, not the full music, maybe I have to buy it or is it something else? I tried to add another one but it still the same thing. Well that’s all I had to say for reason why I don’t like this app, not that I hated it. Maybe the another video editor app has the good performance. Please improve it. Have a great day!
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5 years ago, D00dle_Girl
Overall great app. 👍
I first got this app, wanting to make a GLMM. I was desperate, and needed something to put together my idea. When it downloaded, and got into it, it was a dream come true- almost. The app was really really laggy. I put my photos together, really easily and quickly. I tapped "done" and it literally took, like, 20 minutes to load half of it. When I FINALLY got enough in for something to work at, it was WAY to laggy to use. I ended up deleting the app, BUT I very much think that someone with a smooth device would find this app great, especially for Gacha vids thx.
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4 years ago, kemiyHhe
My review
I like this app it’s really cool is really nice but it does not have anything that you can actually edit it with all it does is like you can swipe your video loud that you can do transitions on your actual like insurance stuff but that’s basically it doesn’t really have that much stuff or you can actually edit your videos make like filters are put on stickers it’s good but I would not recommend it if you were actually trying to put stickers and make it look nice on your video
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5 years ago, rcymovfyxzsi
Good but bad
I am a little bit of a control freak and seeing that you can control everything you could fix stuff can I background in music I thought you can make a good video it’s very hard to do and it glitches all the time it has too much ads whenever you doing something and I just interrupt you and whenever you’re trying to press something you have to press it at least like five times and every like five seconds you have a new ad so it’s very hard to control so this isn’t up for me but this might be good for other people
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5 years ago, rrhasa
This is the worst app i've ever put on my phone
I can't believe this app has a 4.6 rating. This app is laggy, slow, has an infinite amount of bugs, crashes 1/5 times I use it, and half the time doesn't save anything i do before i export my video. I downloaded it to use for a school project and I have never been more frustrated with using an app in my entire life. You know the feeling when you play geometry dash and complete like 99% of the level and then you die at the end? Imagine that frustration and pain times ten and that's what you're feeling every second of using this app. Awful. If you download this app be ready to chuck your phone through a wall.
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2 years ago, sariahdscott
Doesn’t work
I downloaded this app to use to edit videos quickly on my phone to post to IG and FB. When I tried to add music from my music library, every song I clicked on said It wasn’t downloaded on my phone. So, I went to my music library to download it, then when I came back to the app the song was no longer an option to add. The options of instrumentals on the app sound like MarioKart music and the other songs are all Justin Bieber???? What is that about?! Then when I try to export my video, it just gives me an X. I’m so upset I paid $7.99 for this mess! Canceling my subscription and trying something else!
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5 years ago, Alex Golde
I love this app!! I mostly use it to put videos together but it’s still great! Some things I wish I could do though would be to put specific clips of music in. It only gives you about 39 seconds of music to work with, and it’s only the beginning part of it. Also when you finish editing and download it it does have an obvious lower quality than it started with. Overall I think it’s an amazing video editor with very few kinks, I hope only to make it better.
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2 years ago, SKIILH
Apple music doesn’t always sync
I love the app. It’s fun and I bought it specifically to add my own music to my videos. Unfortunately, I paid for Apple Music so I could combine the too, but for some reason, when I download a song in apple, and then try to find it in Video Editor, it doesn’t populate. It’s extremely frustrating. Especially if the video is slightly longer than the sample provided by Video Editor. The samples are an amazing asset though. I haven’t came across any other app like it.
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3 years ago, Ms. Steele
So I need a degree for this?
The app started out pretty user friendly but once I got my pics loaded & my song picked, I didn't have the option to start the music at the place I wanted nor was I able to shuffle or rearrange my pics but the most aggravating part was...there were no tutorials or instruction available AND!! There was no contact info available. I even submitted to the free trial to "unlock all kinds of good stuff" but still, it was the same exact screens and options. I'm not a technological person but I do have plenty of common sense! If someone could point me in the right direction, that'll be great...
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4 years ago, _WolfSpirit
Surprised it’s free
Most editors like this MASSIVELY restrict what you can do for free. This lets you string together multiple videos and audio all for free. Video I made was over 2 minutes and still no restriction. Just a watermark on the corner. BIG kudos to this app. I in no way need a subscription or the full unlocked app. But for casually stringing together clips and audio? This is better than anything I’ve even found on my computer!
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3 years ago, Mimi91613
Steep learning curve and glitchy
I’m somewhat new to video editing, however my 13 second little project I was working on, took over two hours to complete. Everything I would add, would set everything else backwards, the app would freeze up and I would have to close out and hope that my work thus far was saved (a few times it didn’t). Even after completion, it’s not saving correctly. All of the lighting edits I had made, didn’t transfer over. I’ve tried three different times, and still nothing. Quite disappointed. Thankful I didn’t spend any money.
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3 years ago, SVMTTCSTV
Good but I have a problem
Hello developer of this app, this is the best and straight forward video editor that I have ever seen. It has everything I wanted but I have one problem. Every time I tried to save my video after editing it, the bar is completely at its end than it says that an error happened. Is there a fix or is the app broken? Thanks for reading -Someone very mad that they can’t save their video
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7 months ago, 🚫rather not say🚫
I was looking for a good editing app and I came across this. I was looking to see if it was free. I looked everywhere and nowhere it said u had to pay. I got the app and was disappointed. It won’t hurt to at least tell us that u had to pay! (I will just rate it five star because I never really used it) Thank u for reading!🙏🏼 May GOD bless you!😘
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4 years ago, Iamsunflower2011
Why can’t I adjust it?
You see I’m need to do very important stuff but I can’t do it if I don’t have an editor I hated kine master because if you edit the video on your photos it changes it back to what it was before and it is very hard to edit but I’m depending on you to help with my problem can you please add adjusting video like the camera of the video if you already had that can you at least a tutorial so people know how to thank you
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5 years ago, Carriebski
Must be fake reviews
These reviews 100% have to be fake. Because this app is absolute crap. Doesn’t do what you want it to do. You have this tiny small area of the screen to make changes. Text editing is a FREAKING JOKE. This app is TERRIBLE. I can’t believe anyone would give this ANY kind of praise. It’s glitchy too. You think oh it’s okay I’ll just power through. NO. This isn’t worth the headache it will give you. ALSO THE SCREENSHOTS ARE FREAKING LIES. Apple, how is this acceptable???????? Doesn’t anyone quality control check to make sure it’s the ACTUAL app being represented in the preview photos???? I don’t know what the hell app THAT is showing but it’s NOT THIS ONE.
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3 years ago, crazygirl618
Really frustrating
I love to edit videos, but whenever I try to merge multiple videos together on this app, it won’t work. And it’s really frustrating because I try to make music videos, and I can’t. Like I cannot explain how frustrating it is! I don’t know if I’m using it wrong, if it is how the app works on the device I use, or if this app is broken. The only way it will emerge videos together is if I make the videos right then and I don’t want to I want to use videos of already made. And that is really frustrating that I can’t do that!!!!
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1 year ago, Michels
This used to be one of the best video products that I was paying weekly for until their watermark would not disappear from the bottom of the righthand corner! I thought that they would quickly fix the bug so that paying customers like myself wouldn't leave, but it’s been about two months with no updates or fixes. I’ve lost at least twenty dollars in that time just trying to get the program to work because it's so vital to my needs. I am going to seek an alternative program if you guys can't fix a simple watermark!
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6 months ago, Milkyfresh303
Not For Me
This app functions like an easy-bake oven. It's essentially the kids version of real editing app. The only good thing about it was 3 of the 30 transition effects but in terms of UI functionality, Room for Creativity and available features, this is like a 4/10. I use splice mainly but i wanted to see what this had to offer, i'm not satisfied or disappointed, this is exactly what i expected from something id find on the app store. But; its in no way worth 9.99 a month, so at least it has a free trial.
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3 years ago, Ang8l26
Soo Ive been using this app for a while now. It was great! It was easy and to tell you the truth I made a lot of projects using this app. But unfortunately due to the “updates” it’s slow and the app itself has many issues. You can’t more than two songs nor can you shorten it. The picture or videos sometimes sometimes comes out cropped or on the edge. Please fix this app!! I really do love using this app and I haven’t uninstalled it!!
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3 years ago, ooferrrrrrr
It's Frustrating
When I first got this app٫ I thought it would be happy dandelions and all.. but٫ when I was trying to create my first project٫ I picked my 3 videos and I tried 5 times٫ and I shut of my device completely closed out of all apps but it still wouldn't load and work! ー_ー :(
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3 years ago, SpecialistGina
I hate this app
Of course I recommend people who are looking for a complex editing app, this app is definitely for you. But I’m looking for something simple and this app isn’t that. I can barely work it properly and it’s so confusing. I know how to import pictures and things but I can’t even expand how long my picture shows it’s just there. I can move it from where I want to to be and stuff like that but it doesn’t let you extract audios that you’ve recorded and that annoys me, I recommend kinemaster, much easier to use 😣.
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3 years ago, Former Beats Fan
It used to work GREAT - no longer the case!
I downloaded this app a few years ago and it was absolutely AMAZING, but no longer which makes it of no use to me. Now it doesn’t add my music like it used to (but what works EVERY time is an ad to download some other app to add music to videos 🙄), and glitches when I make videos causing me to have to close and app and reopen the entire app. Total waste of what used to be a great app. Go back to the basics (when you first introduced the app) developers and maybe your reviews won’t be so bad.
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3 years ago, H£110
Might as well get CapCut
As a After Effects editor I may have high standards, but they don’t even have much effects, and you can’t even do basic edit transitions. There is no key frames, graphics, or even transitions like the rotation thing in videostar or alight motion. Plus you have to pay to use it, when you can get way more for its subscription from After effects, video star, and alight motion. On CapCut, they at least have proper effects, transitions, overlays. key frames, and graphs. Plus it’s not glitchy and 100% free. Don’t waste you time on this app.
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1 year ago, Bad app detector.
This app is just ridiculous
After seeing reviews you would think it’s a good app, well this app really is just the biggest scam! I tried to make a video and when I go to save the video it either just kicks me out or crashes. Also did I mention how long it takes for ONE video to load I just absolutely hate this app. I spent a hour waiting watching tv for it to load and it crashed and I lost ALL my work! ( other recommendations capcut is the best you can get)
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12 months ago, Itsslothh
One of the better mixing apps on this platform
Was looking around for A couple hours for an ideal mixing setup just to cut up a few videos, came across this one and It had everything I needed and then some, definitely recommend for any influencers or social media people
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1 year ago, Helped, thanks!
What is up with this app?!
I don’t know what is wrong with this app, or maybe it’s my phone… but I have about 8 screen shots of nothing but constant issues. Also- I haven’t been able to figure out how to edit a slide to remove it… without having to delete the entire video and starting over? Super super slow to load… sometimes it wouldn’t even load for me to do the edits so I would do the original cropping and choosing which images/clips I was using only for it to just completely disappear.
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